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Full text of "Gardner's New Orleans directory for 1861 : including Jefferson City, Gretna, Carrollton, Algiers, and McDonogh : with a new map of the city, a street and levee guide, business directory, an appendix of much useful information, and a planters directory containing the names of the cotton and sugar planters of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas : a summary of the commercial history of New Orleans, continued"

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Kare Dooka 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2010 with funding from 
Duke University Libraries 




No.73iFi isitii Strett 

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worl:. iiir tiwplc. fhf f(u-lieM adviintiujf is tqkrii of all inoijmi imprDYnnfiits. niul onr prr.sunid 
iiiifiiiiim i.v ijivrn In cviiy hrtiiirh ut' onr art, cnnhliiKj iis tdM'nil"'''' ■•iii'n'.isfiiUv. w rxcfllmrmfwoii 
11-1 nrll (IS inodfriillon in pnrr.s.wtlh any kvidml (alablinhmrnl in Ihe conntiy. 


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'y%Tii /i.«^?^ «i ^' ^■' ^ ■^^- 

i», r/ / J "^ *^^ '^'"^ 

Iew Orleans Directory, 






gltt g^iHreudix of nutcli %\$t\)x\ gaformatiatt, 



Containing the Names of the Cotton and Sugar Planters of 



X E W R L E A X S : 


No. 5 Commercial Place, Corner of Camp. 

EnU;reil, uccordiug to Act of Congress, in the year 1861, by Charles Gabi>xer, in the Clerk's Office of the 
District Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana. 

I> H E F A. O E. 

Tlie Twelfth Volume of the New Orleans Directory, is now offered to the public ; we trust more com- 
plete iu all its parts, than any previous number. 

The principal new feature of this number, is a Directory of the Planters of Louisiana, Arkansas, Missi- 
sippi and Texas, as far as iuformation could be obtained. 

A new arrangement with regard to certain firms has also been adopted in this number. Heretofore, 
we have arranged lirms alphabetically, according to the name of the senior partner, notwithstanding his 
given name did not appear in the style of the firm. 

In this number, all firms in which the given name of the senior partner does not appear, are ar- 
ranged alphabetically according to the style of the firm. 

A summary of the commercial history of New Orleans, with extended statistical tables running back 
beyond the beginning of the current century, and closing with a full statement of the commerce and 
trade of the city for the commercial year just expired, continued ; forming the introductory chapter of 
this volume, and will be found especially valuable to business men for purposes of reference. The 
work embraces, besides a general Directory, a full Business Directory ; the names of the individual mem- 
bers of all leading firms; Street and Levee Guides ; lists of all the public institutions, courts, oflices,etc., 
with the names of all City, State and Federal Oflicers; the names and locations of the Benevolent and 
Charitable Associations, with their oflicers, etc.; a list of Churches, with their locations, pastors, etc., 
and a large amount of other information, valuable not only to business men but to citizens of all 

The publisher renews his acknowledgments to the citizens generally for l,'.,e readiness and kindness 
with which they have supijlied the information called for by his canvassers, and for the courtesy which 
he personally has met at their hands in the prosecution of his work. 


Allen J. A. Dr. dentist, 156 Canal 

Alli-n Sothend, 11 St. Peler, Pontalba bids. 

Allison Miss & Boudot Madame, schoul, 

507 Magazine 
Arny Louis C. 36 Polymnia 
Austin Klislia S.jiilol, Constance n. Jackson 
Barrow R. R. 2 ISouth 
Bcrgier E. 30 Chart res 
Bolining F. 79 Common 
Bonito Frederi<;k, Gravicr c. New Levee 
Bougeard J. B.&M. F.Michel, shoemakers, 

15 Bourbon 
Royd R. S. merchant. City Hotel 
Boylan W. G. clerk, 43 Natchez 
Bnzant A. 186 New Levee 
Brown Lemuel L. furniture, 42 Chartres 
Clark Theodore J., Thompson, 36 Camp 
Clarke, Pratt & Co. {Gen. W. Clarke, G. 

W. Pratt,) com. mers. 54 Poydras 
Coniiellin Mary, Carondelefc. Girod 
Conner J. R. 2 South 
Corri Henry, Acting Manager St. Charles 

Tiieatre, d. 194 Baronne 
Dodge C. S., CarondeJet e. Girod 
Donnell W. S. d. 175 Esplanade 
Pick Frederick, 74 Front Levee, d. 3 
Foley Jame.s S. 79 Magazine 
Froh' F. clerk, 264 Conti 
Garthwaite, Wheeler & Co. (./. C. Gartk- 
u-aite, H. G. Darcy, W. G, Wheeler,) 
clothiers, 7 Magazine * 
Gleason P., Ticasurcr St.Charles Theatre, 

d. 165 St Charles 
Goldman Henry, drugs, 33 and 35 Canal 

A. Freeman, Thos. M. Simp- 
son,) Distillers of Pine Whis- 
keys, Pliofenix Distillery, 
Schuylkill Eiver, Philadel- 
phia. 109 South Front street, 
Philadelphia, and 06 Wall 
street, New York. 

Gottschalk & Magner, notaries public, 33 

Hall&Rodd, 32 Old Levee 
Hasse Charles, tailor, 91 Common 
Hunley H. L. 2 South 
Jacobs Benjamin, engineer, 188 Basin 
Kane E. Kent, clerk, d. 367 Dryades 
Kittredge J. furniture, 42 Chartres 

zine c. Julia 

Lasch John J. druggist, 346 Carondelet 

Lehde J. F. 79 Common 

Leighton & Blanc, ( Chas. Leighton, JamOt 

Ji. /^/f(nc,jclothiiig, St. Charles c. Canal 
Neuser Wm. portrait painter, Carondelet 

c. Girod 
Place L. H. com. mer. 84 New Levee 
Quirk John D.G. undertkr.Camp c.Delord 
Schmidt C. F. &. H. G. importers, Tchou- 

pitoulas n. Poydras 
Seiler F. 79 Common 
Thompson Philip K. book-kpr. 36 Camp 


Allain SoPtliene. 11 St Peter 
j Avogno Bernard, stock & note broker. 33 CaronJelet 

Hattell. Daego & Co. wood and sanci, 287 Julia 
: Uauer F <Sc Co. trunks. 22 M.igazine 
] ISeunott D A & Co, (^W K Hill,) importers of guns, 58 
(travier st 
Berganiiui Alex. Sr, western produce, 91 Old Levee, 

d. St Claude, n. Ksplanade 
15eruK)U<le7. .lules, attorney at law, 146 Royal, d. 

Frencliuien st 
Bernaril I' Mr, drugs, Rampart, c. St Louis 
I Hornaid Wni. tailor, 2511 Royal 
j Uernsti'in II, & Rro, {i Uernstein) varieties, 44 St 

Ann st 
[ I!ienven\i Tlieopliile, grocer, 9 Baronno 
[ lilakcmoro Robert N, 39 Natchez 
I ISlanchard W <t C. (Francis McMurray) wholesale 
I dealers iu boots, shoes and hats. tiO Ciravier 

j Rlessoy Emanuel, com. mer. 104 Camp 
I Boa/.man J W. slave depot. 16l> (Jravier 
I Rostock, Petlee ,V: Tuttle, (J R Rostock, Robert T. 
I I'cttes. lieo II Tuttle) lol Magazine. See Bos- 

I tock, T\ittle k Co.'s card, page "0 

Itougcard J B & .M F Midiel. Bourbon 
Hourget A (P Laselle & Co) 39 St Philip 
Boyd. R L. merchant. City Hotel 
Bradfi>rd C >I. district attorney. 26 St Charles, d. 309 

Caroudelet st 
Bradford J H. (McKleroy A Bradford) 29 Natchez 
Rriggs R F. real estate broker, camj). c. Common 
Rrocard At Foulon, (.\rtliur Brocard, C V Foulon) 

Not Pub, 71 Royal 
Rrousseau A & Co, {E Kattelle) carpets. 17 Chartres 
Br pwn U C. ();»fl-Fittcr, 12o Chartres 
Burns James Dr. 97 Common 
Rurritt Francis Mrs. M D, 139 Girod 
CiWJidavant J A. dentist, T53 Royal 
CaVaroc C & Co. (Emilc Seignouret) com. mers. and 
impiu-tcrs of wines. 116 Roval i 

Cliirke (i \V, coal, lis Common 
Clarke, Pratt k Co, (C.eo W Clarke, Geo W Pratt) 

com. nu'rs. .54 Poydras 
Cochran A F k Hall. (11 S Hall) com. mers. and imps- 
of Italian produce. 13 New Levee and 11 Ful. 
ton sts 
Collins. Carricre k Co, (C C Collins, Oliver Carricre, 
G 1) Logan) wh. grocers. Old Levee, c. Bienville 
Constant A A Co. ambrotvpes. 20 and 23 Hospital 
Cook I'aul, (Ci«.k k O'Bru'u) d. 208 Prytauia 
Cook Wni li, prcKluce merchant. 05 Poyilras 
C-ook \Vm II. jr. 6.t Poydras 
Cromwell J & G, com. "mers. 43 I'nion 
Croiiks k Co. imps, of liquors. 110 Tchonpitoulas 
Cuvillier P C, att'y at law, V2A Common 
D' Thos H. Pr Chiropodist. 44 Uaupliine 
Delta Daily Office. '.14 Camp 

iJix Thos i, (late Dix k Rantlett) 67 Tchoupitoulas 
Dodge C S. Carondelet. c. i.iroil 
D..WM! Win D, 38 St Charles: d. 4.U Drvades 
liunu Ballard Rev. P E church. (Md Fellows' Hall 
Dupare k Fassy Attysand Xots Pubs St Louis n Royal 
Duval Geo \V. com. mer. and cuitoii fictnr. t).') Gravier 
Hagan J S Dr, 54 Rampart, d. 2 
Eaton k Betterlou. ijobn Eaton. W G Rellerlon) wh. 

grocers, c. Kullon. C^iinnion and Lew Leveo 
ICIlis George. biKiks, opp. new C. House 
i-;spy D, liquors, 1S2 .\ew Levee 
Fisher & Sharp. (Thos F Fisher, Cha« F Sharp) pro- 

iliice brokers, 12'.^ Tchoupituulns 
Foster L M. -^bive deixit. 76 Baronno 
Froli K, cloik. 2»'4 Conti 

tjarthwaite, Wheeler Co, (Jeremiiih C Garthwaite, 
Henry (} Darcy, Wm G Wheeler; ilothing, 7 
Magitzine st 
Ochin A A: Co, (J Claude) cutlon buvers, 2 Caronde- 
let st 
\ Goldman A Fendler. jewellers. 161 Canal 
Gordon W k Co. late Gnrdnn k Foster, ( A II 

Gordon ) Flour Dealers, IH poyilran 
Giittschalk k Magner, iiotaries public, 33 Carondelet 

Green, Crump k Co. (C A Green. Beiy Crump. Ric'd B 
Randolph, J J Green) com. mers, 153 Gravier st 
(Jreenleaf .lac r-. .St Charles, c. St Joseph 
Grittith, J R, Prof at Commercial College 
Gunuison A N, (Gunnison, Chapman k Co) d. 391 

Baronne st 
Guette Yictorine, pictures and lookiug glasses, 73 

Camp st 

Haase Chas. tailor. 91 Common 

Hall & Rodd, 6 Front Levee 

Halo Thon\as. Camp. c. Delord 

Ilerline .V Montgomery, agency, 9 Camp 

llill J T, M 1), homoepathic surgeon, 4 Old Magazine 

.lackson Dr Augustus W, 139 Poydras 

Johnston k Co, (D C Johnston, Adolphe Barrail) hats 

and caps, under St Charles Hotel 
Jones A A Dr. druggist, 114 St Charles 
Judson & Co, 14 Camp 

Kelsey & Potter, (J E Kelsey, C E Potter) 59 St 

Charles st 
Kuzac John C, book-keeper, d. 379 Julia 

Lacoste Camille. grocer. 209 Royal 

Leaumont G. Blacho .V Co. (G Leaumont. .1 E Blache, 

J Leaumont) atictioneers, 69 Ch.irtres 
Leeds k Co, (.lohii Leeds, T L Leeds, Charles J Leeds, 

Edw Grinnell) Foucher. c. Delard 
Lehdo John F, shoe store. 79 common 
Leopold Henry H, bill-jioster. 208 Baronne 
Levy J L, & Simpson, (.M M Simpson) 145 Common 
Logan G D. (Collins, Cariere k Co) Bienville, c. Old 

Levee st 

McKelvy P B Dr, 110 St Charles 
.McMaster Win. (Marqueze E & Co,) 75 Canal 
McXivir's .\cademy, (K H McXair) Prytania, c. Cal- 
liope st 
Neil k Wnshburn. (G W Neil, R E M'ashburn) piano 

agents. 36 Natchez 
Noyes S W. 28 Commercial Place, (late Noyea k 

Wells) see card. ])age 388 
O'Brien P B, Cotton Pickery, 676 Gieatman 

Palfrey .t Co. ^lio^ers.l 4C. <Vomlelet 

Peatross W "i". 6om. mer, 1'.!! Gwivi^ 

Place LJI, com. •mer. 84 New ,Letee ' 

I'lo.K lie Loiti.^a Jlrs. 15 Uoyal i 

Poyles .) H. com. mer. 86 p'oydraa 

Poltlioff .V: Knight, importers and dealers in French 

ami <>ernmu wall papers, 98 Quu^ and SO Poy- 

Urat sts( I : 

Uoder Frank k Co, (The^ilGM' oVlle) U<iiloiV5, 40 Poy- 
dr.Ts st ' ' • ( 

K(>z1cB J .\d. atVy,atUiw. 5 Com. Plac^; d^5 Pry- 
tania ^ ) 

ScVjmidt C F k H (i. importers and agenta T've Cli- 
quof's Ch.impiigne. 37 Tchonpij^'ulaa 

Shaw G W .V Co. com. mers. 84 New Ltveo 

Shannon D W. c<iui. mer. 4 rnion; il 1 

Slieafe .1 I,, att'y at law. 16 Burgundy 

Sirgfri<'d Ja<iues.i24 Carondelet 

Simons Hem v. wagon rej)ository. 113 Gravier 

.Stafford C R. '25 Carondelet 

Tnmboury k Co. ccni. mers. S7 Royal 

Thoimvs S im'l Y. com. mer. M Magazine 

Thorn K 11. excliangi! bidker, 117 Gravier 

TiHilham Dan'l, clerk, 33 Gravier 

Villarubia k Langhland. [Jose Villarubia, Geo Law- 
son. Laughland,) com- mers, 64 Magazine 

Warncry H, 24 Carondelet 

Warren C D, Apothecary, 1.19 Poydras 

Wilson * Tuiiison. (WA Wilsoii, P T Tunison) jew- 
ellers. Xi Canal st 

Woodruff. .Moulton k Co. (Marcus P M'iKHlruff, Alfred 
Moulton, Robert M Ueniiing) com. niercbant«. 
31 Natchez 



. 466 
. viii 
. 466 
i to xxii 
. 467 
. 468 






Adjusters of Averages . 

Afi'Ticies, .... 

Affents ..... 

Agricultural Implements 

Apothecaries .... 

Appendix of useful information 

Architects and Builders 

Artists Materials . . 

Auctioneers .... 

Bftjisiiiuf and Rope . 

Banks in Now Orleans 

Bakeries .... 

Bible Societies .... 

Billiard Table Makers .... 

Boaid of Commissioners of Draining 


Bdardinjf Houses .... 

Board of Health .... 

Boiler Makers, .... 

Book Stores ..... 

Boot and Shoe Dealers — Wholesale 

Branch Mint .... 

Brass Foundries .... 

Brewers ..... 

Biicks, Sand, Lime, etc. 

Brokers ..... 

Business Directory . . 466 to 490 

Carpeting 4 70 

Carriage and Coach Builders . . 470 
Carriage, Coach and Wagon Deposit's 470 
Charity Hospital .... xiii 

Chemical Works 470 

Chocolate Manufacturers . . 470 
Churches and Aliuisters . . xxii 
City Assessors and amount of Assess- 
ment V 

Cigar and Snuflf Stores . 

Tistern Builders ..... 

City Government No. 2 . 

Clothiers . ..... 

('oal Agents 

(^lal and Wood Dealers 

CoH'ee Dealers 

Cott'ee and ."Spice Mills .... 

Commission Meichauts and Cot. Fact's 
Commissaries of Markets 
Coulectioners ..... 

Consuls and Consular Agents . 
Coopers ...... 

Coppersmiths ..... 

Corn and Flour Mills .... 

Corsets ...... 

Costumers ...... 

(Nitton Buyers .... 

Cotton (rins ...... 476 

Cotton Pickeries .... 476 

Cott4>n I'resses ... . . x 

Cotton Seed Oil Factories 

Courts in New Orleans 


Daguerreo and Auibrotypists 

Dentists .... 

Directory of Names 





. 477 


27 to 465 

Doors, Sashes and Blinds . . . 477 
Dressmaking and Millinery Establish- 
ments ... ... 477 

Drugs and Medicines — Wholesale . 477 

Druids xix 

Dry (roods 477 

Engravers 478 

Exchange Dealers .... 478 

Ferries and Landings ... 17 

Firemen's Charitable Association . xiv 
Fire Department .... xv 

Fruits 478 

Furniture 478 

Gas Fitters 478 

Gas Light Co _x 

Gents Furnishing Goods. . . . 479 
Gilders and Galvanizers . . . 479 

Granite Dealers 479 

Grijt and Flour Mill Manufactories 479 

Grocers 479 

(iun Smiths 480 

Guns, Killes and Sporting Appartus . 4!s0 

Hair Workers 480 

Hardware 480 

Hatters • 480 


. 480 


. 481 


. viii 

. 481 



. 482 


. 482 


. 482 


Hides and Leather . 

Homeopathists .... 

House Furnishing . 

Ice Dealers 

Importers .... 

Insurance Offices 

Instrument Makers 

Introduction .... 

Iron Bedsteads 

Iron Fence Builders 

Iron Foundries 

Iron Safes ..... 

Jett'erscm Parish Officers 

Jewelers ..... 

Lamp Dealers .... 

Last Makers 482 

Laundries 482 

Levee Guide 17 

Lithographers ..... 482 

Loan unices ..... 482 

Locksmiths ...... 482 

Looking Glass and Picture Frames 483 

Louisiana Tehuantepec Company . xvi 

Lumber 483 

Manufactories ..... 483 

Marble Yards 483 

Masonic zvii 

Mechanics Agricultural Association of 

Louisiana ..... xvi 

Mechanics Society .... xvi 

Merchant Tailors 483 

Mortgage Office ix 

Music ^tore8 484 

New Lusiianos Benevolent Association xvi 
Newspapers and Periodicals . . x 

Notaries ...... 1 

Odd Fellows' xix 

Oils, Candles and Soap Manufactories 484 



Omissions, Errors and Removals . . 3 

Opticians ^84 

Painters 484 

Paints and Oils .... 484 

Paper Box Manufacturers . . . 484 

Paper Hangers .... 484 

Paper Warehouses .... 484 

Physicians 484 

Piano Fortes 487 

Places of Amusement . . . 487 
Planters Directory of Louisiana, Missis- 
sippi, Arkansas and Texas, 513 to C15 

Plumbers 487 

Post Ollice ...... xii 

Pi inters' Furnishin<j Articles . . 487 

Private Banking Houses . . . vii 

Produce 487 

Public Houses 487 

Pump and Blockmakers . . . 487 

Kailroads ix 

Reading Rooms 487 

Refineries 488 

Rooting 488 

.saddlerv 488 

Safes— Fire Proof . . . .488 

t^ail Makers 488 

Salt Dealers 488 

Saw and Planing Mills . . . 488 

Seed Stores 488 

Sewing Machines .... 488 

Ship Agents ..... 488 


Ship Chandlers 488 

Shipping Offices .... 488 

Slate Dealers 488 

Slave Dealers 488 

Shoe Dealers 489 

Soap Manufacturers .... 489 

Soda Water Manufactories . . 489 

Sons of Temperance .... xvi 

Stables 489 

Stair Builders 489 

State Assessment .... xi 

State Department . . . . xi 

Stationers ..... 489 
Steamboat Captains Union Benevolent 

Association ..... xvi 

Straw Goods 489 

St. Anna Asylum .... xvii 

Street Guide 18 

Surveyors 489 

Telegraph Offices . . . .489 

Tinsmith and Sheet Iron Workers . 489 

Tobacco 489 

Trunk Makers 489 

Truss Makers 490 

Undertakers 490 

University of Louisiana . . . xi 

Upholsterers 490 

Veterinary Surgeons .... 490 

Water Works xi 

Warehouses x 

Young Men's Christian Association xvi 


Adams Express Company, . . 15 
Allen J. W. Dr., Dentist, . . 17 
Anfoux & Robinson, Southern Dental 

Depot, £3 

Armstrong John, . . . .32 
Bein John D. & Sons, ... 9 

Bostick & Seymour, . . . .33 

Boye C 10 

Brombcrg & Son m 

Brownlue John & Co.'s Sash Fac- 
tory, 6 

Buissart&Casse 23 

Citizens' Mutual Insurance Company, 27 
Clannon Robert, . . . . h 

Covert H. C— Coal Oil and Lamp Em- 
porium, ..... 3 

Crane, Dr. g 

Cushing's Card, . . . . AiB 
David.son J. & J. C. ... 30 

Davis Brothers, . , . . m 

Dougherty & Co.— Sail Makers, . 28 
Edwards Daniel. . . . . i & j 
Fairi)anks Scales, Davis & Brc, 
Ageiiis, . . . . . N 

Foy Florviilo, 8 

Ha'lier & Brother, ... 12 

Hotel Dieu, 16 

IJutchiiison's Hat Store, . . e 

Kathman James C 

Leeds & Co., . 

Longacre Geo. M. 

Mayer Bros., 

Mercantile Agency, 

Moody S.N. 

Neil & Washburn, . 

New Orleans Reading Room 

Nicholson & Co., 

Payan & Carhart, 

Rea's Rotary Press, 

Richard's Cape Lime, 

Richard.^ Newton, 

Rusha E. M. . . 

Sommer Wm., Gas Fitter 

Spalding & Rogers, 

St. Charles Theatre, 

Taylor D. H. 

Todd Samuel M. 


Vannuchi's Museum, 

Varieties Theatre, 

Werlein Ph. P. 

Wheeler &Forstall,, 

White Thos. L. 

Wilson David G. , 

Woodman &. Bement, 












. In the Introduction to our Directory of last year, we took occasion to refer to the 
remarkable prosperity and £;rowth of New Orleans, as exhibited in the statistics of a 
series of years, which we placed before our patrons, and at the same time gave a brief 
summary of the Commercial history of this City and the State of Louisiana, from the 
beginning of the present century to the close of the year 1859. We remarked that only 
about ninety years ago, the population of New Orleans wasabout 3,200 souls, of which 
1,800 were free whites, and that the City contained only 468 houses, and that during 
the next thirty-five years the increase would apjiear to have been only about 3,000 
souls. The principal articles of trade, and their annual valuation, were as follows : 

Indigo 1 100,000 

Deer Skins 80 000 

Lumber fiO.OOO 

Naval Stores 12,000 

Rice, Peas, Tallow, &c 8,000 

making a value of about a quarter of a million of dollars for the leading staples dis- 
posed of in our market for one year, an amount considerably less than half the aver- 
age daily proceeds of the last commercial year. In J802 the crops of Louisiana were 
stated at 20,000 bales of Cotton, (averaging 300 lbs.) 5,000 hhds. of Sugar, and 3,000 
lbs. of Indigo. The exports of the same year comprised 34,000 bales of Cotton, 
(14,000 more than the production,) 2,000 hhds. of Tobacco, 4,000 hhds. of Su<^ar 800 
casks of Molasses, 50,000 bbls. of Flour, and 3,000 bbls. Pork and Beef. '' 

About the middle of the eighteenth century the jiopulation of the region which now 
constitutes the State of Louisiana, embraced 1,160 white males and 1,1.30 blacks, the 
distribution of the former being 800 in New Orleans, 200 in Pointe Coupee, and 60 in 
Natchitoches. In 1769 the population of the province had increased to a total of 
13,538 whites and blacks, of which 1,800 whites and 1,400 blacks were in New 
Orleans. In 1803 the population of New Orleans was stated by official reports at 8,000 
souls, and in 1805, when the City was chartered, the estimates varied between 6,000 
and 8,000 souls ; since then the decennial census has shown the following results ; 

Population ot New Orleans, 1810 17 242 

1820 27;i76 

1830 46310 

1840 102,193 

" " 1850 126.376 

" " " I860 about 178,000 

The population of the State of Louisiana, at the same periods, was as follows : 

Whites. Slaves. Free Col'd. 

1810 34,311 34,660 7.SS5 

1820 73,.383 69,064 10.476 

1830 89,441 109,.'i38 16.710 

1840 168,4.'i7 168,452 2.'S..W2 

1850 255,491 244,809 17.462 

I860 estimated at about 


The trade of New Orleans exhibited some remarkable fluctuations from 1805 to 
1820, embracing the period of the embargo and the war with England. The annual 
exports during the sixteen years, were as follows : 







..$1,0.33,062 .. 



.. 2,357,141.. 

.. 1,5.30,182.. 

.. 3,8S7,.323 


.. 3,161. .381.. 

.. 1,159,174.. 

.. 4,320,.5.55 


.. 6.37,711.. 

.. 72.3..3!tO.. 

.. 1,261,101 


.. 344.30.3... 

.. 197.621... 

.. 541,924 


.. 1,7.53.974... 

.. 1.36.978... 

.. 1,890,9.52 


.. 2..501,R42... 

.. 148,208... 

. . 2,6,50,0.50 


.. 1,025,602... 


.. 1,060,471 


Years. Domegtic. Foreign. 

1813 1,01.3,667 31,486 1,045 153 

1814 38.3,709 .3,4H2 3S7191 

1815 6,0.55,8,58 46,7.52 6 102 610 

181fi. 6.251,833 351,115 6;602's48 

1817 8,241,2.54 783,568.... 9.024 812 

1818 12,176.910 747.399.... 12 924 309 

1819 8,950,921 817,8.32 9 7<\8 7,53 

18'-» 7,242,416 353,742 7,596^167 

gaednee's new obleanb dibectoey. 

Since 1820, the increase in trade has far outstripped that of population, the one 
' being about five-fold, and the other nearly fifteen-fold. 

The following table exhibits the exports of domestic and foreign merchandise to 
foreign ports, and the imports from foreign countries, at this port, from 1821 to 1859 
inclusive : 












































































































































































From 1843 to 1849 inclusive, the exports of foreign and domestic merchandise aver- 
aged about $ 40,000,000, and the average of the imports from foreign countries was 
barely ^9,000,000 per annum. 

These figures show only our commerce with foreign nations. That with domestic 
ports would largely swell the amounts of exports and imports, the former probably to 
a total of 1140,000,000, and the latter to 55,000,000, for the last year. 

The products of the interior received at New Orleans during the last eighteen years, 
is exhibited by the following table, which shows an increase during that period of 
more than three hundred per cent., and during the last ten years,of nearly one hundred 
per cent.. 

Products op the Interior received at the port of New Orleans from 1842-43 to 
1859-60 inclusive : 

Years. Amounts. 

1842-43 $ 63,782,054 

1843-44 60,094,716 

1844-45 67,199,122 

1845-46 77,193,464 

1846-47 90,033,256 

1847-48 79,779,151 

1848-49 81,989,692 

1849-50 96,897,873 

1850-61 106,924,083 

Years. Amounts. 

1861-62 $ 108,051,708 

1862-53 134,233,735 

1853-54 115,336,798 

1864-55 117,106,823 

1856-56 144,256,081 

1856-57 158,061,369 

1857-58 167,166,646 

1868-59 172,952,664 

1859-60 185,211,254 

Gardner's new Orleans directobt. 

The commerce of the City with foreign and domestic ports and with the interior is 
conducted by an amount of shipping, the arrivals of which show an annual average of 
about 2,000 sea-going vessels and over 3,000 steamboats, as exhibited by the following 
table : 

Arrivals of Sea-going Vessels and Steamboats at the Port of JVcio Orleans each year 

from 1847 to 1860. 








































































From this table there appears to have been a decrease in the arrivals of sea-going 
vessels of all classes except steamships in which a wholesome degree of progress has 
been exhibited during the last seven or eigtht years. The decrease referred to, how- 
ever, is only in number. The vessels coming to this port have been of a larger class 
from year to year, and the arrivals have exhibited a large increase in tonnage, as will 
be seen by the following table which gives the arrivals of sea-going vessels at New 
Orleans for each ^.sco/ year since 1850, with their total tonnage, and the average ton- 
nage of each vessel. 




Average Tonnage 
PER Vessel. 














The resources of our trade extend into our vast interior, through the channels af- 
forded by the Great Mississippi and its many tributaries, to regions nearly as distant 
as those reached by the products carried away by the ships which come from all quar- 
ters to our port for supplies. Steamers, which ply on the waters of the farthest navi- 
gable brancncs of the Great River, still bring to us a large proportion of the products 
of their trade, but it is from regions near home that the great wealth of our commerce 
is derived. The advancing prosperity of the city is well exemplified by the annual 
increase in the value of the staples arriving from the Great West and Southwest and 
finding a market at this port, as shown by the following table, which is made up 
from the records of the New Orleans Price-Current, the statistics of which are of the 
most reliable character : 

Gardner's new Orleans directory. 

Table Shotdng the ralue of the Southern Staples and Western Produce Received at 
J^Tew Orleans Each Year during the Last Eleven Years. 








1849 50 

41,885,156 12.396,150 



45 119,429 


laoO 51 




1851 52 


1852 53 



1854 55 


1855 56 


1856 57 









It is thus seen that the total value of the products received here has been doubled 
within the last eleven years, the greatest increase being shown in Cotton, while in 
Western Produce, etc., the increase has been comparatively small. Going back eight 
years further we find an equally remarkable growth of trade : 

In 1841-42 the total value was $45,716,045 

In 1S42-43 the total value was 53,782,054 

In 1843-44 the total value was 60,094,716 

In 1844-45 the total value was 57,196,122 

In 1845-41) tlie total value was 77,193,464 

In 1846-47 the total value was 90,033,256 

In 1847-48 tlie total value was 79,779,151 

In 1848-19 the total value was 81,989,692 

The following table, compiled from the records of the Price-Current, presents a state- 
ment of the Receipts and Exports of Cotton and Tobacco at the Port of New Orleans 
in each year, from 1822-23 to 1859-60, a period of thirty-eight years : 




















































































































23 637 





















1853- 54 



















35,821jj 1855-56 













































Receipts. Exports. 

Total for 38 Years..., 32,910,228 32,833,043 

Receipts. Exports. 
1,886,582 1,860,459 

Taking the moderate estimate of $40 per bale for Cotton, and $70 per hhd. for 
Tobacco, as the average value for the thirty-eight years, we have a total value for 
these two staples alone of $ 1,448,469,860. 


The following table shows the receipts and exports of our leading staples, and of 
the principal articles of Western produce, during the last two years : 


Cotton, bales 

Tobacco, hogslieads 

Sugar, liogslieads 

Molasses, barrels 

Flour, barrels 

Wheat, sacks 

Corn, sacks 

I'ork, barrels and tierces 

Pork, in bulk, pounds 

Beef, barrels and tierces 

Bacon, hogsheads and casks.... 

Bacon, barrels, boxes. &c 

Bacon, haras, casks and tierces. 

Lard, barrels and tierces 

Lard, kegs 

Whiskey, barrels 


Hemp, hales 

Lead, pigs 




































267 ,1M 











































The following table shows the receipts of the principal articles from the interior dur- 
ing the year ending August 31st, 1860, with their average prices in this market and 
their total value : 


Apples, bhls 


Bacon, as'd boxes 

Bacon, hams, hds &trcs. 

Bacon in bulk, lbs 

Baggiiigj pieces 

Bale Rope, coils 

Beans, barrels 

Butter, kegs & firKins.. 

Butter, barrels 

Bran, sacks 

Beef, barrels 

Beef, tierces 

Beef, dried, pounds. . . . 

Cotton, bales 

Corn Meal, barrels 

Corn in ear, barrels.... 
Corn, shelled, sacks.... 

Cheese, boxes 

Candles, boxes 

Coal, Western, barrels. 
Dried Apples&Peach. " 

Feathers, bags 

Flaxseed, tierces 

Flour, barrels 

Furs, hhds, bdls & bxs 
Glassware, packages... 

Hemp, bales 


Ha.v, bales 

Iron, pigs, tons. 

Lard, barrels & tierces. 

Lard, kegs 

Leather, bundles 

Lime, Western, barrels! 

Total Value. 









90 00 



15 00 



55 00 






15 00 



9 00 



4 50 



10 00 



35 00 



1 25 



12 00 



18 00 















1 75 





! 110405 

7 00 







12 00 



22 00 



12 00 

4500 ; 


6 25 



16 00 












4 70 

717497 j 


30 00 

19290 ! 


30 00 





1 6115 

30 00 






Lead, pigs 

Lead, bar, kegs & boxes.. 

Lead, white, kegs 

Molasses, (esti. crop) gls. 

Oats, sacks 

Onions, barrels 

Oil, Linseed, barrels 

Oil, Castor, barrels 

Oil, Lard, barrels 

Potatoes, barrels 

Pork, tierces & barrels... 

Pork, boxes 

Pork, hhds 

Pork in bulk, pounds-.. . 
Porter and Ale, barrels.. 

Packing Yarn, reels 

Rum, barrels 

Skins, Deer, packs 

Shot, kegs 

Soap, boxes 

SUves, M 

Shingles, M 

Sugar, (esti'd crop,) hds. 

Spanish Moss, bales 

Tallow, barrels 

Tobacco, Leaf, hhds 

Tobacco, Strips, hhds.... 
Tobacco, Stems, hhds.... 
Tobacco, Chew, kgs&bxs. 
Twine, bundles & boxes.. 

Vinegar, barrels 

Wool, bags 

Whiskey, barrels 

Wheat, sacks 

Other articles estim'td at 






5 00 


17 50 


3 00 




2 00 




30 00 


44 00 


34 00 


2 75 


17 00 


40 00 


70 00 




10 00 


6 00 


20 00 


20 00 


20 40 


7 00 


50 00 


4 00 


82 00 


14 00 


30 00 


95 00 


185 00 


15 00 


15 00 










2 26 






































I 186211254 

The subjoined table gives the imports 
eign ports, of Sugar, Molasses, Coffee and 

at New Orleans, generally direct from for- 
Salt, during the last two years : 


Sugar, West India, hogsheads 

Sugar, West India, boxes and barrels.. 

Sugir, Brazil, bags, &c 

Molasses, Cuba, hogsheads and tiercea,, 

Mola.Hse8. barrels , 

Salt, Liver))ool, sacks 

Salt, Sicily, &c., bushels 

Coffee, Rio, bags , 

Coffee, Cuba, bags , 

18,59-60 I 1858-69. 




























Gardner's new Orleans directory. 

.The value of Foreign Imports of all descriptions at this port during the year end- 
ing June 30, 1860, is shown by the following table : 

Value of Imports of Foreign Merchandise, Specie and Bullion into the Port of J^ew 
Orleans for the fiscal year ending the 30th June, 1860 — 


1859— July 





1860 — January .. 















Specie and 










For the quarter ending September 30, 1859., 
" " " December 31, 1859. 

" " " March 31, 1860 

" " " June 30, 1860 , 

Total for the year 


.. 5,287,756 
.. 8,862,204 
.. 4,223,609 


Comparative Statement of Imports through the Custom House of J^ew Orleans for the 
fiscal years ending the 30th of June of each of the past six years: 















2 286 456 









For the year ending June 30,1855 , $12,923,608 

'« " " 1856 •. 17,183,327 

«' «' « 1857 •. 24,981,150 

" " " 1858 19,687,263 

«' « « 1859 18,349,516 

" « " 1860 22,920,849 

Receipts of Cash Duties on Importations from Foreign Countries into the Port and District of 
Jfew Orleans, for the fiscal years of 1859-60 and 1858-59. 

1859— July $ 95,966 

August 124,371 

September 240,773 

October 287,923 

xXovember 270,734 

December 268,852 

1860— January.. 346,468 

February 224,252 

March 336,086 

April 183,007 

May 130,568 

June 111,266 


Increase $ 517,603 

1858— Jnly $ 44,190 

August 175,096 

September 221,099 

October „ 193,259 

November 189,534 

December ;. 280,077 

1859— January 192,557 

February 146,125 

March 152,655 

April 188,451 

May 127,977 

June 192,142 




Receipts for the Fiscal Year Ending 

June 30, 1853 $2,158,172 

" 1854 2,647,336 

" 1865 2,131,001 

" 1856 3,643,341 

June 30, 1857 $3,595,420 

" 1858 2,034,654 

" 1869 2,103,062 

" 1860 2,620,665 

The following table exhibits the exports of Cotton from New Orleans during the last 
two years and designates the countries and ports receiving, and the amounts taken by 
each : 

Exports of Cotton during the Last Tico Y'ears. 


United States. 


New York 



Other Ports.. 

Great Bkitain. 


Glasgow, Ac 

London .' 

Falmouth, Cowes, &c 

Queenstown, &c 





Other Ports. 


Rotterdam, Ac, 





Other Ports 

N. OF Europe. 


Genoa, Ac 

Trieste and Venice 



Other Ports. 

Total bales. 












































The general movement of the Staple for the year was as follows : 

StatemeiU of Cotton for the Year 1859-60. 

Stock on hand Ist September, 1869, bales 26,445 

Arrived during the year 2,255, 468 

Made from waste, damaged, Ac 12 000' 

Exported during the year 2,214,315 2,293,903 

Burnt 6,490 2,219,805 

Stock on hand, not cleared Ist September, 1860 74 098 


Gardner's new Orleans directory. 

The crop of the past year was much the largest ever produced, amounting to 4,650,- 
878 bales, against 3,851,481 bales last year, showing an increase of nearly 800,000 
bales. The quality of the Staple, however, was not fully equal to that of previous 
years, and the price was rather lower, the average rate for Middling being lO^/g cts. 
per pound, against llj^ cts. last year. The following table shows the prices of mid- 
dling Cotton, at New (Jrleans, on the first day of each month during a period of five 
years — together with the total receij^ts at New Orleans and the total crops of the 
United States : 



November . 









Receipts at New Orleans. 



u @nM 
11 @\l% 










12 @12i^ 

11 ©111^ 






15 ©1514 


9'i@ 9K 
11 @11^ 


















8%@ 9 
8%@ 9}4 
8 @ 8M 
8M@ 9i4 
SH@ 8K 
8M(5) 9 
93^ @ 9% 

9r8@ 9% 





The average prices of Cotton per bale, and the total value of the receipts of the 
staple at this port for the last thirteen years, as made up by the New Orleans Price 
Current, is shown by the subjoined table : 


Av. price 



Av. price 




New Orleans. 

per bale. 


New Orleans. 

per bale. 




$29 00 




$40 00 




27 90 




40 00 




50 00 




57 00 




49 00 




52 50 




44 00 




53 00 




41 00 




48 50 




38 00 


Total receipts in 13 years, 18,989,442 bales. Total value $825,860,702. 

The movement in Tobacco has again been large during the past year, the receipts 
having amounted to 80,955 hhds., and the exports to 82,689 hhds. The foUowmg 
table shows the receipts and exports at this port since 1835. 

Receipts and Exports of Tobacco at JVeto Orleans each year for ttventy-Jive years. 



1835-36 hhds. 50,558 

1836-37 28,501 

1837-38 37.288 

1838-39 28,153 

1839-40 43,827 

1840-41 63,170 

1841-42 .' 67,555 

1842-43 93,506 

1843-44 82,435 

1844-46 71,493 

1845-46 72,896 

1846-47 65,588 

1847-48 55,882 

1835-36 hhds. 41,604 

1836-37 35,821 

1837-38 35,556 

1838-39 30,852 

1839-40 40,439 

1840-41 54,687 

1841-42 68,086 

1842-43 80,891 

1843-44 80,249 

1845-45 58,579 

1845-46 62,046 

1846-47 50,366 

1847-48 90,364 
















55 . 











„ SO, 



52 899 


67 i)55 


54 501 


<)1 ,su 


64 2(18 


54 317 


(55 102 




50 229 


72 387 


79 S54 



The ratrs for all qualities of Tobacco during the past year are shown by the follow- 
ing table : 

Prices of Tobacco atiring tlie year 1859- '60. 

Kebniarv . 





AU!{USt.. . 


6 ® 
4 J,® 




6 (ffi S)i 
6 @ SJ^ 
6 @ SY 

5>si 1% 
^h(a 7\ 
5A:@. 7h 
5>5@ 7>i 
5>i@ 7}i 
6 @ " 

8 smi «x 

The crop of Sugar for the past year fell short of the average production of the last 18 
years, having amounted to 221,840 hhds., against 362,296 hhds. the yearpreviou.s, and 
the average of the cro]is during the period named, u[i to 18.58, was alidiii 2.3.3,000 liinls. 

From 1828 to 1833 the production of Sugar in Louisiana .•(mountid to ahout 281,000 
hhds., equal to 281,000,000 pounds. Tlif crops since, with their weight, the average 
price perhhd..and the total value, are shown by the following table : 



Ayerape Price 
per Hlid, 







65 000 


























65 000.000 


115 0(10.000 





200. 000. 000 

]s(; (;5().o()0 

36k. 129, 000 ' 
385 726.000 
254 569.000 
81 373.000 

$60 no 

90 00 
60 00 
62 50 
62 50 
60 00 
65 00 
40 00 
42 50 
60 00 
45 00 
55 00 
70 00 
40 00 
40 00 
50 00 
60 00 
60 00 
48 00 
35 00 
62 00 
70 00 
110 00 
64 00 
69 00 
82 00 





5,062 500 

4,375 000 




4 750.000 

6 000 000 







12.678 180 


15,452 688 

15.726 340 

18 O2.'>,020 

16.199 890 
























18.56 :. 







68 50 



Gardner's new Orleans directory. 

It is thus seen that the total production of sugar during: the last thirty-one years has 
amounted to 5,117,549 hhds,, weighing over 5,455,000,000 pounds. The Exports du- 
nt)g the last twenty-six years have been as follows : 


Exported to 
Atlantic Pts. 

Exported to 

West States. 


Exported to 
Atlantic Pts. 

Exported to 

West. States. 



36 000 
















J 835 





























153 012 










The average price of the last year's crop of Sugar was 1}^ cents per pound, or ^82 
per hhd. of 1,150 pounds. :• 

The yield of Molasses for the past year was estimated at 17,858,100 gallons, falling 
short of the production of the previous year about 7,029,000 gallons, and the average 
price was 35 cts. against 26 cts. per gallon last year. The total value was ^6,250,335 
against $6,470,817 Tast year. 

In Breadstuffs, Provisions and Western Produce generally, the business of the 
past year has been of a moderate character, the demand being confined chiefly to our do- 
mestic trade, in which, however, a large increase has been shown, especially in the di- 
rection of Texas. In a previous table we have given the receipts and exports of the 
various articles, the differences between which represents the consumption of this city 
and neighboring places. 

The imports of Specie at New Orleans during the past year were $8,444,857. 

During the year ending August 31st, 1859 $15,627,016 

" " " " " 18.58, 13,268.013 

" « " " " 18.57 6..560.015 

" " " " " 18.56 4,913..540 

" " " " " 1855 3,746.037 

" " " •' " 18,54 6.967,056 

" " " " " 18.53 7.865,226 

" " " " " 18.52 6,278,523 

" " " " " 1851 7,937,119 

" " " " " 1S50 3.792,662 

" " " " " 1849 2,.501,250 

" " " " 1848 1,845,808 

The following is a statement of the Deposits and Coinage at the Branch Mint, New 
Orleans, from the 1st of August, 1859, to the 31st of July, 1860, inclusive : 


ralifornia Gold Bullion $89,394 26 

Other Gold Bullion 71,434 57 

Total Gold Deposits $ 160,828 83 

Extracted from California Gold $ 690 07 

Other Silver Bullion 1,310,927 21 

Total Silver Deposits . 

$1,311,618 28 

Total Gold and Silver Deposits $1,472,446 11 

'< " " " 1858-'59 3.145,880 10 

Decrease $ 1,673,433 99 


Pieces. Value. 

Double Eagles 3.600 $72,000 00 

Eagles 8,200 82,000 00 

Pieces 11,800 $ 154,000 00 




Pieces. Value. 

Silver Dollars 245,000 $ 245.000 00 

Half Dollars .......2,012.000 l,00fi.000 00 

Quarter Dollars 38S.0O0 97.000 00 

Dimes 370,000 37,000 00 

Half Dimes l.OC.0.000 53,000 00 

Pieces 4,075,000 $1,438,000 00 

In Silver Bars 29,209.41 

Total Coinage 4,086.800 pieces. $1,621,209 41 

" " in 1858-'69.., 3,578,996 47 

Decrease $1,957,787 06 

The B.\NKiNr. Capital of thn city somewhat exceeds twenty milliona of dollars, upon 
which the old chartered and free banks are working, besides large amounts employed 
in private banking houses. Upon this basis the immense amounts nf domestic produce 
are kept in movement with a degree of regularity to be seen in but few of the great 
marts of the world. The following table shows the capital of the several banks, with 
the amount of dividends paid by each during the year ending August 31st, 1860. 



11? ct. 


Bank of Ij<iuisiana , 


1 500.000 












160 000 

Southern Bank ... 


6!^, 176 



Bank of America, 




Besides this capital of eighteen millions and upward, some of the banks hold large 
reserves, that of the Citizens' Bank alone aini>unting to aliout one million and a quar- 
ter of dollars, making an actual working capital of $'J,7.'j(),00(). ' 

The condition of the banks on the last Saturday of each month during the year end- 
ing August 31st, 1860, is shown by the following table : 


September 24. 
October 29. 
.November 26. 
December 31. 


January 28. 

February 25. 














12,818,1.59 12.882,194 
12 945. 204'13. 600,419 
12.437.195 1-3,975 624 







15,596.7,59 22,228.245 28.329. ,509 2,001.624 
17.821,585 24,495.812 28. !»74 693 3.960.983 

18,432.608 25.045.141 '2S.S()2.654 
19,777,806 15,905,428,30,301,394 

19,677.121 24.916.431 '29.891.908 

19.218.590 24-.397,2S6 30.064,248 

18,6S1.02O '23.674,714 3(1.. Vi0.9S4 

12. 99;i, 204118, 380, 033 22.312.376 30 450 

11. 9(K), 864 17.038 774 


9,813,564 1 14.363.265 


18. 6H8. 492 129.919.526 

18.. 563. 065 





7,301,377 1,402,875 

8.0S3 929 

1,603.. 503 

6 599.676(1,596.210 
4,123.242 1.401.804 
1,756,034 1,346.214 

The increase in banking facilities and in the movements generally for the past ten 
years is favorably exhibited by the following table, which shows the condition of our 
banks on ihe last Saturday of August since 18.')1, inclusive : 


Gardner's new Orleans directory. 




6 332 839 










Since 1850 the number of our banks has increased from five to eleven, and the amount 
of capital from less than twelve millions of dollars to more than eighteen millions. 

Our Insurance Companies during the past year have paid losses to the amount of 
nearly three and a half millions of dollars against earned premiums amounting to nearly 
five millions, as will be seen by the following table : 

Crescent Mutual 

Home Mutual 




Uniou — half joint stock 

Hope — joint stuck 

Citizens' Mutual 

Star Mutual 

N. (). Mutual 

Louisiana State Mutual 




Cash on 




1,462 422 









771.941 ■ 























300 000 









The New Orleans Jackson and Great Northern Railroad has been completed within 
the last year, and we are now brought in direct communication with all the principal 
points of our country north and vv'est,'the mails and passengers between New York and 
New Orlea)is now making the passage in thrre and a half days. The Opelousas and 
Great Western Railroad now extends to Berwick's Bay, a distance of eighty miles 
from the city, and is expected to reach New Iberia, an additional stretch of forty-five 
niile.s, during the iJext summer. These two roads are of great importance to New 
Orleans, opening to our trade as they do, the richest sections of the southern and south- 
western interior, the Opelousas and Great Western passing through an im|)ortnnt sec- 
tion of our sugar region and penetrating Texas, will soon connect us with Houston 
and other leading points in that State, and the connections of the Jackson and Great 
Northern road, branching through Louisiana, Mississippi and Ti nnessee, will together 
draw to our market increased amounts of the rich products of those respective regions, 
while the ready access of a market will still further stimulate production. 

In our last year's Directory we had occasion to congratulate our citizens upon the 
healthy condition of the city, and the entire absence of epidemical disease during the 
year then closed. We are now able to repeat our congratulations, as ihe year now 
closing has been remarkably free from disease, and we do not hesitate to pronounce 
New Orleans one of the healthiest cities in the United States. This condition of things 
may be attributed in a great measure to the improvements in grading, draining and 
paving our streets, which have been carried forward steadily and vigorously during 
the past few years, and which have led to other and greater improvements over our 
great thoroughfares, and in the suburbs, where princely residences are multiplying. 


Posts in 1st District. 



1, opposite Common 

2, bi'twecn Common and Gravier 

5, oiiposite Gravier 
4. Poyilias 

T). b. ro.vfiras and Lafayette 

6, ojiposite Lafayette 

7, lietween Lafayette andGirod 
<S, opposite (Jirod 

9, b. Gii-od and Xotre Dame 

10. opposire Notre Dame 

11. opposite Julia 

12. between Julia and St. Joseph 
1.'5, opposite St. Joseph 

14, opposite St. Maiy's Market 
l.'i oi) Delord 

16, opposite Louisa 

17, opposite Gaiennie 

18, b. Gaiennie and Suzette 

19, o)>posite Krato 

20, between Erato and Benjamin 

21, opposite Benjamin 

22, b. Benjamin and Terpsichore 
2:i. b. " " 

24, b. " " 

2-,, b. " " 

2C^. opposite Terpsichore 

27, b. Terpsichore and Henderson 

2H. ojiposite Henderson 

29. b. Hinderson and Robin 

;50, oppo.'^ite Robin 

ol. near Rol)in 

;52, between Robin and Race 

33, opjiosite Race 

34, between Race and Orange 
S."), op]iosite Orange 

36, betwi'en Orange and Richard 

37, opposite Ricliard 

3.S, l)etween Ricliard and Market 

39, op])osite Market 

40, b. Market and St. James 

41, opposite St. James 

42, b, St. James and Celeste 

43, opposite Celeste 

44, between Celeste and Nuns 

46, between Nuns and St. Mary 

47, ■* ** ** 

Posts in 2d District. 



1, opposite Canal 

2, b. Canal and Customhouse 
3.b " 

4. opposite rii.;tonilK)Use 

5. b Ciistonilioiisf and Bienville 

6, oiiposilf Hicnville 

7. between Bienville and Conti 

8, opposite Conti 

9, between Conti and St. Louis 
10, opposite St. Louis 

H, b St. Louis and Toulouse 

12, opposite Toulouse 

13, b. Toulouse and Jeflferson 

14, ojjposite Jefloison 
l.'i, opposite St. Peter 

If), ojiposite Jackson Square 

18, opposite St, Ann 

19, b. St. Ann and Madison 

20, opposite Madison 

21, o]>posite St. I'hilip 

22, b. St. Philip and Crsulines 

23, opposite Ursulines 

24, b. Ursulines and Hospital 
2.'S, b. " 

26, b. " " 

27, opposite ITospital 

28, opiHisite Barracks 

29, ojiposite the Mint 
.30, opposite the Mint 
31, opposite Ksplanade 

Posts in 3d District. 

TION FROM TUB 2d district. 


32, opposite Elysian Fields 

33, b. Klysian Fields and Marigny 

34, opjiosite Marigny 

35, b. Marigny and ilandeville 

36, opjmsite Mandeville 

37, opjiosite Spain 

38, opj)osite Lafayette avenue 

39, b. Lafayette avenue and Port 

40, b. Port and St. Fcniinand 

41, ojijiosite St Ferdinand 

42, b. St. Ferdinand and Montegut 

43, b. " " 

44, opposite Montegut 

between Montegutand Clouet 

opjiosite Clouet 

between Clouet and Louisa 

opjiosite Louisa 

between Louisa and Piety 

opjiosite I'iely 

between Piety and Desire 

between Desire and Elmire 

ojijiosite Desire 

ojijiosite Congress 

opjiosite Bartholomew 

b. Bartholomew and French 


Posts in 4tli District. 



49. opposite St. Mary street 

."iO, oj). St. Mary and St. Andrew 

51 ojijiosite St. Andrew 

62, b. St. Andrew and Adele 

53, opposite Adele 

54, between Adele and Josephine 

55, b. Josejiliiue and Jackson 

56, b. 

57, between Jackson and Philip 

58, opposite Philiji 

59, between Philip and Sorajiaru 

60, opjiosite Sorajiaru 
61,1l)etween Soraparu and First 

62, " 

63, " " 

64, opjiosite First 

65, between First and Second 

66, between Second and Third 

67, ojijiosite Third 

68, opjiosite Fourth 

69, b. Fourth and Washington 

70, opposite Washington 

71, b. Washington and Sixth 

72, b. 

73, opjiosite Sixth 

74, between Sixth and Seventh 

75, between Seventh and Eighth 

76, ojijiosite Eighth 

77, opjiosite Ninth 

78, between Ninth and Harmony 

79, ojijiosite Harmony 

80, b. Harmony and Pleasant 

81, opposite Pleasant 


First District — New Orleans and 
Algiers Landings; Canal-st., 
N. Orleans and Market, McD. 

Second District — Landing, head 
of St. Ann. New Orleans and 
Powder stre<'t, Algiers. 

Third District — Landings betw'n 
Piintcliartrain Railroad ter- 
minus and Mariu'ny. 

Fourth District and Gretna — 
Landing, head of Josejihine, 
d. 4. 

Memphis, Vicksliurg, Natchez, 
Lake Providence, Milliken's 
Bend, Red River, Ouachita, 
Bayou Sara, Baton Rouge, 

Coast, Lafourche & Balize--b. 
Canal and Bienville-sts .d. 2. 

Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Louis, 
etc , between Julia and Canal 
streets, d. 1. 

United States Mail Steamship 
Company — New Orleans. Ha- 
vana, Cliagres and New York 
—ojijiosite JacKson square, 
between St. Peter and St. 
Ann, d. 2. 

Texas — iijijHisite Julia, d. 1. 

New York and Foreign (Govern- 
ment wharf.) between Monte- 
gut and Clouet, d. 3. 

United States Traiisjiort — be- 
tween Desire and KJmire,d. 3. 

Flatboat — opposite St. Joseph, 
d. 1. 

Julia Street— North side New Ba- 
sin, between Ramjiart and 
Liberty, d. 1. 

Covington and Pensacola-South 
side NewBasin, between Ram- 
Jiart and Liberty, d. 1. 

Florida— North side New Canal, 
b. Howard and Locust, d. 1. ' 

Vera Cruz— foot of Julia, d 1. 

Upper Steamshiji— between Terp- 
sichore and St. Mary, d 1. 

Port for breaking up Flatboat — 
b. Washington and Ninth, d. 


Adams, 4th se, from and parallel to Canal 
Avenue, from the river to the Canal, 

Adele, 3d s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 
from river to Fulton, d. 4. 

Alex, from River to O. R. Road. 

Ann, 5tli sw. from and prl. to First, from 
Adams to Lower Line, Carrollton. 

Annette, 5th w. of and prl. to Pontchar- 
train Railroad, from Goodchildren to 
woods, d. 3. 

Aline, 2d ab. and prl. to Louisiana Ave- 
nue, from river to St. Charles, Jeffer- 
son City. 

Amelia, 5th ab. and prl. to Louisiana Av- 
enue, from river to suburbs Jefferson 

Annunciation, Elizabeth and Jersey are 
known as Annunciation street, 6th 
from and prl. to river, from junction 
Tchoupitoulas, d. 1, to Toledano,d.4. 

Annunciation Square, 3d e. from Camp, 
fronting Orange and Race, d. L 

Antonine, 4th n. of and prl. to Louisiana 
Avenue, from river to St. Charles, Jef- 
ferson City. 

Austerlitz, 8th n. of and prl to Louisiana 
Avenue, from river to Coliseum, Jef- 
ferson City. 

Arts, 6th e. of -and prl. to Ponchartrain 
Railroad, from Lafayette walk to 
woods, d. 3. 

Aubry, 2d n. of Jean Pierre Canal, from 
Bernard to the woods, d. 3. 

Bacchus, (now Baronne,) 2d w. of and 
prl. to St. Charles, from Canal to Great 

Bagatelle, (now Bourbon,) 2d w. of and 
prl. to Pontchartrain Railroad, from 
Esplanade to woods, d. 3. 

Bank, 3d s. of Canal, from Miro w. to 
woods, d. L 

Baronne and Bacchus are known as Ba- 
ronne street, 1st w. of Carondelet, 
from Canal to Jefferson City. 

Barracks, 1st s. of and prl. to Esplanade, 
from river to swamp, d. 2. 

Bartholomew, 16lh e. of and prl. to Pont- 
ciiartrain R. from river to woods, d. 3. 

Basin, St. John and White, are known as 
Basin street, w. of Rampart, from 
Carondelet Basin, d. 2, to Jackson 
street, d. 4. 

Bayou Road, from Rampart nw. to Espla- 
riadr m d. 2, from Esplanade nw. d. 3, 
to Junction of St. John's Route. . 

Belcastel, from river to suburbs Jefferson 

Bellechaise, (now Religious,) rear of Or- 
leans Cotton Press, from Tchoupitou- 
las to St. Thomas, d. 1, and prl. to 
river, to St. Andrew, d. 4. 

Benjamin, (now Thalia,) 5th s. of St. 
Mary's Market, from Front Levee to 
Annunciation, d. 1. 

Berlin, 1st bel. and prl. to Napoleon Ave- 
nue, Jefferson City. 

Bernadotte, continuation of Lower Line, 
from 12th to the Canal, Carrollton. 

Bernard, 6th w. of and prl. to Pontchar- 
train Railroad, from St. Bernard Ave- 
nue to woods, d. 3. 

Bertrand, b. Roman and Johnson, n. Per- 
dido, d. 2. 

Benton, (now Franklin,) 6th w. of and 
prl. to Nayades, to Covington Land- 
ing, s. to Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Bienville, 2d n. of and prl. to Canal, to 
Metairie Ridge, d. 2. 

Blackberry, 15th nw. from and prl. to Ca- 
nal Avenue, South Line to 15th, Car- 

Bolivar, 11th w. of and prl. to Rampart, 
from Common to Perilliat, d. 1. 

Bordeaux, 4th w. and prl. to Napoleon 
Avenue, Jefferson City. 

Bourbon, 4th w. of and prl. to river, from 
Canal to Poland, d. 3. 

Brainard, 2d w. of and prl. to Nayades, 
continuation of Bacchus, from St. .An- 
drew to Philip. 

Broad, 23d w. of and prl. to river, s. 
of Canal in d. 1, n. of Canal to Es- 
planade in d. 2, n. of Esplanade in d.3 

Burdette, 2d sw. from and prl. to Canal 
Avenue, from the river to the Canal, 

Burgundy, 6th w. of and prl. to river ,from 
Canal to Esplanade, d. 2. 

Burthe, nw. of and prK to First, from Low- 
er Line to Jefferson, Carrollton. 

Byrne's Row, Carondelet c. Canal. 

Cadiz, 2d w. of and prl. to Napoleon Av- 
enue, Jefferson City. 

Calliope, Louisa and Duplantier are known 
as Calliope street, n. of and prl. to 
Delord, from river to woods. 

Cambrone, 3d nw. of and prl. to Canal 
Avenue, from river to Canal, Carroll- 

Cammack's Buildings, nw. c. of Common 
and Carondelet, d. 1. 



Camp, 1st e. of St. Charles, (junction of 
Clmrtres,) to Felicity Roau,d. 1, con- 
tinuine; to d. 4. 

Canal, dividing; 1st and 2d districts, from 
river to woods. 

Canal Avenue crosses first on Railroad one 
square from tlic depot, from tlie river 
to Canal near end of Common, N. O., 

Carondilet, 1st w. of St. Charles, from 
Canal to Great Route. 

Carondclet Rasin, foot of Toulouse, d. 2. 

Caroiuicjrt Walk, n. of .Carondclet, Canal 
and llasin, d. 2. 

Carroll, Isi w. of Carondelct, from Poy- 
dras to Perdido, d. 1. 

Carroll, from Jackson, b. Race and Ellon, 
d. 4. 

Casacalvo, (now Royal,) 3d n. of and prl. 
to river, from Esplanade to Poland, 
d. 3. 

Cecil, continuation Upper Line, M. Ridge. 

Cedar, (now Howard,) 1st w. of St. Paul, 
from New Canal n. to Cypress, d. 1. 

Celeste, 1st n. of and prl. to St. .Tames, 
from Felicity lload to river, d. 1. 

Celesiine, IGili n. of and prl. to river, from 
Bernard to suburbs, d. 3. 

Chart res, 1st w. of and prl. to Old Levee, 
from Canal to Polaiul, d. 3. 

Chestnut, 10th w. and prl. to river, from 
Felicity Road to Route, d. 4. 

Chippewa, 4th w. of and prl. to river, from 
i\It'lpomene d. 1, to Great Route, d.4. 

Circus Place, n. of Old Basin, on St. Pe- 
ter, d.2. 

Claiborne, 13th w. of St. Bernard, to Fe- 
licity, d. 4. 

Clara, 12th w. of Nayades, from New Ca- 
nal to Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Clara, 13th nw. of and ]nl. to Nayades, 
from Gormley's Canal to Philip, d. 4. 

Clay Square, b. Second and Third, Chip- 
jH'wa and Jersey, d. 4. 

Clinton, Gill se. of and prl. to Canal Ave- 
nue', from river to the Canal, Carlt. 

Clio, 2d s. of Tivoli Circle, from Camp to 
woods, d. 1. 

Clouei, 9th e. of and prl. to Pontchartrain 
Railroad, from river to woods, d. 3. 

Coffee, continuation of Dryades, from 
Jackson to Phili]i, d. 4. 

Cohn, 13th ne; of and prl. to first, from 
Lower Line to Upper, Line, Carroll- 

Cole's Cottages, Poydras, b. St. Mark's 
and Freret, d. 1. 

Columbus, 2d n. of and prl. to Esplanade, 
from Good Cliildri'n to»woods, 

Coliseum Place, w. of Camp. b. Terpsi- 
chore and Melpomene, d. 1. 

Coliseum (now Camp,) 1st w. of Camp, 
from .Junction of Camp to Felicity 
Road, d. 1. 
I Commerce, 1st rear of New Levee, section 
b. Delord and Louisa, from Si. Joseph 
to Poydras, d. 1. 

Commercial, 2d sw. of and prl. to 1st, 
from Lower Line to Short, Carrollton. 

Commercial Place, b. Camp and St. 
Charles, Poydras and Gravier, d. 1. 

Common, 1st. s. of and prl. to Canal, from 
river to Metairie Ridge, d. 1. 

Conde (now Chartrcs,) 1st w. of and prl. 
to Old Levee, continuation of Char- 
tres, from 'Jackson Square to Espla- 
nade, d. 2. 

Congress, 14th e. of and nearly prl. to 
Pontchartrain Railroad, from river to 
woods, (1. 3. 

Conrey, b. Washington and Sixth, and 
b. Nayades and Prytania, d. 4. 

Constance, 6th from and prl. to river, from 
Poydras to Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Constantinople, 9th w. of and prl. to Lou- 
isiana Avenue, from river to suburlis. 

Conti, 3d n. of and prl. to Canal, from 
river to woods, d. 2. 

Cotton Press, 7th e. of and prl. to Pont- 
chartrain Railroad, from Casacalvo to 
woods, d. 3. 

Cours, 7th nw. of and prl. to Nayades, 
from Gormley's Canal to Jackson, d.4. . 

Craps (now Burgundy), 5th n. of and prl. 
to river, from Esplanade to Poland, 
d. 4. 

Crescent Row, Canal, b. Roman and Pri- 
eur, d. 2. 

Crossman, 1st n. of Canal, from river to 
Levee, d. 2. 

Customhouse, 1st n. of and prl. to Canal, 
from river to woods, d. 2. 

Cypress, 1st n. of New Canal, from St. 
Vi\\\\ to woods, d. 1. 

Dabardie, 6tli n. of and prl. to Esplanade, 
from Roman to woods, d. 3. 

Dau]>hine, .'itli w. of and prl. to river, from 
Canal to Esplanaae, d. 2. 

Davidson's Row, se. Carondelct b. Poy- 
dras and Lafayette. 

De Armas, 4th sw. of and prl. to First, 
from Lower Lino to J5urdeti(^, Carlt. 

Delachais(>, 1st ab. and prl. to Louisiana 
Avenue, from river to woods. 

Delaronde, from river to St. Peter. 

Delord, 1st s. of St. Mary's mkt. from 
river to the woods, d. 1. 

Derbigny, 15th w. of and ]) Nayades, 
crossing New Canal, from junction of 
Bolivar to Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Desire, 12th e. of and nearly prl. to Pont- 
chartrain Railroad, from river to 
woods, d. 3. 

Diamond's Row, w. Tchoupitoulas, b. St. 
Joseph and Delord, d. 3. 

Division, from 1st to 2d, b. Rousseau and 
Fulton, d. 4. 

Dorsiere, b. Old Levee and Chartrcs, from 
Canal to Customhouse, d. 2. 

Dorgenois, 22d w. of and prl. to river, s. 
of Canal, in d. 1, n. of Canal to Es- 
planade, in d. 2, and n. of Esplanade 
in d. 3. 



Dublin, 1st nw. of and nrl. to Canal Ave- 

niu', from First to the Canal, Carlt. 
Duplanticr, (now Calliope,) 2d s. of De- 

K)rd,from Annunciation to Camp,d.l. 

Dryades, 3d w. of and nearly prl. to JNay- 

" ades, from Piiilip to Great Route, d.4. 

Dryades Quay, head of Dryades Walk, 

from Felicity Road to St. Andrew, 

d. 4. 
Dryades Walk, 3d w. of and prl. to Nay- 

ades, from Triton Walk to Felicity 

Road, d. 1. 
Duffossat, 10th w. of and prl. to Napoleon 
[ Avenue, from river to suburbs Jeffer- 

I son City. 

Eagle, 15th w. of and prl. to Nayades,fm 
Felicity to Claiborne, d. 4. 

Edward, (now xMclpomene,) 5th s. of De- 
lord, from ISt. Thomas to Camp. d. 1. 

Eighth, 14th s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 
from river to woods, d. 4. 

Eighth, 14th ne. of and prl. to First, from 
Lower Line to Upper Line, Carroll- 

Eighteenth, 34th ne. of and prl. to First, 
from Lower Line to Upper Line,Car- 

Eleventii, 19th ne. of and prl. to First, from 
Lower Line to Upper Line, Carrollton. 

Elysian Fields, b. Marigney and French- 
men, from river to lake, d. 3. 

Ellen, 8th nw. of and prl. to Nayades, fm 
Gormley's Canal to Philip, d. 4. 

Elmire, 13ih e. of and nearly prl. to Pont- 
ciiartrain Railroad, from river to 
woods, d. 3 

Enghien, (now Lafayette Avenue,) 5th e. 
of Esplanade, from river to Mexican 
Gulf Railroad, d. 3. 

Erato, 3d s. of Tivoli Circle, from Annun- 
ciation to woods, d. 1. 

Esplanade, dividing 2d and 3d dts, from 
river w. to woods. 

Estelie, (now Thalia,) 5th s. of Delord, 
from Annunciation to Camp, d. 1. 

Esther, 6th sw. of and prl. to First, from 
Hillary to Lower Line, Carrollton. 

Euphrosine, from Hercules to Liberty, 
d. 1. 

Euterpe, 2d s. of Coliseum Place, from 
Coliseum to Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Exchange Place, b. Royal and Chartres, 
from Canal to St. Louis, d. 2. 

Exchange Passage, b. Royal and Jackson 
Square, from St. Peter to St.Ann, d.2. 

Factors Row, c. Carondelet and Perdido. 
Feliciana, 5th e. of and prl. to Lafayette 

Walk, from Mexican Gulf Railroad 

to woods, d. 3. 
Felicity Road, dividing 1st and 4th dts, 

from river to woods. 
First, (now Hagan Avenue,) 7th s. of and 

prl. to Felicity Road, from river to 

woods, d. 4. 

First, 7th nw. of and prl. to Broad, from 

Carondelet Walk to Washington Av- 
enue, d. 3. 
First head of depot N. 0. & C.R.R., from 

Greenville to Madison, Carrollton. 
Fifth, 8th ne. of and prl. to First, from 

Lower Line to Upper Line, Carroll'n. 
Fifth, (now Dupre,) 2d nw of and prl. to 

Broad, from Carondelet Walk to St. 

John's Route, d. 3. 
Fifteenth, 27th ne. of and prl. to First, fm 

from Lower to Upper Lii.e, Carlt. 
Florida Landing,' 22d n. of and prl. to 

river, from Elysian Fields to suburbs, 

d. 3. 
Fortin,on the Grand Route St. John, right 

hand of the brid'ge, d. 3. 
Foucher, (now Constance,) 1st w. of 

Tchoupitoula^, from Poydras to Girod 

and continuing from Julia to Duplan- 

tier, d. 1. 
Fourth, 10th s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 

from river to woods, d. 4. 
Fourth, 3d e. of and prl. to Broad, from 

Carondelet Walk to St. John's Route, 

d. 3. 
Fourth, 6th ne. of and prl. to First, from 

Lower Line to Jackson, Carrollton. 
Fourteenth, 25 ne. of and prl. to First, fm 

Lower Line to Upper Line, Carlt. 
Franklin, 2d w. of and prl. to Rampart, s. 

of Cai al in d. 1, n. of Canal to Feli- 
city Road. 
Franklin Walk, 8th e. of and prl. to Pont- 

chartrain Railroad, from Lafayette 

Walk to woods, d. 3. 
Frederick Square, bounded by Fifteenth, 

Hamilton, Edenburg and Laurel 

Grove, Carrollton. 
French, 18th e. of and nearly prl, to Pont- 

charlrain Railroad, from river to 

woods, d. 3. 
Frenchmen, 1st e. of and prl. to Pontchar- 

train Railroad, from Esplanade to 

woods, d. 3. 
Freret, 5th w. of and prl. to Rampart, 

from Gravier to Protestant Cem., d. 1 
Front Levee, from Louisa to Lafayette, 1st 

and 4th dts. 
Fulton Avenue, nw. of Gormley's Basin, 

from Felicity Road to the canal, 4th d. 
Fulton, (now St. Thomas,) 3d w. of and 

prl. to river, from Felicity Road to 

junction Levee, d. 4. 
Front Street, formed of the new batture 

ground fronting the river, from Cus- 
tomhouse in d. 2, to Triangle build- 
ings in d. 1. 

GAiENNiE,3ds. of St.Mary's Market, from 
river to Annunciation, d. 1. 

Gallatin, 1st w'. of and prl. to river, from 
Urselines to Barracks, d. 2. 

Galvez, 19th w. of and prl. to river, s. of 
Canal in d. 1, n. of Canal to Espla- 
nade in d.2, and n. of Esplanade in d. 3 



Gasquet, 1st s, of and prl. to Canal, from 

Basin to woods, d. 1. 
Genius, 17ih n, of and prl, to river, from 

Bernard to sulmrbs of d. 1. 
General Taylor, known as Upper Line 

street, Jcrt'rrson City. 
GentUiy Road, running; off ne. from Bayou 

Road, ]st and 3d distrirts, 
Gl(Mse's tiow, op, I'oj'dras market, d, 1. 
Girod, 5th s. of and prl, to Common, from 

river to I'roli'stant Cemetery, d. 1. 
Girod (now Vilifn,) lOlli n. of and prl, to 

river, from i^rruard to siihurlis, d. 3, 
Giroiid (now Howard,) 4ili w. of and jirl 

to Rampart, from (."omuion lo Protes- 
tant Cemetery, d. ], 
Goodchildren Aviinie, 7tli n, of and prl. to 

river, fm Elysian Firids lo woods, d. 1 
Goodchildren (now St. Claude,) 7ih ii. of 

and prl, to river, from Esplanade to 

Elysian Fields, d 3. 
Gravier, 1st s. of and |irl. to Common, 

river to woods, d. 1. 
Grcafmcni (now BourlHin,) 4(h n, nfand prl, 

to river, fin Esplanadr lo Poland d. 3. 
Great Route, Wiltz suburlts, from river lo 

woods, d. 3, 
Green, lltli ne. of and prl. lo First, from 

Lower Line to Upper Line, Carroll- 

Hag AN AvEMrE, 7th w. of and prl. to 
Hroad, from New Canal to Canal Car- 
rondtlet, d. 2. 

Hamilton, 10th nw. of and prl. to Canal 
Avenue, fm 7th to Ncn-ih Line, Carlt. 

Hampson, 1st ne. of and prl. to First, fm 
Lower Lino to Madison, Carrollton. 

Harmony, IGth se. of and prl. to Felicity 
Road, from river lo woods, d, 4. 

Henderson, 2d. s. of Orleans cotton press, 
fm F'ront I.evee toTchoupitoulas, d. 1. 

Hercules (now Rampart,) 4tli w. of and 
prl. to Nayadcs, continuation of Mo- 
bile, from Triton Walk to Felicity 
Road. d. 1 

Hcrculi'S Quay, w. of Drayades Quay, 
from Felicity Road, d. ]. 

Herman, w. of and prl. lo Nayade.s, from 
.Tackson to Philip, d. 4. 

Highland, 13ih nw. of and prl. to Canal 
Av.,from 13ih to North Line, Carlt. 

Hillary, 5ih sc. of and prl. to Canal Ave- 
nue, from the river to the Canal, Car- 

History (now Kerlerec,) Ist n. of Espla- 
nade, from (irealmen to Love, d. 3. 

Holly Grove, 9th nw. of and prl. lo Ca- 
nal Av. fm Plum to the Canal, Carlt. 

Homer, McDonough from River to woods. 

Hospital, 2d e. of and prl. to Esplanade, 
from river lo Rampart, d. 2. 

Howard, 8ih w. of and prl. to Nayndes, 
from Felicity to New Canal, d. 4. 

Hunter, rear of Orleans cotion press, from 
New Levee to Tchoupitoulas, d. 1. 

Indefendence, I7th e. of and prl. to Pont- 
charirain Railroad, from river to 
woods, d. 3. 

Jackson, '8th, nw. of and prl. to Canal Av- 
enue, from New Levee to the Canal. 

Jackson, 4ih s. of and prl. to Felicity 
Road, from riv(>r lo woods, d. 4. 

Jacksini Square (formerly known as Place 
d'Armes,) b. Conde and Old Levee, 
St. Petir and St. Ann, d. 2. 

.Tackson, McDonougli, fm River to woods. 

Jacobs, 9ih w. of and prl. to Nayades, 
from JViw Canal to Felicity Road, d. 1 

Jacob (now Frcnl,) Kith nw. of and prl. 
to Nayades, from Gormley's Canal to 
Philip, d. 4. 

Jeanneite, 9th ne. of and prl. to First, 
fm Uppir l.iiii' to Lower. Line, Carlt. 

Jefierson, 4ili nw. of and prl. to Canal 
Avenue, from the river to the Canal, 

Jefferson, 6th n, of and prl. to Canal, fm 
river to Chartres, d. 2. 

Jeffer*on, McDonough, runs prl. with 

Jena, 2d w. of and prl. to Napoleon Ave- 
nue, from river to woods, J. C. 

Jersey (now Annunciation,) 5th w. of and 
prl. to river from Felicity Road to 
Great Route, d. 4. 

Johnson, 17th w. of and prl. to river from 
Common to O'Reily, d. 1. 

Joseph, 2d. w. of and prl. to Peters Ave- 
nue from river lo suburbs, Jefferson 

Josephine, 3d s. of and nearly prl. to Fe- 
licity, from river to woods, d. 4. 

Josephine, 15th n. ofandprl. to river from 
Lafayette Avenuf; to suburbs, d. 3. 

Julia, 6th, s. of and prl. to Common, from 
river to woods. 

Kerlerec, 1st n. of and prl. to Espla- 
nade, from Love to Dorgenois, d. 3. 

Lafayette, 4th s. of and prl. to Common, 
from river to woods, d. 1. 

Lafayette Square, b. Poydras and Girod, 
fronting St. Charles and Camp, d. 1. 

Laharpe, n. of and ]>rl. to Esplanade, fm 
Goodchildren Avenue lo Jean Pierre 
Canal, to woods, d. 3. 

Lalurie's Row, Exchange Place, b. Cus- 
tomhouse and Bienville, d. 2. 

Lanes, 18ih nw. of and prl. to Canal Ave- 
nue, from South Line to North Line, 

Lapeyrouse, 4th n. of and prl. to Espla- 
nade, from Derbigny to woods, d. 3. 

Laurel, 6th w. of and prl. to river from 
Felicity Road to Great Route, d. 4. 

Laurel Grove, Hth nw. of and prl. to Ca- 
nal Avenue, Carrollton. 

Laurent, 5th nw. of Nayades, from Grom- 
ley's Basin to Philip, d. 4. 




Leonidas, 5ili nw. of and pri. to Canal 
Avenue, from the river to the Canal, 
Carroll Ion. 

Leontine, Iste. of and prI. to Peters Ave- 
nue from river to St. Charles, J. C. 

Lesseps, 19lh e of and neaily prI. to Pont- 
chartrain R. R., from river to woods, 
d. 3. 

Levee, fronting and prl. to river from Es- 
planade to suburbs, d. 3. 

Levee, 2d w. of and prl. to river from Fe- 
licity Road to Pleasant, d. 4. 

Levee, 2d from a)id prl. to river, from 
Lower Line to Upper Line, Carrollton 

Liberaux (now Johnson,) 18th n. of and 
prl. to river, from Bernard, d. 3. 

Liberty, 6ih w. of and prl. to Nayades, s. 
fm N-w Canal to Felicity Road, d. L 

Live Oak, (now Constance,) 7ih w. of and 
prl. to River, from Felicity Roa'd to 
Great Route, d. 4. 

Locust, 3d w. of St. Paul, from New Ca- 
nal n. to Perilliat, d. L 

Louisa (now Calliope,) 2d s. of St, Ma- 
ry's Market, from Annunciation to 
river, d. L 

Louisa, 10th e. of and prl. to Pontchar- 
train Railroad, fm river to woods, d.3. 

Love, (now Rampart,) 6th n. of and prl. to 
river, from Esplanade to suburbs, d. 3. 

Lower Line, dividing line b. Greenville 
and Carrollton, from the river, Car- 

Lyon, 1st e. of and prl. to Upper Line fm 
river to junction. Upper Line, J . C. 

Mac ARTY, 3d sw. of and prl. to First, fm 

Lower Line to Washington, Carlt. 
Madison, nw. of and prl. to Canal Avenue, 

from river to Canal, Carrollton. 
Madison, prl. to andb. St. Ann and Main, 

d. 2. 
Madison, McDonough, from Canal prl. 

with River. 
Main, or Dumain, 8th n. of and prl. to 

Canal, from river to woods, d. 2. 
Magazine, 1st e. of Camp, and prl. to 

river, from Canal to Jefferson City. 
Magdalen (now Magnolia,) 8th w. of and 

prl. to Rampart, from Common to 

Perilliat, d. 1. 
Magnolia, 4th w. of and prl. to St. Paul, 

from New Canal to Perilliat, d. 1. 
Mandeville, 2d e. of Pontchartrain Rail- 
road, from river to woods, d. 3. 
Marias, 10th w. of and prl. to river, s. of 

Canal in d. 1, and n. of Canal to 

Bayou Road, in d. 2. 
Marigny 1st e. of Pontchartrain Railroad, 

from river to woods, d. 3. 
Marengo, 3d e. of and prl. to Louisiana 

Avenue, from river to woods, J. C. 
Marketplace, on Levee, b. Richard and 

St. James, d. 1. 
Martin, (now Willow,) w. of and prl. to 

Nayades, s. of Carondelet Canal to 

Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Mary, 7th nw. of and prl. to Canal Ave- 
nue, from river to the Canal, Carlt. 

iVJaunsel, (now Magnolia,) llih w. of and 
prl, to Nayades, s. of Carondelet Ca- 
nal to Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Mazant, 17th e. of and nearly prl. to Pont- 
chartrain Railroad, from river to 
woods, d. 3. 

Melicerte, (now Krato,) 4th s. of Delord, 
from Annunciation to Camp,d. 1. 

Melpomene, 1st n. of Coliseum Place, fm 
Camp to Felicity, d. 1. 

Milan, 2d e. of and prl. to Louisiana Ave- 
nue, from riyer to woods, J. C. 

Millaudon, 7ih se. of and prl. to Canal 
Avenue, from the river to First, Carlt. 

Miro, 19th w. of and prl. to river, s. of 
Canal in d. 1, n. of Canal to. Espla- 
nade in d. 2, and n. of Esplanade in 
d 3. 

Monroe, 9th nw. of and prl. to Canal Ave- 
nue, from river to the Canal, Carlt. 

Monroe, McDonough 3d from and prl. to 

Montegut, 8th e. of and prl. to Pontchar- 
train R. R. from river to woods, d. 3. 

Morales, (now Marais,) 8th n. of and prl. 
to river, from Bernard to suburbs, d.3. 

Moreau, (now Chartres,) 2d n. of and prl. 
to river, fm Esplanade to Poland, d.3. 

Music; 5th e. of and prl. to Pontchartrain 
Railroad, fm Enghien to woods, d. 3. 

Mysterious, (now Columbus,) 1st n. of 
and prl. to Esjjlanade from Greatmen 
to Love, d. 3. 

Napoleon Avenue, 10 w. of and prl. to 

Louisiana Avenue, from river to 

woods, Jefferson City. 
Natchez, 2d s. of and prl. to Common, 

from river to Camp, d. 1. 
Nayades, (now St. Charles,) 13Lh w. of 

and prl. to river, from Tivoli Circle 

to Felicity Road. 
New Basin, head of Julia. 
New Customhouse Row, b. Crossman and 

Canal, Old Levee, d. 2. 
New Levee, (now Peters,) prl. to river 

from St. Louis s. to Canal, d. 2, s. 

from Canal to Race, in d. 1. 
New Orleans, 7th w. of and prl. to Pont- 
chartrain Railroad, from O'Reily to 

woods, d. 3. 
Newton, McDonough, fm river to woods. 
Ney, 15th nw. of and prl. to Canal Ave- 
nue, from North Line to South Line, 

Nineteenth, 25th ne. of and prl. to First, 

fm Lower Line to Upper Line, Carlt. 
Ninth, 15th ne. of and prl. to First, from 

Lower Line to Upper Line, Carrollton. 
Ninth 15th s. of and prl. to Felicity, from 

river to Nayades, d. 4. 
Notre Dame, 6th s. of Common, from river 

. to Magazine, d. 1. 
North, ns. Lafayette Square, from Camp 

to St. Charles, d. 1. 



North, ns. St. Mary's Market, from New 
Li'vce to Tchoiipitoulaa, d. 1. 

North Maikrt, ]irl. to St. Mary's Market, 
from Ti'hotijii(oulas, d. 1. 

Nuns, from New Levee to Fulton, d. 4. 

OcTAViA, 1st w. of and prl. to Peters Ave- 
nue, from river to woods, J. C. 

Old Basin, b. St. Peter and Toulouse, d. 2. 

Old l^evee, (now Decatur,) from Canal, 
front of Jackson Square to Esplanade, 
. d. 2. 

Oliver, 8th sw. of and prl. to First, from 
Levee to Lower Line, Carrollton. 

Onzaija, .'itii n. of and ]irl. to Ksplanade, 
from Roman to woods, d. 3. 

Orange, 9th s. of and prl. to Delord, from 
New Levee to Camp, d. 1. 

Orleans, n. of and prl. to Cm al, from Jack- 
son Square to woods, d. 2. 

O'Riely, n. of and prl. to Jean Pierre Ca- 
nal, from Bernard to woods, d. 3. 

Pacanier (now Chi|ipewa,) 4th w of and 
prl. to river, from Edward to Felicity 
Road, d. L 

Painters, 7tli e. of and prl. to Pontchar- 
Irain Railroad, from Lafayette Walk 
to woods, d. 3. 

Palmyra, 2d s. of and prl. to Canal, from 
Claiborne to woods, d. 1. 

Patterson, 3d from and prl. to river. 

Peace, 1st n. of and prl. to Esplanade, fm 
Miu-eau, to Bai;atelle, d. 3. 

Pearl, 1st w. of New Levee, from Delord 
to Louisa, d, 1. 

Pearl, 1st w. cf and prl. to First, from 
Levee to Lower Line, Carrollton. 

Pcniston, 6lh w. of and i)rl. to Louisiana 
Avenue, from river to woods, J. C. 

Penn, 1st w. of Baronne, from Poydras to 
to I'erdido. 

Pensacola Landing, head of New Basin. 

Perdido, 3d s. of and nearly prl. to Canal, 
from St. Charles to woods, d. 1 

Perilliat, 1st n. of Protestant Cemetery, 
from St. Paul to woods, d. I. 

Peter, McDonogh, from Delarond to woods 

Peters Avenue, w. of and prl. to Louisi- 
ana Avenue, from river to woods, J.C. 

Philip, 5ih s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 
from river to woods, d. 4. 

Philip, 17th 11 w. of and prl. to Canal Ave- 
nue, from North Line to South Line, 

Piety, 11th e. of and nearly prl. to Pont- 
chartrain Railroad, from river to 
woods, d. 3. 

Pine, (now Freret,) 2d w. of St. Paul, n. 
New Canal to Cypress, d. 1. 

Plaquemine, (now Coliseum,) 11th w. 6f 
and prl. to river, from felicity Road 
to Great Route, d. 4. 

Plauche (now Marais,) 3d nw. of and 
nearly prl. to Rampart, from Bayou 
Road to Es])lanade in d. 2, and Es- 
planade to Jean Pierre Canal in d. 3. 

Pleasant, 17th s. of and prl. to Felicity 

Road, fnmi river to woods, d. 4. 
Plum, 7th nw. of and prl. to First, from 

Lower Line t(>.U|>i>er Line, Carrollton. 
Poet, continuation of Washington Avenue, 

from Moreau to Goodchildren, d. 3. 
Poland, 29th e. of and ])rl. to I'ontchartrain 

Railroad, from river to woods, d. 3. 
Polymnia, 2d s. of Coliseum Place, from 

Coliseum to Felicity Road, d. 1. 
Port, 6ih e. of and nearly jn-l. to Espla- 
nade, from river to suburbs, d. 3. 
Poydras, 4th s. of Canal, prl. to Common, 

from river to woods, d. 1. 
Poyfarre, 1st of and prl. to Delord, from 

Annunciation lo Camp, d. 1. 
Prieur, Ifilh w. of and prl. to river, s. of 

Canal ind. 1, n. of Canal to Esplanade 

in d. 2, and n. of Esplanade m d. 3. 
Prytania, 1st e. of and prl, to Nayades, 

junction of Camp and Clio to Great 

Route, d. 4, 
Public Road, 1st from the river, foot of 

Levee, from Lower Line to L'pper 

Pulaski, 5th s. of and prl. to Felicity Road 

from Nayades to Apollo, d. 4. 

Race, s. of ant* prl. to Delord, from New 
Levee to Coliseum, d. 1. 

Rampart, 7th w. of and prl. to river, s. of 
Canal in (\, 1, n. of Canal to Espla- 
nade in d. 2, and from Mobile Land- 
ing to Felicity, d. I. 

Religious, now continuation of Bellchaisc, 
2d w. of and prl. to river, from Robin 
to St. Andrew, d. 4. 

Richard, lltli s. of and prl. to Delord, 
frwm Levee to Felicity Road, d. 1. 

Robert, yih w. of and ]iv\. to Sapoleon 
Avenue, from river to junction, Upper 
Line street, JeftVrson City. 

Robertson, 12th w. of and prl. to river, s, 
of Canal in d. 1, n. of Canal to Es- 
planade in J. 2, to Bernard in d. 3. 

Robin, 6th s. of and prl. to Delord, from 
Front Levee to Camp d. 1. 

Rocheblave, 21st w. of and prl. to river, 
s. of Canal in d. 1, and n. of Canal to 
Esplanadir in d. 2, and n. of Espla- 
nade in d. 3. 

Roffignac, now Terpischore, 5th s. of and 
prl. to Delord, from Front Levee to 
Tchoupitoulas, in d. 1. 

Roman, 15th w. of and jirl. to river, s. of 
Canal in d. 1, n. of Canal to Espla- 
nade in d. 2, and n. of Esplanade in 
d. 3. 

Rousseau, 2d w. of and prL to river, from 
F"elicity Road to Washington Avenue, 
d. 4. 

Royal, 4th w. of and prl. to river, from 
Canal to Esplanade, d. 2, now taking 
in Casacalvo from Esplanade to Po- 



Sauvage, on St. John's Great Route, d. 3. 
Second, s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 

from river to woods, d. 4. 
Si'cond, tilli II w. of and prl. to Broad, 

from Camndelet Walk to St. Jolui's 

Route, d. 3. 
Second, 2d nw . of and prl. to First, from 

Lower Liiii' to Jefferson, Carlt. 
Sevenieentii, 33d ne. from and prl to 

Fifst, from Lower Line to UpjHr 

Line, Carli. 

of and prl. to First, 
Line to Upper Line, 

Seventh, 1:2th ne 
from Lower 

Seventh, Isl nw of and nearly prl. to 

Broad, from Beliuchaisc to St. John's 

Great Route, d. 3. 
Seventh, 13th s. of and prl. to Felicity 

Road, from river to woods, d. 4. 
Sixteenth, 31st ne. of and prl. lo First, 

from Lower Line to Upper Line, 

Sixth, 10th ne. of and prl. lo First, from 

Lower Line to Upper Line, Carroll- 
Sixth, 1st e. of and jirl. to Broad, fm Ca- 

rondelel Walk to Si. John's Route, 

d. 2. 
Sixiii, 12ih s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 

from river lo woods, d. 4. 
Short, Isl se. of and prl. lo Canal Avenue, 

from the river lo Canal, Carroll- 
Solis (now Locust,) llth nw. of and 

prl. Nayades, from GOrmley's Canal 

lo Phillip, d. 4. 
Solidelle, 14th n. of and jirl. to river, from 

Bernard lo suburbs, d. 3. 
Soniat, 7ih w. of and prl. to Napoleon 

Avenue, from river to woods, Jeffer- 
son City. 
Soraparu, 6ih s. of and prl. to Felicity 

Road, from river to Jersey, d. 4. 
South, ss. of Lafayette Square, from 

Camp to St. Charle.s, d. 1. 
South, ss. St. Mary's Market, from New 

Levee lo Tchoujiiloulas, d. 1. 
Spain, 3d e. of Pontclmrtrain Railroad, 

from Levee lo woods, d. 3. 
St. Andrew, 2d s. of and ]>r\. to Felicity 

Road, from riviT to woods, d. 4. 
St. Ann, bth, n. of and prl. to Canal, from 

river to woods, d. 2. 
St. Anthony, 4lh w. of and prl. to Pont- 

cliarirain Railroad, from Esplanade to 

woods, d. 3. 
St. Avide (known as a continuation of 

Claiborne,) 12th n. of and prl. to river, 

from Jean Pierre Canal to suburbs, 

St. Bernard Avenue, prl. lo Jean Pierre 

Canal, fm. Goodchildren to woods, 

St. Charles, 5lh w. of and nearly prl. to 

river, from Canal lo Felicity Road. 
St. Claude, 1st sw. of Rampart, from Old 

Basin to Esplanade, d. 2. 

St. David, nw. of and prl. lo Nayades, fm 

Hebrew Cemetery lo Delachasse, 

d. 4. 
St. Dennis, 4th nw. of and prl. to Na- 
yades, from Philip to Great Route. 
St. Ferdinand, 6th e. of and prl. to Pont- 

chartrain Raih-oad, from river to 

woods, d. 3. 
St. Francis Alley, between St. Charles and 

Camp, from Lafayette Square n. to 

Poydras, d. 1. 
St. Georgi-', 8th nw. of and prl. to Nayades, 

from Jackson to Uelachassc, d. 4. 
Shell Road, ss. of New Canal, from Pen- 

sacola Landing to lake, d. 1. 
St. James, s. o( Market Place, from river 

lo Felicity Road, d. 1. 
St. Jane, 7th w. of and prl. to St. Paul 

from Common s. to Perilliat, d. 1. 
St. John, intercepts Bayou Road, from 

RocJieblave to Bayou St. John. 
St. John Ba])tist, 3d w. of and prl. to 

river, continuation of St. Tliomas, 

fm. Robin to Felicity Road, d. 1. 
St. John Baptist (now Robertson,) llth 

n. of and prl. to river, from Bernard 

to suburbs, d. 3. 
Si. Joseph, 1st n. of and prl. to Delord, 

St. Louis, 4th n. of and prl. to Canal 

from river to woods, d. 2. 
St. Marc (now Magnolia,) 4lh w. and prl. 

to St. Paul, fm Common to Perilliat, 

d.l. _ 
St. Mary, 1st se. of and prl. to Felicity 

Roatd, from river to Nayades, d. 4. 
St. Mary (now Locust,) 3d w. of and prl. 

to St. Poul, from Common lo Peril- 
liat, d. 1. 
St. Mary's Alley, b. St. Charles and 

Camp, fm Latayette Square to Julia, 

d. 1. 
St. Patrick, 5th nw. of and prl. to Nay- 
ades, from Phillip to IJelachasse, d. 4. 
St. Paul (now Liberty,) 3d w. of and [irl. 

lo Ranijiart, from Common s. to Julia 

street Landing, New Canal, d. 1. 
St. Peter (now Franklin,) 2d w. of and 

prl. to Rampart, from Common to 

Julia street Landing, New Canal, 

d. 1. 
St. Peter, 6th n. of and prl. to Canal, frorn 

river to woods, d. 2. 
St. Philip, lOth n. of and prl. to Canal, 

from river to woods, d. 2. 
Suzelte (now Erato,) 4ih s. of St. Mary's 

market, from river to Annunciation, 

d. 1. 
St. Thomas, 3d n. of and prl. to river, 

from Suzelte to Robin, d. 1. 

TcHonpiTOULAs, 2d w. of and prl. to river, 
from Canal to Felicity Road, d.l. 

Tenth, 18th ne. of and prl. to First, from 
Lower Line to Upper Line, Carroll- 



Terpsichore, 6th s. of Tivoli Cirrle, from 

Camp to Folicity Ko!u],{l. 1. 
Tlialia, continuation of Benjamin and Es- 

telle, s. of Tivoli Circle, from river to 

woods, d. 1. 
Theresa, 6th s. of and nearly prl. to Dc- 

lord, from Tciioujiitoulas to St. Tho- 
mas, d. 1. 
Third, 9th, s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 

from river to woods, d. 4. 
Third. 5th nw. of Broad, from Carondelet 

Walk to St. John's Route, d. 3. 
Tiiirteenth, 24th ne. of and prl. to First, 

from Lower Line to llppcr Line, 

Tivoli Circle, at the head of St. Charles, 

Triton Walk, and foot of Nayades. 
Toledano, 13th s. of and prl. to Felicity 

Road, from Nayades to woods, d. 4. 
Tonti, 21st nw. of river, s. of Canal in d. 

1, n. of ('anal to Esplanade, in d. 2, 

and n. of Esplanade in d. 3. 
Toul.aise, 5th n. of and )irl. to Canal, 

from river to woods, d. 2. 
Treme ^now Liberty,) 3d nw. of and prl. 

to Rampart, from Common to Bayou 

Triton Walk (now Delord,)nw. of Tivoli 

Circle, to head of New Basin, d. 1. 
Twelfth, 22d ne. of and prl. to First from 

Lower Line to Upper Line, Carroll- 

Union, 3d s. of and prl. to Canal, from 
St. Charles to Dryades, d. I. 

Union, w. of and prl. to Pontchartrain R., 
from Esplanade to woods, d. 3. 

Union Row, Carondelet, between Perdido 
and Union, d. 1. 

University Place, Dryades, between Canal 
and Ctmimon. d. I. 

Upper Line, 5ih of and prl. to Napoleon 
Avenue, from river to woods, Jeffer- 
son City. 

Upper Line,dividinc; line between Carroll- 
ton and New Carrollton, from river 
to Cecil, Carrollton. 

Urania, s. of Coliseum Square, continua- 
tion of Racefrom Coliseum to Felicity 
Road.d. 1. 

Urqnhart, 9th n. of and prl. to river, from 
Bernard to suburbs, d. 3. 

Ursniines, s. of and prl. to Esplanade, 
from river to woods, d. 2. 

Valence, 3d w. of and prl. to Napoleon 
Avenue, from river to woods, Joflor- 
son City. 

Valmont, 1st e. of Leontine, from river to 
St. Charles, Jefferson City. • 

Variety Passage, fm 147 Common through 
to Gravier. 

Victory (now Old Levee,) 1st n. of and 
prl. to river, from Esplanade to St. 
Ferdinand, d. 3. 

Villere, 12th w. of and prl. to river, s. of 
Canal, d. 1, n. of Canal to Esplanade 
in d. 2, and n. of Esplanade in d. 3. 

Villere, from Canal street Ferry to Pat- 

Vine (now Clara,) w. of St. Paul from 
New Canal to P(>rilliat, d. 1. 

Washington, 2d sc. of and prl. to Canal 

Avenue, from the river to the Canal, 

Washington (sometimes called Fifth st.,) 

11th s. of and prl. to Felicity Road, 

from river to woods, d. 4. 
Washington, intercepts Bayou Road, from 

Dorgenois to Bayou St. John. 
Washington Avenue 4th e. of and prl. to 

Pontchartrain Railroad, from Enghein 

to woods, d. 3. 
Water, Isl, w. of and prl. to river, from 

Adeie to suburbs. 
Willow, 6th w. of St. Paul, from New 

Canal to Perilliat, d. 1. 
White (now Basin,) 5th w. of and prl. to 

Nayades, from Now Basin to Felicity 

Road, d. 1. 
White, 1st n. of and prl. to Broad, from 

Bayon St. John to St. Bernard, d. 3. 
Wither's Alley, Ijelween Gainnie and Su- 

zette. New and F>ont Levee, d. 1. 

'V' ^ ^ 



F o:r 1 8 e 1- 




Carrol Hon. 

f w. c. free woman color. 


near the corner. 


c. h. 

coffee house. 

fwdg. forward! iij;. 


north side. 




Crnl. Greenville. 






Grt. Gretna. 





Jeff. Jefferson. 

p. s. 

public scliools. 




lab. laborer. 


right bank. 



c p. 

citv police. 

lb. left blink. 

d. 2. 

second district. 

b. h. 

hoardinji house. 



manf. manufactory. 






east side. 

mer. merchant. 


south side. 





Mcll. McPonogh 



br. h. 

beer house. 

d 1. 

first district. 

mkr. maker. 

d. 3. 

tliird district. 



f. ra. c. 

free man of color 

mkt market. 


west side. 




fourth district 

n. near. 



. . A 



ARON H. book keeper, d 399 Ba- 

Aaron Isidore, dry gds. 288 St. Claude 
Aaron Loiii.s, draining machine, d. Bayou 

St. Joiiii c. Orleans 
.\aron it Co. ( Sainni'l .iaron, Louis Myer,) 

clothiiws, 96 Poydras 
Aaron Sanniel, clothing, 4 Front n. Cross- 
man, d. 2 
Aaron Siniuel, dry gds. 139 Marais, d. 2 
Aaron Win. A book keeper, 188 Erato 
Abadie Augusle, c. p. 298 Burgundy 
Abadic A. c. h. 2().) Old Levee 
Abadie A. elk. 26J Old Levee, d. 2 
Abadie A. Mrs. d. 46 St. Anthony 
Abadie Bernard, butcher, Treme market, 

d. 131) Orleans 
Abadie Bernard, elk. 100 Old Levee 
Abadie Bernard, potatoe.s, 21 St. Philip 
Abadie Birnanl, butcher, Claiborne mkt. 
Abadie Bertrand, grocer. Main c. Miro 
Abadie C. tailor, 201 Bourbon 
.AbMie C. Mrs. Robertson c. Columbus 
Aliadie Kugene, elk. d. 374 St. P.ier 
Abadie Francois, butcher, French mkt. d. 

124 Main 
Abadie Jean, butcher, 16 Poydras mkt 
Abadie John, shoemaker, 358 Old Levee, 

Abadie J. F. variety, 251 Bourbon 
Abadie Joseph, blacksmith, Chartres c. 


Abadie Jo-seph, Broad n. CarondeletWalk 

Abadie Louis, bakery. 388 Bayou Road 

Abadie Philip, butcher, 5 Poydras mkt, d. 
La. Av. n. Annunciation 

Abadie Pierre, furniture, Dauphine c. 

Abadie Simon, butcher, 28 Dryades mkt 

Abadie Theophilus, elk. 74 Canal 

Abadie Theresse, f. w. c. 223 Bienville 

Abadie Victor, 254 Conti 

Abadie V. Kerhrrc e. Roman 

Abadie W. butcher, 34 Treme mkt. d. 148 
St. Peter 

Abat Antoine, notary public, 81 Common, 
d. 77 Union, d.3 

Abat A. 235 Main 

Abat A. Mrs. d. 185 Royal 

Abat, Generis & Co. ( Leonce Mat, Louis 
F. Generes, Charles Baquie,) note bro- 
kers, 46 Royal 

Abat B. P. (.Ibat, Marye Sf Cushman,) 69 

Abat Leonce, (.Ibal, Generes &c Co.) 46 

Abat, Marye & Cushman, (B. P. Mat, 
L.y. Miirye,ChiirlisW. Cushman,) cot- 
ton factors and com. mers. 69 Caron- 


Abat Victor, 56 Exchange Place, d. 185 

Abbatt'& \nAT('W9, ( Robert Sf Wm. M. 
.Ibbalt, .John ?f'. .Iiulrews,) Planter's 
Press,, Richard c. Annunciation 




Abbatt Rohen,(MbciU 8f Jlndreivs,) Rich- 
ard c. Annunciation 
Abbatt Rolicrt, atty at law, d, 54 Euterpe 
Abbatt William M. (Mbatt &f Jindrews,) 

Richard c. Annunciation 
Abbay S. F. R. (Harding, Jbbay S{- More- 
head,) 59 Carondelet 
Abbo Vincent, 425 Ursnline 
Abbott A. L. elk. Canal c. Royal, d. 636 

Abbott Peter, lab. d. 254 Custom house 
Abbott R. G. (B. P. Ethell &f Co.) 101 

Magazine, d. 409 St. Charles 
Abbott William A. carp. Sequin n. Alex, 

Abe Matthias, grocer, Jersey c. Austerlitz, 

Jeff. Citv 
Abejean L. f. m c. d. 286 St. I,ouis 
Abel Henry, ( Willimns SfMel,) hay dealer. 

Pleasant n. Laurel 
Abelhast Lewis, trader, 10 St, James 
Abell E. atty. 11 St. Peter, Porrtabla Bids 
Abellard Joseph, 346 Burgundy, d. 3, d. 

Ill Mandeville 
Abels John H. 57 Exchangee Place 
Aberle Wm. elk. 27 Hospital 
Aberms Wm. H. pilot, Lyon n. Laurel, 

Jeff. Citv 
Abernathy Wm. M. elk. 61 St. Charles, 

d. 3vS0 Canal 
Aberton R. shoemaker, 528 Burgundy, d. 3 
Abisch Christian, bakery. Laurel n. St. 

Able A. F. (Lawson &f Able,'] d. Felicity n 

Able Bea:trice, butcher, d. Lafayette n. 

Aboerhart Jacob, d. Laurel n. Josephine 
Abrahamson John, real estate broker, 95 

Abrahamson Julius, 33 Congress 
Abram Richard, grocer, 276Tchoupitoulas 
Abrams Brothers, {J. J\I. &f .d . Jlbrams ,) 

produce and merchandise brokers, 39 

Abrams Alexander, (Jibrams Brothers,) d. 

Magazine c. Orange 

ABRAMS B. & J. Wholesale and 
Plantation Druggists, 44 
Camp and 74 Gravier streets. 
New Orleans, Importers of 
English, French and German 
Chemicals, and dealers in Pa- 
tent Medicines. 

Abrams Charles, drayman, d. 331 Felicity 

Abrams Henry, pilot, d. Bienville c. Old 

Abrams I. P. acct. 317 Julia, d. 689 Mag- 

Abrams J. C. broker, 43 Natchez, d. Eu- 
terpe n. Prylania 

Abrams Maurice, (S. A. Levy, jr. &f Co.) 
auctioneer, 34 Magazine 

Abrams Maurice, cabinet maker, 373 
Chartres, d. 3 

ALrams M. (J. T. Dosivell &>• Co.) 43 Nat 

chez, d. 205 Prytania 
Abrams Peter, professoV, d. 95 Ursuline 
Abrams Taylor M. d. 182 Baronne 
Abrams Wm. H daguerrean, 150 Royal 
Abrams Wm. .H. pilot, d. Canal c. Ba- 
Abreo George C. fruit, 171 St. Louis, d. 

, 351 Bienville 
Abreno John, c. h. 292 Tchoupitdulas 
Abrio Joseph, d. 439 Chartres, d. 3 
Abry J. G. cistern maker, 196 Robertson 
Aby & Catching, {Samuel H. My, P. S. 
Catching,) cotton factors and com. 
"mers. 12 Union, d. 1. d. Race n. Con- 
Acebab Jose, 54 Union, d. 3 
Acebef Jose, cigar maker, 157 Rampart,d.3 
Acevedo Juan, lab. d. 134 Mandeville 
Acevedo Joseph, drayman, d Urquhartn. 

Achal John, blacksmith, d. Melpomene c. 

Achat, {Venli &r Achat r) 212 Bicrvville 
Acheet J. 439 <Jid Levee 
Acheson George, elk. 21 Magazine, d 383 

Acheto John, carp. d. 690 Dauphine, d. 3 
Achille Audonaru, aputhocary, Union c. 

Acker A. Mrs. d. 441 Franklin 
Acker Amiirose, carpen. d. 441 Franklin 
Acker Ant'y, pattern maker, 441 Franklin 
Acker Clara Mrs. d. 113 Rampart 
Acker George, butcher, Soraparu market, 
d. Jersey e. Marengo, Jefferson City 
Acker G. W. elk. 117 Canal 
Acker Henry, shoemaker, 101 CTaibornc, 

d. 2 
Acker Henry, shoemaker, 152 Hospital 
Acker Jacob, carpenter, 424 Felicity 
Acker Margaret Mrs. d. 441 Franklin 
Acker Philip, grocer, 338 Custom House 
Ackerman A. .Vl. Mrs.- Louisa n. Rampart 
A,ckerman George, 41 Carondelet 
Ackerman G. elk 104 Perdido 
Ackerman Isidore, shoemaker, 326 Mag- 
Ackerman Jacob, blacksmith, Washington 

n. Fulton 
Ackerman K. Mrs. dressmaker, d. 305 

Ackerman Louis, machinist, Melpomene 

n. Magnolia 
Ackerman Peter, vegetables, d. Indepen- 
dence n. Morales 
Ackerman Rudolph, 98 Magazine mkt 
Ackerman Wm. elk. 106 Tchoupitoufas 
Acllattro A. c. p. d. Third n. Constance 
Acosta C. Mrs. d. 33 Thalia 
Acosta Marie, cigar maker, d. Morales n. 

Acquistapace E. G. fruits, 28 Piety 
Adam Bathia Mrs. dressmaker, d. 174 

Adam B tailor, Wa.shington c. Baronne 
Adam C. .-\. grocer, 215 Conti 

ADA 29 


Adam Charles, carpenter, d. 237 Kerlercc 
Adam D. carpenter, d. 49 Goodchildren 
Adam Francis, (C. Yale, jr. &f Co.) d. 145 

Adam John, blacksmith, 25 Madison 
Adam John, carp. d. 441 Daiiphine d. 3 
Adam Joseph) cigar mak. 401 St. Claude, 

Adam Joseph N. d. 256 Ursuline 
Adam Lucin, telegraph messenger, St. 

Charles c. Gravier, d. 501 Old Levee, 

d. 3 
Adam Louis, 259 Canal 
Adam Manuel, cigar maker, 105 Union,d.3 
Adam L. C. acct. d. 180 Ursuline 
Adam M. coppersmith, 16 Conii, d. 188 

Adam M. Mrs. crockery, 188 St. Anne 
Adam S. lab. d. 385 St. Anne 
Adams Abel, f. m. c, 183 Lafayette 
Adams Alfred R. com. mer. 6 Carondclet, 

d. Carcnid. c. Euterpe 
Adams B. G. (Geo. F. mtte &<■ Co.) 12 

Front Levee, d. 155 Constance 
Adams Chas. Mrs.d. 189 Carondelet 
Adams C. f. m. c. d. Miro n. Rayou Road 
Adams Charles A. grocer, 215 Conli 
Adams Charlotte, d. Lafayette c. Basin 
Adams C. 37 Magazine, d. St. Louis, n. 

Adams D. Mrs. d. 109 Spain 
Adams Daniel W. ( Haiis S(.1dams,) 13 St. 

Charles, d. 13 Pry'tania 
Adams David, c. h. and Empire Livery 

Stal)le, New Levee c. Jackson 
Adams David, baker, 126 Howard 

to New York, Mobile, St. 
Louis, Louisville, Chicago, 
Cinciunati, Cairo and Mem- 
phis, from 96 Camp Street, 
New Orleans. 

Adams E. L. Mrs. d. 351 Bienville 
Adams E. B. druggist. Camp, c. Poydras 
Adams F. A. elk. 27 Magazine 
Adams Geo. lab. d. Jackson n. Jefferson 
Adams Geo. H. lab. d. Jackson, Mc- 

Adams Geo. W. elk. Canal c. Bourbon 
Adams Geo. W. d. 109 Spain 
Adams Henry, d. 125 Cypress 
Adams Henry Smiili, d. 214 Dryades 
Adams Jane E. Mrs. d. 245 Poydras 
Adams James, lab. d. 2 Leeds Row, 

Adams James B. 71 Front, d. Robertson 

n. Annun. 
Adams John, cigars, 162 Poydras, d. St. 

Joseph n. St. Charles 
Adams John, clothing, 136 New Levee, 

d. 1 
Adams John, fire inspector, d. 1.85 Delord 
Adams John B. 71 Front 
Adams John B. screwsman, d. 2 Leeds 

Row, Erato 

Adams & Co (John J. .^rffrms, Edvard 

Murphy, Frnnklhi Shnv.) wholesale 

grocers, &c. 22, 32, 35 Old Levee 
Adams John W. drug clerk, Chartrcs c. 

Customhouse, d. 351 Bienville 
Adams John W. dentist, 189 Canal 
Adams Joseph, lab. d. 616 Burgundy 
Adams Louis, elk. d. 109 Spain 
Adams Lucien, Recorder Fourth District, 

d. 83 Philip 
Adams Margaret, furnished rooms, 139 

Adams N. B. elk. 37 Tchoupitoulaa 
Adams& Co. (R. /,. .Idnim, Robert T. .Ten- 

ningf,) com. mers. 10 Union, d. 1, d. 

La. Av. n. R. R. Jeff. C. 
Adams R. Mrs. dressmaker, d. 186 Ba- 

Adams R. W. barkeeper on steamer, d. 

164 Marigny 
Adams & Co."(^ W. Mama, SaimielMcC. 

Montgomery,) wholesale grocers. 

Common, c. Front and Fulton 
Adams Robert W. surveyor of customs, 

d. 191 Esplanade 
Adams W. S. (Peters Sr Mams,) 37 


ADAMS THOMAS, Collector, 
158 Canal, d. 23 Villere, c. 

Adams Thos. A. president Crescent 

Mutual Insurance Company, Camp, 

c. Commercial Place, d Prytania c. 

Fourth , 

Adams Thos. E. d. 225 Canal 

Adams Thos. H. lab. d. St Andrew n. 

Adams VV. A. (Peters &f Mams,) grocer, 

37 Tchoupitoulas 
Adams Wm. H. painter,d. Melpomene n. 

Adams W. R. editor, 190 Gravier 
Adamson Robert J. elk. 14 Carondelet 
Adamson S. Mrs. d 108 Calliope 
Adde Joseph A. elk. St. Andrew n. Ca- 
Adde Peter A. broker, d. 339 Basin 
Adder P. A. d. St. Andrew n. Carondelet 
Addison Henry S. elk. 46 Carondelet, d. 

18 Dauphine 
Addison H. Y. weigher, 5 Poydras 
Addison Joseph, c. p. d. 323 Erato 
Addison I.. D. 18 Dauphine 
Addison Virginia, St. Louise. Rampart 
Ademar Vieh, d. 33 Dauphine 
Adcr Franvois, butcher, 77 Magazine, 

Market, d. Dorgenois n. Main 
Ader Fraiv/ois, milkman, d. Bartholomew 

c. Morales 
Ader G. Bertrand, St. Philip n. Bayou St. 

John ^ 

Ader John M. groc^^-Gasouet c. Villere 
Aderly Charles, Liberty, c. Terpsichore 
Adicks J. E. Mrs. d. 44 Poland 
Adis Malhis, d. Felicity n. St. Thomas 


Adler E. Dr. 13 St. Charles, Room No. 5, 

d. 68 Royal 
Adler S. J. stock, note and exchange 

broker, 42 Carondelet, d. 68 Royal 
Adnet Aujust, 53 Toulouse 
Adodry'Chari.'s, drayman, d. 397 Liberty 
Adolph A. tailor, Toulouse n. Prieur 
Adolph Conrad, tailor, 326 Tchoupitoulas 
Adolph Estelle L. f. w. c. d. 337 Villere, 

d 3 
Adolph J. G. barber, Girod c. Fulton 
Adolph Jaques, f. m. c. bricklayer, d. 436 

St. Claude, d. 3 
Adolph Michael, tailor, 249 Conti 
Adouin Joseph, cook, Toulouse n. Ma- 

Adrien Charles, f. m. c. mason, d. 87 St. 

Adutant Arnaud, dry gds. Bourbon c. 

Acgerden Chas. tinner, 103 St. Philip 
Aelhart J. H. dried fruits, 108 Gaiennie 
Aemer E. Mrs. Delaronde, Algiers 
Aeply Adam, carp. d. 422 Chippewa 
Aerks John, dairy, d. Louisa c Urquhart. 
Aery Thomas, elk. 3fi Perdido 
Afflick James, elk. 52 Bienville, d. Race n. 

African Baptist Church, Magnolia n. Com- 
African Baptist Church (First,) Howard 

c. Cypress 
African Church, (M. E.) Roman n. Bien- 
African Church, (M. E,) Liberty n. Poy- 

African Church, (M. E.) Girod n. St. 

Agaisse Charles, elk. Willow n. Gravier 
Agaisse Jean, notary public, 126 Ex- 
change Place, d. Common, b. Roman 
and Prieur 
Agaisse J. H. jr., 302 Baronne 
Agatho Christian Brothers 'School, Delord 

c. Foucher 

Agclasto A. M. (^Tegroponte &f Jigelasto,) 

com. mers. 119 Gravier 
Agency of Southern Pacific R. R. 84 Com- 
mon, H, S. Fulkerson, agt 
Ageret B. teacher, d. 189 Marigny 
Agenor Martin, f. m. c. lab. d. 24 His- 
Agosse A. elk. 142 St. Ann 
Aguilard P. G. d. 12 St. Bernard 
Aguila Anton, d.216 St. Philip 
Aguiliard Beicour,, f. m. c. cigar mkr. 176 

Union, d. 3 
Aguiliard Gustave, d. 821 Rampart, d. 3 
AguiiJa Pedro, d. 13 Elysian Fields 
Aguillar B. c. h. 140 Customhouse 
Aguiliard J. d. 866 Rampart, d. 3 
Aguiliard Mrs. d. 825 Rampart, d. 3 
Aguiliard Pierre, d. Columbus n. Villere 
Aguiliard P. E. night inspector of customs 

d. St. Bernard c. Gooodchildren 
Aguillo Pedro, discharges charcoal from 

schooners, d. 139 Morals 



Agunai Valcon, f. w. c. d. 107 Robinspn, 

d. 2 * 

Agut Jean, grocer, 327 Claiborne, d. 3 
Ahern David, d. St. Andrew, c. Annunci- 
Ahern D. J. acct't, d. Carondelet c. Philip 
Ahern Frank, screwman, d. Celeste, n. 

Ahern John, d. 100 Mandeville 
Ahern William, d. 396 Camp 
Ahern W. J. clerk, 39 Natchez, d. Terp- 
sichore n. Magaz'ine 
Ahlheim Jacob, shoemaker, 197 Marigny 
Ahrens John, c. p. d. 402 Orleans 
Ahrens Wm. carp, d. 733 St. Claude, d. 3 
Ahlzweig Theodore, cigars, 179 Rampart, 

d. 1 
Ahr M. d. 54 Mandeville 
Ahrens Henry, laborer, d. 218 Girod 
Ahrens Wm. shoemaker, d. 717 Caron- 
delet, d. 4 
Ahrmann Henry, d. 212 Esplanade 
Aicard Jordan, d. Magazine n La. Av. 
Aicard Justin, clerk, d. 128 Toulouse 
Aichel & Worth, f/fcjiry J. Jlichel, Charles 

Worth,) tinners, 575 Tchoupitoulas 
Aichinger G. d. Lafayette n. Fourth, 

Aicklen & Claren, (FreiVk Jiicklen, Edw'd 
Claren,) liquors, 80 Magazine, d. 
158 Clio. 
Aicklen J. C. clerk, 108 Gravier 
Aicklen John, grocer, Washington c. 

Aicklen Frederick, upholsterer, 296 Catnp 
Aicklin G. E, grocer, Jackson c. Caron- 
Aiklen John, lab. d. 370 Melpomene 
Aiken Andrew J. 49 Union, d. 1 
Aikle Catharine Mrs. d. Montegut c Char- 

Aikman Jas. sr. ship carpenter, d. Mun- 

roe c. Newton, McDonogh 
Aikman Jas, jr. ship carp, McDonogh 
Aime A. Mrs. d. 223 St. Peter 
Aime Edmond, d. 119 Hospital 
Aime Gustave, clerk, 25 Magazine 
Aime Michael, jr. accountant, 12 Caronde- 
let, d. 279 Treme 
Aime Valcour, d. 279 Treme 
Aine Michael, agt. for tax payers, d. 224 

Elysian Fields 
Ainse Manuel Mrs. d. 222 Burgundy 
Ainslee M. book keeper, 45 Camp 
Ainz Manuel Mrs. d. 254 Burgundy 
Airey T. L, accountant. Factor's Row, 36 

Aitken Jane Mrs. d. 419 Gravier 
Aitken P. d. Pleasant n. Constance 
Aitkens Charles L, elk. 236 Tchoupitou- 
las, d. 84 Melpomene 
Aitkens Elizabeth Mrs. d. 82 Dryades 
Aitkens C. A. variety store. Pleasant n. 

AITKENS J. S., Importer and 
Dealer in Hardware and Cut- 




lery for Machinists, Builders 
and Housekeepers, No. 236, 
Tchoupitoulas Street, N. O. 
Fire Grates and Stoves ; 
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Win- 
dow Glass, House and Ship 
Carpenters' Tools ; d. 165 

Ajt John, grocer j Rousseau c. Harmony 
A kelman Adolphe, Ninth n. Constance, d.4 
Alaliama Cotton Press, Tchoupitoulas n. 

Alaliire John, c. h. 9 Front Levee, d. 2 
AlaniaMrs. d. 106 St. Philip 
Alava L. Mrs. d. 139 Orleans 
Alaska Anton, steward, 352 Custom house 
Aihach John, laborer, d. 150 Cypress 
All)rist Dedrick, carpenter, d. 201 Euterpe 
All.ert A. Mrs. d. 12 Eiiffhien 
Allnrt Arthur, tinner, 8 Front Levee, d. 2 
Albert Hans, laborer, d. 7 Spain 
Albert James, f. m. c. cooper, 507 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Albert Joseph, 394 Custom house 
Albarez N. c. p. d. 44 St. Philip 
AliierinoJ.c. h. Gaiennie c. Tchoupitoulas 
Albers D. carpenter, d. Rampart c. St. 

Albers Herman, d. Cypress n. Clara 
Albert Alcide, clerk, c. St. James & Front 

Albert Bernard, book keeper, d. 292 Cal- 
Albert Bernhard, foreman cotton pickery, 

92 Roman, d. 2 
Albert Catherine, d. 67 Laurel 
Aliiert Edw. vk^arehouseman, d. 131 Laurel 
Albert Je.sse, clerk, 157 Gravier, d. 325 

Albert J. tailor, 823 New Levee, d. 4 
Albert J. shoemaker, 254 Burj2;undy 
Albert J. widow, d. 325 Main 
Albert J. B. d. 232 Bayou Road 
Albert J. C. d. 241 Treme 
Albert Julius, clerk, 35 Natchez 
All)ert J. J. superior hatter, 33 Chartrcs 
Albert Louis Mrs. d. 141 Marigny 
Albert N. mattress maker, 315 Carondelet 
Albert Prince, 206 Old Levee 
Albert Wm. tailor, Prosper n. Union 
Albert Wm. importer of Havana cigars, 
and com. mer. 14 Gravier, d. Seventh 
n. New Levee, d. 4. 
Alberti Lorenz, fruits, &c. 424 Rampart, 

d. 3, d. 532 St. Claude 
Alberti Thomas, d. 151 St. Ann 
Alliirti M. d. Carondelet walk n. Treme 
Albertini John, pewter worker, 364 Der- 

bigiiy,d. 3 
Alberto Carlo, 85 Conti 
Alliertson B. pilot d. 60 Urquhart 
Albertson & Mudge, (J. M..mrrtson, T). L. 

.Madge,) machinery depot, 8 Union 
Albertson Wm. L. c. h. 15 Front, d. 1 
Albo John,jr. d. Annette n. Prosper 
Albo Josejih, 111 Chartres 

Albrecht H'yj drayman, d. 131 Levee, d. 3 
Albrecht J. apothecary, 272 Claiborne 
Albrecht Robert, clerk, at Marine Hospi- 
tal, McDonogh 
Albricht A. clerk, 126 Canal 
Albrier P. tinsmith, d 22 Ursuline 
Albrillet J. 121 Washington Av. d.3 
Albro J. W. master carpenter, Jackson R. 

R. di'pot, (1. 379 Terpsichore 
Albus Jacob, cabinet maker, 51 Royal 
Alcantara E. Mrs. d. 353 Robertson, d. 3 
Alciator Anloine, b. h. 60 St. Peter 
Alcock Alexander, editor, 19 Chartres and 

18 Si. Charles, d. 397 Rampart, d. 1 
Alcindor Joseph, f. m. c. vegetable mer. 

196 Esjilanade, d. 2 
Alcina Pablo, carpenter, 233 St. Claude 
Alewel H. shoemaker. Levee c. Cadiz, 

Jefferson City 
Aldige A. jr. clerk, d. 12 Roman n. Canal 
Aldige Jules, (Richard, .lldige &f Co.) 35 

Chartres, d. 154 ('onti 
A\di^ePim\,C Richard, .Aldige Sf Co.) 35 

Chartres, d. 154 Conti 
Aldinger Daniel, finisher, d. Freret n. Clio 
Aldoin J. B. f. m. c. d. 481 Bourbon, d. 3 
Aldrich D. C. western produce, 50 Poy- 

dras, d. 27 Terpsichore 
Alenado, baker, 305 Rampart, d. 1 
Aleix Kdward, apothecary, 57 Royal 
Aleix Jacinto, c. h. Bourbon c. Bienville 
Aleix L. clerk, d. 48 Bourbon 
Aleix Joseph, d. 365 Royal, d. 3 
Aleix P. 0. clerk, Bourbon c. Bienville 
Alex Jean, cigar maker, Laharpe n. Clai- 
Alexander Barthet, butcher, 46 French 

Alexander D. wood inspectofj d. 75 Man- 

Alexander Edward, steamboat pilot, d. 429 

Alexander Fouquet, butcher, 39 French 

Alexander F. Rev., Maghee church 
Alexander G. S. livery stable, New Levee 

n. Toledano, Jeff. City 
Alexander Jacob, 139 Water street 
Alexander Jas. elk. Polymnia n. Dryadea 
Alexander James, d. La. Av. n Magazine, 

Jeffrrson City 
Alexander J. collector, d. 75 St. Anthony 
Alexander J. B. drayman, d. 196 Basin, d.l 
Alexander, J. R. printer, d. 491 Dryades 
Alexander James W. clerk, 122 Gravier, 

d. 154 Euterpe 
Alexand.r !>. C. cabinet maker, 228 Conti 
Alexaiid.r M. Mrs. d. 279 Customhouse 
Alexander Nicholas, fruit, Algiers 
Alexander Peter, f. m. c, d 115 Frenchmen 
Alexander R. J. clerk, 11 Terpsichore 
Alexander Wm. grocer, Rampart c. Cal- 

Alexander Virginia, Mrs. d. 154 Euterpe 
Alexandrie Diogene, d. Marais c. Orleans 
Alexis Anna L. d 235 St. Claude 
Alexis Antoinette, d. Roman n. Laharpe 




Alexis A. apothecary and druggist, 255 

Alexis A. H. Bayou St. John 
Alexis C(-lestine, f. m- c. d. 51 Annette 
Alexis Elizabeth, f. w. c. d. 259 Dauphine 
Alexis J. f. m. c, cooper, d. 380 Dauphine 
Alexis Marie, f. w. c. d. 29 St. Bernard 
Alford Edward, carjj. Fifth n. Lafayette, 

Alfred Arthur F. Mrs. d. Camp n. Sixth 
Alfred Arthur F. d. Camp n. Sixth 
Alfonso Mathias, cigar maker, 134 French- 
Algers Ferry, foot of Common, N. O. and 

foot of Villere, Algiers 
Algoe J. W. 148 Canal 
Alia Carl,d. Mozart c. Dauphine 
Alibert Lucien, carpenter, 185 Toulouse 
Alidor Hyacinthe, 189 Ursuline ' 
Alix J, cigars, 162 Bourbon 
Alix John, (Chinese cook,) 12 Union, d. 3 
Alixon R. ship carpenter, Algiers 
Allain Armand, clerk, 122 Chartres 
Allain V. & Co. (J. V. Mlain,) com. mers. 

18 Conti, d. 240 Rampart 
Allain V. bricklayer, d. 234 St. Philip 
Allan James, 45 Carondelet 
Allard Celina, f. w. c. d. 285 St. Philip 
Allard Fred, carpenter, d. 147 St. Philip 
Allard Latour, d. 175 Burgundy 
Allava L. Mrs. d. 96 Orleans 
Allbecker Fred, laborer, d. 715 Fulton 
Allemagne Francaise, d. 352 Chartres, 

Allemand E. Mrs. d. 240 Conti 
Alleman John, cab. maker, 192 Bienville 
Allemand Cecilia, f. w. c.d. 152 Burgundy 
Allen Albert, d Josephine n. New Levee 
Allen A. C. clerk, New Levee c. Poydras, 

d. St. Andrew n. Camp 
Allen Benj. D. d. Rousseau n. Soraparu 
Allen Charles G. engineer, d. Lafayette 

Avenue n. Sixth, Gretna 
Allen Columbus C. clerk, New Levee c 

Poydras, d. St. Mary c. Laurel 
Allen C. J. d. Clio n. Franklin , 
Allen C. W. (Wright,. men 8f Co.) 120 

Gravier, d. 140 Carondelet 
Allen C. W. clerk. 65 Magazine 
Allen David, ship carpenter, d. Delaronde, 

Allen Edward, clerk, 121 Common, d 161 

St. Charles 
Allen Elizabeth, Mrs. dress maker, 188 

Allen Geo. receiving clerk, d. 112 KerlereC 
Allen Henry, clerk, 36 Old Levee 
Allen James, pilot, d. 389 Basin, d. 1. 
Allen James P., S. B. and R. R. agent, 43 

Natchez, bds. 13 Burgundy 
Allen John, "Seventy Six" c. h. 162 Gra- 
vier, d. 18 Villere 
Allen John, porter, 283 Custom house 
Allen John, laborer, d. 15 Enghein 
Allen John, b. h, 20 Frenchmen 
Allen John, Franklin c. Perdido 
Allen Joseph W. 48 Carondelet 

Allen J. M. (J. H. &f J. J\I. Mien,) com, 
mer. 155 Common 

ALLEN J. W. Dr., Dentist, 196 

Allen Louis D. c. p. d. 117 Polyrania 
Allen Louis, clerk, d. 459 Carondelet, d. 1 
Allen Louis, f. m. c. d. carpenter, 492 

Burgundy, d. 3 
Allen Madison, painter, d. 305 Baronne 
Allen Morris, cooper, d. 296 Ursuline 
Allen M. R. (J\IcLdlan&{Mkn,) Front c. 

Erato, d. 50 Annunciation 
Allen M. Mrs. d. 308 Reyal 
Allen Richard, b. h. 403 "Old Levee, d. 3 
Allen Richard, f. m. c. lab.d. 353 Bienville 
Allen Richard, stevedore, d. Magnolia, c. 

Allen Robert, carpenter, d. 94 Liberty 
Allen R. H. 155 Common 
Allen Robert W. (Peterkin, Mien &c Co.) 

29 Carondelet 
Allen R. J. (McLellan &c Mien,) Front c. 

Erato, d. Annunciation c. Calliope 
Allen Sarah, d. Washington Avenue n. 

Allen Sarah H. Mrs. d. St. Andrew c. 

Allen Stephen, agent for "Niles' Works," 

Cin., 158 Gravier, d. 371 St. Charles 
Allen Stephen, engineer, d. 371 St. Charles 
Allen Thomas, clerk, 14 Marais, d. 1 
Allen T. A. Mrs. d. 282 Baronne 
Allen & Co. (T. H.Mlen,J. J\I. Mli-n, 

Peiry J^ugenl,) com. mers. 155 Com- 
Allen Valery, bricklayer, d. 234 St. Philip 
Allen Wm. bricklayer, d. Girod n. Basin 
Allen Wm. D. ship chandlery, 231 Front, 

d. 227 Annunciation 
Allen Wm. M. bricklayer, d. 217 1^ Girod 

ALLEN & CO., (W. L. Allen, J. 
G. Allen,) Wholesale Grocers 
and Dealers in choice Wines, 
Liquors, Tobacco and Cigars, 
No. 35 Common street, dwell- 
ing St. Mary c. St. Charles. 
Goods at lowest market price, 
and guaranteed in every par- 

Allenet Paul, clerk, 76 Canal, d. 367 

Allenet Tancrede, clerk, 7 Magazine ' 
Allera Jacob, vet. surgeon, d. Ninth n. 

Allera Laurente, f. w. c. d. Dryades n. 

Allerbush D. soap manufacturer. Liberty 

n Josephine 
Allerbush G. soap manufacturer, Liberty 

c. Jackson 
Alley Edw'd F. laborer, d. 433 St. Claude 
AUeyn Charles J. clerk, d.314 Franklin 
AUeyn James T. clerk, 51 St. Charles 




Allgier Henry, carpenter, d. St. Anthony 

II. Cclestnie 
Allgitr Leopold, laborer, d Fourth c. Lu- 

A!li:;ic r ytbastian, laborer, d. Josephine n. 

AUhausin H. tailor, 276 Magazine 
Alllune Ludwig, shoiiuakur, 130 Marigny 
Alihuni Harmon, d. "Washington c. Laurel 
Allibert Hector, clerk, 13 Magazine 
AUingiT A. clothing, iNew Basni c. Julia 
Allis George, laborer, d. 139 Enghien 
Allison, Pattison & Co. (.Indrtw jUlison, 
If. J. Pattison, Nugh ^itlison,) cotton 
faciiu's and com. niers. 79 drondeht 
Allison Benjamin, laborer, d. lo2 Bolivar 
Allison Charles E. carpenter and builder, 
d. Cadiz n. Carondelet, Jellerson City 
Allison Hugh, (^iltison, Faltu,on &c Co.) 

79 Carondelet 
Allison John, boiler maker, 333 Magazine 
Allison John, builder, d. 220 Fulton 
Allison Jonas, carpenter, 192 8l. Joseph, 

d. Calliope n. Carondelet 
Allison J. H. book keeper, 101 Magjizine 
Allison Oliver, iron moulder, d. 2eiti Lib- 
Allispach Adoljihe, book keeper, 46 Char- 

Allis]iach John, barber. New Levee, Jeif. 

AUmand C. H. Mrs. d. 390 Franklin 
Allmaiid Henry H. carpenter, d. 390 

Alio van Francis, d. Bayou Road 
Allow John, steward, d. 407 Dauphine 
Allspach Alexander, blacksmith, d. Ce- 
leste n. Tchoupitoulas 
Allston John, 93 Conti 
Alluard Charles, prof, magnetism, d. 255 

Allyn J. T. clcfk, 126 Canal 
Almade Jose, bread, 305 Rampart, d. 14 

Almand Elizabeth A. d. 390 Franklin 
Almantrie Frank, laborer, d. 268 Elysian 

Almeina Frank, boatman, d. 210 Old 

Levee, d. 2 
Almindinger G(0. M. city contractor, d. 

ltJ6 Melpomene 
Almy F. J, b. h. 23 Main 
Alnold Fred, laborer, d. 92 Clouet 
Al<ii P. oysters, Levee n. Cadiz, Jeff.City 
Alolo Avele, f. w. c. d. 381 Marais, d. 3 
Alombre Eugene B. lab. d. 317 Conti 
Alombre M. B. Mrs. d. 317 Conti 
Alonzo Benit Cajit. d. 191 Carondilet 
Alonzo Diego, clock maker, 143 Marigny 
Alonzo Peter, grocer, Carondelet c. Julia 
Alonzo Robert, d. 51 Villere 
Alonzo Thomas Mrs. d. 41 Louisa 
Alonzo T. M. sash factory and architect, 

520 Dauphine, d. 3 
Alpha Club, 51 St. Charles 
Alpha Masonic Lodge, No. 72 St.Charles 
c. Perdido 

Alphonse Antonio, markelman, d. Bour- 
bon n. Claiborne 
Alphonse Charles, fishmonger, d. 167 Un- 
ion, d. 3 ' 
Alphonse David, elk. d. Bayou Bridge 
Alphonse Etienne, carpenter, d. 400 St. 

Alphonse Louise Pierre, f. w. c. d. 349 

Alphonse Mathew, 38 Union, d. 3 
Alpuenle Amedee, d. 166 Claiborne, d. 2 
Alpuente F. Dr. d. 231 Canal 
Alsendore Joseph, d. 196 Esplanade 
Alsina Joseph, elk. 257 Did Levee, d. 2 
Alsiiia Salvador, barkeeper, 2 Julia 
Alsobruok Henry R. ( ll'm. C. Tompkins 
iS)" Co. ^ Magazine c. Canal, d. Wash. 
Av. 11. Camp 
Alsterbroom Ed. lab. d. 246 Tchoupitoulas 
Alston Jonathan, d. 196 Annunciation 
Alston Samuel, 65 Uravier 
Alt F. P. barber, Chartres n. St. Philip 
Alt Henry, (Conrad SlruderSfCo.) 26 and 

28 Julia 
Alt John, cartman, d. 705 Fulton 
Altenaw Bernard, shoemaker, d. Enghien 

11. Girod 
Altenberger C. Claiborne mkt. d. Palmyra 

n. Roman 
Alter Charles E. wines, &c. 81 Poydras 
Allhans Henry, watchmaker, Magazine c. 

Althans Wm. upholsterer, 362 Bienville 
Altheim Jacob, shoemaker, 130 Marigny 
Althius John, watchmaker, 320 Magazine 
Ailing John, lab. d. 110 Independence 
Altmeyer John, d. Magazine c. St. Mary 
Altmeyer P.coifee stand, d. 11 north Main 
Altmont N. tailor, 84 Carondelet 
Altinuller H. paperhanger. Canal 
Alton Daniel, lab. d. 108 Annunciation 
Ahz Mrs. d. Casacalvo c. Montegut 
Alva Joseph, slater, d. 203 Main 
Alva M. f. w. c. d. 204 St. Philip 
Alvado Alice, d. Congress c. Goodchildren 
Alvarez Antonio, d. 335 Burgundy, d. 3 
Alvarez Frank, c. p. d. 326 Conti 
Alvarez, Fernandez & Co. (M. R. .fllrarez, 
J. A. Fernandez,.!. Fernandez,) com. 
niers.and importers of Havana cigars, 
52 Old Levee, d. 2 
Alvarez P. fruits, Rampart c. Julia 
Alvery Baptiste, d. 253 Frenchmen 
Alverti Lorenz, d. 420 Rampart, d. 3 
Alvord C. Mrs. d. 30 Laharpe 
Alwall Thomas, d. 380 Lafayette 
Alway John, tinsmith, 518 Royal, d. 3 
Alzarl, prof. Sjninish, d. 215 Kerlerec 
Aman Baptiste, d. St. Mary n. Maga- 
Aman Jacob, lab. d. 100 Franklin 
Aman Perez, butcher, d. Marigny n. 

Amann Mr. baker. Short n. First, Carroll- 
Amann Nicholas, bakery, 383 Erato 
Amar Vincent, dry gds. Camp c. Julia 





Aniarr Peter, cari'nter, d. Second n. La- 
fayette, Gretna 
A mar Vicas, c. p. d. 192 Chippewa 
Ainat John, c. h. Dauphine c. Elysian 

Amat Jose, c. h. Elysian Fields c. Levee 
Amat Joseph, butch, d. Seventh n. Laurel 
Anibrester Anthony, salesman, 84 Canal 
Ambroise Pierre, d. 161 Buronne 
Amburger C. W. com. mer. Carondelet, 

d. 390 Josephine 
Ambuster John E. tailor. New Levee n. 

Amedee L. d. 209 Bayou Road 
Amelia Ann, d. 198 Toulouse 
Amend J. shoemaker. Felicity c. Rampart 
Amerdt Philip, lithoe;rapher, 65 Union 
Amerdo Francisco Mrs. d. Bartholomew, 

American Bank Note Company, 12 Royal 
American Hook and Ladder Company, 
2 Girod, b. St. Charles and Caron- 
American Telegraph Company, St.Charles 

c. Gravier, E. W. Barnes, manager 
American Life Insurance Company, office 
76 Camp 

TY, Rev. S. WarreB, Sup't., 
Wm. Duncan, Depository 
Agent, 126 Camp. 

Amerland D. c. h. Louisa c. Levee 
Ames Ann Mrs. d. 444 Burgundy, d. 3 
Ames Edward Dr. 95 Exchange Place," d. 

362 Camp 
Ames Evrard C. carpenter, d. Powder, n. 

Peter, Algiers 
Ames Frederick, clerk, 74 Canal 
Ames Henry E. dry goods, Jackson 
Ames Henry, barkeeper. Market c. Tchou- 

Ames H. 0. acct. 109 Poydras, d. 315 

Ames John J. d. 383 Baronne 
Amessaga F. c. h. Baronne c. Perdido 
Ametan Auguste, f. m. c. d. 100 Roman 
Ammond John, cook, 32 IVIazant 
Amnion Otto, apothecary, 513 Royal, d. 3 
Amnor Baptiste, barkeeper, d. 133 Felicity 
Amodeo Nich. oysters, 79 Rampart, d. 1 
Amsden E. Mrs. d. 210 Erato 
Amsden John Capt. d. 210 Erato 
Anawander Thaddeus Rev. (of St. Mary's 

Church,) Constance n. josphine 
Ancard Carmelite, f w. c. d. 236 Orleans 
Ancelle P. E. clerk, 130 Canal 
Anchela Geo. drayman, d. 132 St. Philip 
Ancora John, painter, d. St. Ann n. Broad 
Ancy Vincent Mrs. d. 97 Dauphine 
Anderson Andrew, d. Perdido n. Bertrand 
Anderson Andrew, laborer, d. 159 St. An- 
Anderson Andrew N. clerk, 54 Magazine 
Anderson Andrew, laborer, d. 434 Old Le- 
vee, d. 3. 

Anderson Andrew, laborer, d. 868 Bur- 
Anderson Charles, cooper, 113 Spain 

(Samuel Anderson, Samuel T. 
Blessing,) Daguerrean and 
Photographic Saloon, No. 61 
Camp-st. corner Commercial 
Place. The largest and best 
arranged saloon in the city, 
with large sky-light ; are pre- 
pared to execute every style 
of Miniatures and Portraits in 
tne latest styles and perlec- 
tion of the art. 

Anderson Catherine Mrs. d. 252 Rosseau 
Anderson Charles Capt. d. Cypress n. 

Anderson Chas. screwman, d. 49 Marigny 
Anderson C. Mrs. d. 163 Moreau 
Anderson C. G. (Francis, Wood &c Co.) 

28 Carondelet 
Anderson Elizabe^th,b. h. Peter-st. Algiers 
Anderson Fred, laborer, d. 788 Rampart, 

d. 3. 
Anderson Fred. screwmau,d. 854 Ranf- 

part, d. 3. 
Anderson F. S. 64 Carondelet 

Anderson, B. S. Harper,) Fac- 
tors and Comnlission Mer- 
chants, 29 Natchez. 

Anderson Henry, laborer, d. Miro n. 

Anderson Horace, clockm^ker, 177 St. 

Anderson IL O. d. Camp c. Second 
Anderson Hyacinth, lab. d.239 Chippewa 
Anderson James, laborer, d. 135 Engiiien 
Anderson James, lab. d. 288 St. Thomas 
Anderson James, clerk, 34 Magazine 
Anderson James A. d. 100 Piety 
.Anderson James B. atty. at law, Soule's 

Com. Coll. 26 St. Charles, d. Baronne 

c. Erato 
Anderson Jas. J. acct. 15 New Levee, d.l 
Anderson James T. (Hasam 8f Anderson,) 

Anderson John, clerk, 155 Common 
Anderson John, d. Constance c. Richard 
Anderson John, lab. d. 377 Franklin 
Anderson John, lab. d. 687 St. Claude, d.3 
Anderson John, screwman, d. 788 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Anderson John, screwman, d. 52 Robin 
Anderson John, book keep. 441 Magazine 
Anderson John H. screwman, d. 497 Old 

Levee, d. 3 
Anderson Julia, f. w. c. d. 102 Liberty 
Anderson Lena, c. h. 100 Conti 
Anderson M. W. Mrs. grocery, 39 Port 
Anderson Nelles, d. Fourth n. Magazine 




Anderson Peter, (0. B. Graham .V Co.) 96 


Anderson Peter, mate, d. 454 ClKirtres,d.3 

Anderson J. M. engineer, d. 117 Polymnia 

Anderson Robert, shipwright, Pontchiir- 

irain Raih-oad c. Rampart, d. 117 Ely- 

sian Fields 
Anderson Robert, carpenter, d. 200 Mag- 
Anderson Thomas, aect. Sun Mutual Ins. 

Office, d. 454 liaronne 
Anderson Win. tl. elk. d. 484 (^arondelet 
Anderson Wm. bricklayer, d. 337 Baroiinc 
Anderson Win. clerk, d. Ursuline c. Ram- 
Anderson Wm. C. clerk, d. 484 Caiondelel 
Anderson Wm. H. elk. Gravier c. Tclioii- 

jiitoulas, d. Lafayette n. Caroiidelet 
Anderson Wm. J. lab. d. 602 Rampari,d.3 
Anderson Wm. C. engin'r, d. 331 Calliojie 
Anderson C. G. cot bro. 40 Caroiidelet 
Andi's Adam, shoes, 70 Elysian Fields 
Andill Grafton, pilot, d 30 Daui)hine 
Aiidler Ciuirles, jiainter, 160 !Sl. Anthony 
Aiidonega A. 81 Frenelinieii 
Andre Mrs. d. 196 Mam 
AndreeC. clerk, 56 Royal 
Andiee George, (Lion &,• ^Indree,) d. 205 

Andree Geo. jr. clerk, 149 Chartres, d. 205 

Andres M. C. dressmaker, 136 Bienville 
Andress F. M. dep. wharfinger 4th dist. 

New Levee n First 
Andrew Antonis, scr'm.ui, d. 431 Chartres 
Andrews Albion K. d. Josephine ii. Fulton 
Andrews (.ieorge, laborer, d. 66 St. Mary 
Andrews G. Capt. 49 Elmua 
Andrews G. W. Customhouse Bldg. d. 

First n. Fulton 
Andrews James, ambrotype.«, 8 St. Charles 
Andrews John W. 122 Gravier, d. 67 Dau- 

Andrews Joseph, Union Refinery, 56 Notre 

Dame, d. Euterpe n. Coliseum 
Andrews Jos. A. clerk, 35 Union, d. 1 

Andrews siamuel, painter, d. Second n. 

Andrews Solomon, com. mer. and cot. fac- 
tor, Carondelet c. Common, d. l71 St. 

Andrews S. E. Mrs.d. 17 Bourbon 
Andrews Valentine, tailor, 427 St. Charles 
Andrews William D. clerk, V2'* Common 
Andrews William, clerk, d. 488 Magazine 
Andrews W. W. oysters, 8 Poydras 
Andrews Z. laborer, d.314 Howard 
Andrey Antoine, scr'man, d. 137 Marigny 
Andrien Julius, clerk, St. Louis c. Old 

Andrius Henry, slaves, 195 Gravier 
Andronick Thomas, fruit, 14 Madison 
Andrey Eugene, f. m. c. bricklayer, d. 113 

Andry Francois, clerk, d. 332 Prieur, 

d. 3 

ANGELL R. DR. Homeopathist , 
219 Camp c. St. Josepii. 

Angell S. M. homeopathic pharmacy, d. 

219 Camp c. St. Joseph 
Angelio Frank, fruit dealer, 43] Dryades 
Angelioz J. J. perfumery, 197 Royal 
Angerman George, d. White c. Annuncia- 
Angerman John, barber, 149 Baronne 
Aiigibousi H. V. salesman, 26 Magazine 
Anglada Joseph, grocery, 624 St. Claude, 

Anglada Thos. fishmonger, d. 68 French- 
Anglade Emile, painter, d. 304 Hospital 
Anglade Mrs. d. 80 Barracks 
Anglade Joseph, f. m. c. d. 711 Rampart, 

Anglado Joseph, tailor, 64 Conti 
Anglaire Joseph, dentist, 201 Royal 
Angle S. barkeeper, 10 Front 

Andry Hortaire, inspector customs, d. 169 

Andry H. Mrs. d. 223 Royal 
Aiitlry Louise, f. w c. d.335 Main 
Andry M. T. planter, 191 Uauphine 
Andry Octave, d. 169 St. Philip 
Andry Ovide, d. 703 Burgundy, d. 3 
Andry Sosthene, d. 333 Claiborne 
Andry Victor, d. .'143 Robertson 
Andry William, d. 227 St. Claude, d. 2 
Andry Williaoi Mrs. principal Bayou 

Bridge School 
Andsboro John, laborer, d. rear 442 St. 

Anepohl Kred'k, d. Force c. Havana 

ANFOUX DR. O. Infirmary, 
Jiilysiau Fields-st., between 
Soiidelle & Josepnine. Dis- 
eases treated : Small Pox, 
Scarlet i'ever, &c. Office, i 
70 Baronne street. i 

(,Tneo. Anloux, C. W. Robin- 
son,) New Oilcans and boutn- 
ern Dental Depot, la Baron- 
ne-st., near canal. Constant- 
ly on nana tne nnest and most 
complete assortment ol' teetu, 
gola I'oil, instruments, etc., 
ever oliered Soutn, at tne low-^ 
est possible prices. 

Angamar E. H. d. 103 St. Louis 
Angel Josepli Mrs. d. 33 Hospital 
Angel William, d. Melpomene n. Locust 
Aiigelaiiie A. d. 214 Burgundy 
Angelee P. vegetables, 30 Treme mkt 
Angelette Antoine, carjieiiter, 86 Laharpe 
Angelina M. dancing, 16U Caroiidelet 
Angell A. A. d. 291 Rampart, d. 1 
Angell Agnes Mrs. d. 36 Melpomene 




Angomar E. H. d. Carondelet c. Terpsi- 
Anhotscur Philip, tailor, 53 New Levee 
Ankrim Rachel Mrs. d. 87 Aiuiunciation 
Anlunacher John, cooper, d. Josephine n. 

Anlsesiieyn Fred. Mrs. d. 824 St. Claude 

d. 3 
Annan A. P. 12 Elysian Fields 
Annunciation (Catholic) Church, Mande- 

ville c. Morales 
Annunciation (Episcopal) Church, Annun- 
ciation square 
Annel Baptiste, d. 420 Bourbon d. 3 
Annener J.J. cooper, d. Josephine n. Ful- 
Ansbar Michael, lab. d. Clara n. Clio 
Ansbar Patrick, lab. d. Clara n. Clio 
Anselmi Angelo, clerk, 2 Front Levee, d. 2 
Anselmo J. B. Capt. d. 420 Bourbon 
Ansemaa Nicholas, gardener, d. St. Peter 

n. Metairie Ridge 
Anscr Ernest, blacksmith, d. Freret n. 

Ansey Pat. lab. d. Roman n. Gasquet 
Ansolani Fred, dairy, Lafayette c. Seventh 
Anson Edward Dr. d. 239 Thalia 
Anson N. pilot, d. 71 Montegut 
Ansted Jacob, lab. d. Fourth n. Chippewa 
Anstople Fritz, syrup maker. Prosper c. 

St. Anthony 
Antcl Grafton, pilot, d. 36 Dauphine 
Anihoino Joseph, bricklayer, d. 90 St. An- 
Antoine Joseph, hardware. Victory c. 

Anthony B. c. h. Treme c. Toulouse 
Anthony John, grocery, 206 Frenchmen 
Anthony Louise, f. w. c. d. 303 Roman, 

d. 3 
Anthony Michael, French mkt. d. 107 

Anthony Philip, carver, d. 217 Josephine 
Anthony Thomas, d. 625 Rampart, d. 3 
Antien H. carpenter, d. 293 Old Levee,d.2 

ARD, Billiard Table Manu- 
facturers, No. 15 Conti street, 
sole agents for L. Decker's 
matchless Improved Mechan- 
ical Cushions, (patented No- 
vember 9, 1858.) Have con- 
stantly on hand a splendid 
selection of Satin, Oak, Ma- 
hogany and Rosewood Bil- 
liard Tables, with Slate, Mar- 
ble or Wood Beds, furnished 
with the Mechanical Patented 
Cushions. Also French Bil- 
liard Table Goods, such as 
Cloths, Balls, Cues, Cue- 
Leather, Cue-Cutters, Poole- 
Baskets and Balls, Ten-Pin 
Balls and Pins, Keno-Boxes 
and Cards, Bagatelles and 
Pigeon Holes, &c., &c. 

Antoine Cesar, barber, 52 Perdido 
Antoine Girard, butcher, 18 French mkt 
Antoine Louis, shoemaker, 54 Main 
Antoine Pierre, d. 126 Johnson 
Antoiniazzi John, optician, 373 St. Claude, 

d. 3 ' 
Anton Dolore, d. 121 St. Peter 
Anton Michel, lab. d. 110 Elysian Fields 
Antonini C. cigars, 173 Royal, d. 200 

Antonio B. oysters, 370 Old Levee, d. 3 
Antonio Hopkins, 109 Villere, d. 2 
Antonio Michel, lab. d. 51 Elysian Fields 
Antz A. Mrs. cigars, 176 Tchoupitoulas 
Antz Henry, 65 Danphme 
Anye Joseph Mrs. e. h. 76 Front Levee, 

Apffel Fred, painter, 253 Chartres 
Apftel John, painter, 253 Chartres 
Apffel Alexander, locksmith, 238 Royal 
Apffel Louis, hair dresser, 324 Tchoupi- 
Apken Wm. milkman, Toledano c. Chest- 
nut, Jeff. City 
Aple John, 383 Fulton, d. 4 
Apoleon John, lab. 406 St. Ann 
Alphonsoy Wm. (Chinese,) steward, 23 

Union, d. 3 
Appel Michael, lab. Elmira n. Burgundy 
Appleby Jas. L. Josephine n. New Levee 
Appleby Robt. lab. Thalia n. New Levee 
Applegate A. express wagon, 309 Mel- 
Applegate B. Mrs. dress maker, 86 An- 
Applegate Mark, plumber, 109 Poydras 
Applegate Wm. Mrs. 165 Erato 
Applegate Saml. carpenter, 442 Rampart 

d. 1 
Appier Cornelius, shoes, 248 Conti 
Appleton Thomas, com. mer. 35 Caron- 
Applewhite Brothers & Co. (J. Jipple- 
white, J. H. Jlppleiohite, H. T. Jip- 
plewhite,) com. mers. 81 Caronde- 
let, d. Urania n. Prytania 
Appollonia J. Mrs. c. h. Julia c. Liberty 
April A. grocer, 49 Rousseau 
April Caleb, d. Fourth n. St. Thomas 
April Conrad, lab. d. Seventh n. Fulton 
AprilJacob, furniture, 845 Magazine, d. 4 
Aquarone Augustin Rev. 282 Common 
Aquin A. D. 16 Rampart, d. 2 
Aquistapace J. C. fruit, 65 Levee, d. 3 
Arald Mike, lab. d. 563 Annunciation 
Aram Fred. elk. 35 Carondelet 
Arata Eugene, d. 229 Treme, d. 2 
Arand John, lab. d. 191 Mandeville 
Arantes Joseph T. d. 381 Dauphine, 

Arbinet Annette, d. 97 Dauphine 
Arbo John, b. h. Valence n. New Levee 
Arbogaste Auguste, collector, d. 100 Ur- 

Arbuckle James, elk. 23 Magazine 
Arcenaux Ed. dep. recorder, Pitt c. Bor- 
deaux, Jeff. City 


Arcenaux Eutliymoiip, ('Fer^nifii Sf .Urce- 

naux,) U5 and (w St. Louis 
Arcenaux Rlaitial, elk. 31 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. Cnnti Hotel 
Arceiiil Mary, t'. w. c. d. 293 Ursuline 
Archbold L.M. Mrs. d. Port n. Rampart 
Archer James G. builder, d. 417 Easin, 

d. 1 
Archer Thos. A. (Marshall J. Smith Sf 

Co.) 95 Camp 
Archer Thos. L. jiainter, d. Josephine n. 


Archinard A. d. 32 Colunihus 
Archinard E. R. acci'i. 12G Canal 
Archinard H. acct't. 41 Natchez, d. 274 

Archinard John, acct't. 11 Toulouse, d. 

274 Burjrundy 
Archinard Jules, d. 274 Bursjundy 
Archmone John, oysters, 294 Common 
Ardi.sson Paul, rij^ger, 10 Marigny 
Ardrey John E. caiiinet maker, 99 St. 

Charles, d. 292Gravier 
Ardrey L. F. Mrs. d. 121 Enghien, d. 3 
Argeanton A, Mrs. d. 330 Roman, d. 3 
Argowru Widow, d. 346 Customhouse 
A rgulles Juan, oysters, Villere, Algiers 
Argut Joseph, d. 275 Claiborne 
Arington R. E. com. mer. 159 Gravier 
Arisa Grt'goire Mrs. d, 244 I'rsuline 
Arman John, lab. d. 47 Felicity 
Arman Michael, d. 47 Felicity 
Arlinghaus HiMiry, drayman, d. Dryades 

11. Jackson 
Arm Jacob, lab. d. St. James n. St. 

Arman C. f. m. c. grocer, 221 Marais, 

d. 1 
Armand A. grocer, Villere c. Toulouse 
Armand B. Mrs, d. Carondelet Walk n. 

Armand Charles, carp. d. 154 Barracks 
Armand Cyprieii, grocery, 194 St. Phillip 
Armand F.ugene, d, 50 Robertson, d. 3 
Armand Felix Mrs. d. 97 Barracks 
Armand F, (H. De Mahy &f Co.) 37 

Armand Isidore, carp, d. 305 Roman, d. 3 
Armand Joseph, d. Josephine n. Annette 
Armand Joseph Mrs. d. 207 St. Anthony 
Armand Louis, elk. Orleans n. Johnson 
Armand Stephen, f. m. a. d. 295 Marais 
Armant Etienne, f. m. c d. 257 Marais, 

d. 2 
Arraand Barthelenry, bricklayer, d. 378 

Robertson, d. 3 
Armant J. S. d. 282 St, Claude 
Armant L, Z. atty. at law, 18 Ex. Place 
Armani Victor, d. 242 Ursuline 
Armalige Thos. elk. 20 Terpischore 
Armbruster A. E. shoe mkr. 172 New 

Armliruster. B. Mrs. d, Jersey n. Napo- 
leon, JefT. City 
Armbruster C. c. h. 406 <I3alliope 
Armbruster John J. tailor, 951 n. Levee, 

d. 4 I 

37 ARM 

Armbruster J. grocer, 131 Elys. Fields 
Armento Manuel D. d. 514 \illere, d. 3 
Armfield E. Mrs. d. Euterpe n. Dryades 
i^rmfield Robert, 53 St. Charles 
Armfield Roiiert, commissary, Ninth- 
Street Market, d. 374 Lafayette 
Armfield R. auction room, Mandeville n. 

ARMISTEAD R. C, Successor 
to Mallard & Co., at the old 
stand, No. 63 Gravier street, 
corner of Bank Place, be- 
tween Magazine and Camp 
streets, N. O. Plantation and 
Staple Goods, Fashionable 
Clothing, Plantation do., 
Blankets, Kerseys, and Lin- 
seys, etc., at Auction Prices, 
d. 163 St. Joseph. 

Armistead E. A. Mrs. b. h. 120 Poydras 
Armingaud Louis Mrs. d. 170 Marais, d. 2 
Armitage J. P, book keeper, d. Jackson 

c. Chestnut 
Armitage T. J. 67 Carondelet 
Armon Jacob, lab. d. 133 Perdido 
Armor Charles, engineer, 55 Prytania 
Armor Joseph, d. 22 Morales 
Arms Henry, lab. d. Desire c. Burgundy 
Armshaw James, screwman, d. 79 Jose- 
Armshaw James, lab. d. St. James n. Fe- 
Armstrong Charlotte, d. 46 Constance 
Armstrong C. J. dressmaker, 174 Ram- 
Armstrong Francis, engineer patent solici- 
tor, 382 Baronne 
Armstrong Frederick O. elk. 119 Common 
Armstrong Henry, lab. d. 81 St. Thomas 
Armstrong Henry S. elk. 61 Carondelet 
Armstrong Isaac T. trader, Cadiz c. Jer- 
sey, Jeff. City 
Armstrong John, foundry, Erato c. New 

Levee, d. 459 Carondelet, d. 1 
Armstrong John J. 99 0. Levee, d. 253 St. 

Armstrong Jane Mrs. 123 Orleans 
Armstrong J. Mrs. 251 St. Peter 
Armstrong Johnson L. ( Cnrson Sf Jlnn- 
strotig,) 59 Camn, d. 6,')9 Su Charles 
Armstrong Louise Mrs. dress mkr. 364 

Armstrong Maxwell, Constance c. Rich- 
Armstrong Sarah, Mr.s. 371 Basin, d. 1 
Armstrong S. Mrs. dre.ssmkr. 149 Thalia 
Armstrong Simon, 159 Dryades 
Armstrong Thomas, engineer, 503 O. 

Levee, d. 3 
Armstrong Wm. hardware, 99 0. Levee, 

d. 146 Si. Ann 
Armstrong Wni. Jr. periodicals, 239 

ARM 38 


Armstrong: Wm. architect and builder. 

BaruiHK', d.2»8 Calliope 
Arnaud A. 6 Carondclet 
Arnaiid Charl.-s, carp. 272 Bilrg:iindy 
Arnaud C. M. school, 285 Bayou Road 
Arnaud Mrs. 4(i9 Claiborne, d. 3 
Arrmud Felix. 469 Claiborne, d. 3 
Arnaud H.nry, shoemaker, 186 Barracks 
Arnaud .lol.n, <oopir, 110 Villere, d. 2 
Arnaud Phili]), Capt. 141 O. Levee, d. 2 
Arnd .Tohii, gardener, Mandeville n. Ur- 

Arndt Charles, shoemaker, 691 N. Levee 
Arnemann Albert, dry goods, 482 Royal, 

d. 3 
Arnet F. Capt. 27 Cougress , 
Arnholdi .lacob, Annette c. Prosper 
Anio John, shoemaker, d. 780Dauphine, 

d'. 3 
Arnold & Drummond, (^Ivgnstus Arnold, 

R. S. Drummond,) ship chandlers 

and grocery, 132 0. Levee, d. 3 
j Arnold A. S. laborer, 250 Marigny 
Arnold E. marine painter, d. 68 Bienville 
Arnold Ldw. artist painter. Royal c. Bien- 
ville, d. 74 Maude ville 
Arnold Fred, laborer, d. 123 Clouet 
Arnold F. d. Columbus, b. Roman and 

Arnold F. M. tailor, 170 Rampart, d. 2 
Arnold Geo. laborer, d. 144 I'erpsichore 
Arnold Geo. shoemaker, d 453 Churtres, 

d. 3 
Arnold James, carpenter, d. Felicity c 

Arnold John, laborer, d. Jackson n. Basin 
Arnold Joseph F. d. Columbus n. Prieur 
Arnold J. G. d. Camp c. Common 
Arnold Nelson, carpenter, d. 274 Con- 

Arnold Pierre, d. 58 Rampart, d. 2 
Arnold Philip, laborer, 261 Marigny 
Arnold Salimanca, d. 231 Main 
Arnold Stephen, Love c. Louisa 
Arnold T. d. Toulouse n. Bourbon 
Arnold Wm. A. sup't rope factory, c. N. 

Levee and Harmony, d. First n. 

Arnoldt Antoine. d. Marigny n. Prosper 
Arnoldt Jacob, d 471 Villere, d. 3 
Arnoud Felix, d. Claiborne, c. Annette 
Arnoud Angela, 259 Bienville 
Arnouil Geo. 60 Rtimpart, d. 2 
Arnouil lieo. clerk, c. St. Ann and Marais 
Arnouil Peter, Mrs. d 6u Rampart, d. 2 
Arnould Jacob, drayman, d. 13 Peace 
Arnot Hester, d. 126 ( onti 
Arnot Anderson, ( Wilber, Jlrnot 8f Co.) 

St. (Jhavles, under St. Charles Hotel 
Arnot Malazia, f. w. c. d. 227 Marais, d. 2 
Ariioult F. J. d. Dorgenois n. St. Philip 
Arnoult J.J. hospital commissioner, 58 

Arnousse Harriet, 8 Peace 
Arnoux Martin, clerk, 105 Old Levee 
Arnoux Josep'hinc, d. 43 Marais, d. 3 
Arnoux Oliver, d. 14 Peace 

Arnse Ed. cooper, d. St. Mary rr: Chip- 
Arnse Theo. d. Bienville n. Prieur 
Arnstadt E. grocer, 82 Elmira 
Arntz Louis, machinist N. O. J. & G. N. 

Aronett Geo. d. Magazine n. St. Mary 
Aronstein Max, dry goods, 435 Dryades 
Aromi John, trader, 28 Hospital 
Arrata Giobati, d. 378 Chartres, d. 3 
Arrigeda Salvador, lab. d. 218 Dauphin 
Arrolo Adele, d. 381 Marais, d. 3 
Arrouy Jean B. L. clerk, d. Main n. 

Arrosmith John, book keeper, d. 75 Ca- 

rondelet, d. 270 Burgundy 
Arroyo Charles, d.271 Dauphine 
Arroyo Felix, d. 273 Daupliine 
Arroyo Francis, c. h. Orleans c. Bourbon 
Arselie Catharine, f. w. c. d. 304 St. 

Arsepal of the State of Louisiana, St. 
Peter, b. Royal and Chartres 

Arsenean , clerk, 148 Canal 

Arsense Margaret, f. w. c. d. 104 St. 

Arteigeit Joseph, woodyard, 41 Union, 

d. 3 

Arthur & Co. (IsauQC W. Jlrthur, Isaac 

W. Human, ) wholesale grocers, Canal 

and N. Levee 

Arthur John, .shoimaker, Philip n Annan 

Arthur 'i lios. machinist, Jackson R. R. 

Artidore Louis, cotton sampler, 519 Vil- 
lere, d. 3 
Artigue Mrs. dressmaker, 73 St. Peter 
Artigue Wm. cooper, 73 St. Peter 
Artigues J. J. grocer, 193 E.splanade, d. 3 
Artigues J. M. ca,rp. 244 Villere, d. 2 
Artigues Louis, grocer, 358 Ursuline 
Artili Antoine Mrs. d. Derbigny n. Co- 
Arto B. grocer, Marigny c. Chartres 
Arto Jacob, laborer, d. Port n. Morales 
Ary VVm. laborer, d. 62 Rousseau 
Arzner J. shoemaker, 146 Orleans 
Asbury Isidore, clerk, 45 Chartres 
Asbury Malt, clerk, d. 24 Palmyra 
Asbury Thos accountant, d. 24 Palmyra 
Asbury Thos. Jr. clerk, 16 Chartres 
Asbury Vincent, clerk, 0. Levee, c. Bien- 
ville, d. 24 Palmyra 
Ascunsun Jos. shoemaker, 141 Union, d.3 
A.sguenado D. Capt. d. 135 Carondelet 

Ashburn Thos. laborer, d. 61 Mandeville 
A.'^eoiia Manuel, carp. d. 101 St. Philip 
Ashaw Siejilien A. wheelwright, Cypress 

n. Willow 
Ashbey J. H. ( Brewster, Blackeney Sf Co.) 

ship chandlers, 153 O. Levee, d. 2 
Ashbridge A. M. clerk, 43 Magazine 
Ashbridge & Nephew, (J. H. ^ishbridge, 
Wm. Ji. James, IJ'm. T. Bramhall,) 
commission merchants, 120 Common 
Ashburn Michael C. d. 404 St. Charles 




Ashbury Israel, Capt. 420 Gravier 
Aslier Fanny, clotliing, 1033 N. Levee n. 

Pleasant, d. 4 
Ashcr Henry, clothing, 875 N. Levee, 

(1. 4 
Aslier Jacob Mrs. dry goods, N, Levee, 

n^ Pleasant, d. 4 
Askew Thomas, collector State taxes first 

district, City Hall, d. 'A20 Carondelct 
Asmead Felix, f. w c. d. 245 Derliigny 
Aspazi Josephine, d. 281 Marais, d. 2 
Aspill Michael, real estate broker, d. 404 

St. Charles 
Aspill Michael, d. 18 St. Joseph 
Asjiill James, blacksmith, Rampart c. 

Aspill M. c. h. Front c. St. Joseph 
Assel Ciisjiar, carjienter, d. 28.'} Howard 
Assel Johannes, blacksmith, .S!)3 Libc^rty 
Asche Crist, sugar maker, ()21 Dauphin, 

Assenheinicr Charles, painter, d. Josc- 

)iliine c. Chi|ipewa 
Asskew U. B. boatman, d. Lyon, n Lau- 
rel, Jefferson City 
Assum])tion (Catliolic) Church, Josephine 
Assmad Joachim, d. 'M(y Burgundy, d. 3 
Ast Nicholas, d. 75G Dauphine, d. 3 
Astaban G. P. gardener, d. Louisiana ave- 
nue, n. Chestnut, Jefferson City 
Astrata Jean, d. 442 Rampart, d. 3 
Asiredo Anthony, oysters and fruit, 12 

Royal, d. 258 Main 
Asylum Carlt. Female Orphan, Second c. 

Cambrone, Carrollton 
Asylum Children's Home and School, 

345 Chartres, d. 3 
Asylum French Henevolent Society of N. 

0'. 267 Bayou Koad 
Asylum Male Orphan (Catholic,) Mazant, 

b. Royal and Chartres 

Asylum Male Orphan, Jackso^ c. Fulton 

Asylum St. Joseph, for infirnn old men, 
Laharpe c. .fohnson 

Asylum Notre Dame, for widows, found- 
ed in 1851, Laharpe n. .lohnson 

Asylum N. O. Female Orphans, Camp c. 
Pry tan ia 

Asylum for Veterans of 1815, 199 Ma- 
rais, d. 2 

Asylum, Association for the relief of Jew- 
ish Widows and Orphans, Jackson 

c. Chippewa 

Asylum — Children of the Holy Family, 

religious instruction for the poor, 621 

Dauphine, d. 2 

Asylum St. Anna's, Prylanin c. Felicity 

Atkins Thomas, f. m. c. mattress maker, 

maker, 209 f^ienville 
Atkinson D. D. Mrs. d. Josephine, n. 

Atkinson George, d. Melpomene n. Camp 
Atkinson Joanna Mrs. grocery, 337 Ram- 
part , d . 1 
Atrelle Eugene, d. Bayou road c. Planchee 
Attane Baptist^', shoemaker, 191 Orleans 
Attanc Louis, d. 191 Orleans 

Atwood Henry P. 155 Gravier, d. 206 

Atwood Henry, clerk, Patterson, Algiers 
Atwood Wm. P. (Thomhill Sf Co.) 163 

Aube J. Mrs. midwife, d. 115 St. Ann 
Auback Nicholas L. soap maker, Jackson, 

c. Howard 
Aube Celestine Mrs. furnished rooms, 85 

Auberdiac P. d. 1.33 Carondelct walk 
Aubert Adolphe, clerk, sheriff's office, d. 

177 Bayou road 
Aubert Aristide, d. 426 St. Claude, d. 3 
Aubert B E. Mrs. d. 184 Esplanade 
Aubert Celestine Mrs. midwife, d. 101 

Union, d. 3 
Aubert Eugene L. hat store, St. Charles, 

c. Common, d. 54 Gasquet 
Aubert Henry, d. 117 Bayou road 
Aubert Frangois, shoemaker, 128 Char- 

Aubert L. A. d. Roman c. Kerlerec 
Aubert J. L. ( Latnrc, Levasseur Sf Co.) 

8 & 10 Chartres 
Aubertin A. E. mail clerk, 10 Ex. Place, 

d. 194 Treme 

Aul)ertin Lawrence, clerk, 88 Spain 
Aubian Louis, butcher, 16 St. Mary's 

Aubrey Egle Mrs. d. 269 Main 
Aubrey Louis Mrs. d. 147 Kerlerec 
Aubry Joseph F. d. 65 Mandeville 
Auch Kasper, capitalist, d. Washington 

c. Chippewa 
Aucoin Jules C. grocer, 103 Palmyra 
Aucoin A. F. clerk, 53 Customhouse 

AUCOIN R. B. Wholesale Deal- 
ei' in Boots, Shoes and Hats, 
51 and 53 (late 12 and 14) 
Customhouse, d. 49 Ram- 
part, d. 2 

Audere George, drayman, d. Louisa n. 

Auderer Carl, bricklayer, d. 128 Louisa 
Auderer Geo. cartman, d. 13 Clouet 
Audibert Emile, accountant, Chartres c. 

Custom house 
Audler S. B. clerk, Chartres c. St. Louis 
Audler Ed. d. Laharpe n. Broad 
Audler Sol. d. Laharpe n. Broad 
Audobert A. Mrs. d. 101 Main 
Audoin Andre Mrs. d. 106 St. Philip 
Audonin Henry, old iroii, 181 St. Peter, 

d. 2 
Audouin Henry, d. 22 Robertson, d. 3 
Auer (Geo. Sc 'Co.) bottling beer. Third 

n. Lavoisier, Gretna 
Auer John, bricklayer, d. Josephine n. 

Alter X. gunsmith, 119 Tchou]iitoula 
Ange Jean, hair dresser, 63 Chartres 
Anger A. painter, 42 St. Philip 
Auger Charles, d. 120 St. Ann 


AUG 40 


Auglin John, shoemaker, 296Tchoupitou- 
las - . 

Augus Bernard, d. Constance n. St. An- 

August Casper, d. Fourth n. Annuncia- 

August F. d. 225 Dauphine 

August Louis, butcher, 27 French market 

Auguste Cuney, baker, d. Melpomene n. 

Auguste F. Mrs. d. 166 Main 

Auguste Myrtil, tailor, 219 Marais, d. 2 

Auguste L. cigars, 180 Bayou Road 

Auguste Maelan, midwife, d. 215 Main 

Auguste JVlicliel, furnished rooms, 154 St. 

Auguste Pierre, inspector, d, St. Andrew 
n. Dryades 

Auguste Pierre, f. m. c. d. 200 Josephine 

Auguste Reynal, d. 388 Main 

Auguste Theo. butcher, 46 Foydras mar- 

Auguste Gustave, mason, d. 102 St. Philip 

Augustin A. d. 128 Poet 

Augustin Adolphe, clerk, 7 Front Levee 
d. 8 St. Peter 

Augustin Donatien, attorney, 126 Ex. 
Place, d. 168 Esplanade 

(Jas. D. Augustin, W. Gi-ay- 
son Mann, Robert N. Ogden) 
law office, 68 Camp street. 
Practice in the adjoining Par- 

Augustin John, d. Madison n. Second, 

Augustin J. A. acct't. 7 Front Levee, d. 2 
Augustin J. f. m. c. tailor, 159 Columbus 
Augustin J. L. f. m. c. d. 283 Marais 
Augustin Louis f. m. c. d. butcJier, 27 

French market, d. 242 Dauphine 
Augustin Louis, d. 381 Rampart d. 3 
Augustin &Thibaut (J^uma Augustin, .Ar- 
thur Tliibaut,) com. mers. 7 Front 
Levee, d. 2, d. 8 St. Peter 
Aughay John, shoemaker, 298 Tchoupi- 

Augustus E. clerk, 130 Canal 
Aulasnier G. Mrs. corset maker, 136 

Aulchtr Hermann, d. 305 Washington 

Auld Joseph, clerk, 49 Conde 
Auld Wm. C. clerk, Fourth Dist. Court, 

d. 167 St. Charles • 
Aurianne Christoph, dairy, Spain n. Clai- 
Aurianne Jean, blacksmith, 20 Frenchmen 
A|fcinne P. blacksmith, 23 Frenchmen 
Acmch John G. E. slater, d. Magazine n. 

Auroire Francois, butcher, 33 Port market 
Aurref F. butcher, French market 
Aussis J. confectioner, 25 Main 

Auster C. L. acc't. 79 Tchoupitoulas 
Austin, Goodwyn & Co. (James S. Austin, 
Geo. W. W. Goodwyn, Edward P. Ho- 
gan,) manufacturers tin, sheet iron 
ware, etc. Customhouse c. Front Le- 
Ausfin Edmond, millinery, 180 Bourbon 
Austin Edmond, Mrs. millinery, 143 

Austin James, lab. d. 623 Rampart, d. 3 
Austin John Edw. .clerk, 33 Carondolet 
Austin Montgomery, d. 371 Raronne 
Austin Oliver W. deputy constable, 80 St. 

Austin Robert, lab. d. 705 Chartres 
Austin Robert M. elk. Magazine n. Com- 
Austin R. S. elk. 23 Old Levee, d. 2 
Austin Sophia, d. 117 Hospital 
Austin W. G. Dr. 37 Camp, d. Wash- 
ington Avenue n. Carondelet, d. 4 
Austin William, d. 665 Chartres, d. 3 
Auth E. shoemaker, 130 Toulouse 
Auoret Ann, b. h. 223 Rousseau 
Auze Theo 'd. cotton broker, 31 Caronde- 
let, d. 397 Carondelet 
Auzis Jean, d. 336 Barracks 
Auzoul F. d. 59 St. Anthony • 
Avegno A. P. ( Tappan &f Jivegno,) attor- 
neys at law. Canal c. Camp, d. 268 
Avegno Baptiste, lab. d. 128 St. Peter 
Avegno Fraufois, d. 154 St. Peter, d. 2 
Avegno, Binder & Co. (Bernard Jivegno, 
Geo. Binder, H. Ji. Le Sassier,) slock, 
note and exchange brokers, 24 Caron- 
delet, d. 115 Mam 
Avegno N. J. d. 215 St. Ann 
Avegno Philip, 125 Toulouse 
Avegno Philip, jr. 287 St. Ann 
Avelin Sister, Superior, Charity Hospital 
Avendano" Brothers, ( Perigrino Avendano, 
Theodomiro Avendano,) com. mers. 
116 Common 
Avenel Adolph, d. 247 Bayou road 
Averill Wm. lumber yard, St. Joseph c. 

Levee, d. 104 N. Levee 
Avequin J. B. apothecary, 68 St. Peter 
Averie Arthur, clerk, 75 Union, d. 3 
Averie E. Mrs. 75 Union, d. 3 
Averie Joseph, painter, 138 Bourbon, d. 

75 Union 
Avery W. H (Foley, Avery Sc Co.) 34 
Perdido, d. St. Charles c. South, La- 
fayette square 
Avet Frederick, grocer, 59 Old Levee, d. 

2, d. 59 Rampart, d. 2 
Avet Brothers, (Paul Avet, J. Avet,) gro- 
cers. Old Levee c. Bienville 
Avet J. (Avet Brothers,) com. mer. Old Le- 
vee c. Bienville, d. Esplanade c. Ram- 
Avet Joseph, cooper, St. Philip n. Clai- 
Avila M. P. Dr. d. 131 Main 
Avillema R. oysters, Ursuline c. Bur- 




Aviragnet Bertrand, grinder, 19 St. An- 
Avoyrnusse S. d. Miirigny c. Rampart, 

Avrient J. B. d. Toulouse n. Claiborne 
Avril Arthur, clerk, 139 Frenchmen 
Avril Arthur, clerk, 492 St. Claude 
Avril Emile, clerk, 30 Common, d. 379 

Avril Esteve, f. m. c. bricklayer, d. 387 

Bourbon, d. 3 
Avril F. f. m. c. carpenter, d. 414 Villere 
Avril .Joseph, d. 379 Canal 
Avril P. f. m. c. mason, d. 372 Robertson, 

Avrart Honor?, d. 48 France 
Ax C. blacksmith, Teresa n. St. Thomas 
Axson A. F. Dr. 59 St. Charles, d. 35 

Axson H. T. clerk. Chestnut c. Third 
Axon H. L Chestnut c. Third 
Axson Randolph, clerk, 43Perdido 
Axtheim H. musician, 33 Ex. Place 
Ayala Ygnacio, clerk, 39 New Levee 
Ayala Ygnacio de, 5 Front Levee, d. 1, 

d. 407 Biyou road 
Aycock J. T. stock dealer, Magazine n. 

La. Av. 
Ayles James, pilot, d. 280 Canal 
Aymami Joseph, grocer. New Levee c. 

Aymar & Church ( Win. H. Jlymar, Myron 
H. Churcli,) Merchants' Press, New 
Levee c. Calliope 
Ayme Mrs. d. 43 Lafayette 
Ayer Ellis, clerk, 132 Levee, d. 3 
Aynaud Etienne, fancy goods, lOPontalba 

bldgs. St. Ann 
Aynaud E. & Co. confectioners, Royal c. 

Ayres Wm. A. d. 98 St. Charles 
Azcanaga Raymond, 19 Music 
Azcona Emeris, fruit, 400 Magazine 
Azcona Frank G. grocer, 207 Magnolia 
Azema Felix, f. m. c. d. Derbigny n. 

Azcmar Joseph, tinner. Bayou road, d. 

275 Ursuline 
Azcmar Rose Mrs. d. 5 History 
Azemar Valcour, f. m. c. d. bricklayer, 

251 St. Louis 
Azereto Mrs. d. 217 Burgundy 
Azereto D. C. cigar maker, 277 Old Levee 

d. 2, d. 110 Barracks 
Azereto F. A. clerk, 128 Canal, d. 217 

Azereto Victor, stone cutter, d. 181 St. 

Azicg L. millinery, 232 Chartres 
Azig Evelina Mrs., Butchers' Hotel, 11 

Azur Celestine, f. w. c. d. 457 Marais 
Azur Emma, 146 Treme, d. 2 
AzurE. tailor, .396 St. Ann 
Azur Francis, f. m. c. 371 Villere, d. 3 
Azur M. furnished rooms, 29 Bourbon 
Azur Valentine Mrs. 314 Orleans 

BAADIN JOHN, c. h. 114 Ex. Place 
Baab Valentine, 133 Bienville 
Baas Peter, drayman, 435 Chartres, d. 3 
Babad Charles H. teacher, 403 Bayou 

Baader Martin, c. h 67 n. Levee c. Girod 
Baader M. barkeeper, 15 Lafayette 
Baar Peter, clerk, d. 208 Constance 
Babat Joseph, c. h. .Algiers 
Babcock & Kernochan (G. W. Babcock, 

Henry P. Kernochan,) dry goods, 53 

Cam}), d. 146 St. Louis 
Babee Geo. laborer, 288 St. Thomas 
Babcock John, gunsmith, d. 260 Rampart, 

d. 1. 
Babcock C. S. clerk, 121 Canal 
Babin Auguste, dcp. sheritf, Jeff. City 
Babin Joseph F. c. h. Patterson, Algiers 
Babied C. accountant, 71 0. Levee, d. 2 
Bacas Valmont, carpenter, 62 Marais, d. 2 
Babylon John, carpenter, 848 Dauphine 
B4ch Adolph, agent, 74 St. Louis 
Bach J. L., Forcheimer &, Co. (Isaac 

Forcheimer, Simon Haber,) clothing 

wholesale, 11 Chartres 

BACH L. Importer and Whole- 
sale Dealer in Rhein "Wine, 
and German Cigars, No. 36 

Bach John C. 79 Magazine, d. Marengo 

c. Chestnut, Jeff. City 

Bach John M Milan c. Plaquemine, Jeff. 

Bach Louis, clerk, 11 Chartres 
Bache Adam, shoemaker, 109 Dauphine 
Bachelier Tranqnille, seed store, 21 Ursu- 
line, d. Columbus n. Miro 
Bachelier F. Mrs. 126 Royal 
Baccomv F. Mrs. 59 Treme, d. 2 
Bachemin A. clerk, 71 Canal, d. 622 Char- 
Bachemin Edmond, c. p. 215 Marais, d. 2 
Bachemin Alfred, c. p. Burgundy n. Ma- 

Bachemin Edmond, jr. clerk, 7 0. Levee, 

d. 379 Morales 

Bachemin Jaques, 413 Burgundy, d 3 
Bachemin Rudoljih 329 Marais, d. 3 
Bachemin Theodule, 74 Bartholomew 
Bachemin T. recorder's clerk, 28 St. Fer- 
dinand, d. 3 
Bachemin Valcour, commissary of Port 

market, 80 Clouct 
Bachino Jean, 200 Esplanade 
Bachman Robert F. W. cl.'rk, 36 Camp, 

d. St. Mary n. St. Charles 
Backer F'rederick, Spain n Prosper 
Backer William, clerk, Jackson n. Rous- 
Backes Valentine, hardware, 437 Dryades 
B:ickhaus August, pedler, 56 St. Philip 
Batkus Charles, f. m. c. screwman, 103 

St. Anthony 
Backus Nancy, f. w c. 56 Bagatelle 




Backus Noel, f. m. c. carpenter, 444 Bour- 
Backus Marie, f. w. c. 168 Barracks 
Bacon John, laborer, 117 Montegut 
Bacus .Tolm B. Franklin n. Delord 
Bacus Joseph (Bacus 8f Case,) New Levee 

n. La. Av. J^ff. City 
Bacus & Case (Joseph Bacus, Mraham 
Case,) stables. New Levee n. La. Av. 

Jeff. City 
Bader Frank, laborer, 494 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bader Liidwig. cistern maker, 364 St. Ann 
Buden Mathias, drayman, 289 Tchoupi- 

Baden Nathalie, 188 Toulouse 
Badger Charles T., P. O. clerk, 110 

Badger C. H. 34 St. Thomas n. Race 
Badger Edward, clerk. Port c Craps 
Badger Wallace, customs, 95 Port 
Baerth Eugene, carlman, 255 St. Philip 
Baertsche John, tailor, 289 Conti 
Bader, laborer, 106 Villere, d. 2 
Baedor M. wheelwright, 302 Bienville 
Badie Patience Mrs. 361 Rampart, d. 2 
Badille Mary, Kampart c. Columbus 
Badill Pierre, prof. 229 Robertson, d. 2 
Badon Marie, f. w. c. 77 Gasquet 
Badon E. Mrs. d. 86 Dauphine 
Bady Anthony, inspector, 130 Sixth 
Bady Charles, grocer, Orleans c. Dau- 
Bady Mary, f. w. c. 15 St. Anthony 
Baehr J. barber. Magazine n. St. Mary 
Baer Elizabeth, 421 Burgundy, d. 3 • 
Baer H. J. produce sales, 80 Foydras, d. 

153 Constance 
Baer S. dry goods, Moreau c. Mandevillle 
Baer John, barber, 339 Magazine 
Baggett Alexander, builder, 373 Canal 
Bagien J. machinist, Girod c. St. Ferdi- 
Bagley Andrew, laborer, 370 O. Levee, 

d. 3. 
Bagley Malinda, f. w. c. 79 Villere, d. 2 
Bagnato Fred, vegetables, 22 Poydras 

market, d. 295 Poydras 
Bagner Mary, 104 Treme, d. 2 
Bagner John, f. m. c. steward,. 87 Villere, 

Bagneris Alexander, 218 St. Philip 
Bagneris Edmond, 295 St. Peter 
Bagneris Melaric, 170 Main 
Bagneris Thcophile, 373 St. Claude, d. 3 
Bagneris iienon, grocer. Main c. Johnson 
Baguie L. W. book keeper. La. State Insi 

Co. 38 Camp 
Bagur & Bannafoas (Peter Bagur, S. Ban- 

nafoas,) clothing, 231 O Levee 
Bahan Danl. Marengo n. Chestnut, Jeff. 

Bahan J. B. Mrs. 261 Common 
Bahan Rose, 261 Common 
Bahan Patrick, laborer, 29 N. market 
I3ahim Simon, gardener, Conti n. woods 
Buhlman Joseph, painter, 852 Rampart d. 3 
Bahringer Jacob, baker, d. 414 Dryades 

Bai George, laborer, Solidelle n. Mande- 

Baiato Antonio, oysters, 16 Royal 
Bailey Caroline Mrs., Carondelet n. Tole- 

Bailey Charles, steward, 2.58 Bienville 
Bailey Henry E. hacks, 226 Franklin 
Bailey James K. ('JV. E. Bailey &f Son,)i 

226 Canal 
Bailey James E. clerk, 98 Chartres, d. 99 

Roman, d. 2. 
Bailey Jethro B. com. mer. 94 Common, 

d.' 260 St. Mary 
Bailey Jos. W. clerk, 244 Canal 
Bailey Judson, c. p. Claiborne n. Palmyra 
Bailey Mary Ann f. w. c. Claiborne n. 

Bailey Michael, shoemaker, 25 Enghien 
Bailey N. E. & Son (^T. E. Bailey, J. K. 

Bailey,) vinegar manufac. 246 Canal, 

d. 244 Canal 
Bailey A. H. Dr., Magazine n. Poyfarre 
Bailey Nicholas, com. mer. 28 Carondelet 
Bailey Thomas, gunsmith, 98 Chartres 
Bailey Thos. W. Capt. 174 Franklin 
Bailey Walter Dr. 259 Camp, d. 376 Ma- 
Bailieff Robert D. 10 Gravier 
Bailie A. cooper, 137 Robertson 
Bailly Narcipe, f. m. c. 390 Dauphine 
Bainbridge Robert, staves, Stock Landing 
Baird Thomas, 127 St. Mary 
Bairnsfather George Dr. apothecary, 355 

Bajon B. tailor, 168 Orleans 
Baka Thomas, driver, Terpsichore n. Pry- , 

Bakenforth Mrs. Chippewa n. St. Thomas 
Backenforth John, Chippewa n. Fourth 
Baker Alfred, carpenter. First n. Dryades 
Baker Catharine, 363 Chartres, d. 3 
Baker Christian, Girod n. Music 
Baker Conrad, tinware, Magazine n. Har- 
Baker Elizabeth, f. w. c. 461 Chartres, 

Baker E. clerk, 24 Bienville 
Baker F. clerk, 24 Exchange Place 
Baker F. C. clerk, 61 St. Charles, d. Sixth 

c. Chestnut 

Baker George, grocery, 73 Rousseau 
Baker Gustav, cigar maker, 176 Tchou- 

pitoulas I 

Baker Henderson, carp. 239 Front Levee | 
Baker Henry, vegetables, 16 Dryades 

Baker Henry, tailor,. Bagatelle n. Solidelle 
Baker Isaac, superintendent horse station, 

d. 307 Liberty 

Baker Isaac Penny, fireman. Jackson R. ' 

R. depot 
Baker Jacob Mrs. 386 Burgundy [ 

Baker Jacob, shoemaker, 105 St. Philip I 
Baker James, laborer, 265 Dryades | 

Baker James, screwman, 64 Bartholomew i 
Baker James, Erato n. St. Thomeis i 

Baker James Capt. 239 Ursuline 

BAK 43 


Baker John, laborer, Napoleon av. n. 

Baker. lolin, srrowm:in, 110 Desire 
Raker John, sfeved'ir(>, Race n. Rrliijions 
Baker hihn H. cim-k, new canal uffiee, 
Kupiirosine c. New Shell Roud, d. 
Locust c. N. S. R. 
Baker J. M. d. C") Derhi^ny 
Baker John C. clerk, 51 Common 
Baker Leonard, shoemaker, d. 242 Mel- 
Baker Marllia Mrs. c. h. 5(1 Race 
Baker M. A. Mayor's Office, bds. City 

Baker Nehemiah, Fulton c. Harmony 
Baker Pai^e M. clerk, 55 Camp 
Baker Sarah, U3 Basin 
Baker W. H. portrait painter, Caronde- 

let c. Canal, bds. City Hotel 
Baker Wni. g;rocerv. Magazine c. First 
Bilker Wm. carp. F'reret, n. Thalia 

BAKER WILLIAM, dealer in 

Ambrotype and Photograph- 
ic Material, No. 186 Camp 

Bakery Anthony, d. St. Mary n Con- 
Bakewell A. Gordon, (Hn-inan, Power Sf 

Co.) 90 Common, d. 379 Bienville 
Bakewell Lea F. 82 Magazine 
Bakewell VV. G. 90 Common, d. 48 Dau- 

Bald Charles, shoemaker, 133 Perdido 
Baldenrick Louis, beer saloon, 22 Conti 
Baidor Peter, oysters, ViUere, Algiers 
Baldwin A. d. 278 Orleans 
Baldwin A. J. Exchange Place n. Canal 
Bahlwm Eliza Mrs. Seventh n. Magazine 
Balding James, lab. 617 Chartres, d. 3 
Baldwin Edward H. teacher violin and 

guitar, 74 Camp 
Baldwin George, ( Colt on Sf Baldwin,) 

19 Canal 
Baldwin H. D. Dr. 59 St. Charles, d. Ca- 

rondelet c. Valence 
Baldwin H. F. ( C. H. Slocomb &f Co.) 74 

Baldwin J. M. clerk, 36 Poydras 
Baldwin J. T. 21 Magazine, d. Hands- 

boro', Algiers 
Baldwin Thaddeus J. accountant, 15 St. 

Baldwin Thomas, laborer, 39 Elysian 

Baldwin Washington, c. p. 194 St. Peter 
Baler Antonio, fishnronger, 1 19 Ursuline 
Baleslier Lucy Mrs. 335 Si. Andrew 
Balesiier Wni. A. cl(>rk, 335 St. Andrew 
Balfe Edward, laborer, 291 St. Louis 
Balfe Tiiomas, plasterer, 127 Bolivar 
Balix Paul, Mrs. -244 Ursuline 
Bilize Telegraph, 3 Carondelet 
Balk H. c. Ii. Hospital c. Gallatin 
Ball D. S. Dr. 412 Rampart, d. 1 

Ball John, dairy, Baronnc c. Fourth 
Ball Simon, laborer, Johnson n. Palmyra 
Ballard A. liuilder, 209 Casacalvo 
Ballard Benjamin Dr. St. Louis Hotel 
Ballard .Josi-ph, 164 St. Philip 
Ballard Robert R. clerk, 120 Gravier 
Hallas Louis, butcher, Miro n. St. Ann 
Ballejo Charles, clerk, 539 St. Charles, d. 

.551 Baronne 
Ballentine Nathan, St. Andrew n. Camp 
Bailer Joseph, laborer, 'Piety n. Good- 
Ballere Louis, butcher, 221 St. Ann 
Ballerin Peter, fruit seller, 17 St. Philip 
BallhiMmer John, clerk, 64 Magazine, d. 

Balliman C. F. tailor, 110 Bienville 
Ballisl(!r .Toaquin, cigars, 51 Union, d. 3 
Ballivet Emili', painter, 152 Royal, d. 368 

Ballon Jeremiah, 215 Main 
Balpaire Eugene, carpenter, 189 St. Peter 
Ba'[iiola Paul, iiarber, 6 Royal 
Balrine Pauline, seamstress, 126 Conti 
Balster John, 241 Chippewa 
Balster William, grocer, and c. h. N. 

Levee c. Berlin 
Raltar Jacinto, ambrotypes, 233 Orleans 
Baltazana Frank, cook, 217 Common 
Balthazar Anne, Gentilly road n. R. R. 
Balthazar Jean, clerk, 219 Main 
Balthazar P. carpenter, 209 Union 
Ballon Patrick, drayman, 59 Melpomene 
Balzer Louis, gocer, Bourb(Hi c. Prosper 
Bamburg William, laborer, 226 Burgun- 
dy, d 2 
Ban Antonio, fruit, 159 Chartres 
Backer Evi-rt A. clerk, 11 Mairazme 
Banckcr Geo. W. (M>rth, Duthil &( Co.) 

d. 20 Burgundy 
Banco V. vegetables, Pordras market 
Bancroft Benjamin, watchman, 196 Liberty 
Bandel Jacob, mason. Fourth n. Annun- 
Bandelier James, mattress maker, 294 

Banez Frank, c. h. 73 Girod 
Banger Costiu, Felicity n. Howard 
Banger Mat. barkeeper, 2.53 Girod 
Ranhard C. Biirdetto c. MeCarty, Carl'tn 
Banister Ann Eliza, d. 3 Locust, d. 1 
Banister Rinahio & Son, ( R'maldo Banis- 
ter, Rinahlo Banister, Jr.) coopers, 76 
O. Levee, d. Claiborne, n. Com- 
mon, d. 2 
Bankl)ead J. 16 Carondelet 
Banks E. Mrs. 127 Orleans 
Banks Grace, f. w. c. 25'i Ciuiti 
Banks Lewis, laborer, 364 Customhouse 
Banks Louisa, f. w. c. 277 Conti 
Banks Mary, Mrs. Gravier c. Clara 
Banks Madi.son, 295 Customhouse 
P,anks S. Cooper, 35 N. Levee 
Bank of America, St. Peter c. 0. Levee 
Bank of Liiuisiana, Conti c. Royal 
Bank of New Orleans, St. Charles c Union 
Banksmith E. com. mer. 87 Gravier 

BAN 44 

Bannan John, porter, Rousseau n. Fourth 
Bannan Perry, laborer, 290 Liberty 
Bannan Phineas, 97 Fulton 
Banner C. gardener, Jefferson City 
Banner John, laborer, 143 St. Andrew 
Bannerman Jas. bookkeeper, 80 Poydras 
Bannewitz Jacob, Jefferson City 
Bannigan Pat. laborer, Thalia c. [.evee 
Bannon James, lab. 266 Customhouse 
Bannon John, cooper, 77 Lafayette 
Bans George, carpenter, d. Dryades, b.- 

Lafayette and Girod 
Bansbach John G. carpenter, St. Andrew 

n Constance 
BanseptJ. B. wheelwright. Bayou Road 
Banwart J. cistern maker, 113 Jackson 
Banwis Mathilde, f. w. c. Treme n. St. 

Baptist Church, Camp c. Terpischpre 
Baptiste Antonio, clerk, 150 O. Levee d. 2 
Baptiste Celeste, f. w c. 303 Prieur 
Baptiste C. butcher, 64 French market 
Baptiste John, f. m. c. carpenter, 389 Bour- 
bon, d 3 
Baptiste John, musician, 146 Toulouse 
Baptiste John, bricklayer, 157 Frenchmen 
Baptiste John, clerk, 204 Villere 
Baptiste John, f. m. c. 115 Frenchmen 
Baptiste John, drayman, 462 Rampart, 

d. 1 
Baptiste Joseph, cooper, 200 St. Thomas 
Baptiste Julia, f. w. c. 389 Bourbon, d. 3 
Baptiste Riester, butcher, 37 French mkt 
Baptistilla A. oysters, 370 0. Levee, d. 3 
Baque John, butcher, 10 Poydras market, 

d. Levee n. Jeff. City 
Baque S. butcher, Dryades market 
Baquet Judas, .butcher, Dryades market 
Baquie Auguste, sugar broker. 15Conti,d. 

296 Villeree 
Baquie Charles, (Mat, Geneves Sf Co.) 54 

Royal, d. 161 Gu-od,d. 1 
Baquie Hyacinthe,cab. mkr, 213 St. Louis 
Baquie J. A. hardware. Rampart c. Julia, 

d. 193 Delord 
Baquie Leopold, 248 B. Road 
Baquie Myrtel, 249 St. Peter 
Baquie P. butcher, 10 Poydras market, d. 

Levee, n. Nap. av. Jeff. City 
Bar Charles Mrs. 251 Bourbon 
Bar, Simon, tailor, 75 Gravier 
Barabil Adolph, hatter, 123 Burgundy 
Barabino C. f. w. c. 373 Burgundy 
Barabino K. clerk, 35 Magazine, d. 171 

Robertson, d. 2 
Barabino Stephen, clerk, 211 Robertson 
Barachin F. drayman, Toulouse n. Prieur 
Baranco Vincent B. cap. d. 427 Baronne 
Barangue Jose, cigars, 864 Magazine, d. 4 
Barata Augustin, barkeeper, 257 Poydras 
Barba Fernando, grocer, 257 0. Levee 
Barba Jose, grocerj 255 O. Levee 
Barba Peter, waiter, 77 Magazine 
Barbarich Pierre, coffee, French market 
Barbarin Arthur, clerk. Camp c. Common, 

d. 195 St. Ann 
Barbarin Joseph, widow, 168 Bayou Road 


Barbarin Stephen, clerk. Camp c. Com- 
mon, d. 168 B. Road 
Barbarin W. H. book-keeper, Branch 

Bank, Camp d. 194 Main 
Barbart Theresa Mrs. Nap.av.c. N. Levee 
Barbat Herbert, baker, 24 Union, d. 3 
Barbe Eugene, carp. 219 Marais, d. 2 
Barbe Dr. 102 St. Louis 
Barbe Emile P. elk, 130 Canal, d. 223 Contr 
Barbe Etienne, carpenter, 46 St. Peter 
Barbe Valentine, eggs, 1481-^ Bienville 
Barbeda Morris, pastry cooft, 137 Conti 
Barberige Peter, coffee stand, market, d. 

26 Ursuline 
Barberot P. carpenter. Royal n. Poland 
Barbey A. exchange broker, 26 Caronde- 

let, d. 7 Pontalba bldg. St. Peter 
Barbier Francis, 195 Ursuline 
Barbier Henry, 150 Royal 
Barbier Joseph, baker, 48 Marais 
Barbier J P. dairy, Prosper n. Spain * 
Barbier Marie, furnished rooms, 146 Bien- 
Barbin, A. B. c. p. 348 Ursuline 
Barbiot C. grocer, Rampart c. St. Ann 
Barbite Marseille, butcher 
Barbola Mftrbarl, 50 Union 

Barbot, H. F, Warner,) deal- 
ers in English, Cannel, Pitts- 
burgh, and Anthracite Coal, 
21 Commercial Place. 

Barbot F. X. 21 Commercial Place 
Barbot Hypolite, baker, 344 Hospital 
Barbot J. P. Dr. apothecary, 112 Tchou- 

pitoulas c. Girod d. 104 Annunciation 
Barcela Antoine 283 Bourbon 
Barcello John Mrs., Marias n. Elys. Fields 
Barcier Heloise, 239 St. Ann 
Barclay Anthony, 71 Treme, d. 2 
I Barclay Catharine, 19 Union d. 3 
Barclay H. cabinet maker, 29 Frenchmen 
Barclay James, shipwright, McDonogh 
Barclay John, drayman, d. 88 St. Thomas 
Barclay Williani^ engineer, Jackson st. 

Barcus James, wood, 113 Rampart, d. 1 
Bard & Hall, (Henry Clay Bard, Samuel 

S. Hall,) attorneys at law, 37 Camp 
Bard James J. cotton-seed hulling mills, 

51 and 53 St. Joseph 
Bard James T. 67 Tchoupitoulas 
Bardales, A. c. h. Frenchmen c. Greatnien 
Bardales Gregorio, gro. Gravier c. Liberty 
Bardean Rene, mason, 188 Main 
Bardey Claude Ernst, coal dealer, St. 

John n. Bayou Road 
Bardesch LodoiskaMrs. d. 434 St. Charles 
Bardin Andrew, clerk, 167 Foucher 
Bardin Patk, milk, Theresa, n. St. Thorpas 
Bardon Cora, 63 Franklin 
Bardon Frank, steamboat watchman, 294 

Bardon Joseph, 13 Bagatelle 




Biirdons Philip, carpenter, 279 Magazine 
Bardt H. tailor, Jeff. City 
Bardusse \V. blacksmith, 159 Levee, d. 1 
Bardy E. E. clerk, 116 Canal, 'd 4 Rob- 
Barelli & Co. (John C Barelli, Joseph 
JMitchel,) commission merchants, 61 
Barelli John C. (Barelli Sf Co.) 61 Com- 
Bares, Bertrand, butcher, 102 French mar- 
ket, d. 130 St. Ann 
Bares Charles, tailor, Jefferson City 
Bares John Mrs. 135 Main 
Bares J. carpenter, Tonti n. St. Ann 
Barfuse Ambroise Mrs. 30 Urquhart 
Barfuss Adam, shoemaker, 439 Dauphine 
Bargas M. f. w. c. Ursuline n. Prieur 
Bargray Mary 224 Conli 
Bariel Francis, 92 Rampart 
Birics Alexander, 65 Montegut 
Baringer J. L. clerk, 317 Baronn« 
Baris B. butcher, French market, d. 157 

St. Ann 
Barive T. butcher", Constance n. Sixth 
Barjac Louis, 34 Esplanade 
Barjon Claude M., Rampart, c. Hospital 
Barjon Danturinp, cabinet maker, 186 

Barkengers Philip, 58 France 
Barker C. R. carpenter, d. 449 Terpsichore 
Barker C. K. carpenter, Goslin, Algiers 
Barker Ed. painter. Barracks c. Bourbon 
Barker Geo. A. acct. 46 Camp, d. 270 Fe- 
Barker Henry F. J. broker, 60 Magazine, 

d. Carrollton 
Barker Jacob, Bank of Commerce, 46 

Camp, d. 270 Felicity 
Barker James, clerk, 46 Camp, d. 270 Fe- 
Barker jordon, cai-penter, 494 Rampart 
Barker Joseph, cutler, 127 Biironne, d. 

Baronne c. St. Andrew 
Barker Rankin, carp. Felicity n. Liberty. 
Barker Samuel, bricklayer, Terpsichore n. 

St. Charles 
Barker Thomas H. banker, 46 Camp, d. 

270 Felicity 
Barkin M. Mrs. 572 [>auphine 
Barklage Henry, cabinet mkr, 42 French- 
Barklage H. furniture, 29 Frenchmen 
Barksdale F. (JMcFailand &r Barksdale,) 
75 Carondelet, d. Camp,c. Philip, d. 4 
Barla Frank, milkman, Jrti-rson City 
Barlage G. wood yard, 275 Julia 
Barlee Carl, tailor, 140 Liberty 
Barter Fritz, Chippewa n. Sixth 
Barleten Natel, coffee stand. Magazine n. 

St. Andrew 
Barlot Patterson, oysters and fruit, Polym- 

nia c. St. Charles 
Barlow Edmond, Line n. N. Levee 
Barlow Thos. S. c. h. N. Levee c. Adele 
Barlow William, lab. 292 Tchoupitoulas 
Barmgarteau John, Congress n Craps 

Barman Chas, engineer, 113 Melpomene 
Barnard, Chas. Burdett n. Levee, Carlton 
Bfirnard Harry, Esplanade n. St. John 
Barnard Josephine, 80 Toulouse 
Barner Charles, gardener, Rickerville 
Barnes Charles, bricklayer, 41 Villcre 
Barnes Elizabeth Mrs. 266 Robertson, d. 3 
Barnes E. W. telegraph, St. Charles c. 

Gravier, d. 352 Rampart 
Barnes Geo. Capt. 389 Julia 
Barnes Geo. lab. 13 Johnson, d. 2 
Barnes Henry, painter, Jackson n. Mun- 

ro, McDonogh 
Barnes John, warehouseman, Second n. 

Barnes Joseph, book keeper, 174 Ursu- 
Barnes M. bottles wine, Prytania c. St. 

Barnes Perry, 206 Franklin 
Barnes P. Mrs. 434 Rampart, d. 3 
Barnes Philip, lab. 164 Chippewa 
Barnes P. K. 6 Old Levee, d. Bartholo- 
mew n. Urquhart 
Barnes Pat. drayman, Theresa n. Tchou- 
Barnes Robert, drayman, Julia n. Basin 
Barnes R. clerk, 25 Chartres 
Banies R. F. planter, Madison n. Jack- 
son, McDonogh 
Barnes Samuel, 64 Poydras, d. 234 

Barnes Thomas, mariner, 832 Burgundy, 

d. 3 
Barnes Thomas, foreman of the Delta, 76 

Camp,d. 323 St. Mary 
Barnes Wm. lab. Thferesa n. Tchoupitou- 
Barnes Wm. (Thompson Sf Barnes,) 23 

Common and 125 Julia, d. 45 Race 
Barnes Wm. private watchman, 217 Bien- 
Barnes Wm. grocer, 331 Annunciation 
Barnet Helen, f. w. c. 127 Burgundy 
Barnete N. bottling, 109 Tchoupitoulas 
Barnett Alphonse, notary pub. Chartres c. 
St. Louis, d. Esplanade n Robertson 
Barnett Edward, notaiy pub. 42 Royal d. 

50 Elsplanade 
Barnett Ellen, 127 Burgundy 
Barnett Geo. 200 Tchoupitoulas 
Barnett H. A. Mrs. d. 8 Robertson 
Barnett Henry, clerk, 118 Common, d. 50 

Barnett H. watchmak'er, 293 Tchoupitou- 
Barnett John P. d. 129 Kerlerec 
Barnett Joseph, glazier, 237 Dryades 
Barnett L. Mrs., Orleans n. Derljigny 
Barnf'tt Louis, Sec'y. Ins. Co. Canal c. 

Ex. Place, d. 298 Chartres 
Barnttt Manuel ( Goldsmith Sf Barnett,) 

78 Magazine, d. 491 Rampart, d. 1 
Barnett M. sr., Chartres c. St. Louis, d. 

History n. Claiborne 
Barnett M. jr., auctioneer, Chartres, c. 
St. Louis, d. Ill Royal 




Barnett Nathaniel, clerk, d. 48 Chartres 
Harnett Richard T. teacher, 272 Common 
Barnett Susan, 117 Cojiti 
Barney Samuel, artist, Gravier c.Tchoup- 

Barnitz Bradford G. clerk, 93 Camp 
Barnsley Godfrey ( Barnsley Sf Co.) com. 

mer. 114 Common 
Barnstill Louis, painter, 134 Conti 
Barnum Charles, engineer, Jackson R. R. 

Barnum Emeline, f. w, c. Derbigny n. 

Barnum F. G. d. 89 Rampart, d. 2 
Barnum James W. dentist, 154 Canal 
Baron Adam, Chippewa n. St. Ahdrew 
Baron Geo. tailor, 96 Union, d. 3 
Baron John Smith Mrs. 324 Ursuline 
Baron John, bakery, Roman c. St. Ann 
Baron J. Mrs. 309 St. Peter 
Baron J. H. boatman, EratTo n. Howard 
Baron J. M. clerk, d. 268 Melpomene 
Baron Louis, poulterer, 486 Chartres, d. 3 
Haron Marius, clerk. Morales n. Spain 
Baron M. watchmaker, 190 Royal 
Baron Oscar, c. p. 73 Montegut 
Baron Stephen, 324 Ursuline 
Baronne Philip, clerk, d. 625 Royal, d. 3 
Barousse L. butcher, 45 Poydras mkt. d. 

La. Av. c. Laurel 
Barousse Victor, butcher, 88 French' mar- 
Barr James, cab driver, 265 Dryades 
Barr Johnson A. clerk, 35 Magazine 
Barr Peter (Blakesky, Barr 8f Co.) 141 

Barracks U. S. Lower Levee, d. 3 
Barracks Street School, b. Dauphine and 

Barras Antoine, 108 Craps 
Barras B. f. w. c. Claiborne n. Laharpe 
Barras L. planter, 9 Ponlalba bldg. St. 

Barrataro Augustin, oysters, 257 Poydras 
Barre C. Mrs. 123 Ursuline 
Barre H. Mrs. Spain n. Chartres 
Barre Joseph," saddler, 208 Bourbon 
Barre Victor, 360 Frenchmen 
Barrea Raymond, c. h. 176 Chartres 
Barrel Jerome, Claiborne n.Mandeville 
Barremore Jas. clerk, d. 193 Euterpe 
Barremore Jas. R. clerk, d. 412 DryadeS 
Barremore Mary Mrs. ]93 Euterpe 
Barremore Wm. H. clerk, 45 Camp, d. 

Euterpe n. Franklin 
Barrera Anthony, c. h 295 Rampart, c. 

Barrera H. shoemaker, 103 Villere, d. 2 
Barrere H. 73 Johnson, d. 2 
Barrere R. dry goods, 130 Elys. Fields 

BARRET A. & CO. (Anthony 
Barrett, Frederick Barrett,^ 
Manvifaeturers and Doalers 
in Marble Work, Nos. Ill 
and 113 St, Charles St. 

Barres Bertian, butcher, 3 Claiborne mar- 
Barrett Cclvesta, 167 Dryades 
Barrett Charles, 250 Robertson, d. 2 
Barrett Frederick (Barrett &f Co.) Ill and 

113 St. Charles 
Barrett John, painter, 183 Chippewa 
Barrett John, lab. Erato c. Locust 
Barrett John, lab 40 Calliope 
Barrett John H. lab. Palmyra n; Galvez 
Barrett John T. d. Philip n. Chippewa 
Barrett Michael, b. h. 11 Enghion 
Barrett Michael, drayman, .393 Gravier 
Barrett Patrick, lab. 63 Elys. Fields 
Barrett II. blacksmith, Shell road n. Toll 

Barrett R. dray master. Magazine n. Julia 
Barrett Richard, lab. 93 Howard 
Barrett Richard, paiiiler, Second n. Laurel 
Barrett Robert, engineer, Lafayette n. 

Barrett Samuel, com. mer. and cot. fac. 

46 Carondelet 
Barrett S. V. agt. La. distillery, 39 New 

Levee, d. 1 
Barrett Timothy, blacksmith, 137 Mag- 
Barrett Win b. h. 472 Front Levee 
Barrett W. shipping office, Gallatin n. 

Barracks, d. 197 Annunciation 
Barrier Frederick, finisher, 75 Franklin 
Barriere Claude, 287 Orleans 

(P. G. Barriere, T. L. Van 
Fossen,) Importers of Dry- 
Goods, 130 Canal street, 
Touro Row, d. 89 Rampart, 
d. 2. 

Barriere Gustave, 283 Orleans 

Barriere Manuel, shoe store, St. Peter c. 

Dauphine, d. 256 Robertson 
Barriere M. S. St. Ann n. Villere 
Barriger Thos. dairy. Liberty n. Jackson 
Barrigrun I-Jenjamin, lao. 78 Elmira 
Barrill Wm. mattress maker, Adele n. 

B:\rilla Jerusalem, 108 Poet 
Barrings John, drayman, Prieur n. Canal 
Barringer .Anna Mrs. 282 Clio 
Rarringe'r C. poultry, Dryades n. Seventh 
Barringer D. carp. 212 Melpomene 
Barringer James, bricklayer. Boxing, Al- 
giers • 
Barringer John L. ( Wolverton S( Barrin- 
ger,) 13 Poydras, d. 317 Baronne 
Barringer Martin Mrs. Lafayette n. Ro- 
man * 
Barringer Jos. fruit. Magazine c. Pleasant 
Barrio C. Mrs. 57 History 
Harris Bertrand, Customhouse n. Der- 
Barroek Joseph, butcher, Poydras market 
BaiTois Alexander A. 114 Montegut 
Barrois Andry Mrs. 114 Montegut 




Barrois Eugenie, vegetables, Treme mar- 
Barrois Nicholas, ship chandler and gro- 
cer, 125 Old Levee, d. 2, d. Monto- 
gut n. Chart res 
Barrois T. 45 Montogut 
Barron John, c. p. d. 390 Liberty 
l?arroii J. B. dairy, Boliver n. Gravier 
Barron Michael, charcoal, 238 Royal 
Birrossp Austin, 835 Burgundy, il. 3 
Rarroussier J. B. Capt., Morales n. Music 
Barroussier Pierre, f. m. c. carpenter, 784 

Barroult Simon, shoemaker, 278 Burgundy 
Barrow Peter, laborer, Tchoupitoulas n. 

Barrow Wm. J. brakesman, d. Thalia c. 

Barrows George, blacksmith, 159 Front, 

Barrows P. butcher. Eighth n. Constance 
Barrus Joseph M. laborer, 418 Royal, d 3 
Barry Clement, clerk, Old Levee c. gt. 

Barry C. F. 12 Carondelct, d. 57 Ram- 
part, d. 1 ■ 
Barry David, clerk, 299 Annunciation 
Barry Eliza Mrs. 138 Euterjie 
Barry Geo. grocer, 270 Melpomene 
Barry Geo. grocer, 401 Liberty, d. 1 
Barry Humjahrey, Thalia n. Tchoupitou- 
Barry James, laborer, 350 Tchoupitoulas 
B irry James, drayman, 439 Franklin 
Barry James B. f. m. c. barber, 417 St. 

Barry Jolin, c. h. Annunciation c. Delord 
Btirry John, accountant, 109 Levee, d. 3 
Barry John, 191 Foucher 
Barry .lohn, laborer, 1G4 Chippewa 
Barry Mary Mrs. 44 Felicity, d. 4. 
Barry Margaret Mrs. 28 Delord 
Barry Pierre, gardener, 221 Frenchmen 
Barry Pierre, carpenter, 57 Burgundy 
Barry R. D., Dryades c. Delord 
Barry Patrick, laborer, 64 Robertson 
Barry Richard, carpenter, 311 St. Louis 
Barry Stephen, 233 Calliope 
Barry William, 40 Derbigny 
Bart Bernard, coiTee stand, 37 North mar- 
Bart Engel, f; m. c. steward, 140 Enghien 
Bart Oscar, cigar maker, 589 Rampart, 

d. 3 
Bartchy John, furniture, 866 N. Levee, 

Barshum James W. dentist, d. 457 Ba- 
ron ne 
Bartel Nicholas, grocery. Levee n. Adele 
Bartels Charles, grocer, Peter's av. n. Le- 
vee, Jefferson City 
Bartels Henry, tailor, 136 Camp 
Bartelsoi» Thomas .lohn (H. Fasuman Sf 

Co.) 3 Orleans Yard 
Bartelt August, 430 Customhouse 
Barter Thomas, d. M.l|iomiMc n. Frcret 
Barth B. harness maker, 292 Royal 

Barth Louis F. 30 Carondelet, d. 13 St. 

Barth G. c. h, Elys. Fields c. Old Levee, 

d. 43 Mandeville 
Barth Geo confectioner, 338 Carondelet 
Birth John M. butcher, 10 Seventh 
Barth Josepii, d. Laurel c. St. Andrew 
Barth Leonard, ladies shoemaker, 257 

Barth Mary Mrs. 207 Melpomene 
Barth Nicholas, 42 Laurel 
Barthe Antoino, 434 Basin, d. 1 
Barihe Frangois, 133 Bourl)on 
Barthe John, clerk, 303 Royal 
Barthe Jno f. m. c. jilasterer, 470 Bourbon 
Barthe J. P. laborer, 319 Hospital 
Barthe Alary Mrs. vegetables, 20 Dryades 
Barthe Mary, 207 Melpomene 
Barthe Michel, 70 France 
Barthe Ursine, 216 Derbiirny, d. 2 
Barihel Mrs. midwife, 97 St. Joseph 
Barthel F. wood yard, Perdido c. Basin, 

d. 97 St. Joseph 
Barthel my A. Mrs. Marigny c. Urquhart 
Bartheleniy Felicite,f. w.c. 466 St. Claude 

Barthelmy Jean, f. m. c. carpenter, 168 

Barthelmy J. F. 110 Desire 
Barthelmy P. 215 Claiborne ; 

Barthelmy Valmour, barber, 29 Royal 
Barthelmy V. fruit, 191 Bienville 
Barthen Matthew, shoemaker, 85 Basin 
Barthet Alexander, butcher, 46 French 

market, d. 192 Treme, d. 2 
Barthet B. butcher, 41 Poydras market 
Barthet Silvain, grocer, 407 St. Ann 
Bartily John, seamaUj 433 St. Claude 
Barthlett John, laborer, Melpomene n. 

Barthies John, wagon finisher, d. 462 

Bartles Charles, tailor, Terpsichore n. 

Bartles F. W., Constance c. Seventh 
Barlleson Theo. J. clerk, N. 0. Cotton 

Press, d. Race c*. Tchoupitoulas 
Bartlett Frank A. reporter, 70 Camp d. 

261 Rampart, d. 1 
'Bartlett H. T. 156 Gravier, d. Euterpe n. 

Bartlett J<ihn, laborer, 88 St. Thomas 
Bartlett J. B. Mrs., Magazine n. St. Mary 
Bartlett Margaret, 13 Poet 
Bartlett M. H. attorney, d. 261 Rampart 
Bartlett Sarah E. Mrs. 264 Rampart 
Bartlett W. A. broker, 81 Gravier, d. Fe- 
licity n. Chestnut 
Bartletle F. A. attorney, 38 St. Charles 
Bartley Andrew Mrs. 427 Chartres, d. 3 
Bartlt-y Margaret Mrs. 27 Poet 
Birtley William, St. Ciiarles n. First 
Bartley Pat. laborer, 18 Foucher 
Bartley, Johnson & Co. ( \V. T. Bartley, 

Robert .'}. Johttson, Charles F. Johnson, 
James S. Lytlr, Polijniee Prudhomnu,) 

32 Perdido, Factors Row 

BAR 48 

Bartnett S. A., Prytania n. St. Mary 
Bartney John, artist, 55 St. Thomas 
Bartolo R. d. 11 Pahnyra 
Barton Ann, f. w. c. 244 Bienville 
Barton Benjamin G. 115 Canal, d. 293 

Barton Germain, collector, Music c. Girod 


BARTON H. H. & CO. (E. B. 
Butler," D. H. Blunk, H. H. 
Barton,) Commission Mer'ts, 
and Dealers in Western Pro- 
duce, No. 82 Magazine-st. 

Barton Sarah Mrs. N. Levee c. Julia 
Bartrand D. carpenter, Dufossat c. Lau- 
rel, Jefferson City 
Bartrugh, fruit, 14 Dryades market • 
Bartsch John, tailor, 61 O. Levee 
Bartsch Philip, clerk, 31 Magazine 
Bartzen Henry, tailor, 22 Grossman 
Barvirick James, trunk maker, 22 Baronne, 

d. Constance n. Race 
Bas Peter, laborer, 78 Marigny 
Bas Philip, laborer, 198 Marigny 
Basan E. tailor, Conti n. Vallere 
Basart G. c. h. 99 St. Joseph 
Basart Philip, c. h. 260 Magazine 
Basart P., French market, d. 36 St. Philip 
Basch Fritz, cooper, d. Adele n. Fulton 
Bascole Pauline Mrs. 27 Frenchmen 
Bascou Jean, dairy, St. Louis n. Tonti 
Basen John, tailor, 344 Conti 
Basilique Alfred, cigar maker, 96 Ursuline 
Basilique E. S. Mrs. 217 Mandeville 
Basileus L. cabinet maker, 165 Burgundy 
Easier Jacob, carpenter, Third n. Levee 
Basliee Louis, carpenter, 5 Mandeville 
Basin Street School, 6 St. Louis and 

Bass James A. planing and saw mill, 

Bass J. H. com. mer. and ship broker, 

116 Common 
Bass Jeremiah, seaman, 13 Mandeville 
Basse Leonard, St. Ann. n. Prieur 
Basserque J. P. laborer, 397 St. Philip 
Basset David H. clerk, 128 Canal, d. 201 

Bassett J. butcher, 23 Poydras market 
Basset L. grocer, 20 and 22 Tchoupitou- 

las, d. 377 St. Ann 
Bassett H. B. builder. Camp n. Fourth 
Bassett Prosper, grocer, Algiers 

BASSETT WM. H. Cotton and 
Sugar Factor, and General 
Commission Merchant, 39 
Natchez-st., d. 37 Prytania. 

Bassetti Louis, Four Seasons Restaurant, 

155 Chartres 
Bassich John, oysters, 52 St. Louis 
Bassler Jacob, c. h. 265 Gravier 
Bastia John, laborer, 94 St. Peter 
Bastian B. fancy bakery, 178 Carondelet 

Bastian Jean. f. m. c. Claiborne, n. An- 
Bastian J. ladies' shoemaker, 19 Bourbon 
Bastian Wm. upholsterer, 54 Marais, d. 2 
Bastian Michael, locksmith, 166 Girod 
Bastian N. cartman, Mazant n. Royal 
Basualdo Jose M. ( Caballero &f Basualdo,) 

46 Old Levee 
Batille Pierce, wood, 40 Gasquet 
Batchelder George F. 19 St. Charles 
Bachelor J. C. Dr. 83 Carondelet 
Bachelor S. S. dentist, 83 Carondelet 
Bately John M. clerk, Union Press 
Bateman A. J. (Dodd S{ Bateman,) 61 St. 

Charles, d. 425 Baronne 
Bateman George T. grocer, 450 Gravier 
Bateman Charles, laborer, 554 ]N. Levee 
Bateman Thomas, tailor, St. James n. St. 

Bate A. Mrs. 358 Felicity 
Bates George, stevedore, 25 Mandeville 
Bates, Hyde & Co. manufacturers of im- 
proved Cotton gins, 57 St. Charles 
Bates J. G. 58 Mandeville 
Bates Lorenzo, (Tirrell &;' Bates,) 9 Mag- 
Bates Mary Ann, 375 Royal, d. 3 
Bath C. Miss, milliner, 148 Poydras 
Bathurst William, (John Williams &f Co.) 

36 Perdido, d. 18 Gasquet 
Bathenger John, laborer. Celeste n. Tchou- 

Batiste Desbons, butcher, 24 French mkt 
Batistessa August, 135 Thalia 
Batjer Henry, 39 Carondelet 
Bailouch John, vegetables, 200 Melpomene 
Batmale R. loan office, 161 Bourbon 
Batsta John, tailor, 141 Treme, d. 2 
Batt Joseph, market collector, 121 St. 

Batt Joseph, butcher. Laurel, n. Auster- 

litz, Jefferson City 
Battaille A. sliip carpenter, Peter, Algiers 
Battalora Cark, 108 Louisa 
Battay Wm. screwman, 44 St. Mary 
Battcher Louis, grocer, Seguin n. Dela- 

ronde, Algiers 
Battell Ann Mary, Cypress n. Claiborne 
Battell Nicholas, grocer. First c. Chip- 
Battle Andrew C. inspector of liquors. 

Sixth n. Constance 
Battier Robert, apothecary, Dauphine c. 

St. Peter 
Battier Wm. professor, 316 Chartres 
Battle James, cabman, 270 Custom house 
Battle, Noble & Co. (John I. Js''oble, Jones 
Richard, Rives, Battle Sf Co., Mobile,) 
cotton factors and commission mer- 
chants, 42 Perdido 
Battles H. A. clerk, 120 Gravier' 
Batut Etienne, laborer, 75 St Peter 
Batzer J. B. blacksmith, 210 Toulouse 
Baucher A. sash factory, St. Ann c. Ro- 
Bauch Adolph, paper hanger, 150 Girod 
Bauchan Peter, shoemaker, 132 Dauphine 




Baud J. B. dry goods, Burgundy c. Man- 

Baud J. F. grocer, 143 Bienville 
Haudan J. M. butcher, Louisa n. Morales 
Baudian A. clerk, Bienville, c. Chartres 
Baudcaii C. Mrs. dry goods, 179 Bayou 

Baiidean John P. butcher, Port Market, 

d. 782 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bauder Sebastian, Piety n. Dauphine 
Baudet Henry, Toulouse c. Royal 
Baudet Jules, clerk, Baronne c. Girod 
Baudet J. 79 St. Bernard 
Baudia L. L. variety store, 318 Dauphine 
Baudier Alexander, acct. 12 Chartres 
Baudier E. J. grocer, I'i Main, d. 173 

Baudier Victor, 470 Rampart, d. 3 
Baiiddin A. A. customhouse officer, d. 

2G1 Royal 
Raudoin C. candle and oil factory, 140 

Baudoin Wm. F. Mrs. 106 Frenchmen 
Baudois Leon, cigar maker, 162 Co- 
Baudreau Francois, printer, Miro n. Orleans 
Bauduc F. J. steamboat agent, N. Levee 

c. Canal, d.Dorgenois n. St. Philip 
Bauduc & Gamit, (Julius Bauduc, Emil 

GamU,) sugar dealers and commission 

merchanls, St Louis c. 0. Levee 
Bauduc Julius, (Bauduc &,' Gamit,) d. 

Dorgenois n. St. Philip 

BAUER F. & CO. (F. Bauer, A. 
Ensminger) Manufacturers 
and Importers of Traveling 
Trunks and Bags, India Rub- 
ber and Oil Clothing, 2 Maga- 

Bauer George, shoemaker, 106 Hospital 

Bauer G. gardener, 446 Hospital 

Bauer Jacob, newspaper carrier, Bourbon 

n. Girod, d. 3 
Bauer J. C. carp. Orleans c. Burgundy 
Bauer John, laborer, Jersey n. Lyon, Jef- 
ferson City 
Bauer John, tailor, 390 Raronne 
Bauer John, tailor, 442 Hospital 
Bauer John, grocer, 16 N. Levee 
Bauer Jos. tailor, Prylania, c. Melpomene 
Bauer Jos. laborer, 95 Piety 
Bauer Jacob, pocket book manufacturer, 

34 Commercial Place 
Bauer John, grocer, N. Levee n. Toledano, 

Jefferson City 
Bauer L. tailor, 165 Burgundy, d. 100 St. 

Bauer N. grocer, 79 Chartres 
Bauer Peter, accountant, 36 Magazine 
Bauer William, carpenter, 296 Franklin 
Bauerlin H. bookmaker, Peter c. Bonny, 

Bauerlin Mrs. midwife, Peter c. Bonny, 


Baughcy ErM- Perdido n. Galvez 
Bavignon E. Miss, dressmkr,- 21 Bourbon 
Bauge Louis, dyer, 125 St. Peter 
Baum Henry, boots and shoes, 568 Tchou- 

Bauman Wentlin, Josephine n. N. Levee 
Baumann Alter, Chippewa n. Sixth 
Baumann F. drayman,' Eighth n. Laurel 
Baumann Frantz, shoemaker, 341 Orleans 
Baumann F. J. shoemaker, St. Thomas 

n. St. James 
Baumann G. baker. Harmony n. Maga- 
Baumann K. clerk, d. 202 Rampart 
Piaumann P. shoemaker, 210 Bourbon 
Baumbach A. tailor, 40 Erato 
Baunibach Charles, upholsterer, d. 110 

Baumbach Fred. tailor, Bourbon, n. Prosper 
Baumer F. c. h. 19 Front Levee, d. 2 
Baunier Martin, carpenter, 8U Dryadcs, 

d. 246 Magazine 
Baumgartner A. H. Bourbon c. Girod 
Baumgartner John, butcher, 22 St. Mary's 

market, d. Harmony c. Fulto)i 
Baumgartner Jos. barber, 158 St. Anthony 
Baumgartner J. grocer, bourbon c. St. 

John Baptist 
Baumgartner. N. A. artist, 82 Race 
Baumgartner R. cigars, 13 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. 246 Magazine 
Baumgert J. G. Mrs. 60 Desire 
Baumhoggir M. cabinet-maker, Chippewa 

n. sixth 

facturer of Iron Verandas, 
Balconies, Oflace Railings, 
Rail Vaults, Doors and Shut- 
ters, Straight and Circular 
Iron Stairs, and Builders' 
Work in general; Hoisting 
Wheels and Derrick Ma- 
chines. Orders from the 
Country or City executed 
with dispatch at No. 7 Car- 
roll street, d. 1, d. Austerlitz 
c. Live Oak, Jetf. City. 

Baumjoan H. A. shoemaker, 72 Elmira 

Baumon Joseph, barber, 158 St. Anthony 

Bauniy Louis, pie baker, 210 Baronne 

Baun Eugene, 92 Burgundy 

Baunch t^red. tailor, Union n Solidelle 

Baune Gaspard, 145 Conli 

Banner John 24 Marais 

Biuiiier Philip, b. h. 252 Customhouse 

Bau.schback Geo. carp. 181 St, Andrew 

Baushc H. jr. clerk, 71 Canal 

Bausso Eugene, Congress c. Morales 

Bauvais Raphael, Nap. av. c. Jersey, Jeff. 

Bauveri J. f. m. c. 320 Elys. Fields 
Bawlick Bartholomew, 60 Music 
Baxano Antonio, c. h. Patterson, Algiers 




Baxter, Lovell & Co. (H. V: Baxter, Jos. 
F. Lorell,) ship agents, Carondelet c. 
Baxter H. V. (Baxter, Lov.ell Sf Co.) Ca- 
rondelet c. Common 
Baxter Nancy C. school, Erato n. Baronne 
Baxter Wm. painter, Magnolia n. Erato 
Bay George, screwman, 747 Rampart 
Bay Patience, Sixth n. Fulton 
Bayard Catharine, f. w. c. 368 Royal, d.3 
Bayard Chailes E. Bienville n. Roman 
Bayard P. B. currier, Dauphine c. Hos- 
Bayer Joseph, shoemaker, 30 Marais 
Bayer J. P. baker, Felicity n. Laurel 
Bayersdorffer A. cigars, 30 Orleans 
Bayersdorft'er Jacob, musician, Marais c. 

Carondelet walk 
Bayersdorffer Leonhardt, musician, 374 

Bayes R. W. cot maker, Common n. Der- 

Bayestere Joachim, 13 Columbus 
Bayhi Edgar, carpenter, 125 Piety 
Bayhi H. 10 Carondelet 
Bayhi J. li. 119 Independence 
Bayhi L. clerk, 709 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bayhi Leonce, 106 Louisa 
Bayhi Narcisse, f. m. c. 390 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bayhi P. G. elk, 87 Camp, d. 254 St. Ann 
Bayhi Victor, clerk, 21 St. Charles 
Bayhi S. Mrs. Jersey n. Bordeaux, Jeff. 

Bayhi V. J. grocer, Dryades c. Terpsiphorc 
Bayle, Fred, laborer, 422 Terpsichore 
Bayle Jos. ( Closterman, Tourne if Co.) 

40 Chartres 
Bayghi Pauline, f. w. c. 313 Dauphine 
Bayles A. H. Dr., Magazine c. POyfarre 
Bayles W. U. 93 Gravier 
Bayless Abija, 252 Common 
Bayless D. B. engineer, 131 Bienville 
Bayley G. W. R. engineer, St. Peter c. 

Old Levee 
Bayley Michael, shoemaker, 20 Enghien 
Baylies C. B. (Hotchkiss &c Baylies,) 74 

Bayliss Charles, j485 Magazine 

BAYLY G. M. Grocer, Whole- 
sale and Retail Dealer in 
Wines, Liquors and Staple 
Goods, 42 Canal and 22 Com- 
mon, op. new Customhouse, 
d. 157 Annunciation 

Baymore Fred, barkeeper, N. Levee, c. 

Bayne James, laborer, 82 Calliope 
Bayne Michael, bdg. h. 76 N. Levee, d. 1. 
Bayne T. L. (Clarke &{ Bayne,) attorneys 

at law, 11 Ex. Place, d. 135 Girod, d. 1 
Baynham Wm. watchmaker, 12 Camp, d. 

124 Orange 
Bayon Henry Dr. 265 Rampart, d. 2 
Bayon Jerome, 265 Rampart, d. 2 

Bayori Antonio, baker, 40 South market 
Bayou Bridge School, St. John, Great 

Bayou Road School, bet. Claiborne and 

Bays William, repairer, 142 Rampart, d. 1 
Bayser S. mineral water, 7 Frenchmen 

and Ganger of Liquors, Tur- 
pentine, Oils, &c. 74 Poydras, 
d. 201 Dryades. 

Baysset Joseph, gauger, 77 Magazine, d. 

201 Dryades 
Bayzen F. baker, 220 Conti, d. 2 
Baze George, ( Crainon &{■ Buze,) dry gds. 

245 Old Levee ' 
Bazel Jaqiics, tailor. Broad n. Onzaga 
Bazin F. baker, 270 Basin d. 2 
Bazanac Alphonse, printer, 347 St. Claude 
Bazanac Charles, printer, 69 Bagatelle 
Bazanac Joseph, teacher, 347 St. Claude 
Bazax J . grocer, 217 St. Louis 
Baze J. 154 St. Ann 

Beaber A. barber, d. Rampart c. Felicity 
Beal)er Geo. c. h. 344 Tchoupitoulas 
Beach E. D. Dr. coroner, 6 Baronne, d. 

346 Bienville 
Beach Charles, painter, 360 Magazine 
Beach John T. clerk, 82 Camp 
Beach J. W. agent, 74 Poydras, d. 476 

Beacha John, laborer. Laurel n. Milan, 

Jeff-. City. 
Beacham Rbt. steward, 371 Customhouse 
Beachabard E. Mrs. ambrotypes, 173 

Beachbard R. H. composition roofer, Gra- 
vier n. Basin 
Beahan Thomas M. cotton classer, 40 Car- 
Dealer Cornelius, drayman, Josephine n. 

Beale Thomas J. steamboat clerk, d. Fe- 
licity n. Prytania 
Bealer Frank, butcher, French market 
Beals A. B. ( Beats &t Miller,) 6. 75 Calliope 
Beals & Miller, (,]. B. Beals, S. B. Miller,) 
La. Bakery, 5, 6 and Triangle bidgs. 
Beals Edward "Capt. 83 Piety 
Beals J. R, clerk, 5 Triangle Buildings 
Beanian Geo. M. clerk, 25 iMagazine, d. 

Carondelet c. St. Andrew 
Bean George, barber. Chestnut c. Patter- 
son, Algiers 
Bean Patrick, watchman, 46 Gaiennie 
Bean Philip, shoemaker, 169 Carondelet 
Beans B. coffee house, 77 Mew Levee 
Beans S. coffee house, 148 New Levee 
Beandet H. clerk, 36 St. Charles 
Beandets Jean, 72 St. Bernard 

Nos. 122, 124 and 126 Lafay- 
ette street. 




Board C. A. Dr. d. 273 Camp 

Beard Edmond, " Office," c. h. 4 0. Levee 


Louis Warehouse. Stoi'age 
for Flour, Corn, Oats, Wheat, 
Coflfce, Bagging, &c., &c., 
have now in tiie best order 
for receiving and delivering 
all descriptions of Meichau- 
dise, 3 of the largest Ware- 
houses in tlie city, to wit : St. 
Louis, Front stieet, between 
Lafayette and Girod. Iron, 
(new,) adjoining tiie Mont- 
gomery. Mississippi, (new,) 
Front street, between Julia 
and St. Joseph streets, d. 308 
St. Charles. 

B.-ard W. A. 70 Gravi.r 

B^ardsler C. Mrs. t<!H-lir..Tack.soii n. Fulton 

Hi'ans Cic.rirc, rl.ik, a5H Biciivillr 

Beares M. Mr.s. l(i!» Girod 

Brans M. M. Mr.s. |:>-2 Hasm 

F]iarth Charles, sli.i.i))i,|<i|-, -JLl llospilal 

BcartlialL J. P. 24*2 CiKstomlKnisf 

Boasck'y Arlrmus, liiickstt'r 2112 Dryadis 

Bi'af*clc}' Kdward, laliorcr, .'3(1 Piiny 

Beatcnian Patrick, \\r:^:lici , ;)(> P,)i;t 

Bfattic A. C. gaiip r, li5 Tclioupiloulus, d. 

Sixth n. Consiance 
Boattie John, scrcwnian, d. 147 -Reli^^iou.s 
Heatty Adan). atty. d. 5:J3 Ciiarlns, d. 3 
Biatty A. C//ffcraJ(Z.(S- Co.j d. 255 Dau- 

Beaity Charles, 533 Chartres, d. 3 
Bi'alty .las. laborer, Port'n. Dauphine 
B'Uty Geo. screwman, 99 Spain 
Biaty Wm. l^afayette sale stables, 748 

and 7.')2 New Levee 
Beau Mrs. faney store, 55 St. Peter 
Pvauehani]) Henry, eabinei inkr. 425 Mail; 
jjeaiul Fran(,-(iis,ai-iifii'ial HiiW(rs,324 Camp 
Beaudeqnin D. jtrof. .Tesuit Collej;;e 
Beaudet Hyjiolne, 73 St. Bernard 
Beaudet .loUn, grocer, 72 St. Bernard 
Beaudiau L. L. cistern mkr. 3(i() Dauphinc 
Beaudier V. liampart n. Freiichnien 
Beaut'ai Alfred, 317 Iluspiial 
Beaut'ort John, clerk, Hospital c. Royal 
Beaugez S. dry goods, 272 Dauphine 
Beaulieu L. JVirs. furnished rooms, 144 

Beaulieu Charles, Bayou bridge 
Beaulieu Eunne, screwman, 11 Urquliart 
Beaulieu Louis, carpenter, Prieur a. La- 

Bi'aulieu Louis, Roman n. Columbus 
lieaulieu Marcisse, saddler, 329 Prieur 
lieaulieu Rose, 337 Derbigiiy, d. 3 
Beaullieu Theodore, printer, 349 St. Peter 
Ijeaullieu Thomas, f. m. c. carpenter, 43 

Treme, d. 2 

Beaumont F. jr. 
Beaumont John Dr. 68 Enghien 
Beaumont Josej)!], barber, 18 Madison 
Beauner Philip, 252 Customhouse 
Beaur Richard, c. p. d. 352 Howard 
Beauregard Berniiardt, 21 Josephine 
Beauregard B. Dr. de'iitisl, 1()2 Royal 
Beauregard Elie, 256 Cnstcmihouse 
Beaungard G. T. Maj. U. S. army, super- 
intendent new customhouse, d. 128 
St. Ann 
Beauregard James, elk. 262 Customhouse 
Btauregard Jean, Coiili n. Derbigny 
Beauregard Jules, ]b5 Bayou road 
Beauregard L. T. 81 Clail)oine 
Beauregard P. Mrs. 38() St. Claude, d. 3 
Beauregard Thomas, 279 Customhouse 
Beaurepaire Claudine, Mrs. 138 Orleans 
litausart Geo. W. engineer, 192 Julia 
Beauvais Raphael, lax collector, Jetf. City 
Beauvais Rose, f. w. c. 375 Conti 
Beauvais R. Jersey c. ]\ap. Avenue 
Bech Alexander, shoemaker, 110 Elysian 

Becher A. shoemaker, 20 Peace 
Berhet AI]ihonse, clerk, otj. Chartres 
Bechet A. grocer, 23 Si, Piiilip 
Beciiel Jacob, lailtu', Adtde n. Fulton 
l.ech I'eter, millinery store, 28 Annuncia- 
Bechus Fritz, ice. New Levee n Second 
Beck A. S. clerk, 31 Canip,d. Hurisville 
Beck C. AI. laborer, 56 Frauklin 
Beck Emanuel, sail maker, 703 New 

Levee, d. 4 
Beck F. P. book keeper. La. State Bank, 

d. St. Charles c. Valence, Jeff. City 
Beck Henry, lumber. Front Levee, Carltn 
Beck .lacob, Washington n. Fulton 
Beck .las. Elysian Fi<lds n. Burgundy 
Beck Mary A. Mrs. 429 Basin 
Beck Peter, niillinerv, 40 Annunciation 
Ikck I'hihp, b. h. I(j8 Dryades 
Beck Sebastian, steamboat agt. 429 Basin 
Beck 'I'homas J. notary public, 25 Com- 
mercial Place 
Beckard I'eler, tailor, 6 Treme 
Beckemeyer F. baker, Frenchmen n. Ur- 
Bcckemeyer Henry, baker, 127 Levee, d. 3 
Becker Adam, Bourbon c. I'rosper 
Becker Andrew, laborer, 20 Hospital 
Becker August, milk, 81 Lesseps 
Becker Bernard, Mrs. 38(; St. Philip 
liecker Charles, laborer, 2(1 Music 

and Dealer in Foreign Books, 
Stationery and Periodicals, 
No. 87 '._, Customhouse Street, 
between Eoyal Street and Ex- 
cnange Alley. Bookbinding 
promptly attended to, d. 309 

Becker Christian, c. h. Patterson, Algiers 


Becker Christian, baker, Bourbon n. Soli- 

Becker C. J. Mrs. 92 Desire 
Becker Conrad, hardware, 867 Magazine 
Becker E. Mrs. 806 Burgundy- 
Becker Fred, laborer, Spain n. Claiborne 
Becker Fred, tailor, 65 Spain 
Becker George, b. h. Carrollton 
Becker George, Cypress n. Roman 
Becker George, bread, 73 Rosseau 
Becker George, tailor, 425 Morales 
Becker Gust, cigars, 176 Tchoupitoulas 
Becker Henry, 178 Bourbon 
Becker Henry, ice, Jackson n. Rousseau 
Becker Henry, vegetables, 16 Dryades 

Becker H. Dr. 32 Enghien 
Becker January, 22 Levee, d. 3 
Becker Jacob, 31 Treme market, d. 175 

Becker Jacob, shoemaker, 159 Union, d. 3 
Becker John, tailor. Levee n. Nap. Ave- 

enue, Jefferson City 
Becker John, tailor, 795 New Levee 
Becker John, Desire n. Goodchildren 
Becker John, St. Andrew n, Chippewa 
Becker John P., U. S. Mint, d. 574 St. 

Becker Joseph, Dr. 112 Casacalvo 
Becker Joseph, deputy street commis- 
sioner, 67 Derbigny, d. 2 
Becker J. Hall, Annunciation n. Jackson 
Becker L. shoemaker, 242 Melpomene 
Becker Michael, 5 Water 
Becker Michael, 451 Front Levee, d. 4 
Becker Peter, 307 Old Levee, d. 2 
Becker Peter, ship carpenter, Patterson, 

Becker Philip, ship carpenter, Patterson, 

Becker Peter, laborer, Clouet n. Burgundy 
Becker S. clerk. Bayou Road c. Roman 
Becker V. cooper, Rousseau n. St. Andrew 
Becker Wm. clerk, 52 Magazine 
Beckerbred Henry, Levee, Carrollton 
Beckert August, milk. Morales n. Piety 
Beckett Alice, Mrs. nurse, 105 Baronne 
Beckey Jeremy, Ninth n. Annunciation 
Beckman Albert, bar keeper, d. Union c. 

Beckman E. Mrs. Magazine n. Melpo- 
Beckman Frederick, cotton weigher, 378 

Beckman Fred, sawyer, 558St. Claude, d.3 
Beckman Fred, carpenter, 9 Spain 
Beckman J. F. c. h. 179 St. Thomas 
Beckmann G. H. fruits, Marais c. St. 

Beckmann J. M. 66 Union, d. 3 
Becknell Kate, furnished rooms, 9 Basin, 

d. 2, 
Beckro C. A. reporter. Rampart n. Felicity 
Bectal Geo. carpenter, 332 Jackson, d. 4 
Become John, tailor, 156 St. Louis 
Becnel Louis, clerk, 50 Chartres 
Bedan Daminician Mrs, 212 Main 

62 BEF 

Beddeges Charles, carpenter, 52 Prieur 
Beddinghaus Henry, brass foundry, Pat- 
terson, Algiers 
Bedel Joseph, blacksmith, Cypress n. 

Bedell Flora, 256 Customhouse 
Bedell Euphrosyne, Mrs. 78 Gasquet 
Bedell Michel, 136 Union, d.3 
Bedenk Felix, clerk, 105 Old Levee, d. 

136 St. Ann 
Bedford Wm. D. G. elk. d. 438 Basin, d. 1 
Bedford Wm. P. sail maker, d. 214 Chip- 
pewa, d. 4 
Bedly John, barkeeper, 51 Annunciation 
Bedman J. lab. Washington n. Claiborne 
Bedmanski A. architect, 28 St. Charles 
Bedoir Julienne, 18 St. Bernard 
Bedon M.f. m. c. cigar mkr, 110 Basin, d. 2 
Bedout Dennis, Mrs. 171 Main 
Bee Newspaper, 73 Chartres, (G. F. 

Wersse &f Co. Proprietors,) 
Beebe A. S. clerk, 23 Old Levee, d. 2 

BEEBE & CO. (Johns S. Beebe, 
Lucius Beebe, Decius Beebe, 
. J. C. Morris,) Dealers in 
Wooden Ware, IPaper, Twine, 
Sieves, v^Cordage, Brooms, 
Brushes, Agricultural Imple- 
ments, etc. 21, 23 and 25, late 
13, 14 and 15 Old Levee Street, 
d. 296 St. Charles. 

Beebe Charles, 116 Hospital 

Beebe Daniel, laborer. Market n. Front 

Beebe Edward, sugar broker, 52 Old 

Levee, d. 2 
Beebe Henry, 25 Old Levee c. Bienville, d. 

Claiborne bet. Canal and Gasquet 
Beebe Henry, jr. clerk, 50 Old Levee, d. 

Bienville n. Broad, d. 2 

BEEBE L. Fashionable Tailor, 
14 Commercial Place, d. 392 
Burgundy, d. 3. 

Beebe Wm. J. 266 Canal 

Beecher W. Cecil, clerk, 18 Union, d. 75 

Beehein Nicholas, dry goods, 126 Clai- 
borne, d. 2 
Beekman Martial, cigars, Rampart c.Union 
Beel John B. carpenter, 139 Marigny 
Beelman Charles, Freetown, Gretna 
Beene Lawrence, lumber, Carrollton 
Beelte Jacob, tailor, 35 Gravier 
Beer A. eigt. 46 Chartres, d. 391 Magazine 
Beer Margaret Mrs. Sixth n. Annunciation 
Beeri Adolph, moss, Newton n. Third, 

Beers A. P. book keeper, 48 Carondelet 
Beesley Verb. f. w. c. 202 Dryades 
Beesse C. clerk, 83 St. Charles 
Beever Adam, barber. Felicity c. Rampart 
Beferung Louis, Sixth n. Dryades 


53 BEL 

Befrung W. dairy, Pacanier n. Richard 
Bt'glty Michael, St. Louis c. Roman 
Bugley Henry, professor at Jesuit's Col- 
lege, Common c. Baronne 
Bcgley Aiargaret, h. h. Market n. Front 
Begly E. clel-k, 130 Canal 
Begg Wm. H. 3b Piety 
Beggs Elijah W. carpenter, 180 New 

Beggs James, treasurer Firemen 's Associa- 
tion, d. 466 Dryades n. Euterpe 
Beggs Patrick, lab. 494 Villere, d. S 
Begorz H. clerk, Third District Court 
Begouen E. com. mer. 14 Carondclel 
Begue Jean, c. h. Basin c.St. Peter 
Begue Jean Marie, butcher, 48 French 

Begue John M. butcher, 6 Dryades mar- 
Begue P. butcher, Jefferson City 
Begue Victor, Carrollton 
Beh Marcus, shoemaker, Newton, Al- 
Behan Andreas, Poet n. Goodchildren 
Behaii Daniel, lab. Marengo n. Chestnut 

Jefferson City 
Behan E. Mrs. grocery, St. Louis 
Behan James W. St. Andrew n. Camp 
Behan John H. carpenter, Girod c. Mag- 
Behan John, builder, d. 4(50 Dryades 
Behan Margaret Mrs. d. WJ Gasquet 
Behan R. drayman, St. Mary n. Maga- 
Behan Thomas, carpenter, 2 Constance 
Behan Thomas, clerk, 14 Magazine 
Holian Thomas, lab. 356 Chartres 
Behan Thomas M. cotton classer, 320 

Behan Wm J. grocer, Dryades c. Eu- 
Behr Wm. painter, Marigny c. Prosper 
Behiler Thomas, bar keeper, Mazant n. 

Behler Christian, fruit, 175 St. Charles 
Behler C. drayman, Josephine n. Rous- 
Behler E. Mrs. 313 Royal 
Behler Joseph, barber, Clio c. Clara 
Behler Wm. C. 385 Royal 
Behne James B. Mrs. 18 Rampart, d. I 
Behnke J. F. (John n'att Sf Co.) 3)4 

Carondelet, d . 66 Royal 
Behr F. dry goods. Levee c. Jena, Jeffer- 
son City 
Behrend Charles, Port n. St. John Baptist 
Behrens George Capt. St, Peter n. Roman 
Behrens John, cigars, 87 Camp, d. 98 St. 

Behrens J. G. sign painter, 225 Rampart, 

d. 1. 
Behrens & Kalker (J. Behrens, T. Kalk- 

er,) painters, 156 Baronne 
Behrens Mr. acct. Southern Press 
Behrens J. d. Poydras c. St, John 
Behrens Peter, lab. 105 St. Anthony 
Behreneck Wm. painter, 214 Dryades 

Behrmg Jacob, baker, 120 St. Peter 
Behrle F. dairy. Camp c. Cadiz, Jeffer- 
son Ciiy 
Beiche H. upholsterer. Craps c. Enghein 
Beidleman J. R. deputy constable", 80 St. 

Beiher A. tailor, Josephine n. Baronne 
Beifuss J. bread, 10 Dryades market 
Beihl(>r Charles, clerk, 11 Magazine 
Beil Frederick, blacksmith, 162 Custom- 
Beiier Frederick, carpet, 170 St. Andrew 
Beim Theodore, soap factory, Jackson c. 

Bein Daniel, tailor, 584 Villere 
Bein Daniel, tailor, 202 Baronne 
Bein Geo. barber, Eliza, Algiers 
Bein Hugh H. 23 Com. Place, d. 110 St. 

Bein John S. 87 Camp, d. 110 St. Joseph 

BEIN J. D. & SONS, (J. D. 
Bein, L. G. Bein, John S. 
Bein,) Hardware, 89 Camp, 
d. 110 St. Joseph. 

Bein L. G. (J, D. Bein Sf Sons,) d. 397 

Bein Patrick, watchman, 8 Gaiennie 
Bein Richard Dr. 227 Magazine 
Beize Paul, butcher, 387 Claiborne, d. 3 
Bej Frederick, cooper, 81 St. Mary 
Beker Henry, Leonidas n. Fourth 
Beker L. Mrs. grocer. Craps c. Enghien 
Bel E. clerk, 22 Main, d. 310 Prieur, d. 3 
Bel E. 257 Derbigny, d. 2 
Bel J. E. acct. 60 Old Levee, d. Jefferson 

Belaire Francois, carpenter, Orleans n. 

Belaire J. bricklayer, Orleans n. Derbigny 
Beiang James, clerk, 79 Calliope 
Belang John, clerk, 79 Calliope 
Beiang Mary Mrs. d. 79 Calliope 
Belang Thomas, 79 Calliope 
Belanger Arthur, clerk. Branch Stale 

Bank, d. 203 Burgundy 
Belanger F. discount clerk. Slate Bank of 

La. d. 203 Burgundy 
Belanger P. F. grocer, R. R. n. Gentilly 
Belanger Wm. Mrs. Broad n. Laharpe 
BelaumeD. Mrs. 194 Main 
Belaume J. D. d. 194 Main 
Belaume V. A. book keeper, Branch 

State Bank, d. 194 Main 
Belbaze, knife grinder, 151 Dryades 
Belcher F. agent for Fassman's iron ties. 

22 Commercial Place 
Belcher Jacob, Toulouse n. Claiborne 
Belcher Susan, Ernto n. Howard 
Belden & Eames (Frederick Belden, D. W. 

Eames,) hats, caps and straw goods, 

32 Magazine 
Belden J. G. Dr. homeopath, 189 Camp 
Bclding H. W. clerk, Magazine c. Girod 
Belgium D. moulder, Melpomene n. Clara 




Beling F. cis:ars, 78 Front Levee, d. 3 
Beljefk Ntro, caulker, Franklin c. Jack- 
Beljonne Desire, moulder, Melpomene n. 

Belknap James T. produce broker, lUU 

Gravier, d. 219 Magazme 
Belknap S. E. d. 77 Prylania 
Bell Abram, grocer, McDonogh 
Bell Adelaide, 163 Cusiomliouse 
Bell Alexander, clerk, d. 200 Basin, d. 1 
Bell Amedce L. clerk, 74 Canal 
Bell & Bouligny fC/mWes J. Bell, Domi- 
nique Bouligny,) com. mers. 17 Ca- 
Bell Colville, book keeper, 151 Common 
Bell Ernest, 260 Rampart 
Bell Francjois, Live Oak c. Milan, Jeff. 

Bell George, merchant, 238 Ursuhne 
Bell G.Mrs. 117 Basin, d. 1 
Bell H. S. 27 Common, d. 778 Magazine 
Bell Isaac, clerk, d. 107 Marais, d. 2. 
Bell James (J. H. Phelps 8f Co.) wood, 
cliarcoal, etc. 42 Julia n. Franklin, 
New Basin 
Bell James, cooper. Calliope n. Tchoupi- 

Bell James, clerk, d 177 Delord 
Bell James, accountant, 21 N. Levee 
Bell J. K. book keeper, 27 Tchoupitoulas 
Bell J. M. overseer, Claiborne n. Gasquet 
Bell John, cupper, bleedtr and leacher, 92 

Front Levee, d. 3 
Bell John, cartman, Enghein n. Burgundy 
Bell John, f. m. c. bricklayer, 252 Orleans 
Bell John, c. h. 556 Tchoupitoulas 
Bell Joseph A. fruit dealer, d. 424 Frank- 
Bell Margaret, dressmaker, 75 Annuncia- 
Bell Mary Mrs. 368 Basin 
Bell McC. 60 Rampart, d. 1 
Bell N. J. Mrs. furnished rooms, 6 Ram- 
part, d. 2 
Bell Octavia, 163 Customhouse 

Grocei'y and Provision Store, 
Wine and Liquor Dealer, Ha- 
vana Segars, &c. &c, 229 Cus- 
tomhouse street, cor. Treme. 
All Orders promptly attended 
to. Goods delivered in any 
part of the City, free of 

Bell Thomas, 361 Maine 

Bell Thomas C. carpenter and builder, 

Dryades c. Soniat, Jefferson City. 
Bell Thos. G. 586 Annunciation 

Bell Richard, finisher, 56 Constance 
Bell & Co. (Robert Bell, Geo. F. Strother,) 
com. mers. and S. B.agts. 51 Foydras 
Bell Robert, (Bell &f Co.) 51 Foydras 
Bell Robert, blacksmith, Alt^x, Algiers 
Bell Samuel, 141 Natchez, d. 12 Dauphine 
Bell Samuel C. Mrs. 189 Rampart, d. 1 
Bell Thomas U. bookkeeper, 379 Dryades 

BELL T. L. Cotton and Tobacco 
Factor and General Commis- 
sion Merchant, 37 Natchez. 

Bell Thomas M . 96 Magazine 

Bell Thomas W. grocer, 365 Main 

Bell Thomas S. cotton and tobacco factor, 

57 Natchez 
Bell Virginia Mrs. 70 Adele 
Bell Walter 0. 24 Ex. place, d. 202 Julia 
hell Wm. acct. 41 Union, d. l,d. 212 Canal 
Bell WiUiam, builder, 407 St. Charles 
Bell Wm. screw factory, Philip n. Fulton 
Bell William A. ( Poursine 8( Bell,) 41 

Natchez, d. 12 Dauphine 

BELL W. D. Stair Builder, cor- 
ner Polymnia and Baronne 
streets. Box 312 Mechanics 
and Dealers' Exchange. 

Bell Wm. H. architect, 513 Dryades, d. 4 
Bell William R. Union stables, 124 Ca- 

Bell W. Mrs., Claiborne c. St. Phihp 
Bellain A. painter, 34 Toulouse 
Bellaire Isidore, barber. Front Levee, d. 2 
Bellaise John, f. m. c. bricklayer, 252 Or- 
Bellanger Alfred, 203 Burgundy 
Bellanger G. Mrs., Broad n. Laharpe 
Bellanger George, Rampart c. Elmira 
Bellanger J. A. Mrs., Ursuline c. Broad 
Bellanger J. A. clerk. La. State Bank 
Bellau Christiana Mrs. 189 Bourbon 
Belle Grove Academy, First c. Burdette, 

Bellemar Frances Mrs. 257 Rampart 
Bellenot Charles, engraver and stencil cut- 
ter, Bienville c. Exchange place 
Bellevue Angus, f. m. c. 396 St. Claude, d. 3 
Hellevue B. 348 Ursuline 
Bellevue Carmelite, 233 Conti 
Bellevue J. f. w. c. 238 Bienville 
Hellevue Jos. mattress maker, 243 St. Ann 
Bellevue L. upholsterer, 53 Toulouse 
Bellevue L. C. 102 Esplanade 
Bellevue Mary f. w. c. 231 Conti 
Bellevue T. St. Claude n. Barracks 
Belley W. builder, 298 St. Philip 
Belling Fredericka Miss, embroidery, 148 

Bellinger F. R. 86 St. Mary's market 
Bello A. Mrs. 21 Bienville 
Bellnilda Theo. oyst-rs, 727 New Levee 
Bellocq Hypolite, dairy, Decatur c. Levee, 

Bellocq, Noblom & Co. (Mrs. Bellocq, Ji. P. 
J^oblom, P. Roy,) commission mer- 
chants, 61 Carondelet,d.81 St. Philip. 
Bellon Henry, 232 St. Claude 




Belloquet A', ffrocer, 172 Ursuline 

Bellot B. 224^Claibornc, d. 2 

Bellot J. P. shot'inakcr, 338 Perdido 

Bellot Jaques, 314 St. Claude 

Bellow L. 357 Royal, d. 3 

Belly Juli's, discount clerk, Citizens' Bank, 

d. bl Rampart, d. 2 
Belly Mortimer, cashier Bank of New Or- 
leans, d. ll(i St. Louis 
Belmont K. Mrs. 79 Bourbon 
Belome Emile, bricklayer. Camp c. Upper 

Line, Jeff. City. 
Beloney Chas. lab. St..Tos(^ph n. St. Claude 
Belot O. cigar maker, 80 Toulouse d. Clai- 
borne c. St. Ann 
Belot Pierre C. 151 Claiborne, d. 2 
Bellouard J. Mrs. 86 St. Anthony 
Bellow Jose}ili, clerk, 27 Magazine, d. 222 

Belot H. 151 Claiborne, d. 2 
Belot Octave, cigar maker, 155 Claiborne, 

Belot P. C. St. Piiilip c. Villere 
Belot V. tailor, 42 Conti,d. 64 St. Anthony 
Bellow L. 460 Dauiihine, d. 3 
Belluc Charlotte, 425 Burgundy, d. 3 
Belsom A. clerk, 2 Clinton 
.Belsom A. mason, Dulbssat n. Plaque- 
mine, Jeff. City 
Belsom Joseph, Camp n. Lyon, Jeff. City 
Bt>ton Ed. carpenter, 205 Conti 
Beltram Joseph, 45 Union, d. 3 
Beltram R. 16 and 18 Conii, d. 213 St. 

Bely William, carpenter, 338 Barracks 
Beltz George, butcher. Laurel n. Octavia, 

Jeff. City 
Beltz M. butcher, Delachaise c. Jersey, 

Jeff. City 
Belward Charles, laborer, Algiers 
Beltzel Fred, shoemaker, 28 Prieur 
Heltzer Philip, blacksmith, 67 Calliope 
Bemeiit A. H. C Woodman Sf Bement,) Ma- 
gazine c. Common 
Bemer Theo. soap maker. First n. Liberty 
Bemiss Cyrus T. attorney, Greenville 
Benbury Richard W. clerk, d. 129 Main 
Benbury R. clerk. Canal c, Bourbon 
Benachi N. M. ( Kalli &f Co.) consul of 

Greece, d. 421 Bayou road 
Bender Catharine, 17 Marais 
Bender Charles, carpenter, Thalia n. Dry- 

Bender Constant, carp. Jackson n. Dryades 
Bender Jacob, locksmith, d. 110 Prytania 
Bender James A. D. painter, 394 Common 
Bender Jacob, patliTn maker, d. 339 Ba- 

Bender John, clerk. Felicity c Baronne 
Bender J. H. carp. Carrollton 
Benderoth C. crockery, 380 Chartres, d.3 
Bendix Charlis, (Pierre, Lion &c Co.) 71 

Chartres, d. Conti n. Marais 
Bendix Sophia Mrs. 259 Frenchmen 
Bendle Simon, shoemaker, St. Anthony 
Bene F. oysters. New Levee, Jeff. City 
Bene Henry, wood, Gaivez n. St. Louis 

Bene John, furniture cart, 223 Custom- 
house n. Derbigny 
Bene J. boatman, St. Philip n. Prieur 
Benedick A. Mrs. nurse, 142 St. Peter, d. 2 
Benedict August, clerk, d. 665 Burgundy 
Benedict C Mrs. dressmaker. 111 Bienville 
Benedict & Co. (E. C. Benedict, E. P. 
Kolthj, Henry vV. Benedict,) exchange 
dealers, 1 Carondelet 
Benedict E. C. (Benedict Sf Co.)l Caron- 
Benedict Isidore, f, m. c. painter, 236 Ur- 
Benedict John W, clerk, d. 489 Dryades 
Benedict Jean Mrs. nurse, 402 Bourbon 

Benedict Joseph, cotton weigher, 42 Mag- 
Benedict Mary Mrs. 489 Dryades 
Benedict Mills, f. m. c. lab. 214 Derbigny 
Benedict Nathan, clothing. Magazine, un- 
der St. James Hotel 
Benedict N. clothing, 59 Front Levee, d. 1 
Benedict N. B. Dr. 459 Camp, d. Race c. 

Benedict Philip, collector, 80 St. Charles, 

d. Claiborne n. Common 
Benedict W. T. Mrs., Coliseum, bet. St. 

Mary and St. Andrew 
Betlediio'V. 43 Union, d. 3 
Beneke E. T. H. ( San-fi &,• Beneke) deco- 

rative painters, 63 St. Joseph 
Beneki? William, carpenter, 775 St.. Claude 
Benelaud J. grocer, 109 Barracks 
Benetaud Oscar, Dauphine c. Barracks 
Beneteau John, Bienville c. Royal. 
Beney Louis, tinsmith, 223 St. Claude, d.2 
Beney S. tailor, Seventh c. N. Levee 
Benezech Jules, clerk, 29 Bienville 
Bengel H., Magazine c. Josephine 
Benhen Sarah Mrs. dry goods, 461 Dry- 
Benika Wm. carpen'r,590 Dauphine, d. 3 
Beninger John, Perdido n. St. John 
Benigheusen August, shoemaker, 335 

Benit Henry, clerk, Toulouse c. Franklin 
Benit Jules, 93 Burgundy 
Benit Louise Mrs. 254 Orleans 
Benit N. 102 Orleans 
Benit Victor, 197 Claiborne, d. 2 
Benito Joseph, fruit, St. Philip c. Treme 
Benjamin Aleck, accountant, 82 Poydras 
Benjamin A. f. m. c. wagon maker, 57 

Benjamin B. Y. clerk, 228 Baronne 
Benjamin, Bonford & Finney (J. P. Ben- 
jamin, P. E. Bonford, John finney,) 
attorneys, 37 Camj) 
Benjamin D. B. accountant, 62 Camp, d. 

349 St. Charles 
Benjamin F. Mme. Planche n. Bernard 
Benjamin J. dry goods, 107 Union, d. 3 
Benjamin L. dry goods, 188 Josephine 
Benjamin, f. w. c. 56 Dauphine 
Benn Auguste, f. m. c. 306 St. Philip 
Benn John, furniture cart, 11 Johnson 

BEN 56 

Bennan Harman, grocery, Goodchildren 

c. Enghien 
Bennecke Wm. carpenter, 98 Conti 
Bunners T. laborer, 786 Dauphine, d. 3 
Benuet Alfred P. printer, 76 Camp 
Bennet Charles, oysters, 175 Dauphine 
Bennet Lazarus, 48 Spain 
Bennet Peter, cabs, 26 Race 
Bennet Peter, tailor, d. 199 Tchoupitoulas 
Bennet Thos. Belcastel n. Laurel, JefFer- 

son City 
Bennet T. laborer, St. Thomas n. St. Jane 
Bennett Archibald T. Front n. Notre 

Dame, d. Bayou road n. bridge 
Bennett A. jr. clerk, 54 Poydras 
Bennett B. T. K. (Bennett 8f Lurges,) d. 

iVlagnolia c. Erato 
Bennett C. D. baker, 37 Tchoupitoulas 
Bennett Eliza Mrs. 215 Liberty 
Bennett George, shoemaker, 69 Annuncia- 
Bennett James, 109 Erato 
Bennett Job, carpenter. Common n. Prieur 
Bennett John, painter, 205 Liberty 
Bennett J. shoemaker, Howard n. Gravier 
Hennett J. E. IVl rs. 513 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bennett J. J. c. h. St. Thomas n. Sora- 

Bennett, Francis Lurges,) 
New Orleans Foundry and 
Ornamental Ironworks, cor. 
Magnolia and Erato sts. , n . the 
Jackson R. B. Depot. Black- 
smithing and House Work in 
general. Vaults, Shutters, 
Doors, &c., made to order at 
short notice. Office No. 116 
Carondelet-st. near Poydras. 


Bennett Philip, butcher, 629 Annunciation 
Bennett P. butcher, 37 St. Mary's market 
Bennett Saml. J. accountant, Philip n. 

Bennett Sylvester, Fhenix Iron Works, 

Copernicus c. Front, Gretna 
Bennett Thomas, laborer, 10 Mandeville 
Bennett Walter, agent Singer's sewing ma- 
chines, 156 Canal, d. 287 Magazine 
Bennett W. ti. moulder 371 Baronne 
Bennett Yates J. clerk, 33 Camp 
Benoist, Shaw & Co, (L. Jl. Benoist, John 
R. Shaw, M. J. ^eicman, James Mur- 
phy,) bankers, 19 Camp 
Benoist L. A. (Benoist, Shaw 8f Co.) 19 

Benneville T. D. druggist, 101 Camp 
Benno Louis, tailor, 220 St. Peter 
Benoit A. 105 St. Charles 
Benoit Celeste, 387 Ursuline 
Benoit Charles, carpenter, 56 Bartholomew 
Benoit C. butcher, 28 St. Mary's market 
Benoit John Mrs 116 Independence 
Benoit Joseph, 121 Rampart, d. 2 

Benoit Octave, 3 Front Levee, d. 2 
Benoit Thomas E. music store, 70 Chartres 
Benour Charles, cooper, Carltn. 
Benot Laurente, warehouseman, 121 Bien- 
Bensadon Leah Mrs. 439 St Charles 
Bensadon J. Dr.,Touro Infirmary, Gaien- 

nie, c. N. Levee 
Bensel Adam, carpenter, Eighth c. Maga- 
Bensel Christian, tailor, 10 Treme 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, Laurel n. Sev- 
Bensel Henry, barkeeper. Market c. N. 

Bensel John, tailor, 366 Howard 
Bensel John, musician, Constance n. Sixth 
Bensel John, 512 Constance 
Bensen Diedrick, laborer, 11 Independence 
Benset Henry, barkeeper, North c. New 

Bensinger Jacob, carpenter. Magazine n. 

Austerlitz, Jefferson City 
Benson B. P. clerk, 131 Canal 
Benson Edwd. J. 29 Union, d. 3 
Benson Geo. branch pilot, 159 Gasquet 
Benson G. P. accountant, 21 Carondelet 

d. 128 Mandeville 
Benson H. musician, 544 Dauphine, d. 3 
Benson Jacob, carpenter. Magazine c. 

Austerlitz, Jefferson City 
Benson John H. 178 Spain 
Benson John, d. 165 Erato 
Benson John, tailor, Robertson n. Conti 
Benson M. E. Mrs. dress maker, 157 Canal 
Bent H. St. Charles n. Washington 
Bentel Fred. 29 Moreau 
Benlhuyscn, Lewis & Co. (Francis Van 
Bcnthuysen, C. F. Lewis, Ji. Monhei- 
mer, G. C. Kendall,) wholesale and 
retail dry goods, 121 Canal 
Bentill Charles, Claiborne c. St. Ann 
Bento Vincent L. Calliope n. Franklin 
Benton Erasmus W. com. mer. Lafayette 

c. N. Levee, d. 124 Robin 
Benton James, clerk, 115 Robin 
Benton James, Jefferson Hotel, Lake and 

Carrollton R. R. 
Bentz Adam, sawyer, 37 Congress 
Bentz John, 15 France 
Benussi B. Mrs. 304 Chartres 
Benz John, porter, ale, &c. 60 Marigny 
Benzel Christian H. (Schmalholz Sf Benzel,) 

69 Magazine 
Benzen Edw. carpenter, 29 Union 
Benzig Wm. carpenter, Algiers 
Beon A. Mrs. 191 Treme, d. 2 
Beonbay B. butcher, 5 and 7 Treme mkt 
Beonsema Dr. vineyard. Fourth n.Mary, 

Bepouey John, butcher, 28 Franch mar- 
ket, d. 242 Burgundy 
Ber Henry, grocer, 457 Royal, d. 3 
Ber Leon, grocer, 526 Dauphine, d. 3 
Ber Samuel, dry goods, 444 Chartres, d. 3 
Ber Wilhelm, 273 Marigny 
Berard F. Mrs. 446 Chartres, d. 3 


57 BER 

Berbcckcr J. 114 Camp 
Bercket Georf;e, 40 Burgundy, d. 2 
Berault St. Maurice, Magazine n. Sixth 
Bercciot John, school, 60 Frenchmen 
Borchher Charles, carpenter, Aix, Algiers 
Bercier Hubert L, bookkeeper, 64 St. 

Charles, d. 131 Esplanade 
Bercier Louise, 239 St. Ann 
Bercier Oscar, C H'. S. Wright &r Co.) 77 

Tchoupitoulas, d. 119 Barracks 
Bercier Fred. 66 France 
Berdon J. L. grocer, Mandcville, c. Dau- 

Berdon Bernard, grocer, 447 Chartres 
Berdon B. coal and wood yard, 131 Poy- 

Bere Michel, gardener, Conti n. woods 
Berenc Carl T. Port n. St. John Baptiste 
Berens C. F. 239 Orleans 
Bereta Jaques, drayman, 403 Dauphine,d. 3 
Berenger .Tohn, Marigny, c. Urquhart 
Berenger P. optician, 80 Customhouse, 

353 Derbigny 
Berg Antoine, grocer. Old Levee, c. Spain 
Berg Gustav, dry goods, 351 Dauphine 
B<'rg, J. dry goods, 204 Main 
Bcrgami Anroim^, Mrs. 93 Spain 
Bcrganii Joseph, 33 Villere 
Bergamini Alex, clerk, 91 Old Levee, d. 

1, d. St. Claude n. Ksplanade 
Bergan Edward, d. 182 Julia 
Bergensiock Chas. clerk, 358 0. Levee, d. 3 
BiM-gdolt Louis, shoemaker, 220 Union 
Berge Paul, c. h. 109 Basin, d. 1 
Berger Ernst, laborer, 178 Barracks 
Berge Eugene, grocer, 109 Conti 
Berger Fred, grocer, 56 St. Andrew 
Berger Frederick, Mrs. dry goods, 187 

Berger F. clerk, 46 Chartres 
Berger F. Dr. apothecaiy, 304 Tchou- 
Berger F. chemist, Tchoupitoulas n. Gai- 

Berger Hans, laborer, 6 Bagatelle 
Berger Joseph, slioe store, Poydras c. Peim 
Berger Jules, f. m. c. bricklayer, 69 Main 
Berger Paul, 344 Ksplanade 
Berger Peter, musician, 81 Bourbon 
Berger Peter B. engineer, d. 580 St. Claude 
Berger Peter P. engineer, 582 St. Claude 
Berger Pierre, shoemaker, 301 Ursulines 
Berger Thos. drayman, Liberty n. Jose- 
Berger Wm. 34 St. Anthony 
Bergeret Jean, grocer, 344 Rampart, d. 3 
Bergeron Emile, oysters, Louisiana Av. 

n Chippewa 
Bergerot A. cotton broker, Carondelet c. 

Bergcs Laurent, butcher, Poydras market, 

d. 72 Orleans 
Berges P. butcher, French market, d. 

Union n. Urquhart 
Bergey E. butcher, 2 Dryades market 
Bcrgery Eugene, Felicity n. Franklin 
Berggrcen Benj. 63 Eimire 

Berghaus G. H. St. Charles, c. Melpo- 
Bergin Daniel, laborer, 48 St. Thomas 
Bergin Edward, marble works, 182 Julia 
Bergin Jerry, driver, 515 Burgundy, d. 3 
Bergin Martin, laborer, 92 St. Jose])h 
Bergin Wm. furnished rooms, 174 Cus- 
Berginstock Charles, saddler, d. 137 Dau- 
Bergmann C. W. F. shoemaker, 41 Der- 

Bergmann G. F. Toulouse n. Roman 
Bergmann Henrietta Mrs., 307 Common 
Bergmann Josephine Mrs., 9 St. Anthony 
Bergmann Valentine, laborer, Urquhart 

n. Port 
Bergsen Carl, lab. Lafayette c. Howard 
Bergstuler Godfrey, laborer, 65 St. Philip 
Berigen James, laborer, 493 Royal, d. 3 
Berk Henry, laborer. Union c. St. John 

Berke Eugene, 249 Rampart, d. 2 
Berkery Bryan, cooper, Palmyra n. Ro- 
Berkry John, cooper, St. Jane n. Gravier 
Beringer Pierre, optician, 50 Chartres 
Berlic Joseph, saddler, 349 Orleans 
Berlin Julius, carp. Magnolia n. Thalia 
Berlin Pierre, butcher, 9 Dryades 
Berlucheau E. Robertson n. Main 
IJerly Frank, Camp n. Cadiz, Jeif. City 
Bcrly Susan Mrs. 560 Dauphine 
Bermel J. G. wig manufac. St. Charles 

Berkemeyer Henry, cooper, 26 Lesseps 
Berjean Fran<;ois, drayman, Urquhart n. 

Berminghani N. clerk, 151 Poydras 
Bermingham Edward, printer, 
Bermingham John, Constance n. Jackson 
Bermingham Thos. Mrs. 295 St. Louis 
Hermond E. tailor, 140 Orleans 
Bermond Pierre, trader, Villere c. Gasquet 
Bermond P. F. variety store, 235 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Bermond y Augustin, 119 Greatmen 
Bermoudy Augustus D. 119 Greatmen 
Bermudez Alexander C. 12 Greatmen 
Bermudez Bernard, d. 202 St. Philip 
Bermudez Domingo, 320 Burgundy 
Bermudez Edward, attorney, 146 Royal, 

d. 72 Frenchmen 
Bermudez Joachim, attorney, 146 Royal, 

d. 303 Dauphine 
Bermudez Jules, book keeper at Bank of 

America, d. 19 Montegul 
Bermudez Mary Mrs. f. w. c. 387 Dau- 

jihine, d. 3 
Bermudez Voltaire, f. m. c. drayman, 381 

Bermus Philip, Soraparu c. St. Thomas 
Bernadas Lewis, mattress maker, 54 Ur- 

Bcrnadel P. butcher, 29 Frenchmen 
Bernadner Benedict, tailor, 129 Liberty 
Bernadolte Victoire, f. w. c. 324 St. Peter 




Bernard Adolphe, garden seeds, 122 Char- 

B.-rnard Antoine, 233 Bourbon 
Bi-rnard Argus, marketman, 276 Constance 
Bi;niard Augusta, baker, Eiglith n. Laurel 
Bernard A. accountant, 67 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. 396 Rampart, d. 3 
Bernard A. H. clerk, 26 Magazine, d. 199 

Robertson, d. 2 
Bernard B. butcher, 67 Magazine 
Bernard Desire, 247 St. Philip 
Bernard K. L. Mrs. 101 Elysian Fields 
Bernard E. T. clerk, 47 Magazine 
Bernard Charles, carp. 292 Roman, d. 3 
Bernard Charles, shoemaker, 5 Annunci- 
Bernard Canova, 124 St. Peter 
Bernard Felix, milkman, Jena, n. Maga- 
zine, Jefferson City 
Bernard F. G. N. book keeper, 98 Union 
Bernard F. B. customhouse officer, d. 98 

Union, d. 3 
Bernard F. sugar broker, 15 Conti 
Bernard George, 10 Klysian Fields 
Bernard Gilbert, 117 Union, d. 3 
Bernard Henry, carpenter. Bayou road, 

n. Prieur 
Bernard Jacob, butcher, 3 Drvades mkt. 

d. Harmony n. Annunciation 
Bernard Joseph Mrs. 44 Congress 
Bernard Joseph, laborer, Willow n. Per- 

Bernard Joseph, fishmonger, 6 Bagatelle 
Bernard Jo. pilot, Jefferson City 
Bernard Josephine, f. w. c. 249 Marais,d.3 
Bernard Josephine Mrs. 80 Toulouse 
Bernard Lacoste, laborer, 346 Burgundy 
Bernard Leonidas, 6 Poydras mkt 
Bernard Leon, near the ferry, Algiers 
Bernard Louis, general book keeper State 

Bank of La. d. 396 Rampart, d. 3 
Bernard M. Mrs. artiste at French Opera, 

d. 141 Bourbon 
Bernard Marc, laborer, 355 St. Ann 
Bernard Marie, f.w.c. Roman n. Columbus 
Bernard Mary Ann Mrs. 145 Prieur 
Bernard Lodoiska, carp. d. 104 Euterpe 
Bernard Otto, furniture, 81 Basin, d. 1 
Bernard John Mrs. Kerlerec n. Galvez 
Bernard John A. lumberyard, d. 217 Der- 

bigney, d. 2 
Bernard T. B. abstract clerk at Custom- 
Bernard Theresa, 362 Derbigny, d, 3 
Bernard J. V. 56 Exchange Place 
Bernard 0. butcher, 12 French mkt 
Bernaid Peter, 365 Bourbon, d. 3 
Bernard Philip, clerk, 46 Poydras 
BiTuard Paul, clerk, 62 Royal 
Bernard P. Mrs. 119 Main 
Bernard P. V. coal dealer, 56 Exchange 

Place, d. 101 Elysian Fields 
Bernard S. feed store. New Levee c. Ninth 
Bernard Samuel, dry goods. Front n. Lou- 
Bernard Theodore M. oysters, 729 New 
Levee, d. 4 

Bernard William, carpenter, 78 Spain 
Bernard William, leather and findings, 47 

Bernard Xavier, feed store. Levee c. Ninth, 

d. 999 New Levee, d. 4 
Bernandi A. D. clerk, 119 Greatmen 
Bernauer Benedict, tailor, 129 Liberty 
Berne C. tobacco manufacturer, 91 Laurel 
Berner B. butcher, 8 St. Mary's mkt 
Earner M. Live Oak n. Austerlitz, Jeff. 

Barnes V. butcher, 4 Dryades mkt. d. Bor- 
deaux c. Laurel, Jeff. City 
Bernhardt Albert, laborer, Roman n. St. 

Bernhardt Charles, 157 Mandoville 
Bernhardt David, salesman, 98 Camp 
Bernhardt Henry, d. 271 St. Thomas 
Bernhardt Mathias, 125 Elysian Fields 
Bernhardt S. cigars. Levee c. Conti 
Bernhardt William, lab. Ill St. Anthony 
Bernheimer Simon, (Germbacher &( Bem- 

heimer,) dry goods, 227 St. Peter 
Bernholt John, warahousaman, 135 An- 
Bernholdt Peter, 120 St. Anthony 
Bernholtz Jonathan, 72 Louisa 
Berniard John, 172 Greatmen 
Berniard John Mrs. furnished rooms, 65 

Berniard Louia, jeweler, 148 Bourbon 
Berniard Louis C. night police, 65 Tou- 
Bernicha John, butcher, 37 Poydras mkt 
Bernichan Baptiste,butcher,89 French mkt 
Bernier Julia, 354 Annunciation 
Bernier Louisa, f. w. c. 231 Orleans 
Bernigroth M., Morales n. Cotton Press 
Berniol F. butcher, 71 French mkt. d. 

Jeff. City 
Bernius F. moulder, Philip n. Franklin 
Bernius P. moulder, Soraparu c. Fulton 
Bernuchaux Gustave, c. p. 254 Marais 
Bernos J. H district attorney for Plaque- 
mines, d. 263 Rampart, d. 2 
Bernos Louis, (Kearny, Blois &f Co.) d. 

103 Rampart, d. 2 
Bernoudy Augustin, 509 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bernoudy J. ship carpenter, Algiers 
Bernoudy J. Noel B. 256 Laurel 
Bernoville P. Mrs 247 Robertson 
Bernstein A. blacksniith, 64 St. Joseph 
Beroit Francis, carpenter, Uauphine c. 

Elysian Fields 
Beron Adam, Carrollton n. Station 
Berquier Ernest, 371 Rampart 
Bern James E. clerk, 153 Common 
Berregan Daniel, carpenter, 48 St. Thomas 
Berrigan James, laborer, 468 Royal, d. 3 
Berry F^d. laborer, 427 Charlres, d. 3 
Berry E. tinsmith, 241 Canal 
Berry Frank, stevedore, 42 Bagatelle 
Berry George, laborer, 461 Royal, d. 3 
Berry G. T. 90 Common, d. 232 Erato 
Berry George W., Dryades n. Felicity 
Berry Humphrey, screwman, 42 Thalia 
Berry Isaac, screwman, 130 Rousseau 

BER 59 


Berry James, cnrppnter, 17 Marigney 
Berry James M. 502 Royal, d. 3 
i Berry John, steward, 228 Levee, d. 3 
I Berry John, clerk, 210 LJasquet 
! B rry J. f. m. c. hari)er, St. Ann n.Galvez 
I Berry J. c. p. 383 Customhouse 
Berry L. S. elk. d. Joseplune n. St. Charles 
Berry M. J. 12 Dauphine 
Berry S. R. Mrs., Josephine n. St. Charles 
Berry T. A. engint^er Jackson R.R. depot 
Berry Wasiiington, en<;ineer, 392 Liberty 
Bersader Frank, lab. Urquhart n. Cotton 

Bersberger P. mechanic, 516 Rampart, d. 3 
Berss Henry, First n. Rousseau 
Berta F. apothecary, 30() Rampart, d. 2 
Berta Joseph, painter, 453 St. Ann 
Bertail J. M. Rev. 12 St. Anthony 
Bertel A. crockery, 19 Ursuliiie, d. 289 

Bertel Auguste, clerk, 82 Camp, d. 536 

Bertel John B. assistant teller Citizens' 

Bank, d. Felicity n. Constance 
Rertele G. Gardner, '25 St. John Baptist 
Bertelsen Henry, tinsmith, 337 Common 
Berthe Michael, milk, French n. Urquhart 
Bertheaud D. carp. d. Laurel c. Dufossat, 

Jert". City. 
Bertheaud H. Mrs., Adele n. River 
Bertheh John, 28 Dryades market 
Brrthel J. B. Felicity n. Laurel 
Bertiielot Emile, city police, 248 Burgundy 
Berthelot J. F. Washington n. Magazine 
Bertiielot M. Mrs., Washington n. Con- 
Berthelot W. H. Dr. 4 Baronne,d. Wash- 
ington 11. Magazine 
Berthencourt R. P. Algiers 
Berthier F. Dr. 121 St.' Peter 
Berthet, Alex, butcher, 125 St. Peter 
Berthoc Antoine, watch mkr. 100 Chartres 
Birthond William, Algiers 
B'-rtin Anna Mrs. 76 Congress 
Mertin Augustin, 793 Rampart, d. 3 
Bertin August, clerk at Mullen's 
Berlin A. city police, Louisa n. Rainpart 
Bertin Eugene, inspector of revenue, d. 95 

Berlin Henry, charcoal, 255 St. Philip 
Birtin J. 89 Louisa 

Berlin John B., Claiborne c. St. Philip 
Bi'rtin Nehemiah, customs inspector 
Berlin P. M. Mrs. 177 Claiborne 
Bertin P. butcher, 13 Dryadi-s market 
Berline Charles, carpenter, 0. R. R. depot, 

Birto F. bird cage maker, 155 Frenchinen 
Berto Thos. carp. Lyon n. Laurel, Jetf. 

Bcrtoli Joseph (Mizzi &c Berloli,) 87 Old 

Levee, d. 2, d. 100 Hospital 
Berloli Nicholas, 79 Love 
B.-rtolo K. cigar maker 354 St. Philip 
Bertolo Madagascar, 85 Villerc 
Berlon" G. city ptilice, 362 M lin 
Uertoiiiere Feiia, Gentilly rcid n. woods 

Bertonneau Arnold, "Republican" c. h. 

340 Burgundy 
Bertonneau Eugene, 327 St. Philip 
Bertonneau Louis Mrs. 410 St. Claude d. 3 
Bertonniere A. gardener. Seventh n. Adele 
Bertonniere Edmond, gard. Grand Route c. 

Bertonniere Telisfor, n Bayou bi'idge 
Berloulin Felix, grocer and com. mer. 101 

Old Le\ ,d 2,d. 313 Esplanade, d. 2 

Berloulin Victor, 120 Ursulines 
Bertoux M. Mrs. 228 Dauphine 
Bertrand Benjamin, Mandeville n. Prosper 
Bertrand Celeste, f. w. c. 300 Washington 
Bertrand Charles, bread shop, 91 Anthony 
Bertrand Dominique, tailor, 844 Maga- 
zine, d. 4 
Bertrand F. carp. 253 Robertson 
Bertrand John E. com. mer. 308 St. Ann 
Bertrand Joseph, f. m. c. cigar maker, 200 

Bertrand Lorenzo, Conde c. Main 
Bertrand Myrthe, Canal c. Basin 
Bertrand Osivio, cigars, 381 Marais. d. 3. 
Bertrand Peter, 26 St. Bi-rnard 
Bertrand Placidi' Mrs. 225 Main 
Bertrand P. butcher, d. Laurel n. Lafay- 
ette av. Jeff. City. 
Bertrand P. A. chemist, 20 Louisa, d. 61 

Bertrand S. butcher, 20 Dryades market 
Bertrand Victor, elk. d. 242 Customhouse 
Bertrand Victor, dry goods, Patterson, Al- 
Bertuch John, vegetables, 221 Melpomene 
Bertus Alfred, clerk, 116 Common 
Bertus Victor, dork, 322 St. Claude 
Berwax Jose|ih, bulcli. Tonti n. Ursuline 
Berwin Manheim, clothing, 4 Front Levee, 

d. 2 
Berwin Simon, 98 Rampart, d. 1 
Berygan Martin, laborer, 94 St. Joseph 
Besch P. D. clerk, 421 Burgundy, d. 3 
Besdiek John, shoemaker, 112 St. Mary 
Beshe J. B. carpenter, St. Philip n. Broad 
Besing August, ship carpenter, 192 Spain 
Besler Jacob, coffee house, 78 Franklin 
Besnard .foseph, pilot, Jeff. C'ity 
Besnier Mary, milliner, 282 Royal 
Bessec Jules, painter, 153 Hospital 
Bessec Marie, shoemakir, 153 Hospital 
Bessec Paul, Bienville n.Treine 
Bessin A. Mrs. dressmaker, 212 Esplanade 
Bessin Francis, mustard mkr. 117 St. Ann 
Bessler Xavier, shoeniiiker, 42 Union, d. 3 
Bessmann F". jtedler, 311 Common 
Bessoii Frank, carpenter, 142 St. Philip 
Best William, ]iainter, d. 415 Liberty 
Beste William, com. mer. 122 Basin, d. 1 
Bestle John, coffee house, 15 Lafayette 
Betan Melendez L'. 40 Fiagai.-lle, 
Betancourt Prof. J. Tivoli Circle 
lieianconrt Simon Mrs. 83 Clouet 
\i,uxt Achille, b()okkeei)er,d. 186 St. Philip 
Beibezi; Wm. butcher, 33 St. Mary's mkt 
Bethaiicourt Jean, 53 Columbus 
B''iliajicourt P. P. ship carpenter, Algiers 




Betrix J. last maker, 139 Hospital 
Betterton W. G. (Eaton S( Betterton) N. 

Levee c. Common, d. 272 Baronne 
Hettinger F. A. (James Puech 8f Co.) d. 

350 Bienville 
Bettman John, milk, 193 Poet 
Belts E. Mrs., Jackson n. Prytania 
Betz John, dry goods and groceries, Levee 

c. Madison, Carrollton 
Betz John P. 94 New Levee 
Betz Mary Ann, 39 Frenchmen 
Betz M. barber, 81 Notre Dame 
Betz N. Jefferson City 
Betz R. Levee c. Madison 
Betzer Martin, blacksmith, 114Marais,d.2 
Betzler X. 70 Levee 
Beugnot Dr., Burgundy c. St. Louis 
Beuschel George, 180 St. Thomas 
Beuschel John" G. shoemaker, 153 Chip- 
Beuhch Victoria Mrs. dairy, Terpsichore 

c. Locust 
Beumer William, laborer, 64 Commerce 
Beulich Bernard, milkman, d. Terpsichore 

c. Locust 
Beussing William, lab 12 Lynch 's Row 
Beutelsbacher Edwd. florist, 353 St. Ann 
Beuter Frank, printer, 102 Poydras 
Bevan George, brass founder, 335 New 

Levee, d. 259 Carondelet 
Bevan George, shoemaker, 88 Gravier 
Bevan Patrick, lab. 106 Guiennie 
Bevan Wm. Mrs. 193 Julia 
BeverMargaret Mrs 310 Annunciation 
Bever Nicholas, drayman, 86 Louisa 
Beverly C. B. atty. 16 Ex. Place, d. 337 

Bevers Charles, basket maker, 242 Mag- 
Beves Anthony, butcher, 51 St. Mary's 

Bevington Wm., Common n. Derbigny 
Revis John, carpenter, Jttff. City 
Bewerung L. dairy, Louisiana c. Baronne 
Bewick Francis, baker, Jeff. City 
Bewick Wm. barber, Jeff. City 
Bexar G. c. h. 97 Foucher 
Beyer Adams, Leonidas c. Fourth, Car- 
Beyer Ernest, accountant, 93 O. Levee, d. 2 
Beyer M. musician, 142 Burgundy 
Beyelle John E. com. mcr. and consul of 

New Grenada, 31 Gravier 
Bey Peter, Sixth n. Fulton 
Bezou H. clerk, 19 Toulouse, d. 144 Main 
Bezy P. locksmith, 127 Ursulines 
Biaaccabe Alexander, elk. 65(). Levee, d. 2 
Biagioni Vincent, Lion c. Adams, Carltn 
Biami Joseph, f. m. c. shoemaker, 212 

St. Louis 
Bianchi John B. 283 Treme 
Bianchi Joseph Capt. 43 Elmira 
Bianchi N. crockery, 7 Annunication 
Bianchini L. A. Dr. 83 Bourbon 
Biant Madaline, Prieur n. St. Ann 
Bias Edward, f. m. c. porter, 183 Marigny 
Biantz Joseph, carpenter, 202 St. LOuis 


Bibas D.c. h. 172 Julia 

Bibby David, screwman, 271 Chippewa 

Bibb Wilson (Bradley, Wilson &f Co.) 62 

Bibby I. G. stock, note and exchange 

broker, 37 Carondelet 
Bibent N. 9 Exchange Place 
Bibes Jean M. barber, 524 St. Claude, d. 3 

Western Bible Society, 163 

Bichard Jules, marble cutter, 168 St. Louis 
Bicheto M. cigar maker, 427 Bourbon, d. 3 
Bichler Charles, elk. (J^orth, Duthil &c Co.) 
Bichler G. B. barber, Levee n. French 
Bichler Jacob, lab. 826 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bick Henry, carpenter. Vine n. Julia 
Bickam J. C. assistant resident surgeon, 

Charity Hospital 
Bickford Charles, lab. 158 Tchoupitoulas 
Bicknell A. Mrs. Third n. Laurel 
Bicknell S. W. clerk, 82 Common 
Bicket Francis, sailor, Chartres n. French 
Biclet Fran9ois Capt. d. Chartres n. Les- 

Bicto John, c. h. Dryades c. Melpomene, 

d. 275 Melpomene 
Bidault Antoine, 98 Ursuline 
Bidault Alexander (C. A. Morel ^ Co.) 

cotton broker, 26 Carondelet 
Bidas Daniel, c. h. Magazine c. Julia 
Bideau E. clerk, 155 Canal 
Bidegary J. cist. mkr. 514 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bidele B. tinsmith, 256 Tchoupitoulas 
Bidesire Eugene, 35 Annette 
Bidwell David, "Phoenix," c. h. 96 St. 

Bidwell H. western produce and com. 

mer. 43 Hoydras, d. 110 Melpomene 
Bie Charles, b. h. 49 Front Levee, d. 3 
Bie George, Solidelle n. Mandeville 
Bieber C. Mrs., midwife, Thalia n. 

Bieber George, c. h. 346 Tchoupitoulas 
Bieber N. Mrs., Mandeville n. Solidelle 
Biechel Vadaline, Seventh n. Fulton 
Biedenkafter Eleanora Mrs. grocer, 3 

North market 
Biegnaski Edward, St. John's bridge 
Biegel M. shoemaker, 2 Poydras 
Bieber Charles J. carpenter, 75 Felicity 
Biehler Charles, elk. d. 367 Burgundy, d.3 
Bichler D. confectioner, 276 Rampart 
Biehler Jacob, lab. 826 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bienaimee B. 413 Villere, d. 3 
Bienaimee Joseph, tailor, 18 Beigatelle 
Bientz Joseph, carpenter, 130 Conti 
Bienvenu A. broker, 123 Common, d. 359 

Dauphine. d. 3 
Bienvenu Albert, 84 Hospital 
Bienvenu Alexander, New Carrollton 
Bienvenu Alfred, dye shop, 126 Hospital 
Bienvenu Aristide, 123 Common, d. 189 






Bienvenu A. D. Cadiz, Jeff. City 
Bienvenu A. E. notary public, 46 Ex- 

chan^o Placi', d. 161 Esplanade 
Bienvenu Charles, atty. at law, Exchange 
alley, c. Customhouse, d. 110 Bur- 
Bienvenu Charles, 473 St. Charles 
Bienvenue Cyrille Mrs. 3.30 Bnrg'dy, d. 3 
Bienvenu C. F. d. 88 Burgundy 
Bienvenu Delphin, clerk. Union Bank, d. 

Claiborne n. Common 
Bienvenu F. A. clerk, 169 Cana 
Bienvenu F. M. d. 138 Royal 
Bienvenu Guichard, 170 Royal 
Bienvenu Louis, 20 Poydras market 
Bienvenu Napoleon Mrs. 11 St. Anthony 
Bienvenu Ncwville,319 Bourbon 
Bienvenu Placide A. .leff. City 
Bienvenue Placide, 50 Camp, d. 88 Bur- 
Bienvenu'R. D. Mrs. 471 St. Charles 
Bienvenue T. dep. constable, Carrollton 
Bienville Street School, Bienville c. Rob- 
Bier Christian, agent, plumber, &c. La- 
fayette, under Odd Fellows Hall 
Bier Christian, 05 Camp, d. 349 Erato 
Bier C. carpenter, .Tackson R. R. depot. 
Bier Henry, 151 Julia, Grand Sec'ry. of 

Odd Fellows, at 0. F. Hall 
Bier HiMiry, d. 7 Terpsichore 
Bier Joseph, tailor, N. Levee n. Fourth 
Bier Samuel, 41 Conti 
Hiera Franc^ois Mrs. 507 St. Claude, d. 3 
Bierber N Mrs., Mandeville n. Solidelle 
Bierbier Carl, shoemaker, 93 Mandeville 
Bierhorst Henry, 85 Piety 
Bierhorst, Hermann H. 6 St. Ferdinand 
Bierhorst J. F. shoemaker, 698 Dauphine, 

d. 3 
Bierman A. lab. 108 Market 
Bierchwale Charles, cabinet maker. First 

c. N. Lev(>e 
Bierra L. D. bricklayer, 195 Marais, d. 2 
Bierwald Mathias, 150 Royal 
Biessenberger J. musician, 22 Union, d. 3 
Bicter H. foundryman, 8'!9 Rampart, d. 3 
Bietry John, contractor, 479 Main 
Bigelow W. H. clerk, 75 St. Charles, d. 

Freret Cotton Press 
Biger Joseph, carpi'nter,379 Hospital 
Bigeurier Mary R. Mrs. Perdido n. Clara 
Bigger Charles, carpenter, d. 398 Basin 
Bigger Charles J. carp. 310 Ti^'rnsichore 
Bigger John R. carp. 310 Terpsicliore 
Bighiiet Gotleil), bakery, 102 Desire 
Bigler E. F. printer, d." 286 Clio 
Biggs F. L. finisher, Fivnt n. Clio 
Biggs VVm. lab. 412 Old Levee, d. 3 
Bignet M. Mrs. 202 Bourbon 
Bigny M. F. ( irUson &,- Bigney,) 132 Poy- 
dras, d. 175 Baronne 
Bignon A. F-. book keeper, Factor's Row, 

36 P<-rdido 
Bignon Emile J. broker, d. 349 Carondelet 
Bigot S. Mrs. girls' school, 196 Canal 
Bigot Theo. M. artist, 203 .Murais, d. 2 

Bigot Theo. F. jr. 180 Canal 
Bigourdan Octave, 158 Barracks 
Bigue John M. butcher, 8 Dryadcs mkt 
Biguenet John, clerk, 91 Marigny 
Biher Andreas, baker, 115 Poet 
Bihler Jedediah, 155 Barracks 
Bihler Thoinas, barkeeper, 20 Mazant 
Bijou J. B. f. m. c. St. Ann n. Villere, 
Bijou Louis, f. m. c. brickl'yr, 158Galvez 
Bijou Margaret, f. w. c. 219 Galvez 
Bijouter Wm. drayman, St. Mary n. Camp 
Bila Mariana, oysters, 202 Bienville 
Bilac Bernard, dairy, Terpsichore n. Lo- 
Bidding Thomas, 27 Hospital 
Bilger Charles, c. h. Toulouse c.Burgundy 
Bilger Joseph, grocer, 823 Rampart, d. 3 
Bill Wm. machinist, Freret n. Erato 
Billard Henry, carpenter, 52 Toulouse 
Billapes Pedro, lab. 57 North market 
Billard Kornel, drayman, 31 Josephine 
Billand W. A. Mrs. 51 St. Anthony 
Billaud H. printer, 65 Union, d. 3 
Billand L. C. A. soap fac. Klys. Fields c. 

Celestine, d. 304 Frenchmen 
Billaud Jo.seph, 357 Dauphine, d. 3 
Billed Charles, baker, 157 Spain 
Billings Geo. lab. 454 Tchoupitoulas 
Billinsin James, coppersmith, 341 Mag- 
Bellman Mike, dairy, Dryades n. Jackson 
Billro Fiverico, Urquhart n. Frenchmen 
Bills James, printer, 312 Calliope 
Bills W. A. (S. S. CaUender Sf Co.) d. 358 

Biloc Victoria, dairy, 201 Terpsichore 
Bilstein H. G. gent. 39 Front 
Binasconi P. Mrs. d. 87 St. Peter 
Binaud Ed. bell hanger, 93 Rampart, d. 1 
Bineadello Andreas, lab. 24 Burgundy 
Binder George (Jivegno, Binder Sf Co.) 

24 Carondelet, d. 175 St. Claude 
Bindernaffle E. clerk, 117 Canal 
Binderna^He Wm. tailor, 213 St. Louis 
Bineesi Bt>rnardo, 173 Franklin 
Binell Levy, clothier, 216 New Levee 
Binet F. c. h. Levee c. Bartholomew 
Bingaman A. L. 136 Customhouse 
Bingaman Amelia, f. w. e. 56 Gasquet 
Bingaman Henrietta, f. w. c. 62 Gasquet 
Bingaman John, steward, 129 Orleans 
Binney Archibald, St. Andrew, c. Camp 
Binney Archibald, clerk, 109 Levee, d. 3 
Binney Henry, laborer, 341 Carondelet 
Bins Juan, lottery vender, 218 Dauphine 
Binlon Wm. L. customhouse officer 
Binvignat James, cook, 14 Franklin, d. 2 
Bioren L. Mrs. 418 St. Charles 
Biossat F. A. clerk, St. Mary n. Laurel 
Biraben J. M. butcher, 170 St. Pliilip 
Birch Henry, vegetables, 172 Union, d. 3 
Bird Aaron, clerk, 17 Royal, d. Claiborne 

n. Gasquet 
Bird Alfred, seaman, 4 Mandeville 
Bird Henry, acci. Gravier c. Carondelet 
Bird Louis, 446 Royal, d. 3 
Bird Samuel H. plast.rer, 204 Chippewa 




Biret J. tailor, St. Louis n. Roman 
BirettP R. F. tailor, 51 Orleans 
Birill Wm. upholstery, Adele n. Rosseau 
Birk B. shoemaker, 198 Delord 
Birkenstock J. tailor, 102 Franklin 
Birmin2;ham Michael, lab. 75 Chippewa 
Birnbaum J. Adams' express, 96 Camp 
Biron James, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Biron .lean Marie, clerk, 343 Common 
Biron P. S. atty. at law and notary public, 

13 St. Peter, d. 34 History 
Birula Frank, lab. Urquhart n. Frenchmen 
Bisa A. c. h. Red Store, Levee, d. 2 
Bisa John, dry goods, Red Store, Front 

Loeve, d. 2 
Bisbee Chester, Magazine n. Harmony 
Bisbee C. W. 54 late 26 New Levee 
Bisbee D. W. F. (Chas. F. Manter S( Co.) 

justice of the peace, d. Gretna 
Bisbee Hilson, coppersmith, d. 374 How- 
Bisbee Wm. engineer, 307 Calliope 
Bischof Geo. boot and shoemaker, 257 

Bischof John, clerk, 12 Canal, d. Laurel 

n. Sixth 
BischoffGeo. barber, 10 Hospital 
Biscoe&Simms, (B. Biscoe, Thos. Simm^,) 

wholesale grocers, 15, 17 and 19 New 

Levee, and 13, 15 and 17 Fulton 
Biscoe Daniel, laborer, 72 Constance 
Biscoe D. C. hardware, 14 Magazine, d. 

72 Constance 
Bishop Daniel C. 14 Magazine 
Bishop Eliza Mrs. 197 Clio 
Bishop John, laborer, 68 St. Joseph 
Bishop John, clerk, 13 Poydras 
Bishop Samuel L. boiler maker, 9 Race, 

d. 30 Orange 
Bishop W. J. (Jl. Thomson Sf Co.) 48 

Tchoupitoulas n. Natchez 
Bisland John J. 87 Magazine 
Bissiere J. tailor, 29 Bourbon 
Bissingor J. carpenter, 131 Old Levee, d. 8 
Bistes H. Bayou St. John 
Biteau F. 314 St. Philip 
Biteau Mary Louis, f. w.c. 424Burffundv. 

d. 3 b J-' 

Bittal B. carpenter, 91 Louisa 

Bitter Frederick, cigar maker. New Levee 

n. Eighth 
Bitter H. blacksmith, 839 Rampart 
Bitter Joseph, laborer, 121 Poet 
Bitter Joseph, grocer, Marengo c. Laurel, 

JeiTerson City 
Bitters Joseph, Morales c. "Washington 

Bitterwolf George, 229 Spain 
Bitterwolf H. harness mkr. 22 Frenchmen 
Bitterwolf Xavier, sr. 22 Frenchmen 
Bittle Robert, 214 Erato 
Bixler Adeline Mrs. 369 Basin, d. 1 
Bize Laurent, grocer, 433 Bourbon, d. 3 
Blache Adolphe, 311 Chartres 
Blache A. clerk, 71 Esplanade 
Blache Ernest, f. m. c. shoemaker, 11 


Blache Gustave, 311 Chartres 

Blache Henry, clerk, 311 Chartres, d. 18 

St. Anthony 
Blache John E. (G. Leaumonl, Blache Sf 

Co.) 69 Chartres, d. 71 Esplanade 
Blache J. N. 95 Marigny 
Blache Louis Dr. 311 Chartres 
Blache Martin, attorney, 50 Exchange 

place, d. 311 Chartres 
Blache Mary Jane, f. w. c. 1 Claiborne, d.2 
Hlache Octave, Bienville n Dorgcnois 
Blache Paul, 86 Poydras, 311 Chartres 
Black A. G. clerk, 41 Natchez 
Black C. B. Mrs.. Magazine n Robin 
Black Charles, deputy jailor. City Hall 
Black & Byington, fC/iaries Black, J. S. 

Byington,) cotton factors and com. 

mers. 7 Carondelet 
Black C. E. clerk, 39 Natchez 
Black Daniel Mrs. 325 Rampart, d. 3 
Black Geo. carpenter, d. .328 Thalia 
Black Geo. P. & Co. (Geo. P. Black, A. 

H. Chalmera,) com. mers. 81 Gravier, 

d. 285 St. Mary 
Black & Holtz, (F. Black, C. C. Holtz,) 

copper, tin and sheet iron workers, 

110 Poydras 
Black James, mechanic, 61 Gasquet 
Black James, clerk, 44 Constance 
Black John, levee elk. d. First c. Rousseau 
Black John, clerk, 122 Camp 
Black J. W. clerk, 11 Covington landing, 

New Basin 
Black Robert, printer, 48 Magazine 
Black R. Y. (R. W. Estlin &r' Co.) cotton 

fact, and com. mer. d. Magazine n 

Black Rosanna Mrs. 81 St. J'oseph 
Black Thos. J. stevedore, d. 339 Melpo- 
Black Thos. f. m c. barber, 127 Liberty 
Black W. S. (fV. M. Burruss &r Co.) 12. 

New Levee, d. 119 Prytania 
Black W. C. (W. A. Violett &r Co.) 49 

Blackamore C. laborer, 33 Marigny 
Blackburn N. C. printer, 221 Julia 
Blackfoot James, 136 Erato 
Blackman J. W. teacher, 145 Carondelet 

E. Blackmar, H. C. Black- 
mar,) Wholesale and Retail 
Dealers in Pianos, Music, and 
Musical Merchandise, 74 

Blacksmith A., Carondelet walk n. Broad 
Blackwell A. L. Mrs. 222 Annunciation 
Hlackwell Robt. acct. d. 98 Rampart, d. 1 
Blade Alexander, laborer, 110 Foucher 
Blade Malachy, weigher, 22 Foucher d. 

New Levee 
Blades L. B. western produce, 34 Gravier 
Blady Paul L. barkeeper, d. 280 Common 




BLAESE H. & CO., (H. Blaese, 
Louis Redei',) Fancy and 
Family Grocery Store, corner 
Koyal and Toulouse streets; 
constantly on hand a fine as- 
sortment of Wines, Liquors, 
Cognac, Preserves, Tea, 
Coffee, Sugar, Cheese, and 
every other article in the 
Grocery Line, Wholesale and 

BLAFFER & CO., (John and J. 
A. Blaffer, P. Reber,) Toys, 
Fancy Articles, Children's 
Carriages, Baskets, French, 
China and Bohemian Glass- 
ware, Wholesale and Retail, 
No. 22 Chartres. 

BlaftVr J. A. (Bluffer &f Co.) d. 17 Marais, 

Rlai Charlos, lilacksmith, 303 Hospital 
Blair l"),iniel, superiuti-iidont wat(>r works, 

3fi Dryadi'sd. .Tacksoii n. Carondelet 
Blair E. S" Mrs. 93 Froiichmon 
Hiair Geo. tailor, 188 Rampart, d. 1 
Blair P., Coiiti bet. Robertson and, Clai- 
Blair Thomas, clerk, d. 231 Annunciation 
Blaise D. vegetables, 29 Treme market 
Blaise .Tohn, tailor, 413 Bayon road 
Blake A. f. m.c. ste'dore, 192 St. Thomas 
Blake John, laborer, 330 Basin 
Blake Patrick, clerk, 93 Magazine, d. 182 

Magnolia, d. 82 Magnolia 
Blake Patrick, laborer, 623 Rampart, d. 3 
Blake & Tower, (Thos X. Blake, L. F. 

Tower,) house goods, Customhouse 

c. Old Levee 
Blake Thomas, tailor, 221 Tchoupitoulas 
Hlakeley Hannah Mrs. 19 Franklin 
Ijlakcley .Trtsrph, shoe store, 198 Baronne 
Blakely A. R. clerk, 71 Camp 
Blakely James D. ( Tinnell &c Co.) 99 and 

100 Canal, d. 198 Baronne 
RIakily John, St. John n. Common 
Blakely Peter, clerk, 298 St. Louis 
Blakeman C. H. salesman, 57 Common 
Blakeney Robert, ( Lency &f Blakeney,) 

coppersmiths, 104 Fulton 
Blak.ney W. (Brnrsler, Blakeney ^ Co.) 

104 Fulton, d. Calliope n. Annun. 
Blakesley Edw. blacksmith, 42 Poyfarre 

ter Barr,) Steam Marble 
Works, etc., Tombs, Monu- 
ments, Tomb Slabs, and Mar- 
ble Work of all descriptions 
made to order, also Marble 
Mantles and Grates, 141 Poy- 

Blakesley H. sr. sexton Protestant Cem- 
etery, Girod c. Franklin 
Blakesley H. jr. marble worker, 141 Poy- 

d ras 
Blakesley S. marble worker, 141 Poydras 
Blakley E. carriage maki^-, 40 S'. Joseph 
Blakeway Wm. s'.eward, 171 Port 
Blanc Alexander, prof. Jesuit's college 
Blanc Bernard, elk, l.")2 Chartres 
Blanc Jas. A. d. 21.^) Esplanade 
Blanc Jean L. E. Bayou St. John 
Blanc .lules A. bricks, 247 Julia, d. 136 

Blanc J. Mrs., Tonfi n. St. Ann 
Blanc Louis, loan office, 47 Conti 
Blanc Lewis, jeweler, 171 Dauphine 
Blanc L. C. second teller Branch Bank 
Blanc Macilin, Martin, 41 French market 
Blanc Marguerite, f. w. c. Bayou bridge 
Blanc Paul, vegetables, 21 St. Mary's irik't 
Blanc Paul, teller Louisiana Stale Bank, 

d. Marais n. Kerlerec 
Blanc V. carpenter, 272 Esplanade 
Blancand B. carpenter, 219 Morales 
Blancand J. P. ( Turcot t 8f Blancand,) St. 

Ann c. Chartres 
Blancand & Guitet, (G. P. Blancand, J 
Guitel,) shoe store, 2.')4 Royal c. Main 
Blanch T. wood yard, 279 Mam 
Blanchard Albert G. sec'y N. 0. & C. R. 
R. Co. 15 ';i Baronne, d. Austerlitz, 
c. Live Oak, Jeff. City 
Blanchard A. Mrs. 158 Carondelct 
Blanchard Bentley S. express wagon, Cy- 
press n. Claiborne 
Blanchard B. butcher, 45 French market 
Blanchard Chas. (Blanchard W. Sf Co.) 60 

Blanchard Celeste , f. w. c. 234 Conti 
Blanchard Desire, 106 Conti 
Blanchard J. Mrs. 82 Orleans 
Blanchard P. Dr. dentist, 88 Royal 
Blanchard Peter, caulk. 583 Oauphine, d. 3 
Blanchard Th. Baily, 8 Royal, d. 122 

Blanchard Th. Baily, jr. com. mer. 27 

Old Levee, d. 122 Conti 
Blanchard Valery, 228 Kampart, d. 2 
Blancher Ulysse, drayman, Annette c. 

Blanchet Arthur, accountant, l.'>5 Canal 
Blanchet Mrs. dress maker, 287 Chartres 
Blanchet Prosper, grocer, Dauphine c. 

Blanchfield P. carpenter, 20 Religious 
Blanchin & Giraud (C. Blanchin, .Intoine 

Giraud,) grocers, 71 Old Levee 
Blanck Charles, Conti c. Roman 
Blanck Jos. cisterns, 245 Claiborne, d. 2 
Blanck Louis, clerk, 99 Magaznie 
Mlanco Pedro, c. h. St. Charles c. Poydras 
Bland Benjamin, clerk, 151 Common, d. 

90 Constance 
Bland Henry, Cadiz n. Live Oak, Jeffer- 
son City 
Bland Samuel, f. m. c. drayman, Felicity 
n. Howard 




Bland Thomas, f. m. c. drayman, 358 

Bland in A. grocer, Marigny c. Royal, 

Blan«y Charles, oysters, 63 New Levee 
Blaney Joseph, 8 Front Levee, d. 88 Inde- 
Blang B. shoemaker, 289 Tchoupitoulas 
Blank Hy. tinsmith, N. Levee n. Soraparu 
Blank Joseph, marble cutter, 90 Exchange 

Blank Patrick, carpenter, d. 47 Religious 
Blanke C, Lassner M. & Diensh A. 

manuf. 431 St. Charles 
Blanke Charles, carpenter, 215 Calliope 
Blanke C. dentist, 433 St. Charles 
Blankenbach J. L. plumber, Patterson, 

Blanque Paulin, 273 Ursulines 
Blardone B. glass, 19 Jefferson 
Blartz Jacob, clerk, 419 Dryades 
Bias Antrew, clerk, 10 Pontalba build- 
ings, St. Ann 
Bias A. 15 Basin, d. 2 
Bias Jules, barber, Villere n. Orleans 
Blasco Eugene, 28 Conti, d. 255 Chartres 
Blasco Manuel, inspector, d. 255 Chartres 
Blasco W. C. 467 Bourbon, d. 3 
Blass G. A. barkeeper, d. First n. Maga- 
Blass Jacob, shoemaker, d. 204 Baronne 
Blatzaker Ludwig, Josephine n. Chippewa 
Blaz Christian, drayman, d. Prosper n. 

Blazi Charles, jeweler, 53 Chartres 
Blazi Herman, laborer, 191 Poet 
Blazini Sylvester, c. h. Toulouse c. Ram- 
Bleakley E. carriage maker, 40 and 42 St. 

Bleakley George, 103 Rampart 
Bleeker Martha, White n. Josephine 
Bleind John, laborer, 61 Levee, d. 3 
Bleker E- painter, 426 Felicity 
Blen Joseph, Peter n. Bouny, Algiers 
Blonahan Tim. mate, 475 Royal, d. 3 
Blenderman Christian, Mrs. 278 Baronne 
Blenderman Hannah Mrs., Melpomene n. 

Blenke August, cooper, 256 Front Levee 
Blennan Thomas, laborer, Thalia c. Levee 
Blessey Emanuel, com. mer. 74 Poydras, 

d. 281 Carondelet 
Blessey F. carpenter, Jefferson City 
Blessing Samuel T. (^inderson Sf Blessing,) 

61 Camp 
Bleton Charles, d. 40 Frenchmen 
Bjpuler Hy. printer, 70 Camp 
Bleuler John, warehouseman, d. 268 

Bley Charles, upholsterer, 205 Common 
Bley F. shoemaker, Gasquet c. Galvez 
Bleyman C. western produce, 40 Tchou- 
pitoulas, d. 76 St. Anthony 
Bliesath Rud. grocer, Jackson c. Dryades 
Blind John, fruits, 61 Levee, d. 3 
Blind Michael, tailor, 207 Common 

Confectioners, lee Cream, 
Sherbets, Fresh Fruits of the 
Seasons, Chocolate, etc. 
Everything in their line pre- 
pared for Parties at the short- 
est notice. Canal street, cor. 
Bourbon; and Branch on 
Royal, cor. St. Louis. 

BLINEAU JOHN B. cor. Royal 
and St. Louis. 

BLINEAU JULES, cor. Canal 
and Bourbon. 

Blineau Oliver, planter, 79 St. Ann 
Blinz J. tailor, St. Anthony n. Josephine 
Blique Charles, 332 Villere, d. 3 
Blober G. drayman, Jersey, Jeff. City 
Block Aaron, laborer, 294 Thalia 
Block Aaron, 146 St. Philip 
Block Auguste, pedler, 230 Bayou road 
Block & Jonas (Augustus Block, J. J. Jo- 
nas,) tobacco agency, 97 Gravier, d. 
179 Jackson 
Block Daniel, vegetables, d. 323 Clara 
Block David, Baronne c. Gravier 
Block K. grocer, Ursuline c. Bourbon 
Block Fred. ship. carp. Decatur, McD 
Block Henry A. book keeper, 35 Caron- 
Block & Co. (Henry Block, James M. 
McCandlish,) grocers, 28 Common, 
and 48 Canal 
Block H. clerk, 75 Carondelet 
Block John, laborer, 368 St. Philip 
Block John T. public gauger, 123 Old 

Levee, d. 2 
Block John T. grocer, 260 Gravier, d. 130 

Block Joseph, poultry. Laurel n. Sixth 
Block Julia Mrs. 250 Ratnpart, d. 1 
Block L. 186 Dryades 
Block Mary, 238 Common 
Block Malhias, 168 St. Philip 
Block, McAffee & Co. (Joseph Block, Mad- 
ison McAffee, J. P. Eggleston, Charles 
H. Jonas,) cot. factors and com. mers. 
6 Union 
Block R. D., Bienville n. Royal 
Block S. (Schwartz, Kaufman &r Co.) 27 

Chartres, d. 105 Rampart, d. 2 
Block Thomas, painter, 213 Rampart, 

d. 1 
Block S. grocery, Lafayette c. Dryades 
Block S. Mrs. 158 Hospital 
Block Simon, d. 105 Rampart, d. 2 
Blocker James Y. attorney, 26 Commer- 
cial place 
Bloemer Henry, grocery, 29 St. Thomas 
Blohm Henry Capt. 432 Main 
Blohm John, clerk, 223 Tchoupitoulas 
Bloe Jules, carpenter, Alex, Algiers 
Blois Charles L. carpenter, Alex, Algiers 
Blois E. Mrs. 362 Bourbon, d. 3 
Blois Joseph, brick mkr. Barrack c. Main 


65 BOC 

Blois Thomas (Kearney, Blois &>' Co.) 62 

Magazine, d. 251 Tromc 
Blome N. J. 81 Old Levee, d. 361 Char- 

irrs, d. 3 
Blomckc Auton, Josephine n. First 
Bloiideau Abehud, 114 Bourbon H. Miss, 199 Ursulines 
Bioiidel U. liorist, Columbus c Prieur 
BIdiidin C. shoemkr, Atmette n. Solidelle 
Bloiik Nicholas, carpr. 418 Felicity, d. 4 
Blood Austin, clerk, 16 Customhouse 
Blood Geo. S. clerk, 63 Front 
Blood H. S. (Kcnnett, Blood ^ Co.) 63 

Front, d. 397 St. Charles 

BLOOM & CO. (Isaac Bloom, J. 
M. Schwartz, ) Wholesale 
Grocers, and Dealers in Wes- 
tern Produce, No. 56 late 66 
Magazine, 21 and 23 Natchez 
street, d. 83 Melpomene. 

Bloom J. 0. Jefferson, CarroUton 
Bloom Louis, billiards, 97 Common 
Bloom Mathins, Bolivar n. Perdido 
Bloomer C. Fourth n. Chestnut 
Bloomer Charles, Josephine n. Laurel 
Bloomer Robert, clerk, 22 Poydras 
Bloomtield Benjamin ( Bloomjield &{ Steel,) 

d. Carondelet n. St. Andriiw 
Bloomtield George, foreman gas works, d. 

94 Gasquet 
Bloomtield J. C. clerk, 60 Camp 
Bloomtield & Steel (Benjamin Bloomficld, 
Edgar Steel,) books and stationery, 
6tl Camp 
Bloomfield William sr. bookbinder, d. 155 

Bloomfield William jr. printer and book- 
binder, 46 Camp 
Bloomficld Wm. Mrs. poultry, 30 South 

Blossman S. clerk, 139 Elys. Fields 
Blossman S. J. clerk, 43 Natchez 
Blot M. furnished rooms, 146 Dauphine 
Blouin Ed. f. m. c. 746 Dauphine, d. 3 
Blouin Jos. bricklayer, 188 Barracks 
Bloy Jules, cooper, 244 Royal 
Bloy Louis, wines. Royal n. Ursulines 
Bloy Louis, cooper. Bayou road 
Blue Johti, laborer, 180 New Levee, d. 1 
Blum August, U. S. Mint, d. 561 Dau- 
phine, d. 3 
Blum Bt.-rnard, pcdler, 154 Orleans 
Blum Christian, paper hanger, 106 Hos- 

BLUM & FRANK (Danl. Blum, 
S. Frank,) Dry Goods at auc- 
tion prices, for cash or accept- 
ances, 43 Chartres. 

Blum Edward, clerk, 131 Canal 

Blum George, 84 Orleans 

Blum Geo. carpenter, 390 Felicity 

Blum Jacob, 36 Natchez 
Blum Martin, carpenter, 32 Prieur 
Blume Elias, gardener, .300 St. Bernard 
Blume George, clerk, 63 Carondelet 
Blume Louis, book keeper, d. Fulton n. 

Blumcnkron Isaac, shoes, 204 Orleans 
Blumcnihal Charles, druggist, 65 Gasquet 
BlumcnthalC. J.R., Magazine c. Common 
Blumenthal D. pedler, 223 Dauphine 
Blumenthal E. variety store, 260 Orleans 
Blumenthal F. G. cigars, 19 Royal, d. 20 

Blumenthal L. shoemaker, 120 Poydras, 

d. 272 Poydras 
Blumer Henry H. lamplighter, 80 St. 

Blumer Samuel, carpenter, 233 Gasquet 
Blumers P. Carondelet walk c. Derbigny 
Blunck Joseph, cisterns, 200 Customhouse 
Blunk D. H. (H. 11. Barton Sf Co.) 82 

Blunt Captain, Chestnut c. Peter, Algiers 
Blunt J. VV. d. 254 Ursulines 
Blunt Leopold, barkeeper, 337 Magazine 
Blust Edward, lab. Cardt. walk c. Miro 
Blust F. J. c. h. New Levee c. Ninth, d. 4 
Blut John, tailor, 129 Trcme, d. 2 
BIyley Wm. ship carpenter, n. Dryades 

Blyman Charles, 156 Goodchildren 
Blythe Wm. ship carpenter, n. Dryades 

Boada Jose, carpenter, 68 Craps 
Boal Samuel, butcher, St. Andrew n. St. 

Boals S. (inison 8f Co.) butchers, d. St. 

Andrew n. Chippewa 
Boam Joseph, deputy sheriff, 361 Char- 
tres, d. 3 
Board of Commissioners Draining Dis- 
trict, 12 Union, d. 1 
Board of Currency, 12 Exchange place 
Board of Health, office 59 St. (diaries 
Boardman Abraham Capt. 377 Ranijiart 
Boardman Thos. S. clerk. Canal c. Royal 
Boardman Wm.T. pilot, 377 Rampart, d. 1 
Boardman Wm. T., pilot, 260 Melpomene 
Boas Saml. 105 St. Andrew 
Boasso Eugene, clerk, 281 Tchoupitoulas 
Boasso 0. printer. Morales c. Congress 
Boazman & Boazman, slave dealers, 166 

Bobb Andrew, f. m. c. Baronnc n. Philip 
Bobb Chas. brickmakor, ab. Gretna 
Bi>bb John, butcher, 45 French mkt 
Bobb Wm brickmak. and sawmills, Grt. 
Bobet & Brother, (.llphonse Bobet, Edward 

J. Bobet,) atave yard, 9 St. James 
Bobillot Francois, bricklayer, 314 Dau- 
phine, d. 2 
Bobst Geo. lab. Frenchmen n. Celestine 
Bochei J. L. boot& shoemak.130 Chartres 
Bock Christian, carpentiT, 2 Peace 
Bock Ern(!8t, cigars. Magazine n. Wash- 
Bock Fred. carp. Chippewa n. First 




Bock Henry, coach painter, 18 History 
Bock Henry, sugar maker, 34 Julia 
Bock H. carpenter, 17 Montegut 
Bock H. C. c. h. 665 St. Claude 
Bock Louisa, widow, 7 History 
Bock Michael, 130 Bienville 
Bockenniayer Michael, cartman, 10 Spain 
Bockhols B. J. engineer, 2 Morales 
Bockius Josh, saddlery, 45 Canal 
Bockeman Christ, cigar maker. Levee n. 

JSapoleon av. Jett'. City 
Bockleman John, Cypress n. Roman 
Bockmaiin F. rope mak., 317 Annunciation 
Bockschuh Charles, steward, 133 Spain 
Bodam Conrad, barber, St. Charles n. 

Bode John, grocer. Levee c. Austerlitz, 

Jetlerson City 
Bodechtel Frederick, clerk, 21 St. Charles, 

d. 127 Euterpe 
Bodelli Jean Mairie, 778 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bodenhamer Wm. Dr. 137 Canal 
Bodenheimer Leopold, butcher, Poydras 

mkt. d. Eighth n. Laurel 
Bodenstab Frederick, 463 St. Ann 
Bodet John, shoes, 290 Chartres 
Bodet & Gueydan, ( L. Bodet, Francois 
Gueydan,) dry goods, Hospital c. 
Cluirlres, and "Red Stores," Front 
Levee, d. 41 Hospital 
Bodin A. Mrs. d. 67 Lrsulines 
Bodin Albeit, teacher, Madison n. Royal 
Bodin Alfred, atty. at law, 142 Royal, d. 

Ursulines n. Burgundy 
Bodin L. 35 Marais, d. 2 
Bodine Albert, laborer, 9 JMontegut 
Bodolski A. teacher, 659 Magazine 
Bodom Conrad, cupper, 448 St. Charles 
Bodreau C. 274 Carondelet walk 
Bodreau F. 340 Ursulines 
Boe A. H. L. Rev. 12 St. Anthony Place 
Boe Paul, 32J Chartres, d. 2, d. 364 Dau- 
phine, d. 3 
Boe Pierre, tailor, Conde n. Madison 
Boebinger F. W. c. h. Clara c. Clio 
Boerdecker Fredei-ick, Cypress n> Der- 

Boef Samuel, Ninth n. Constance 
Boegel Joseph, blacksmith. Celeste c. Re- 
Boeglui Henry, carpenter, 410 Orleans 
Boeliler Jacob, tailor, 41 Franklin 
Boehler John, lithographer, 117 Exchange 

Boehler Peter, Bourbon n. Josephine 
Boehm Daniel, 285 Old Levee, d. 2 
Boehm F. J. I'rauklin b. store, 158 Char- 
tres, d. 201 Villere 
Boehm Lisette, dressmaker, 96 Royal 
Boehme B. hatter, 62 Levee, d. 1 
Boek Ernst, cigars, Magazine n. Wash- 
Boeiiiz Edward H. prop. Louisiana State 

Gazette, 94 Exchange place 
Boelpar Oswald, confectioner, 171 St. An- 
Boeman Henry, groc. 749 Burgundy,d. 3 

Boensel John, tailor, 54 Carondelet 
Boes Cassius, bricklayer, 117 St. Anthony 
Boese Charles H. Levee c. Leonidas, Car- 
roll ton 
Boese George, general store. Levee c. Le- 
onidas, Carrollton 
Boese H. W. c. h. Canal avenue, Hamp- 

son, Carrollton 
Boese John, laborer, Felicity n. Chippewa 
Boesen John, tailor, 344 Conti 
Boesel John, shoemaker, 110 Villere n.St. 

Louis, d. 2 
Boesse August, screwinan, 93 Union, d. 3 
Boettner Wm. "Concert Hall," Poydras 

n. Carondelet 
Boey John, carpenter, Jackson R.R. depot 
Boey William, screwman, 627 Chartres, 

Bogain C. perfumery store, 43 St. Ann 
Bogareau Ann, St. Charles c. Calliope 
Bogart& Co. (Jane Bogart, G. G. Stevens,) 

sugar brokers, 5 Bank place 
Bogart Wilhelmus, South c. St. Charles 
Bogeatt Mitchell, boatman, 75 Third 
Bogel A. J. Customhouse c Dauphine 
Bogel Charles, laborer. Chestnut n. Cadiz, 

Jefferson City 
Bogelel J. B. clerk, 261 Old Levee, d. 2 
Bogel Joseph, carpenter, 56 Enghien 
Bogers John, clerk, 75 St. Peter 
Bogert G. C. agent for Southern Oil Co. 

72 Camp, d. 212 Camp 
Boguille Ludger, teacher, 198 Esplanade 
Boh Jean B. cooper, St. Ann c. Johnson 
Bohders Christoph, dry gds. 15 Magnolia 
Bohlander V. musician, 554 Dau]>hine, d.3 
Bohlen H. b. h. 91 Front Levee, d. 3 
Bohlen M. grocer, Perdido c. St. Peter 
Bohler Thomas, rear of foundry Belleville 
Bohler William, dairy, Seventh n. St. 

Bohlig J . C. carpenter, Rousseau n. Third 
Bohn C. E. lab. Spain n. Goodchildren 
Bohn Auguste, (J. Le Ceme Sf Co.) 114 

Bohn Francis, lab. Berlin c. Jersey, Jeff. 

Bohn Isich. shoem'r, 4C0 Customhouse 
Bohn Thomas, lab. 666 Chartres, d. 3 
Bohne A. jeweler, 303 Old Levee, d. 2 
Bohne Peter, clerk, 116 Chartres 
Bohne Wm. watches, 67 Chartres 
Bohnefeld Charles, carpenter, 200 St. Pe- 
ter n. Marais 
Bohnen D. boarding, 149 Esplanade 
Bohner H. shoemaker, 59 Marais, d. 2 
Bohner Valentine, grocer, .Josephine c. 

BohnetG. bakery, 850 Rampart, d. 3 
Bohning Ferdinand, 77 Common, d. 11 

Marais, d. 2 
Bohnhardt Cornelius, sailor, 357 Conti 
Bohr Philip, lamplighter, Dauphine c. Po- 
Bohrman Henry, dairy, Washington n. 

Boihern N, variety store, 336 Main 




Boilet Salvador, fruit, 444 St. Charles 

Boins H. LapeyrousL' n. Tonti 

Bois Lmiis, 479 Bmirbon 

Bois Oscar, clerk, 39 Old Levee 

Boisblaiic Alfri'd, (Dennis, Parker &(■ Bois- 

hlanc,) collector Consolidati-d Deht, 

2'2 Exchange place, d. Lapeyrouse n. 

Boishlanc B. police jury, CarroUton 
Boishlaiic B.Jefferson City, d.49 llosjiital 
P,oisl.|;ui<'. Edgar, acct. 2S Carondelet Louis, 3G Annette 
Boisliois Fred, shoeni'r, 221 Customhouse 
Boisdore Frai)<;ois, clerk, 4G4 Bourl)on,d.3 
Boismare Frank, bookseller, d. 409 Marais, 

Boisdore&. Sidney, ('J. .S. Boisdore , ) wt'igh- 

ers, 21 Commerce, d. 129 Derbigny 
Boiseif^neure Marie M. 114 Felicity, d.4 
Boisfontaine Baron, 625 Royal, d. 3 
Boislontaine H. B. 155 Burgundy Jules, hair dresser and fancy gds. 

CImrtres c. Bienville 
B<iisse Louis, tailor, 479 Bourbon, d. 3 
Boisseau Eugene, ( J)au-son &,• Co.) 48 

Cliarires, up stairs 
Boisseau .loseph, Levee c. Lesseps 
Boisseau 0., Morales n. Congress 
Bois.seau Pierre, agent, 188 St. Louis 
Boisseire Louis, 19 St. Louis n. Chartrcs 
Boissille Domingo, drayman, 25 Indepen- 
Boisselle Edw. dyer, 195 Bourbon 
Boisselle Ilypolite, carpenter, Montegut 

n. Front Levee 
Boissenet Fran^^ois, vermicelli maker, 153 

Galvez, d. 2 
Boisseie F. C. f. m. c. cigar maker, 285 

Boisseri; Louis, hackman, 239 l!rsulines 
Boissere Xavier, segars, 124 Ursulines 
Boisson P. gn)cery, Morales c. Annette 
Boissoniii au Paul, tailor, 97 Charlres 
Boissoiuieau P. dr( ssmaker, 97 (-hartres 
Boitinan Frederick, sliotniak. 433 Tchou- 

pi ton las 
Boizelle H. L. clerk, 13 Mandeville 
Bokem Fred.V. watch maker, 195 Tchou- 

Bokent'ohr Margaret Mrs., Chippewa c. 

Bokenfohr Wm. Jenac Laurel, Jeff. City 
Bokin Miutin, drayman, d. 193 St. Thomas 
Bolan John, laborer, 10 Enghien 
Boland James, grocery, 79 Calliope 
Boland John, clerk, 79 Calliope 
Boland John, 51 Carondelet 
Boland Martin, carpenter, 100 Perdido 
Boland Morris, clerk, 79 Calliope 
Boland Thomas, clerk, 79 (J^allioj)e 
Bolander S. blacksmith. Sixth n. Annun- 

Boliinder Valentine, 144 Grealnien 
Boldan Stephen, carp. 29 Hospital 
Boldt Christina, dressm'r. 111 New Levee 
i>olen Francis B. acrewman,660 Koyal,d.3 
Bolen James, 46 Marais, d. 1 

Boler L. f. m. c. Josephine n. Howard 

Bolf Edward, 99 Claiborne 

Bolg John, lab. 145 Carondelet walk 

Bolia Martin, tailor, 463 St. Ann 

Holinger J. butcher, St. Mary n. Chippewa 

Bolinger Mary, 23 Si. Ferdinand 

Holio F. G. merehandisc broker, 26 Bank 

place, d. 316 St. Charles ^ 

Bolka Frank Mrs. 32 Poet 
Boll S. tailor, 170 Ursulinc 
Boiling John, clerk, d. 67 Race 
Boiling John, screwmaii, 26 Monl(>gut 
Boiling Robt. Crescent City Press, Tchou- 

pitoulas c. Race 
Bollinger L. butcher, 14 Poydras inkt. 
Bollinger Louis, 30 Poydrus mkt, 
Bollosa Simon, 163 Treme, d. 2 
Bolls William, crockery, d. Jackson n. 

Baron ne 
Bollweit Charles Mrs. 329 St. Peter 
Bollweit Henry, carriage maker, 327 St. 

Bollwit C. Mrs., St, Peter n. Roman 
Bolman Joseph, painter, 101 Desire 
Boljieare Eugene, f. m. c. carpent. 189 St. 

holte Christian, tailor, d. 496 Rampart 
Bolsius Wm. book keejier, 4 Front 
Bolman Jos. painter. Desire c. Rampart 
Bolte John, JNew Levee c. Notre Dame 
Bolte John,soa]i makr. Liberty n. Jackson 
Bolton James, drayman, Henderson n. 

Front Levee 
Bolton James, laborer, 116 Spain 
; Biilton Patrick, lab. Teresa n. St. Thomas 
1 Bolton Patrick, drayman, 87 Thalia 
IJoman .Aug. laborer, 251 Lafayette 
B:)niard Caroline, Franklin n. Conti 
Bomberg H. 239 St. Charles 
Bomgartner Conrad, Josephine n. Laurel 
Bomgartner John, 17 Dryades mkt 
Bommecum Andrew, lab. 450 Chippewa 
Bomwasser Chas. confec. 439 Dryades 
Bon Antonio, oysters, 260 Burgundy, d. 2 
Bon Franc^dis, umbrella mkr. 315 Bourbon 
Bon L. Mrs. 36 Frenchmen 
Bon Pierre, f. m. c. carp. 297 Orleans 
Bon P. f. m. c. bricklayer, Prieur c. La- 

Bonaud Antoine, pedler, 395 Main 
Bond George S. 77 Ram|)art 
Bond H. F. acct. 77 Rampart 
Bond James, plasterer, 20 Jackson 
Bond John, Rousseau n. Jose]>hine 
Bond.l. V. Mrs. 254 Poydras 
Bond Mary Mrs. 6.39 Royal 
Bond Thomas J. 77 Rampart, d. 2 
Honde F. vegetables. Magazine mkt 
Bondies George, cotton broker, 32 Caron- 
Bone Factory, Gentilly road n. Elysian 

Bone Francis, confectioner, Gravier c. 

Bone H. M. c. h. Levee, McD. 
Bonee M. cistern maker, Laurel n. Napo- 
leon avenue 




Bonce Philip, f. m. c. carp. 404 St. Ann 
Boner Patrick, watchman, 145 Fulton 
Bonereau Emile, clerk, 100 Uld Levee 
Bones H. H. ship carp. Villere, Algiers 
Boney Martin, dry goods, 117 Poydras 
Bonlils E. c. h. Rampart c. Bayou road 
Boiilils Peter Mrs. 275 Villere 
Bonlbrd P. E. (Benjmtiin, Bonford &f Fin- 
ney,) d. Carondelet c. Terpsichore 
Bongere Fran9ois, Laharpe n Johnson 
Bongere V. R. Mrs., Laharpe n. Johnson 
Bonliam R. K. livery stables, 178 Gravier 
Bonhoft' Henry, dry gds. 276 Customhouse 
Boniface John, lab. Prieur n. Lapeyrouse 
Bonige Peter, prof. Jesuit College 
Bonis F. clerk, Main n. Miro 
Bonis M. F. 49 Main 
Bonito A. gents furn. store, 176 Royal 
Bonito Francis, book keeper, 184 Franklin 
Bonjean J. shoemaker, 109 Treme 
Bonjean V. 109 'Preme 
Bonnabel H. bisulph. lime, d. 36 Bienville 
Bonnaffe J. J. hardware, 47 Front Levee, 

d. 3 
Bonnafon J. A. d. 128 St. Ann 
Bonnafous Stanislaus, ( Bagur 8f Bonna- 
fons,) 23 Old Levee, d. ;i6 Columbus 
Bonnand F. J. Bacchus n. St. Andrew 
Bonnarde Martha, furnished rooms, 55 

Rampart, d. 1 
Bonnasser Charles, confec. 439 Dryades 
Bonnaveau Emile, tailor, 253 Chartres 
Bonnaveau J. B. tailor, Harmony n. Coli- 
Bonnavia Alex, clerk, Royal c. Conti 
Bonne Laurent, carp. 488 St. Ann 
Bonne M. Mrs., Claiborne n. Hospital 
Bonne Valsin, f. m. c. Miro c. St. Ann 
Bonneau H. butcher, 14 French mkt 
Bonnecarrere B. barber, 132 St. Peter 
Bonnecaze B. f. m. c. carpent. 293 Villere 
bonnecaze Edwd, (Desbons &f Bonnecaze,) 
confectioner, St. Peter c. Royal, d.l37 
Bonnee Philip, carp. 404 St. Ann 
Bonnefacio F. 161 Elysian Fields 
Bonnemaison Francois, f. m. c. Bayou rd 
Bonner Arthur, upholsterer, 103 Franklin 
Bonner Eliza, f. w. c. Roman n. Conti 
Bonner James, lab. Gaiennie n. N. Levee 
Bonner J. M. atty. 44 Camp 
Bonner James, 3d floor, 77 Common 
Bonner Wm., Dryades n. Seventh 
Bonner Wm, machinist, Gretna 
Bonnet Adrien, jeweler, 66 St. Peter 
Bonnet A. lace maker, 141 Burgundy 
Bonnet Charles, clerk, 9 Conti 
Bonnet Charles, 220 Frenchmen 
Bonnet E. L. silk and straw goods, 76 Ca- 
nal, d. 44 Rampart 
Bonnet Francis, wines, 208 Bourbon 
Bonnet John, 220 Frenchmen 
Bonnet J. A. E. book keep. 23 St.Charles, 

d. St. Bernard c. Prieur 
Bonnet J. B. c. h. 129 Marais, 
Bonnet J. d. 39 Dauphine 
Bonnet P. A. dry gds. 387 Claiborne, d. 3 

Bonneval Alex, broker, 19 Carondelet, d. 

85 Esplanade 
Bonneval Chas. clerk, 126 Canal 
Bonneval Chas. 235 Bienville 
Bonneval C. H. clerk, 225 Robertson 
Bonneval Hypolite R. (J. D. Dameron Sf 

Co.) d. 257 Bourbon 
Bonneval J. A. auctioneer, d. 277 St. Ann 
•Bonneval T. A. Columbus n. Villere 
Bonneville Alfred, mate, 244'Customhouse 
Bonneville M. clerk, 26 est. Charles 
Bonneville J. grocer ,,Greatmeii c. French- 
Bonney Henry, stevedore, 106 St. Ferdi- 
Bonnihusen A. boot and shoemaker, 335 

Bonnin John, blacksmith, 16 Jefferson 
Bonnot Andrew, 164 Claiborne, d. 2 
Bonnot Anthony, c. h. 16 St. Philip 
Bonnot G. clerk, 72 Canal 
Bonnot Jean, undertaker, 51 St. Ann, d. 

277 St. Philip 
Bonnot Pierre, carver, 275 St. Philip 
Bono Hypolite, butcher, 18 French mkt 
^Bonpart Joseph, restaurant, 230 Gravier 
Bonquois Louis, litter, 25 Marais, d. 2 
Bonseigneur C. 171 Customhouse 
Bonseigneur F. f. m. c. 175 Terpischore 
Bonseigneur H. cigars, 214 Rampart, d. 1 
Bonseigneur John, plasterer, 442 Gravier 
Bonseigneur John, slices. Camp, c. Erato 
Bonseigneur J. B. D. f. m. c. grocer, Per- 

dido c. Dryades 
Bonseigneur Juliette, f. w. c. 286 St. Louis 
Bonseigneur N. f. m. c. 89 Franklin, d. 1 
Bonseigneur Paulin F. f. m. c. slioemaker, 

Terpsichore n. Dryades 
Bonseigneur R, f. w. c. Polymnia n. Ba- 

Bonseigneur V. cigar maker 247 Rampart, 

d. 1 
Bonspum Antoine, milk, Marigny n. Force 


and Scourer, 69 Bourbon, b. 

Conti and Bienville. 
Teinturier et Degraisseur, Rue 

Bourbon 69, entre Conti et 


Bonthoux C. Mrs. dressmaker, 66 Chartres 
Bonz Manuel, cistern maker. Laurel c. 

Berlin, Jefferson City 
Bonzano H. 53 New Levee, d. 36 Franklin 
Bonzano Joseph, plasterer, 447 Gravier 
Boock August, laborer, 479 Royal 
Booker Charles, professor, Jesuit College 
Booklay Michael, lab. Richard n. Maga- 
Boone J. W. clock maker, 217 Gravier 
Boos Joseph, barber, 370 Camp 
Boos Joseph, lab. Richard c. Annunciation 
Boos Philip, lab. Marigny n. Urquhart 
Booth David, furn. wagon, 99 Magazine 





BOOTH & CO. (Edward Booth, 
of Newark, N. J., George 
Booth,) Hats, Caps, Straw 
Goods, etc. etc. A well as- 
sorted line at wholesale, 36 
late 40 Magazine street 

Booth Edward, (Booth Sf Co.) d. Maga- 
zine n. Uningc 
Booth Geo. (Booth Sf Co.) 36 Magazine 
Bootli Geoii^c, furniture cart, 181 Ranipari 
Booth H. d^36() Franklin 
Booth John Dr. druggist, Carondolet c. 

Girod, d. St. Charles n. Jackson 
Boot!) John, Sixth n. Laurel 
Booth John, engineer, 104 Gaiennie 
Booth J. blacksmith, Constance n. Seventh 
Booth Samuel, acct. 37 Camp 
Booth T. carp. Constance n. Eighth 
Bopp B. butcher, Magazine market 
Bopp Henry, l)utcher, 32 St. Mary's mkt 
Bopp Jacob, baker, 300 Conti 
Bopp John, butcher, 8t21 Dauphine 
Bordat Adoiph, shoemaker, 75 Toulouse 
Boquiet Margaret, 67 Main 
Borde Felicity, 464 St. Claude, d. 3 
Horde Jghn, milkman, Bayou bridge 
Borde J. Dr. 93 St. Louis 
Bordeaux Fabian, shoemkr. Ill St. Philip 
Bordeaux Sophia, f. w. c. 227 Villere 
Bordelois Ernest, com. mer. 33 Gravier, d. 

History c. St. Claude 
Bordelois Patience Mrs. 254 Marais 
Bordemann H. Mrs. 84 Mazanl 
Bordenave Franc^ois, lab, Bourbon n. St. 

John Baptist 
Bordenave F. De, 4U Exchange place 
Bordenave S. carp. 254 Mandeville 
Bordon Thomas H. & Co. (John Cumber- 
land,) manufac. steam guages, 27 and 
29 Front, d. 1. d. 32 Constance 
Border F. butcher, 31 Poydras market 
Bordes Baptist, wood yard, 67 Carondclet 

Bordes Bertrand, 301 Mandeville 
Bordes Guillaume Mrs. 89 St. Peter 
Bordes Jean, butcher, 28 St. Mary's mkt 
Bordes Jean, milkman, Metairie Ridge, d.2 
Bordes Louis, dray, 190 Marigny 
Borduzat Eugene, clerk, d. 9 Marigny 
Borduzat Jas. elk. 122 Toulouse, d. 9 Ma- 
Borduzat J. A. 

Boree A. L. f. m. c. 412 Ursulinos 
Bores John, butcher, 12 Poydras market 
Borg Gerard, grocer, Jackson c. Laurel 
Borge Frank ( Wilbur, ^mot 8f Co.) d. 50 

Borge James, coffee house, 91 Elys. Fields 
Borge Peter, janitor, Univcsily Louisiana, 

Common c. Baronne 
Rorgstreem G. 211 Julia 
Borgstede J. R. liquors, Poydras n. Levee, 

d. Eighth n. Constance 
Boric John, 176 Royal 
Borie Michel, grocer, 321 Bayou Road 


Borilly J. Mrs dressmaker, 36 Dauphine 
Borl Joseph, lali. 115 Piety 
Borlet Martin, lab. 395 St. Peter 
Borman Henry, milkman, Washington n. 

Borman Hermann, steamboat mate, Algiers 
Born Adam, lab. Second n. Laurel 
Born Adam, poultry, 61 St. Mary's mkt. 

d. 32 St.. Joseph 
Born Jacob, hardware, 243 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. 363 Annunciation 
Born J. (Bice Brothers,) 242 Tchoupitou- 
las, d. 363 Annunciation 
Borne Adam, tailor, 243 Rampart, d. 1 
Borne Benjamin, caulker, 96 Marigny 
Borne Eugene, laborer, 17 Bagatelle 
B(U-ne Jean, shipwright, Gretna 
Borneo D. sr. Urqnhart n. Marigny 
Bornet Chas. hairworker, 138 Orleans 
Bornholt John, laborer, 136 Mandeville 
l^ornholt J. warehouseman, Annette 111 

Bornhorst C. laborer, Dorgenois n. Canal 
Borni L. turner, 146 Conti 
Borniaho H. butcher, 14 Dryades market 

Bornis Victor, butcher, 24 Dryades market 
Bornniiller Reynold, upholsterer, d. 8 

Trcme, d. 2 
Borschein Ed. musician, Varieties Theater 
Bonis John, grocery, Franklin n. Thalia 
Bornwasser C. confectioner, 255 Dryades 
Borre John, 212 Royal 
Borron A. cotton inspector, 139 Common, 

d. 36h Esplanade 
Borron Wm. J. clerk, 125 Common 
Borronis Charles, carpenter, 151 Charlres 
Borsenberger P. 199 Poet 
Borzon A. bread, 19 St. Philip 
Borzoni Itario, lab. 544 Burgundy, d. 3 
Bos Andre, grocer, 89 Urquhart, d. 3 
Bosch Christian, drayman, 116 Chartres 
Bosch J. shoemaker, 360 Royal, d. 3 
Bosch M. shoemaker, Jifl". City 
Bosch P. D. carp. 348 Chartres 
Boscher Xavier, carp. Ill Marais 
Bose Antoine, carp. 75 Freret 
Bosinger Paul, shoe dealer, 314 Terpsi- 
Bosq John, butcher, 42 Poydras market 
Bosque John, butcher, 35 French market, 
Bosque A. Mrs. 40 Frenchmen 
Bosque Theophile, 48 Bagatelle 
Bosquet & Terrant, C//. Bosqutt,M. Ter- 

rant,) blacksmiths, Algiers 
Boss Joseph, Dorgenois c. Columbus 
Bliss Peter, Spain n. St. John Baptist 
Boss Philip, laborer, 127 Marigny 

Bornio, M. Bornio, Jules 
Merceret,) Commission Mei'- 
chants and Importers of Ha- 
vana Cigars and Cuba Pro- 
duce, 34 Gravier, d. 165 





Boss William, Laharpe n. Villere 
Hi.sse Chaili'S, c. h. 740 New Levee 
Bosse H. milkman, 113 Con^jress 
Bussc H. Dry, lab 9U5 St. Claude, d. 3 
Bossee Hfiiry, moulder, Gretna 
BoBsenl Johar) S. tailor, 110 Hoyal 
Bnss.t Joseph, furniture, 258 Bourbon 
Bossetli Maria, 202 Bourbon 
Bossier Johaii, lab. Erato c. Clara 
Bossiere Aristide, Bayou bridge 
Bossien- Jules, St. Peter c. Bourbon 
Bossiere Xavicr, sign mkr. 124 Ursulines 
Bossine P'ran(;<)is, f.m.c. 392 Dauphine, d.3 
Bosso A. tailor, 237 Chartres 
Boster Charles J. "Casino House," Union 

c. Carondelet, d. 390 Old Levee, d. 3 
Bostick John E. carp. d. Ill Felicity 
Bostick & Seymour, (Ellis H. Bostick, F. 

W. Heymuur,) iron works, 35 Front 

and 36 Fulton 
Bostock A. (liostock, TultleSf Co.) d. Race 

n. JMagazine 

Bostock, Geo. H. Tuttle, S. 
R.Montgomery,) Commission 
and roiwarding Merchants, 
Magazine n. Girod. 

Boston Club, 130 Canal 

Boswell Aglae, 479 Kampart, d. 3 

Boswell T. C. engineer, 334 Basin, d. 1 

BOSWORTH & CO., (A. W. Bos- 
worth, C. H Newell,) Whole- 
sale and Retail Dealers in 
Ice. Business Ofi&ee 71 and 
73 Front street. Depot b. 
Poydras and Lafayette. Two 
large Ice Depots, St. Thomas 
n. Thalia: lee House 196 
Gravier, and also Ice Depot 
32 Pontchartrain Railroad, 
(upper side,) opposite the 
Passenger Saloon, and one at 
Jackson R. R. depot, d. 
Washington b. Magazine and 

Bota John, Carondelet walk n. Villere 
Boter David, baker, Prieur n. St. Ann 
Boiermans John, furniture, 34 St. Philip 
Botey J. umbrellas, d. 137 Bourbon 
Bothe Carl, musician, 232 St. Louis 
Bothick T. W. undertaker, 238 Lafayette 
Boihman B. shoemaker, 315 Old Levee, d. 2 
Botier A. f. w. c. Annette c. Morales 
Botsay Paul, architect, 262 St. Louis 
Botte Nicholas, 176 St. Anthony 
liotteker Ludwig, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Boitleberger A. grocer, 75 Harmony 
Bottleberger Conrad, butcher, 25 Sixth 
Bottleberger Geo. Harmony n. Constance 

Bottleberger Jacob, Harmony n. Constance 
Botto F. grocer, 211 Old Levee 
Dotto Louis, oysters, 58 Dauphine 
Eoube Antoine, d. 334 Bienville 
Boube Francois, Poydras n. Rampart 
Boubede John Mrs. 317 Burgundy, d. 3 
Boubede J. 418 Bourbon, d. 3 
Boubede Louis, lab. Frenchmen n. Love 
Boubet Jonte, steward, 60 Urquhart 
Boubien Pascalis, 227 Bourbon 
Bouch Francis J. Chippewa n. Sixth 
Bouchard Adolphc, sculptor, 308 St. Philip 
Bouche Jaques, furn. car, 59 Royal 
BoucheJean, bakery, 379 Derbigny, d. 3 
Bouche Jno grocery, Ursulines c. Gallatin 
Bouche L. Mrs. 17 Elmira 
Boucher Alfred, Franklin n. Toulouse 
Boucher F. butcher, 36 Port market 
Boucher F. moulder, Thalia n. Liberty 
Boucher Henry C. elk. 206 Annunciation 
Boucher L. coal, etc. 39 Elysian Fields 
Boucher M. Mrs., Royal n. French 
Boucher Tuissant, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Boucher Victor, St. Anthony n. Prosper 
Boucher Wni. laborer, 72 Port 
Bouchereau E. inspector of revenue, 45 

Bouchereau Louis, 72 Hospital 
Bouchoux Jos. locksmith, 117 Toulouse 
Bouchut Felix, Goodchildren c. Music 
Bouclage Mrs. 180 Royal 
Boudard Marie J., Ursulines n. Tonti 
Boudet Anselni, tinner, 108 Hospital 
Boudet John, gardener, JVapoleon av. c. 

Live Oflk, Jetferson City 
Boudet Julius, painter, 275 Poydras 
Boudet J. shoe dealer, 134 Conde 
Boudet Louis, wines and cigars, 145 Old 

Levee, d. 3, d. 97 Spain 
Boudet L. L. c. h. 145 Old Levee 
Boudet Numa, sculptor, 142 Orleans 
Boudile C, Columbus n. Roman 
Boudousquie A. planter, 96 Main 
Boudousquie A. notary pub. 46 Royal, d. 

200 Burgundy 
Boudousquie Charles, proprietor Opera 

House, 163 Burgundy 
Boudousquie L. & Co. ( Leonce Boudous- 
quie, John O'Rourke,) sugar brokers, 
75 Old Levee, d. 96 Main 
Boudousquie Paul, clerk, 121 Common 
Boudrau VVm. hatter, 32 Magazine 
Boudreaux Flore, carp. Fourth n. Laurel 
Boudreaux Jules, 360 Customhouse 
Boudreaux J. J. 702 Fulton, d. 4 
Boudreaux Louis, moss manuf. c. Custom- 
house and Roman, d. 34 Bienville 
Boudrou Francois, Hospital n. Roman 
Boudro Lucien,confec. Canal c. Carondelet 
Boudro N. variety, c. Franklin and Gravier 
Boue John, carpenter, 451 Basin 
Boue J. J. barkeeper, 44 South market 
Bouferd L. laborer, 135 St. Ferdinand 
Bouffleur L. locksmith, 217 Julia 
Bougard Eli, 256 Customhouse 
Bougard G. shoemaker, 15 Bourbon 
Bougere Alphonse, d. 229 Burgundy 




Bougere Rene Mrs., Johnson c. Laharpe 
Bougere Eli, 273 Pri.ur, d. 3 
Bougere Francois, 232 Chartres 
Bougun August, screwman, 32 Desire 
Bouhey A. elk, 32 Royal, d. 92 St. Peter 
Bouhty C. P.Mrs. 92 St. Peter, d. 2 
Bouliiii Wm., Fouriii, n. Fulton 
Bouige Peter, Common c. Buronne 
Bouillion Joseph, tobacco manufacturer, 

634 Royal, d. 3 
Boujet Felix, shoemaker, 118 Bienville 
Boulairi Franrois, 40 St. Bernard 
Boulange A. Warwick, flour inspector, 56 

Front Levee 
Boulas S. carp. 389 St. Ann 
Boulet Pierre, 299 St. Louis 
Boulenger J. & Co. (Jv'icholas Claudel,) 

dry goods, 75 Chartres, d. Dorgenois 

n. Hospital 
Boulenger M. b. h. 77 St. Louis 
Boulet A, artist, 259 Bourbon 
Boulet B. G. clerk, 131 Poydras 
Boulet H. Mrs. 295 iJurgundy 
Boulet Numa, 5 Magazine 
Boulet T. A. State Assessor's Office, d. 

Goodchildren n. Mandevillc 
Boulger T. laborer, 439 Chartres, d. 3 
Boulier Simon, Chippewa n. Sixth 
Bouligny Alfred, auctioneer, 86 Gravier, 

d. Jena c. Laurel, Jeff. City 
Bouligny Dominique, (litll &f Bouligny,) 

d. Rampart c. Columbus, d. 17 Ca- 

Bouligny Edmond, clerk, 59 St. Charles 
Bouligny Edward, 177 St. Ann 
Bouligny Ernest, 325 Villere, d3 
Bouligny G. d. 204 St. Charles 
Bouligny &. Ganucheau, (Dominique Bo- 

ligny, Edmond Ganuchrau,) commis- 
sion merchants, 19 Customhouse, d. 

357 Ramjiart 
Bouligny Louis, 13 Villere, d. 1 
Bouligny Sam. f. m. c. 253 St. Louis 
Bouhn Emile Dr. (E G. De Lisle Sf Co.) 

d. 74 Rampart, d. 2 
Boullemet Stephen, saddler, d. 369 Ba- 

Boullement V.Mrs. .Washington, n. Laurel 
Boullosa Simon, c. p. 163 Treme, d. 2 
Boulmay P. V. 360 Main 
Buulsen H. shoes. Napoleon c, Jersey 
Boulware A. builder, 473 Camp 
B<iumier L. c. h. Ex. Passage c. St. Peter 
Bo'unen Philip, b. h. Customhouse c. Ma- 

Bouny Eusebe, attorney and notary pub- 
lic, 37 Exchange place, d.281 Bourbon 
Bouny Francis, 297 Old Levee 
Bouny G. carpenter, 281 Bourbon 
Bouny Julien, 365 Bourbon 
Bouny J. I.,, 231 Chartres 
Bouny widow, (widow J^. Bouny Sf Son,) 

281 Bourbon 
Bouny N. widow, bakery, 229 Main n. 

Claiborne and 231 Chartres 
Bouny P. L. clerk, 231 Chartres 
Bour Barbara Mrs., Felicity n. Rampart | 

Bourbois Julius, 63 Esplanade 

Bourcier Charles, paying teller Branch 

Bank, d. 379 Dryades 
Bourda B. shoemaker, 185 Camp 
Bourda J. confectioner, 206 Toulouse 
Bounlcau Wm. coal yard, Water n. Third 
Bourdei John, Napoleon av. Jeft". City 
Bourdel Peter, Tchoupitoulns, Jeff. City 
Bourdette Anselm, tinner, 41 Union, d 3 
Bourdette J. ( milozSf Bourdette) 47 Bour- 
bon, d. 71 Toulouse 
Bourdette Josejih, French bakery, d. 19 

Bourdieu G. butcher, 36 Port market 
Bourdin A. confectioner, 16 Gasquet 
Bourdin A. clerk, 155 Canal 
Bourdin J. confectioner, Villere d. Seguin, 

Bourg Prudent, coffee, 37 North market 
Bourgand Leopold, c. h. 203 St. Mary 
Bourgard Jean, tailor, 172 St. Philip 
Bourgau C. Mrs. 141 St. Peter 
Bourgeau Louis, carp. 318 Main 
Bourg.ois Alphonse,carp. 208 Mandeville 
Bourgeois Edmund, 15 Conti, d. 362 Con- 
Bourgeois Faurie, clerk, d. 139 Bourbon 
Bourgeois Joseph Mrs. 285 Marais, d. 2 
Bourgeois Joseph, f. m. c. 489 St. Ann 
Bourgeois Louis Mrs. 285 Marais, d. 2 
Bourgeois L. F. clerk. Esplanade c. Dor- 
Bourges Alfred, 54 Louisa 
Bourges E. 211 Villere, d. 2 
Bourges Emil, grocer, d.Villerec. St. Philip 
Bourges Ernest, clerk, 6 Old Levee, d. 149 

Bourges E. Mrs., St. Anthony n. Derbigny 
Bourgh Peter, black.«mith, Gretna 
Bourgine Ainiee, 212 Rampart, d. 2 
Bourgine Hypolile, 212 Rampart 
Bourgnew E. bread vendir, 245 Burgundy 
Bourgoin Martha Mrs. midwife, 73 St. Peiir 
Bourgoin O. Mrs., Gentiliy road n. Roman 
Bourier Alexis, letter carrie'r, 8 Union, d. 3 
Bourjoie Pierre, f. m. c. Dryades n.Wash. 
Bourk John, laborer, Rousseau n. Jackson 
Bourk Raimond A. (Broirn, Johnston Sf 
Co.)'SS Cam|i,d. St. Mary e. Colisi-um 
Bourkart M. butcher, 54 Treme market 
Bourk D. book keeper, 88 Tchoupitoulaa, 

d. 368 Rampart, d. 1 
Bourke Pat. c. h. Julia c. Tchoupitoulaa 
Bourke Raymond A. St. Mary n. Coliseum 
Bourke S. lai). Live Oak n.Lyon, Jeff.City 
Bourlette Martin, mattress maker, 395 St. 

Bourne Adam, baker, 76 Adele, d. 4 
Bournos widow, 103 Rampart, d. 2 
Bourquc T. watchman, Marengo c. Live 

BOUBQUIN E. Loan Office, 
Watches and Jewelry for 
sale, corner of Conti and 

Bourque Tellesphore, butcher, 38 St. Ma- 
ry's market 
Bourrier J. hatter, 122 Exchange place 
Bourron Annette, f. w. c. 30 Lesseps 
Bourron Pepe, f. m. c. laborer, 49 Lesseps 
Bourron P. gunsmith, 120 Chartres 
Bousham L. carp. Robertson n. Commerce 
Boursier E. teacher, 182 Erato 
Bousquet F. planter, 287 Dauphine 
Boussac Dr. 80 St. Peter 
Boussion Adam, butcher, 44 Marigny 
Boustelles A. Mrs., Main n. Rampart 
Boustil A. f. m. c. bricklayer, 117 St. An- 
Boutan Joseph, cooper, Erato n. Franklin 
Boute Elise, 62 Laharpe 
Boute .Tos. Live Oak c. Lyon, Jeff. City 
Boute Louis, f. m. c. carp. 449 Perdido 
Boutee S. Cadiz n. Laurel, Jeff. City 
Boute Val. f. m. c. carp. St. Jane n. Per- 
Bouteille F. Bourbon n. Orleans 
Eouteille Louis, trader, Fulton n. Pleasant 
Bouteille Mathias, d. 36 Bourbon 
Bouterillaine Mrs. laundress, 100 Ursuline 
Boutet F. P. Lyon c. Laurel, Jeff. City 
Boutet J. cartman, Magazine n. Cadiz 

Jeff. City 
Bouteton Paulin, 278 Dauphine 
Boutier Louis, f. m. c. Kerlerec C. Prieur 
Boutin Antoine, cotton broker, 8 Royal, d. 

258 Bourbon 
Boutin Earlington, 125 Ursulines 
Boutin Fran<jois Mrs. 47 St. Bernard 
Boutin Joseph A. clerk, 10 Royal 
Boutiton Paulin, Laharpe n. Gentilly road 
Bouton Francjois Mrs., Columbus n.Marais 
Bmtreux E. upholsterer, 50 Dauphine 
Boutron Sophie Mrs. millinery, 54 Char- 
Boutroue Victor, hats, 109 Royal, 238 St. 

Boutte A. stock trader. Laurel c. Pleasant 
Boutte Fran(;ois Philip, 296 St. Ann 
Boutte John L. Third n. Lavoisier, Gretna 
Boutte N. f. m. c. shoemaker, 286 St. Ann 
Boutte Valcom, f. w. c. Sixth n. Dryades 
Bouvard C. Mrs. dyer, 127 Bourbon 
Bouvard Francois, hatter, 474 Royal, d. 3 
Bouvet Jean, ( Fiquet &f Bouvet,) 12 Camp 
Bouvette Angel, Bienville n Marais 
Bouvette M. f. w. c. Customhouse n. Tonti 
Bouvier Alex, painter, 15% Union, d. 3 
Bouvier F. dairy, Esplanade n. Broad 
Bouvier Jean F. grocer, 41 Greatmen 
Bouvrand Mrs. laundress, 215 Melpomene 
Bouvre Henry, shoemaker, 20 Hospital 
Bouzon C. c. h. 45 North market 
Bouwel Jos. shoemaker, 37 Marais, d. 2 
Bouzigues Andre, butcher, 126 Poet 
Bove William, oysters, 228 Bienville 
Bovelle H. shoemaker, 17 Hospital 
Bovere Mary Rose, f. w. c. 77 Marigny. 
Bovet Philip, Greatmen c. Mandeville 
Bow Thomas, 86 Delord 
Bowdan Arthur, plasterer. La. av. n. Ca- 

Bovirditch Geo. B. 173 Treme, d. 2 
Bowditch G. W. customs officer, 173 

Treme, d. 2 
Bowen Ferdinand H. 74 Thalia 
Bowen James, laborer, 8 Piety 
Bowen Michael, Pleasant n. Constance 
Bowen 0. F., Delord n. Carondilet 
Bowen Richd. D. elk. d. 370 Melpomene 
Bowen William, mate. Fourth n. Fulton 
Bower Eliza Mrs. grocery, Constance c. 

Bower George, pocket book manufac. 174 

Bower George P. jr. 79 Jackson 
Bower George locksmith, St. Andrew n. 

Bower G. shoemaker, Hospital n. Roche- 

Bower Jno. tailor, Hospital n. Rocheblave 
Bower Thomas Mrs. 27 Constance 
Bowers George, Jackson n. Annunciation 
Bowers Lewis, mate, Chestnut c. Bor- 
deaux, Jeff. City 
Bowes David, laborer. Piety n. Burgundy 
Bowes Michael, moulder, 114 Calliope 
Bowland T. Mrs. 464 Carondelet 
Bowles C. C. (Murrell &r Bowles,) 72 Camp 
Bowles J. W. Capt. 134 Conde 
Bowles & Judson, (W. B. Boivles, JV. C. 
Judson,) crockery dealers, 17 Camp, 
d. Jackson n. Carondelet 
Bowles Robert H. shoemaker, 103 Canal, 

d. 230 Camp 
Bowles T. 127 Customhouse 
Bowling J. ('Peet, Simms &f Co.) 23 and 25 

Magazine, d. 156 Julia 
Bowling John, 23 Enghien 
Bowling Thomas, d. 127 Customhouse 
Bowling Wm. Mrs., St. Mary c. Carondelet 
Bowm McNus, dry goods, 410 Dryades 
Bowman & Clark, (Thomas E. Bowman, 
Cornelius Clark,) coopers, 34 Lafay- 
ette, d. 324 St. Mary 
B iwman F. drayman. Eighth n. Laurel 
Bowman Job"!!, produce broker, 30 Caron- 
delet, d. 168 Philip, d. 4 
Bowman Joseph, f. m. c. barber, St. An- 
thony n. Prosper 
Bowman Julius, (Boicman Sf Bio.) 142 

Bowman & Brother, (Lewis Bowman, Ju- 
lius Bowman,) clothing, 140 Poydras 
Bowman Saml. dairy. Sixth n. Chippewa 
Bowman Thomas, lab. 668 Chartres, d. 3 
Bowman W. cartman, Rousseau n. Jo- 
Bowman Wm. B. agent G rover & Baker 

sewing machine, 11 Camp 
Bown, L. L. clerk, 21 Annette 
Bows David, laborer, 42 Poet 
Bowyer Richard, Erato n. Basin 
Boxel Oscar, c. p. 51 Laharpe 
Boyan Alice, f. w. c. 304 Bienville 
Boyans Alexander, 382 Galvez 
Boyce James, 15 Piety 
Boyce James Mrs. 18 Louisa 
Boyce John, blacksmith, 13 Louisa 


Boyce John, elk. Commerce c. New Levee 
Boyce Wm. J. butcher, St. Mary's mkt 
Boyce William, laborer, 188 Cypress 
Boyd Alexander A. clerk, 151 Common 
Boyd Archibald, laborer, 64 Religious 
Boyd C. C. (J. Boyd &^ Co.) \ Union, d. 1 
Boyd Edward Kingston, St. Louis Hotel 
Boyd Elizabeth, f w. c. 318 Howard 
Boyd & Co. (J. Boyd, C. G. Boyd, Doug- 
las Shannon,) cotton factors and com- 
mission merchants, 4 Union, d. 1 
Boyd Lavinia, f. w. c. 186 Gravier 
Boyd Mary Mrs. groceries, 93 Rampart 
Boyd R. W. 571 St. Charles 
Boyd Samuil, Perdido n. Bertrand 
B<iyTi Samuel, Terpsichore n. Annunciation 
Boyd Samuel, merchant and shipper cot, 
press, Gaiennie, Robert and New Le- 
vee, d. 1 
Boyd S. H. (Chism Sf Boyd,) 61 and 63 

Boyd \Vm. clerk. Felicity c. Chippewa 
Boyd \V. J. at Guion's, 20 St. Charles, 

d. 155 Euterpe . 
Boyd Wni. accountant, 36 Poydras 
Boydell George, furniture cart, 33 Elmyra 
Boyden Alex. 95 Independence 

BO YE C. Dealer in Furniture, 
Mattresses, Feathers, Curled 
Hair, Varnish, etc., 64 Bien- 
ville, b. B,oyal and Exchange 

Boye Richard, Erato n. Magnolia 
Boycns Augustus A. book keeper, 478 

Boyens Matt, apothecary, 552 Magazine 
Boyer Arthur, clerk, "Red Store," d. 2 
Boyer Benoit, drayman, 111 Annunciation 
Boyer Emily, f. w. c. Perdido n. Johnson 
Boyer Eliza, nurse, 34 Peace 
Hoyer H'eliv, grocer, 173 Customhouse 
Boyer G. Mrs. music academy, 123 Conti 
Boyer G. boy's school, 123 Conti 
Boyer Hypolite, Mrs. 163 St. Ann 
Boyer Jaqnes, widow, 88 Columbus 
B'lyer .John, carpenter, 381 Howard 
P.iiyer Joseph, Mrs. 166 Bayou road 
lioyer Leon, ei»gineer, 147 St. Philip, d. 2 
U'Ver Mary Mrs. wine mer. 93 Rampart 
P. lyer Peter, pilot, 39 Liberty 
iJ lyer Pierre, tailor, 1(J6 Toulouse 
II 'Ver Pierre, caliinet maker, 25 Bagatelle 
1! lyer P. C. Dr., Prytania c. Terpsichore 
Buyer P. 1). collector, 428 Customhouse 
Hoylan Ann Mrs. b. h. 48 Julia 
Boylan E. .Mrs. 177 Elysian Fields 
Boylan Geo. Mrs. .369 Old Levee, d. 3 
Boylan John, 101 Marigny 
Boylan John, lab. Tiieresa n. St. Thomas 
B.)vian J. D. 177 Elysian Fields 
Rnylim J. Mrs. b. h. 48 Julia 
Hoylan Robert, grocer, 21 Constance 
Boylan Wm. book keeprr, 243 Magazine 
Boylan W.G collector, 177 Elysian Fields 

73 BRA 

Boyle Miss Agnes, 492 Rampart 

Boyle Bernard, furniture cart, d.37 Euterpe 

Boyle Eliza Mrs., St. Andrew n. Laurel 

BOYLE. F. A. & CO. (Francis 
A. Boyle, Justus Vairin, jr.) 
Dealers in Western Produce, 
cor. of Poydras and Tchou- 
pitoulas, d. 171 Race 

Boyle Henry, note broker, d. 127 La- 
Boyle James, laborer, 344 Customhouse 
Boyle John, farrier and blacksmith, Ely- 
sian Fields 
Boyle J. W. 88 Gravier, d. 290 Feli- 
city, d. 4 
Boyle J. W. exchange broker, d. 29 Con- 
Boyle J. F. A. produce broker, 34 Poydras 
Boyle Joseph, blacksmith, d. Celeste n. 

Boyle L. laborer, 138 Liberty 
Boyle Mary Mrs. 492 Rampart, d. 1 
Boyle John, car builder, d. 451 Basin 
Boyle Julia Mrs. 426 Royal, d. 3 
Boyle Patrick, moulder, 196 New Levee 
Boyle Patrick, c. h. 8 Girod 
Boyle Robl. ( Cosgrove &c Boyle,) 108 

Boyle R. T. clerk, 48 Tchoupitoulas, d. 

190 St. Andrew 
Boyle Terry, laborer, 232 Magazine 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, 513 Chartres 
Boyman Herman, milkman, 89 Congress 
Boyne M. blacksmith, 567 Villere, d. 3 
Boynot Antoine, 88 Cassacalvo 
Bozant Augustus, pork inspector, 150 

Commerce, d. 294 Carondelet 
Bozant A. Mrs. 278 St. Charles 
Bozant Denny, cooper, 664 St. Claude 
Bozant J. B. c. p. 220 Ursulines 
Bozc F. Sully, accountant, 51 and 53 Cus- 
tom iiouse 
Bozeman W. Dr. 90 Baronne 
Bozin Dennis, cooper,Goodchildren n. Poet 
Bozin Fred, baker, 318 Rampart, d. 2 
Bozonier Antoine, runner Citizens' Bank, 

d. St. Philip n. St. Claude 
Bozonier Emile, elk. d. Treme n. St. Ann 
Bozonier E. A. inspector of customs 
Brabant A. 103 Louisa 
Brabazon John M.76Camp,d.271 St.Mary j 
Braccini Herman, 145 Bourbon 
Bracelin Chas. lab. Poydras, n. Bertrand 
Brack Louis, carp. Seventh n. Chippewa 
Bracken Elizalieth, Josephine n. St. Claude 
Bracken Wm. R. cabinet maker, Dela- 

rojidc , Algiers 
Hracker Jacolj, poultry, 30 South market 
Firacker Thomas, lab. ,509 Chartres, d. 3 
Brackman B. Dr. 128 Bienville 
Hracy Dully, 282 Cu.stomhouse 
Bradbury C. W. clerk, Canal c. Exchange 

Bradbury C. W. d. 156 Baronne 




Bradbury Mrs. 256 Bacchus 

Bradbury David, assistant engineer fire 

department, d. 28 St. Ferdinand 
Braden David, fur dealer, b. 164 St. Jo- 
Bradfield John, clerk, 134 Canal 
Bradford Andrew, b. h. 36 Gallatin 
Bradford C. M. district attorney 
Bradford Charles, Rampart n. Mandeville 
Bradford George, Cypress c. Magnolia 
Bradford James, clerk, 96 Franklin 
Bradford Jane, furnished rooms, 227 Cus- 
Bradford J. Q. att'yi 13 Commercial place 
Bradford J. H. (McKleroy Sf Bradford,) 

48 Carondelet 
Bradford Mary Mrs. 328 Felicity 
Bradford Rob. f. m. c. Magazine n. Erato 
Bradford R. H. attorney at law, 26 St. 

Bradford T. Mrs. 375 Basin 
Bradford T. furnished rooms, 43 Bur- 
Bradfute H. Unioa Cotton Press 
Bradfute J. H. clerk, d. 67 Robin 
Bradley Andrew, b. h. 36 Gallatin 
Bradley H. shoemaker, 19 Constance 
Bradley James Rev., Constance n. Jose- 
Bradley James, drayman, 88 St. Joseph 
Bradley J. drayman, 490 Annunciation 
Bradley J. C. carp. Dryades n. Second 
Bradley James R. deputy constable, 80 

St. Charles, d. Baronne n. Clio 
Bradley John S. painter, 141 Camp 
Bradley Jos. C. (Bradley, Wilson Sf Co.) 

26 Carondelet 
Bradley Jos. W. sere wrnan,. 485 Tchou- 

Bradley M. Mrs. 152 Erato 
Bradley Samuel, 101 St. Charles 
Bradley, Wilson & Co. (Joseph C. Brad- 
ley, Hugh Wilson, W. C Bibb,) com- 
mission merchants, 62 Carondi let 
Bradley William, clerk, d. 379 Dryades 
Bradling Martin, laborer, 411 Liberty 

sale Gi'ocer and dealer in Pure 
"Wines, and Liquors, c. Com- 
mon and Pulton. 

Bradshaw G. H. engineer, 21 Bourbon 
Brady Andrew, 141 Bienville 
Brady A. Mrs. 540 Dauphine 
Brady Barny, laborer. 232 Magazine 
Brady Bernard, grocer, 570 Tchoupitoulas 
Brady Charles, finisher, 2 Constance 
Brady D. C. clerk, 155 Poydras 
Brady H. tailor, Levee, Jefferson City 
Brady .lames, laborer, 392 Basin 
Brady James, clerk, d. 284 Conti 
Brady James c. p. 301 Orleans 
Brady James, drayman. Basin, c. Terpsi- 
Brady James, blacksmith, 179 Thalia 

Brady James, grocer, Constance c. Erato 
Brady John, printer, St. Jane n. Gravier 
Brady John, lab. St. Anthony n. Solidelle 
Brady John, drayman, 417 Terpsichore 
Brady John C. Capt. 597 St, Charles 
Brady Mary Mrs. 145 Prieur 
Brady Michael, contractor, d. 11 Melpo- 
Brady Michael, laborer, 105 St. Ann 
Brady Michael, Edward n. Annunciation 
Bi-ady Michael, laborer, 92 St. Joseph 
Brady M. Mrs., Coliseum n. Josephine 
Brady M. teacher, 58 Frenchmen 
Brady & Co. (Michael B. Brady, D. H. 
Davies,) commission merchants, 91 
Gravier, d. 18 Dryades 
Brady M., U. S. Mint, d. 112 John.son 
Brady M., Merchants' Ex. 19 St. Charles 
Brady Pat. laborer, 33 Galvez, d. 1 
Brady Peter, driver, 511 Burgundy, d, 3 
Brady Peter, barkeeper, 216 Delord 
Brady Philip, grocer, d. Terpsichore, c. 

Brady Roger, laborer, 129 Thalia 


Dealers in Ship, Steamboat, 
Wheelwright and House 
Lumber, Julia c. New Levee, 
Saw Mills Magazine c. Girod, 
d. No. 20 Poyfarre. 

Brady Thomas, laborer, 75 Orange 
Brady Thos. lab. Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Brady Wm. lab. 64 Mandeville 
Bragan Wolf, shoemaker, 139 Marais 

BRAGG & D'AQUIN, (Thomas 
P. Bragg, Edgar D'Aquin, jr. 
in Commendam,) Manufac- 
tured Tobacco Agents, and 
General Commission and Por- 
warding Merchants, 26 Gra- 
vier, d. 228 Robertson. 

Bragg William Mrs. 345 Erato 
Braghi Rappahonnic, 228 Canal 
Brainard Henry, Bayou road n. Prieur 
Braker Bernard, Sixth c. New Levee 
Brackmann W. shoes, 256 Tchoupitoulas 
Bramer Joseph, Eighth n. Coliseum 
Bramhall Wm. T. (J. H. Ashbridge Sf 

J^\pheic,-) 120 Common 
Brambage J. laborer, 27 Marigny 
Bramrner T. W. 97 Exchange place 
Branagan A. lab. First, n. Annunciation 
Branagan D. 98 "Adele 
Branch Louisiana State Bank, 11 Camp 
Branch David M. salesman, 60 Carondelet 
Branch John, shoemaker, Gravier c. j\ew 

Brancour Constantine, gardener, 265 Main 
Brand A. clerk, Rampart n. Euterpe 
Brand C. W. grocer. New Le%'ee, c. Va- 
lence, Jeff. City 




Brand Fred, carpn'tr, Poydras n. Johnson 
Brand Fivd. B. elk. 11 Commerc. place, 

d. 73 Coliseum 
Brand Hi;nry, c. h. Third c. Levee 
Brand John, Congress n. Rampart 
Brand Joini, Valence n. Levee, Jeff. City 
Brand Louis, luniber mereht. Garrollton 
Brand M. carp. Lyon n Front, Jeff. City 
Brand Wm. Mrs. school, 19."} Camp 
iirand Wni. shoemaker, 'J") Conti 
Braiidao Edwd. A. printer, 2 Crescent 

row. Canal 
Brandao S. P. 369 Canal 
Brandau John, shoemaker, S.W Ursulincs 
Brandel E. widow, 135 FrcMichmen 
Branden John, shoemUr. Tonti n.UrsuIines 
Brandenburg David .Mrs. Inl-. 120 Julia 
Brandensti'in Meyer, clerk, 13 Ciiartres 
Brnndi'r & Hubbard, (J. S. Brander, jr. 

Chas. 1). Huhbard,) cotton factors and 

com. mrr.s. 5() Carondi'lel 
Branders (i. upholsterer, 31 1 Rampart 
Brandin J. slater, d. 404 Chartres, d. 3 
Brandis A. Dr., Casacalvo 
Brandner John, tailor, 137 Chartres 
Brandner Joseph, clerk, IS.") Chartres 
Brandrick Christ, carp. Prienr n. Gravier 
Brandsteter C. H. shoes, 416 Dryades 
Brandt Chas. carpenter, 386 Customhouse 
Brandt Eucla Mrs. 439 Dryades 
Brandt Fred, porter, d. 21 Galvez,d. 2 
Brandt Jno.F. lamp lighter, 10 Johnson,d.2 
Brandth J. laliorer, 578 Burgundy, d. 3 
Braniek Michael, laborer, d 145 Hejif^ious 
Barniff John, laborer, Fulton n. St. Mary 
Brannan John, laborer, Broad n. Gasquet 
Brannet Pierre, boots and shoes, 137 Ram- 
Brannin A. 0. ( Hilliard, Summers Sf Co.) 

64 Carondelet 
Brannin John S (Hilliard, SummersSf Co.) 

64 Carondelet 
Brannin Thos. laborer, 541 Dauphine, d.3 
Brannigan Peter, furn. cart, 395 Lafayette 
Brannon Charlotte, b. h. 3d Girod 
Brannon Edwin, laborer, 265 Dryades 
Brannon John, laborer, 64 Laharpe 
Braiisford John, c. p. 1((9 B.isin 
Brant Catharine, Hospital n. Prieur 
•Brantly Frank, Annunciation c. Sixth, d.4 
Braont Ernest, tailor, Johnson n. Onzaga 
Braquet John, grocer. 207 Poydras 
Brard \. grocery, Mandeville n. Dauphine 
Brard F. Mrs. 95 Dauphine 
Brard Joshua B. 206 Bayou road 
Braselman B. L. grocer, 57d Magazine 
Braselman .T. A. dry goods, Magazine c. 

St. Andrew 
Brasehnan Wm. R. cotton broker, 10 

Union, d. 46^ Dryades, d. 1 
Brassac Jean, clerk, c. Treme it Ursulineu 
Bra.sier, E. F. acct. 25 Commercial place 
Braslin Chas. laborer, 426 Poydras 
Bras.sart Francis, Poydras n. Howard 
Brassel Daniel, moulder, 3H6 Basin 
Brasses Edwd. foreman foundry, d. 386 


Brasson Joseph, f, m. c. 444 Gravier 
Brassur Anthony, 42 Union, d. 3 
Brato Oliver, boiler maker, 6 Poyfarre 
Bratto O. blacksmith, Adele n. N. Levee 
Brand Jos. M , Ly<in n Jersey, Jeff. City 
Brand J. A. & Landry, (Mrs. J. .?. Brand, 
Jlmade.n Landry,) com. merchants, 23 
Brand P. A. acct. 23 Bienville 
Brand P. L. 114 Elysian Fields, 
Brand Sarah Mrs. d". 162 First 
Brauer C. L. & Schoenfeld, ( F. W. Scho- 
enf'eld,) com. mers. 17 Commer'l place 
Brauff Geo. laborer, 89 Bienville 
Braugh G. H. clerk, 3 Magazine 
Braun Frederick, tailor, 255 St. Louis 
Braun Geo. sailor, Good 'rn n. Knghien 
Brann G. confi'Ctioner, 248 Rampart 
Braun Gustave, 306 Conti 
Braun Henry, laliorer, 38 French 
Braun Jacob, tradi>r, 474 Royal 
Braun John, c. ii. 21 Frenchmen 
Rraun John, laborer, 25 Frenchmen 
Braun J. B. wine v<mder, 116 Bienville 
Braun John, c. h. Girod c. Tchoupilonlas 
Braun Jno. M.c. h. and br. h. 130 Poydras 
Braun John Mrs. 785 Dauphine, d. 3 
Braun John, f. engineer. Sixth n. Maga- 
Braun Peter, laborer, 847 Dauphine, d. 3 
Braun Peter, laborer, 109 Marais, d. 2 
Braun Wm. carpt. St. Andrew n Baronne 
Braun Wilhelmina, 13 Peace 
Bniuneis Joseph, clerk, 10 Liberty 
Brauns T. grocery. Bayou road n. Broad 
Brauroth H. shoemakei', 76 St. Peter 
Brausch J. shoemaker, Girod c. N. Levee 
Brauss Rodolph, barber. Royal c. Cus- 
Bravo Andrew, St. Claude c. Bourbon 
Brauza J. butcher, 42 St. .Mary's market 
Brave Brazil Jos., Annette n. G-irod 
Bray A. Mrs. grocery, Rousseau c. St. 

Bray Tiiomas, c. p. 85 Mandeville 
Brazie Fllen, f. w. c. 405 (llustomhouse 
Breard Alfred, grocer. Main c. Robertson, 

d. 88 Mandeville 
Breaux E. clerk, d. Barracks n. St. Claude 
Breaux G. A. att'y. at law, 48 Camp, d. 

648 Magazine 
Breaux Louis, clerk, 8 Front Levee 
Bn;cher Michael, lab. 854 St. Claude, d. 3 
Breckerman N. cigars. Levee c. Clouet 
Breddard Eugene, laborer, 200 St. Louis 
Breden C. laborer, 129 Independence 
Breden John, laborer, 113 Piety 
Bredow & Wusthoff & Co., ( G. Brcdow 
jr., .Inlius Wusthoff, John Ohmstedc,) 
63 Tchoupiloulas, d. Sixth n. Maga- 
Breeden Mark, mason, 349 Magazine 
Brecdiove A. B. clerk, 21 Magazine 
Breedlove J. W. notary pub. 79 Gravier, 

d. 294 St. Charles 
Breedlove J. Winch, Constance n. Sixth 
Breedlove Mary H. Mrs. 507 Constance 




Breedlove W. W. acct. 35 Magazine, d. 

384 Dryades 
Breen Daniel, tinsmith, 327 Baronne 
Breen Huffli, painter, Seventh n. Magazine 
Bn;en M. H. c. p. ,51 Mandeville 
Breen, Kavanaugk & Breen, (James Breen, 
Edward Kavanaugh,) St. Charles c. 
Breen John, painter, 108 Girod, d. 127 

Breen Mary Mrs. b. h. 168 New Levee 
Breen Thomas, lab. Celeste n. Levee 
Bregenzer Conrad, piano mkr. 193 Royal, 

d. 162 Rampart d. 2 
Brehill Hypolite, bricklayer, 274 Roman, 

d. 3 
Breheny Mrs. grocery, 208 Baronne 
Breiffehl Louis, saw sharpener, 216 Mel- 
Breiffehl Louis, butcher, 23 Dryades mkt 
Brehop John Henry, Second n. Dryades 
Breidenbach Wm. carpenter, 268 Bienville 
Breiding Henry, tailor, 459 Tchoupitoulas 
Breitenstein J. c. h. 194 Tchoupitoulas 
Breistleing N., Conti c. Bourbon 
Breitling Nicholas, clerk, 130 Canal 
Brelet P. 169 Main 

Breman Thos. lab. 3 Leed's row, Erato 
Bremer E. Mrs. 82 Dauphine 
Bremer Charles Capt. 168 Johnson, d. 2 
Bremer John, laborer, 35 Vlazant 
Bremer J. drayman, 71 Carondelet walk 
Bremer Michael, baker, 137 Thalia 
Bremen C. clerk, d. 202 Prytania 
Bremond Simon, 84 Hospital 
Brenan Ed. drayman, Derbigny n. Main 
Brenan James, boiler makr 127 Foucher 
Brenan James, book keeper, 2 Front, d. 1 
Brenan Jas. drayman, Mississippi press 
Brenan John, clerk, 13 Customhouse, d. 

366 Bienville 
Brenan John, drayman. Common c. Rob- 
Brenan John, drayman, 104 Basin, d. 2 
Brenan & Jourdan, (M. J. Brenan, F. 
Jourdan,) west. prod. 76 & 78 Poydras 
Brenan Matthew, lab. 59 Prieur 
Brenan M. X. book keeper, 38 N. Levee 
Brenan Richard, notary and commissioner 
of deeds for nt;arly all the States in 
the Union, 9 Commercial place 
Brenan Thomas, laborer, 143 Greatmen 
Brencke Michel, Ninth n. Chippewa 
Brenckle, Philip, cabinet mkr. N. Levee c. 

Robertson, Jeff. City 
Brendan John, shoemaker, 26 Ursulines 
Brendley John, dairy, 1 St. John Baptist 
Brenford James, 455 Tchoupitoulas 
Brenford J. T. 35 Carondelet 
Brennan C. Mrs. c. h. 38 Girod 
Brennan Edward, laborer, 11 Terpsichore 
Brtunian Geo. screwman, 44 Port 
BreiHian James, laborer, 147 Religious 
Brennan John F. teas, 139 St. Andrew 
Brennan John, laborer, 472 Front Levee 
Brennan John, porter, 366 Bienville 
Brennan Matthew, lab. Prieurn. Common 

Brennan Michael, laborer, 16 Mandeville 
Brennan Pat. laborer, 83 St. Thomas 
Brennan Pat. laborer, 76 Roman, d. 2 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, 89 Erato 
Brennan Thos. P. cartman, 164 Basin, d.l 
Brennan Wm. laborer, 3 Port 
Brentner Theo. carp. 327 Carondelet walk 
Breo Mary Mrs., St. Andrew n. Chippewa 
Bres J. B. cotton factor, 32 Carondelet, d. 

Jackson c. Baronne 
Btesch W. barber, 332 Tchoupitoulas 
Brescianey A. painter, Poet near Rampart 
Bressler Jacob, carpenter, 315 Laurel 
Bret & Haller, (E. Bret, J. Haller,) pro- 
prietors Merchants Hotel, St. Charles 

0. Canal 
Bretar Alexis, marble cutter, 319 Orleans 
Breton & Co., (L. Breton, L. Binoche,) 

dry goods, 30 Chartres 
Brette J., French teacher, 13 St. Charles 
Breugnot Claude, carp. 127 Toulouse 
Breves Otto, elk. Gasquet c. Marais 
Brevier Louis Mrs. 333 Carondelet walk 
Brewer Ann, dressmkr. 373 Chartres, d. 3 
Brewer Charles, carpenter, 145 Main 
Brewer Geo. stevedore, 601 St. Claude, d. 3 
Brewer Henry, c. p. Arts n. Urquhart 
Brewer James, asst. treasurer U. S. and 

treas-. of U. S. Branch Mint, d. Eighth 

n. Chestnut 
Brewer James, (Gillaspie, Brewer &c Co.) 

38 Union, d. 1 
Brewer John J. tailor, 408 Dryades 
Brewer M. Mrs. 278 St. Claude, d. 2 
Brewer M. Miss, dressmaking, 376 Char- 

. tres, d. 3 
Brewer E. F. acct. 21 Magazine, d. 256 

Brewster Alexander, cartman, 62 Marigny 

CO., (B. S. Brewster, W. 
Blakeney,J. H, Ashbey,) Cop- 
persmiths, and Sheet Iron 
Workers, Front and Fulton 
Streets, between Notre Dame 
and Julia. Manufacturers of 
Chimneys, Juice Boxes, Clar- 
ijQers, Breechings, Stills, Fire 
Beds, Filterers, Ash ■ Pans, 

Brewster G. E. 23 and 25 Common 
Brewster John, b. h. 87 Front Levee, d. 3 
Brewster Margt. f. w. c. nurse, 1 Carroll 
Brian Thos. carp. Coliseum c. Pleasant 
Briant Geo. P. 157 Thalia 
Briard Francois Mrs. 109 Dauphine 
Briard Samuel Mrs. 46 Frenchmen 
Brice A. G. (Brice &f Mitchell,) d. 310 

Brice & Mitchell, (.1. G. Brice, D. F. 

Mitchell,) attorneys at law, 82 Camp 
Brice S. clerk. Royal c. Toulouse 
Brickell D. W. Dr. 129 Carondelet 


77 BRI 

BrickoU J. N. attorney, 44 Camp, d. 129 

Bricki'll Saml. & Britlon, s. b. agents, 38 

Brickell Samuel, Ial)oror, 315 Bienville 
Brickell Wm. A. 129 Curondelet 
Bricken L. Mrs. furnished rooms, 1 17 Cus- 
Brickmann Nicholas, cigars, Levee near 

Brickeradt Peter, tailor, 51 Baronne 
Brickney John, laborer, 26 Elys. Fields 
Bridnult" Ernest, clerk, 329 St. Ann 
Bride .Tohii, laborer, Foucher n Calliope 
Briede Otto, cigars and toiiac. 39 Front, d.l 
Briden Gustin, lab. Independence c. Good- 
Bridenberg Wm. carpenter, 268 Bienville 
Bridge David, com. mer. 6 Carondelet 
Bridge & Son, (Edward .■?. Bridge, Fred. E. 
Bridge,) com. mers. 83 Gravier, d. 
194 Camp 
Bridge K. G. clerk, 44 Union, d. La. Av. 

Jefferson City 
Bridge Henry, clerk, 83 Magazine, d. 1 

BRIDGE ISAAC, 83 Magazine, 
6th store ab. Poydras, Agents 
for the sale of the Alum Pat- 
ent Fire Proof Safes; 
McGowan's Pumps & Pump- 
ing Engines; Bauman's Plat- 
form Scales; Moore's Patent 
Family Sewing Machines ; 
Bank, Safe and Store Locks of 
the most approved kinds; also 
constantly for sale cheap Iron 
Chests and secondhand Safes, 
d. 124 Felicity 

Bridge S. D. com. mer. 63 Carondelet 
Bridges C. E. accountant, 71 Carondelet 
Bridges John, laborer. Front n. Erato 
Bridger John Mrs., Laiiarjie n. Robertson 
Kridgins Jos. carpenter. Tliird n. Dryades 
Briede Otto, cigars, d. Nap. av. n. Laurel 
Briel Philip C. barber, Villere n. Lavergne, 

Brier Henry, Second n. Rampart 
Brierre Tli. produce and merchandize bro- 
ker, 2 Tchoupitoulas, d. 263 Royal ' 
Brieves Adolph, clerk, Qasquet c. Marais 
Briggemann Jos'ph, 92 Dryades 
Briggemann M. lamplighter, 80 St. Thomas 
Briggemann Nich. cigars, 243 Levee, d. 3 
Briggs Chas. I'n-st. La. Mutual Ins. Co. 
"Camnc. Natchez, d. Prytania c. Third 
Briggs Etiward, atly at law, 142 Canal, d. 

Third c. Coliseum 
Briggs Edward, cot. broker, 136 Common, 

d. 223 Thalia 
Briggs E. \V. agent of London Unity Ins. 

Co. d. 152 Coliseum 
Briggs F. A. 200 Frenchmen 

Briggs James, Jackson n. Annunciation 
Briggs Joseph, shoemaker, 5 Annunciation 
Briggs Mary A. f. w. c. 140 Orleans 
Briggs .Vathaniel Capt. 271 Felicity 
Briggs N. Bagatelle c. St. John Baptist 
Briggs Reuben F. assistant notary public, 

25 Commercial place 
Briggs S. Mrs. 520 Dauphine, d. 3 
Brigham Joseph W. 21 Magazine 
Bright G. L. attorney at law, 10 Royal, d. 

302 St. Charles 
Bright George V". 293 St. Charles 
Bright L. J. book keeper, 51 Camp, d. 

293 St. Charles 
Brightman J. turner. Pleasant c. Fulton 
Brignon Michel, sculptor, Tonti n. Roman 
Brigueler Therese, costumes, 170 Rampart 
Brill Albert, grocery, Erato c. Howard 
Brill Charles, clerk, 95 Gravier 
Brillault E. P.,( Edmund S( Brillault,) 19 

Brimmerman John, laborer, 77 Spain 
Brinckle John, Mandeviile n. Girod 
Bringier Louis Mrs. d. 291 Esplanade 
Bringier M. D. 383 Carondelet 
Bringier M. S. 137 Common 
Bringier P. 383 Carondelet 
Bringmann F. shoemaker, 406 Custom- 
Brink Henry, 130 Commerce 
Brink John, 211 Mandev\lle 
Brinker Bernard, Dufossat n. Live Oak, 

Jefferson City 
Brinker Henry, carpenter, 113 Piety 
Brinker H. J. mate, 83 Calliope 
Brinkmaii Chas. H. elk. 409 Chartres, d. 3 
Brinkman F. D. baker, St. James, n. Pa- 
can ier 
Brinkman F. tailor, 26 Frenchmen 
Brinkman Ernest, Eagle bakery, 4U9 Char- 
tres, d. 3 
Brinkman Martin Mrs. 13 Lsssens 
Brinkmeyer S. nurse, JacksoHn. Rousseau 
Brinton A. M. clerk, 14 Canal 
Brniton P. H. cominissicni and forwarding 
merchant, 25 Canal and 19, 21 and 23 
Crossman, 27 and 29 Front Levee, d. 2 
Brio Benjamin, 63 Burgundy 
Briocourt .\ng. cook, 44 South market 
Brion Basil, jr. carpenter, 103 St. Anthony 
Brion B. f. m. c. shoemaker, 86 Frenchmen 
Brion D. shoemaker, 86 Frenchmen 
Brion F. carpenter, 287 Burgundy 
Brisbi Henry, clerk, 61 Chartres 
Brisbin C. Mrs. 109 D.lord 
Brisbin, G. M. printer, 109 Delord 
Brisbin W. \W.( Clark 4,- Brisbin) 19 Com- 
mercial place, d. 109 Delord 
Brisbois F". shnemakiT, Palmyra c. Galvez 
Briscoe James W. clerk, 11 Magazine 
}:}riseoe John, 360 Customhouse 
Briscoe John H. rlerk, 59 Common 
Briscoe Moses, painter, 299 Hosjiital 
Briseau John, butcher, French market, d. 

30 Orleans 
Briakie Washington, carp. Poet n. Rampart 
Brkolara A. clerk. Rampart c. St. Peter 




Brisolara J. confectioner, Rampart c. St. 

Brissolara V. fruit, 299 Old Levee, d. 2 
Brithmie Miciiacl, lab. 77 Annunciation 
Britt Patrick, packer, 10 Magazine 
Britt Walter, laborer. 361 Old Levee, d. 3 
Brittin Abraham, clerk, 43 Carondelet 
Britton Mrs. 489 St. Charles 
Britton A. butcher. Third n. Annunciation 
Britton A. collector, 4 Front, d. 178 Third 
Britton Camden, pilot. Third n. Laurel 
Britton Francois, cook, 262 St. Louis 
Britton John, laborer, 377 Old Levee, d. 3 
Britton John D. clerk, 57 Carondelet 
Britton Richard, screwman, 98 Enghien 
Britton Rosina, St. Charles n. St. Mary 
Bnwa George tailor, 620 Magazine 
Briwan C. Mrs. Laurel n. St. Mary 
Bi'oaddus W. S. salesman, 67 Canal 
Broadnax Gustavus, barber, 350 Conti 
Broadwell C. B. & Co. com. mers. Maga- 
zine c. Lafayette, d. Laharpe n. Galvez 
Broadwell Josiah, Laharpe n. Galvez 
Broadwell & Haynes, ( W. A. Broadwell, 
A. F. Haynes) commission merchants, 
40 Union, d. 1 
Broadwell S. 322 Ursuline 
Brobeck Alexander, carp. 138 Euterpe 
Brocan Joseph, baker, 228 St. Louis 
Brocard Arthur, 269 Ursulines, not. pub. 

70 St. Louis. 
Brocard Charlotte, f. w. c. 164 Main 
Brocard E. 269 Ursulines 
Brochet Mary V. 37 St. Anthony 
Brockett David, 66 Poydras 
Brock Samuel, engineer, 243 Main 
Brock M. Z. 298 Poydras 
Brock Valentine, drayman, 383 Orleans 
Brocklebank O. H. dentist, 44 Camp 
Brockenfohr M. Mrs. Pleasant n. Chippewa 
Brockenfohr W. milkman, Jena c. Laurel 
Brockleman M. lamplighter, 80 St. Thomas 
Brockman Adolph, Sixth c. New Levee 
Brockmeier B. Mrs. dressmaker, 477 Ca- 
Brockmoier Carl, dairy, Seventh n. Basin 
Brode J. Henry, grocer, Baronne c. Thalia 
Brodei- John, laljorer, St. Andrew n. Camp 
Broderick A. Mrs., Carondelet c. Poydras 
Broderick Cor. drayman, 344 Melpomene 
Broderick H. inside keeper Parish Prison 
Broderick J. plasterer, 375 Rampart, d. 1 
Broderick James, clerk, Alabama cotton 

press, d. 198 St. John Baptist 
Broderick J. D. butcher. Ninth n. Laurel 
Broderick Luke, laborer, 234 Girod 
Broderick Wm. laborer, 67)^ Rousseau 
Brodowski Mrs. 85 St. Peter' 
Brodtmann Carl, carp. Chartres n. Desire 
Brodtmaii Wm. carpenter, Chestnut, Alg 
Brofhill J. saw grinder, 351 Terpsichore 
Brogan John, laborer, 287 Tchoupitoulas 
Brohan John, grocer, 257 Dryades 
Brohan Patrick, boiler maker, 504 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Brokers' Cotton Press, New Levee n. St. 

Broker, L. M. machinist, J. R. R. Depot 

d. 289 Clio 
Brombery Fred. G. clerk, 132 Canal 
Bromley Robert, c. p. d. Market n. Front 
Brons Hewich, shoemaker, 31 St Andrew 
Brons Henry, laborer, 7 Poet 
Brons Joseph, laborer, 7 Poet 
Bronsema Abraham, stationer, 93 Com- 
mon, d. New Levee c. First 
Bronser Louisa Mrs. 254 Felicity 
Brpnson A. A. messenger, 96 Camp 
Bronson B trunk maker, 106 Perdido 
Brooks Geo. ( Brooks &c Purseo;love) d. Carl 
Brooks Henry T. editor, d. 331 Constance 
Brooks & Purseglove, (Geo. Brooks, Geo. 
Purseglove) machinery agents, 10 Per- 
dido, d. Carrollton 
Brooks Harvey, b. h. 399 Old Levee, d. 3 
Brooks James, c. p. 541 St. Claude, d. 3 
Brooks John, 306 Dryades 
Brooklyn Warehouse Co. office 25 Caron- 
Brooks Araline Mrs. 318 St. Mary 
Brooks Eleanor Mrs. Chestnut n. Josephine 
Brooks Elizabeth, 201 St. Peter 
Brooks Henry T. cotTee house, 133 and 
135 Old Levee, d. 2 

BROOKS HOUSE, 128 Camp-st. 
adjoining Odd-Fellows' Hall. 
This House, conveniently and 
pleasantly situated, fronting 
on Lafayette Square, is now 
open for the reception of per- 
manent or transient Boarders 
M. D. F. H. BROOKS, 

Brooks Jas. c. h. Goodchildren n. Marigny 

Brooks John, laborer, 85 Louisa 

Brooks John M. sugar kettle .setter, 70 

Brooks J. P. laborer. 272 St. Philip 
BrooKs M. D. F. H. Brooks House, 128 

Brooks Nancy, f. w. c. 101 Gravier 
Brooks Peter, f. m. c. lab. 272 St. Philip 
Brooks Robt. barkeeper. Customhouse n. 

Brooks Svrah, f. w. c. 183 Gravier 
Brooks Saml. sail maker, Front n. Market 
I^ooks Samson, f. m. c. b. h. Canal c, 

Brooks S. W. 57 St. Charles 
Brooks Thomas, clerk, 201 St. Peter 
Brooks Thomas, laborer. Third, Gretna 
Brooks & Purseglove, foundry, Hoyville, 

Brophey M. laborer, 458 Ghartre.s 
Brophey Daniel, cabman, 96 .Vlarigny 
Brophey M. drayman, Piiydras n. Tonli 
Brophey Jas. laborer, 315 Old Levee, d. 2 
Brophy James, draym\n, 135 Poet 
Brophy Timothy, warehouseman, d. Dry- 
ades n. Clio 
Brosard R. Mrs. 192 Roman, d. 2 

BRO 79 

Brosella Frank, 136 Bourbon 

Brossert E. vegetables, 8 and 9 Poydras 

Brossette Nich. cake baker, *351 Chartres 
Brother Alex., Pres. Homo Mutual Ins. Co. 

Camp c. Natcliez, d. 176 Camp 
Brother C. Tchoupitoulas n. Sixth 
Brother Richard, elerk, 93 Tehoupitoulas 
Brothers James, 187 Basin, d. 1 
Brothers W. book keeper, 16 Carondelet 
Brotherten Wm. ens;iiieer, 252 Johnson 
Brottman Carl, earn. Moreau n. Desire 
Brou P. Mrs. 215 Main 
Broue Aug. restaurant, 243 Old Levee, 

Broue Auguste, restaurant, 15 Madison 
Brouet A. Mrs. grocer, 258 Ursulines 
Brouet A. Mrs. 38 Aimette 
Broughton Richard, (Zadek Sf Bronjrhton) 

St. Charles, under St. Charles Hotel 
Broughton Thomas B. 35 Carondelet 
Brougiiiet Ernest, baker, 245 Burgundy 
Brough Charles, cotton broker, 35 Caron- 
delet, d. 126 Rampart, d. 2 
Brouher, Mrs. laundress, 260 Bourbon 
l>round Esilda, 265 Esplanade 
Broussard Anemise,f. w c. 249 St. Philip 
Hroussard A. D. cooper, 223 Ursulines 
Broussard Louise, 314 St. Philip 
Brousse Joim, 284 Laurel 
Brousseau &. Co. (A. Brounseau, E. Ratelle) 

carpets, d. 74 Esplanade 
Broutin N. Mrs. Girod n. St. Bernard 
Browis William, tailor, Roman n. Adele 
Browder D. Felicity n. Annunciation 
Browder John J. pilot, St. Andrew n. 

Browa "Thomas E. clerk, 32 Carondelet 
Brower G. C. barkoejier, 110 Poydras 
BrowerS. G. 36 Poydras 
Brown A. leather finisher, 25 Celestine 
Brown A. A. mate, 218 New Levee 
Brown Alex. M. book keeper, 81 Caron- 
delet, d. Girod c. Carondelet 


BROWN A. & CO. Lumber Yard, 
Saw Mill and Sash Factory, 
320 Magazine st. dealers in 
Mahogany, Spanish and Flor- 
ida Cedar, Cypress, White 
Pine, Cherry, Walnut, Oak, 
Ash, Hickory & Poplar Lum- 
ber, Dressed Flooring & Ceil- 
ing, Mahogany Railing, New- 
els & Balusters, Door Sashes 
and Blinds. 

Brown Benj. f. m. c. stand 43 Trcme d. 2 

Brown Charles, clerk, 128 Canal 

Bniwn C. barkeeper, 51 Front 

Brown ."Vdam, f. m. c. 236 Customhouse 

Brown Alex. 690 St. Claude 

Brown Ak-x. screwman, 1.53 Toulouse 

Brown Alfred, f. m. c. Columbus n. Marais 

Brown Alfred, c. p. d. 378 Franklin 

Brown Alfred E. clerk, Canal c. Bourbon, 

d. 126 St. Louis 
Brown Andrew Mrs 428 Carondelet 
Brown A. Dr. 125 Carondelet 
Brown Antoine, Fourth near Fulton 
Brown A. Mrs. d. 249 Orleans 
BrownBros. & Co. bankers, 35 Carondelet 
Brown B. Mrs. grocery, 201 Calliope 
Brown Charles, cooper, 178 Claiborne 
Brown Charles, »steamboatman, 34 South 

Brown Charles, c. p. d. 164 Chippewa 
Brown Charles, carpenter, 45 ('onstance 
Brown Charles H. 49 Carondelet 
Brown Charles D. tobacco merchant, 21 

Lafayette, d. 16 Gaiennie 
Brown Charles S., St. Andrew n. Laurel 
Brown Charles, printer, 24 (iasquet 
Brown Clement, collector, Constantinople 

c. Magazine, Jeff. City 
Brown Danl. ship carp. Piety n Burgundy 
Brown Daniel, carp. d. 205 Terpsichore 
Brown Daniel, slioemaker, 44 Mandi^ville 
Brown David, d. Goodchildren n. Poet 
Brown David Capt. d. Spain c. Dauphine 
Brown David E. pilot, Erato n. Freret 
Brown l^lizabeth Mrs. 17 Union, d. 3 
Brown Emanuel, Peace n. Royal 
Brown Emile, stevedore, 468 Tchoupitou. 
Brown E. Mrs. cakes, 847 Magazine, d. 4 
Brown E. F. clerk, 32 Old Levee, d. 2 
Brown E. W. d. 481 Dauphine 
Brown Frank, laborer, 110 Gaiennie 
Brown Frank, laborer, 136 S|>ain 
Brown, Frederick, carp. Laurel n. First 
Brown Frederick, carpenter, 441 Perdido 
Brown F. L. clerk, 163 Gravier 
Brown Geo. H. liquor ao;ent, 58 N. Levee 
Brown Geo. mate, 103 Mandeville 
Brown Geo. ship carp. 806 Burgundy, d. 3 
Brown Geo. warehouseman, 21 Common 
Brown Geo. barber, 203 Common 
Hrown Geo. mate, 363 Dauphine, d. 3 
Brown Geo. f. m. c. lab. 528 Robertson 
Brown Geo. E. clerk Sun Mutual Ins. Co 
Brown Geo. H. 58 New Levee, d. First n. 

Brown Henry, porter, 865 Rampart, d. 3 
Brown Henry, Annunciation n. Robin 
Brown Henry, stevedore, 176 Goodchildren 
Brown Henry A. clerk, d. 120 Ainuinciation 
Brown Joseph, niglilcart, 175 Dryades 
Brown James, Mandeville n. St. Claude 
Brown James Capt. 515 Royal, d. 3 
Brown James, d. Magazine n. St. Mary 
Brown Jas.eonfectioiur,Galvez n. Palmyra 
Brown Jas. carpi'iiter, Chippewa n. Sixth 
Hrown James W. 119 Mandeville 
Brown James, laborer, 6 Enghein 
Brown John. 274 Frenchmen 
Brown John, 160 Tch(uipitoulas 
Hrown John, laljorer, 229 S|)ain 
Ijrown John, f. m. c. 360 Bienville 
Brown Joiin B. screwman, Josephine n. 

Brown John, 115 Tchoupitoulas 
Hrown John, lab. Johnson n. St. Philip 




Brown John, tailor, 127 St. Jane 

Brown John, b. h. Euphrosine n. Liberty 

Brown John, dray, Claiborne n. Bienville 

Brown John, stevedore, Robin n. Tchoup. 

Brown John, 113 Washington, d. 3 

Brown John, painter, Felicity n. Baronne 

Brown John, n. Public road, Carrollton 

Brown John, laborer, 73 Desire 

Brown Jno. f.m.c. driver, 322 Franklin,d,l 

Brown John, laborer, 135 Spain 

Brown John A. Ferguson, merchandise 

and produce broker, 21 Lafayette, d. 

116 Gaiennie 
Brown John C. Sixth c. Lavoisier, Gretna 
Brown John H. stevedore, 601 St. Claude 
Brown Joseph, 375 Rampart, d. 1 
Brown Joseph, si-aman, 631 Rampart, d. 3 
Brown Joseph, 439 Old Levee, d. 3 
Brown, Johnston & Co. (Shepherd Broum, 

Joseph H. Johnston, Raymond A. 

Bourk,) bankers, 49 Union 
Brown Joseph A. book keeper, Julia c. 

New Levee, d. 340 Terpsichore 
Brown Joseph, slave depot. Esplanade c. 

Brov/n Joseph, mate, 126 Burgundy 

BROWN J. B., Importer of 
Welsh Roofing, Slates and 
English Ridge Tile, 6 Union. 

Brown J. B. inspector of customs 
Brown J. D. (Passman, Bryant Sf Co.) Or- 
leans cotton press 
Brown J. G. 234 Craps 
Brown J. N. Royal c. Enghien 
Brown J. G. (R. C. Cummings 8f Go.) 

commission merchs. 13 St. Charles 
Brown J. J. Capt. St. Charles n. Cadiz, 

Jeff. City 
BrownJ. Mrs., Jackson n. Fulton 
Brown Lawrence, E. elk. 32 U. Levee,d.2 
Brown Lemuel L. d. Fourth n. PrylanJa 
Brown Louis, painter, 186 Dryades 
Brown Lucas, 35 Royal 
Brown Margaret Mrs. d. 378 Franklin 
Brown Mary Mrs. d. 39 Spain 
Brown M. drayman, Howard n. Clio 
Brown Martin, lab. Freret n. Thalia 
Brown Martha, fur. rooms, 24 Bourbon 
Brown Matthew, carp. 24 Love 
Brown xMatthew, insp. customs, 97 Man- 

Brown Matthew engineer, Algiers 
Brown Michael, lab. Love n. Spain 
Brown Montg. grocer. Felicity c. Laurel 
Brown Morgan, mate, 390 Franklin 
Brown Peter, printer 274 Dyrades 
Brown Reuben A. & Co. ("C. C Cole) com. 

and ford. m(?rs. 79 Magazine 
Brown Hobt. f. m. c. 206 Main ' 
Brown Robert, 35 Frenchmen 
Brown Robert, lab. 240 Dauphine 
Brown Robert H. carpenter, 464 Dryades 
Brown Roger, lab. 164 Port 
Brown S. Mrs. 458 Chartres 

Brown S f. m. c. carpenter, 83 Basin, d. 1 
Brown Saml. fireman Jackson R. R. depot 
Brown Saml. H. brick yard, Carrollton 
Brown Sarah Mrs. d. 410 Dauphine, d. 3 
Brown Sarah, f. w. c. 241 Orleans 
Brown Sebastian, Carrollton 
Brown Shepherd, (Brown Johnston 8,' Co. 

and Rotchford, Brown 8( Co.) 49 Union 

d. c. Coliseum n. Felicity 
Brown Solyman, carpenterj Algiers 
Brown Thomas, Marigny n. Old Levee 
Brown Thomas, lab. 39 Spain 
Brown Thomas, carp. 125 Poydras, d. 50 

Brown Thos. lab 92 Gaiennie 
Brown Timothy, lab. 23Enghein 
Brown Volney, Marengo n. Magazine 
Brown V. segar mkr. St. Ann n Johnson 
Brown Wm. Capt. towboat, James L. 

Day, d. 537 Dauphine, d. 3 
Brown Wm. engineer, 5 Peace 
Brown Wm. stevedore, 458 Tchoupitoulas 
Brown Wm. Girod n. St. Charles 
Brown Vifm. stevedore, 47 Er)ghein 
Brown Wm. clerk, Chippewa c. Fourth 
Brown Wm. lab. Derbiirny n. Toulouse 
Brown Wm. lab. 561 Burgundy, d. 3 
Brown Wm. drayman, 51 St. James 
Brown Wm. carpenter. Royal n. Mazant 
Brown Wm. lab. Freret n. Clio 
Brown W. H. Magazine n. Richard 
Brown W. H. Mrs. 283 Carondelet 
Brown W. S. chrk, 21 Magazine, d. Fe- 
licity c. Laurel 
Brown Wm. S. 112 Felicity, d. 4 
Brown W^Tl. T. lab. 139 Piety 
Browne J. J. cotton broker, 10 Union, d 

1, d. Chestnut n. F'irst 
Browne R. H. atty. at law, 19 Commer- 

rial Place, d. Campc. Robin 
Browning A. M. Dr., Poydras c. Rampart, 

i. 23 Poyfarre 
Browning F. cooper, 291 Customhouse 
Browning G.T. Dr., Casacalvo c. Enghein 
Browning Jas. L. book keeper, 90 Camp, 

d. 14 Poyfarre 
Brownlee G. inspector of customs 


(Wm. Waterman, Robert 
Roberts,) Steam Sash and 
Blind Factory, 271 Gravier. 
Turning, Planing and Saw- 
ing. Circular Saws Cummed 
and Straightened. 

Brownlee J. D. apoth'y. Charity Hospital 
Brownlee John, constable, Algiers 
Brownlee John E. Laurel n. Philip 
Brownrigg William B. 14 Union 
Bruce G. W. produce broker, 6 Lafayette 
Bruce John, cattle delr. Laurel c. Seventh 
Bruce J. engineer. Frenchmen n. Morales 
Bruce John, drayman, 122 Clouet 
Bruce N. L. clerk, 34 Perdido 
Bruce Robert, clerk, 97 Gravier 


Bruce R.J. lOCamjf, d. Mrrchants' Hotel 
Bruce Robert, caulker, Jackson, McD 
Bruce R. L. (Gregor G. A". 8f Co. j jewel- 
er, 1 Camp, d 116 Camp 
Bruce Thos. funiiture cart, 46 Marais 
Bruce Wm. 34 Bienville 
Bruce Wm. l)ook keeper, Merchants' 

. Bank, 50 Camp 
Brudalus S. shoemaker, 364 Bienville 
Bruder Jacol), Chippewa c. Seventh 
Bruder Jacob, sugar mkr. 55 Lesseps 
Bruen Owen, 2'2'i Girod, d. 1 
bruenn Zachary, tailor, :25 Poydras 
Bruester James A. acct. i216 Julia 
Bruey Just. lab. 112 St. Thomas 
Bruez Justin, lab. 458 Royal, d. 3 
Brugemann Geo. woodyard, 38 Desire 
Brugemaiin N. 35 Levee, d. 3 
Brugera M. musician, 291 Dauphine 
Brugere Joscjili, cooper, 102 Hospital 
Brugere M. W. Mrs. 119 Mandeville 
Brugemann Martin, lamp lighter, 345 

Brugi.r Alfred, clerk, 7 St. Louis, d. St. 

Claude n. Main 
Brugier Antoine, cooper, 209 Ursulincs 
Brugicr Arthur c. p. Broad c. Washington 
Brugier August, c. p. Broad c. Washing- 
ton, d. 3 
Brugier Forester, clerk, 87 Royal, d. St. 

Claude n. Main 
Brugier Piiilip, sr. 229 Prieur, d. 2 
Brugier Philip, jr. acct. Royal c. Conti, 

^d.229 Prieur 
Brugier R. com. mer. 7 St. Louis, d. 205 

St. Claude 
Brugniann F. S. shocmkr.Dryadesn. Third 
Brugniens A. Mrs. d. 117 Franklin 
Brugnieiis Claude Mrs. 148 Rampart, d. 1 
Brugniens Claude, marble worker, 264 

Girod, d. 1 
Brugniens Mary Ann, lOr Franklin 
Brugnot P. dealer iron, St. Peter c. Treme 
Brugueler Therese, 168 Rampart 
Bruguiere A. C. com. mer. and sugar fac. 
tor, 21 Bienville, d. Esplanade n- 

81 BRU 

Brulatour, H, Nores, John P. 
Cady,) 89 Old Levee-st., Gen- 
eral Commission Merchant, 
Importer of Wines, Brandies, 
Ale, etc. Sole Agent for 
the South of the following 
Houses : 

Pinet, Castillon & Co. \ Cog 
J.Denis H.Mounie& Co. i nac 
United Proprietors' Com- 
pany, La Rouchelle, Bouvet 
Jeune, Bordeaux, Joseph 
Perrier, Fils & Co., Chalons, 
Wm. Younger & Co., Edin- 

Bruhn John, lab. 37 Elmira 

Bruin J. slave dlr. Chartres c. Esplanade 

Brulard Charles, clerk, 157 Gravier 

Brule Similien, 401 Bourbon, d. 3 

Brulie Florville, carpenter, 215 Burgundy 

Brum Augusie, laborer, 74 Mandeville 

Brum Jos. c. h. 52 South mkt 

Brumberg Geo lab. Felicity n. Chippewa 

Brummer H. 425 Bourbon 

Brummustad H. clerk, 31 Carondelet, d. 1 

Brun Jean, butcher, St. Mary's mkt 

Brun Josephine, midwife, 327 Mixgazine 

Brun L. painter, 327 Magazine 

Brun N. Mrs. 207 Treme 

Brunaso John, (Faljo &,• Brunaso, )2SiO. 

Levee, d. 2 
Brunckhorst John, lab. Poland n. Royal 
Biuner John, cigars, 299 O. Levee, d. 2 
Brunachel Jos. lab. 131 Thalia 
Brune H. hair dresser, 124 Gasquet 
Bruneau Adelard, clerk. Third c. Baronne 
Bruneau Antoine, 69 St. Philip 
Bruneau Joseph, Prieur ii. Kerlerec 
Brunell Conrad, lab. 229 St. Philip 
Brunet A. city police, Galvez n. Hospital 
Brunet Clodemin, carpenter, 350 Main 
Brunet Charles, carpenter, 491 St. Ann 
Brunei D. attorney at law, 4 Pontalba 

bidgs. St. Peter, d. 3 Freret 
Brunet E. locksmith, 239 Johnson, d. 2 
Brunet Edward, c. p. Joliiison n. Hospital 
Brunet F. butcher, 16 French mkt. and c. 

h. Chartres c. Toulouse 
Brunet Isidore, florist, 303 Columbus 
Brunet J. Mrs. 350 Main 
Brunet Jemima Mrs. 116 Esplanade 
Brunet John, d. Patterson, Algiers 
Brunet Justin, clerk, 209 0. Levee, d. 2 
Brunet Numa, car})enter, 350 Main 
Brunet Pierre, d. 184 Poydras 
Brunet P. Dr. d. 311 Bayou road 
Brunet P. shoestore, 135 and 137 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Bruiiig F. G. clerk, 25 Chartres 
Bruiiing F. cooper, 221 Customhouse 
Bruning Henry, collector, 260 Delord 
Bruning Henry, 27 Roman 
Bruning H. inspector customs, First n. 

New Levee 
Bruning Theo. grocer, Claiborne c. Julia 
Brunke Wm. shoemaker, 72 Independence 
Brunner Mrs. midwife, 153 Dryndes 
Brunner J. M. teacher, 153 Dryades 
Brunnert Antoine, shoemaker, 477 Villere, 

d. 3 
Brunnert B. shoemaker, Louisa c. Levee 
Bruno & Oflienback ( Theodor Bruno, Loitis 

J. Offenbach,) stock, note and exch. 

brokers, 10 Carondelet 
Bruno Joseph A. dry goods, Bnronne c. 

Washington, d. 4 
Bruno Theodore ( Bi-uno &c Offenbach,) d. 

322 Carondelet 
Bruns Ernst, tailor, 381 Johnson 
Bruns Henry, lab. 10 Poet 
Bruns John H. clothing, 277 Rampart 
Bruns Mary Anna Mrs. 785 Dauphine 




Brunson Wm. pilot, Carrollton 
Brunt N. carpenter, Cypress n. Roman 
Bruntmeyer, N. nightman, 74 Virtue 
Brusard Anna Mrs. Fifth n. Lafayette, 

Bruser A. f. w. c. Prieur n. St. Philip 
Bruser G. grocer, 622 Dauphine, d. 3 
Brush E. 1«0 St. Joseph 
Brusle Caroline Mrs. 283 Frenchmen 
Brussell Michael, lab. 77 Annunciation 
Brustie Fanny, 223 St. Peter 
Brustie Gabriel, tinner, 141 Conti, d. 230 

Brutey Geo. 268 Treme, d. 2 
Bruterle Solomon, shoemaker, 36 Prieur 
Bruzan Francis, butcher, 32 French mkt. 

d. Jefferson City 
Bruzan Jean, butcher, 99 French mkt 
Bruzan P. butcher, 52 Port mkt 
Bryan Andrew, laborer, 395 Dauphine, d. 3 
Bryan Ann Mrs. 115 Montegut 
Bryan C. Mrs. b. h. Girod 
Bryan H. H. (Given, Watts &{ Co.) 80 

Poydras, d. 162 Felicity 
Bryan Jesse A. clerk, 80 Poydras 
Bryan J. H. speculator, 130 Felicity 
Bryan Pat. lab. 144 N. Levee 
Bryan MclchizedekO. 119 Constance 
Bryan Michael, stone cutter, 442 Royal 
Bryan Wm. eiig. Washington n. Magazine 
Bryant Charles T. carp, d. 455 Baronne 
Bryant David S. atty. at law, d. 385 Cus- 
Bryant E. K. & Co. (Fassman, Bryant 
8f Co.) Orleans Cotton Press, d. Terp- 
sichore n. Coliseum 
Bryant James J. 40 St. Charles 
Bryant L. Mrs. f. w. c. 229 Gasquet 
Bryant Minerva, f. w. c. 343 Bourbon, d. 3 
Bryard Philip, 147 Burgundy 
BryerCharles, carpenter, Algiers 
Bryers Henry, male, 79 Toulouse 
Bryney Charles, lab. 46 St. Thomas 
Bryon D. S. atty. 50 Camp, d. 385 Cus- 
Bryson Janus A. ( Hoghton, Rankin &f Co.) 

125 Common 
Bubert John, Philip c. Rousseau 
Bucbeck G. grocer and lumber, Levee c. 

Mary, Carrollton 
Buchanan A. M. Associate Judge Su- 
preme Court Louisiana, d. 179 Es- 
Buchanan Catharine, porteress of Laurel 

Public School, Pbilip c. Laurel 
Buchanan Emily H. 37 Treme, d. 2 
Buchanan Jas. clerk, Crescent City Press 
Buchanan James, carp. Madison, McD 
Buchanan John A. engineer, 104 St. Mary 
Buchanan Lewis S. upholsterer, 324 Conti 
Buchanan M. butcher, Algiers 
Buchanan Philip, clerk, 13 Customhouse, 

d. 370 Main 
Buchanan R. com. mer. 9 St. Louis 
Buchanan Wm. (Joseph R. Shannon Sf 

Co.) 37 Poydras, d, 161 Gasquet 
Buchanan Wm. Mrs. 112 Spain 

Buchardt John, c. h. 69 Conde 
Buchart G. shoemaker, 877 N. Levefe, d. 4 
Buche M. Laurel n. Washington 
Buchel John P. Palmyra n. Johnson 
Bucher Wm. C. 41 Magazine 
Buchert Adam, Main n. Claiborne 
Buchert Francis, 244 Mandeville 
Buchery F. 110 Old Basin, d. 72 Crap.s 
Buchery John, cigars, 69 Ksplanade 
Bucheil A. vegetables, 38 Treme mrkt 
BucheitJ. shoemaker, 107 Bienville 
Bucholtz Archibald, engineer, Josephine 

n. Coliseum 
Buchholtz Louis, prf. music, 87 Prieur,d. 2 
Buchler F. shoemaker, 533 St. Claude 
Buchty Joseph, tin shop, 91 Marais 
Buck Andrew J. clerk, 32 Carondelet 
Buck A. J. Mrs. St. Mary n. Carondelet 
Buck Fred, cai j>. 351 Chippewa ' 
Buck Fred, dray'n. Felicity n. Constance 
Buck John C. clerk, 225 Tchoupitoulas 
Buck Louis A. lab. 454 Chartres, d. 3 
Buck Louis, cabman, 502 Burgundy, d. 3 
Buck Wm. clerk. 111 Customhouse 
Buckenmeyer Michael, driver, 192 Spain 
Buckler M. shoemaker, 168 Marigny 
Buckett John, drayman, 504 Rampart, d. 3 
Buckhurdl Charles, cigar maker, 176 

Buckholtz A. clerk, 155 Canal 
Buckingham George (J. W. Champlin Sf 

Co.) d. 512 Magazine 
Buckland, lab. St. James n. St. Thomas 
Buckley D. Calliope n. Liberty 
Buckley Daniel, trader, 69 Livee, d. 3 
Buckley Daniel, carriag-es, 16h Julia 
Buckley Daniel, lab. 546 M. Claude 
Buckley Dennis, paver, 432 Conti 
Buckley Edward, cooper, 581 Tchoupi- 
Buckley Hannah, gro. Clara n. Perdido 

BUCKLEY H. P., Importer of 
and Dealer in Jewelry, Fine 
Watches, Silver Ware, Fancy 
Goods, etc., 8 Camp. Par- 
ticular attention paid to Re- 
pairing Watches and Clocks. 
d. 419 Rampart, d. 1. 

Buckley James, contractor, 306 St. Peter 
Buckley Jeremiah, clerk, St. Thomas n. 

Felicity, d. 124 Market 
Buckley John, Tchoupitoulas n. Hunter 
Buckley John, wheelwright, 94 St. Josiph 
Buckley John, printer, St. Peter n. Roman 
Buckley John, lab. 12 Poet 
Buckley John, lab. 16 Poet 
Buckley Michael, lab. Gaiennie n. Camp 
Buckley E. Mrs. 507 Dryadts 
Buckley S. J. foreman IS'. U. Transporta- 
tion Co. under St. Charles' Hotel 
Buckley Patrick, clerk, d. 314 Fulton 
Buckley Thomas, Roman n. Toulouse 
Buckley Thomas Mrs. 95 Roman 
Buckley William, lab. 359 Bourbon 

BUG 83 


Buckley William, tinner, Customhouse c. 

Front Levre,d. 96 Gaiennie 
Buckinan Henry, Religious n. Felicity 
Huckmiere Henry, shoemaker, 77 Magaz. 
liuckner Anna, f. w. c. nurse, 64 Gasquet 
Buckner Frank P clerk, 73 Carondelet 
Buckner, Stanton & Newman, (Henry S. 
Buckner, Thomas H. Slanton, S. B. 
J^'lwman,) cotton factors and commis- 
sion merchants, 94 Gravier, d. Jack- 
son c. Coliseum 
Buckshaw Charles, steward, 180 Spain 
Htidd Frank, painter, 30 Prieur 
liudd Thomas, lahonr, 316 Laurel 
Budd & Lambert, ( }Vm. C. Budd, Felix 
Lambert,) attorneys, 48 Toulouse, d. 
i230 Esplanade 
Budd William* C. (Budd &f I.ambcrt,) d. 

230 Esplanade 
Budde Joseph, tinner, 93 Marais, d. 3 

T. Buddecke, Emile Maier,) 
Commission and Forwarding 
Merchants : Agts. for the Haz- 
ard Powder Company, and for 
Banker & Carpenter s White 
Lead, Sin t. Percussion Caps 
and Safety Fuse, 21 Common, 

d. 304 St. Andrew^ 

Buddecke T. W. clerk, 21 Common, d. 

304 St. Andrew 
Biuldeiihrook G. G. Common n. Prieur 
Buddendortr W. R. 336 Royal 
Buddy Geo. W. clerk, 337 Chartres 
liudge William, Second n. Camp 
Budt Henry, serewman, 109 Fort 
Bueard George VV. cArp. 217 Girod, d. 1 
Buehler J. J. Rev. d. 53 Port 
Buel E. Mrs., Erato n. Baronne 
Ihiejue Jran, butcher, French market, d. 

253 Burgundy 
Buengar Carron,(;arp. Felicity n. Howard 
Buerkle Ernest, tailor, 61 Old Levee 
Buerkle Fred. b. h. 113 Chartres 
I'.u.s.sing G. H. carp. 570 St. Claude, d. 3 
Buc'tmnn John, carp. 849 Rampart, d. 3. 
Huiret Theodore Mrs. 242 Villere " 
Buffington Thomas C. Dr. Magazine n. 

iNap. av. Jell'. City 
BufHer Andrew, lab'. Philip n. Baronne 
BuHum & Co., (R. E. BuJJum, Wm. I). 

tly^) <'<iiii. mers. 60 Carondelet, d. 

Magazine c. La. av. Jeff. City 
Buford Maria G. St. Mary n. Rousseau 
Butord Robert, livery stable, Toledano n. 

Fulton, Jeir. City 
Buford S. K. slave dealer, Austerlitz n. 

Magazine, Jeff. City 
Buford VVilliam, reporter for the Delta, 39 

St. Mary 
Bugel F. D. shipping office, 18 Barrack, d. 

406 Chartres, d. 3 
Buhl Pierre-, warehouseman, d. 221 Mel- 

Buhler A. shoemaker, 331 Dcrbigny, d. 3 
Buhler Caroline, Third n. Chippewa 
Buhler Cornel, Josephine n. Rouss^iau 
Buhler F. G. grocer, Delaronde, Alg. 
Buhler Jno.R.c.h. and grocery, 108 Market 
Buhler Joseph, barber, 404 Clio 
Buhler Nicholas, c. h. Camp c. Thalia . 
Buhler Peter, shoemaker, 306 Royal 
Buhlhatter Julius, lab. 344 St. Peter 
Bulge Peter, professor Jesuit College 
Buil Peter, cigars, 59 Poet 
Builor Maddox, moss manuf. McDonogh 
Buissart & Casse, (J. Buissart, P. Casse,) 

marble works, 181 St. Louis 
Buissint Elodie Mrs. 168 liarracks 
Buisson Arthur, clerk, 332 St. Philip 
Buisson Benj. land surv. 499 Camp, d. 4 
Buisson Charles, attorney, 332 St. Philip 
Buisson Edward, clerk of court, La. av. 

Jeff. City 
Buisson Fredk. attorney at law, Orleans c. 

Arsenal alley, d. 332 St. Philip 
Buisson l)nesime,253 Burgundy 
Buisson Philip, clerk of court, d. La. av. 

Jeff. City 
Bujac & Hensler. (M.J. Bujac, Charles^. 
Hemltr,) note broJcers, 34 and 36 Ca- 
Bujac M.J. (Bujac Sf Hensler,) 36 Caron- 
BujouletAntoine, butch. 8 St.Mary's mrkt 
Bulbalger Oswald, laborer. Bagatelle n. So- 

Bulger James R. 156 Girod, d. 1 
Bulger Thomas, laborer, 312 Magazine 
Bulger William, 342 Franklin 
Bulkley Chas. lab. St. James n. Chippewa 
Bulkley Edwd. cooper, d. 581 Tchou[)itou. 
Bulkley John, lab. 164 Chippewa 
Bull Andrew J. Mrs. d. 326 Baronne 
Bullard Edwd. clerk, d. 252 Annunciation 
Bollard Phebe Mrs. 252 Annunciation 
Bullerdieck Diedrick, watch maker, d. 196 

Bullen Thomas, stevedore, 520 Royal, d. 3 
Bulletin Newspaper, 37 Gravier 
Bullitt Adam, Annunciation n. Sixth 
Bullitt A. C. ( Lumsdcn, Kendall &f Co., pro- 
prietors of Picayune,) 66 Camp 
Bullitt Cutlibert, grocer and commission 
merchant, 30 and 32 New Levee, d. 
135 St. Charles 
Bullitt William, dep. clerk U. S. District 

Court and LJ. S. Commissioner 
Bullock Peter, (Bullock Hf Hkorl,) Water 

c. Washington 
Bullock & Short, (Peter Bullock, Frederick 

Short,) c. h. Washington c. Water 
Bullwitt Charles, 289 Orleans 
Bulmer Geo. lab. Rousseau n. St. Mary 
Buhner Joseph, engineer, Philip n. Laurel 
Bulovv Chas. barber, 844 Magazine, d. 4 
Bullman H., Harmony n. Constance 
Bulwer Mary, f. w. c. 58 Desire 
Bumhoff Henry, varnisher, 221 Love 
Kunberry George, Felicity n. Pacanier 
Bunce C. D. d. Baronne c. Second 

Bunce Peter, clerk, d. 128 Toulouse 
Bunckin Louis C. clerk, 4 Magazine, d. 

■Julia c. St. Charles 
Bundy .lohn C. sign painter, 228 Howard 
Bundy Eliza Mrs. dry gds. 438 St. Charles 
Bunge, Burlage & Co. commission mer- 
chants, 24 Bienville 
Bunike John Mrs. 480 Bourbon, d. 3 
Bunker Thos. mate, Josephine n. Rousseau 
Bunnell William H. factor and commission 

merchant, 10 Gravier 
Bunol Jacinto, c. h. 146 Bienville 
Buoch J. F. porter, 454 Chippewa 
Buotman John, carp. 849 Burgundy, d. 3 
Buquoit L. 832 St. Claude, d. 3 
Bur Peter, blacksmith. Front, Gretna 
Burbank S. D. ice dealer, 9 Commerce 
Burbridge & Co. (J. W. Burbridge, Thomas 
D. Miller, W. M. Geddes,) com. mers. 
159 Gravier, d. South n. Camp 
Burch Alex. 529 Annunciation 
Burchard John M. clerk, 122 Rampart 
Burchard M. J. 31 Moreau 
Burchardt D. piano tuner, 300 Camp 
Burchardt Marmaduke, 320 Camp 
Burchfield Saml.foreman Holmes foundry 
Burchell Nicholas, 21 Enghein 
Burci Joseph, clerk, 64 St. Charles 
Burci Paul, clerk, 71 Magazine 
Burckett Jacob, grocer, 93 Camp, d. 403 

Rampart, d. 1 
Burckhardt A. porter, 375 Lafayette 
Burckhardt J. milk. Seventh n. Chippewa 
Burckhardt G. P. grocer, 125 St. Bernard 
Burckhobser B. Claiborne n. Marigny 
Burckle F. coffee house. Union c. Urquhart 
Burden Jacob, lab. 158 Union, d. 3 
Burden J. C. steward, Orleans club 
Burden Thomas, plasterer, 64 Magazine 
Burdett 0. S. St. Mary n. Prytania 
Burdett S. M. Mrs., Eighth n. Camp 
Burditt William, Clara n. Clio 
Burdon Dennis, screwman, 37 Rousseau 
Burden G. carpenter, 471 Rampart, d. 1 
Burdon Thomas, acct. 73 Canal 
Bureau Simon, f. m. c. 365 Burgundy, 

Burel Joseph, f. m. c. carpenter, 385 Dau- 

phine, d. 3 
Burel Victorine, 58 Burgundy 
Burg Jaques, butcher, 14 Dryades market 
Burgami Joseph, 124 Frenchmen 
Burgard Joseph, barber, 127 Levee, d. 3 
Burgart Michael, butcher, 51 French mrkt 
Burgau J. grocer, Patterson, Algiers 
Burgard Michael, 51 French market, d. 

Pleasant n. Laurel 
Burger Adam, printer, d. 249 Carondelet 

Burger B. barber, 44 Villerc 
Burger Francis, barkeeper, 217 Tchoup. 
Burger Fred, grocer, Chippewa c. St. An- 
Burger Frederick P. Sixth n. Fulton 
Burger Ignatz, dairy, McDonogh 
Burger John Mrs. 356 Bienville 
Burgess A. C. b. h. 840 Tchoupitoulas 

Burgess Daniel, laborer, Jena c. Jersey, 

Jeff. City 
Burgess John, b. h. 246 (Jravier 
Burgess John B. laborer, 78 St. Andrew 
Burgess N. L. lumber, Toulouse n. Clai- 
borne, d. 108 Robertson, d. 2 
Burgess Thomas, 300 Rampart 
Burgess W. L. 16 Exchange alley 
Burgess William L. trader, Constantinople 

c. Magazine, Jeff. City 
Burgoin W. P. Mrs., Lafayette n. Liberty 
Burgoyne John, steward, 261 St. Louis 
Burgunder P. hairdresser, 258 Chartres 
Burham J. livery stable, Algiers 
Burin Joseph, c. h. and grocery, Chartres 

c. Peace 
Burk Adam, shoemaker, 249 Bayou road 
Burk Andrew, clerk, d. 193 Terpsichore 
Burk Edward, laborer, 101 Mandeville 
Burk Ed. laborer, 59 Annunciation 
Burk E. clerk, d. 443 Conti 
Burk Frank Mrs. grocery, 123 Congress 
Burk Geo. F. Foydras market, d. 166 Ba- 
sin, d. 1 
Burk Harry, laborer, 49 North market 
Burk Henry, tailor, 256 Conti 
Burk John A. Dr. 148 Poydras 
Burk John D. barkeeper, 59 N. market 
Burk John, drayman, 171 St. Anthony 
Burk John, 128 Rousseau 
Burk Josejih T. carp. 584 Rampart, d. 3 
Burk J. M. bookbinder, 59 Girod, d. 3 
Burk Mary, f. w. c. 9 Peace 
Burk Margaret, 61 Thalia 
Burk Michael, laborer, 82 Delord 
Burk'Michael, lab. Pleasant n. St. Charles 
Burk Michael, elk. St. Ann c. Johnson 
Burk Patrick, b. h. 53 Julia 
Burk Patrick, customs, 311 Thalia 
Burk P. watchman, Fulton n. Washington 
Burk P. grocer, St. Ann c. Johnson 
Burk Raymond, moulder, 259 Calliope 
Burk Richard, contractor, Lafayette c. 

Fifth, Gre'tna 
Burk Rosanna Mrs. 16 Marigny 
Burk R., St. Mary n. Coliseum 
Burk Thos. clerk, 369 Tchoupitoulas 
Burk Thos. cooper, 18 Poyfarre 
Burk T. carp. 610 Rampart, d. 3 
Burk Wm. engineer, 147 Union, d. 3 
Burk Wm. laborer, 106 Gaiennie 
Burke A. Mrs. d. 55 Melpomene 
Burke Bostic, drayman, d. 15 Religious 
Burke C. Mrs. grocery, 500 Lafayette 
Burke Calh. dressmaker, 12 Constance 
Burke David, drayman, 64 Orange 
Burke David H. cashier, 72 Camp 
Burke Widow E., Derbigny n. Palmyra 
Burke Edmond, grocer, 369 Tchoupitoulas 
Burke Edward, winjes and liquors, 186 and 

192 Tchoupitoulas 
Burke Ed. shoemaker, Bolivar n. Perdido 
Burke George, 116 Basin, d. 1 
Burke Geo. McD. discharging clerk, Der- 
bigny n. Canal 
Burke Glendy B., Common c. Dryades 
Burke James A. book kpr. 87 St. Charles 




Burke James, inspector of customs 
Hurke .Fames, Orleans house, Old Levee 
BurKe .lames, 456 Dauphine, d. 3 
Burke James, c. Biuonne and St. Andrew 
Hurke John, lab. 117 Trenie, d. 2 
Burke John, lab. Cypress n. Claiborne 
Burke John, lab. 4H() Old Levee, d. 3 
Burke John M. broker, 28 Bank place, d. 

Terpsichore n. Baronnc 
Burke lohnS elk. Magazine c. Sixth,d.4 
Burke Jos(>ph W. 28 Bank jilace 
Burke J.W. western prod. 6 Carondelet 
Burke Mar<;aret, 5*^8 Bur<rundy, d. 3 
Burke Martin, laborer, Tlialia n. Tciiou- 

Burke Michael, lab. 75 St. Thomas 
Burke Michael, St. Charles n.Toledano 
Burke & Smith, (.Viclinlas Burke, ./. S. 
Smith,) boat stores, 5 Front, d. Thalia, 
n. Dryades 
Burke Patrick, Orang:e n. St. Thomas 
Burke Patrick, c.h. Julia c. Tchoupiloulas 
Burke Patrick, lab. 151 Howard 
Burke Patrick, Thalia n. Rampart 
Burke Patrick, milk, 102 Claiborne, d. 2 
Burke Patrick, hatter, 189 Baronne 
Burke Patrick, 191 Tchoupiloulas 
Burke Rirhard, clerk, 24 Magazine, d Fe- 
licity n. Bi'iiton 
Burke R. furniture car, 232 Customhouse, 

d. .^5 Royal 
Burke Solomon, Jefferson City 
Burke Thos. lab. Orange n. St. Thomas 
Burke Thos. lab. 480 Old Levee, d. 3 
Burke Thos. lab. 127 Levee, d. 3 
Burke Thos. J. 22 Gaiennie 
Burke Thomas J. book keeper Merchant's 

Bank, 376 St. Charles 
Burke Thos. cooper, 9 Poyfarre 
Hurke Thos. E. uravinan, 402 Calliope 
Burke Tlios. drayman, 261 Carondelet 
Burke Ulysse F., Tattersall's c. h. 80 St. 

Hurke VVm. moulder, 311 Howard 
Burke Win. drayman, 315 Fulton 
Burke Win. B. fireiii. Jackson R.R. depot 
Burke Wm. sailmaker, 80 Poydras, d. 360 

Burke Wm. draym. St. Thomas n. Felicity 
Burkert Kilian, shoemaker, 381 St. Peter 
Burkett Caspar, lab. Clara n. Clio 
Burkhardt Albert, drayman, 375 Lafayette 
Burkhardt Auguste, Eighth n. Fulton 
Burkhardt Charles, cigars, 176 Tchoupi- 
Burkhardt Christian, lab. 81 Cotton Press, 

297 Conti 
Burkhardt Jacob, porter, Citizen's Bank 
Burkhardt John G. bakery, 15 Roman,d.2 
Burkhardt Lorens, laborer, 36 Congress 
Burkle E. tailor, 103 Old Levee, d. 2 
Burkmaycr C. milk, Ellen n. Josephine 
Burlage Herman, clerk, 687 St.Claude,d.3 
Burlage John, molasses refinery, 131 and 

133 Commerce 
Burlete Adam, vegetables, 98 St. Mary's 

Burley A. G. deal, in notes and exchange, 

9 Commercial place 
Burley Walter, Dryades n. Seventh 
Burley W. carp. St. Mary n. Coliseum 
Burlingame George, 96 Franklin 
Burman .Joseph, carp. 287 Howard, d. 1 
Uurmeister Chas. lab. 503 Burgundy, d. 3 
BurmiMsterJ. H. grocer, Melpomeue c. 

Burn Adam, poultry, 14 St. Joseph 
Burner C. F. Consiance c. Eighth 
Biirnes K. 8 Magazine 
Burnett John, carp. d. 340 Melpomene 
Burnett J. J. dairy, Baronne c. Fourth 
Burnett Wm. H., Washington n. Baronne 
Buinelz John W. carpenter, Jackson R. 

R. depot 
Burney E. carpenter, Jeff. City 
Burney Julia Mrs., St. Andrew n. Con- 
Burney P. 300 Lafayette 
Burnham John A. (James Greenle({f' Sf Co.) 

138 Common 
Burns Ann, b. h. 191 Rampart, d. 1 
Burns Daniel, laborer, 540 Dau}»hine, d. 3 
Biiins Edward, laborer, 312 Magazine 
Burns Edw. lab. 46 Rousseau 
Burns Ed., St. Andrew n. St. Thomas 
Burns Francis, lab. Frenchmen c. Johnson 
Burns Hugh, laborer. Chestnut n. Eliza, 

Burns James, barkeeper, 22 St, Joseph 
Burns James, packer, 10 Magazine 
Burns James, lab. 34 Spain 
Burns James, com. nier. d. 25 St. Thomas 
Burns James Dr. 38 St. Charles, d. Maga- 
zine n. Milan, Jeff. City 
Burns James, lab. 351 Common 
Burns James, screwman, 88 Montegut 
Burns John Mrs. 636 Royal 
Burns John, steamboatman, Montegut n. 

Burns John, drayman, 320 Lafayette 
Burns John, barkeepe?-, 331 Front, d. 1 
Burns John, watchman, 153 Spain 
Burns Jdlin, lal). 204 Bourijon 
Burns John T. 290 Common 
Burns John, lab. 28 Hosj)ital 
Burns John, lab. d. 256 Annunciation 
Burns Joseph, lab. 63 Enghien 
Burns L. Airs. 100 Gaiennie 
Burns Mary Louise, f. w. c 345 Bienville 
Burns Martin, lab. d. 66 St. Thomas 
Burns Matthew, lab. 267 St. Louis 
Burns M. lab. 298 Baronne 
Burns Michael, lab. 64 St. Mary 
Burns Michael, c. h. 33 Julia 
Hums Michael, lab. 16 Race 
Burns Michael, lab. 320 Conti 
Burns Michael, cotton presser, Conti n. 

Burns Pat. lab. 176 Dryades 
Burns Pat. engineer, d. 206 St. John Bap. 
Burns Pat. gardener, d. 84 Orange 
Burns Pat. b. h. 191 Rampart, d. 1 
Burns Pat. carpenter, 142Gasquet 
Burns Peter, lab. 337 Main 




Burns Peter, lab. 73 Dcsir? 

Burns Pt-ter, horse station, d. Felicity n. 

St. Ciuirles 
Burns Peter, lab. 130 Toulouse ' 
iiurns Peter C, Urania n. Felicity 
Burns Richard, Rous.seau n. St. Mary 
Bums Robert, d. 263 Poydras 
Burns Robert, drayman, 147 Clio 
Burns Thos lab. 355 Rampart, d. 3 
Burns Thos. drayman, 415 Rampart, d. 1 
Burns Thos. Mrs. 303 Frankim 
Burns Thos. lab. '2'M Goodchildren 
Burns Tlios. lab. 355 Bourbon, d. 3 
Burns Tlios. lab. Thalia c. Levee 
Burns Wm. lab. 149 Howard 
Burns Wm. drayman, d. 248 Girod 
Burns Wm. lab. 64 Mandeville 
Burns Wm. lab. 553 Burgundy, d. 2 
Burnside John, d. Washington n. Camp 
Burnstein F. clothing, 121 Old Levee, d. 4 
Burnum M. Mrs. 391 Burgundy, d. 3 
Buron & Foret, boarding, 19 Toulouse 
Burquit Alex, blacksmith, 101 St. Philip 
Burr Peter. 158 Gusquet 
Burritt A. H. homeopathist, Girod c. St. 

Barrett Frances M. D. 107 Carondelet 
Burroughs John H. c. p. 286 Clio 
Burroughs Wm. H. c. p. 286 Clio 
Burrows Fred. carp. 212 New Levee 
Burrows James Capt. 673 Royal, d. 3 
Burrows John, d. 274 Camp 
Burrows John, d. 137 Franklin 
Burrows John, board 'g, Patterson, Algiers 
Burrows John, sexton, d. 150 Gasquet 
Burrows John M. liquor mer. 27 Gravier, 

d. St. Charles c. Seventh, d. 4 
Burrows J. J. acct. 125 Common, d. 168 

Burrows Wm. mate, Patterson, Algiers 
Burruss & Co. ( Wm. M. Bwtuss, W. S. 
Black,) tobacco agency, 12 Gravier, 
d. 169 Clio 
Burry Henry, tailor, d. 360 Melpomene 
Burt A. F. Mrs. 65 Treme, d. 2 
Burt Geo. trader, 563 Carondelet 
Burt P. lab. Live Oakc.Valmcnt, Jeff.City 
Burtchaelle Nicholas, lab. 21 Marigney 
Burthe E. acct. 114 Bourbon 
Burthe Leonce, tobacco agent and com. 

mer. 63 Common, d. 79 Esplanade 
Burthe Victor Judge, Burtheville 
Burton E. H. builder. First n. Rousseau 
Burton J. H. (Burton &{ Work,) d. 76 Eu- 
Burton H. A. d. 248 Melpomene 
Burton Mary A. Mrs. d. 431 St. Charles 
Burton & Work, (J. H. Burtan, G. P. 
Work, Dr. J.C.Massie,) tobacco agts. 
and com. mers. 95 Gravier, d. 76 Eu- 
Burton Ora, watchman, 119 Franklin 
Burton Samuel, 271 Treme 
Burton S. V. caulker, Newton n. Madi- 
son, McD. 
Burton Wm. carpenter, d. 463 Rampart 
Burvent Emile P. elk. Canal c. Old Levee 

Burvent L. 279 Bourbon 

Bury Fred. Mrs. 23 St. Anthony 

Busalary Vincent, organ grind. 150 Royal 

Busby James, draym. French c. Cypress 

Busby James, c. p. Cypress n. Clara 

Busch August, clerk, 28 St. Charles 

Busch David, cooper, 10 North mkt 

Busch H. dairy, Congress n. Goodchildren 

Busch Jos. bricklayer, L'rsulines c. Prieur 

Buscher Bertrand, porter, 75 St. Ferdinand 

Buschman Frances Mrs. Port n. Burgundy 

Bush Christian, salesman, 24 St. Charles 

Bush David, lab. 49 .North mkt. 

Bush Eli, U. S. A. 37 Liberty 

Bush Geo. plasterer, 117 Treme 

Bush John, lab. 191 Derbigny 

Bush Margaret, 212 Baronne 

Bush P. D. carpenter, 210 Old Levee, d. 2 

Bushon Louis, ship carp. 53 Robertson, 

d. 1 
Bushy Michael, lab. Second n. Laurel 
Busing John H. lab. 696 Dauphine, d. 3 
Buskemper Wm. H. barkeej). 85 Poydras 
Buss James J. Mrs., Bayou road c. Dor- 

Bussanick John, stevedore, 50 Elmira 
Bussari Edmond, 261 Conti 
Busse H. shoemaker, 236 Magazine 
Busse John, baker, 207 Ursuline 
Busselle J. E. (M. M. Dickinson SfCo.) 15 

Poydras, d. 202 Baronne 
Bussi Charles, 171 Frenchmen 
Busson Kdward, clerk. La. av. n. Chestnut, 

Jeff. City 
Bussy F. 43 Orleans 
Bust Joseph, shoemaker, 52 Casacalvo 
Bustick E. drayman. Rampart n First 
Bustillos H. Mrs. 90 Main 
Bustillos J. clerk, Canal c. Exchange pice 
Buthner Christian, fabinet maker. New 

Levee c. Seventh 
Butler Adam, grocer, 4.35 St. Charles 
Butler Anna, nurse, 126 Lafayette 
Butler Charles, steward, d. 176 Ursuline 
Butler Chas. F. acct. 115 Canal 
Butler Charles, 83 Derbigny, d. 2 
Butler Dennis, lab. Calliope n. Liberty 
Butler Ed. lab. 475 Royal 
Butler Ed. carpenter, Lafayette n. Third, 

Butler E. R. (H. H. Barton SfCo.) 82 Mag- 
Butler Geo. screwman, 569 Tchoupitoulas 
Butler James, laborer, 238 Calliope 
Butler James, c. p. Algiers 
Butler James, laborer, 305 Melpomene 
Butler James, f. m. c. Howard n Gravier 
Butler John, Gaiennie c. Magazine 
Butler John, carter, 220 Marigny 
Butler John, 125 Levee, d. 3 
Butler John, cent. Bertrand n. Perdido 
Butler Mary, f. w. c. Magnolia n. Gravier 
Butler Michael, laborer, 365 Felicity 
Butler Nat. W. coal dealer, 85 St. Charles 
Butler Pat. laborer, 63 Constance 
Butler Patrick, carpenter, 100 Julia 
Butler Peter, steward, 211 St. Louis 




Butler Samuel L. 23 Front, d. 435 St. 

Buller T. W. Secretiuy Jesuit College, 

Baromie c. Common 
Butler Wm. carpenter, d. 455 Baronne 
Butler Wm. cabman, Elysian Fields, n. 

Kampart, d. 3 
Butler Wm. soda fount. Magazine n. First 
Buloford Robt. pedler, 164 Dryades 
IJuiterfield Johanna, dressmaker, 305 Ba- 
Butterlay, J. lab. Mandeville n. 0. Levee 
Butterway J. H. lamplighter, Philip n. 

Baron n<! 
Buttner F. blacksmith, Jersey n. Taylor, 

Jeffer.son City 
Buttner Julius, accountant, 137 Common 
Bulls John, clerk, 53 Old Levee 
Butts Joseph, clerk, 101 Gaiennie 
Iiuttrick Josijih, mate, 279 St. Ann 
Butz M. grocer, St. Janus c. St. Tliomas 
Bulze Mary, dressmaker, 273 Baronne 
Buuck A. c. h. 68 Front Levee, d. 3 ' 
Buzet Edward, Customhouse c. Dauphine 
Byant Alun-eiUis, 289 Burgundy 
Byerly Charles, laborer, 9 Spain 
Byerly Dmiiel, printer, 37 Gravier 
Byiiigton F. tobacco warehouses, Poland 

c. Levee 
Byri.e Catharine, grocer, Dryades c Erato 

pitoulas street, between Poy- 
dras and Gravier streets, 
manufacturer of Copper, 
Sneet Iron and Tinware, and 
dealer in Stoves, Stove-Pipe, 
etc. Makes Copper Stills, 
complete, to contain from 20 
to 2,000 gallons, and any- 
other description of heavy or 
light Copper Work. Black- 
smithing and general jobbing 
and repairing in the Metallic 
line, executed and attended 
to. Has constantly on hand, 
as good a supply and assort- 
ment of Cooking and Heat- 
ing Stoves as can be found 
elsewhere, one description of 
which would cook for from 
Twenty to One Thousand per- 
sons or more. All of which 
are offered to the public at 
fair prices, and no exaggera- 
tion resorted to in describing 
or overrating their qualities. 
He has also a fvdl supply of 
Tinware at the lowest whole- 
sale and retail prices. 

Byrne George, trader, 9 Poyfarre 

Byrne G. W. (John T. JSIoore &,■ Co.) 17 

and 19 Poydras, d. 148 Sixth 
Byrne Joim, sawyer, 248 Liberty 
Byrne John, 110 Spain 
Byrne John, Annunciaiion n. Richard 
Byrne John, laborer, 165 Terpsichore 
Byrne Pat shoemaker, 262 Rampart 
Byrne P. R. accountant, 41 Magazine, d. 

377 Camp 

Byrne P. warehouseman, 73*2 Magazine 

Byrne, Vance & Co. (Thomas liynu, H. 
JUcJseil Vance,) cotton factors and 
commission merchants, 3 Carondelet 

Byrne Wm. cooper, 8 Toulouse 

Byrne W. Mrs. 116 Gaiennie 

Byrnes Edward, St. Andrew c. Camp 

Byrnes James ('(;«<;//', Bijrtivs Sf Co.) 31 
Tchoupitoulas, d. 25 St. Thomas 

Byrnes Michael, St. Mary n. Fulton 

Byrnes M. 298 Baronne 

Byrnes Hatrick, Fourth n. Chippewa 

Byrnes Patrick T. 405 GrHvier 

Byrnes Tlios. J. elk. 653 St. Claude, d. 3 

Byrnes Thos. First n. h'ulion 

Byrnes Wm. J clerk, 29 Carondelet, d. 

378 Rampart, d. 1 


Byrne Francis, c.h. Fulton c. Notre Dame 

ABAL ARMAND, hat store. Hos- 
pital c. Old Levee 

Cabal A. iMrs. 252 Villere, d. 2 

Caballero &. Basualdo (Jose jM. Caballcro, 
J. M. Basualdo,) com. mers. and im- 
porters of Havana cigars, etc., 46 late 
36 Old Levee, d. 2, d. 151 St. Louis, 

Caballero Mrs. 219 St. Peter 

Caballero Fernando, cigar maker, 487 St. 
Claude, d. 3 

Cabanes Pascal, baker. Magazine, n. Tol- 

Cabanne J. baker, 19 Annunciation 

('•abaret Louis, mate, 540 Rampart, d. 3 

Cabary Josephine, f. w. c. 168 St. Philij) 

Cabaunie Pascal, baker, Louisiana av. c. 
Constance, Jefferson City 

Cabel John, f. ni c. cooper, Union n. St. 
John Baptist 

Cabirac B. cabinet maker, Dauphine c. 

Cabiro A. ganger and sugar broker, d. 
201 St. Philip 

Cabiro Pierre A. clerk, 199 St. Claude 

Cable Henry, dairy, Jackson n. Carroll 

Cable Mortimer, Hurtsville 

Cable Rebecca, St^venth n. Magazine 

CABOCHE, M. D., of the Ho- 
meopathic College of the 
West, Cleveland, Ohio. Cor- 
responding Member of the 
Homeopathic Academy of 
Palermo, 174 Bayou road. 

Cabos B. butcher, 7 Ninth street market, 
d. 1, d. Toledano n. Constance 

CAB i 

Cabot George, carpenter, 204 Calliope 
Caboufigue Noel, grocer, 75 Marais, d. 2 
Cabrett Louis, Casacalvo n. Clouet 
Cadeac, J. P. butcher, 17 Dryades mkt. 
Caddio Pedro, butcher, Melpomene ii. 

Cadeville Baptiste, butch. 73 French mkt. 
Cadie Mary, 202 Villere 
Crtdichen Joseph, tailor, 169 Royal, d. 

194 Ursulines 
Cadis John, clerk, Carondelet c. Erato 
Cadis Uddo, 318 Customhouse 
Cady Augustus, lab. 795 Rampart, d. 3 
Cady (J. H. clerk, 7 Gracier 
Cady John P. ( Brulatour &c Co.) 89 Old 

Levee, d. 207 St. Charles 
Cady R. Mrs. dressmaker, 89 Canal 
Caelette Rozilla, f. w. c. 253 Conti 
CalRn L. brickyard, Levee n. Sug. Refin. 
Cafiele Raphael, fruit, 122 Stf Peter 
Cafiero Joseph, c. h. 22 Elysian Fields 
Caffrey John, painter, Pacanierc. Richard 
CaliVey Simon, c. h. iVew Levee c. Second 
Caffrey Thos. drayman, 480 O. Levee, d. 3 
Cagill Michael laborer, 854 Rampart, d. 3 
Cahalan John, laborer, 252 St. Philip 
Cahan Michael, carpenter, 260 Magazine 
Cahaniti Ernest, clerk, 83 Canal 
I 'ahigas Stanislaus, 112 Louisa 
Cahill Dennis, ship carp. Villere, Algiens 
Cahill Edward, ship carp. Alex, Algiers 
Cahill Martin, lab. Richard n. Pacanier 
Caliill Owen, corn meal, Philip n. Fulton 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, 225 St. l.ouis 
Cahill Thomas, laborer, 345 Perdido 
Cahill Thos. drayman, St. Jane n. Gravier 
Cahill Thos. blacksmith, 65 St. Andrew 
Cahn B. 63 Royal 

Cahn D. junk shop, 723 New Levee, d. 4 
Cahn Isaac C. dry gds.846 Magazine, d. 4 
Cahn Jus. dry goods, 422 Tchoupitoulas 
Cahn Solomon, 17 Frenchmen 
Cahn L. dry goods, Levee n. Valence, 

Jefferson City 
Caillat Eugene, grocer, Craps c. Union 
Caillat H. accountant, Canal c. Carondelet 
Caillat H. accountant, 99 Orleans 
Caillavet F(aymond, 32 Toulouse 
Caillerie Francois, cook, 193 St. Louis 
Callier A. 22 St. Louis 
CaillierAlb,Strangers' Hotel, 127 Chartres 
Caillier Pierre F. 291 Bourbon 
Caillier T F. 22 Toulouse 
Caillonet & Clarke, (Justin Caillonet, Wm. 

H. Clarke,) grocery, 769 Tchoupi- 
toulas, d. 4 
Caillonet Justin, (Caillonet 8f Clarke,) 769 

Callot Anthony, Mrs. 252 St. Philip 
Cailloux Andre, f. m. c. cigar maker, c. 

Union and Casacalvo 
Cailloux Ophelia, f. w. c. 401 Morales 
Cain CatharineMrs.milkseller, McDonogh 
Cain Christopher, laborer, 88 Gaiennie 
Cain Cornelius, 168 Tchoupitoulas 
Cain Daniel, marble worker, Palmyra n. 



Cain Edward, laborer, 234 St. Louis 
Cain E. mer. tailor, 12 Com'l place, d. 

94 Polymnia 
Cain John, marble cutter, 88 Mandeville 
Cain L. B. (John Marks if Co.) 62 Camp, 

d. 338 St. Charles 
Cain Margaret Mrs. grocery, 49 Erato 
Cain Michael, laborer, 337 Howard, d. 1 
Cain Michael, laborer, 22 Music 
Cain P. Mrs. 466 Dauphine, d. 3 
Cain Sarah Mrs. St. Ferdinand, n 0. Levee 
Cain Stephen, drayman, 90 St. Joseph 
Caird Jas. furniture cart, 550 Rampart, d. 3 
Caird Wm. cabman, 420 Royal, d. 3 
Caire A. confectioner, 358 Dauphine 
Caire Camille, f. w. c. 30U Customhouse 
Caire Edward, Circus Street Infirmary 
Caire L. T. Mrs. 46 Dauphine 
Cairnes Henry A. 35 Tclioupitoulas, d. 

720 Magazine 
Caisselliere Charles, watchmaker, 8 Camp 
Calahan John, grocer, 472 Front Levee 
Calba J. Bruxelles n. Broad 
Calder Catharine Mrs. 359 Camp 
Calder David, 150 Thalia 
Calder Elizabeth Mrs. 150 Thalia 
Calder George, laborer, 29 First 
Caldeira Ignacio S. screwman, 387 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Caldwell Alex. 94 Basin, d. 2 
Caldwell G. H. Mrs. academy, 778 Maga- 
zine, d. 4 
Caldwell James H. 121 Carondelet 
Caldwell John, d. 217 Bienville 
Caldwill John i). engineer, 55 Third 
Caldwell John F. (Farley, Jury &f Co.) 40 

Perdido, Factor's row 
Caldwell J. E. com. mer. 5 Bank place, d. 

Pleasant near Chestnut 
Caldwell Maria, dressmaker, 210 Baronne 
Caldwell William, acct. 67 l<'ront, d. 1 
Calhoun Chas slater, 406 Customhouse 
Calhoun Geo. f.m.c. Frenchmen n.Cekstine 
Calhoun John C.d. Napoleon av.n. Maga- 
Califat P. c. h. Carondelet walk c. Marais 
('alifornia Saw Mill, Levee c. Independence 
Caliste C. tailor, 42 Orleans 
Caliste Jean, shoemaker, 196 Ursulines 
Call Richard, screwman, 12 Jackson 
Callaghan Arthur Dr. 22 Commercial place 
Callaghan Charles, c. h. 162 Rampart 
Callaghan Daniel, drayman, d. 42 Terpsi- 
Callaghan Edward, laborer 79 Delord 
Callaghan Edward, lab. 433 Marais, d. 3 
Callaghan Edward, lab. Second n. Dryades 
Callaghan Edward, lab. Washington h. 

St. Dennis 
Callaghan John Mrs.grocer,Race c.Tchou- 

Callaghan Margaret, 201 Roman, d. 2 
Callaghan Michael, laborer, 68 Orange 
Callaghan Pat. clerk, Franklin n. Clio 
Callaghan Paul, lab. Religious n. Race 
Callaghan Thomas, Willow n. Erato 
Callaghan Jas. lab. Orange n. St. Thomas 




Callaliam Wm. ship carp. 207 Mandeville 
Callahan James, lal>. Calliit|ie r, Fonohir 
Callahan John, iilasti'vcr, 59tS Huri;;"ndy 
Callahan J<ihn, draynian, 45 Vilhre 
Callahan Patrirk, c. p. 3(in Thalia 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, :«;n Thalia 
Callahan Paul, laborer, St. Mary n. Fulton 
Callahan Jeremiah, 58 Adele 
Callahan J. T. cartnian, Fourth n. St. 

Callahan Joseph, labon^r, 395 Bourbon 
Callahan L. Mrs. 126 Conti 
Callahan Matthew, laborer, d. Henderson 

n. Front Levee 
Callahan Morris, cotton sampler, 86 An- 
Callary M. draynian, Orang:*' n. Pacanier 
Callahan Nicholas, furniture cart, Melpo- 
mene n. Claiborne 
Callahan Owen, lab. 67 St. Andrew n. Fulton 
Callejia Do La R. Mrs. 134 Chartres 
Callejia Francis Mrs. 312 Claiborne 
Calh'jia Henrietta Mrs. 312 Claiborne 
Callejon Juan, Consul of Spain, 64 Royal 
Callen John, lab. 112 Foucher 
Callender Sarah Mrs. 113 St. .Joseph 
Callender Sidney S. &. Co. ( Jf. .1. Bilh,) 
Franklin Card Press, 21 Gravier, d. 
387 Canal 
Callender Wm. 78 Spain 
Callesen H. C, Roman n. Orleans 
Callico Geo. c. p. 310 Conti 
Callico J. F. marble cutter, Robertson c 

St. Louis, d. 121 Orleans 
Callon J. H. blacksmith, Gretna 
Callovo J. H. blacksmith, Freret n. La- 
fayette, Gretna 
Calls Austin, f. m. c. lab. 172 Marais.d 2 
Calongne A. F. 166 Marais, d. 2 
Caloiiffne C. sug. broker, 394 St. Philip 

CALONGNE M. A. Direct Im- 
portation of Wines, Brandies, 
&c., Wholesale and Retail 
Fancy Groceries, Nos. 205 
and 207 Eoyal c. Main, d. 167 
Marais, d. 2. 

Colonene 0. constable, 4lh justice '.s court, 

C.St. Peter and Charlies, d. 254 St. 

Calot A. painter and o;ilder, 285 Chartres 
Calquhoun John, prniter, 70 Camp 
Calvary J. lab. St. Ferdinand n. Chartres 
Calve A. c. h. 158 Levee, d. 3 
Calvert Robt. N. c. p., d.447 Terpsichore 
Calv.rt W. H. H. sailmaker, d. 447 Terp- 

Calvett J Alexander, clerk, 155 Canal 
Camaliro Charles, printer, 87 Hospital 
Camba Frank, tin, copper and sheet iron 

worker, 289 Tchou))itoulas 
Cambias G. A. stevedore, 553 F^urirundy,d.3 
Camliiaso John Rev. vice Presi. Jesuits' 

College, Baronne c. Common 
Camby Henry, .seaman, 673 Rampart, d. 3 

Camcnisch P. Mrs. midwife, 226 Char- 
Camerden Frederick, com. mer. and agent 
of Home Insurance Coni))any of New 
York, 66 Gravier, d. 149 Constance 
Camerdy John, lab. 11 Constance 
Canierford James, car)), d. 72 St. Thomas 
Cameron Alex, shoeniaker, 255 Magazine 
Cameron W. acct. 1 'i'cliou])itoulas, d. On- 

zaga n. Dorgenois 
Camerty Christopher, com. mer. d. 93 

Cameron Mary Mrs. b. h. 42 Religious 
Cameron Margt. laundress, 121 Religious 
Camel B. wine bottler, 50 Main, d. 243 

Carondejet walk 
CametT. Mrs. 127 St. Louis 

CAMILLE'S Galleryof Pine Art, 
Old Levee street, c. Hospital : 
all kinds of Daguerreotypes, 
Graphs or Types, of the 
smallest sizes, copied in life 
size, on paper or on canvass 
prepared to be painted in Oil 
or Water Colors : reproduc- 
tions of all kinds of objects 
of Art, Architectural Plans, 
Drawings, etc., made to all 
scales: duplicates by the 
dozen : views taken of Build- 
ings, Mausoleums, Machi- 
nery, Engines, Steamboats, 
Farms, Landscapes, and Ani- 
mals, dead or living. 

Camilie Paolo, fruit, 161 Old Levee 
Camille Thos. f. m. c. cigar maker, 268 

Rol>ertson, d. 2 
Camisa A. drayman, 362 St. Peter 
Camlong John, grocery, 52 Ursulines 
Cammack Addison, ( Cammack &;■ Con- 
verse,) 35 Carondelet 
Cammack & Converse, (.Iddison Cammack, 
.'Ilbert Cnnverse,) ship, brokers and 
com. imrs. 35 Carondelet 
Cammack Albert, ( West, Rensliair &,• Cam- 
muck,) 34 Perdido, Factor's row, d. 
68 St. Louis 
Cammack A. B. cotton broker, 151 Com- 
mon, d. 426 St. Charles 
Cammack C. C. acct. 151 Common, d. 426 

St. Charles 
Cammack Charles W. paying teller Citi- 
zens' Bank, d. 159 (iirod 
Cammack Geo. clerk, 149 Common 
Cammack H. C. Mrs. 7 Pontalba bldge. 

St. Ann 
Oammack James, clerk, St. Louis 
Cammack R. C. book keeper, 122 Gravier 
Cammack R. C. Mrs. 68 St. Louis 
Camnii'l C. f. w. c. Bagatelle n. Girod 
Camnioulis Vincent, fish dealer, 496 Si. 
Claude, d. 3 


Camors Andre, 52 Customhouse, d. 33 

Camors August, grocery, St. Louis c. 

Camors B. ( Romanhan &f Co. J 60 Bourbon, 

d. 118 St. Anthony . 
Camors F., Commercial Restaurant, 81 

Camors G. 59 Girod, d. 3 
Camors J. B. 28 Lafayette 
Camory Richard, lab. 168 Tchoupitoulas 
Camos Antoine, 82 Annette 
Camp C. bricklayer, 391 Perdido 
Camp Geo. carpenter, 164 Chippewa 
Camp .T. W. 89 Frenchmen 
Camp R. P. cirp. 281 Howard 
Camp Theodore, clerk, 76 Canal 
Camji T. H. clerk, 31 and 33 Gravier, d. 

45 Robinson 
Camp W. E. watchmaker, 115 Canal, d. 

43 Robertson, d. 1 
Campana Jos. stevedore, 335 St. Claude, 

Campanel B. Mrs. 305 St. Peter 
Campanel E. furniture, 222 Royal, d. 252 

Claiborne, d. 2 
Campanel S. hay, corn and oats, 300 

Bayou road, d. 104 Adeline 
Campbell Archibald, ( Henning Sf Camp- 
bell,) 151 Camp, d. 310 Terpsichore 
Campbell A. clerk, d. 564 Burgundy, d. 3 
Campbell A. f.m.c. bricklayer, 248 Thalia 
Campbell A. f. m. c. cigar maker, 310 

Campbell Barth. junk shop, 26 Dryades 
Campbell Chas. printer, 55 Vill(>re 
Campbell Charles, lab. 90 St. Thomas 
Campbell Charles, .Josephine n. Dryades 

Phelps, Parke & Co. 40 Per- 
dido, d. 423 Josephine 

Campbell C. C. atty. 92 Camp, d. 317)^ 

Fulton, d. 4 
Campbell Dajil. cooper, 322 Clio 
Campbell Duncan G. atty. 5 Commercial 

Campbell D. W. C. sergeant-at-arms, 12 

City Hall, d. 196 St. John Baptist 
Campbell Kdwin, (Campbell Sf Strong,) 20 

St. Charles, d. 115 Carondelet 
Campbell & Strong ('Erfitim Campbell, P. 
jY. Strong, R. B Campbell,) commis- 
sion merchants, 20 St. Charles 
Campbell Eliza Mrs., Thalia n. Baronne 
Campbell E. J. 141 St. Louis 
Campbell Fred, clerk, 40 Old Levee, d. 2 
Campbell Geo. mate, 77 Greatmen 
Campbell George G. tobacco agency, 95 

Camp, d. 39 Constance 
Campbell G. W. Dr., St. Charles c. Julia 
Campbell Jas. C. builder, 396 St. Charles 
Campbell Jas. steward, 77 Annunciation 
Campbell Jas. Mrs. f. w. c. 371 Robertson, 

Campbell James, 34 Carondelet 

90 CAN 

Campbell Jas. Pacaniern. Market 
Campbell, McKee & Co. (John P. Camp- 
bell, Robert McKee, Jas. U. Campbell,) 
cot. factors and com. mers. 73 Caron- 
Campbell John, lab. 285 Tchoupitoulas 
Campbell John, lab. 107 Claiborne, d 2 
Campbell .lohn. Annunciation n. First 
Campbell John, dry gds. Julia n. Willow 
Campbell Jos. carp. 130 Frenchmen 
Campbell Parker, (Railey Sf Campbell,) 35 

Campbell Jos cabman, 548 Rampart, d. 3 
Campbell J. sailmkr. Prytania n. Dryades 
Campbell J. 118 Gravier, d. 38 Dauphine 
Campbell J. B. lab. 223 Treme, d, 2 
Campbell J. E. builder, 435 Rampart, d. 

396 St. Charles 
Campbell Jno. P. (Campbell, McKee Sf Co.) 

73 Carondelet 
Campbell J. G. c. Hospital and Royal 
Campbell J. H. sail mkr, 75 Magnolia 
Campbell Mary, music tchr. 36 Constance 
Campbell Mary Mrs. 196 St. Thomas 
Campbell MichI, glass cut'r, 90 St. Thomas 
Campbell O. H. P., Jackson n. White 
Campbell Peter, moulder, 207 Calliope 
Campbell Philip, lab. 548 Annunciation 
Campbell P. f. w. c Second n.St. Charles 
Campbell Pierre, 211 Bagatelle 
Campbell Rebecca A f. w. c. 511 Camp 
Campbell Robert, barkeeper, 247 Front,d.l 
Campbell Rol)ert, lab. d. 255 Magazine 
Campbell & Rickarby, ( W. P. Campbell, 
W. D. Rickarby,) com. mers. and agts. 
for pat. stave dressing machine, 29 
Campbell Robert, 197 Franklin 
Campbell R. B. (Campbell &c Strong,) 20 

St. Charles, d. 154 Felicity 
Campbell Salem, f. m. c. drayman, 362 St. 

Campbell Sarah A. f. w. c, 108 Treme 
Campbihll Theo. cooper, 165 Frenchmen 
Campbell Thos. C. clerk, d. 36 Constance 
Campbell T. Dr., Second n. Dublin, Carll 
Campbell Walter L. slaves, 54 Baronne 
Campbell Wm. steward, 122 Gasquet 
Campbell Wm. P. (Campbell &,- Rickarby,) 

d. 120 Prytania 
Campbell Wm. clerk, 16 Carondelet 
Campbell W. S. insp. rev. n. 131 Bienville 
Campbell Mrs. dressmaker, Algiers 
Campbell W. S. jr. 157 Carondelet 
Camphouse P. lab. 628 Rampart, d. 3 
Campiglio B. srocer, 278 0. Levee, d. 2 
Campman J. H. coppersmith, 239 Caron- 
Campo Antonio, 64 Frenchmen 
Campo Joseph, pedler. Morales n. Spain 
Campo Simon, drayman, 128 Frenchmen 
Camps Franc^ois, dray, 56 Independence 
Camps H. cigar maker, 271 Bourbon 
Camps J. M. grocer, Bourbon c. Hospital 
Camus Theodule E. 43 Customhouse 
Camutz C. 93 Constance 
Canal st. Cotton Press, Canal c. Claiborne 




Canal Bank, Camp c. Gravier 

Canal James, mato, 50 St. Thomas 

Canale Mary Mrs. mosq. Ijars, 50 Royal 

Canali Jus. c. h. and din. sal 11 Ursulines 

(/anard Lonis, shoemaker, 180 Royal 

Canavon Bernard, lal). 145 St. Joseph 

Canbaire Bartelemis, huicher, 19"2 Treme 

Canl)y Geo. screwmaii, 99 Monlegut 

Candan P. 116 Old Levee 

Candelon .\ntoine, cooper, 288 St. Ann 

Candia Prank, 1.3-2 St. Philip 

Candide Aui^nste, elk. 83 late 93 Chartres 

Candide, \." jeweler, 83 late 93 Chartres 

Candilto Celli, painter, 233 Rol)erlsoa 

Candler John, lab. 397 Melpomene 

CandoirBenj.paintr,Galve7, n. Lapeyrouse 

Canopele Tiieofil.', elk. 307 Laurel 

Candy G. drayman, Morales c. Annette 

Cane Aiiiliony, l"''- 2^3 Camp 

Cane Henry, gro. Josephine c. Rousseau 

Cane Jane, f. vv. c 19 Derbii:;ny 

Cane John, lab. Adi'le n. Tchonpitoulas 

Cane John, gro. Pirdido o. Bertrand 

Cane Patk. carp. Melpomene n. Rampart 

Cane Patrick, lab. Perdido c. Bertrand 

Canelle Pierre, f. m. c. 549 Rampart, d. 3 

Cane Ste))hen, lab. 139 Foucher 

Canely Mary, 169 Robertson, d. 2 

Canet'Fri'd. c. h. 193 Rampart 

Canet Fred. 171 Lafayctt"' 

Canfield Geo. W. jewi-I.M-, 249 Girod 

Canfield L. d. 84 Franklin 

CanfraiUMj Delphine, 282 Canal 

Canfrey Michael, lab. 131 Thalia 

Canhape P. gro. llainpart c. St. Anthony 

Cann .Taa. carp. 260 Magazine 

Cann Mary, d. 5 Annunciation 

Cannat Antonio, wheelw't. 171 Union, d. 3 

Cannell John, carp. 317 Carondelel 

Cannell John Ca|it. Baronnec. St. Andrew 

Canney H. W. clerk, 80 Canal 

Canning, Henry, acct. 25 Front Levee, d. 

422 Burgundy 
Cannon Bridget Mrs. 414 Basin 
Cannon Elijah, 248 Canal 
Cannon Ellen, 642 St. Claude 
Cannon Francis, 432 Gravier 
Cannon J. W. 212 Carondelet 
Cannon James, lali. Riciiard c. Religious 
Cannon John, fire'n, Jackson R. R. depot 
Cannon J cooper, c. Claiborne& St. Louis 
Cannon Maurice, druggist and chemist, 

29 Gravier " . 

Cannon Michael, lab. 187 Prieur, d. 2 
Cannon Michael, barkeeper, 292 Tchou- 

pitoulas . 

Cannon M. Mrs., Goodchildren n. Eng- 

Cannon \I. widow, 95 Claiborne 
Cannon Peter, gardener, Prytania c. Bor- 
deaux, Jefferson City 
Cannon Pat. laborer, 49 Religious 
Cannon Robi. M. clerk, 60 Carondelet, d. 

170 Carondi'let 
Cannon Samuel, laborer, 14 Poet 
Cannon S. N. police jail, Carrollton 
Camion T. engineer, 211 Claiborne 

Canon A. A. 18 Orleans, d. 26 Conti 
Canon Joseph, painter, 279 Ursulines 
Canon Margaret Mrs. 26 Conti 
Canone Cecilia Mrs. 339 Bourbon, d. 3 
Canonge A. att'y, d. 519 Chartres, d. 3 
Canonge D. clerk, d. Rampart c. Main 
Canonge Edgar, Ram|)art c. Main 
Canonge Earnest, Trenien. St. Louis 
Canonge Henry, 519 Chartres, d. 3 
Canonge Jaques, 70 Marais, d. 2 
Canonge L. P. 519 Chartres, d. 3 
Canonge Placide, 519 Chartres, d. 3 
Canonge Zephyr Mrs., Rampart c. Main 
Canova D. artist, Lapeyrouse n. Claiborne 
Can[)ardon Jean, elk. 197 Robertson, d. 2 
Cant Andrew, male, 158 I.evee, d. 3 
Canlelli J. M., Phili)) n. Chippewa 
Cantelope Jamns, Prosper n. St. Bernard 
Canter D. C. clerk, 70 Camp 
Canter E. Dr. 9 Bourbon 
Canterow D. butcher, 24 French market 
Canterow J. L., St. Louis n. Tonii 
Canthy Anthony, Eighth n. Annunciation 
Canlin Louis, 183 Bourbon 
Cantley John, printer, 70 Camp 
Canto "M. Mrs., St. Philip n. Derbigny 
Canton Oliver, c. h. Hospital c. Gallatin 
Canton Wm. furniture, 64 Marigny 
(3antoni M. grocer, 275 Rampart, d. 1 
Cantrelle H. 40 RImira 
Cantrelle J. A. Dr. 26 Congress 
Cantrelle Michael, 161 St. Louis 
Caniwell Wm. laborer, 57 Girod 
Cantron Pierre, dairy, Bienville n. woods 
Cantwork Henry, 403 Customhouse 
Cantzon C. E. clerk, Tchoujnioulas c. 

Cantwill C. Mrs., Thalia n. Constance 
Canty Thomas K., Constance c. Philip 
Cantzon H. F. book keeper, 367 Magazine 
Canu Benjamin, jeweler, 208 Poydras 
Cap Jean, 90 Columbus 
Capdau J. P. clerk, d. 153 St. Philip 
Capdeconne J. M. 261 Si. Peter 
Capdebaus David, drygoods, 140 Bienville 
Capdeville A. appraiser, d. 291 Claiborne 
Cupdoville J. IJ. 60 Felicity 
Capeitte P., Rampart n. Bienville 
Capella Bernard, c. h. and grocery, 271 

Capella M. 58 Clio 
Capella .M. c. h. d. Julia n. Franklin 
Capelo Antoine,223 Marais, d. 2 
Capers John, huckster, 269 Poydras 
Capers W. C. oils, fish, &c. 28 Tchoupi- 

toulas, and 11 Gravier 
Capetie J. butcher, 28 and 80 French nikt 
Capla L. J. P. shoemaker, 317 St. Claude 
Capo Ignacio, shoemaker, 226 Basin, d. 1 
Capo J<is. barkeepi'r, St. Ann c. Char- 
tres, d. 61 St. Bernard 
Caporal Ayrle, knile grinder, 221 Chartres 
Capps John, engineer, 349 Common 
Capnll L. Mrs., clairvoyant, 127 Cus- 
Caps, 39 St. Philip 
Capton Thomas, Third c. Baronne 

Caracalac Thomas, 53 History 
Caracatzani Peter, grocer, 124 Villere 
Caracopulo John, c. h. Jackson c. Rous- 
Caral Benito, c. h. New Levee c. Auster- 
j litz, Jefferson City 

Carbelas Pierre, clerk, 140 Claiborne, d. 2 
' Caraffa Joseph, grocer, 164 Marais, d. 2 
! Caraffa J. oysters, 144 Chartres 
Carambat Jean, clerk, Bayrou bridge 
Cararas Johanna Mrs., Goslin n. Alex, 

A Igiers 
Cararas Jos. ship. carp. Patterson, Algiers 
Cararas Antony, ship join. Alex. Algiers 
Carberry John, 48 Constance 
Carberry Christie, drayman, Miro n. Cus- 
Carberry Pat. laborer, 90 St. Thomas 
Carrahar Owen, poulterer. Laurel n. Milan 
Carbo A. oysters, 170 Bayou road 
Carbo Jos. (J. Pigrau 8f Co.) Jeff. City 
Carbo L. saw mill, Jefferson City 
Carbo nel Antoine, 358 Robertson, d. 3 
Carbonnet Augustin, 134 St. Peter 
Carboues Joseph, clerk, 66 Spain 
Carbriac Reuben, furniture, 52 Dauphine 
Carby John, 59 Constance 
Cardano Antoine, prof, music, 260 Delord 
Cardeilhac Ed. cigars, 164 Orleans 
Cardellach Fernando, 224 Claiborne, d. 2 
Cardon Alexander Dr. 151 Dauphine 
Cardoii Antoinette, 30 Peace 
Cardona B. cigar maker, 248 Royal 
Cardona Jean, tailor, 252 Ursulines 
Carede Peter, inUcher, 40 Dryades market 
Caree Andre, tailor, 80 Union 
Caregan Peter, brewer, 
Caren John, Constance n. Sixth 
Carera John, driver, 238 Frenchmen 
Carer Pierre, shoemaker, Bayou road n. 

Caretta Louis, broker, 36 Exchange place 

d. 200 Bienville 
Carew Thos. printer, 73 Poydras 
Carey Ann Mr.'?. 41 Elmira 
Carey Bridget Mrs. dairy, d. 320 Mel- 
Carey David, drayman, 215 Girod, d. 1 
Carey F. S. d. 187 Magazine 
Carey Henry, vegetables, Treme market, 

d. 199 (Orleans 
Carey Henry S. clerk, 26 Common 
Carey Hugh, drayman, 80 Delord 
Carey Hugh, carp. Melpomene n. Freret 
Carey Jane, nurse, 86 Deloi-d 
Carey John, slater, 151 Thalia 
Carey Lawrence, drayman, 12 Port 
Carey Margaret, 5.39 'Bur2;undy, d. 3 
Carey Martin, drayman, 340 Thalia 
Carey Michael, laborer, 14 Congress 
Carey Orson Dr. d. 187 Magazine 
Carey Pat. C. carp. 379 Thalia 
Carey Pat. laborer. Laurel n St. Andrew 
Carey Robert, paver, 13 Roman, d. 2 
Carey Robert, molasses broker, Claiborne 

n. Gasquet 
Carey Thos. carpenter, 13 Roman, d. 2 

Carey Thos. screwman, 194 Marigny 
Carey Thos. drayman, 201 Tchoupitoulas 
Carey Thos. D., Magazine n. Race 
Carge Wm. carpenter, 380 Customhouse 
Carhey Mary Mrs., St. Andrew n. Tchou- 
Carhman Michael, laborer, 106 Gaiennie 
Carillo V. rice, 12 Main 
Carite C. c. h. Poydras c. Dryades 
Carkett Thos. moulder, Freret n. Erato 
Carl A. jr. shoe store, 38'o Annunciation 
Carland Wm. contractor, 237 Thalia 
Carleton Fred, accountant, 79 Magazine 
Carleton Jos. 121 Burgundy 
Carleton Mrs. widow, 325 Villere 
Carleton Saml. M. painter, New Levee c. 

iSapoleon av. Jefferson City 
Carley James, laborer, 81 St. Andrew 
Carley Joseph, clerk, 64 Gravier 
Carley Pat. drayman, Morales n. Enghien 
Carlier Andrew, 80 Union, d. 3 
Carlier C. Claiborne n. St. Peter 
Carlier C.Mrs. 158 St. Ann 
Carlin Jas. sugar weigher, 22 Bienville 
Carlin John, 50 Marigny 
Carlin John, laborer, 252 St. Philip 
Carlin Joseph, accountant, d. 130 Euterpe 
Carlisle James, laborer, 34 Laurel 
Carlisle Peter, laborer, 484 Old l.evee, d. 3 
Carlisle Richard (George Postlethwaite &f 

Co.; 97 Gravier 
Carlo John B. 171 Conti 
Carlon James, lab. St. Thomas n. Felicity 
Carlon .lames, furn. cart, 243 Poydras 
Carlon Stephen, cooper, 373 Euterpe 
Carlon Stephen, f. m. c. 402 Baronne 
Carloss & Stewart ( W. W. Carloss, Joseph 
H. Stewart,) cot. factors, 44 Carondelet 
Carloss W. W. (Carloss &/■ Stewart,) 44 

Carlton Kllen Mrs. 86 Delord 
Carman Allan A. clerk, 161 Gravier 
Carman James L. (Carman &f Long,) d. 

61 Constance 
Carman & Long (James L. Cai-man, R. W. 

Long,) auctioners, 161 Gravier 
Carmelite Adelaide, 321 Customhouse 
Carmelite Caire Mrs. 94 Rampart 
Carmichael Stephen, clerk, 74 Magazine, 

d. 100 Spain 
Carmouchc C. Mrs. 187 Columbus 
Carmouche Julia, 235 St. Philip 
Carmouche L. blacksmith, 362 Marais, 

Carnatz R. Mrs. 165 Kerlerec 
Carnes George, 315 St. Ann 
Carnes John, 315 St. Ann 
Carnes John, laborer, 351 Camp 
Carnes John, cook, 81 Perdido 
Carney Catharine, 147 Craps 
Carney John, plasterer, 336 Howard 
Carney J. Miss, c. c. bag factory, 182 St. 

Carney J. Mrs. Market n. Annunciation 
Carney Matthew, elk. Josephine n. Rous- 
Carney Michael, laborer, 88 St. Joseph 




Carney Patrii^k, laborer, Goodchildren n. 

Carney Thos. c. p. d. 4()3 Dryaties 
Carney Wm. laburer, ii'2 Fouclier 
Carnich Andre, fruit, 1 Tronie market 
Cjiro Pierre, carpenter, 74 Ursniinos 
Caron Clias. sehool. 192 Dauphine 
Caron Dein'ae, laundress, 2'2'2 Royal 
Caron J. plasterer, Ursnlines n. Derbigny 
Carolan M. cleric, 130 Canal 
Caroline Geo. Mrs. midwife, 40 Main 
Carondelet, Canal and Navigation Com- 
pany, Old Basin, n. St. Peter 
Carpenter, A. VV. Mrs. 374 St. Charles 
Carpenter Chas. H. fiGl Annunciation 
Carpenter Chas. M. clerk, 99 Magazine, d. 

120 Orange 
Carpenter Elizabeth, f. \v. c. 258 Delord 
Carpenter Francis, lab. Delaronde, Algiers 
Carpenter H. elk. Robin c. Tchoupitoulas 
Carpenter John, Ml Basin, d. 1 
Carpenter .T. C. (.Viogle &c Carpenter,) 99 

Magazine, d. 120 < )rnnge 
Carpenter Joseph, 46 Goodchildren 
Carpenter Lee, St. Charli's n. Erato 
Carpenter Marcus T. clerk, 99 Magazine 
Carpenter Michael, laborer, 131 Religious 
Carpenter Patrick, drayman, Julia n. Ma- 
Carpenter Samuel, clerk, St. Charles c. 

Carpenter Thomas H. clerk, 99 Magazine, 

d. 120 I )ran::e 
Carper J. W. laborer. Felicity n. Howard 
Carper M. J. Ki Ksplanadi: 
Carpiette P cl-rk, 6 Chartres, d. 8 Prieur 
Carr Edward, Terspsichore c. Prytania 
Carr Flenry, laborer, 107 Liberty 
Carr James, carpenter, Alex, Algier.s 
Carr James, laborer, 8 Port 
Carr John, drayman, d. Willow ii. Com- 
Cftrr L. blacksmith, Graviern. Magnolia 
Carr Thomas, carpenli.'r, 78 Julia 
Carr William, c. h. 170 Erato 
Carrabv N. dep. constable, 4 Freiichmen 
Carradine James S. Dr. 438 Rampart, d. 1 
Carradine James S. physician, 328 Caron- 
Carre Ji'an,javelle water, 300 St. Philip 
Carre Si Co. ( H. Carre,) lumber, Galliope 

c. Howard 
Carrege Pierre, w<iod, 34 Planche 
Carreno F. grocer, Delord c. Baronnc 
Carreras Joacliini A. "The Taste, "cigars, 

CustoiTihouse c. Exchange place 
Carreras P. c. h. 197 Old Levee, d. 2 
Carrere C. hardware, 233 Old Levee, d. 

227 Burgundy, 
Carrere R. f. m. c carp. 4i)7 Rampart, d. 3 
Carrere John Mrs. 411 Dauphine, d. 3 
Carrere J. P. bakery. Old Basui, d. 9 Ca- 
rondelet walk 
Carrere Pierre, G7 Royal 
(Warrick John, laborer', 48 Port 
Carrick Patrick, laborer, 495 Royal 
Carrico, P. G. c. p. 310 Conti 

Carrie J. W. d. Broad c. Canal 
Carrier Frederick B. Johnson n. Gasquet 
Carrier George, .Johnson n. Gasquet 
Carriere Al|ihonsi>, 234 I rsulitu^s 

CARRIERE A. & CO. (Antoine 
Carriere, Emile Carriere,) Im- 
porters of French Wines, 
Brandies, Fruits, Oil, etc., 37 
late 25 Old Levee, d. Conti c. 
Dauphine b. Customhouse and 

Carriere Anatole, 23 Columbus 
Carriere Andrew, finisher, 2 Annunciation 
Carriere Gustave, clerk, 55 Old Levee, d. 2 
('arriere Edward, d. 68 St. Bernard 
Carriere Leopold, artist, first flute, Opera 

House, d. 291 St. Ann 
Carriere Louis, printer, 149 Hospital 
Carriere L. Jr. elk. 1.55 Canal, d.291 St.Aini 
Carriere Olivier, (Collins, Carriere Sf Co.) 

Conti c. Dauphine 
Carriere U. Mrs. 408 St. Claude, d. 3 
Carriere Victor, elk. Meclumics and Tra- 
ders' Bank, d. .392 Rampart, d. 3 
Carriere W. clerk, 37 Old Levee, d. 2 
Carrigan Bern. lab. Goodchildren n. Port 
Carrigan James, tailor, 450 Royal, d. 3 
Carrigan J. W. atty. at law, 15 Jackson 
Carrigan Owen, laborer, 183 I'ort 
Carrigan Thomas, laborer, 40 Religious 
Carrigan Thos. stonecutter, d. 393 Liberty 
Carrigan Thos. lab. Marigny n. Iiuri:undy 
Carrigee Charles, c. p. 161 St. Ferdinand 
Carrigee James, c. p. 96 Eughein 
Carrigee P., Thalia n. Camp 
Carriger William, c. Rampart and Second 
Carriggy Charles, drayman, 224 Morales 
Carrillo'Bernard, 138 Roman, d. 2 
Carro Delphin, Bourbon n. Claiborne, d. 3 
Carro John, trader, 39 Barracks 
Carroll Ann Mrs. 120 Gasquet 
Carroll Andrew, laborer, 83 Adeline 
Carroll Charles, laborer, 38 Girod, d. 1 
Carroll Chas. cart, St. Charles c. Felicity 
Carroll I). R. & Co. (J.G.JSkUarn,) cot- 
ton factors and com. merchants, 53 
Carondelet d. Josephine c. Brainard 
Carroll David, carp. d. 408 Liberty 
Carroll Edas, lab. 66 Rol)erison d. 2 
Carroll Edwd. lal)orer, 233 Thalia 
Carroll Ed. carpenter, 285 Clio 
Carroll E. carp. Alex, n Goslin, Algiers 
Carroll, Hoy & Co. (Joseph JV. Carroll, 
Joseph Jloif, Win. B. Kimhall, J. .Y. 
^Viren,) cotton facti«rs and ccun. mer- 
chants, 38 Perdido, Factors' row 
Cai-roll James, steward. Locust n. Thalia 
Carroll Ja.s. lab.d. Howard c. St. Andrew 
Carroll James Dr. 216 < 'anal 
Carroll John, laborer, 33 Poet 
Carroll John, drayman, 395 Perdido 
Carroll Jr)hn, lab. 44 Foyfarre 
Carroll Jos. VV. (Carroll, Hoy S{ Co.) 38 
Perdido, d. 211 Camp 




Carroll J.W. carriage mkr.196 New Levee 
Carroll Michael, laborer, 34 Spain 
Carrol! Michael, c. p. 91 Marigny 
Carroll Michael, cab. driver, 91 Foucher 
Carroll M. drayman, d. 101 Adeline 
Carroll M. barkeeper, Prieur n. Common 
Carroll Pat. drayman, 13 Constance 
Carroll Patrick.'d. 208 Calliope 
Carroll P. grocer, c. Main and Roman 
Carroll Timothy, painter, 310 Melpomene 
Carroll Thos. seaman, 26 Elysian Fields 
Carroll Thomas, St. Thomas n. Soraparu 
Carroll T. cabinetmkr.Hampart c. Calliope 
Carroll Wm. tinsmith, 77 Roman, d. 2 
Carrojlo Leo, c.h. Ursulines c. Front Levee 
Carrollton Council Chamb. Dublin, Carlt. 
Carrollton Courthouse, Canal av., Carlt. 
Carrollton Ferry Landing, Public road 
Carrollton Fire Kngine Co. No. 1, Dublin 
Carrollton Markef , Dublin c. Second, Carlt 
Carrollton Presbyterian Church, Carltn. 
Carrollton Public Sohools,Washington and 
Jefferson, Dublin, op. market, Carlt. 
Carrollton Railroad office, 18 Baronne; de- 
pots, Perdido n. Baronne and Tivoli n. 
St. Charles; Horse Station, St. Charles 
n. Felicity 
Carron A. Mrs. 240 St. Philip 
Carron Charles, lal). 77 Desire 
Carron Joseph, painter, 279 Ursulines 
Carrotorio Demetrius c. h. Patterson c. 

Levee, Algiers 
Carson Geo.W. trader, First n. Constance 
Carson James, stevedore, 56 Annunciation 
Carson Michael, 93 Adeline 
Carson R. S. watchman, 268 Carondelet 
Carson R. S. 249 Girod 
Carson Wm. dairy wagon, 193 Dryades 
Carstens Elizabeth, Prospern.St.Anthony 
Carstens Krnest J. 425 Dryades 
Carstens A dele Mrs. crockery ware, 425 

Carstens Henry,grocery, Patterson, Algiers 
Carstens ()tto,acct. 58 Customhouse 
Carter Alex, f.m.c. coffee stand, 61 Barracks 
Carter Ann Mrs. 134 Camp 
Carter Daniel, Jackson Depot 
Carter El ward. Magazine c. First 
Carter Edward O. elk. 55 and 57 Common 
Carter Edwin, jr. clerk, 42 Perdido 
Carter Francis, carpenter, 404 Lafayette 
Carter George W. book keeper, 36 Maga- 
zine, d. 338 Howard 
Carter H 'nrietta, Johnson n. Gasquet 
Carter Henry, "Texas boarding house," 

21 Jefferson 
Carter Henry, Madison, McD. 
Carter H. Kendall, cotton factor and com- 
mission merchant, 15 St. Charles 
Carter Isaac, stevedore, 417 Royal, d. 3 
Carter James, tarpaulins, 13 Poyfarre 
Carter James, 338 Howard, d 1 
Carter John C. clerk, d. 141 Constance 
Carter John Dr., Magazine c. First 
Carter John, sampler, 85 Common 
Carter John, Eighth c. Chippewa 
Carter John, clerk, 82 Camp 

Carter Jos. A. clerk, d. 118 Constance 
Carter J. H. (Heron'&f Carter,) 40 Fulton 
Carter J. block and pump maker, 3 Ma- 
rigny building-^, d. 3, d. 398 Marais 
Carter L. K. clerk, Gravier c. New Levee, 
d. 168 Orange , 

Carter Mary, f. w. c. furnished rooms, 93 

St. Louis 
Carter Martha Mrs. 150 Camp 
Carter Wm. J. clerk, St. Charles c. Clio, 

d. 338 Howard 
Carter Wm. sailmaker, 22 Poyfarre 
Carter Wm. A. pastor, 349 Chippewa 
Cartero A. oysters, Casacalvo c. Peace 
Carthy Wm. iN. plasterer, 349 Chippewa 
Carthriner A. soap maker, Jefferson, McD 
Cartie Joseph, Union n. Goodchildren 
Cartier A. Dr. 168 Customhouse 
Cartier Krnest, 99 Esplanade 
Cartier Jules Dr. 168 Customhouse 
Cartis John, vegetables, 69 Barracks 
Cartman Louis, barkeeper, 105 Dauphine 
Cartright John, elk. Felicity n. St. Charles 
Cartright Samuel, clerk, 20 Poydras 
Cartwright Ann Mrs. 352 Felicity 
Cartwright Edwin C. broker, 38 Poydras 
Cartwright James, clerk, 41 Tchoupitoulas 
Cartwright John A. 21 Eiiphrosyne 
Cartwright Samuel Dr. 175 Canal 
Cartwright William, lab. 94 Music 
Carty Edward, drayman,Jolinson n. Canal 
Carty Dennis, laborer, 81 Mandeville 
Carty Joseph, f. m. c. lab. 86 Union, d. 3 
Carty Michael, lab. 316 H iward, d. 1 
Carty Thomas, laborer, 2.) Hospital 
Carty Uriah, engineer, Second n.Levasseur 
Caruthers A. M. widow, 276 Baronne 
Caruthers J. F. & F.C. Caruthers, cot. bro- 
kers, 41 Carondelet, d. 271 Harmony 
Carven John, soda water nikr. 63 Liberty 
Carver Albert B. acct. 46 St. Charles, d. 

326 Carondelet 
Carver James, laliorer, 60 Mandeville 
Carville G. G. (H. D.KenI if Co. J 82 Mag- 
Carvin Michael, contractor, 63 Peace 
Oarvin Michael, laborer, 135 Chippewa 
Cary Catharine. 74 Constance 
Cary Henry C. clerk, 219 Bienville 
Cary Richard, com. mer. 98 Gravier 
Cary Robert, slater, 74 Constance 
Cary W. Dr. d. 184 Canal 

Dentist, 124 Canal, b. St. 
Chai'les and Carondelet, near 
Clay Statue. 

Casagrande G. variety store, 240 Chartres 
Casanave Peter, undertaker, 39 Marais and 

88 Bourbon 
Casanave St. Felix, 216 Bienville 
Casanave Jaques, bdg. 155 Lafayette 
Casanoba Jose c. p. 198 St. Philip 
Casanos Marcellus, barkeeper, 269 Orleans 
Casaubecills Pierre, tailor, 44 St. Philip 




Casauvas Pierre, Washington n. Lapage 
Casber AI)^aham,fishnl(ll1cr(.l•,llOMal•igny 
Casbol•g^e A. C. d. 65 KiM-loiTc 
Casbergne Claudius, (Justin Casbrrfrue Sf 

Co ) 203 Oartns, d. 67 Columbus 
Casbi'rgup & Co. (Justin Cashcri^uc, Clau- 
dius Casbers;uc, E. S. Cniron,) house 
furnishing goods, 203 Chartres, d. 207 
Elysian Fichls 
Casbergue E. H. printer, 379 Claiborne 
Casbergue John, 45 Hourl)on, d. 379 Clai- 
Casbergne Joseph, tailor, 51 Bourbon, d. 

100 Derbignv 
Casbergue Paul, 66 Poet 
Cascar Jos. planti-r, 454 St. Charles, d. 1 
Case Abraham, ( Barus Sf Case,) N. Levee 

n. La. av., JcfT. City 
Case Frank F. clirk, 40 Camp 
Case Frank, accountant, 305 Hienville 
Case & Johnson, ( L. Case, F. ,1. Johnson,) 
eommission and forwarding mrrehants, 
3 Front-and 12 Fulton 
Case Mrs. widow, 305 Bienv^ille 
Case L. grocery, 3 Front 
Casey Allen, f. m. c. 320 Melponipne 
Casey Bartlet, lal)orer, Jackson depot 
Casey C. Mrs. dressniakrr, 163 Poydras 
Casey Daniel, laborer, 312 Laurel 
Casey Dauphine Mrs., Thalia n. Caron- 

Casey James, laborer, 224 N. Levee, d. 1 
Casey James, sawyer, Erato n. Uryades 
Casey James, c. p. 488 Annunciation 
Casey Jamis, drayman, 67 St. Andrew 
Casey Joauna, 24l Poydras 
Casey John, 60 Victory 
Casi!y John, groci-r, 398 Camp 
Casey Mary Mrs. 340 Rampart 
Casey Mary Mrs., St.Tlunnas n.Therese 
Casey Michael, carp. d. 65 St. TlKnrias 
Casey Morris, Eighth n. Annunciation 
Casey Morris, lab. 584 Burgundy, d. 3 
Casey M. lab. Palmyra n Roman>y Mich, blacksmith, SH Rampart,d. 1 
Casey M. baker, Thalia n. Tchoupiioulas 
Casey Patrick, blacksmith, d. Calliope n. 

Casey Pat. sLiter, d. 65 St. Thomas 
Casey Pat. lah. 63 Constance 
Casey Pat. lab. 114 Calliope 
Casey F'at. lab. 131 Port 
Casey Pat. drayman, Bolivar n. Poydras 
Casey Pat. lab. 626 Royal, d. 3 
Casiy Thos. levee foreman, d. 274 St. 

Casey Thos. lal>. 4.39 Rampart, d. 1 
Casey Thos. clerk. 46 Tclioupitoulas 
Casey Wm. lab. 165 St. Andrew 
Cisiy Wm. car|)enter, Perdido c. Basin 
C isey vVm. lab. St. Mary n. Chippewa 
Casey Wm. mason, 168 Tchoupitoulas 
Cash John, lab. 60 Orange 
Cash Martin, carriages, 390 Rampart, d. 1 
Casiii-n H. jiortrail panit. 175 St. Charles 
Cashen John, lab. Felicity n. Magazine 
Cashman Daniel, lal). 131 Urquhart 

Cashman John, carp. Lafayette n. Galvez 
Cashmari Mich. lab. 106 Gaiennie 
Casiano F. boarding, 73 Victory 
Casimir Mary, 329 Villere, d. 3 
Casimir P. locksmith, 203 Dauphine 
Casimir<i Alonzo, cigars, 4 St. Philip 
Casler Abraham, fisherman, 171 Marigny 
Casneuve Chas. 200 Bayou road 
Cason E. Mrs. 183 Chiitpewa 
Casjiar Nii-holas, pilot, Chippewa n. Sixth 
Caspen Beiigar, carp. Felicity n. Freret 
Casper Frank, r.abim^t mkr. 451 N. Levee 
Casper Johii, tailor, 421 Burgundy, d. 3 
Cass Antone, lab. 243 Chippewa 
Cass &, Dowling, (J. M. Cass, M. Dov- 

linf^,) gr<icers and Western produce, 

10 Poydras c. Fulton 
Cass Eliza, f'urnished rooms, 52 Orleans 
Cass J. M. (Cass &{ Dowling,) d. Clio c. 

Cass John, butcher, Poydras mkt. d. Tol- 

edano n. Carondelet 
Cass John, drayman, 112 Magazme, d. 

Morales c. Washington av. 
Cassa Savario, fruit, wholesale, 14 Main 
Cassas Mannel, oysters, 26 Ursulines 
Cassady John L., Metairie Course 
Cassage Micha<'l, lab. 25 St. Philip 
Cassagni F. butcher, 37 Poydras mkt 
Cassagniol B. Bayou road c. Roman 
Cassaigne J. butcher, 55 Treme mkt 
Cassard Adrien, Bayou road c Robertson 

CASSARD A. & CO., Grocers 
and Produce Merchants, 39 
Tchoupitoulas street, (Old 
33,) between Gravier and 

Cassard A. J. 177 St. Claude 
Cassiilier Laura, Mrs. 21 Gasquet 
Cassard John, 177 St. Claude 
Cassard John E. 125 Bourbon 
Cassard Jules, 137 Rampart 
Cassar S. fruits, on levee, d. 84 Main 
Cassas S. Valence n. Jersey, Jeff. City 
Casse Pet-r, ( liuissat Sf Casse,) 115 Bien- 
Casseaux John, charcoal, 257 Poydras 
Casserly John, laii. 114 Marais, d. 2 
Casserly Peter (and John Finn,) laun- 
dry, 423 Perdido 
Cassidy Edw. lab. 582 Dauphine, d. 3 
Cassidy II. saibnkr. Fulton c. Puydra8,d. 
366 Baronne 

CASSIDY'S Oyster Saloon and 
Restaurant, 121 Gi-avier-st., 
Hugh Cassidy, proprietor 

Cassidy James, drayman, 59 Prieur 
Cassidy J<diu, carp. Roman n. Palmyra 
Cassidy John, lab. 2.33 Magazine 
Cassidy John, lab. 265 Dryades 
Cassidy Michael, lab. 70 St. Thomas 




Cassin Henry, pavor, 204 Calliope 
Cassiiio Anloinc, shoemkr. 485 Villere,d.3 
Cassiiio Jos. cjg. mkr. 480 Bourbon, d. 3 
Cassman Michael, Gaiennie n. Constance 
Casso Dominick, butrlier, d. 421 Franklin 
Casson Jas. c. p. 371 Liberty 
Casson J. B. inspector of customs, 271 

Casson Marienta, f.m.c. Sixth n. Dryades 
Casson Robert S. 249 Girod 
Cassou ,T. blacksmith, 14 Eno;hien 
Cassou Louis, clerk, St. Ann c. Chartres 
Cassus Peter, Burj^undy n. St. Anthony 
Castagnet Jean, corn mill, St. Ann c. Rob- 

Castagnet Emanuel, 204 Bourbon 
Castagnola B. c. h. 148 Chartres 
Castain M. carp. 358 St Ann 
Castaing Alex. grocery, 6 St. Bernard, d.l 
Castaing Alex, architect, 119 Ex. Place 
Castaing Bernard, butch. 13 Poydras mkt 
Castaing B. grocer, Mandeville c. St. John 

Castaing Charles, foreman moss pickery, 

664 Royal 

Grocery and Provisions, c. 
Marais and Carondelet Canal. 

Castaing F. d. 79 Esplanade 
Castaing Frani^ois, butch. 75 French mkt 
Castaing Jean Marie, 148 Burgundy 
Castaing J. M. Mrs. 89 St. Philip 
Castaing Leon, gro. Plaiiche c. St. Ber- 
nard and Ferdinand 
Castaing M. Mrs. 248 Burgundy 
Castaing Paul, butch. 97 French market 
Castaing Hierre, 77 French market 
Castaing R. grocer, Greatmen c. Annette 

and' 21 St. Bernard 
Castan J. bakery, 211 Bayou road 
Castan Mary Mrs. 50 Frenchmen 
Canstane John Adolphe, elk. 110 Chartres 
Castaned Mary Louise Mrs. 115 Mande- 
Castaiiedo P. f. w. c. 84 Laharpe 
Castanedo Jose, 361 Bayou road 
Castanedo J. A. 22 Villere, d. 1 
Castanedo J. A. clerk, 22 Marais 
Castanedo Marie Mrs. 327 Ksplanade 
Castanedo Rosa Mrs. 110 Hospital 
Castang Jean, bakery, 208 Bayou road 
Castaniat Louis, restaurant man, 114 St. 

Castaniat L. Mrs. dressmkr. 114St. Peter 
Castaniel Louis, 65 St. Philip 
Castaris John, tailor, 165 Burgundy 
CastanyetJ. carriage mkr. 108 Un'ion.d. 3 
Castarede H. geneml book keeper Citi- 
zens' Mutual Insurance Co. d. 338 
Royal, d. 3 
Castein J. butcher, 20 Treme market 
Castcin L. Mrs. 132 Lower F. Levee, d. 3 
Castein Manuel, f. m.c. St. Ann n.Ronicin 
Castel Louis, apoth. St. Ann c. Royal 

Castel Poncet, variety store, 445 St. Ann 
Castelin Jeannette, Prosper n. St. Bernard 
Castelin O. sugar mkr. Morales n. Music 
Castelin Vincent, butcher, 4 French mkt. 

d. La. av. n. Laurel 
Castell Thomas J. atty. 27 Camp 
Castell Wm. J. notary and atty. at law, 

27 Camp 
Castellan Alphonse, cigar maker, 163 Ma- 
rais, d. 2 
Castellanos Henry C. atty. at law, 10 St. 

Peter, d. 125 Main 
Castellanos John Dr. 196 Chartres 
Castellanos Juan, 20 St. Philip 
Castellin Mary L. 115 Mandeville ' 
Castello Antonio, c. h. 204 Tchoupitoulas 
('astello P. grocer, Magazine c. Calliope 
Castelnau D'que, druggist, c. Royal and 

St. Louis 
Castens Christian A. D. Mrs., Prosper n. 

St. Anthony 
Castera Louis, atty. at law, 44 Exchange 

Place, d. 187 Esplanade 
Castera Louis jr. deputy weigher, Cus- 
tomhouse, d. 98 St. Ann 
Casteret Jf)hn, grinder, 163 Orleans 
Castex Jaques, carp. 170 Roman, d. 2 
Castez B. vegetables, French market 
Castille Raymond, 262 Bienville 
Castillion Pal. Dryades n. Washington 
Castillion Raymond, Seventh n. Chippewa 
Castillo Andre Mrs. 73 Ursiilims 
Castillo Augustin, del. clerk, 167 Canal, 

d. 310 St. Claude 
Castillo Celestine, f. w. c. 11 Urquhart 
Castillo Chas A. ( W. J. Gordon^ Castil- 
lo,) 118 Common, d. 72 Esplanade 
Castillo G. cigars, 169 Elvsian Fields 
Castillo Anthony Mrs. 310 St. ( laude,d.2 
Castillo & Harispe, (R. M. Castillo, Cluis. 

Harispe,) com. mers. 25 Carondelet 
Castillon J. drayn. c. Union and Morales 
Castleman T. acct. 10 Jeft'erson 
Castro Vicente L. d. 21 Conde 
Caswell Eliz. Mrs. grocery, 134 Erato 
Catania R. mrktman, Prieur n. Common 
Catching P. S. (My &f Catching,) 12 
Union, d. 1 

CATE C. £. & CO., (Daniel Til- 
lotson,) Manufacturers and 
Dealers in Boots and Shoes, 
at Wholesale, 19 Camp, op- 
posite City Hotel, at Retail, 
18 Camp, under City Hotel. 

Cathala Justin, apothecary, 380 Royal, d.3 
CathalougneJ<iseph, poultry, 123 Dryades 
Catholic Standard, 6 Exchange place 
Catiche Etienne, 246 Dauphine 
Catiche Gertrude, f. w. c- 210 St. Peter 
Catoir A2:lae, f. w. c. 317 Chartres 
Catoir Chas. dep. U. S. Marshal, 213 Der- 

bigny, d. 2 
Catoir P. L. artificer, 207 Craps 
Caton John M. grocer, 472 Chartres, d. 3 




Caton Micliel, drayman, 117 Fouchtr 
Catonni't A. c.ou.iu broker, 36 Caroiidclet, 

d. 18 J}ourbon 
Ciiudia G. clerk, 25 Carondelet 
Caufiibiiri^ Constant, fiirn. '21{t Chartres 
Caiitiild P., Ranijiartn. Seventh 
Cau^lilin Dennis, lah. Bolivar n. Gravier 
Caugiilin John K., portwarden, 459 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Caiiglilin I'at. blacksmith, 109 Erato 
Caiiley Jos. lab. Lafayette ii. Ninth, Gretna 
Caulfirld Daniel, Second n. Annunciation 
Caulfirld Edwd. baker, iil Constance 
Caullield Ignatius (Keep S,- Cauljield,) 56 

& 58 I'oydras, d. St. Charles c. First 
Caullield John, lab. II Melponiene 
Caulfield J no. drayman, Thalia ii. Tchou- 

Caulfield J. D. warehouseman, d. 193 

Caullield Michael, 438 Chartavs, d. 3 
Caullield Pat. warehouseman, 49 Tchou- 

Caulfield Peter, St. Dennis, n. Sixth 
Caulkins H. C. elk. 35 Tchoupitoulas, d. 

141 Jackson 
Canllinane J. porter, Palmyra n. Roman 
Canmont Raymond ,clk. 142 Claiborne, d. 2 
Canohert Eiieiine, 12 History 
Caution H. f. w. c. 263 Raymond, d. 3 
Cantre Eugene, 301 Bourbon 
Cauly S. collector, Soraparu n. St. Thos. 
Cauvan M. cemetery No. 1, Basin, d. 2, 

d. 342 St. Philip 
Cauven A. Mrs. 69 Bartholomew 
Cauven Joseph, merch. 399 St Claude, d.3 
Cavado Augustin, labm-er, 31 Union, d. 3 
Cavanagh Ann Mrs. 12 Palmyra 
Cavana'gh C. Mrs. 119 Wasliington, d. 3 
Cavanagh John, drayman, 416 Baroiine 
Cavanagh John, warehouseman, Bolivar n. 

Cavanagh John S. lab. 118 Spain 
Cavanagh John, baggage wagon, d, 402 

Cavanagh John, stone cutter, Chippewa 

c. Market 
Cavanagh Joiin, carp. d. 407 St. Cliarles 
Cavanagh John, laborer, 139 Foucher 
Cavanagh John, laborer, 191 Foucher 
Cavanagh John, ( Culley Sc Co.) d. 283 

Cavanagh Michael, drayman, 25 Second 
Cavanagh M. laborer, 48 Poet 
Cavanagh Pat. laborer, 495 Dauphine, d.3 
(.'avaiiagh Peter, marb. cutter, 42 St. Mary 
Cavanagh Thomas, warehouseman, 270 

Cavanagh Wm. shoemaker, 166 Julia 
Cavanagh W. C. marble cutler, Clio n. 

Cavaniia John h.(S.Jnnes8f Co. j9lGravier 
Cavaroe & Co. ( Emite Scignourrt,) com. 

mers. and wine importers, 116 Royal 
Cavelier A. Z. 303 Rampart, d. 2 
Cavclicr Chas. c. p. Derbigny n. Main 
Cavelier C. Mrs. 195 Villerc, d. 2 

Cavelier Jules, 90 Orleans 
Cavelier Leon, cooper, 213 Mandeville 
. Cavelier 0. clerk, 241 Villere 
Cavelier Theop. 92 Orh^ans 
Cavelier Z. Mrs. 265 Rampart 
Caverly Richard, lab. 2 Front Levee, d. 2 
Caverly R. lab. O. Levee c. St. Ferdinand 
Cavillier Antoinette, 244 I rsulines 
Caveiiy John, Calliope c. Foucher 
Cay Robert, weigher, d. 112 St. James 
Cayagas Josejdi, 70 Main 
Cayaid A. J. soap makr. Customhouse n. 

Cayet Joseph, grocery, 25 Marigny 
Cayetano Pedro, oysters, 175 Burg;undy 
Cayeton Louise, f. w. c. Bayou road 
Caylat Charles, elk. 330 Robertson, d. 3 
Caylat Wm. elk. d. 248 St. Louis 
Caylot Eugene, clerk, 121 Canal 
Caymares Joachim, cigars, 449 St. Claude, 

Caymaris Jean, cigars, 428 Bourbon 
Caymo Antony, carp 146 Erato 
Cay mo A. F. clerk, 180 Foucher 
Cayo Thomas, driver, 255 Poydras 
Cazades Edward, piano tuner, 148 Orleans 
Cazalas F. (Duclos i^- Co. J 57 Bienville 
Cazale P. grocer, 150 Marigny 
Cazalot Michl. cigar fact. 102 St. Anthony 
Cazanak iJaptiste, cook, d. 419 Dryades 
Cazaneuve Charles, 173 Hayou road 
Cazaneuve Pierre, VVashington n. liroad 
Cazantre Bernard, butcher, Fieiich mkt 
Cazantre J. butcher, 78 French market 
Cazarini J. var. store, 110 Customhouse 
Cazat John, wood, 321 Bcnirbon 
Cazaubon Gabriel, tailor, 99 St. Anthony 
Cazaubon Joseph, gardener, Algiers 
Cazaux A. P. c. p. 356 Bienville 
Cazaux D. butcher, 45 Poydras market 
Cazaux Fran^-ois, butcher, 34 Poydras 

Cazaux H. Mrs. 175 Robertson, d. 2 
Cazaux Jean, butcher, 93 French market 
Cazaux John, importerof wines, brandies, 

73 Old Levee, d. 2 
Cazaux J. tailor, 74 Main 
Cazaux J. Mrs. dressmaker, 197 Canal 
CazaveJ. butcher, 62 Frencii market i 

Cazeaux P. A. elk. Customhouse n.Pricur I 
Cazeaux Raymond, Girod n. Carondelet j 
Cazeils Leoiitine, dressmaker, 84 Royal 
Caze John, l)arkeeper, 248 St. Louis 
Caze John, butcher, 28 Poydras market [ 
Cazenave C. H. painter, 256 Ursulinea i 
Cazeiiave P. A. D. com. mer. 26 Conli, d 

295 Marais, d. 2 
Cazeres Edward Mrs. d. 210 St. Philin 
Cazeres Emile, elk. 13 New Levee, d. 1, 

d. 210 St. Philip 
Cazes Dennis, butcher, 79 French mkt 
Cazes Francis, butclicr, 32 St. Mary's mkt 
Cazes Hypolite, c.h. Poydras c. Rampart 
Crazes Jean Marie, poulterer, 48 Ursuliiies 
Cazes John, clerk, d. 248 St. Louis 
Cazon Mrs. 104 Orleans 
Cazux Dominique, butch. 5 Dryades mkt 





Cecanti H. Mrs. 7 PoiUalba bldgs. c. St. 

Cecile J. B. shoemaker, 134 St. Aim 
Cedoti AntoDio, fruit, 158 Dryades 
Cedrouski Ladislan, 24 Jefferson 
Cehner iNicholas, tailor, 360 Old Levee 
Celestie Leimuilon Kertrouet, 388 Basin 
Celestiii A. f. m. c. 37 Morales 
Celestiii Ciem'iie, Prieur n. Esplanade, d.2 
Celestin Geo. f. m. c. drayman, Derbigny 

n. St. Philip 
Celestin Henry, Frenchmen n. Urquhart 
Celestin L. restaurant, d. 187 St. Joseph 
Celles August, clerk, 276 St. Claude 
Cellos F. jr. Capt. Stmr. Marion, d. 271 

Cellos J. V. disct. clerk, 316 Common 
Cellos Ferd. V. clerk, 316 Common 
Cenac Francois, butch. Arts n. Girod, d.3 
Cenac John, butcher. La. av n. Chippewa 
Cenas A. clerk, 255 Common 
Cenas A. H. Dr. prof. Med. Coll. Univer- 
sity of La. d. 114 Customhouse 
Cenas Blaise C. 114 Customhouse 
Cenas H. B. Mrs. d. 22 Rampart, d. 1 
Cenas Ovide, clerk, 122 Chartres 
Cenas P. widow, 255 Common 
Cencier M. A. dressmaker and embroider- 

ist, 261 Chartres 
Cenlein Jean, butcher, Magazine n. La. 

av. Jeff. City 
Cennack Michael, grocer, 109 Frenchmen 
Cenpie Caroline, f. w. c. 151 Morales 
Cent<;no Joseph, cigar maker, 209 Elysian 

Center J. W. lab. at Jackson depot 
Centlivre Louis Mrs. Morales n. Port 
Centlivre Louis, cooper, Morales n. Port 
Centlivre Morris, cooper. Morales n. Port 
Centon Manuel, fruit, Milon c. Magazine 
Central Tow Boat Olfice, 3 Carondelet 
Ceres Krank, caulker, Peter, Algiers 
Ceres Francisco, lab. Newton, McD. 
Ceres Manuel, oysters, etc. Dryades mkt 
Cerossolle V. L. wood, brick, sand and 

lime, 39 Carondelet walk. Old Basin 
Cerio Vido, oysters, 247 Rampart 
Cerise Henry, barber, 129 Baronne,d. 246 

Cerise Jean, barber, St. Peter c. Marais 
Ceroti F. Mrs. 355 Bourbon 
Cerre Peter, ship carp. Jefferson, McD 
Cerre T f. m. c. cigar maker, 206 Ram- 
part, d. 2 
Certhy VV'm. N. plasterer, 400 Rampart 
Cesbron P. J. Mrs. 76 Main 
Cessac Alex. A. (Fei-rundou if Co.) 65 
I Chartres, d. 91 Bourbon 

; Cesson Solomon, Main c. Old Levee 
, Gestae P. tallow deal. Fourth n. Rousseau 
CesleloMary Mrs., St. Mary n. Rousseau 
: Cestia B. 79 Ursulines, d. 2 
Chabaud J. Mrs. furnished rooms, 153 St. 
I Chabert J. old iron, etc. 160 Bourbon 
j Chabert Leon, 71 Royal 
Chabert P. P. 534 Chartres, d. 3 

Chaderac Fanny, 215 Treme, d. 2 
Chadwick Geo. E. piano tuner, 74 Camp 
Chadwick J. G. clerk, 115 Canal, d. -38 

Chadwick "W . Mrs., Derbigny n. Custom- 
Chaery H. F. Mrs. 396 Burgundy, d. 3 
Chaery Justin, clerk, 82 Camp, d. 249 

Chaery J. V. d. 396 Burgundy, d. 3 
Chafer William, laborer, Chippewa n. St. 

Chaffanel Peter, turner, 20 Orleans 
Chaffeux C. S. 215 Bayou road 
Chaffraix D. A. (P.^1. Ciraud Sf Co.) 71 

Chaffron Adele, f. w. c. 177 Toulouse 
Chagnard J. grocer, Bourbon c. Toulouse 
Chaigneau C. clerk. Love c. St. Anthony 
Chaigiieau John, 219 St. Philip 
Chaigneau P. clerk, d. 127 Main 
Chaillc B. Mrs. 63 Union, d. 3 
Chaille Edmond, cooper, 295 Main 
Chaille btanford E. Dr., Circus Street 
Hospital, 132 Kampart, b. Poydras 
and Pordido,d. 217 Canal 
Chalard John E. (Fernando de Fuentes &f 

Co.) 30 Old Levee, d. 98 Barracks 
Chalaron Henry, clerk, 64 Canal, d. 286 

Rampart, d. 2 
Chaleron James, clerk, 34 Perdido 
Chaleron J. A. 127 Common, d. 286 Ram- 
part, d. 2 
Chaleite C. Mrs.228Dauphine 
Chalette F. C. clerk, 169 St. Joseph 
Chaletle Marie Mrs. midwife, 52 Main 
Chalk J. grocer, St. Charles n. St. Joseph 
Cliallin Adrian, clerk, d. 35 Second 
Challoii A. clerk. Fourth ii. Rousseau 
Challun Charles, slater, 340 Customhouse 
Chalmers H. H. (Glenn if Chalmers,) 5 

Camp, d. Third c. Constance 
Chalinette l''ire Company, No. 23, Wash- 
ington n. Camp 
Chat-mus Alex. H. (Geo. P. Black &/■ Co.) 

91 Gravier, d. 107 Prytania 
Chalon Joseph U. clerk at court, d. 288 

Chalon L. T. gen'l book keeper, Canal 

Bank, d. Ursulines n. Roman 
Chalon Theodule, Ursulines n. Roman 
Chalonica Francisco, boatman, d.l4 Main 
Chalonica Largo, boatman, d. 14 Main 
Chaltz Ferd. crockery store, 140 Kampart 
Chamberlain A. J. cook, 443 Conti 
Chamberlain James, maciunist, rope fac- 
tory, iSiinth c. Water 
Chamberlain W., Congress n. Rampart 
Chamberlain Wm. foreman at Horse Sta- 
tion, St. Charles n. Felicity 
Chambers Charles, clerk, 14 and 16 Union 
Chambers Hetty, nurse, 183 Lafayette 
Chambers Hubert, clerk, 10 Union 
Chambers John P. carp. 75 Seventh 
Chambers S. R. Charity Hospital 
Chambers Wm. (R. G. Latting Sf Co.) 
com. & forw. mer. 14 & 16 Union, d. 1 





Chambers Wm. A. Capt.480 Chartres,d.3 
Chaniberry M. blacksmith, 106 Custom- 

Chamiii George, lab. 246 St. Philip 
Champaijiie R. chHhing,199 Old Levee,d.2 
Champliii G. Hvwry , ( Genri^e Connohj &{■ 

Co.) 56 Carondelet, d. 24 Rampart 
Oham]iliii James, 125 Daiipliiiie 
Champliti & Co. (J. JV. ChainpliHf George 

Buckingham,) cot. factors and com. 

mers. 77 Caroiidelet, d. Carondelet n. 

Cadiz, J. ff. City 
Champlui Milton, mate, 40 Marigiiy 
Cluimpomi( r J. M. 13 new Customhouse, 

d. 71 Conti 
Champoniier P. A. 13 new Customhouse, 

d. 71 Conti 
Chandler Augustus B. music teacher, St. 

Charles c. Dufossat 
Chandler & Cline, (JudahChdntllcr, Charles 

Clinc,) ship stores, Front Levee n. 

Nun, d. 126 Jackson 
Chandler Eiasins F. teacher, Jeff. City 
Chandler H. B. surgeon dentist, 507 Dau- 

phine, d. 50 Poet 
Chandler Henry VV. clerk, d. 96 Terpsi- 
Chandler Jas. laborer, 63 Constance 
Chandler J. Ur. 587 Bourbon, d. 3 
Chandler John B. N.O.J. &G. 

N.R.R. at deiM.t, d. 318 Franklin 
Chandler John Dr. 138 Carondelet 
Chandler iVlayland K., St. Charles c. Du- 
Chandler Alary C. Mrs. 96 Terpsichore 
Chandler M. K., Orange c. Felicity 

CHANDLER W. S. Dentist, Of- 
fice and Residence 138 Ca- 
I'ondelet c. Lafayette. 

Chanel & Feilleux, (Henry Chanel, Leon 

/■ei^ctu-,; gilders, 8J St. Peter 
Chanet P. Miss, 145 St. Philip 
Chandore Catherine, dressmaker, 20 Bar- 
Chandrier Victor, sailor, Toulouse n. Ro- 
Chanel Edward, painter, 142 St. Ann 
Chanel John Dr. St. Ann c. Claiborne 
Chanfrau P. shoemaker, 70 Philip 
Chantagne John, butcher, 230 Bourbon 
Chantron Pipin, ( Duviec &,- Co.) 4 Union, 

d. 238 Rampart 
Chantegnl Josi ph, locksmith, 93 Royal, 

d. 106 Conti 
Chanul E. Mrs. 243 Canal 
Chanut Emile, d. 379 Esplanade 
Chanul F. E. clerk, 45 ISew Levee, d. 243 

Chapin U. B. c. h. Old Levee c. Custom- 
Chapius C. Mrs. 272 Canal 
Chapius I'.A.cartman.ColumbuB n.Galvez 
Chapman Cupi. 32 Piety 
Chapman Edward, 161 Camp 
Chapman H. Hyams, at Arthur & Co'« 

Chapman J. H. tinner, Carondelet n. St. 

Chapman Jas. jr. com. mer. 60 Magazine 
Chapman John, laborer, 26 Poet 
Chapman Maunsel W.atiy. 33 Exchange 

place, d. 161 Camp 
Chapman Nathan, ( Guninson, Chapman Sf 

Co.) 120 Gravier, d. 157 Carondelet 
Chapman & Co. ( W. F. Chapman,) com. 

mers. 65 Gravier 
Chajmuin Thos. seaman, d. 58 St. James 
Chapman W. F. (Chapman &f Co.) d. Es- 
planade c. Roman 
Chapman Wm. G. carp. Bartholomew n. 

Chapon F. jr. waiter, 247 St. Peter 
Cliapon Frederick, 23 St. Louis 
Chapotel C. L. tinsmith, 95 Bienville 
Chapotin Charles, clerk. Crescent City 
Bank, d. Louisiana Avenue, Jefferson 
Chapotin Henry, clerk, 58 Carondelet 
Chapotin Henry, d. St. Mary n. St. Charles 
Chai)pel Emanuel, f. m. c. 76 R(.)bin 
Cha]ipel Francisco, 265 Dauphine 
Chappel Lewis W. clerk, 177 Calliope 
Chajipius F. X. Mrs. 34 Desire 
Chappy Celestin, florist, 456 Magazine 
tJhapron Adele, 133 St. Claude, d. 2 
Chapron Delphine Mrs. 103 Elmira 
Cha]>sky & Co. C»J. Chapskij, J\loritz 

Hirsch,) clothing, 71 Magazine 
Charamel Chas. c. p. 218 Claiborne, d. 2 
ChapuisAlphonse, dray man, 228 Columbus 
Cliapuis Antoinc, shoemaker, 14 Peace 
(Jhapuis Jean, 48 St. Anthony 
Chapuis Widow, ladies shoes, 100 Royal 
Chapus J. agent for Deljiuget dry goods, 

31 Old Levee, d. 2 
Cha})us Mattas Mrs. 101 St. Ann 
Charamel Louise, f. w. c. 375 Villere 
Charam.l Nona, shmk'r. 439 Villere, d. 3 
Charbonnet D. L. 325 I'rsulines 
Charbonnet Francois, St. John's route 
Charbonnet Jacques, 555 Royal, d. 3 
Charbonnet James A. St. John's route 
Charbonnet J.N. clerk, 27 Carondelet, d. 

218 Bayou road 
Charbonnet Joseph A. salesman , Lafayette 

c. Commerce 
Charboimet L. f. m. c. carp. 325Ursulines 
Charbonnet P. A. inspector customs, Hos- 
pital CemeU'ry, Metairie ridge 
Charbonnet Philip, 40 Barracks 
Charbonnet P. A. iVlis. 218 Bayou road 
Charbonnier Jules, shoemaker, 121 Ex- 
change place 
Chardin Chas. grocer, 239 Claiborne, d. 2 
Charily Hospital, Common c. Howard 
Charily Hospital, for free colored people, 

St. Bernard b. Plauche and Villere 
Charles Augustin, bricklayer, Prosper n. 

St. Bernard 
Charl.8 C. Mme. 44 St. Philip 
Charles Edward, cigar maker, 16 Annctir 
Charles Elicnne, f. m. c. 34 Treme market 
Charles Francois, 229 Main 




Charles F. Mrs. dressmaker, 127 Bourbon 
Charles F. laborer, Live Oak n. Austerluz, 

Jeir. Ciiy 
Charles John, jminter, 473 Fulton 
Charles John, painter, d. Market c. Front 
Cliarl. s Jean J. f. m. c. cigars, St. Peter c. 

Charles Josephine, f. w. c. Mandcrville n. 

Charles Louis, c. h. 82 St. Ann 
Charles Mark, ihoenikr, Rousseau n. First 
C'haries Maximilian, 58 Orleans 
Charles Kichard, clerk, 48 Carondelet, d. 

158 Julia 
Charles Richard S. secretary and treasurer 

JS. O. J. and G. N. Railroad, 118 

Camp, d. 158 Julia n. Carondelet 

AKD, Watchmak- 
er & Jeweler, No. 
18 New Levee, between Com- 
mon and Gravier streets, d. 
422 Camp. Watches, Clocks 
& Jewelry carefully repaired 

and wa rranted. 

Charles Wm. f. m. c. bricklayer, 227 Villere 
Cimrlessieu P. Mrs. 100 St. Peter 
Charleville F. clerk, 135 Canal, d. Caron- 
delet n. Valence 
Charlton George W. accountant, 80 Canal 
Charlton John, musician, d.232St. Charles 
Charmbury Kob.Y. coni.mer.2 Carondelet 
Charnock Geo. teacher, 20 Exchange place 
Cliaroin Charles, painter, 162 Trenie 
Charpantier A. B. ( Lobit, Charpantier Sf 
Co.) 62Customhouse,d.325 esplanade 
Charpaux Madame, ladies' school, Bayou 

road b. Claiborne and Derbigiiy 
Charpiot Pierre, tailor, 226 Levee, d. 3 
Cluirpron Josei)h Mrs. 870 Kampart d. 3 
Charpus H. Mrs. 101 St. Ann 
Charpvey Jean, St. Anthony n. St. Claude 
Charramia J. M. butcher, 12 St. Mary's 

market, d. Seventh n. Fulton 
Charreau Jean , cigar mkr, 85 Goodchildren 
Chartier C. Mrs. 484 Marais, d. 3 
Chartier Mrs. 145 Burgundy 
Chartres Ferdinand, porter, 99 Orleans, 62 

and 64 Gravier 
Chartres Henry, screwman, 645 Royal, d.3 
Charvent Auguste Mrs. 381 Dauphine, d. 3 
Charvet Lucien, atty at law, 33 Exchange 

place, d. 63 Orleans 
Charvin Charles, painter and glazier, 105 

St. Philip 
Chase Celeste Mrs. 234 Melpomene 
Chase Daniel, tinsmith, 118 Rampart, d. 1 
Chase Ensign, laborer, 654 Royal, d. 3 
Chase H. W. Miss, principal Girls' High 

School, d. 107 Elysian Fields 
Chase, Lay & Co. C Charles H. Chase, Louis 
Lay, ./V. H. Lane,) cotton pickery, 
Constance c. Orange, d. Felicity n. 
Chestnut, and Dauphine n. Clouet, d. 3 

Chase Samuel N. clerk, Merchants' Press 
Chase Thos. B. Clerk, 88 Gravier 
Chase Wm. F. clerk, d. 129 Religious. 
Chassaignac E. ( Saurdes Hf Chassaignac,) 

78 Chartres, d. 97 Marigiiy 
Chassang Pierre, 293 Mnin 
Chastant Alcee Dr. 140 Canal 
Chatagnier A. d. 93 Rampart, d. 2 
Chatard Jean, shoes, 146 Marais, d. 2 
Chateau Mrs. midwife, 23 Josephine 
Chatrant Victor Mrs. 362 Burgundy 
Chatry A. 100 Orleans 
Chatry Ernest, 127 Barracks 
Chatry Ernest, tailor, 34 Bourbon 
Chatry P. 220 Ursulines 
Chatry Louis, 127 Barracks 
Chaubet Jean, butcher, 17 Port market 
Chaubet Louis, c. h. Burgundy c. Main 
Chauchon Louis, 264,Maiii 
Chaudet & Nee, (L. Chaudet, L. E. JVee, j 
com. merchants and importers of wines 
and liquors, 147 and 149 Royal, d. 259 
St. Ann 
Chaudrier, Chas. bricklayer, 236 Ursulines 
Chaufel Chas. locksmith, 80 Bayou road 
ChaulTeux Chas. S. blacksmith, 2 Adele 
Chaulmontet Lucien, carpenter, 393 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Chaumette Joseph Dr. 129 St. Peter 
Chauncey John, carpenter, 2 Constance 
Chautard F. clerk, Prieur n. Hospital 
Chauveau A. carpenter, 98 Kerlerec 
Chauvelot M. Mrs. 217 Bayou road 
Chauvet Fran<;ois, f. m. c. 327 Orleans 
Chauvet Jean, distiller, 218 St. Philip 
Chauvet Jonte, 73 Old Levee, d. 2 
Chauviere Th. hats, 95 late 101 Chartres 
Chauvillon Auguste, dairy, 175 Enghien 
Chauvin Edward, (J. Levois &f- Co.) Canal 

c. Bourbon 
Chauvin Elizabeth, Jackson n. Rampart 
Chauvin Eugene, 57 St. Anthony 
Chauvin FraiK^ois, bricklayer, Orleans n. 

Chavallier J. M. butcher. Magazine mkt 
Chavanel AiUoine, shoemaker, 170 Ma- 
rais, d. 2 
Chavariere Pierre, baker, 225 Johnson 
Chavonet Auguste, cigars, 80 St. Anthony 
Chavry J. V. clerk, 91 Gravier 
Chazotte A., Rampart c. Cotton Press 
Chazotte L. Mrs. Cotton Press n. Rampart 
Cheek Mack, Washington n. Rousseau 
Cheery James, engineer, d. 352 Melpomene 
Cheesborough E. R., Philip n. Prytania 
Cheesborough J. B. acct. 434 St. Charles 
Cheesborough Joseph B. coal dealer, 434 

St. Charles 
Cheevers John, clerk, 124 Camp 
Cheevers Thomas, carpenter, 134 Thalia 
Cheffer Adolph, pattern maker, 5 Euterpe 
Cheffer Louis, elk. 71 Canal, d. 5 Euterpe 
Chellet Joseph, clerk, 48 Carondelet 
Chelley John, shoemaker, 81 St. Anthony 
Chemedlin Joseph, clerk, "Red Stores, 

Front Levee, d. 2 
Cheneville Anlone, 12 Congress 

Cheniva S. Dr. 133 Conti 

Cliennwcih Ciiidcnlla, f. w. c. nurse 3 

Chep Miichior, rags, Congress n.Urquhart 
Chcrault Ft lix. bird cage mkr. 47 Si. Ann 
Clu'rcmo Bartliols, poulterer, 75 Main 
Ciierbonnier Ernest, clerk, 33 Bienville 
Cheroult Felix, 106 Conti 
Cherron J. P. Mrs. 224 Treme, d. 2 
Cherry Mr. 6 Baronne, d. Locust n. Erato 
Cherry Dennie, c. h. 429 'I'choupitoulas 
Cherry Victor, 31)() Burgundy, d. 3 
Cherviii A. Mrs. 381 Dauphine, d. 3 
Cliesnat John Ca])t. Clio n. Martin 
Chesnee Jul. Mrs. Burgundy n. Conti 
Chesse Alexander, History c. Burgundy 
Chosse Alex. L. ( Hcrrimaii &,- Chesse,) 64 

Royal, d. 33 History 
Chesse Chas. grocer, 3H Dauphine, d. 2 
Chesse Guslave, d. 54 History 
Chesse L. tailor, 124 Royal 
Che.sse Samuel J. tailor, 124 Royal, d. 52 

Chelty Marie, f. w. c. 584 Rampart, d. 3 
Cheval A. f. m. c. shoemaker, 17 Ainiette 
Cheval AuiTUste, f.m.c. Palmyra c. Galvez 
Cheval D. Mrs. 266 Claiborne, d. 2 
Cheval PVlix, bricklayer, Delhonde n. Canal 
Cheval Henry, shoemr. 322 Claiborne, d. 3 
Ciioval Hermogene, bricklr. 277 Prieur,d.3 
Cheval Hypolite, carpenter, 292 IJrsuhnes 
Cheval M» Iville, grocer, 246 Main 
Cheval Paul, teaclier, 237 Kerlerec 
Chevalier Anna, f. w. c. Clara n. Gravier 
Chevalier B., f. m. c. carp. Union n. Girod 
Ciievalier Chas. D. clerk, 157 Poydras 
Chevalier Emanuel, lumber, c. Carondelet 

walk and Robertson 
Chevalier George, carpenter, 239 St. Philip 
Chevalier Gustave, 249 Villere 
Chevalier G. shoes, 427 Dryadcs 
Chevalier J. grocer, 247 Ursulines 
Chevalier J. c. p. 191 Robertson, d. 2 
Chevalier Marie, f. w. c. 302 Roman, d. 3 
Chevalier Mary, midwife, 85 St Peter 
Chevalier Pierre, collector, 196 Claiborne 
(Chevalier J. B. tailor, 345 Bourbon, d. 3 
Chevalley E. R. New Levee c. Valence, 

Jefferson City 
Chcvallo Dominique, shell merchant, 259 

Che van J. B. carp. Kerlerec, n. St. Charles 
Chcvarre Ernest, carpenter, 246 St. Ann 
Chevarrc H. f. m. c. Clail)orne n. Hospital 
Chevillon A. Mrs. 131 Toulouse 
Chevillon A. 259 St. Claude 
Chevillon J. P. grocer, 730 Burgundy, d. 3 
Chevollenu L. R. clerk, 79 Common, d. 

397 Burgundy 
Chew John, elk. 60 Gravier, d. 78 Barracks 
Chiapella Achille, president Union Insu- 
rance Company, Canal c. St. Charles, 

d. 83 Esplanadt 
Chiapella CclesU', f. w. c. 35 Esplanade 
Chiarlo Francisco, wntchmkr. 202 Baronne 
Chiarpalti Louis, 27 Bienville 
Chiche J. B. d. 130 Toulouse 


Chiering Fritz, lab. Clouet n. Claiborne 
Chiijoy G. 234 Ursulines 
Childress Georije P. clerk, d. 208 St. Louis 
Childress M. B. clerk, 60 Camp, d. 208 

St. Louis 
Childress P. notary public and atty. at 

law, 16 Commercial place, d. 208 St. 

Childs & Foster, (J. J. Childs, Ji. //. 

Foster, J steamboat agents, 49 Poydras 
Childs G. A. carpenter, 1.39 Pacanicr 
Childs Henry, bricklr. 250 Rampart, d. 1 
Childs J. V. engraver, 10 Cam]) n. Canal 
Chilton John M. d. Seventh c. Prytania 
Chilton & Taylor, (John Chilton, Charles 

Ji. Taylor,) attorneys, 38 Camp 
Chilton Richard, laliorer, 72 St. Andrew 
Chincler George Mrs. 87 Claiborne 
Chiiin's Chemical Works, office 57 Royal 
Chinn C. H. c. h. Patterson c. Goslin, 

Chinn Richard H. 57 Royal 
Chinsiiig Vincent, sash mkr 370 Howard 
Chipley Theresa Mrs. 42 Dauphine 
Chipot J. H. c. h. Patterson c. Goslin, 

Chippendale William B. treasurer Varie- 
ties Tlieatn', d. 383 Rampart 
Chisholm E. R., Gretna 
Chisholm G. R. state and parish assessor, 

Chisholm Octave, d. 76 Coliseum 
Chism & Boyd, (C. Chism, S. H. Boyd,) 

63 Poydras 
Chism C. (Chism &,• Boyd,) d. Magazine 

c. Second 
Chism George, pilot, 123 Mandeville 
Gliisolm A. M. 237 Bienville 
Chisolm Octave, agent "Picayune Mill," 

Poyfarre, d. Mi'lpomeiie n. St. Charles 
Chisolm O. Mrs. teacherof piano and sing- 
ing, Melpomene n St. Charles 
Chittenden James, blacksmith, 6 Penn, d. 

386 Baronne 
Chittenden Joseph, 386 Baronne 
Chittenham John, d. Gretna 
Choal Jno. Cajit., Washington n. Rousseau 
Clioet John, 155 Kousseau 
Choisy Charles, col. broker, 8 Carondelet 
Choi A. paper hanger, Royal c. Toulouse 
Chopard A. Mrs. 145 Esplanade 
Chopard Z. Mrs. 145 Esplanade 
Chopat Phili}>, jr. tailor, Palmyran.Galvez 
Chopin Emile, 117 St. Ann 
Chopotin H. clerk, 58 Carondelet 
Choppin Louis, ch rk. Canal c. Exchan^ 

place, d. 163 Treme, d. 2 
Choppin Samuel Dr. 170 Canal 
Chord C. shoemaker, 198 St. Philip 
Chord Donald, sho< maker, 155 Dauphine 
Choinrd F. clerk, Prieur n. Bayou road 
Choiin J. B. wine merchant, 95 St. Ann 
Chouzioux August, blacksmith, 76 Ex- 
change place 
Chower Jacob, r^rpf-nter, 133 Gasquel 
Chretien E. baker, 299 Mam 
Chretien Gerard F. 358 Esplanade 




Chretien H. Mrs. 103 St. Louis 
Chrismai) E. paper hanger, 139 Chartrcs 
Christ Church, (Epis'l,) Canal c.Dauphine 
Christ Leopold, (Francis Sf Christ,) com. 

mer. 10. Caroiidelet,d. 152 Canal 
Christ Louis, warehoosefnan, 90 Tchou- 

Christan Theobald, grocer, d. 120 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Christen Anten, cabinet maker, 949 New 

Levee, d. 4 
Christen Josejih, beer house and brewery, 

478 Chart les, d, 3 
ChristensenChas. E.Mrs. Secondn. Liberty 
Christensen Paul, tailor, St. Ferdinand c. 

Christenson C. E. grocer, d. Liberty c. 

Christenson P. tailor, Levee c.St. Ferdinand 
Christerson L. H, clerk, 60 Bienville, d. 

■ 206 Conti 
Christerson N. painter, 315 Old Levee, d. 2 
Christian Advocate, Methodist, 112 Camp 
Christian Antoine, furniture, 949 New 

Levee, d. 4 
Christian Robt. J. carp. Coliseum n. Sixth 
Christian Pascal, Port n. Morales 
Christian Paul J. (H. G. Stetson &f Co.) 

54 Camp, d. 158 Constance 
Christian Rief, laborer, 241t Chippewa 
Christie D. carp. 179 First, d. 768 Camp 
Christie Kllen, St. Andrew c. Constance 
Christie John, iron railing manufac. 323 

Rampart, d. 1, d. 359 Franklin 
Christie J. builder. Felicity n. Magazine 
Christman Jacob, laborer, 4 Mandeville 
Christmann Adam, 2U2 Baronne 
Christmann Martin, c. h. 195 Conti 
Christmann J. E. Mrs.d. 624 Chartres,d. 3 
Cliristoffers Johann, 41 Cbippewa 
Christophe C. blacksmith, Carondeletwalk 
ChristopheC.tanner,Dupuy n,Lapey rouse 
Christophe Eugene, f. w. c. bricklayer, 

472 Villere, d. 3 
Christophe Gabriel, carpenter, 61 Laharpe 
Christophe Nicholas, grocer, Newton c. 

Second, Gretna 
Christopher J. gardener, Dupuy c. Onzaga 
Christransero Tobias, oysters, Patterson, 

Christy Geo. W. attorney at law, 67 Gra- 

vier, d. 279 Baronne 
Christy Wm. notary public and U. S. 

Commissioner, 67 Gravier 
Chuckhardt August, cook, 69 Burgundy 
Chudre Gilbert, shoemaker, 1 St. Anthony 
Church U. W. clerk. Canal c.New Levee, 

d. Constance c. First 
Church Frank, mate, 793 Dauphine 
Church Frank, laborer, 63 Marigny 
Church G. W . mason, 375 St. Andrew 
' Church H'y. cotton weigher, d. 124 Orange 

Church L. H. d. 351 Carondelet 
j Church Mary, f. w. c. furnished rooms, 
67 Dauphine 
Church M. H. (Jymar &f Church,) d. Or- 
ange n. Camp 

Church John, elk. 286 St Charles. 
Church of Our Lady of Good Help, 

(Catholic) Ja(kson n. Constance 
Churchill Charles H. (Taylor 8f Church- 
ill,) 39 Magazine, d. 412 St. Charles 
Churchill Charles W. elk. 93 Common, d. 

485 Baronne 
Churchill C. B. Dr. 412 St. Charles 
Churchill S. B. dry goods, d. Dryades, c 

Cicanti T. Mrs. varieties, 7 Pontalba bldgs 
Cienfuegos Pierre, shoemaker, 102 Annette 
Cifron John, drayman, 271 Bayou road 
Cilina S. dry goods, 202 Orleans 
Cima Joseph, painter, 353 Bayou road 
Ciiiys Mars Euscbe, clerk, Canal c. Caron- 
Cinda John, grocery, 54 Burgundy, d 2. 
Ciofalo P, H. barber, 665 New Levee 
Cior C. Mrs. millinery, 111 Koyal 
Cior Charles, musician, 111 Boyal 
Circus Street Infirmary, 132 and 134 Ram- 
part, d, 1 
Cirela Gines & James Puig, c. h. Robin c. 

Ciril F. d. 1 Annette 
Ciroti F. Mrs. 275 Bourbon 
City Hall, Jeff. City, Magazine c. Berlin 
City Hospital by Dr. Anfoux, for small 
pox only, Elys. Fields, c. Josej)hine 
Citizens Bank of Louisiana, Royal c. 

Citizens Mutual Ins. Co. 3 Carondelet 
Clabby John, lab. Poydras n. Bertrand 
Clabery Jean, clerk, d. Toledano c. Con- 
Clack Franklin H. atty. Natchezc. Camp, 

d. 161 Annunciation 
Clafl'ey C. store keeper, St. Charles hotel 
Claffey Thos. Mrs. 262 Poydras 
Clague A. R., Royal c, Bienville 
ClaboriK; AHVed, Peace n. Royal, d. 3 
Claiborne Charles, jr. clerk, red stores, 

Front Levee, d. 2 
Claiborne Chas. city hall, d. 205 St. Philip 
Claiborne F. 0. Customhouse clerk 
Claiborne Louisa, f. w. c. 367 Dauphine 
Claiborne Philip, f. m. c. 171 Canal 
Claiborne Wm. C. C. d. 433 Dauphine, d.3 
Claiborne Wm. C. Cjr. ( Logan, Soniat &[■ 

Claiborne,) 57 Carondelet 
Claiborne Street School, Claiborne c. St. 

Clair Edwd. laborer, 534 Dauphine 
Clair Michael, 99 Claiborne 
Clair John, drayman, Tonti n. Ursulines 
Clairac Hypolite, tailor, 89 Baronne 
Clairain Louis, builder, 333 Burgundy, d. 3 
Clairain L. E. clerk, Tchoup. c. Common, 

d 12 Uquhart 
Clairville Alex. Mrs. f.w.c. 144 Union, d.3 
Clamann Geo. porter, Bank of N. Orleans 
Clancy David, carp. 245 Kampart, d. 1 
Clancy John, cartman, 337 Howard 
Clancy John, laborer, 62 Adele 
Clancy Martin, tailor, d. 83 St. Thomas 
Clancy M lab, Elmira n. Patterson , A Igiers 




Clancy Patrick, lab. Market n. Annun. 
Clancy Patrick, d. 533 Royal, d. 3 
Clancy Thomas, drayman. 134 Port 
Clannon Catharine, 6 Constance 
Clannon Rob. paints and g;lass, 105 Ca- 

. nal, d. Annunciation n. Calliope 
Clannon Thomas, painter, 6 Constance 
Clapin .1. f. m. c. tailor, Viilereii. Laharpe 
Clapp Charles, 95 Exchangi; place 
Clapp Charles B. acct. 41 Front, d.Villere, 

n. Common 
Clapp Edwd. machinist, Adelc n. Fulton 
Clapp Geo. W. ( CrFxrcnt Firewood Co.) 

99 Carondelet walk 
Clapp John, barkeeper, 289 St. Charles 
Clapp, Mitchell & Jack, (Emory Clapp, 

Philip G.Mitchell, E. JV. Jark, John J. 

Gidiere, Geo. ,>}. Seaman,) wholesale 

dry goods, 35 Magazine 
Clara Mary, furnished rooms, 99 Treme 
Clure Michael, St. Andrew n. Annun. 
Clare Patrick, lab. Coliseum n. F'irst 
Claren Edward, (.liklen Sf Claren,) 80 

Magazine, d. 383 Camp 
Claret Lurose Mrs. 235 Bourbon 
Clarey Peter, laborer, 358 Howard 
Clark Alexander B. carpenter, 322 Liberty 
(jlark Alice Mrs. Villere n. Common 
Clark A. M. Mrs. 518 Burgundy, d. 3 
Clark A. laborer, Poland n. Annunciation 
Clark Carl, Fourth n. Annunciation 
Clark Charles, collector, 46 Villere, d. 1 
Clark Charles, mate, 196 St. Ann 
Clark Cornelius, (Bowman &f Clark,) d. 

254 St. Andrew 
Clark & Brisbin,rC. W. Clark, W. W. 

Brifthin,) printers, 19 Commercial 

place, d. 282 Carondelet 
Clark C. C. clerk, 337 Chippewa 
('lark Daniel C. 465 Constance 
Clark E. A. clerk, White n. Erato 
Clark Edward, porter, 208 Franklin 
Clark Ellen, wood and coal, 286 Dryades 
Clark Francis, plaster, 233 Orleans 
Clark Francis, drayman. Calliope n. 

Clark Frank, 251 Camp 
Clark Geo. adjuster of averages, 9 Com- 
mercial place 
Clark G. W. Mrs. 204 Julia 
Clark Henry, clerk, 9 t^iinmercial place 
Clark Henry D. clerk, 58 St. Charles 
Clark H. P. salesman, 98 Canal, d. 162 

Clark Jas. C.bookkeep. Chippewa n. First 
Clark James, laborer. Felicity n. Fulton 
Clark James L. d. 25 Terfisichore 
Clark James, clerk, 45 Music 
Clark Jas. shipping elk. d. Chippewa n. 

Clark James Dr., Third n. St. Charles 
Clark John, grocery, 227 St. Charles 
Clark John, watchman, 78 Enghien 
Clark John H. photographs, 101 Canal 
Clark John, iron founrdy, 460 and 462 

Tchoupitoulas, d. 467 Tchoupitoulas 
Clark John, laborer, 290 St. Thomas 

Clark John, laborer, 297 St. Thomas 

Clark Joseph, Mrs. 274 St. Philip 

Clark Joseph, Cant. 249 Common, d 20 

Elysian Fields 
Clark J'osiah A. 98 Liberty 
Clark J. M. blacksmith, 370 Old Levee, d. 

30, d. Barracks c. Treme 

CLARK J. J., Cooper, 77 Lafay- 
ette street, opposite Odd-Fel- 
lows' Hall. Cooperage in 
all its brandies execu- 
ted promptly and at the low- 
est cash prices. 

Clark J. S. merchant, Terpsichore n. St. 

CLARK J. S. Dr., Dentist, 140 
Canal over Ci*escent City Bk. 

Clark L. B. clerk, 249 Common 
Clark L. printer, 401 Gravier 
Clark Mary, 74 Marias, d. 2 
Clark Michl. baker, Soraparu n. Rousseau 
Clark Michael, laborer, 52 St. Thomas 
Clark Miles, laborer, d. 140 Tchoupitoulas 
Clark, Masby & Co. (J. S. Clark, S. T. 
Striblinp;,) in liquidation, grocers and 
commission merchants, 35 Front 
Clark Moses, (J. J. Person &f Co.) 47 

Clark Patrick, laborer, 512 Burgundy, d. 3 
Clark Patrick, Cadiz n. Laurel, Jiff. City 
Clark Patrick, ( Gleason .S' Patrick) cotton 
pickery. Orange c. Religious, d. An- 
nunciation n. Richard 
Clark Peter, sailor, 251 Royal 
Clark Peter, laborer, 318 Dryades 
Clark P. grocer, St. Andrew n. Rousseau 
Clark Robert, screwniaii, 62 Engliien 
Clark Robert, stevedore, (il) Adele 
Clark Robert, laborer, 365 St. Peter 
Clark Samuel, s1h[). clerk, 403 St. Charles 
Clark Sylvester, drayman, 393 Liberty 
Clark S. C. teacher, Seguiii c. Delaronde, 

Clark S. F. collector, 19 Tchoupitoulas 
Clark S. S. 162 Delord 
Clark Thaddeus, flour inspector, d. 383 

Clark & Thieneman, (R.J]. Clark, Theo. 
F. Thieneman) commission merchants 
and tobacco factors, H8 Magazine 
Clark Thomas J. clerk, d. Ill St. Mary 
Clark Thos. carriage painter, 90 Palmyra 
Clark Thomas, carriages, 9 Bertrand 
Clark Thomas Capt. Greenville 
(JIark Thomas, Josephine n. Constance 
Clark T. H. Clark, clerk, 131 Canal 
Clark T. M. blacksmith, 329 St.Claude.d.a 
Clark Virginia, furn rooms, 115 Toulouse 
Clark Walter P. clerk, 98 Canal 
Clark Westphalia Mrs. 24 Spain 
Clark William, moulder, 145 Foucher 




Clark William, clerk, 130 Canal 

Clark Wm. laborer, Thalia n. Magazine 

Clark Wm. c. h. Hospital c. Gallatin 

Clark Wm. grocer, 472 Old Levee, d. 3 

Clark Wm., Calliope n. Rampart 

Clark Wm. bookseller, 11 Front Levee, d. 

2, d. Marigny n. Chartres 
Clark Wm. Frank, blacksmith, Wash- 
ington n. Chestnut 
Clark Wm. clerk, Esplanade n. Derbigny 
Clark Wm. B. (Lee, Ivy Sf Co.) 48 Qamp, 

d. Jackson c. Carondelet 
Clarke Chas. laborer, 53 North market 
Clarke Ellen Mrs dressmaker, 110 Perdido 
Clarke Frank, teacher, 156 Camp 
Clarke George B. acct. 148 Poydras 
Clarke George W. Mrs. 204 Julia 
Clarke Henry L. (Thos. L. Clarke Sf Bro.) 

27 Natchez, d. 240 Camp 
Clarke James Dr. d. 240 Camp 
Clarke James, clerk, 404 Felicity 
Clarke J. Calvit Mrs., St. Charles c. Eighth 
Clarke James, clerk, 89 Gravier 
Clarke John A. 30 Elys. Fields 
Clarke J. Mrs. 10 Mandeville 
Clarke Joshua, (Lyman &f Clarke,) attys. 

13 St. Charles 
Clakke L. A. c.p. Carondelet c. Terpsichore 
Clarke Mary Mrs. 46 Robertson 
Clarke Robert C. cot. gins, 118 Common 
Clarke, R. B. clerk, 159 Gravier 
Clarke Sarah Mrs. milliner, Carondelet c. 

Clarke Thos. L.& Bro. (Henry L. Clarke,) 

coffee, rice, etc. 27 and 29 Natcliez 

& Apothecai'y. Importer 
of Pure Cognac Brandy and 
V^ ines for Medical purposes, 
cor. of Magazine and Thalia. 

Clarke Thomas, laborer, 506 Dauphin, d.3 
Clarke Thomas, carriages to hire, Ber- 

trand n. Common 
Clarke Thomas, laborer, 316 Fulton 
Clarke & Bdynti, ( Thomas ^ lien Clarke, T. 
L. Bayne,) attys. at law, 11 Exchange 
Clarke Wm. A. acct. 145 Erato 
Clarke Wm. H ( Caillonet Sf Clarke,) 769 

Clarke W. A. f. m. c. 238 Conti 
Clarke W. E. book keeper, 41 Tchoupi- 
Clarkson Ann Mrs. f. w. c. 149 Perdido 
Clarkson R.V. Mrs., Robertson n. Common 
Clary Dennis, laborer, 70 Constance 
Clason & Co. (Herman Clason,jr.) com- 
mission merchants, 53 Carondelet 
Clason Herman, jr. (Clason Sf Co.) 53 

Classen J. 18 Jackson 
Clatta Valentine, Louisa n. Claiborne 
Clatte Wolff, laborer, 179 Clouet 
Claude E. c. h. Levee c. Congress 

Claude Jos blacksmith, Royal n. Congress 
Claude Leon, 60 Dauphine 
Claude Rosa, f. w. c. Villere n. Canal 
Claude Thomas, 464 St. Claude, d. 3 
Claudel Nicholas, (.J. Boulenger &f Co.) 72 

Chartres, d. 27 Conti 
Claudie Edward H. secy. La. Manufg Co. 

d. 124 Terpsichore 
Claudie Richard B. steamboat agent, d. 124 

Claudie Walter, clerk, d. 124 Terpsichore 
Claudin Edwd. clerk, 144 Basin, d. 2 
Claudin Mrs. laundress, 2G7 Chartres 
Claudot Joseph, shoemaker. Hospital n. 

Claus Gustav. cooper, 447 St. Ann 
Clause A. Mrs. f. w. c. 92 Prytania 
Clausett John, tailor, 233 Orleans 
Clauson Edwd. mate, 637 Rampart, d. 3 
Clauss Leonhardt (McCombs Sf Clauss,) 

14 Tchoupitoulas 
Claussen A. E. clerk, Patterson, Algiers 
Claussen Henry, c. h. 97 Baronne 
Claussen Henry, Marigny n. Prosper 
Clave F. carpenter, 114 Bienville 
Clavel F. apothecary, 228 Rampart, d. 2 
Clavely Andrew, drayman, 378 St. Peter 
Claverie Dominique, butcher, b5 Poydras 

Claverie August, d. 342 Villere, d. 3 
Claverie Andrf, butcher, Jefferson City 
Claverie Bertrand, baker, 156 Casacalvo 
Claverie Etienne, Bayou bridge 
Claverie Jean, 68 French market 
Claverie John, butcher, 2 Poydras market 
Claverie J. M. butcher, 87 French market 
Claverie Martial, wood, coal, etc., 55 Or- 
leans, d. 51 Orleans 
Claverte Philip, butcher, French market 
Claverie Pierre, butcher, 95 French mkt 
Claverie Perrie, butcher, 95 French mkt 
Clavie Andrew, c. p. 44 Piety 
Clavies Oscar, painter, 9 St. Anthony 
Clawson F. C. lumber, Carrollton 
Clawson John B. Carrollton 
Clay Frances, f. w. c. 226 Villere 
Clay Geo. H. Mrs., Washington n. Chip- 
Clay John Mrs. 58 Hospital 
Clay John F. note and stock broker, 52 

Royal, d. 147 Claiborne 
Clay John R. 52 Royal, d. 147 Claiborne 
Clay Mary Mrs., Vvashington n. Fulton 
Clay Melinda, f. w. c. 222 Conti 
Clay Richd. book keeper, 352 Canal 
Clay School, Palmyra n. Prieur 
Clay Wm. screwman, 692 Dauphine, d. 3 
Clay Wm. H. com. mer. 58 Magazine 
Clayton C. Mrs. 183 Morales, 
Clayton Ed. drayman, 657 Rampart, d. 3 
Clayton F. L. 34 Prytania 
Clayton John, painter, 239 Poydras 
Clayton R. Mrs. furnished rooms, 144 

Clayton Saml. engineer, 401 Customhouse 
Clayton Walker,, d. 490 Mag- 




Clayton W. W. clork, 53 Prytania 
Cl(>al Georffe C, Bironne n. Jackson 
Cl.'aland Wm. intclliojV.p offi.-p, 13fi Camp 
Clear Michael, laborer, 35 St. Andrew 
Clearman T. D. ( Du.ryce, Jaques Sf Clear- 
man,) 25 Maj^azine 
Cleary C. Mrs. 15 Spain 
Cleary Edward, drayman, 208 Franklin 
Cleary E. A. clerk, 143 Delord 
Cleary E. Mrs. dre.ssmaker, 143 Delord 
Cleary Pat. laborer, 45(5 Old Levee, d. 3 
Cleary Thos. drayman, Pricur n. Canal 
Clebere Angustus, 165 Main 
Clede Henry, laborer, 21 St. James 
Cleghorn Elisha B. Rev. agt. Prcsb. book 

depost. 94 Camp 
Clemencc Pierre, 104 Union, d. 3 
Clemens C. drayman, 48 Cotton Press 
Clemens H. cooper. Seventh n. N. Levee 
Clemens John, laborer. Seventh n. Laurel 
Clemens J. B. 136 Goodchildren 
Clement .Vtemise, f m. c. 97 Goodchil- 

Clement Francis, Pleasant n. Constance 
Clement Geo. E. warehonseman.d. 104 St. 
Clement Geo. builder, Biironne n. Third 
Clement Mary, f. w. c. 60 Union, d. 3 
Clement Peter, shoemaker, 62 Daujihine 
Clement Pierre, cigar maker, Prosper n. 

Elysian Fields 
Clemeiit P. carp. Derbigny n. St. Philip 
Clement W. G. clerk, 35 Tchoupitoulas 
Clements D. grocery, St. Mary c. Chestnut 
Clements Dennis, slater, d. 125 Polymnia 
Clements Frederick, ship joiner, Algii'rs 
Clements Geo. mate, 443 Old Levee, d. 3 
Clemmann G. porter Bank New Orleans 
Clemos Pierre, 120 Union, d. 3 
Clenand Michael, drayman, 430 Felicity 
Clen Patrick, laborer. Coliseum n. First 
Clencey John, laborer, Adele n. Rousseau 
Clennon Robt. 54 Annunciation 
Clerc Chas. French lawyer, 50 Exchange 

place, d. 164 Main 
Clerc F. Dryades market, d. 369 Franklin 
Clerc Jules, confectioner, 180 St. Mary 
Clere Mary, f. w. c. 313 St. Philip 
Clery T. grocery, 203 Mandeville 
Clermont Etienne, tinsmith and impt'r of 

weights & meas's, office 158 Bourbon 
Cleslcy George J. machinist, Harmony n. 

Clessen N. fruit, Jackson n. Chippewa 
Cleveland A. D. clerk, 55 Carondelet 
Cleveland Brothers (A. P. Clrreland, Geo. 

Cleveland,) com. mors. 42 Union, d. 

PhilijD n. Camp 
Cleveland Chas. broker, 459 Constance 
Cleveland Gaorge, ( Clei-eland Brothers,) 42 

Cleveland Sylvester, 273 Ursulines 
Cleveland W. F. clerk cot. press, d. Race 

c. Tchoupitoulas 
Clifford John, grocer, 247 Lafayette 
Clifford James'^A. 21 iiace 
Clifton Ann Mrs. 305 Melpomene 
Clifton George, screwman, 22 Spain 

Clinch H. A. atty. at law, 40 Camp, d. 

338 Carondelet 
Clinchley Geo. sash mkr, d. 342 Perdido 
Clinchy Gtni. coppi^rsniith, 37 Chippewa 
Cline Chas. (Chandler &c Cline,) Front 
Levee n. Nuns, d. Jersey n. Nap. av. 
Jefferson City 
Cline Henry, atty. 100 Customhouse 
Cline H. P. carpenter, Gretna 
Cline John, cabs to hire, 30 Annunciation 
Cline Sarah Mrs. b. h. 11 Baronne 
Cline T. furniture cart, Cypress n. Willow 
Clink John, bakery, 163 Dauphine 
Clinton Patrick, lab. Toiiti n. liienville 
Clinton Thomas, lab. .538 Tchoupitoulas 
Clipping Geo. c. h. and grocery, Good- 
children c. Mandeville 
Clissac Joseph, tailor, 243 Ursulines 
Clissey P. dancing master, Masonic hall, 

St. Charles 
Cload James J. undertaker, 41 Rampart 
Clodier F. fancy goods, 465 Bourbon, d. 3 
Clogher Michael, furniture, Girod c. Ram- 
Clohecy Ellen Mrs. 274 Baronne 
Clone Michael, laborer, 83 Delord 
Cloney Dennis, warehouseman, 15 Marais 
Cloney D. 290 Canal 
Cloney J. di-aynian, 28 Palmyra 
Cloney M. W. clerk, 35 Common 
Cloney Richard, boih'r makr, Algiers 
Clongat Jacob, Frenchmen n. V iilere 
Cloonan John, laborer, 206 Magazine 
Clooney Wm. clerk, 205 Constance 
Clopton John, paintt^r, 554 New Levee 
Close David, 74 New Levee 
Close E. Ca]it. Annunciation c. Soraparu 
Closer Ellen Mrs. 385 Basin 
Clossman Philip, clerk, d. 217 Dauphine 
Clostermnnn, Tourne & Co. ( H. Closter- 
mann, J^lcholas Tourn?, Joseph Bayle,) 
variety store, 40 late 44 Chartres 
Cloud Benj. F. com. mer. Jefferson City 

CLOUD E. G. Dealer in Foreign 
and Domestic Fruit, No. 78 
St. Charles, d. Leoutine c. 
Camp. Jefferson City. 

Cloud Theodore A. f. m. c. 203 Franklin 
Clouett Xavier, printer, 349 St. Peter 
Clough Eleanor, 78 Derbigny 
Clough Ellen Mrs. assist, matron of Chil- 
dren's Home and Sch'ls, 343 Chartres 
Clough George, carpenter, 400 Perdido 
Clough Geo. W. bricklayer, 283 Bienville 
Clough John, carp. Gasquet n. Johnson 
Clough J. builder. Coliseum c. Josephine 
Clough Samuel, car|ienier, 60 Basin 
Clougher Miehl. furnit'e, Girod c. Rampart 
Cloughs Jas. carp. Josephine c. Coliseum 
Clous Samuel, Sixth n. Plaquemine 
Clovis Angelina, 110 Burgundy 
Clozet D. Mrs. Prieur c. St. Philip 
Clo/.et Jean, tailor, 191 Orleans 
Cluff Richd. elk. Waslungton n. Dryades 




Gluts E. baker, 308 St. Louis 
Clyne James, clerk, 71 Camp 
Coan Elizab'h Mrs., Bartholomew n. Del- 

aronde, Algiers 
Coates Edward, Market n. Chippewa 
Coates George (James &c Coates,) 75 La- 
fayette, d. Clio c. Carondelet 
Coates Geo. blacksmith, 165 Clio 
Coates Johana, Rocheblave n. Main 
Coates J. screwman, St. Andrew n. Fulton 
Coates P. blacksmith, Thalia n. Prytania 
Coates Richard 

COBB J. B. & CO. (Joseph B. 
Cobb, Andrew E. Knox,) 
Wholesale Grocers and Com- 
mission Merchants, cor. Com- 
mon, New Levee & Tchoupi- 

Cobb John D. (Martin, Cobb 8; Co.) 157 

Gravier, d. 157 St. Joseph 
Cobb Joseph B. 8 Tchoupitoulas 
Cobb T. IM. c. p. Bayou bridge 
Cobb W. B. (Mcllreevy &c Cobb,) 34 Poy- 


COBB WM. D., Telegraph Re- 
porter at Price Current Office, 
51 Camp. 

Coberger J. carp. Prieur n. Gasquet 
Cobert John, dairy, Mazant, c. Greatmen 
Cobert Peter, butcher, 29 French market 
Cobett Rosina, f. w. c. 330 Burgundy, d. 3 

COBURN, R. Dealer in Books, 
Stationery and Fancy Goods, 
118 and 120 Tchoupitoulas st. 
and 152 Poydras street. Sub- 
scriptions received for news- 

Coca Mrs. 278 Villere, d. 2 
Cochard Charles, charcoal, 45 Main 
Cochin Augustus, pressman, 70 Camp 
Cochnerich Anthony, St. Mary n. St. 

Cochran Ed. C. broker, d. 199 Frenhmen 
Cochran Frank, warehouseman, 100 Canal 
Cochran George, 33 St. Thomas 
Cochran Honora Mrs. 279 Poydras 

Cochran, H. S. Hall,) Com- 
mission Merchants and Im- 
porters of Mediterr an ean Pi-o- 
duee, also Agents for Welsh 
Bros. Old Reserve Madeiras, 
and C. S. Campbell & Co's 
Celebrated Sherries. 

Cochran John R. painter, Lafayette n. 

Eighth, Gretna 
Cochran John, drayman, 227 Girod 
Cochran John, screwman, 4.'> Marigny 
Cochran John, Felicity n. Chippewa 
Cochran John, lab. 21 Constance 
Cochran Michael, lab. 6 Constance 
Cochran O. H. 365 Lafayette 
Cochran Patrick, lab. 91 Mandeville 
Cochran Samuel, broker, 78 Union, d. 3 
Cochran Tim. gro. Girod c. Franklin 
Cochran Timothy, blacksm. 244 Magnolia 
Cochrane Charlotte Mrs. 32 Race 
Cochrane C. Mrs. teacher, p. s. d. Wash- 
ington n. Constance 
Cochrane Ffank, steward, 4.33 Baronne 
Cochrane H. D. 65 Gravier, d. 49 Toulouse 
Cochrane John R. painter, Josephine c. 

N. Levee 
Cochrane Thos. lab. St. Ferdinand c. Girod 
Cockburn P. J. 112 Common 
Cockerell S. P. clerk, 32 First 
Cockerill Robert, 152 Poydras 
Cockner P. laborer, Pacanier n. Market 
Cockpit American, Kcilerec c. St. Claude 
Cockran Jas. lab. Foucher n. Poyfarre 
Cockran M. d. 5 Constance 
Cockran Pat. lab. Foucher n. Calliope 
Cockran P. 96 Constance 
Cocks M. Capt., White c. Thalia 
Cocossur J. Airs., Claiborne c. Hospital 
Coddis John, drayman, 128 Casacalvo 
Coddor Victor, confec. Camp ' c. Poyfarre 
Coddou Jos. drayman, 348 St. Philip 
Couddou Victor, confec. 270 Camp,d. Mag- 
azine n. Josephine 
Code Gi-o. cooper, d. 52 St. James 
Code Jamee, Calliope n. Rampart 
Code Jos. lab. Greatmen n. Marigny 
Code Loftus, 52 St. James 
Code Nicholas, Eighth n. Fulton 
Code Thos. elk. Josephine n. New Levee 
Codiner Simon Capt. 238 Girod 
Codron Fr;ui<;ois, carp. 364 St. Peter 
Cody Patrick, cooper, 10 Toulouse 
Coeler D. W. clerk, 110 Common 

COELER F. W. Importer of and 
Dealer in Wines, Brandies, 
Gins, Cordials, Scotch Ale & 
London Porter, Fruits, Pic- 
kles and Sardines, 110 Com- 
mon, op. St. Charles Hotel. 
Orders from the Country 
promptly attended to : d. 238 

Cofer Jesse B. carp. 58 Rampart 
Coffee Albert, clerk, 326 Carondelet 
Coffee Amelia, 230 Ursulines 
Coffee Eliza Mrs. 384 Customhouse 
Coffee Elizabeth, Mrs. Sixth c. Fulton 
Coffee H. T. clerk, 72 Gravier 
Coffee John, lab. 151 Old Levee, d. 2 
Coffee John, drayman, Orleans c. Galvez 




CoffVe John, screwman, 239 Morales 
Coffee Mary. Mrs. 177 Thalia 
Coffee Mary, midwife, 193 Clio 
Coffee Pal. lab. 265 Customhouse 
Coffee Patrick, grocer, 98 Gasquet 
Coffee Patrick, plasterer, 149 Thalia 
Coffey B. R. clerk, 12 Jackson, d. 4, d. 

Sixth n. Fulton 
Coffey H. .T. clerk, 383 Thalia 
Coffey J. F. notary, 19 Jackson, d. 4 
Coffey J. M. clerk, 188 Franklin 
Coffi'y P. J. sail maki r, 75 Howard 
Coffey Thomas, laborer, 42 Ileliijious 
Coffiild Thos. drayman, Relii^iousn. Race 
Coffila Roltert, oyster saloon, 249 Camp, 

d. 253 Magazine 
Coffin John, screwman, 107 Religious 
Coffin John D. ship chandhry, 22 Lower 

Front Levee, d. 12(i Esplanade. 
Coffman H. tailor, 206 Haronne 
Coffy Saail. grocery, Lafayette c. Fjjlton 
Cogaii James C. engineiM', d. 456 Basin 
("■■ogan James, 10 Knghien 
Cogan John, 341 Melpomene 
Cogan Rii-iiard, shifiwright, Algiers 
Coggin John, lalxirer, 369 Tchoupitoulas 
Coghlati David, carp. Leverque, Algiers 
Cognovich Aiitliony, fruits, 10 St. Charli's 
Cogueuhem iVl. grocery, 209 Bayori road 
Coguille A. painter, 103 Toulouse 
Cogswell C. C. com. mer. 30 New Levee, 

d. 167 Ursulines 
Cohen Aaron, ship agent, 127 Common 
Cohen Albert, 216 Julia 
Cohen A. A. 348 Carondelct 
Cohen Benjamin, b. h. 28 Orleans 
Cohen Bernard, clothing, 33 Front, d. 72 

Marais, d. 2 
Cohen B. Rev., Hebrew minister, 209 

Ramjjart, d. 1 
Cohen Charles, clothing, 307 Conti 
Cohen C. A. acct. 126 Canal 
Cohen D. Mrs. 57 Prytania 
Cohen Ed. cab driver, 472 Dauphine, d. 3 
Cohen Henry, pedler, 129 Liberty 
Coiien Henry, glazier, 214 Delord 
(Allien J. Treme n. St. Louis 
Cohen J. H. butcher, 59 and 61 Port mkt 
Cohen M. M. atty. and counsellor at law, 

22 Kxchange place, d. 151 Constance 
CohienbiM-ger Martin, barkeepm-. Basin c. 

Cohn & Fink, (IL Cohn, Peter Fink,) dry 

goods, Patterson, Algiers 
Cohn Henry, ship carp. 795 Dauphine,d.3 
Cohn H. dry goods, New Levee n. Sixth 
Cohn Herman, 113 St. Peter 
Cohn & Philips, f./flcoft Cohn, Louis Phelps,) 

clothing, 88 Poydras 
Cohn John, fruit, St. Mary n. Chippewa 
Cohn Jos dry goods, 987 New Levee, d. 4 

COHN L. I. Importer of Fancy 
Goods and Hosiery, and Man- 
ufacturer of Flannel Shirts, 
etc. 55 Chartres. 

Cohn Jos. notary, 44 Exchange place, d. 

150 Second 
Colin Michael, clerk, 13 Chartres 
Cohn N. watchmaker, d. 1, 190 Rampart 
Cohn Peter, cigars, 165 Old Levee 
Cohn Saml. clothier, 18(1 New Levee, d. 1 
Cohn Solomon, Carrollton 
Coiguard C. N. 136 St. Anthony 
Coignard E. dep. const. 5th Justice Court, 

d. 4 Frenchmen 
Coiley Richard, laborer, 68 St. Joseph 
Coin Philip, laborer. Basin. c. Clio 
Coiron F. S. ( Cni^bergue Justin &(■ Co.) d. 

174 Robertson 
Coiron L. J. custom house broker, d. 44 

Old Levee, d. Rampart n. I'nion 
Coiron P. Felix, book keeper, 30 Poydras 
Coiron Stanislaus, clerk, 317 Esplanade 
Coit Jno. elk. 66 Gravier, d. 22 Ex. place 
Cokely John, at Stroud & Co. 
Cokely J. A. hatter, 191 Julia 
Colan J. drayman, Terpsichore n. Liberty 
Colar Elizabeth Mrs. 221 Love 
Colas Widow, dressmaker, n9 Bourbon 
Colayanni M. Mrs., Terpsichore n.Freret, 

d. 1 
Colbert John, cook, 85 Franklin, d, 2 
Colbert R. laborer, 451 Old Levee, d. 3 
Colbert Wm. warehouseman, 542 St. 

Claude, d. 3 
Colbertson Heiny, d. 248 Villere, d. 2 
Colbus J. F. 166 Johnson, d. 2 
Colbus Nicholas, saddler, 421 St. Ann 
Colby J. M. accountant, 36 Royal 
Colder Geo. screwman, Chippewa c. Philip 
Colder John, driviM-, 96 Camp 
Coldera Joseph, fruit, 10 Annunciation 
Cold water Louis, lab. Dryades n. Eighth 
Cole Anthony B. cigars and periodicals, 

160 L.vee, d. 3 ^ 
Cole Bernard, lab. 467 Old Levee, d. 3 
Cole Betsy, f. w. c. 362 Caual 
Cole Charles, pilot, 65 Rampart, d. 1 
Cole Josiah,12Cole's Cottage ,.337 Poydras 
Cole R. D. Mrs. crockery,"392 Dryades 
Cole Richard D. coppersmith, 392 Dryades 
Cole Richard, stone cutter, 246 Lafayette 
Cole Theobold, drayman, 121 LaurJl 
Colell Felipe Valdez, cigars, 38 Sl».Charles 
Coleman Bridget, 77 Delord 
Coleman Cluulotte Mrs. 67 Race 
Coleman DiMinis, laborer, 466 Dauphine 
Coleman Dennis, boiler mker 534 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Coleman E. VV. clerk, 42 Perdido 
Coleman Frank, varnisher, d. 11 Galvez 
Coleman George, Elys. Fields c. Celestine 
Coleman Henry, lab. 92 Piety 
Coleman Henry, lab. 80 St. Thomas 
Ctdenian James, drayman, St. John Bap- 
tist n. Orange 
C(deman Jalnes, drayman, 193 St. Thomas 
Coleman Jeremiah, wareliouseman, d. 207 

Magazine ' 

Coleman John, lab 441 Burgundy, d. 3 
Coleman J(din, lab. 176 Tilionpiioulas 
Coleman John, contractor, 73 Constance 




Coleman John, gilder, 534 Rampart 
Coleman John, driver, 464 Masrazine 
Coleman John, carp. 94 Bolivar 
Col-man Jno. grocer, Annun. c. Gaiennie 
Coleman Johnson, warehouseman, Mag- 
nolia n. Lafayette 
Coleman Joseph, 186 Delord 
Coleman J. B. clerk, 329 Canal 
Coleman J. C. atty. 79 Julia, d. 85 Felicity 
Coleman J. Mrs. Marigny n. Urquhart 
Coleman Margaret, 112 Spain 
Coleman Michael, lab. 359 Tchoupitoulas 
Coleman, Britton & Withers, (Lloyd R. 
Coleman, W. T. Britton, W. T. 
Withers,) cotton factors and com. 
mers. 57 Carondelet, d. Orange n. 
Coleman Patrick, lab. Thalia n. N. Levee 
Coleman P. barkeeper, 61 Front 
Coleman Richard, draym. 45 St. Thomas 
Coleman Timothy, lab. ]32Goodchildren 
Coleman Wm. lab. d. 221 St. Thomas 
Coleman Wm. barkeeper, 331 Front, d. 1 


Coleman VV. D. boiler mkr. 319 St. Mar 
Coleman W. 

405 Camp 
Colen Catharine, grocery, 366 Common 
Colevaine Maria Mrs. 440 Howard 
Colgan Mat. drayman, Delord n. Magazine 
Colgan Mich. lab. Derbigny n. Palmyra 
Colgan Thomas, carp. 356 Constance 
Colgan Thomas, warehouseman, Con- 

stfinee n. Jackson 
Colgan Wm. lab. St. Andrew n. Laurel 
Colgin Philip, boiler maker, 126 Market 
Colin Madame, millinery, Royal c. St. 

Colin C. Mrs. bread, 42 Toulouse 
Colin N. millinery and facy store, Royal 

c. St. Philip 
Coll Anthony, cigar manf. 386 Camp 
Coll B. oysters and fruits, 135 Marais 
Coll Dominique, draym. Clara n. Julia 
Coll James, clerk, 185 Poet 
Coll Peter, 21 iVIarigny 
Colla Raphael, f. m. c carp. 232 Spain 
Collat Morris & Co. dry goods, 12 An- 
College of N. Orleans, Esplanade n. Craps 
Collens Paul W. atty. at law, 23 St. Charles 
CoUens T. Wharton, atty. at law, 23 St. 

Charles, d. 219 Esplanade 
Collerton Lawrence, drayman, 21 Marigny 
Colles J. H. clerk, 26 Common 
Collet J. Dr. 80 Toulouse 
Collet John, trunk maker, 117 St. Louis 
Collet Matthew, 311 St. Peter 
Collie David (Collie Sf Brother,) -25 

Gravier, d.205 Clio 
Collie & Broth.-r, (J. B. Collie, David Col- 
lie,) seed store, 25 Gravier 
Collie J. B. (Collie Sf Bro.) d. 205 Clio 
Collier C. T. Junk shop, 207 Calliope 
Collier Hudson, builder, 25 Pleasant 
Collier Leaman, Mrs., Homer, McD. 
Collier Louis A. grocer, Alex. c. Elmira, 

Collier Samuel, Poet n. Rampart 
Colligan Bernard, lab. 398 Liberty 
Colligan Henry, seaman. Religious n. 

Collighan Wm. R. 285 Conti 
Colling Martin, carp. 63 Washington 
Collingnon Dominique, nightman, 134 

Exchange place, d. 197 Esplanade 
Collingnon Edw. pork insp. Girod n. Basin 
Collingnon G. music teacher, 10 St. Peter 
Collin Jean, shoemk. 143 Carondelet walk 
Collin Thomas, lab. 110 Gaiennie 
Collin Virginia Mrs. 358 Royal, d. 3 
Collins Alex. 259 Marais, d. 2 
Collins Alex. Madison, Carrollton 
Collins Alex. f. m. c. Live Oak c. Jena, 

Jeff. City 
Collins August B. seaman, 135 Port 
Collins A. T. lab. 917 Dauphine,d. 3 
Collins A. Mrs. 175 Julia 
Collins Bartholomew, contractor, Melpo- 
mene n. Franklin, d. 361 Lafayette 
Collins B. J. eng'r, 149 Piety 
Collins Catharine, 530 Dauphine 
Collins Chas. 334 Hospital 
Collins C. C. (Collins, Camere 8f Co.) 

grocer, Old Levee c. Bienville 
Collins Dennis, draym. Clara n. Perdido 
Collins Dennis, R. R. conductor, d. Mel- 
pomene n. Clara 
Collins D. lab. 110 Gaiennie 
Collins D. d. 339 Chippewa 
Collins D. M. painter, 108 Baronne, d. 

290 Clio 
Collins Eliza Mrs. 322 Conti 
Collins Eliza Mrs. grocery, Liberty c. 

Collins Elizabeth, 114 Dryades 
Collins E. painter, 83 Lafayette 
Collins E. P. lab. N. O. J. and G.N.R.R. 
Collins Frederick, ( Massey, Huston Sf Co.) 

52 N. Levee, d. 1 
Collins F. lab. Liberty n. Poydras 
Collins George, shipcarp. 28 St. Bernard 
Collins James, grocer, 312 Carondelet 
Collins James, 133 Rampart, d. 1 
Collins James, machinist. Front Gretna 
Collins James, lab. 647 Royal, d. 3 
Collins Jeremiah, 109 Magazine 
Collins John, lab. 81 Delord 
Collins John, mate, 6 Prieur, d. 2 
Collins John, cabinet makr. c. St. Joseph 

and Delord 
Collins John, screwman, 74 Constance 
Collins John, lab. 145 Prieur 
Collins John, screwman, 526 Rpyal, d. 3 
Collins John, moulder, d. 372 Basin 
Collins John, drayman, 48 Poet 
Collins John K. builder, 314 Carondelet 
Collins, Hepp & Co. (Joseph Collins, Hen- 
ry Hepp, D. O. D. Sullivan,) Pilican 
Cotton Press, St. Mary c. Levee 
Collins Isaac B. builder, d. 209 Euterpe 
Collins J. H. grocer, 314 Carondelet 
Collins J. P. laborer, 335 Customhouse 
Collins J. T. S. inspector customs, 296 




Collin .1. variety storo, St. Ann c. Royal 
Collins .T. srrewman, Jo.sopliino n. Fulton 
Collins L. E 168 F.'liciiv 
Collins Martin, 104 St. Cluirlos 
Collins Mary, 8-3 D.-lord 
Collins Matthew, lab. 83 St. Thomas 
Collins Michael, hostler, K)l Rampart 
Collins Mil-had, lah. Mont('s;ntc. Chartres 
Collins Matilda. Mrs. dre.ssiiikr.133 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Collins N. H. 13fiSt. Peter 
Collins Owen, lah. J88 Conti 
Collins Patrick, lah. 30-2 Camp 
Collins Patrick, lah. 16-2 Magazine 
Collins Patrick, Mrs. 344 St. Philip 
Collins P. G. & L. E. cotton pickers, 

Richard c. St. Thomas 
Collins Rohert, book keeper, 70 Canal, d. 

1.V2 Felicity 
Collins R. cot. weitjher, Felicity n. Camp 
Collins Thotnas, 28 Union, d. 3 
Collins Thomas, lah. 379 Dauphine, d. 3 
Collins Thomas, watchman, N. O. Press, 

d. Plaqnemine c. Lyons, .lelT. City 
Collins Thos. drayin. 563 Rurs:nndy,'d. 3 
Collins Thos. build. St. Mary c. Prytania 
Collins Wm. lah. 27 St. Ferdinand 
Collis Henry, grocer, Washington c. 

Colljhanni Maria Mrs. 370 Howard 
Collum J. painter, Algiers 
CoUon E. ( Laromsine Sf Co.) 137 Canal, 

(1. 176 Rohert.son, d. 2 
Collon Peter, .shoeinkr. 7.5 Toulouse 
Collot Charles, blacksmith, 10) St. Peter 
(A)llot Richard, dry goods, ID Annun. 
Collotte C. vegetbl's. 79 St. Ann. c. Royal 
Colma Josephine, 79 Annunciation 
Colonib L. F. d. 85 Dauphine 
Colomli Jean, gro. Hurgundy c. St. Louis 
Colombelle Mrs. d. 651 Burgundy, d. 3 
Colonn's Bernard, butcher, d. 230 St. Ann 
Colr)mi's F. cook, 190 Toulousi- 
Colombet A. (L. J\Ioidor Sf Co.) 109 

Colquhoun John, printer. Magnolia n. 

Colson Joseph, 705 Dauphine, d. 3 
Colson P. U. clerk, 705 Dauphine, d. 3 
Colson W. J. c. p 705 Dauphine, d. 3 
Colt Edwd. lab. 102 Market 
Colt Josepli, laborer, 50 Mandeville 
ColthuiU Thomas, 279 Poydras 

E. Colton, George Baldwin,) 
Copper, Tin and Siieet Iron 
Workers, Brass Work, Black- 
smithing, Gas Pipe and Fit- 
tings, 10 Canal and 9 Cross- 

Colton C. H. E. (Colton Sf Baldwin,) d. 

Caiiiope n. Dryades 
Calwell Mr.s., Race n. Constance 
Comas Constant, 111 Marais, d. 2 

Comas Jean, laborer, 298 Bourbon 
Comas Pedro, c. h. Conti c. Ex. place 
Coiiiaski John, wood yard, Soraparu n. 

Combalk J. B. driver, d. 225 Treme, d. 2 
Combe Susan Mrs. 318 Baronne 
Comb(\s Jaques, Cot. Press n.Goodchildren 
Combs Etienne, 297 Chartres 
Comeau Jean Louis, Bourbon n. Prosper 
Comeau M. Mrs., Kerlerec n. Galvez 
Comen J. J. clerk, 18 New Basin 
Comenge F. butcher, 26 French market 
Comer Martin, cabman, 545 St. Claude 
Comer Martin, laborer, 33 Elysian Fields 
Comer Wm. 38 Thalia 
Comer Wm. laborer, 55 Elysian Fields 
Comtord Michael, drayman, 216 Marigny 
Comfort Harriet A. Mrs. , Camp n. Seventh 
Commagere Arnot, 353 Robertson, d. 3 
Commag6re Charles, clerk, 84 Hosjiitnl 
Commagere Ernest, recorder, Greenville 
Commagere John A., Carrollton 
(vommagere L. cooper, 174 Claiborne 
Commagere L. Mrs., Esplaii. n. Robertson 
Commagere P. clerk, 288 Hospital 
Commagere T. clerk, Magazine, d. 372 St. 

Claude, d. 3 
Commandeur A. not. pub. 13 St. Charles 
Commandeur N. atty. at law, Carit 
Comment Frangois, coal, etc. 67 Marais 
Comment J. Mrs. restaurant, 175 Orleans 
Comment P. [J. brksmith,225 Ft.Levee.d.S 
Commercial Bullc^tin, 37 Gravier 
Commercial College (Dolbear's,) Story 

building, Camp c. Common 
Commercial Cotton Press, Market n. Chip- 
pewa; Stanley &, Wright, |iroprietors 
(Commercial Hotel, Girod c. New Levee 
Commercial Restaurant, 52 Customhouse 
Commercial Water Works, New Levee, c. 

Richard, office 35 Dryades n. Canal 
Commerford .lolin, drayman, 81 Poet 
Common James, auctioneer, 192 Erato 
Commons Dominick, laborer, 89 Delord 
Commons John, lab. Orleans n. Galvez 
Commons Thomas, laborer, 188 Laurel 
Commons Thos. lab. St. Thomas n. Race 
Communv J. R. surveyor, City Hall, d. 

129 Burgundy 
Communy E. Mrs. 244 St. Ann 
Communv John, engineer, 228 St. Claude 
Comoford Felix, lab. 226 New Levee 
("ompanel S. feed store, Willow n. Gravier 
Compt(Ui James, Calliope n. Solis 
Compton W. H. 394 Common 
Comslock J. L. clerk, 41 Natchez 
Comstock Samuel P., Johnson n. Palmyra 
Comstock Wm. laboriT, 169 Magnolia 
(^inaghion Tlnnnas, Carondelet n. Philip 
Conahay John, lab. Kace n. St. Tiiomas 
Conand'Aiitoine, clerk, 42 Royal, d. 220 

Bayou road 
Conand Maria Mrs. 186 Customhouse 
Conand Noel, 220 Bayou road 
Conand Victor, 220 Bayou road { 

Conani End. d. 389 Basin i 

Conard Jessie, f.m.c. Laharpe c. Derbigny 




Cnnbeck Peter, collector, Algiers 
Concorde Chapter,No.2.0dd "Fellows' Hall 
Concorde Masonic Lodge, No. 3, Rampart 

n. Main 
Conden Patrick, drayman, 261 Dryades 
Condit Silas, book keeper, 8 Union, d. 1, 

d. 400 Magazine 
Condeau Alex, stonecutter, 239 Dauphine 
Condoff Benj. f. m. c. painter, Galvez n. 

Condoff Joseph, shoemaker, 112 Josephine 
Condon David, carpenter, 258 Rousseau 
Condon John, butcher, 60 St. Mary's mar- 
ket, d. 87 St. Andrew- 
Condon Michael, butcher, 44 South mrkt 
Condon Pat. drayman, Thalia n. Liberty 
Condon P. Mrs. grocer, Magazine c. Gai- 

Condon Richard, clerk, 3 Carondolet 
Condon Richard, undertaker, horses and 

carriages to hire, 24.1 Delord 
Condon Sarah, teacher, 3 Euterpe 
Condon Stephen, laborer, 330 Howard 
Condon T. undertaker, 35 Elysian Fields 
Condren Michael, contractor, 261 Dryades 
Condron James, lab. Richard n. Pacanier 
Condron Michael, machinist, 207 Girod 
Conery Ed. grocer, 2 Front and 10 Fulton, 

d. 213 Prytania 
Coney William, laborer, Foucher n. Julia 
Conger W. B. (Foley, Avery &f Co.) d. 

First n. Carondelet 
Congergood Peter, carp. 198 Liberty 
Congress John, drays. Felicity n. Dryades 
Cuii J. F 224 Orleans 
Conighan James, laborer, 32 St. Joseph 
Conilan Jas. drayman, 433 St. Claude, d. 3 
Conkerton John D. oysters, 21 Royal 
Conkle James, lab. 135 Carondelet walk 
Conklin B. 0. C. clerk 42 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. 459 Camp 
Conklin David, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Conklin Fred. drayman, 493 Tchoupitoulas 
Conklin J. R. Capt. , Carondelet n. Felicity 
Conklin Martin, laborer, d. 164 Richard 
Conklin Martin, lab. Clara n. Melpomene 
Conklin Patrick, lab. 86 St. Thomas 
Conley A. painter, Poydras n. Magnolia 
Conley Dora, 92 Franklin 
Conley E. lab. Elysian Fields, n.Old Levee 
Conley E. clerk, 180 Chippewa 
Conley James, drays, Prieur n. Common 
Conley James, shoes, 477 Dauphine, d. 3 
Conley John, carpenter, 86 Delord 
Conley John, porter, 53 Villere 
Conley John, laborer, St. Mary n. Julia 
Conley John, laborer, 75 Spain 
Conley Mary Mrs. 86 Delord 
Conley Mary, 348 Annunciation 
Conley Michael, laborer, 31 Congress 
Conley Middleton, (Murphy, Sykes Sf Co.) 

77 Carondelet 
Conley Peter, laborer, 22 Laurel 
Conley Robert, carpenter, 117 Josephine 
Conley Thomas, laborer, 92 St. Joseph 
Conlin B. Mrs. 88 Gaiennie 
Conlin Francis, c. h. 265 Poydras 

Conlin James, lab. St. James n. St. Thomas 
Conlin John, lab. St. James n. St. Thomas 
Conlin Sarah Mrs. Victory n. Port 
Conlon Michael, 732 Dauphine, d. 3 
Conlon Patrick, laljorer, 58 Annunciation 
Conly James, cab. mkr. 485 Royal, d. 3 
Conly W. mattress mkr. 19 Mandeville 
Conn David, marble manf. 113 Julia 
Conn H. ship carp. 795 Dauphine, d. 3 
Coim John, watchman, Bolivar n. Povdras 
Connally J. carpenter, Melpomene n.Camp 
Connally J. Mrs , New Levee n. Gaiennie 
Connaughton A. carpenter, 3S5 Thalia 
Connaugliton E. variety store, Philip, d. 4 
Connaughton, Michael 151 Tchoupitoulas 
Connaughton Thos Carondelet c. Philip 
Connt?ll Andrew, laborer, 4 Poet 
Connell Chris, paver. White c. Erato 
Connell C.91 Delord 
Connell George, moulder, 102 Constance 
Connell James H. 349 Poydras 
Connell James, laborer, Jackson depot 
Connell John, carp. Alexander, Algiers 
Connell John, laborer, 456 Tchoupitoulas 
Connell John, laljorer, 76 Tiiaiia 
Connell Joseph T. printer, 312 Calliope 
Connidl J. Mrs. b. h. 180 Laftiyette 
Connell Maurice, lab. 210 Tchoupitoulas 
Connell Michael, lab. Robin n. New Levee 
Connell Morris, laborer, 178 Girod 
Connell Patrick, dray man, d. 56 St.Thomas 
Connell Patrick, laborer, 266' Dryades 
Connell Susan Mrs. 312 Calliope 
Connell Tim. laborer, 4 Poet 
Connell T. cot. weigher, 503 Royal, d. 3 
Connell T. laborer, 484 Old Levee, d 3 
Connelley Wm. ship carpenter, 114 Julia 
Connelley Wm. H. oysters, Baronne c. 

Connelly Catharine Mrs. b. h. 218 Julia 
Connelly Eliza Mrs. 399 Poydras 
Connelly E. J. clerk, 99 Camp 
Connelly Geo. cotton weigher, 21 Liberty 
Connelly, George & Co. (John Connelly, 
G. Henry Cnaplam,) cotton factors 
and commission merchants, 56 Caron- 
delet, d. 24 Rampart, d. 1 
Connelly H. laborer, 11 St. James 
Connelly James, shoe store, 476 Dauphine, 

d. 1 
Connelly John, clerk, 148 Canal 
Connelly John, f George Connelly &( Co.) 

56 Carondelet 
Connelly Margaret, 16 Elysian Fields 
Connelly Matthew, laborer, 11 St. James 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, 495 Dauphine 
Connelly Patrick, St. Charles n. Conrey 
Connelly Samuel, engine cleaner, N. 0. and 

Jackson Railroad 
Connelly Thomas, Philip n. Annunciation 
Connelly Timothy, lab. 163 Elys. Fields 
Conner Alex, engineer, 440 Gravier 
Conner Ann, Magazine n. St. Andrew 
Conner C. paver, 384 Rampart, d. 1 
Conner David, laborer, 364 Franklin 
Conner Dennis Mrs. 92 Franklin 
Conner Edward, Fourth n. Annunciation 




Conner Ellen, cabs. 94 Franklin, d. 1 
Conner H. W.& Son, (II. W. Conner, jr.) 

excliang-e dealers, 39 Carondelet, d.21 

Connor James, cartman, Dryades n. Thalia 
Conner James R. I'^Tivoli Circle 
Conner John, pilot, 61 ClouiH 
Conner John, laborer, 349 Howard, d. 1 
Conner Matthew, printer, 37 Gravier 
Conner Michael, cigar store, New Levee 

n. Louisiana avenue, Jeff. City 
Conner Owen, Camp n. Mdpomene 
Conner R. E. watchman, 2"27 Constance 
Conner Tlios. drayman, 440Tchoupitoulas 
Conner Win. draynnui, Erato n.New Levee 
Couriers Ann, 41 Laurel 
Conners B. Mrs. Laurel n. St. Andrew 
Conners Charles, laborer, 10;2 Spain 
Conners James, cabs, 277 Poydras ^ 

Conners James, Perdido n, Gravier 
Conners Jami's, F(>rdido n. Galvez 
Conners James, cabman, 88 Franklin 
Conners James, d. 3G4 Gravier 
Conners John, laborer, 38 Elysian Fields 
Conners John, Second n. Laurel 
Conners Mary Mrs. grocer, Howard c.Clio 
Conners Michaef, plaster, St. Andrew n. 

Conners M. cabman, 605 Burgundy, d. 3 
Conners Samuel, labori^r, 304 Cainj) 
Conners Tiiomas, drayman, Freret n. Clio 
Conners William, cabman, 1()'2 Marigny 
Conners William, laborer, 191 St. Thomas 
Conners Wm. dray. Cypress n. Magnolia 
Connery Bridget Mr.s. 349 Howard 
Conn'ery Geo. cotton weigher, 21 Liberty 
ConniflT Cornelius, laborer, 84 Delord 
Conniir Elizabeth Mrs. 4'24 Franklin 
ConniU'Jiplm, drayman, Howard n. Perdido 
ConnilV Martin, lali. d. 146 Tclinupitoulas 
Connitry Patrick, Calliope n. B;ironne 
Connoly James & Co. (John. Fo.r, D. A. 

IFon-rtJi,^ produce merchants, 64 Poy- 

dras, d. 153 Julia 
Coimolly B. A. clerk, 19 Chartres 
Connolly Catharine, 99 Gaiennie. 
Connolly E. J. clerk, 71 Camp, d. Chippe- 
wa n. Felicity 
Connolly Franklin, lab. St. Mary c.Laurel 
Connolly James, clerk, 3 Poydras 
Connolly John, laborer, d. 11 Lynch 's row 
ConnoiiyJno drays, Mi'lpomene c Dryades 
Connolly John, clerk, 155 Canal 
Connolly Michael, clerk, 155 Canal 
Connolly Nicholas, lab. 852 New Levee 
Connolly N. Mrs 263 St. Louis 
Connolly Pat. bricks, 518 Burgundy, d. 3 
Connolly Peter, laborer, 206 Magazine 
Cminolly Th<imas, 19 St. James 
Connolly Thom:is, clothing, 3 Poydras 
Connolly Thomas, lab. 39 Spain 

C lolly T. C. Mrs. b. h. 218 Julia 

Coimolly Win. H. carpenter, 107 Julia 
Connor Bridget, Conli n. Robertson 
Connor Cornelius, clerk, 71 Carondelet 
Connor Hugh, Dufossat c. Laurel, Jeff. 


Connor Jeremiah, dairy. Second n. Laure 
Connor Je.sse, f. m. c. 56 Laharpe 
Connor John, scri'wman, 132 Spain John, lab. 753 Hurgnndy, d. 3 
Conni>r Julia, 217 Bienville 
Connor Mary, Girod n. Camp 
Connor Michael, c. h. 259 Tehoupitoulas 
Connor Michael, porter St. Louis Hotel, 

d. 182 Customhouse 
Connor M. boiler maker, N. 0. and Jack- 
son R. R. 
Connor Thos. C. blacksmith, 200 Delord 
Connor Thomas, St. Andrew n. Rousseau 
Connor Wm. drays, Market n. Tehoupi- 
Connors James, lab. 84 Delord 
Connors John.b. h. 138 Tehoupitoulas 
Connors J. lab. 275 Franklin 
CoiUKU-s I'at. Foucher n. Calliope 
Conod(m Mary A., Orange c. Pacanier 
Conolly Robert J. car'r. Magazine n. St. 

Conovan James, lab. d. 124 Richard 
Conover E. S. ship carp. 65 N. Levee,d.l 
Ctniquergood Peter, carp. 198 Franklin 
Conrad Adolphe, tailor, 324 Tehoupitoulas 
Conrad Auguste, carp. 93 Music 
Conrad A. painter, 527 Dauphine, d. 3 
Conrad B. cartman. Cypress n. Roman 
Conrad (Miristian, Chippewa n. Harmony 
Conrad Christian, clerk, 6 Front Levee 
Conrad Christienne Mrs. 79 Chippewa 
Conrad C. M. attorney at law, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
Conrnd Edward, 39 Lafayette 
Conrad Eugene Mrs. 33 St. Ann 
Conrad Francis, shoemaker, 28 St. Joseph 
Conrad F. B. Mrs. 593 St. Charles 
Conrad J. Mrs. 54 Louisa 
Conrad Jacob, barber, 481 Tehoupitoulas 
Coiu-ad Lucinda, f. w. c. 261 St. Mary 
Conrad Nicholas, lab. 53 Chippewa 
Conrad Wm. shipwright and sjiar maker, 

d. 140 Spain 
Conran Stephen, cook, 303 Robertson, d.2 
Conray James, stevedore, 83 Gaiennie 
Conrc s L. M. clerk, O. Levee c. Bienville 
Conret Charles, barkeeper, Villere c. Le- 
vee, Algiers 
Conrey H. E. S. clerk, 227 Magazine 
Conrey John, lab. 46 St. Thomas 
Conrey S. B. broker, 25 Carondelet, d.353 

Conrez Geo. S. jr. clerk, 47 Union 
Conroy C. Mrs. 9 Franklin , 

Conroy Frank, blacksmith, 196 N. Levee 
Conroy Mary, 189 Dryades 
Conroy Patrick, 393 Gravier 
Conry Pat. grocer. Felicity c. St. James 
Cons Adam, keeper Vigilance Fire Co. 3 

Hospital c. Galvez 
Cons( ilmann Jacob, blacksmith, Port n. 

St. John Baptist 
Considina M. drayman, 613 Rampart, d.3 
Consolidated Association, 66 Toulouse 
Constjible Wm. cabinet maker, 184 An- 




Constadt Charles, tailor, 126 Market 
Constance DuminiquOjLaharpe n. Johnson 
Constance Eugene, bricklayer, 340 Hos- 
Constance Henry, cabt. maker, 43 Royal, 

d. 170 Claiborne 
Constance Victor Mrs., Annette n. Morales 
Constans A. 216 Bayou 1-oad 
Constans C. Mrs. 409 St. Ann 
Constans H. 232 Royal 
Constant A., Milan n. Laurel, Jeff. City 
Constant A. ambrotypes, 26 Hospital 
Constant A. Mrs., St. Peter n. Claiborne 
Constant F. R. laborer, Roman n. Cus- 
Constant Louis, 183 Bourbon 
Constant Marias, butcher, 22 French mkt 
Constant Mary Mrs. 202 Bourbon 
Constant Odahe, 151 Dauphine 
Constant 0. lab. Cadiz c. Jersey, Jeff.City 
Constantin D. engineer, 282 Main 
Constantine Dom'que, Lafayette c. Johnson 
Constantine F. watchman, 265 Marais 
Constantine F. 117 Frenchmen 
Constantine S. barkeeper, St. James c. 

Constantine Wm. H. Ill Rousseau 
Contaid Joseph, painter. New Levee c. 

La. av. Jeff. City 
Conti Continet, f. w. c. 397 Ursulines 
Conti Louis, c. h. Bayou bridge, d. St. 

John's Great Route n. Esplanade 
Conti Pierre, butcher, 57 & 59 Treme mkt 
Conti Rosalie, f. w. c. 391 Marais, d 3 
Conti Street Verandah Hotel, 28 Conti 
Contois Claude, horticul. 163 Ursulines 
Contois Jerome, saddler, 23 Carondelet 

Contreras Jos. clerk, 413 Burgundy, d. 3 
Controwinski Geo. carp. d.437Terpsichore 
Convay P. soda water, 129 Fulton 
Convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, 

873 Rampart, d. 3 
Converse & Kennett, (E. K.Converse, Win. 
C.Kennett,) com. and forwarding mers. 
33 Natchez 
Converse A\bert,( Cammack Sf Converse,) 35 

Converse E. K. (Converse 8f Kennett,) d. 

353 St. Charles 
Converse Henry M. (I. S. Holden 8f Co.) 

Magazine c. Poydras 
Converse John, f. m. c. drayman, 326 Fe- 
Converse & Co. (Thomas M. Converse, Wm. 
P. Converse, jr.) liquors, tobacco and 
cigars, 70 and 72 Gravier, d. Camp n. 
Converse Wm. P. jr. ( Converse Sf Co.) d. 

187 Magazine 
Conveyance^Office, 137 Royal 
Conway Caroline Mrs. 181 Constance 
Conway C. A. clerk, 23 Front, d. 1 
Conway Edward F. agent, d. 190 Baronne 
Conway John, lab. 193 Dryades 
Conway Jno. R. 155 Common, d. 380 Ba- 

Conway John, lab. Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Conway Martin, grocer. Main c. Roman 
Conway Matthew, clerk, 77 Canal 
Conway Patrick, cabman, 207 Calliope 
Conway Patrick, lab. Race c. St. Thomas 
Conway P. H. c.h. Notre Dame c. Fulton 
Conway R. (Frierson, Conumij &f Co.) 59 

Carondelet, d. 206 Camp 
Conway Wm. painter, Cypress n. Claiborne 
Conway Wm. lab. 122 St. Peter 
Conway Wm. lab. Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Conway Wm. painter, 77 Poydras 
Conwell John, painter, 146 Toulouse 
Conyers Benj. com. mer. 13 Carondelet 
Coogan Thos. warehouseman, 198 Delord 
Coohley John, speculator, 102 Melpomene 
Cook Adam, tailor, 238 Magazine 
Cook Ann Madame, 131 Spain 
iCook Bridget Miss, 447 Franklin 
Cook Cfitherine, Adele n. Rousseau 
Cook Edward, shoemaker, 416 Poydras 
Cook Edwin, clerk, 60 Poydras 
Cook Edwin, shoemaker, 110 Villere, d. 2 
Cook E. E. stables, 56 Hospital 
Cook E. R. Mrs. 33 Basin, d. 2 
Cook Ferdinand, c. h. 272 Levee, d. 3 
Cook, Young & Co. (Francis Cook, George 
B. Young, Samuel S. Littlefield , ) pro- 
prietors of the Price Current, 51 Cariip 
Cook & Cook, (Francis L. Cook, Ferdi- 
nand Cook,) agents, 1 Canal 
Cook Fred. d. 17 Rampart 
Cook Fred, carpenter, 332 Jackson 
Cook Fred, clerk, 46 St. Charles 
Cook F. plasterer, 62 Congress 
Cook F.W.C. agt. for the Novelty Works, 

1 Canal, d. 593 St. Claude, d. 3 
Cook Geo. lab. St. Mary n. Fulton 
Cook Henry, lab. 119 Port 
Cook Jacob, lab. 95 St. Mary 
Cook Jas. Mrs., Goodchildren n. Enghien 
Cook James, 333 Poydras 
Cook James, wat^;hman, 192 Delord 
Cook James, 80 Annunciation 
Cook John, Roman n. Toulouse 
Cook John, watchman, 4 Anthony 
Cook John, drayman, 404 Liberty 
Cook Julius, clerk, 34 St. Charles 
Cook J. F. f. m. c. teacher, 175 Claiborne 
Cook L. D. printer, Constance n.St.Mary 
Cook Leonard, vegetables, 112 Gaiennie 
Cook Mary Mrs. d. 447 Franklin 
Cook Michael, gardener, 34 Euterpe 
Cook N. B.jV^ashington n. Annunciation 
Cook& O'Brien, (PaulCook, Jas. O'Brien,) 
wholesale dealers in provisions, 69 
Cook Paul, (Cook 8,- O'Brien,) 69 Poydras 
Cook Samuel, d. Locust n. Clio 
Cook Sarah, f. w. c. 26 Basin 
Cook Thos. marble cutter, 264Girod,d. 1 
Cook T. grocer, 117 Tchoupitoulus 
Cook Wm. machinist, d. 346 Melpomene 
Cook Wm. blacksmith, Derbigny n.Prieur 
Cook Wm. B. clerk, 55 Common 
Cook Wm. B. grocer, Peter c. Elmire, 




Cook Wm. H.jr. 45 Poydras, d.lOO Race 
Couk W. tl. pioduce nuT. 45 Poytlras.d. 

lUU Race 
Cook VV. R. coal mer. 78 Julia 
Cuoku D. (jf. cluik, Factors' row, 38 Per- 

CooKe Jolin, sliofiiuik. 439 Tchoupiloulas 
Cookinaii Henry, screwniuii, 31 Music 
Cookniyer C Airs., Tlurd c. Rousseau 
Cooiey (jfeo. lab. l-Viiciiy n. St. Thomas 
Cooley J. VV . cabs to hire, 93 Franklin 
Cooiey Pat. lab. Oranf:;e c. St. Thomas 
Cooley Thos. lab. Fulton ii. St. Andrew 
Coolican Pat. Mrs. 395 St. Ann 
Coolidge (jeorge E. com. mer, d. 233 Es- 

Cooligaii Michael, drayman, St. Thomas 

c. 'I'halia 

Cooling Wm. acct. 63 Magazine 
Coon Uavid, marble cutter, 2U(i Franklin 
Coon Wilhelmuia, b. h. 613 jNew Levee 
Cooney Auguste, baker, 4UU Melpomene 
Cooney James, tarpauling, 194 tiialo 
Cooney James, gardener, Jellerson City 
Cooney James, lab. 4(i4 Chartres,d. 3 
Cooney John, lab. Market n. Levee, d. 1 
Cooney Mary, 571 Constance 
Cooney Mary, Fourth c. Chippewa 
Cooney JNicholas, lab. Sixth ii. Constance 
Cuoney Robert iVlrs. clerk, 87 Clouet 
Coonwad August, carpenter, Liberty n. 

Cooper Major, 210 Royal 
Cooper A. a1. Mrs. lit) Rampart 
Cooper A. VV. builder, tif* Erato 
Coopier Abner M., Kentucky Stables, 743 

iNew Levee 
Cooper Baptiste, cooper, Adele n. Rousseau 
Cooper l'"rancis, sailor, 147 St. i-erdinand 
Cooper George, printer, 7(J Camp 
Cooper (j. clerk, 155 Canal 
Cooper Geo. H. carpenter, Gretna 
Cooper Geo. VV. c. Ii. Eevee n. Jackson 
Cooper Geo. W.Mrs. 253 Robertson, d. 3 
Cooper Henry, laborer, 94 Louisa 
Cooper Israel Airs. 194 Alain 
Cooper J. C. printer, 10 Camp 
Cooper John B. cooper, St. Andrew n. 

Cooper Joseph, stevedore, 33 Montegut 
Cooper L. Vv . Capt. 2U4 Constance 
Cooper M. U. iXl Co. ( Frierson D. B., 

Sweet Geo. O.) cotton factors and com. 

merchants, 136 Common 
Cooper Peter, moulder, 281 Howard 
Cooper R. Mrs., Gravier n. Liberty 
Coopier S. vv . Constance n. Orange 
Cooper W, (Cooper Sf Jsreibcrtj d. 180 

Cooper Wm. cook, 65 Marais, d. 2 
Cooper & Neibert, ( W. Cooper, J. 0. Aei- 

bert, Lucas Hugh,) wholesale grocers, 

27 and 29 Common 
Cooper VV. Mrs. 83 Derbigny 
Cooper William, keeper at Sheriff's office, 

d. 279 St. Louis 

Cooper William, laborer, 50 Frenchmen 

Cooper William, laborer, 423 Baronne 
Coi.j)er W. VV. bookkeeper, 27 and 29 

Commerce, d. Jackson n. Alagazine 
Cooper Wm. 63 Ely sum l''ields 
Coopman Henry, stevedore, 1»7 Craps 
Coorsen H. carp. Poydras n. Alagiiolia 
Coos Geo. laborer, 73 Spain 
Coots S. C. Mrs. millinery, 112 Basin, d.l 
Copes Adam, lab. 376 Annunciation 
Cope Catharine, Allele near Rousseau 
Cope Edwd. T. carp. d. 155 Constance 
Cope Geo. W. City Hall 
Ct)pe John, clerk, Constance near Race 
Cope John, trunk maker, 22 Baronne, d. 

155 Constance 
Coj)elaiid Charli.'s, laborer, 273 Chippewa 
Copeland David, 1'. m. c. baker, 5S6 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Copeland George, printer, 352 Conti 
Copeland Robert, bookkeeper. Crescent 

City Bank, d. 389 St. Charles 
Copeland W. G. (Banks Hf Copeland,) 61 
Front, d. 1 

COPES, J. S., Agent of N. York 
Liie Insurance Company, and 
Amei'ican Lite Insurance and 
Trust Company, 74 Camp, d. 
180 Wasnington, n. Chestnut. 

COPES & PHELPS, (J. S. Copes, 
Harlow J. Plielps,) Cotton 
Factors and Commission Mer- 
chants, Agents for Speer's Pa- 
tent Clasps, and Hoop Iron 
Bands, 74 Camp. 

Copier Prosper, 198 Gasquet 
Copley John, Craps n. Independence 
Coppel Udel(!, f. w. c. 127 Elysian Fields 
Copi)ens James, d. 81 St. Philip 
Copi)ersmiih Theo. Constance c. Seventh 
Coppiette Prosper, d. 8 Prieur, d. 2 
Copping C. d. 236 Esplanade 
Copping Mrs. 322 Frenchmen 
Copping T. grocer, St. Anthony c. Ur- 

Copsy Louis, 336 Calliope 
Coquely John, screwman, 85 Piety 
Coquet F. d. 399 Bayou road 
Coquet keeper, New Orleans Bank, 

d. 399 Bayou road 
Coquet Sophia Miss, 237 Bayou road 
Coquillon Louis J. 43 Natchez 
Coquiomino J. 16 Main 
Coral Gabriel, clerk, 417 Bourbon, d. 3 
Corala iMich. oysters, 232 Customhouse 
Corales F. fishmonger, French market, d 

90 St. Anthony 
Coran James, laborer, Locust n. Erato 
Corback Geo. tailor, d. 454 Tchoupitoulas 
Corliat John, c. Richard and Pacnnier 
Corbea S. E. wood, Carondeiel walk, 41 

Old P^isin 
Corberry Patrick, laborer, d. 186 Basin 




Corbet Mathilde Mrs. 143 Orleans 
Corbet Thomas, d. 147 Clio 
Corbett Bartholomew, clerk, 316 Fulton 
Corbett James, laborer, 383 Fulton 
Corbett J. c. h. Front c. Lafayette 
Corbett J. C. inspector custom, d. Rich- 
ard n. Chippewa 
Corbett J. Mrs. 493 Royal, d. 3 
Corbett Thomas, laborer, 80 Poet 
Corbier V. Miss, 44 St. Anthony 
Corbley John, laborer, 28 Robertson, d.2 
Corcoran Bridget Mrs., St. Jane n. Gravier 
Corcoran C. fireman Jackson R. R. depot 
Corcoran Francis, clerk, 108 Chartres, d. 

370 Common 
Corcoran George, laborer, 325 Fulton 
Corcoran John, screwman, 76 Marigny 
Corcoran John, laborer, 264 Girod, d. 1 
Corcoran M. drayman, St. James n. Gra- 
Corcoran Patrick, seaman, 148 Mandeville 
Corcoran Patrick, laborer, 84 Burgundy 
Corcoran Tim. C. blacksmith, Magnolia 

n. Cypress 
Cordes John, porter, 76 Poydras 
Cordier Ane, Bienville n Bourbon 
Cordier & Co. ( L. Cordier, P. Cordier,) 
vermicelli maiiuiacturers, 123 Old Le- 
vee, d. 2, d. 240 Marigny 
Corey S. H. clerk, 99 Common 
Corkery Win. F. steward, d. 433 Baronne, 

d. 1 
Coriis John, clothing, 75 Front 
Corkley John, laborer, 812 Burgundy, d.3 
Cormier Adeline Mrs. 384 Canal 
Cormier C. E. elk. 136 Canal, d. 378 Canal 
Cormier Louis, clerk, 46 Union 
Cormuck Edward, carpenter, 29 Orange 
Corneille Chas. gardener, 847 St. Claude 
Coriieillo L. Mrs. c. Barracks and Galvez 
Cornelin Martin, laborer, 263 St. Louis 
Cornelius W. atty. at law, U. S. Court- 
house, 20 Royal, d. Thalia n. Caron- 
Cornelius Christian, carp. 440 St. Ann 
Cornell A. carpenter, Josephine n. Conti 
Cornell & Gourly, (J. V. Cornell, Wm. 

Gourly,) painters, 4 Perdido 
Cornell Harvey G. clerk. Royal c. Conti 
Cornell J. V. painter, d. 289 Dryades 
Cornell W. H. carpenter, 75 Josephine 
Cornelssen R. Mrs. dressmkr. 26 French- 
Cornet Philip, baker, 338 Bayou road 
Cornfield Mary Mrs. Leharpe n. Derbigny 
Cornibe Bernard, d. 45 Bagatelle 
Cornibe U. Mrs., Royal n. French 
Cornibe & Leblanc, (G. Coi-nibe, J. Le- 

blanc,) clothing, 271 Old Levee, d. 2 
Cornibe Nicholas, c. h. Levee c. France 
Cornish Freeman, atty. 92 Exchange place 
Cornish Mary Ann, 266 Bienville 
Cornu A. Mrs. 152 Columbus 
Cornu B. waterworks, 25 Dryades, d. 76 

Cornu Ernest, elk. St. Anthony, c Clai- 

Cornu F. daguerrean, 353 Bayou road 

Cornu J. collector, 83 Barracks 

Cornu Oscar, d. 76 Hospital 

Cornu S. N. elk. 22 Exchange place, d. 

514 Bayou road 
Cornuel Alfred, painter, 217 Derbigny, d.2 
Cornway W. H. finisher, 292 Clfo 
Corn well W. A. foreman Holme's foun- 
dry, d. 292 Clio 
Corocopulo Jno. c. h. Jackson c. Rousseau 
Corprew Joshua, storage, Montgomery 

Corr Catherine, dressmkr. 83 Triton walk 
Corr Geo. bricklayer,. 147 Terpsichore 
Corr Sophronia Miss, 375 Basin 
Corrad George, 417 Bourbon 
Correge Fran<;ois, 268 Treme 
Corrcge Pierre, 34 Plauche 
Correjolles E. F. 296 Burgundy 
Correjolles Gabriel, street contractor, d. 

517 Dryades 
Correjolles, J. R. trader, d. 124 Marigny 
Correjolles U. clerk, 404, d. 296 Burgundy 
Corrtjolles, P. d. 9 St. Louis, 
Correlle Nicholas, 232 Customhouse 
Corry F. Mrs. 156 Bienville 
Corse Louisa, f. w c. 112 & 114 Rampart 
Corso Jules, 146 Ursulines 
Corson &, Armstrong, f ./as. Corson,. Johnson 
L. Jirmstrong,) stationers, etc. 59 
Camp,d. Carondelet c. Polymnia 
Corte Leda, gardener, Ksplanade n. Bayou 

Cortelio Ellen, 150 Toulouse 
Cortes H. warehou.seman, Freret n. Erato 
Cortio A. Unner, 41 Poydras 
Cory & Miller, ( T. M. Cory, C. C. Miller,) 

tobacco agents, Gravier c. N. Levee 
Cortz Charles F. 135 Frenchmen 
Corvella Domingo, cigar maker, 478 St. 

Claude, d. 3 
Coryell George, clerk, 104 Constance 
Cosby John, clerk, 106 New Levee 
Cosgrove A. laborer. First n. Dryades 
Cosgrove Andrew, laborer, d. Hunter n. 

Cosgrove Barney, grocer, 505 Royal, d. 3 
Cosgrove James, saddlery, 5 St. Charles, 

d. 108 Tchoupitoulas 
Cosgrove John, lab. Josephine n. Chip- 
Cosgrove John, laborer, 179 Thalia 
Cosgrove L. laborer, 73 Notre Dame 
Cosgrove Martin, drayman, d. 393 Liberty 
Cosgrove JS'athaniel, 77 Julia 
Cosgrove Patrick, laborer, Clio n. Howard 
Co.sgrove P. & Co. plumbers, 241 Camp 
Cosis Leander, tobacconist, 116 Frenchmen 
Coskelly Terence, steward Pelican Club, 

Baronne c. Canal 
Coslow Michael, lab. 13 Leed's row, Erato 
Cospain Justine, dress making and milli- 
nery, 9b Royal 
Cossais A. Miss, 291 Burgundy 
Cosse Andres, 125 Congress 
Cossephoni Christian, laborer, 886 Ram- 
part, d. 3 




Cosso Jean, 17 JpflTcrson 
Cossutos Pedro, 328 Burg:undy 
Costa Anastasia Mrs. ■292 Baronne 
Costn Angelo Mrs., Orleans n. Bourbon 
Costa Antonio, pedler, 190 Kerlerec 
Costa Antonio, (P. Prats Sf Co.) 29 Com- 
mercial place 
Costa Antonio, 55 Customhouse, d. 168 

Costa John, 71 St. Thomas, n. Orange 
Coslallo Tlios. laborer, 212 Laurel 
Costanzi Mrs. 36 Sjiain 
Costnnzi F. E. plioto£;raph gallery, 66 

Bii'nville, d. 66 Spain 
Coste Andre, jr. (Ellison Sf Coste,) d. 331 

Coste Alfred, accountant, 61 Carondelet 
Coste Edmond, d. 623 Chartres, d. 3 
Coste Jules, rot. sampler, d. 286 Tirpsichore 
Coste Julian, watchman, Perdido n. John- 

* son 
Costeley John C. carpenter, 825 Magazine 
Cosleley John C. jr. lieutenant of fourth 
district police, d. Coliseum c. Sixth 
Coatello John, laborer, Howard c. Perdido 
Costello John, trunks, 54 Thalia 
Costello Peter, drayman, 455 Rampart 
Costello Peter, grocery, 120 t alliope 
Costello William, d. ('amp n. Washington 
Costola Ovid, 9^ I ripihart 
Cotmaii Henry, cot. weigher. d. 118Thalia 
Coto Manuel, 81 Urquhart 
Cotre C. f. w. c. 65 Bartholomew 
Coti Antoine, cake baker, 188 Royal 
Cott John, 1.39 Dryades, d. 356 Rampart 
Cotl P. Mrs.furn. rooms, 188 Royal 
Cotter John, baker, d. 398 Uryades 
Cottle Julia A. Mrs. d. 43 Polymnia 
Collin M. Mrs., St. Philip n. Claiborne 
Cottiii R. vegetables, 54 and 56 Treme mkt 
Cotting Chas C. acct. Constance c. Second 
Cotting Mary Ann W., Constance c Second 
Cottle John Mrs.d. New i.eveec. Calliope 
Cntlom Frank, Villere n. Gasquet 
Cottom Henry, tinner, 192 Rampart 
Cotton Henry, trimmer, 192 Rampart, d. 1 
Cotton J. B. attorney at law, 12 Excl\ange 

place, d. (^amp c. Seventh 
Cotton Samuel W. clerk, 74 Canal 
Cotton V. F. attorney at law, 12 Exchange 

place, d. Eighth n. Chestnut 
Cotlrelle Henry, lab. 517 Burgundy, d. 3 
Coucet Jacques, butcher, 26 Foydras mkt 
Couch Walter B. book keeper, 54 Fulton 
Coudere Pierre, crockery, 15 St. Pliilip, 

d. 152 Orleans 
Cougei Leon,\vinesand liquors,21 Madison 
Courdrain Pierre, notary public, 50 Ex- 
change place, d. 78 St. Anthony 
Coudreau Auguste,95 Royal 
Coughlan James, grocer, Magazine c De- 
Coughlan J., Washington n. Laurel 
Coughlin Michael, Richard n. Constance 
Coughlin Patrick, Uiborer, 86 St. Thomas 
1 Coughran Felix, sail maker, 287 Ram- 
part, d. 1 

Cougot F. Mrs. 827 St. Claude, d. 3 | 

Cougot Oscar Mrs. 443 Royal, d. 3 
Cougot P. P. butcher, 40 French market, ! 

d. Seventh n. Fulton 
Coulagan John, blacksmith, 110 Gaiennie 
Couliban John, blacksmith, d. 50 St. Joseph j 
Coullihan Mary, 13 Rousseau 
Coulom Felix, butcher, 5 Poydras mkt. 
Coulon Alexander, 216 Elysian Fields 
Coulon C. F. watchmaker, 202 Chartres 
Coulon Desere, 374 Robertson, d. 3 
Coulon E. jeweler, 367 Royal, d. 3 
Coulon Francois VV. 20 Condc 
Coulon G D. portrait painter, d. Laharpe 

c. Claiborne 
Coulon Geo. Louis, watchmaker, 202 

Chartres, d. 277 Baronne 
Coulon Gustave, bricklayer, 16 Annette 
Coulon Heloise, 220 Treme, d. 2 
Coulon Justin, clerk, 7 Toulouse, d. Ma- 

rigny c. Prosper 
Coulon Jean, grocer, 112 St. Claude 
Coulon Joseph P. plumber, 107 Poydras 
Coulon L. crockery, 198 Chartres, d. 83 

Union', d. 3 
Coulon Manuel, clerk, 128 Canal 
Coulon Pierre Jean, engineer, 325 Royal 
Coulonge Etienne, c. h. 44 South market 
Coulter John, carp. St. Andrew n. Fulton 
Coulter J. B. Bayou St. John n. Bridge 
Coulter Margaret Mrs. nurse, St. Charles 

c. Euterpe 

Coulter S. H. d. 146 Gasquet 
Coulter William, mate, 224 Gravier 
Coumes F. grocer, Burgundy c. St Philip 
Counsel Peter, ship carpenter, Algiers 
County S. f. m. c. 347 Customhouse 
Courbe A 27 Esplanade 
Courbebaiese Mrs. 46 Bourbon 
Courbin Theophile, 89 Main 
Courcelle Achille, clerk, 53 Gravier, d. 

516 Magazine 
Courcelle A. B. builder, 241 St. Claude 
Courcelle Etienne, Treme, near Conti 
Courcelle A. Mrs. 343 Main 
Courcelle Edward, Main c. Tonti 
Courcelle J. builder, 180 Ursulines 
Courcelle M. 104 St. Ann 
Courcelle Sylvia, f. w. c. 163 St. Philip 
Courche Jules & Co. Washington Hotel, 

Courier Esielle, 385 Morales 
Couret B. C. 217 Carondelet walk 
Couret J. B. ( Sterensnn Sf Couret,) 87 

Common, d. 324 Bienville 
Couria Edward, barkeeper, 134 St. Philip 
Courier Newspaper, 10 Exchange place 
Courmes E. D. d. .308 Chartres 
Cournet Joseph, 372 Royal, d. 3 
Couronneau R. cigars, 295 Chartres 
Courrege J. butcher, 20 and 21 St. Mary's 

market, d. Lyon c. Laurel, Jtff. City 
Courrege P. wood and coal, 348 Marais.d. 3 
Courrege S. butcher, 20 French market, 

d. Constantinople n. Laurel, Jefl't'rsoii 

Courrel Fred, clerk, Orleans c, Dauphine 




Coursault Louis, 233 St. Philip 
Course Ann, f. w. c. 100 Rampart 
Course L. 33 Rampart, d. 1 
Coursey J. tailor, 43 Kampart, d. 1 
Court Geo. blacksmith, 160 Clio 
Court Seventh Justice, 5(j« Magazine 
Courtade Alexander, clerk, 81 Canal, d. 

75 St. Ann 
Courtade F. butcher, 25 St. Mary's mkt 
Courtade Joseph, clothing, New Levee n. 

La. av. Jefferson City 
Courtade Julia, variety, 110 Ursulines 
Courtade Laporte, 213 Chartres 
Courtade P. clothing, N. Levee c. Fourth 
Courtard John, butcner, 6 Poydras mkt 
Courtarde Jos. butcher, 25 Poydras mkt 
Courtault J.wood&coal,414Chartres,d.3 
Courtell Paulang, c. h. Levee c. Toledano 
Courtigne Pierre, tailor, 163 Dauphine 
Courtin Alphonse A. 13 Spain 
Coutin A. com. mer. 24 Bienville 
Courtin C. furnished rooms, 144 Toulouse 
Courtin J. A. 445 Bourbon, d. 3 
Courtin Louis, accountant, .38 Marigny 
Courtin Louis R. acct. d. 405 Marais, d. 3 
Courtin Louis R., Southern Bank, d. Ma- 
rais n. Annette, d. 3 
Courtney Ann Mrs. d. 392 Camp 
Courtney Pat. ship join. Elmire n. Eliza, 

Courts John Captain, 86 Burgundy 
Cousin Dominique, milkman, Clouet c. 

Cousin Francois, brickmaker, 209 Orleans 
Cousin Emile, f. w. c. 220 Treme, d. 2 
Cousins Chas.G. salesman,455 St. Charles 
Cousinard R. Mrs. c. Main and Tonti 
Cousley Allen, grocer, 382 Melpomene 
Cousley James, grocer, Perdido c. How- 
ard, d. Bohvar n. Common 
Cousley John, grocer, Girod c. Franklin 
CoussiratP. candy factory, confectionery 

& grocery, 258 St. Philip c. Derbigny 
Coussy L. 243 St. Claude 
Couteux Chas. (E. Girard 8f Couteux,) 

Chartres c. Bienville 
Coutier J . Mrs. , Copernicus n .Fifth ,Gretna 
Coutin A. com. mer. 24 Bienville, d. 132 

Couto Manuel, 111 Poet 
Coutolou Pierre, c. h. and grocery, Me- 

taire Ridge 
Coutoula Edwd. butcher, 125 Baronne 
Coutoula B. D. 113 Camp 
Couturie Amedee, (Preaux S{ Co.) Consul 

of Netherlands, 33 Gravier, d. 302 

Couturie Augustus, 40O.Levee,d.239 Main 
Couturie D. elk. 63 Magazine, d. 239 Main 
Couvertie Mrs. 211 Chartres 
Couvertie Emile, jeweler, 229 Royal 
Couvertie H. Mrs. Barracks n. Dauphine 
Couvertie J. B. Mrs. 385 Bourbon, d. 3 
Couvertie L. E. clerk, 4 Union, d. 1, d. 

385 Bourbon, d. 3 
Couves Gabriel W. (Peter Maxwell fy Co.) 

117 Gravier, d. Polymnia n. Prytania 

Couvrer S. 24 Annette 

Couyard Raymond, clerk, Rocheblave n. 

Covan Joseph, 399 St. Claude, d. 3 
Covas & JNegroponte ( Stamatz Covas, C. 

Megroponte, Pericles PaulJ^egroponte,) 

com. mers. 38 Carondelet 
Covas Stamatz (Covas &{ JVegroponte,) d. 

144 Carondelet 
Cove James, f. m. c. cook, 280 Conti 
Covert Ellison, engineer, 393 Bagatelle,d. 3 

COVERT H. C. Lamps, Coal 
Oil, etc., 6 Chartres 

Covert Peter, butcher. Seventh n. Fulton 
Covin James, pedler, 43 Goodchildren 
Covin Manuel, 342 St. Philip 
Covington C. G. Miss, 128 Julia 
Covington Lionel, 470 Dryades 
Cowan Mary Jane, furnished rooms, 178 

Coward A. S. Erato n. Franklin 
Cowas Fanny Mrs., Felicity n. Fulton 
Cowen E. A, accountant, 42 Union, d. 1 
Cowen Jno. laborer, 91 Camp 
Cox Brainard & Co. (J. IS. Harris,) agts. 

95 Camp 
Cox Cyrus, f. m. c. dairy. Customhouse 

c. Genois 
Cox Daniel, carpenter, 336 Calliope 
Cox E. builder, 176 Julia, d. 444 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Cox Geo. W. clerk, 12 Magazine 
Cox George, carpenter, Julia n. Claiborne 
Cox G. W. Mrs. b. h. Rousseau c. Third 
Cox James, builder, d. 385 Howard 
Cox James, 168 Washington, d. 2 
Cox John, Carondelet n. Conrey 
Cox John, printer, d. 385 Howard 
Cox Lorenzo Mrs. 112 Spain 
Cox Matthew Capt. 376 Basin, d. 1 
Cox Matthew, Third n. St. David 
Cox Paul, contractor, d. 385 Howard 
Cox R. Walley, carpenter, Terpsichore b. 

Dryades and Baronne 
Cox Susan Mrs. 385 Howard 
Cox Thomas J. drayman, 287 Clio 
Cox & Co. ( Walter Cox, Wm. H. Johnson,) 
cot. factors, and com. mers. 63 Ca- 
ronjlelet, d. 1, d. 204 Camp 
Coxe Edward Jenner Dr. d. 214 Camp 
Coxe John G. 191 Canal 
Coxe Jos. carriage mkr. 51 Annunciation 
Coy Jacques, 174 Ursulines 
Coy John, blacksmith, Lafayette n. Sec- 
ond, Gretna 
Gov Michael, 521 Dauphine d. 3 
Coy Patrick, b. h. 212 Delord 
Coy Pat. drayman, Palmyra n. Claiborne 
Coycault A. elk. 12 Union, d. 55 Esplanade 
Coyle Daniel, oysters, 129 Conti 
Coyle Edward, lab. 143 Tchoupitoulas 
Coyle Hugh, laborer, 484 Old Levee, d. 3 
Coyle James, grocery, 168 Tchoupitoulas 
Coyle James, c. Jackson and Baronne 
Coyle Matthew, laborer, 38 Girod, d. 1 




Coyle Patrick, laborer, 196 Delord 
Coyle Pat. drayman, 173 Franklin, d. 1 
Coyle Pat. soap manf. Baroniie n. Jackson 
Coyle Peter, dry goods, '24^y Kampart, d. 1 
Coyle Peter, variety, 245 Ranijiavt, d. 1 
Coyle Peter, laborer, 78 St. Mary 
' Coyle P. Mrs., St. FVrdinand n. F. Levee 
Coyle P. cotton pickery, 441 Jo.sephine 
Coyle Pliiiiji, laborer, 54 Tlialia 
Coyle Terence, First n. Chippewa 
Coyle Terence, drayman, Ri'ligious 
Coyle Timothy, laborer, 76 Thalia 
Coyle Wni. G. clerk, 18 Exchange place 
Coyne James, boiler mkr. d. 168 Tcliou- 

Coyne John, lab. d. 160 Tohoupitoulas 
CojMie Joiin, grocer, 95 Derhigny, d. 2 
Coyne Patrick, bricklayer, 314 Magazine 
Coyny John, carix-ntcr, 2 Leeds' row 
Cozeaux Raymond, 136 Girod 
Crabiles P. clerk, 16 St. Louis 
Craddie David, lab. 194 Kerlercc 
Craft Jacob, c. h. Front c. Girod 
Craft R. carp. Pacific av. Algiers 
Crafton P. D. (fan Bcniliuyseti &(■ Craf- 

ton,) 67 Gravier 
Crafts Charles, 136 Carondelet 
Crafts R. A. & Co (J. P. Laboutsse,) com. 

mers. 24 St. Ciiarles 
Crafts Wm. H. tobacco factors, 76 Poy- 

dras, d. 386 CarondeUt 
Cragan James, screwman, 61 Poet 
Cragin Leonard, c. p. 436 Basin, d. 1 
Cragg John, notary public, 50 Gravier, d. 

340 Claiborne 
Crahan James, lab. 40 St. James 
Craig A. C. clerk, St Andrew n. Fulton 
t'raig Anna Mrs. dressmk'r, 162 Dryades 
Craig Eminit U. teacher, d. Tohoupitoulas 

n. St. James 
Craig G. W., Julia n. Dryades 
Craig G. W. clerk. Felicity n. Franklin 
Craig James, lab. 296 IV'ew Levee 
Craig John, builder, 393 Baronne 
Craig Leonard, c. p. 438 Basin 
Craig M. A.Mrs. Alex. n. Bouny, Algiers 
Craig M. Mrs. midwife, St. Andrew n. 

Craig Otto, carp. 560 Rampart, d. 3 
Craig Susan Mrs. Orange n. Annunciation 
Craiger H. F. laborer, 223 Constance 
Crailslieim Lawrence, dry goods, d. 48 

Crais l^rancis L. 72 Mandeville 
Craison John, lab. 87 Thalia 
Craison Martin, drayman, d. 87 Thalia 
Craiser Wm. lab. d. 87 Thalia 
Craiing U. H. lumbc^r. Levee n. Eighth,d.4 
Cramer & Co. (E. Cramer, J. Cramer, J 

com. mers. 58 ('ustomhouse 
Cramer E. (Cramer ^- Co.) d. 166 Conti 
C'ramer Daniel, lab. Euter|>e n. Rampart 
Cramer Girard, lab. 46 Poland 
Cramer L. grocery, St. Andrew n. An- 
Cramer Theodore, lab. Elmire n. Eliza, 

Algiers , 

Cramer Thomas, ship carpenter, Jetler- 

son, McDonogh 
Cramer Wm. tailor, 1.52 Girod 
Cramer W. tailor, 192 Delord 
Cramelli Francisco, lab. 26 St. Philip 
Crammer Thos. e^ngineer, d. 373 LilnM-ty 
Cramon Justin, ( Cramoii S,- Baze,j 243 Old 

Levee, d. 2 
Cramon & Baze, (Justin Cramon, George 

Baze,) clothing, 245 Old Levee, d. 2 
Crampon Charles, lumber com. mer, 225 

Common, d. 64 Prieur 
Crampton Charles, mate, Felicity c. Fulton 
Crampton Charles, lab. Moreau n. Mon- 

Crane P. B., St. Charles c. Gravier 

sician for Diseases of the 
Throat, Lungs, Eye and Ear. 
His Mode of Treatment is by 
the Inhalation of Electro- 
Chemical and Medicated Va- 
pors, in connection with Con- 
stitutional Remedies. Office 
and Residence at the Electro- 
Chemical Institute, 135 St. 
Joseph, bet. Camp and St. 

Crane George P. clerk, 41 Poydras 
Crane Hy. insnr. customs, 111 Gaiennie 
Crane John F. I)lacksmith, Seguin, Algiers 
Crane John, caulker, Peter, Algiers 
Crane John, drayman, 40 Callioj)e 
Crane T. B. Mrs. 235 Bienville 
Crane Wm. agent, 377 Basin 
Crane Wm. R. atty. at law, 291 Annun- 
Crane W. W. & Co., La. carriage reposi- 
tory, 49 Carondeli't 
Crane W. W. agent for Scovill &Mead, 

105 Charlres 
Craney John, laborer, 146 Rampart, d. 1 
Cranny Thos. laliorer. 479 Burgundy, d. 3 
Cranston Anna B. Mrs. teacher, Lavergne, 

Cranston James, engineer, Lavergne, Alg. 
Cranert Chas, hatter, d. Delord c. Tohou- 
Crans Francis, grocery, 263 Baronne 
Crantz John, North market, n. Levee 
Crantz John, ice depot, Ninth n. Fulton 
Crary Wm. Dryades c. Euterpe 
Crcssons J. D. c. p. Solidelh: n.Fronchmcu 
Cra.sto R. embroidery, 147 Bienville 
Crauser Pierre, carpenter, 91 Mandeville 
Crauser Pierre, cabinet maker, 522 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
Craven Danl. grocer. Cypress n. Magnolia 
Craven Patk. drayman, 537 Burgundy ,d. 3 
Crawcour 1. L. Dr. 141 Canal 
Crawford Caroline, f. w. c. 161 Clio 
Crawford Chas. C. acct. Bienville c. Royal 
Crawford H. F. 47 Common 




Crawford John, clerk, 89 Main 
Craw-ford John, clerk, 110 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. 73 Josejiiiiiie 
Crawford John, shoemaker, St. Mary c. 

Crawford John, Royal c. Bienville 
Crawford John M. secry. Union Ins. Co. 
Crawford J. 1.. barber, f. m. c. 196 Conii 
Crawford K. M. Miss, embroiderer, Con- 
stance c. Josephine 
Crawford Miclil. lab. Richard n. Constance 
Crawford Mrs. f. w. c. 21 St. James 
Crawford Robert, carp. 433 Poydras 
Crawford R. H. 386 Rampart, d. 1 
Crawfoid T. W. f Warren, Gilmore &f Co.) 

43 Carondelet, d. 39 Prytania 
Crawford Walter, accountant, 39 Natchez 
Crawford \Vm. 8. merchandise broker, 25 

New Levee, d. 1 
Crawford Wm. R. engineer, 164 Chippewa 
Crawford W. G. clerk. Union Ins. Co. 
Cray Andrew, Terpsichore-c. St. Thomas 
Cray Charles, f. m. c. Galvez n. Gravier 
Cray John, carpenter, 296 Dryades 
Crayon Wm. c. p. 93 Frenchmen 
Crea Andrew, drayman, d. 72 Terpsichore 
Creag Wm. E. clerk, 235 St. Ann 
Creagan James, screwman, 72 Poet 
Creagh Patrick, 272 Lafayette 
Creamer Daniel, laborer, 321 Liberty 
Crebbin John, shipsmith, 28 Front Levee, 

d. 1, op. post 20, d. 379 Annun. d. 4 
Crebbin John sr. 2b Upper Levee 
Crebbin Wm. shipsmith, 34 Euterpe 
Crebell Peter, baker, 337 Main 
Crecelius Geo. shoemaker, 14 Com. place 
Crecer Mary, 34 'J'remc, d. 2 
Crechan Michael, 464 Chartres, d. 3 
Crecy Manuel, clerk, 49 St. Anthony 
Credo Bernard, cistern maker. Third near 

Creed John R. wharfinger, 239 Girod 
Creevy Wm. warehouseman, 225 Marigny 
Creevy & Farwell, ( Wm. Creevy, Chas.Ji. 
Farwdl,) slup brokers, 29 Carondelet 
Creger H. F. Terpsichore n. Constance 
Creighton Alex, engmeer, 380 Bienville 
Crellin James, undertaker, 132 Camp 
Cremmer Thomas, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Crenney Thomas, 48 Spain 
Crenshaw Henry M. clerk, 22 Common 
Crenshaw Richard G. laborer, 57 Spain 
Creole Fire Co. No. 9, Esplanade c. Victory 
Creppel Wm. 148 Annunciation 
Crerar W. J. prof, of guitar and violin, 74 

Cresap, McMillan & Co. (H. B. Cresap, 
Thos. J. McMillan, Thos. McMillan,) 
com. niers. 66 and 68 Magazine 
Cresaj) H. B. (Cresap, McMillan 8f Co.) 

d. Third c. Chestnut 
Crescent City Bank, Canal c. Carondelet 
Crescent City Cotton Press, New Levee, 

bet. Robin and Race 
Crescent Firewood Co. (Eugene Lambert, 
Geo. W. Clapp, John Hurd,J 99 Caron- 
delet walk 

Crescent City Hotel, Customhouse c. Front 
Crescent Fire Co. No. 24, St. Ferdinand 
Crescent Mutual Insurance Co. 63 Camp 
Crescent Newspaper, 70 Camp, James 0. 
Nixon publisher ajid proprirtor 

UFA C T O R Y, 36 St. Joseph 
street, bet. Tchoupitoulas and 
New Levee. 

Crescent Towboat Co. 3 Carondelet 
Crescioni Pierre, grocery and coffee house, 

St. Peter c. Old Basin 
Cresham Michael, 464 Chartres, d. 3 
Cressey Wm. plasterer, d, 542 Carondelet 
Cresson Joseph, clerk, 92 Frenchmen 
Cresson Louis, painter, 99 Bourbon 
Cresson M. liquor manufacty , 37 Barracks 
Cresson L. Mrs. milliner, 99 Bourbon 
Cressy L. W. clerk, 28 St. Charles 
Cressy M. clerk, Canal c. Bourbon 
Cretin Peter, tailor, 23 Baronne 
Crevilie Joseph, screwman, 279 Royal 
Crevon Edward, d. 197 Villere 
Creyer Joseph, tailor, d. 420 Baronne 
Crickard John, i-eceiving teller Bank of 

New Orleans, d. 19 Uerbigny] 
Crimin M. laborer, 16 Elysian Fields 
Crinks Charles, engineer, d. 391 Baronne 
Crinnigan John, laborer, 89 Delord 
Cripps Fred, engineer, 381 Howard 
Cripps Thomas E. organist, d. 163 Erato 
Criscie George, 126 St. Philip 
Criselius George, shoemaker, 92 Dryades 
Crissey Edgar, painter, 239 Poydras 
Cristman M. c. h., c. Treme and Conti 
Crisiman Sebastian, 136 St. Philip 
Criswc^U Elijah, watchman, 356 Dryades 
Criswell Thos, H. teacher, Chippewa c. 

Crocheron Sherman B. Dr. 387 St.Charles 
Crochet F. bakery, 21 North market 
Crochet F. butcher, 21 Poydras market 
Crocker Basil, f. m. c. 349 Villere, d. 3 
Crocker Dorismon, 218 Ursulines 
Crocker Henry H. (Thos. J. Spear &f Co.) 

177 Canal 
Crocker P. Mrs. 292 St. Philip 
Crockett Daniel, painter, 271 Liberty 
Croey Geo. Mrs. St. Bernard n. Prieur 
Croft John, carpenter, Roman c. Poydras 
Croften George, drayman, 554 New Levee« 
Croften Robt. screwman, d. 77 St. Ferdi- 
Crofton Francis, clerk, 370 Common 
Crofton James, screwman, 104 Mandeville 
Crogan Thomas, laborer, 75 Spain 
Croghan James, 574 Burgundy, d. 3 
Crohan James, grocery ,Dufo3satc.Jersey, 

Jeff. City 
Croizi L. coal, 121 Exchange place, d.l30 

St. Louis 
Croke Pat. drayman, 433 Old Levee, d. 3 
Cromer John, 364 Lafayette 
Cromwell James, Jena c. Jersey, Jeff.City 




Cromwell Jonathan & Geo. com. mers. 55 

Carondelet, d. 72 Prytania 
Cromwell W. A. clerk, d. 72 Prytania 
Cron Charles, wheelwrigiH,Eislith c.Canip 
Cronan Charles, trader, ]],3 Howard 
Croiian David, 302 Lafayette 
Cronan David, clerk, 327 Mafca^ine 
Cronan Dennis, contractor, 1(}3 St. Peter 
Cronan George, contractor, 83 Claiborne 
Cronan James, 150 Deiord 
Cronan John, laborer, 58 Annunciation 
Cronan John, drayman ,581 Tchoupiloulas 
Cronan Tim. screwman, 494 Royal, d. 3 
Cronan William, laborer, 24 Foucher 
Crone Christian, shipwright, 21 Eighth 
Crone John, 30 Poyfarre 
Crone Wm. C. attorney, 30 Poyfarre 
Crone Wm. H. elk. 5 Commercial place, 

d. 21 Poyfarre 
Cronen James, commissioner, 23 Poet 
Cronen Thomas, clerk, 75 Rousseau 
Croiley John, boss paver, d.405 Si. Charles 
Cronmiller H. G. butcher, 29 French mkt 
Crooks il. M. d. St. Anthoine n. Annette 
Crookshanks J. Mrs. 59 Carondelet walk 
Crosby Levi B. machinist, d. 278 Melpo- 
Crosby Michael, laborer, 495 Royal, d. 3 
Crosby William, laborer, 38 Marais, d. 1 
Cross C. exchange broker, 3 Carondelet 
Cross E. H. Mrs. 256 Bienville 
Cros F. C. clerk, 46 St. Charles 
Cross Geo. W. Dr. d. 321 Carondelet 
Cross James, lab. Josephine n. Chippewa 
Cross Jonathan C, Thalia n. Howard. 
Cross J. N. watchman, Prosper n. Union 
Cross Wm. carpenter, 150 Jackson 
Crossman Charles, 259 Marigiiy 
Crossman C. lab. Morales n. St. Ferdinand 
Crossman John, lab. 537 Burgundy, d. 3 
Crossman, engineer, 118 Julia 
Crosso John Baptist, carp. 291 St. Louis 
Crottes Martial, dry goods, 43 Chartres 
Crotty William, lab. 514 Royal, d. 3 
Crouch Fanny, f. w. c. furnished rooms, 

88 Carondelet 
Crouch W^alter V. 91 Fulton 
Crouere J. P. wh.gro.320 St. Claude, d. 2 
Cnnizeilles L. c. h. Claiborne n. Common 
Crouzeilles M. butcher, 32 Magazine mkt 
Crouzer Calisiro, f. w. c. 258 Bienville 
Crovetle Joseph, fisherman, 411 Ursulines 
Crow W. C. atty. at law, 9 Commercial 

Croward A. wood yard, J( (Terson City 
Crowder Christiana, 266 Mel])omene 
Crowd Morris, Conroy n. St. Charles 
Crowell &. Hallet, ( Higgins Crowcll, Jacob 

P. Hallet,) ship chandlers, 32 Front 

Levee, d. 1 

Crowell, Joseph Schwartz,) 
Carriage Makers aud Repair- 
ers, 68 and 70 Rampart, late 

Crowell Higgins, (Crowell &f Hallet,) 32 

Front Levee 
Crowford William, 449 Villere, d. 3 
Crowley Bryan, laborer, 32 Enghien 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, 298 Liberty 
Crowley James, laborer, 257 Annunciation 
Crowhy Jeremiah, paver, Bayou road n. 

St. Claude 
Crowley John, machinist, 32 Religious 
Crowley Mary Mrs. grocery, 117 Foucher 
Crowley Margaret Mrs. 444 Carondelet, d. 

117 Fouclier 
Crowley Patrick, lab. Market n. Chippewa 
Crowley William, laborer, 82 St. Thomas 
Crown Patrick , laborer, 813 St. Claude , d .3 
Croy H. f. w. c. furn. rooms, 167 Tremed.2 
Crozat Edward, d. 67 Kerlerec 
Crozat F. M. measurer in custom house, 

201 Bayou road 
Crozat J. B. inspec. revenue, d. 67 History 
Crozat P. E. d. Bayou road n. Treme 
Crozat S. E. d. 219 Bayou road 
Crozelle James J. 608 Rampart, d 3 
Crozier C. carpenter. Calliope n. Franklin, 

d. 385 Rampart, d. 1 
Cruanes Fraii(,-ois, 103 Union, d. 3 
Cruden Isabel VI rs. M.D.Jackson n.Camp 
Crumb Joiin, 152 Mandeville 
Crumb Michael, laborer, 155 Mandeville 
Crumhorn Nicholas, bakery , Clio c. Frank- 
lin, d. 1, d. 141 Third, d. 4 
Crumhorn Nicholas H. bakery, 441 Ma- 
rais, d. 3 
Crump A. carpenter, 371 Basin 
Crump Benjamin, (Green Sf Crump,) 157 

Crump Christian, lumber, 53 Robertson 
Cruse John H. Mrs. 302 Bienville 
Crusel Edward, clerk, d. 409 Villere, d. 3 
Crusel Mrs. 15 Girod, d. 3 
Crusell James, lab. Clouet n. Casacalvo 
Crusius Henry L. painter, 322 Fulton 
Crusius John, commission merchant, 34 

Toulouse c. Chartres 
Crussins Peter, laborer, Lafayette n.Frcret 
Cruys Joseph, laborer, 361 did Levee, d. 3 
Cruz Bernard, finisher, 102 Franklin 
Cruzat A. Mrs. 139 Si. Louis 
Cruzat Charles, 139 St. Louis 
Cruzat Eulalie Miss, school, 264 St.Claude 
CJruzalGustave, cashier of Meclianics' and 
Traders' Bank, 101 Canal, d. over bank 
Cruzat Henry, clerk, 77 Carondelet 
Cruzat Mrs. M. 186 Rampart, d. 2 
Cruzat Victoria Miss, school, 264 St.Claude 
Cruzat & Wilson, ( IVm. Cruzat, Wm. H. 
Wilson,) importers of Havana cigars, 
22 Common, d. 170 Ursulines 
Cruzel Edward, cltrk, 122 Canal 
Cruzelle Auguste, c. h. Claiborne n. mkt 
Crystal Alex, boarding house runner, 424 

Burgundy, d. 3 
Cubicke Alphonse, gro. 256 Rampart, d. 2 
Cubicke M. Mrs. 20 St. Anthony 
Cucick Antony, cigars, Patterson, Algiers 
Cucullu Anatoie, (Cucullu &,■ D'Meza,) d. 
284 Bourbon 




Cucullu & D'Meza, (Anatole Cucullu, A. 
H. D'Meza,) dealers in sugar and mo- 
lasses, and importers of Havana pro- 
duce, 4 St. Louis 

CUCULLU & JULIAN, ( Gustave 
Cucullu, A. G. Julian,) Deal- 
ers in Northern and Western 
Produce, Potatoes, Peas, Oni- 
onSjElom^di-ied Apples, dried 
Peaches, South Carolina Cow 
Peas, Beans, Cheese, etc., 30 
Poydras, between Tchoupi- 
toulas and New Levee. 

Cucullu Gustave, (Cucullu Sf Julian,) 30 

Cucullu Joseph S. 136 Main 
Cucullu J. M. Mrs. 451 Bayou road 
Cucullu Louis, clerk, 136 Main 
Cucullu M. S. Mrs. 125 Bourbon 
Cucullu Paul, clerk, 30 Poydras 
Cucullu S. Mrs. 2«4 Bourbon 
Cude John, carp. d. Coliseum n. Eighth 
Cude William, carp. d. Coliseum n. Eighth 
Cue F., Havana cigars and produce, 10 

Cueto A. & Co. bakery, 64 Levee, d. 3 
Cuddeger David, charcoal, d. 439 Franklin 
Cuddy Mary, f. w c. 71 Treme, d. 2 
Uueno Francis mirrors, etc. 254 Tchou- 

Cuff M. barkeeper, 127 Fulton 
Cuff Patrick, lab. St. James n. Chippewa 
Cuggy J. d. Robertson n. Canal 
Culi,on Conrad, sausage maker,310 French- 
Cuigniet Paul, confectioner, 535 Magazine 
CuiUe Antoine, 103 Treme, d. 2 
Cuillery Clement, carp. 183 St. Philip 
Cuillet M. Mrs. 92 Burgundy 
Culane Andrew, laborer, 46 St. Thomas 
Culbertson Charles Wm. (E.Ji. Patterson 

Sf Co.) d. 490 Dauphme, d. 3 
Culbertson Henry, d. 490 Dauphine, d. 3 
Culbertson John, atty. at law, 92 Exchange 

place, d. 488 Dauphine, d. 3 
Cull Thomas, grocer, 274 Customhouse 
CuUaton Michael, blacksmith,d. 134 Thalia 
CuUen C. Mrs., Terpsichore n. Liberty 
Cullen Dennis, drayman, 325 Thaller 
CuUen James (John WoodSf Co.) 23 Camp 
Cullen James, drayman, 65 Poydras 
Cullen James, drayman, 34 New Levee 
Cullen Nicholas, d. 439 Magazine. 
Cullen Patrick (Kelly &f Cullen) coopers, 

2 Natchez 
Cullen Thomas, grocer, 366 Common 
Cullen T. F. 583 St. Claude 
Cullen William, drayman, Square, n. Dry- 

ades market 
Culley & Co. (Peter Culley,JohnCavanagh,) 

marble works, 232 and 234 Camp 
Culley Peter, (Culley Sf Co.) d. Benton n. 


Culliette John, 102 St. Philip 
Culligan Elizabeth Mrs. 20 Palmyra 
CuUigan Ellen, 91 Delord 
Culligan James Mrs. 66 St. Andrew 
Culligan Thomas, laborer, Martin n. Erato 
Culliname Andrew, lab. 46 St. Thomas 
Cullins P.G. elk. 15 Carondelet 
Cullison L. drayman, 38 Marignv 
Cullotte Frank, carpenter, d. 12 Main 
Cullough William, lab. Claiborne n. Clio 
Cullum Catharine Mrs. 417 Terpsichore 
CuUum Charles, 503 Chartres, d. 3. 
Cullum Charles, Fourth n. Fulton 
Cullum Michael, printer, d. 417 Terpsi- 
Cullum Wm. printer, d. 417 Terpsichore 
Cully James, cab. driver, 297 Poydras 
Cully Peter, ( Cavanaugh Sf Cully) d. 389' 

Cumberland, Bordon & Co. (John Cum- 
berland, T. II. Bordon,) 27 Front, d. 1. 
Cumberland John, 32 Constance 
Cumming Thomas, lab. Pleasant n. St. 

Cummings F. Mrs. mattresses, 135 Craps 
Cummings John Mrs. 79 Bourbon 
Cummings Michael, 388 Lafayette 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 91 Delord 
Cummings Patrick, wheelwright, Jackson 

n. Liberty 
Cummings Pat. contractor, 464 St. Charles 
Cummings P. steamboatman, 182 Custom- 
Cummings & Co. (R. C. Cummings, J. G. 
Brown,) com.mers. 13 St. Charles, No. 
7 up stairs 
Cummings R. C. (Cummings Sf Co.) 13 

St. Charles 
Cummings R. T. 443 Basin 
Cummings, Thomas, laborer, 87 Delord 
Cummings Thos. lab. Religious n. Felicity 
Cummings Thomas, lab. St. Charles near 

Toledano, Jefferson City 
Cummings Thomas Mrs., Basin n. Clio 
Cummingworth Richard R. elk. 121 Basin, 

d. 1. 
Cummins John, cook, 458 Royal, d. 3. 
Cummins John & Co. Atlantic Shipping 
Office, 8 Marigny bldgs. d. 49 Louisa 
Cummins Thomas, lab. Racn n. Religious 
Cummins Thomas, lab. 382 Camp 
Cumpston John, gas fitter, Melpomene n. 

Cune Jacob, clerk, d. 335 Old Levee 
Cune Wm. blacksmith, 196 New Levee 
Cuneo Francis, 607 Magazine 
Cunea F. crockery, 254 Tchoupitoulas 
Cunick. James, drayman, 87 Annunciation 
Cunning Henry, Baronne n. St. Andrew 
Cunningham Bernard, lab. 390 Perdido 
Cunningham D. C. clerk, 155 Canal. 
Cunningham E. W. 10 Poydras 
Cunningham James, cabman, 88 Franklin 
Cunningham J. printer, 221 Tchoupitoulas 
Cunningham James, lab. Clio n. Liberty 
Cunningham John, stable, 33 Franklin 
Cunningham John, carp. 495 Baronne 




Cunnin2;ham John, pilot, 112 Basin, d. 1. 
Cunnine:liam Justin, cook, 258 Dolord 
Cunninsliain J. B. 363 iJienville 
Ciinnini^ham J. C. clerk at City Hotel 
Cunniiii^iiam J. lalioror, 116 Constance 
Cunnini:;liani L. A. Miss, 9 Marais, d. 3 
Cunninsliam Michael, lahoror, 196 Tchou- 

p i to u 1 as 
Cunningltam Michael, grocer, 279 Old Le- 
vee, d. 2 
Cunningham Michael, lab. 5S St. Joseph 
Cunningliam Michael, lab. 421 Chippewa 
Cunningham Peter, 97 Triton walk 
Cunningham Thomas, printer, d. 122 St. 

Cunningham Thomas N. clerk, 155 Canal 

d. 4 Gasqviet 
Cunningham Walter, oysterman, Bolivar 

n. Common 
Cunningham William, Palmyra n. Roman 
Cunningham William, commission mer- 
chant, 26 St. Charles, d.39S Constance 
'Cunoth George, blacksmith, 222 St. Louis 
•Cunterminsky George, carpenter, Terpsi- 
chore n. Howard 
Cnntz J. P. tailor, •93 Washington 
Cnny Auguste, Melpomene n. Magnolia 
Cupsey Louis, lab. 355 Liberty 
Curby Daniel, c. p. 32 Erato 
Curby William Mrs. 50 Barracks 
Curcus Victorine, 262 Burgundy 
Cure Adolph, carp. 906 St. Claude, d. 3 
Curel M. Mrs., leather. Esplanade corner 

Curiel J. grocer,17Conti,d. 216 Frenchmen 
Curien Cliarles, clerk, 20 Toulouse 
Curien J. N. importer wines, 20 Toulouse 
Curioz Louis, president of Jesuits' Col- 
lege, Baronne c. Common 
Curlay James, grocer, 215 Magazine 
Curlett John, laborer, 156 Chippewa 
Curley James, grocer, 215 Magazine 
Curle'y James, 101 St. Joseph " 
Curley, 640 St. Claude ,d. 3 
Curley John, laborer, 315 Old Levee, d. 2 
Curley Lucy, 215 Magazine 
Curley March, Palmyra c. Roman 
Cnrley Michael, laborer, 183 Howard 
Curley Margaret, 295 Calliope 
Curley Patrick, laborer, 81 Julia 
Curley Patrick, plasterer, 402 Hampart 
Curley Patrick, laborer, Fulton n. Felicity 
Curley Patrick, drayman, 307 St. Louis 
Currim Cynthia, dressmaker. Magazine n. 

St. Mary 
Curran Dennis, lab. Melpomene n. Con- 
Curran Edward, mattress maker, 110 Cus- 
Curran Francis, clerk, 6 Union, d. Maga- 
zine c. Si. Mary 
Curran James, laborer, 178 Tchoupitoulas 
Curran James, 38 Poydras market 
("lurran John, laliorer, 140 Liljerly 
Curran John, 187 Customhouse 
Curran John, mate, 65 Constance 
Curran John, clerk, 8 New Levee 

Curran Peter, pilot, 19 Piety 
Curran Timothy, lab. 654 Royal, d. 3 
Currell James R. attorney, 22 Ex. place 
Currey William T. clerk, d. 375 Thalia 
Currin James, carpenter, d. 190 Louisa 
Curry Amelia Mrs. d. 258 Annunciation 
Curry Ann, f. w. c. 75 Villcre 
Curry A. T. restaurant, Dryadesn.Perdido 
Curry Edward, elk. 79 Carondelet, d. 493 

Curry .Tames Mrs. 58 Spain 
Curry John, d. 90 Franklin 
Curry John, engineer, 31 Spain 
Curry J. clerk, 5 Poydras 
Curry Theodore, engineer, 31 Spain 
Curry Thomas, atty. at law, 54 Camp 
Curry Thomas, boiler maker, 81 Constance 
Curry Thomas, carpenter, 180 Cypress 
Curslett Jno. screwman, d. 160 Chippewa 
Curtain M. Miss, fancy store, 238 Canal 
Curtey Sophie, dressmaker, 307 Burgundy 
Curtin George, clerk, 35 Carondelet 
Curtis A. coppersmith, 138Girod 
Curtis Caroline A. Mrs., Felicity n. Baronne 
Curtis Chas. b. h. Tchoupitoulas c. Adele 
Curtis Chas. coffee house. Front c. Cross- 
Curtis Edward, 33 Greatmen 
Curtis H. warehouseman, 82 Poydras, d. 

Erato c. Jacob 
Curtis Jas. ship. carp. 1 Delaronde, Algiers 
Curtis Paul, jeweler, 85 Julia 
Curtiss Asa, Seventh n. St. Mary 
Curtius Herman Dr. apothecary, Caronde- 
let c. Delord 
Curto Felix, clijrk, 233 St. Ann 
Curto G. prof, music, 299 St. Philip 
Cury John B. periodicals, 100 Ex. place 
Cusachs J. J. Mrs., Royal c. St. Philip 
Cusachs & Ogden, (P. L. Cusachs, Robert 
W. Op;den,) druggists, Royal c. St. 
Cusachs P. 'L.( Cusachs Sf Ogden,) d: Royal 

c. St. Philip 
Cusack J. lal). St. Thomas c. Terpsichore 
Cusack Martin B. clerk, 155 Poydras, d. 

Lafayette c. Philip 
Cushing Antoine, watchman, Algiers 
Cushing John, laborer, 13 Constance 
Cushing Wm. L. com. mer., agent Eagle 
cotton gins, steam engines and saw 
mills, .57 St. Charles 
Cushman Chas. W. (Mat, Marye Sf Cush- 

mnn, ) 69 Carondelet 
Cusick Martin, painter, 82 Spain 
Cusidio.') Juan, fishmonger, d. 489 Villere 
Cuasole E. Mrs. 472 Villere, d. 3 
Custi B. butcher, Poydras market 
Custner George, lab. Bagatelle n. Solidelle 
Customhouse (appraisiment) store No. 1, 

Customhouse buildings 
Customhouse store No. 2, 83 Bienville 
Customhouse store No. 3, 86 Bienville 
Customhouse store No. 4, 139 Magazine 
Customhouse store No. 5, Julia c. Foucher 
Customhouse store No. 6, Ho.spital b. Roy- 
al and Bourbon 

Customhouse store No. 7, New Levee, c. 

Customhouse and Bienville 
Cutler R. King, attorney at law, office 5 
Commercial place, d. Napoleon ave- 
nue n. Magazine, Jeff. City- 
Cutler & Dave'nport, ( W. C. Cutler, Isom 
Davenport,) lumber. Stock Landing, 
Jeff. City, office 38 Exchange place 
Cutrer & Harrison, (' Isaac W. Cutrer, Geo. 
P. Harrison,) cot. fac. and com. mers. 
27 Carondelet, d. 360 Camp 
Cutter W. C. clerk U. S. sub-treasury, at 

the Mint 
Cutter Samuel W. d. 242 Canal 
Cuvellier Eugene, 541 St. Claude, d. 3 
Cuvellier P. C. d. Gasquet c. Robertson 
Cuvillier Joseph, notary pubhc, 79 Ex- 
change place, d. 153 Morales 
Cuzette Rosa, 253 Conti 
Cweran Henry, cigars, 209 Tchoupitoulas 
Cypress Grove Cemetery, Metaire ridge 
Czar L. f. m. c. Robertson n. Ann 
Czarnowski J. H. elk. Royal c. St. Philip 
Czarnowski O., Poydras n. Penn 
Czvitkoviez Alexander Rev. 45 Constance 


'ABAT BASILE, butcher, 23 French 

D'Abat J.d. 110 St. Peter 
DabeyisA.blacksmith,d. 120 Burgundy, d.2 
Dabney James W. clerk, 71 Canal 
Dabon Nich. professor, 231 Claiborne, d. 2 
Dabos Jules, accountant, 12 Toulouse, d. 

380 St. Ann 
Dabos P. cooper, 380 St. Ann 
Daboval F. Mrs. midwife, 72 Annette 
Dacon William, clerk, 356 Camp 
Da Cohen Emma Mrs. midwife, d. 76 

Dacosta A. purser of steamship Tennessee 
Dacosta F. J. grocer, 133 Gasquet 
Dacosta Victor, 33 Dauphine 
Dacosta William, repairer, 236 St. Louis 
Daelli Gino, music store, 78 Chartres 
Daemal Gertrude Mrs. 94 Clouet 
Daffer Bei-nard, Goodchildren n. Spain 
Daffos B. Mrs. grocery, 167 Frenchmen 
Daffy Martin, cotton sampler, 25 Music 
Dagan Matthew, lab. Roman n. Palmyra 
Dagan Michael, laborer, 303 Franklin 
Daggar Conrad, Josephine n. Mandeville 
Dagner Mary, grocery, 77 Delord 
Dagoret Auguste, elk. Canal c. Bourbon, 

d. 285 Conti 
Dagoret Jean, 213 Toulouse 
DagorretH. clerk, Conti c. Chartres 
Dahiel Thomas, 99 Frenchmen 
Dahlen Edward, laborer, 630 Chartres, d. 3 
Dahlstroem A. apothecary, 134 Canal d. 

19 Gasquet 
Dahman John, laborer, 7 Spain 
Dahmer John, tailor, 797 New Levee 
Dahner John C. tailor, 339 Magazine, d. 

16 Bourbon 
Dahoney Pat. drayman, 514 Royal, d. 3 

Daigle Louis, clerk, 8 Front Levee 
Daigre Ernest, clerk, 37 Chartres 
Daiiey P. Mrs. Levee n. Adele 
Dajan Armand, clerk, 164 Ursulines 
Dakin Charles J. 25 Commercial place, d. 

398 Felicity 
Dakin J. H. 389 Felicity 
Dakin Julia G. Mrs. 398 Felicity 
Daris John, marketman. Eighth n. Laurel 
Daily Benjamin Mrs., Perdido n. Willow 
Daily Nicholas, Rousseau c. St. Andrew 
Daix Mrs. midwife, 31 Dauphine 
D'Albarado Juste, account. 73 Old Levee 
Dalberni Jean Marie, 243 St. Claude, d. 2 
Dalbron Henry, Second n. New Levee 
Dalche A. builder, 284 St. Peter 
Dalche Achille, slater, 284 St. Peter 
Dalche F. A. clerk, 67 Derbigny, d. 2 
Dalcour David, 219 St. Ann 
Dalcour E. T. widow, 323 Villere, d. 3 
Dalcourt Auguste, f. m. c. lab. 161 St .Ann 
I>alcourt Fred, carpenter, 337 Basin, d. 1 
Dale Andrew, laborer, 11 Melpomene 
Dale Robt. steamboat agent, 418 Dryades 
Dale Sarah Mrs. 182 Annunciation 
Daler Jean, butcher, 21 Dryades market 
Daley James, clerk, 165 Tchoupitoulas 
Daley James, drayman, Clara n. Lafayette 
Daley Matt, cooper, d. 138 Tchoupitoulas 
Daley Matthias Capt., Clio n. Howard 
Daley Michael, grocer, 273 Carondelet 
Daley M. barkeeper, Lafiiyette c. Front 
Daley Pat. drayman, 27 Calliope 
Dalgo Manuel, 77 St. Anthony 
Dalian Charles, c. h. 397 Chartres 
Dalier Auguste, butcher, 21 Dryades mkt 
Dalier Frederick, 231 Customhouse 
Dalict Jules, clerk, 43 Chartres 
Dallas Wm. C. (Jester 4" Dallas,) Jose- 
phine n. Rousseau, d. Chippewa n. 
St. Mary 
Dalles V. Mrs. furnished rooms, 203 Julia 
Dallimore P. E. 146 St. Anthony 
Dalmazie G. B. shoemaker. Felicity n. 

Dalmazie J. B., Felicity n. Carondelet 
Dalon Auguste, hricklyr. 166 Elys. Fields 
Dalou F. cook, 361 0. Levee, d. 3 
Dalton John, upholsterer, 229 Poydras 
Dalton John, clerk, 66 Liberty n. Common 
Dalton J. G. pilot, 13 Jackson 
Dalton Mat. lab. 546 Dauphine, d. 3 
Dalton Michael, plast. d. 422 Terpsichore 
Dalton Michael, (Murphy 8f Dalton,) 

Front n. Girod 
Dalton Robt. drayman, Gravier n. Bolivar 
Dalton Robt. c. h. St. Jane n. Common 
Dalton Sarah Mrs., Washington n. Chip- 
Dalton S. W. Dr. 110 St. Charles 
Dalton Thomas, lab. 28 St. Joseph 
Dalton Wm. d. Washington n. Annunci- 
Dalton Wm. clerk, 169 Carondelet 
Daly Christ, lab. 97 Gaiennie 
Daly Henry, ship carp. Villere n. Bar- 
tholomew, Algiers 




Daly Jamns, Robin n. Tchotipitnulas 
Daly James, painter, 517 Burgundy, d. 3 
DaJy Jolin, 326 Constance 
Daly John, Conrey n. St. Ciiarles 
Daly John, 131 Franklin 
Daly John, lab. 104 Montei>-ut 
Daly John, lab. 51 iNorlh market 
Daly J. ins|)ect(ir customs, Customhouse 
Daly Mary, 5-2 St. Thomas 
Daly Vlicliael, trrocer, Delord c. Fouclier 
Daly Mie.hael, 111 Brato 
Daly Nicholas, St. Andrew n. Rousseau 
Daly Patrick, clerk, 37 Poydra.s 
Daly Patrick, draymaster," 297 Calliope 
Dalv Thomas, lab. 54 Thalia 
Daly Thomas, lab. 39!) Perdido 
Daly Timothy, laiv Bartholomew, Ali^iers 
Daly Wm. lab. 64 St. Thomas 
Dalv Wm. bia-ksmiih, Di-larmide, Algiers 
Dalz, Hariolo, Carrollton R. R. depot 
Daman John, lab. ((7 Spain 
Damire Felix, elk. Magazine c. Common 
Damari' Frederick, calnnet maker, Cus- 
tomhouse n. Johnson 
Damas Louis, butch. 28 Dryadps mkt 
Daniarin A. salesman, 100 Canal 
Dambrun Gould, butcii. 92 French mkt 
Damlnirn H. buiclKU-, 18 French mkt 
Damele Louis, acct. St. Louise. Royal 
Damcron E. L. M. Mrs. 393 St. Cliarles 
Dameron C. charcoal, 61 Dauphine 

DAMERON & CO., (J. D. Dam- 
eron, H. R. Bonneval,) Deal- 
ers in Carpeting, Floor Oil 
Cloths, Curtain Goods, etc., 
124 Canal street, Touro 
Buildings, d. Ill bt. Joseph 

Dameron Wm. H. ( Paijne &c Harrison,) 
51 Union, d. St. Charles c. Sixth, d. 4 
Dameyer Henry, lab. Marais c. Orleans 
Damica Salvador, poultry, 22 Poydras mkt 
Damico Ang-elo, barber, 210 Rampart, d.l 
Damii^ns llypolite, clerk, 129 Royal 
Damm Ditin;is, tailor, 76 St. Peter 
Damour John, lab. IdO New Levee, d 1 
Dam roil George, Fourth c. Rousseau 
Damron Henry, 252 Rousseau 
Damron Stephen, undertk'r, 21 Rousseau 
Dana Francis, mkiman, 363 liurgundy, d.3 
Dananlaner L. tailor, Carondelel walk c. 

Danatognard B. butcher, 42 Poydras mkt 
Dancer C. oysters, d. 388 Camp 
Dancevich Lazzaro, oysters, etc. Custom- 
house c. Marais 
Danchauer Mark, Fourth n. Annunciation 
D.meos Bertrand, shoemkr. 87 Claiborne 
Danc(iste Pierre, draym. 343 St. Ann 
Danda P. painter, 255 Burgundy 
Dandug George, grocer. La. av. c. Laurel, 

Jeff. City 
Dane Bernard, lab. 157 Chijipewa 
Danese Nicholas Capt. 462 Royal 
Danflous Theodore 

Dangel Joseph, shoemkr. 224 Poydras 
Dangerfield Jane C. music teacher, 214 

Dangerfield S. S P. 214 Chippewa 
Dangele Gaitano, barlier, 873 Magazine 
Daniel A. fireworks, 149 Carondelet walk 
Daniel A. W. clerk, 6 Magazine 
Daniel CofiVy, lab. 23 History 
Daniel Joseph, shoemkr. 22 Poydras 
Daniel Philip, clerk, 489 Robert.wn, d. 3 
Daniel P. clerk, 106 Chartres, d. 30 I r- 

Daniell C. W. c. p. 523 Burgundy, d. 3 
Daiiiell George H. agent N. 0. and Texas 

Express, 96 Camp 
Daniels A. 363 Royal, d. 3 
IJaniels F. boiler maker, Goslin, Algiers 
Daniels John, carp. 514 [loyal, d. 3 
Daniels J.J. iron house, 209 I choupitoulas 
Daniels J. J. d. .331 Ram:)art, d. 1 
Daniels Wm. B. iioiler mkr. Chestnut n. 

Patterson, Algiers 
Dankoss John, butcher, Treme market, 

220 Orleans 
Dann George, carpenter, Market n. St. 

Danneche Jean, gilder, 55 Villere 
Danneel H. ( Francke &f Danneel,) com. 

and forw. niers. 65 Magazine 
Danneck Jacob, shoemkr. 201 Claiborne 
Dannel H. tailor, 154 Royal 
Dannefels D. butcher, Bordeaux c St. 

Dennis, JefFerson City 
Danneman Ed. baker, 270 Rampart, d. 1 
Daiiniels William Mrs. 489 lloyal, d. 3 
Danos Louis, bnieher, 12 Drvades mkt 
[3anova Josephine Mrs. 147 Orleans 
Danquos P. drayman, Claiiiorne c. Prosper 
Dantagman Bastien, butcher, 33 Poydras 

Dautannier Jean, 280 Bourbon 
Dantanyan Dominique, 196 Marais 
Dantanyan G. lab. Bayou road, n. Broad 
Dantille Ponponne, f. w. 178 Treme, d. 2 
Danlilly Louis, f. m. c. Louisa c. Morales 
Danto L. P. Mrs. 289 St, Charles 
Dantonnet A. musician, 258 Main 
Dantry John, lab, d. 114 St. Thomas 
Danty Edward, butcher, 41 French mkt 
Danziger Isidore, elk. Royal c. St. Pierre 
Danziger Julius, dry gds, 125 Ramiiart,d. 1 
Danziger Theodore, dry goods. Royal c. 

St. Philip, <1. over the store 
Danzniann John G. lab. 783 Dauphine, d.3 
DaPonte Uurant, Dryades c. Thalia 
Dapremont Alex. sr. 

Dapremont A. bookstore, Camp op. Square 
D'Apremont Celeste Mrs, Philip n.Baronne 
D'Apremont E. Mrs. 115 St. Josejih 
D'Apremont Lou is, warehouseman, Celeste 

n. 'I'choupitoulas 
Daquin Adolphe, 25 Gravier 
Daquin Albert, clerk, 17 St. Louis, d. 16 

Rampart, d. 2 
Daquin Charles Mrs. school, 307 Chartres 
Daquin George, professor, 307 Chartres 
Daquin H. Dr. 193 Burgundy 

Daquin Thomas, e;rocer, Burgundy c. 

Toulousp, d. 66'TouInuse 
D' \ quill Arthur, clerk, 265 Rampart 
D'Aquin Ed^ar, jr. (Bragg &f D'^quin, 

jr.) 26 Gravier 
D'Aquin Jult-s, clerk, 32 Perdido 
D'Aquin Louis J. Bayou St. John, n. 

D'Aquin Thomas, grocer, 166 Toulouse, 

d. 159 Claiborne, d. 2 
Daray John, butcher, 36 Poydras market 
Dnrby Celestine, St. John's route n. bridge 
Dareantel F. J. B. f. m. c. carpenter, 419 

Rampart, d. 3 
Dareantel Henry, clerk, 38 Carondelet 
Dareantel Mrs. 233 Esplanade 
Darcantelle A. Royal c. Hospital 
Dorcebourg Charles Mrs., Jena n. Chest- 
nut, Jefferson City 
Darcy H. G. (Wheeler, Geiger Sf Co.) 

clothing, 7 Magazine 
Darcy J. baker, 385 Perdido 
Darcy J. sailor, 89 Erat^i 
Darcy James, baker, 331 Customhouse 
D'Arcourt James, beer house, 215 Royal 
D'Arcy J. hat store, 1 Chartres, d. First 

n. Pryiania 
Dard Henry, jeweler, 74 Ursulines 
Dard Theodore, blacksmith, 115 Burgundy 
Darden Michael, d. 18 Louisa 
Dardignac M. artificial flowers, Itil Royal 
Dareng M. Mrs. Bagatelle n. Solidelle 
Daret H. Dr. 86 St. Philip 
Dargony Harriet, 133 Frenchmen 
Darier L. Mrs. 23 Orleans 
Darion Arsene, 70 Ksplanade 
Darion E H. Mrs. 198 St. Ann 
Darisny Joseph, bricklayer, 246 Thalia 
Darling Tlios. upholsteitr, 415 St. Charles 
Darmico Frank Mrs. fruit, 303 Rampart 
Darnez Morri.s, laborer, 94 St. Joseph 
Darnley Thos. stcamboatman, 182 Bienville 
Daron C. J. consul of Rome, 93 Common, 

d. 13 Villere, d. 1 
Daron P. J. accountant, 60 Old Levee 
Darmody James, laborer, 24 Delord 
Daroux E. Mrs. c. h. Claiborne n. Common 
Darouny B. milk, Marigny n. Force 
Darquinaratez A. Mrs. 215 Bienville 
Darr John, cartman, Marengo, n. Chestnut 
Darras Jean, grocery, c. Claiborne and 

Darras Widow, 275 Royal 
Darrodes Marcel, c. h. 229 Melpomene 
Darroeh Daniel, refinery, 180 Rosseau 
Darrot A. school for boys, 96 St. Ann 
Darrus Jean, French market, d. Eighth n. 

Darrus J. M. butcher, Magazine, c. Ma- 
rengo, Jeiferson City 
Darsse G. slater, 139 Hospital 
D'Artagnan B. butcher. Laurel n. Milan, 

Jefferson City 
Dartigues A. Mrs. 147 Goodchildren 
Dary John, butcher, 36 Poydras market 
Daschner John, grocer, Sixth c Chippewa 
Dascier F. oysters, 231 Customhouse 

Dasher C. Mrs. groc'y, Sixth n. Prytania 
Da Silva A. .f. com. mer. and importer of 

wines, 42 Old Levee, d. 182 Bourbon 
Da Silva Benjamin, Carondelet n. Julia 
Da Silva D. H. clerk, Carondelet n. Julia 
Da Silva & Co, ( F. J. Da Silva, Dorcino 

Landry,) com. mers, 14 Carondelet 
Da Silva F. J. (Da Silva Sf Co.) d. 281 

Bayou road 
Daspit Louis, dry goods, 537 Magazine 
Daspit Louisa Mrs. dry goods, St. Mary 

c. Camp 
Daspit Phenix, carpenter, Algiers 
Dassing F. Mrs. 444 Hospital 
Dastague Ellen, Sixth n. Fulton 
Dastas John Mrs. poultry, 231 Bourbon 
Daste Honora, f. w. c. Jackson n. Liberty 
Dastillon G. butcher, 4 Poydras market 
Dastillon Placide, butcher, 25 Poydras 

market, d. Laurel n. Harmony 
Dastmer John, grocer. Fourth n. Laurel 
Dastue John, butcher, 258 Lafayette 
Dastugue B. butcher, 18 Treme market 
Dastugue Frant^ois, 100 Poydras market 
Dastugue Julia, f. w. c. 286 St. Louis 
Datas P. butcher, 25 Poydras market 
Dater C. laborer, 61 Laurel 
Daubert Augustus, tinsmith, 110 Poydras 
Daubert F. dry goods, 825 Rampart, d. 3 
Daubert L. f. w. c. Urquhart n. rort 
Daubert Ovide, cooper, 195 Marigny 
Dauboin G. jeweler, 873 Magazine, d. 4 
Daucoy D. bread, 37 Toulouse 
Daudart L. Greatmen n. Esplanade 
Dauduc Wm. Seventh n. Constance 
Dauer Antoine, St. Ann n. Rocheblave 
Dauer Henry, lab. 29 Laharpe 
Dauer J. V. grocer, 335 Bayou road 
Dauer John Philip, 115 Ursulines 
Dauenhaner P. tailor, 143 Carondelet walk 
Daugherty J. M. builder, c Lafayette and 

Basin, d. 173 Basin 
Daugherty Owen, marketman, 138 Clai- 
borne, d. 2 
Daunes L. clerk, 36 Bienville 
Daunes Osmond, 217 Columbus 
Daunis Safroid, book keeper, St. Charles 

c. Union 
Daunis Silvain T. clerk, 18 Chartres 
Daunois Elizabeth Mrs. 458 Royal, d. 3 
Daunois Etienne Mrs. 193 Treme, d. 2 
Daunois Geo. Mrs. 356 Royal, d. 3 
Daunois Louis R. clerk, 77 Chartres 
Daunois N. shoemaker, St. Ann c. St. 

Daunois Patrick, custom house, d. 310 St. 

Claude, d. 3 
Daunoy A. L. Jena n. Magazine, Teff City 
Daunoy C. F. Mrs. 549 Royal, d. 3 
Daunoy F. Mrs. 229 Columbus 
Daunoy Jules, acct. 4 St. Louis, d. 190 

Daunoy J. L. book keeper, 112 Johnson 
Daunoy Louis, caulker, 101 Marigny 
Daunoy Louis,f.m.c.Marignyn. Burgundy 
Daunoy M. J. collector, 275 St Ann 
Daunoy R. F. 137 Hospital 


Daunoy V. F. ins. customs, 400 Barracks 
Daiinvy V. F., Ilarracks n. Miro 
Dauphin August, d. 126 Lafayette 
Daupliin Armand, mason, d.227 Dauphinc 
Daupliin B. Mrs. Claiborne n. St. Philip 
Dauplnn Communion, 81 Clemence 
Dauphin Ciiarles, f. m.c. painter, 372 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
Dauphin F^-ancis, cigar maker, 167 Main 
Dauphin Henry, 226 Robertson, d. 2 
Dauphin J. B. Mrs. 274 Prieur, d. 3 
Dauphin John Mrs. 367 Robertson, d. 3 
Dauphin Leon, plasterer, 378 Derbigny,d.3 
Dauphin Xuma, carpenter, 81 St. Ann 
Dauphin Ovid, tailor, 42 Conti, d. 253 

Dauphin 0. storekeeper, Clara n. Pcrdido 
Dauphin T. Mrs. .583 Dauphine, d. 3 
Dauphin Victor, 312 Prieur 
Dauphin W. clerk, Claiborne h. St. Philip 
Daussat J. L. 114 Burgundy 
Daussau Dominique, 40 Greatmen 
Dautel A. Mrs. 270 Camp 
Dautrive P:ii7.a, f. w. c. 311 St. Philip 
Dauts .John, barber, Louisa n. Love 
Dauvoisin M. Mrs.,Dauiihine n. Barracks 
Davant G. butcher, 8 Dryadts mkt 
Dave's barber shop, 31 Poydras 
Davenue C. Mrs. bakery. Bayou road 
Davenport A f. w. c. rooms, 184 Gravicr 
Davenport B. F. ship carp. 95 Craps 
Davenport E. acct. 43 Natchez, d. 4 St. 

Davenport Isom, (Cutler Sf Davenport,) 
office 38 Exchange jilace, d. New Le- 
vee n. Peniston, Jeff. City 
Davenport Joseph, f. m. c pastor Third 

Baptist Church, d. 306 Roman, d. 3 
Davenport Wm. 2 Levee, d. 3 
Daveret Paul, butcher, 11 Frencli mkt 
Deverne Charlotte, 401 Bayou road 
Davern James, 159 Lafayette 
Davey Michael, Si. Mary n. Rousseau 
Davezac A. Mrs. 25 Foucher 
Davezac D. butcher, 30 Treme mkt 
David Alex, clerk, 56 Royal 
David Alphonse, Bayou bridge 
David Ars(>nc Miss,tir(>ssmak. 298 St. Ann 
David C P. mate, 469, d. 1 
David Ernest, clerk, 21 Common, d. 42 

St. Peter 
David John C. atty. at law, 50 St. Ann, d. 

462 St. Claude 
David Josepii, b. h. 28 Ursulincs 
David J. S. planter, Gretna 
David L. P. daguerrean, 124 Royal 
David Madame, variety store, 151 Chartres 
David Oscar, f. m. c. 99 Treme, d. 2 
David Victor, jr. clerk, 42 St. Peter 
David Victor, hardware, 7 Old Levee, d.2, 

d. 42 St. Pfter 
Davidson David, book keeper,8 Magazine, 

d. ;i79 Iiironne • 

Davidson Edward, blacksmith, Lafayette 

av. Gretna 
Davidson J..M. & M. M. Reynolds, attys. 
at law, 13 Camp 

125 DAV 

C. Slate Mei'chauts, 1 David- 
son Row, 110 Carondelet, d. 
218 St. Charles. 

Davidson John C. clerk, 64 Canal, d. 209 

Davidson L. M. 334 Barracks 
Davidson Peter, slioemaker, 139 Barracks 
Davidson Robert, machinist, St, Mary n. 

Davidson Samuel, brass foundry, d. 88 

Davidson Thomas, clerk, 41 Magazine 
Davidson Nathan Dr., Old Levee n. Bar- 
Davidston Robert, 288 St. Mary 
Davies D. slater, Johnson n. Palmyra 
Davies E. cai-pcnter, 337 Basin, d. 1 
Davies John L. clerk, Roman n. Canal 
Davies R. clerk, 130 Canal, d. Roman n. 

Davieson Thomas Dr. 422 Chartres 
Davilla Manuel Jean, lab. 121 Mandeville 
Daville Alfred, distiller, Prieur n. ('anal 
Davin Charles F. barkeep. d. 69 Polymnia 
Davis Aaron, clerk, 149 Common 
Davis Ann, f. w. c. 83 Villere, d. 2 
Davis Augustus, 157 Hospital 
Davis A. A. Mrs. b. h. 11 Eiysian Fields 
Davis B. A. 748 Magazine, d. 4 

DAVIS BROS. (O. B. Davis, A. 
P. Davis,) Agents Fairbanks' 
Scales, Lillie's Safes, Willcox 
& Gibbs' Sewing Machines, 

93 Camp. 

Davis Charles, c. h. Adele c. Rousseau 

Davis Cicero Mrs. 23 St. Ferdinand 

Davis C. Mrs.,Jetferson n. Newton, McD. 

Davis David, mate, 64 Liberty 

Davis David, slater, Johnson n. Palmyra 

Davis Dinah, f. w. c. 453 Kol)ertson, di. 3 

Davis D.screwman, Kerlerec n. Claiborne 

Davis D. E. 308 Melpomene 

Davis E. furnished rooms, 11 Treme, d. 2 

Davis Edward, com. mer. 38 Carondelet, 

d Prytania c. Second 
Davis Edw. f. m. c. Bienville n. Dauphine 
Davis Ellen Mrs. seamstress, 50 Calliope 
Davis Ellen, 187 Foucher 
Davis Eliza Jane, 65 Johnson, d. 2 
Davis Emma, furn. rooms, 131 Bienville 
Davis Emily A. 25 Rampart, d. 2 
Davis E. A. feed store, 5 Poydras, d. 430 

Davis E. cooper, d. 188 Toulouse 
Davis Fanny Mrs., matron Widows' and 

Orphans' Home, Prytania n. St. Mary 
Davis Floresca, 220 Main 
Davis Frances Mrs. d. 3 Euterpe 
Davis Geo. pa])er hanging, 295 St. Peter, 

d. 1.38 Bourbon 
Davis Gustavc, Third n. Rousseau 
Davis Gustave, teacher, 25 Music 
Davis Horatio Mrs. 121 Barracks 




Davis G.L.C. manager National Telegraph 
Office, St. Charles c. Gravier, d. 380 
Rampart, d. 1 
Davis Henry P. 449 Rampart, d. 3 
Davis H. screwman, 147 Josephine 

DAVIS & JACKSON, (W. Davis, 
Jacob Jackson,) Merchant 
Tailors and Clothiers, Men 
and Boys' Clothing, 167 Poy- 
dras. Manufactory, 54 Vesey 
street. New York. 

Davis James, d. 38 Erato 
Davis James, f. m. c lab. 425 Rampart, d. 3 
Davis James Capt. 713 Burgundy, d. 3 
Davis James, c. Chestnut and Second 
Davis James, wh'f builder, 138 Casacalvo 
Davis, Jenkins & Co. (J. P. Davis, T. M. 
Jenkins, M. Jenkins,) cotton factors, 
Factors" row, 67 Carondelet 
Davis J. P. (Davis, Jenkins &c Co.) d. 138 

Davis Johni, drays, 531 Rampart, d. 3 
Davis John, tailor, d. 408 Dryades 
Davis John D. carpenter, Levee n. Bor- 
deaux, Jeff. City 
Davis John, St. Anthony n. Morales 
Davis John, lab. 639 Royal, d. 3 
Davis John, drayman, Rocheblave n. Cus- 
Davis John L. coll'r. First n. St. Dennis 
Davis John L. clerk, 148 Canal, d. Second 

n. St. Patrick 
Davis John R. 143 Howard 
Davis Joseph, c. h. 18 Front Levee, d. 2 
Davis Joseph W. acct. 17 Chartres 
Davis James, 24 Poydras market, d. 220 

Davis J". W. acct. 38 Union, d. Magazine 

c. Maren'go, Jeff. City 
Davis Joseph, screwman, 178 St.Anthony 
Davis J. L. clerk, 146 Canal 
Davis J. warehouseman, Gasquet n.Galvez 
Davis Lucille, 199 Union, d. 3 
Davis Lucille, f. w. c. Prosper c. Union 
Davis L. A. sugar broker, St. Andrew n. 

Davis L. C. Mrs. 26 St. Ferdinand 
Davis Malachi, bricklayer. Cypress n. 

Davis Martin, pilot, d. 142 Spain 
Davis Michael, tinsmith, d. 161 Thalia 
Davis M. G. publisher. Second c. Dublin, 

Davis M. H. 8 Front Levee, d. 2 
Davis Mrs. widow, 35 Claiborne, d. 2 
Davis Paul, carpenter, 38 Dauphine 
Davis P. E. jeweler, 99 Common, d. Nap. 

av. n. Camp, Jeff. City 
Davis Roes, Roman n. Canal 
Davis Rebecca, 113 Villere, d. 2 
Davis R. M. president Bank La. d. Gen- 

tilly road 
Davis Richard, builder, 431 Baronne, d. 
356 St. Philip 

Davis Roswell M. jeweler, 103 Gravier 
Davis Samuel, 50 Girod, d. 1 
Davis Samuel B., Polymnia n. St. Charles 
Davis Samuel, lab. 139 Old Levee, d. 2 
Davis Sarah, dressmaker, 71 Burgundy 
Davis Ste. Colombe, clerk, 70 Frenchmen 
Davis Stephen, jewelry, 103 Gravier 
Davis S.H. jr. box 250 Mec. Ex. 19 St. 

Charles, d. Derbigny n. Gasquet 
Davis Thomas, 68 Mara is, d. 2 
Davis Thomas, steward, 429 Chartres, d. 3 
Davis Thos. G., St. Mary n. Annunciation 
Davis Thos. N.clk.Ins Co.ll7 Frenchmen 
Davis Warren, 235 Girod 
Davis William, (Davis 8f Jackson,) 175 

Davis William, jr. sugar broker, Camp c. 

Davis Wm. E. clerk.Claiborne n.Canal,d.l 
Davis Wm. G. 416 Bank place 
Davis Wolfe, dry gds. 342 Rampart, d. 3 
Davis W. L. Dr. 127 Carondelet 

DAVIS W. T. Dealer in Cabinet 
Furniture, Looking Glasses, 
Spring, Hair and Moss Mat- 
tresses, Matting, etc., 169 
Canal, opp. the Church. 

DAVOREN & WEST, (John Da- 
voren, P. P. West,) House, 
Sign, Steamboat and Orna- 
mental Painters. Dealers in 
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, 
Bi-ushes, Window Glass, &c., 
77 Poydras. 

Davy John C. saddler, 201 Magazine 
Davy Patrick, laborer, 52 Adele 
Dawe Henry, laborer, 565 St. Claude, d. 3 
Dawes Henry C. engineer, 311 Claiborne 
Dawley George, cooper, 68 St. Joseph 
Dawson Bridget, 62 Robertson, d. 2 
Dawson & Co. (John Dawson, Eugene 
Boisseau,) wholesale hatters, 48 Char- 
tres, d. 28 Liberty 
Dawson John H. engineer, 333 Liberty 
Dawson Mary Ann, f. w. c. 283 St. Peter 
Dawson Richard, laborer, Josephine n. 

Day Elizabeth, f. w. c. furnished rooms, 

13 Trcme, d. 2 
Day Henry D. coachman, 230 Conti 
Day Henry, laborer, 125 Morales 

Davison Chas. W. milk, 318 Orleans. 
Davison John, warehouseman, 211 Gasquet 
Davison Wm. attorney at law, d. 721 

Burgundy, d. 3 
Davizac Jean Marie, tailor, 105 St. Philip 
Davoine C. milliner, 317 Chartres 
Davoine J. M. locksmith, 96 Conti 
Davoran Thomas, ditcher, Jersey c. Cadiz, 

Jefferson City 




Day James, shipping clerk, 70 St. Thomas 
Day James M. clerk, d. 144 Prytania 
Day Jolni H. Mrs. .347 Ba.sin, d. 1 
Day J. M:unsriii,att'vat law, 57 St.Charles 
Day & Klein, (Siilraniis B. Dny, John .4. 

KIrhi,) lumher yard, 494 Mae:aziiic 
Day TJKimas, jnlilirr, 18 Poyfarre 
Day Thomas, aecouiitant. d. Marengo, n. 

Maijnzine, Jiflersnn City 
Day & Co. (JV. C. Daij, Edward AWIc, 
John R. Watei-ihan,) cotton factors, 
13-2 Gravicr 
Day Wm. Crawford, (Day &f Co.) liase- 

ni'Mt St Charles Hotel 
Day William K. hnilder, Felicity n. St. 

Cliarles, d. 144 Prytania 
Dayo Bridijet, b. ii. 76 Gaiennie 
Dayton Samuel, H. ship mate, d. 3^8 

Dazet Baptist, butcher, St. Mary's mar- 
kef, Levee n. Harmony 
Dazet Philip, butcher, 18 Dryades market 
Dazet Piacide, butcher, French market, 

d. 78 Main , 

Dazzet F^eon, butcher, 20 Poydras market, 

d. 549 Chijipewa 
Dazzett P. ijutcher, 26 French market 
Dea Antonio, 431, St. Claude, d. 3 
Dea John, clerk, 16 Carondelet, d. 431 

St. Claude 
Deacon Stephen, laborer, 157. Franklin 
Deacon Wm. clerk, Customhouse, d. 554 

Deady Joseph, potter. Cadi>z n. Camp,J.C. 
Deahl Louis, blacksmith. Market n. Levee 
Dean Alex. W.and Chas. J. 425 Dryades 
Dean Elizaljcth Mrs. millinery, 114 Ram- 
Dean Wene, Mrs. Howard c. Felicity 
Dean Jflnies, screwman, d. 109 Religious 
Dean John, laborer, 229 Poydras 
Dean Mrs., Josephine n. St. Thomas 
Dean Robert, paver, Perdido c. Galvez 
D(»an Roi)iTt W. ship agent, 117 Gravier 
De»n William T. c. ]^. d'. 449 Ter]>sichore 
Dean Wm. H. blaok.«mith, 68 St Piiilip 
l\' Andrii's Mrs. midwife, 117 Orleans 
Dear Thomas, finisher, Urquhart, n. St. 

Dearc'uisso Jean, butcher, 220 Orleans. 
Dearie Alexander, 76 Carondi-let 
Deari<> .lames W. d. 430 Carondelet 
Dearie Riehard, lork manuf. 76 Carondelet 
Dearien E. H. 209 St. Louis 
Ue Arman John & Co. ( W. F. Lnufr,) 

cominission mers. 67 Tchoupitoulas 
De Armas Albert, d. 290 Claiborne 
De Armas Arthur, 7 St. Peter, d. 2 
De Armas Arthur C. deputy surveyor- 
general, 109 Exchange place, d. 565 
St. Claud.', d.^ 
De Armas C. A. 327 Main 
De Armas C. Mrs., Main, c. Pricur 
De Armas Charles, 362 Dauphine, d. 3 
De Armas Cliristoval, Claiborne n. Canal 
De Armas Felix Mrs. 288 Claiborne, d. 2 
De Armas Felix, 288 Claiborne, d. 2 

De Armas Michael, deputy sheriff, d. 488 

Royal, d. 3 
De Armas Octave, notary public, 144 

Royal, d. 279 Royal 
De Armas Rosemond, paving teller Mer- 
chants' and Traders' Bank, d. 178 
Deatoii John, Chippewa n. Washington 
Deayala Y. d. 165 Claiborne 
DcBar Ben. lessee St. Charles Theatre, 196 

DeBar Mrs. dancing academy, 196 Baronne 
DebardicM-res Michael, blacksmith, 225 

Debat Andrew, coffee house, New Levee 

c. Louisiana avenue, Jefferson City 
Debat Antoine, butcher, d. 94 Main 
Debat Jules, wheelwright, 183 Bayou road 
Debat Phili]!, butcher, d. 139 Daiiphine 
Debat Pierre, grocer, Hurgunily c. Conti 
Debats B. butcher, 93 French market 
Debaud Charles, coal and wood yard, Der- 

bigny n. Bienville 
Debaun j. locality not reported. 
Debelf M., Esplanade n. Royal 
Debergue Joseph, shoe store, Bayou road 

c.^St. Claude, d. 100 Mandeville 
Debergue Michael, 47 Laharpe 
Debergue Michael, 72 Union, d. 3 
Debergue Michel, 469 St. Claude, d. 3 
Debergue Oscar Mrs. 144 Union 
Debis Jacques, Bayou road c. Derbignv 
DeBlanc AlexandeV, 25 Front Devee, d. 2 
DeRlanc Arniand, d. 373 Orleans 
DeBlanc A. E. feed store,25 Front Levee ,d. 2 
DeBlanc Charles jr. attorney at law, 51 

Exchange place 
DeBlanc Charles W. 315 Main 
DeBlanc Charles, accountant, 63 Old Le- 
vee, d. 2, d. 225 Main 
DeBlanc Charles, d. 339 Main 
DeBlanc J. A. 83 Louisa 
DeBlane Lewis, jr. clerk, 38 Old Levee 
DeBlanc L. D. Mrs. d. 277 Bayou road 
DeBlanc O. N. clerk, 36 Perdido 
Deblieux A. Mrs. 191 f^ustomlnnise 
UeBlois & Johnson (John Deliloin, Geo. A. 
Johnson,) western produce, 8 Front 
Levee, d. 1 
DeElois John, fWfB/ois.^'To/iHsoM,; 8 Front 

Levee, d. 1 
DeBoisblanc Alfred, 34 Love 
Debolt Joseph H. apothecary, d. 420 St. 

D(>bon A. S. carpenter, Camp n. Thalia 
Deborde Eugene F. f. m. c. 148 St. Peter 
Deborde Joseph, f. m. c. bricklayer, 311 

Debordinave F. grocer, 321 Chartres 
Dei)ou Valentin, First n. Chippewa 
Debouchel V. inspector of customs, Cus- 
tom house 
DeBdur Chas. drayman, Franklin n. Canal 
Deboiirtcommeux T., Barracks n. Prieur 
DiBkw's Commercial Review, 68 Camp 
Debolles S. B. Mrs. "St. John House,*' 
174 Camp 




Debreton G. collector, 179 GasquPt 

Debretton Edmund F. salesman, 86 Canal 

Debrinay C. 132 Bourbon 

Debrueys H. 347 St. Charles 

DeBruille Alex, furniture, 88 Bienville 

Debuc Jean, butcher, 75 French market 

Debussieres , b. h. 29 Johnson, d. 2, 

d. Conti c. Roman 

DeBuys Emile, secretary Star Ins. Co. 22 
St. Charles, d. 213 Bayou road 

DeBuys H. M. (H. F. Lonsdale, Son 8f 
Co.) 89 Gravier, d. 179 St. Ann 

DeBuys & Ogden (Lucien DeBuys, Wal- 
lace Ogden,) stock, note and exchange 
brokers, 22 1^ Carondelet, d. Bayou 
road, c. Treme 

DeBuys Ovide, 89 Conde 

DeBuys P. A. 140 Ursulines, d.l77 St.Ann 

DeCan C. F. grocery, 70 Mandeville 

DeCarlos Louis, barber, 95 Music 

DeCastang B. 54 Main 

DeCastelnau Dominique, druggist, 105 

DeCastro G. western produce, Natchez c. 
Tchoupitoulas, d. 170 Bayou road 

DeCastro Jacob, book keeper, 25 Char- 
tres, d. 230 Erato 

Decaux Victor, clerk, St. Louis n. Villere 

DECHAMPS E. No. 20 St. Louis 
street. French Wines, Bran- 
dies, Cordials, Swiss AlDsinth, 
Kirehenwasser, Fruits in 
Brandy, Fruits in their Juice, 
Domestic Liquors, etc., etc. 

DeChaux A. 12 St Bernard 

Dechateau John, crockery, 102 Main 

DeChazel Peter, 23 History 

DeChoiseul Chas.atty. at law, 16 Ex. place 

Deck Francis P. 231 Bienville 

Deck Fran(;ois, cabinet maker, 59 Royal, 

d. Bienville n. Marais 
Deckban Henry, drayman, St. Mary n. 

Decker Archibald, New Levee c. Ninth 
Decker A. C. accountant, 26 Magazine 
Decker G. tailor, 14 Crossman 
Decker L. cabinet maker, 104 Montcgut 
Decker M M. Capt. d. 26 Josephine 
Deckerson C. carpenter, 241 Liberty 
Decking F. watchmkr, 172 Rampart, d. 1 
Declouet A., Craps c. Mandeville 
Declouet E. bricklayer, 205 Mandeville 
Declouet Simon, 639 Rampart, d. 3 
Decloux Jenny, f. w. c. 67 Villere, d. 3 
Decorle Abraham K. elk. 408 Villere, d. 3 
Decoud Antoine, Urquhart n. Spain 
Decoud Charles, 44 St. Anthony 
Decoudreau J. C. carp. 30 St. Anthony 
Decoudreau Louis, shoemkr. 415 St. Ann 
Decoudreau Louis,bricklyr,331 Prieur, d.3 
Decoux C. clerk, 117 Gravier 
Decoursey Richard, laborer 
Decourt Joseph, Burgundy n. St. Ann 
Decoux V. sergeant d. 2, d. 239 Orleans 

DeCuenco F. oysters, 235 Barorine 
Decuir A. Mrs. 87 Bourbon 
Dedden J., Canal n. New Levee 
Dede Bazil, f. m. c. St. Claude c. Barracks 
Dede Bazil jr. f. m. c. bricklayer, 178 Man- 

DE DOPFF W. & CO., Importers 
and Dealers in Paints, Oils, 
Varnishes, White Lead, Zinc 
White, Window Glass, &c., 
91 Magazine. 

De Dopff W. (W. De Dopff &( Co.) d. 

Louisiana avenue n. Prytania 
Dee Martin, oysters, 44 Girod 
Dec Patrick, laborer, 77 Spain 
Dee Thomas, laborer. Liberty n. Erato 
Deegan Mary Ann, teacher, 275 Franklin 
Deekbas Henry, carpenter, St. Mary c. 

Deel Louis, blacksmith, d. Market near 

Front Levee 
D'Eprement Celeste du L., Brainard n. 

Deering John, Erato n. Thaiia 
Deering J. B. ice. Calliope n. Magnolia 
Deering P. painter. Magnolia n. Seveiith 
Deering Willis, Galvez n. Poydras 
Deeringer Jno. drayman. Laurel n. Eighth 
Dees Sarah Mrs. 94 Franklin 
Deeters H. First n. St. Dennis 
Deetjen N. accountant, 125 Chartres 
Defaux J. clerk, 155 Canal 
Deferetty Charles, cigars and barber shop, 

Common c. Claiborne 
Deferiet Gabriel, auctioneer. Exchange 

place c Conti, d. 74 Louisa 
Deffarge, Gustave, ( Lafitte Sf Dcffarge,) 

wines and liquors, 163 Royal, d. 107 

St. Philip 
Deffarge Marie Mrs., 145 Conti 
Deffenback M., St. Dennis n. Sixth 
Deffes Jean, butcher, 99 French market 
Deffes Louis, butcher, 95 French market, 

d. 580 Orleans 
Deffes Pierre, 18 Po/dras market 
Deffez E. (Tamboury, Olivarri Sf Co.) d. 

242 Claiborne 
Defilbow Louis, Jefferson City 
Defour i5ertrand, wheelwright, 125 Caron- 
delet walk 
Defranchis S. A. b. h. 109 St. Charles 
Del'rasse A. sculptor, 366 Gravier, d. 77 

Defrates J. lab. Annunciation n. Richard 
Defreche J. butcher, 26 Poydras^market 
DeFuentis J. clerk, 31 Carondelet 
Degan Charles, grocer, 454 Royal, d. 3 
Degan Samuel, laborerfThird n. .Vlagazine 
Degasse Chas. cakes, 386 St. Claude, d. 3 
Degau Edward, laborer, 209 Rampart, d.l 
Degau Geo. cabinet maker, 449 Bienville 
Degaujac S. Mrs. 8 St. Philip 
Degean Adelaide Mrs. dress maker, 871 

Magazine, d. 4 




Dcgoar Hiram H. ship carp. Peter, Algiers L. clerk, 335 Marais, d. 3 
Dc'i;iii Mathias, ragman, 340 Ursuliiies 
DegiMirgo A. grocer, '2'20 Esplanade 
Dcgcorge G. grocer. Royal c. Hospital 
Deglatigny E. Mrs. 21G Uaiiphine 
Dcgnaii Tlios. warehouseman, d. 112 Erato 
DeGoicouria D. com. mcr, and fire arms, 

T.") Camp 
DeGouniey P. F. d. 233 Main 
Degoule Louis, cook, 107 Conti 
Degrais Joseph T. (JO Desire 
Degrange James, 241 Tlialia 
Legrange Joseph H. clerk, 48 Carondelet, 

^ d. '241 Thalia 
Degrey Lucien F. elk. d. 266 Melpomene 
Degrey Lonis F. apolheeary, 140 Chartres 
Degro'H. turner, 214 iJienville 
Degruy Alphonsc, cotton sampler, Union 

over New Orleans Bank 
Degruy Anthime, clerk, 129 Common 
Degruy Camille V. clerk, 129 Common 
Degruy Chas. J. clerk, llnitin over Bank 
Degruy Eugene, clerk, 64 Canal, d. 248 

Bayou road 
Degruy E. A. Rampart c. Frenchmen 
Degruy E. B. d. Frenchmen c. IJampart 
Degruy Kug(me J. c. ]i. 222 St. Philip 
Degruy Felix, clerk, St. Pliilip c. Treme 
Degruy HiMiry, d. 465 Rampart 
Degruy Jean, 313 Orleans 
Degruy J. B. clerk, St. Ann 
Degruy Joseph C. cotton weigher, d. 466 

Degruy J. V. 246 Bourbon 
Degruy L. F. clerk, Factiu-'s row, 38 Pcr- 

dido, d. 266 Melpomene 
Degruy P. F. accountant, 22 Common, d. 

St. Philip c. Treme 
Degruy P. H. constable, d. 419 Franklin 
Degruy St. Preux, 176 St. Philip 
Degruy V'alois, acct. d. 95Ursulines 
Degiiiys KranCj-i'is, lab. 377 Orleans 
Degue Oscar, ally, at law, JellVrson City 
DegU(M-ey, Chas. Columbus n. Claiborne 
Deguery v incent, musician, 65 St. Philip 
Deguillx'm P. tailor, 119 Old Levee 
Degunamand Wm. M. clerk, 77 Canal, d. 

338 Main 
Degurley James, Sixth n. Magazine 
D'ilaniecouri J. A. clerk, red stores, d. 61 

D'Hard B. Mrs. Roman n. Kerlerec 
De Hart J. A. dentist, 17 Baronne 
D'Hebecourl Francis N. discount clerk 

Louisiana Stale Bank,d. Bayou bridge 
DTIemecourt E. Mrs., Mandeville n. Mo- 
D'Hemecourt J. A. surveyor, d. 2, d. 297 


D'HEMECOURT J. A., Southern 
Homeopathic Pliai-macy, 297 

D'Hemecourt LeDossu, Bayou bridge 
D'Hemecourt V. A. clk.Tremcc. Barracks 

D'Hiver Joseph, painter, 174 Main 
Dehmer Henry, tailor, 496 Rampart, d. 3 
Dehn Henry, pattern ipkr. Liberty n. First 
Dehon Jules, 89 Conde 
Dehurst Henry, Felicity n. Bacchus 
Deiblin Christopher, lab._Lyon c. Jersey, 

Jetlerson City <_ 

Deiblin Louis, gardnr. Laurel c. Tolcdano 
Deibos Lucien, sinith, 327 Derbigny, d. 2 
Deichman Chas. grocer, St. Andrew c. 

Deifeiibach Fred. carp. d. 191 Melpomene 
Deign Barney, laborer, 157 Chipjiewa 
Deigrabes C. wheelwright, Madison c. 

Fourth, Carrollton 
Deimel K. Mrs. 769 Rampart, d. 3 
Deitemeier IL H. coppersmith, 186 St. 

Dcisler & Iverns, books, 114 Baronne 
Deltas Herman, carp. First n. St. D-^nnis 
Deiters Edward, clerk, d. 78 Poyfarrc 
Diexlieimer Jacob, butcher, 144 Galvez, d.2 
Dej John, baker, Josejiliine c. Laurel 
Dejan August, d. 210 Bourbon 
Dejan Bernard, Castillion, 425 Bourbon, d. 3 
Dejan Charles, 153 Chartres 
Dejan Dr., Toulouse n. Bourbon 
Dejan F. D. clerk, 38 Old Levee 
Dejan Jean, carpenter, 171 Orleans 
Dejan John, clerk, 379 St. Ann 
Dejan Jules, comptroller, Citizens' Bank 

of Louisiana, d. 122 Rampart 
Dejan Jules, jr. acct. 57 and 59 Bienville, 

d. 122 Ursulines 
Dejan J. B. 174 Girod 
Dejan J. B. jr. cigars, 155 Girod 
Dejan L. Mrs. 431 Bouri)on, d. 3 
Dejan Mc.\rlhur, 51 Royal, d. 19 Galvez, 

d. 2 
Dejan Octave, clerk, 45 Old Levee, d. 2, 

d. 133 Ursulines 
Dejan Peter, clerk, d. 85 Royal 
Dejan Valsin, clerk, d.389 Daui)hine, d. 3 
Dijan Victor, paying teller Louisiana 

State Bank,d. 175 Bourbon 
Dejarlais L. A. book keeper, 82 Canal, d. 

101 Esjilanade 
Dejean Armand, clerk, 214 Ursulines 
Dejean Edward, clerk, 98 Canal, d. 221 

Bayou road 
Dejoux Fran<;ois, f. m. c. carp. 247 Main 
Dejoux Victor, 120 Prieur, d. 2 
De La Bretonne B. teacher. 251 Ursulines 
Delabroye Pierre, professor, 19 Union, d. 3 
Delache Philemon, laborer, H'A Barrack 
Delachaise Philip Louis, ( Lenes &f Vela- 
chaise,) d. Laurel c. Delachaise 
De Lacour Louis B. 142 Orleans 
De Lacourt A. shoemkr. 174 St. Anthony 
Delacroix C. C. book keeper, 69 Canal 
Delacroix F. F. Mrs. b h. 19 Toulouse 
Delacroix L. B. clerk, Common n. Clara 
De la Croix C. Rev. superior of Christian 

Firothers' establishment. Camp near 

Girod, adjoin 'g3l. Patrick's Cathedral 
De la Croix M. Mrs., dress making and 

millinery. Magazine n. St. Mary 




De La Cruz Raymond, cigars, 9 St.Charles 

d. 410 Franklin 
Delacroix Widow, 320 Bayou road 
De Lacy Mary Mrs. 13 Ruligious 
De Lacy Waller, accountant Bank Louisi- 
ana, d. Harmony near Constance 
Delacy Patrick, St. Mary c. Religious 
"Delugrave A. 92 Camp, d.345 Rampart, d.l 
Delaliay Emile, clerk, b9 Camp 
Delahanty Edmund, clerk, 131 Constance 
Delahanty Richard, laborer, 129 Bolivar 
Delahanty Thomas, lab. Clara n. Cypress 
Delahoussaye B. S. 253 St. Ann 
DelahoussayeH. fur. rooms, 89 Main 
Delahunty Edward, elk. d. 131 Constance 
Delau- John, painter, Dryades, c. Philip 
Delalondre Jean, 151 St. Louis 
Delainare Henry, Moreau near Louisa 
Delamore John, sr. cooper, 43 Spain 
Delamore J. Mrs. dress maker, Spain c 

Delamore Petit, artist, 138 St. Peter 
Delamotte A. c. h. Chartres c. St. Philip 
Delaney Archy, cooper, 168 Tchuupitoulas 
Delaney Arthur, Love n. Bordeaux, Jef- 
ferson City 
Delaney Daniel, laborer, 626 Royal, d. 3 
Delaney Dennis, laborer, 160 Aimuncia'n. 
Delaney James, carpenter, 201 Vine 
Delaney John, tailor, 263 Carondelet 
Delaney Jolm, warehouseman, 136 New 

Delaney John, carpenter, 189 Foucher 
Delaney John Mrs. 551 Burgundy, d. 1. 
Delaney Michael, blacksmith, 16 Elysian 

Delaney Nicholas, laborer, 52 Poet 
Delaney Patrick, machinist, JN. O. and 

Jackson R. R. 
Delaney Robert, blacksmith, Bolivar n. 

Delaney Thomas, lab. 553 Burgundy, d. 2. 
Delaney William, c. p. 316 Dryades 
Delange C. A. shoemaker, 80 Ex. place 
Delany Catharine, grocery, St. Mary c. 

Delany Peter, laborer, 508 Chartres 
De la Pefia Jose A. cigar maker, 29 

Union, d. 3. 
Delaplaine Alfred, clerk. Camp c. Canal 
Delapray M. Mrs., cook, 307 Burgundy 
De la Roche E. 30 Chartres 
De la Roche Henry Mrs., grocer, 61 Der- 

bigny, d. 2. 
De la Rosa Jose, 18 St. Bernard. 
De la Kosa L. Mrs. 462 St. Claude, d. 3. 
De la Rue 0. 164 Derbigny, d. 2. d. 302 

De la Rue & Sloan, (IVilHam De la Rue, 

Joseph S. Sloan,) produce brokers, 90 

De la Rue William, (De la Rue 8f Sloan,) 

d. 184 Esplanade 
De la Rue T. book-keeper, 341 Bienville 
Delass Jean, clerk, 351 Bienville 
Delassize L. T. brick, lime, etc. Old Basin 
Delai John, d. 70 Laurel 

De Laterriere L. Mrs. dry goods, Bartholo- 
mew n. Royal 
Delatorri Aug'n, cigars, Miro n. Bienville 
De Latour F. 107 Independence 
Delaunay, Rice & Co. ( E. F. Delaunay, 
Jolm G. Rice,) com. mers. 16 Caron- 
Delauny Jean, 22 Morales 
Delaup A. clerk, d. 259 St. Ann 
Delaup E. printer, d. 259 St. Ann 
Delaup Fran<;ois, printer, 259 St. Ann, d. 

Canal n. Prieur 
Delavalle J. B. clerk, 129 Royal 
Delaville A. shoemaker, 147 Bourbon 
Delaville C. Mrs. 419 Burgundy, d. 3. 
Delawoevre Franc^uis Mrs. bakery, 211 

Delay J. B. Mrs., Claiborne n. Esplanade 
Delay R. grocer, 228 St. Ann 
Delazzeri Eug.Goodchildren c. Mysterious 
Delbanco S. iii. clothing, 49 Levee, d. 3. 
Delbondio Charles, clerk, 32 Lafayette 
Delbondio E. F. clerk, 32 Lafayette 
Delbondio Frederick, western produce, 7 

Lafayette, d. 348 Magazine 
Delbos Lucien, bl'ksm. 159 Derbigny, d. 2. 
Delchrislo Louis E. clerk, 132 Barracks 
Delcroix D. butcher, 109 Chartres 
Delcroix D. pianist, 109 Chartres 
Delcroix Peter, 109 Chartres 
Delcros J. M. Rev., Jefferson City 
De Lea Louis, acct. d". 119 Royal 
Delehunty Edm'd,clk. 190 Chippewa, d. 4. 
Delente P. E. Dr., Customhouse n. Ram- 
Del Lerno Napoleon, d. 50 Gasquet 
Delery Anatole, clerk, 67 Canal 
Delery Armand, clerk, 71 Canal, d. 372 

Delery Aug. C. clerk, 67 Canal, d. 66 Vil- 

lere, d. 2. 
Delery B. Mrs. 170 Main 
Delery Charles, finisher. Fourth, Gretna 
Delery Charles Dr. d. 91 Burgundy 
Delery Charles Mrs. 146 Hospital 
Delery C. f. w. c. Dryades n. Washington 
Delery Edward, carp. Liberty n. Erato 
Delery Eugene, c. elk. 67 Canal, d. Clai- 
borne opposite market 
Delery E. M. Treasurer's office, d. 83 Or- 
Delery F., Solidelle n. St. Anthony 
Delery F. Mrs. d. 123 Barracks 
Delery Henry, elk. 63 Magazine, d. 83 

Delery Jacques Mrs. 34 Mazant 
Delery J. A. 282 Ursulines 
Delery J. Leopold, clerk Citizens Bank, 

Royal c. Customhouse 
Delery Louis, d. Gretna 
Delery Miss, Third n. Levoiseur, Gretna 
De Lamarre Petit, shoe store, Toulouse, 

basement Opera House 
Delery Mrs. 210 Marais, d. 2. 
Delery Oscar I. clerk, d. 123 Barracks 
Delery Paul, note clerk. Citizens Bank, d. 
167 Bayou road 




Delerdernier F. W. elk. 33 St. Joseph, d. 

227 Terpsichore 
Delerdernier John G. screwman, Philip n. 

Delesdernier L. F. clerk, d. 356 Franklin 
Deleto Marie, 41 North market 
Delfs F'red'k, laborer, d. 356 Basin 
Delgado S. book kee]ier, 32 Poydras 
De 1 'Homme L. barkeeper, 19b Toulouse 
Delhost A. Camp n. St. Mary 
Delille Jacques, shoes, 225 Customhouse 
Delima John Manuel, screwman, Good- 
children n. Spain 
Delinat Jules, 71 St. Bernard 
Delish John, Josephine n. Laurel 
De L'Jsle C. G. 185 Customhouse 
De L'lsle E. G. & Co. ( Linile Gaschet 
De I/Isle, M. B. Brady, I). E. Boutin, 
Jos. Kaincy,) Southern Cotton Press, 
Clara d. Lafayette, d. 163 Esplanade 
De L'Jsle E. G. ( E. G. De L'lsle &c Co.) 

d. 163 Esjilanade 
De L'lsle E. cotton broker, 46 Carondelet, 

d. 457 Carondelet 
De L'lsle G. G. Mrs. 185 Customhouse 
De L'lsle Jules G. accountant, .62 Caron- 
delet, d. 185 Customhouse 
De L'lsle L. E. cotton broker, 46 Caron- 
delet, d. 457 Carondelet 
De L'Jsle V. G. cotton pickery, Clouet, c. 

Moreau,- d. 185 Customhouse 
Dell John, c. h. 554 J<\-ont Levee 
Dellande VV. ciijar factory, 465 St. Claude, 

d. 434 St. Claude 
Dellatre Adoljihe, c. p. Third n. Laurel 
Dellaville Jos. &, J. B. St. Jane n. Gravier 
Deilemore Richard, lab. d. 30U St. Louis 
Dellenbaeh Peter, cistern maker, Rampart 

c. Independence 
Di'llis Antonio, fruit, 158 Bienville 
Dcllum VVm. painter, Delaronde, Algiers 
Dclmodo Hosea, sailor, 112 Melj)omene 
Dtlmodo Joseph, Dryades market 
Dtlmos J. T. Ijroker, 178 Clio 
Di'lmont Mrs. C, Common n. Franklin 
Di'Imore Kichard, laborer, 281 St. Louis 
Diloche Louis, druggist, 195 liourbon 
Delon Auguste P. bricklayer, Marigny n. 

Delon Edward, laborer, d. 8 Enghien 
Drloney Ann Mrs , Deiord n. Foucher 
D( lomy Louise, f. w. c. 149 Hospital 
Delonge Charles, shoemaker, 83 Ex. place 
Deiord Bernard, butcher, 84 French market 
Deiord Baptist, dairy, Liberal n. Elysian 


Di'lord P. grocer, 23 Annette 

Di'lord R. butcher, 94 French market, d. 

Louisiana av. cor. Annunciation 
Deiord Simm, milk, Ur.sulines c. Broad 
Delormel Amelia Mrs. 48 Gasquet 
Delounel Alex. Mrs. 140 Customhouse 
Deloy A. Mrs. 319 Ursulines 
Deljieauh A. warehouse bookeeper of cus- 
toms, 422 Rampart, d. 3. 
IDelpeuch A. Mrs. 300 liurgundy 
Delphiu M. stevedore, 109 Greatmen 

Delphin Mary, 342 Bourbon, d. 3 

Delpit Adrien, manufacturer of Perique 

and Natchitoches snurt", chewing and 

smoking tobacco, 13 St. Louis 
Deljiit Auguste, clerk, 23 St. Charles 
Delpit C. A. acct. d. 407 Customhouse 
Delpit John, 13 St. Louis, d. 203 Orleans 
Delpit J. J. clerk, 30 Bank place 
Delpit J. P. 316 ViUere, d. 3 
Delpit L. Capt. 25 Liberty 
Delpit Louis, f. m. c. cigars, 490 Villere,d.3 
Delrieu H. bk. keeper, 222 Derbigny,d. 2 
Delrieu Jules Pierri, gun and locksmith, 

243 Burgundy 
Delrieu L. R. Dr., riding school and liorse- 

shoeing, 138 Rampart, d. 2 
Delseries Adolphe, clerk, 53 I'oet 
Delseries A. Mrs. 568 Burgundy, d. 3 
Delseries Emile, 568 Burgundy, d. 3 
Delserieux A. clerk, Old Levee, d. 2 
Delta Newspaper, stock co., 76 Camp 
Delta Warehouse, Front and Fulton 
Deltrigo J. A. cigars, 49 Bienville 
Deltz A. L. tobacco, 993 Leon, d. 4 
Deluzain L. E. importer wines and liquors, 

119 Royal, d. 171 St. Claude 
Deluzain Louis H. 70 Clouet 
Delvaille Aristide Mrs. 419 Burgundy 
Delwry Jeremiah, Third n. Liberty 
Del wry John, marble wks. 184 St. Charles 
Demag Eugene Mrs. 325 Marais, d. 3 
Demahy C. clerk, d. 429 Dauplune, d. 3 
Demahy H. engineer, 27 Natchez, d. 731 

Burgundy, d. 3 
Demahy J. Mrs. 731 Burgundy, d. 3 
Demahy Jos. R. (H. DktMahy &f Co.) 37 

DeMahy H &■ Co. (Jos. R. DeMihy, F. 

"Jhinand,) corn and feed, 37 Natchez 
DeMailly K. painter, 303 St. Claude 
Deniailly B. f. m. c. 67 Piety 
Demailly Jean Francis, 303 St. Claude, d. 2 
Denianger Louis, 190 Burgundy 
Demor Charles, laborer, 156 Spain 
Demorcan John, 16 Mam 
Demare A. cabt. mkr, 778 Burgundy, d. 3 
Demare F. bill'd table makr, 150 Toulouse 
Demarest Adolphe, clerk, 29 Magazine, d. 

168 Elysian Fields 
Demarest A. engineer, 168 Elysian Fields 
Demarest Elizabeth Mrs. 27 Spain 
Demarest Jos. W. sugar brok.d. 130 Robin 
Demarest Jos. W. 73 Old Levee 
Demarest John, clerk, 185 Deiord 
Demarine R. N. mer. 460 Dauphine 
DeMasiliere John, 388 Uamnart, d. 3 
Dechasiliere B. widow, 262 Bayou road 
Dematos Jos. G. fruit, 43(( Royal, d. 3. 
Deniant Louis Dr., M. D., Madison 
Demaye Zeno, f. m. c. drayman, 155 St. 

Demaza S. clerk. Main n. Prieur 
Demazien Rose, 42 Burgundy 
Deinazillier E. dry goods, 527 Rampart 
Dtmena Susan, f. w. c. 318 Erato 
Demurest John M. assistant treasurer, d. 
379 Magazine 




DeMerritt John W. book keeper,23 Front, 

d. 185 Delord 
DeMesgrigny A. clerk, Royal c. Toulouse 
Demestre John, dry goods, c. Magazine 

and Toledano 
Demcza Emile Mrs. 371 Canal 
DeMeza A. H. ( CucuUu &f DeMeza,) 4 St. 

Louis, d. 118 St. Louis 
DfMuza Jos. d. 1 Crescent row. Canal 
DuMeza S. clerk, 88 Royal 
Deman Charles, clerk, i!38 Royal, d. 158 

Demcza D. H. sugar broker, d. 274 Mel- 
Demeza L. sugar broker, d. 1 Crescent 

row. Canal 
Dernier Louis A. brick yard, Front near 

Soniat, Jeiierson City 
Demilt A. P. dealer in twines and- cordage, 

60 Magazine 
Deming Ralph, clerk, 77 Calliope 
Demogo J. 0. Front Levee n. Ursulines 
DemoiUe M. Mrs. 227 Villiere, d 2 
DeMonasberie , grocery, opp. depot, 

Demonasterio A. & E. grocers, 135 Old 

Demonastereo A. grocer, 259 Old Levee 
Demonsabert C. 25 Plauche 
Demontrond & Co. (Claude F.Demontrond, 

Galliot Pierre) dry goods, 169 Canal, 

d. 59 Esplanade, & 349 Old Levee, d. 3 
Demortica A. 138 St. Peter 
Demoruelle Edward, Catholic cemetery 
Demoruelle Ernest, 358 Orleans 
DemoreuUe F. clerk, Toulouse c. Basin 
Demoreulle H. clerk, 245 CarondeJet walk 
DemoreuUe Jacques, 358 Orleans ^__^^ 
Demoreulle Jos. clerk, 358 Orleans 
Demoreulle V. wood, bricks and sand, 

Toulouse c. Basin 
Demott Samuel, public weigher, 65 Poy- 

dras, d. 397 Perdido 
Demoulin S. grocer, 71 St. Phihp 
Demouy Henry, (Lazare, Levasseur Sf Co.) 

8 and 10 Chartres 
Dempsey Ann Mrs. 60 Enghien 
Dempsey James, lab. Perdido n. Willow 
Dempsey Jas. screwman, d. 172 Tchou- 

Dempsey Jno. lab. d. 59 Annunciation 
Dempsey Jno. lab. d. Perdido n. Willow 
Dempsey Jno. W. clerk, 55 St. Charles 
Dempsey J. drayman, d. 556 St. Claude 
Dempsey Louis, lab. d. 352 Chartres, d.3 
Dempsey Michael, drayman, 493 Tchou- 

Dempsey Pat. lab. d. 188 St. Thomas 
Demron Stephen, barber, 47 Rosseau 
Demuth Jacob, painter, 254 Rousseau 
Den W. carp. N. 0. J. and G. W. R. R. 
Denarvi Joseph Mrs. 230 Bourbon 
Dench Bozar, 86 Frenchmen 
Dendinger Michael Mrs. c. h. 51 Laurel 
Dendinger George, driver, 422 Basin 
Dendorf James, shoe store, c. St. Mary 

and Magazine 

Deneauf Charles E. cooper, Tchoupitoulas 

n Celeste 
Denechaud A. clerk, 130 Canal 
Denechaud Edward, Edward's restaurant, 

15 Union, d. 1 
Dencgre J. D. com. m. Old Levee, c. Bien- 
ville; president Citizens Bank, 20 
Denegre W 0. attorney at law, 54 Camp, 

d. 157 St. Philip 
Denegre Joseph, 63 Carondelet, d. 20 

Deneufbourg J. Dr., Harmony c. Magazine 
Denegri Antoine, musician, 103 Perdido 
Deniel Nicholas, 240 Dauphine 
Denif Richard, lab. d. 134 Erato 
Deniger Adeline, Sixth n Annunciation 
Denim M. 261 St. Ann 
Deninger John, feed, 948 New Levee, d. 4 
Deninger John, lab. d. 166 New Levee 
DenningcofFer Frank, c. h. and grocery, 

187 Josephine 
Dennis Adolphe, clerk, 45 Chartres 
Denny M. lab. d. 318 Erato 
Denis Arthur, attorney at law, 104 Canal, 

d. 89 Bourbon 
Denis Henry, attorney at law, d. 6 Pon- 

talba buildings 
Denis H. R. attorney at law, 18 Exchange 

place, d. Esplanade c. Conde 
Denis John, gardener, 390 Bayou road 
Denis John, clerk, d. 178 Galvez 
Denis J. C. 118 Common 
Denis Jules, carp. 186 Johnson, d. 2 
Denise Constant, baker, b. h. 74 Toulouse 
Denison D. A. shoemaker, 115 Gravier 
Denison Henry Capt. d. 484 Camp 
Denman Ralf (J\larsh &f Co.) carriages, 85 

Common, and Carondelet c. Gravier 
Denneny Michael, lab. 361 Franklin 
Dennett Jacob K. dealer in hides, 99 Maga- 
zine, d, 47 Race 
Dennett J. W. salesman, 28 Common, d. 

505 St. Charles 
Dennies J. C. proprietor Catholic Stand- 
ard, Canal c. Exchange place 
Denning A. Mrs. Carondelet n. St. Andrew 
Dennig Jacob, shoemaker, 21 Claiborne 
Dennis C. W. engineer, N. O.J. and G.N. 

Dennis Jarvis, clerk, 163 Camp 
Dennis Jean, clerk. Bayou bridge 
Dennistoun A. & J. & Co. (^i. Dennis- 
toun, J. Dennistoun, John C. B, Yuille,) i 
bankers, 34 Carondelet 
Dennot J. Mrs. 185 St. Louis ' 

Denny James, carpenter, 273 Clara j 

Denslow Julia Mrs. 241 Poydras j 

Dentzel F. A. deputy postmaster, d. Con- ' 
stance n. Terpsichore I 

Dentzel Virginius C. 70 Camp. | 

Denver Robert, clerk, l3l Poydras ' 

Deneritty John, dray 'n, 554 St. Claude, d.3 
De Palos S. S. Mrs. 377 Canal 
Depan Dominique, 95 Conti 
Depass Estelle, 160 St. Peter 
Depass Samuel, stevedore, 217 Rampart 




Depass C. A. Mrs. dry goods, 62 St. Philip 
Depass John, clerk, 285 Dryades 
Depass J. H. engineer, St. Charles c. 

Depass Mrs. 442 Royal, d. 3 
Depass Pauline, 146 St Peter 
Depass Phcenix, clerk, 116 Cliartres 
Depassau Dan'l, f.m.c. Laurel c. St. Mary 
Depel Jacob, sailor, 1015 New Levee, d. 4 
De Fena J. Mrs. 424 Burgundy, d. 3 
Depetasse A. cabinet maker, 192 Bourbon 
Depi Henry, Valance n. St. Dennis 
Depierris James, bulclur, 11 French mkt 
Depold Adam, tailor, Philip n. Mew Levee 
Depository of the Ladies' Henevolent So- 
ciety, 195 Camp 
Depouilly A. M. 376 St. Ann 
Depouilly J. J. Carondelct walk c. Prieur 
Depouilly J. J\. architect, 195 Tieme, d.2 
Deppe Louis Mrs. 554 St. Claude, d. 3 
Deppouy Jean, butcher, 28 French market 
Depratte Auguste, Prieur n. Common 
Deprys JV. Mrs. 381 Daujihuie, d. 3 
Deprez J. shoemaker, 48 Frenchmen 
Deranco Charles, atty. at law, 182 Tou- 
louse, d. 284 Roman 
Derangheau Victor, caulker, 129 Main 
Derauche E. clerk, 155 Canal 
Derbes Adeline, f. w. c. Metairic ridge 
Derbes Alexander, consul at Marseilles 
Derbes Joseph, jr. dry goods, 49 Cliartres 
Derbes J. B. Mrs. wholesale millinery, 123 

St. Ann 
Derbes St. Cyr, clerk, 61 Carondelct, d.l23 

St. Ann 
Derbigny Charles, 57 Hospital 
Derbigny Juiien, cooper, 'I'onti n. St. Ann 
Debordenavet D'Abere Fulgence, general 

agency, 86 Old Levee 
Derby John, blacksmith, 301 Poydras 
Deregny Julian, cooper, Tonti n. Main 
Derepau Etienne, carpenter, 47 Enghien 
Derenbacher Jacob, shoes, 6 Fourth 
Deres John, 16 Music 
Derete Jean, dairy, St. Philip n. Broad 
Derey Louis, tailor, 78 St. Peter 
Derham Ellen Mrs. Euterpe n. Prytania 
Derheimer Jacob, butcher, Treme market 
Dering Peter Mrs., Bourbon n. Solidelle 
Derigney Julian, cooper, Tonti n. St. Ann 
Derivaux Charles, tailor, 156 Royal 
DeRivero Jose, tailor, 57 St. Ann 
Dermody James, grocer, 248 Camp, d. 283 

Dermody Thomas drayman, 114 Port 
Derner Richard, cartman, 443 Franklin 
DeRoche Louis, 387 Ursulinea 
Deron Mrs. school for young ladies, 273 

Deron John B. f. m. c. laborer, 59 Barracks 
Derosa Francisco S. screwman, 34 Spain 
Derose J. M. butcher, d. 124 Main 
De Rosenorn Edward, coal, 131 Exchange 

place, d. 124 St. Louis 
Derosh Louis, musician and professor, 387 

Derr John, d. Josephine n. Fulton 

Derrey J. B. broker, 129 Customhouse, d. 

. 241 Bienville 
Dersam Leonhardt, laborer, d. 809 St. 

Claude, d. 3 
De Russy C. 143 Clio 
De Russy G. B. permit clerk of customs, 

d. 143 Clio 
De Russy G. B. 136 Common 
Deruise H. Mrs. 168 Claiborne, d. 2 
Dervignan t'ran(,'ois, 283 Frenchmen 
Derwem James, cab driver, d. 177 Tchoup- 

Desabaye William, painter, 105 Poydras, 

d. 297 St. Louis 
De Sabler Eugene J. clerk, 61 Common 
De Saint Armand Ovide, 321 St. Andrew 
De Saint Germain M. carpenter, Love c. 

De Saint Romes Dr. 171 St. Ann 
De Saint Romes L. E. auctioneer, 97 Ex- 
change place, d. 169 St. .Ann 
De Saint Romes Victor, 97 Exchange place 
De Sallas, Alphonse, carp. 267 Ursulines 
De Sallas Philo, 267 Ursulines 
Desalles Mrs. widow, 414 St. Claude, d. 3 
Desalles Louis, carp. d. 414 St. Claude,d.3 
Desallize Julia, 340 Bourbon, d. 3 
De Santos Bernard, broker, 182 Ursulines 
Desaizanl Armand, printer, 119 Poet 
Desbaii Jaims, clerk, 66 and 68 Magazine 
Desban A. Mrs. St. Mary's Institute, 199 

Desbles J. B. painter, 334 Burgundy 
Desbaras J. ice cream mkr. Main n. Levee 
Desbaras J. Mrs. 65 St. Philip 
Desbons & Bonnecaze, (Paul Desbons, Ed- 
ward Bonnecaze,) confectionery, St. 
Peter c. Royal 
Desbons Baptiste, butcher, 43 St. Peter 
Desbordes Henry, professor high school, 

d. 3, d. 113 Frenchmen 
Desbordes G., Roman n. Kerlerec 
Desbrinierer E. painter, 244 Burgundy 
Desbrosses A. cigars, 185 Marais 
Desbrosses J. P. barkeeper, 140 Basin, d.2 
Desca J. clerk, 71 Cliartres 
Descas Josejih, screwman ,599 Rampart,d.3 
Deschamps Bernard, shoemaker, 52 France 
Deschamps V. Dr. 250 Tchoupitoulas 
Deschant Lucien, steward, d. 197 Esplanade 
Deschapelles E. LeBrelon, 213 Julia 
Deschar Carson, dairy, Eighth c. Rampart 
Deschner John, grocer, 478 Chippewa 
Deschenner Jacob, laborer, 100 Johnson 
Descher Jacob, Liberty n. Jackson 
Desconnetto Thomas, Esplanade n. Broad 
Descrinierer Eugene, painter, 244 Burgundy 
Descrons Baptiste, butcher, 24 French mkt 
Desdunes Aniedc, Mandeville c. Morales 
Desdunes Armand, carpenter, 134 Enghien 
Desdunes Daniel, carpenter, 16 History 
Desdunes Germain, br'klayer,134 Enghien 
Desdunes, J. wheelwright, 74 St. Anthony 
Desdunes J. B. Mrs. 438 Old Levee, d. 3 
Desdunes Leon, carpenter, d. 134 Enghien 
Desdunes P. E. 438 Old Levee, d. 3 
Deae C. Mrs. milliner, 192 Poydras 





Dese Christian, ( Weber Sf Dese,) clothing, 

151 Puydras 
Deseamus Joseph F. painter, Patterson, 

Desforges Mrs. 136 Hospital 
Destbrges A. 215 Kerierec 
Desforges Edgar, clerk, 123 Common, d. 

215 Kerlerec 
Desforges Jules H., Dauphine n. Hospital 
Desforges Lemci, clerk, 3^^ Carondelet 
Desforges L.H.Mrs.,Hospitaln. Dauphine 
Desforges L ( >. clerk, 40 Perdido 
Desforges P. A. clerk, 126 Canal, d. 371 

Desgatieres A. clerk, d. Main n. Chartres 
Desgouttes Louis H. clerk, 93 Old Levee, 

d. 6 Lalmrpe 
Desgrais J .T. barrel manufac'ry,79 Desire 
Desha Martha Ann Mrs. dressmaker, 116 

St. Mary 
Desha W. J. Mrs., St. Mary n. Annun- 
Deshauteraux Martin, Jefferson City 
Deshayes Louis, 230 Bourbon 
Desingly H. painter, 231 St. Peter 
Desire Baptiste, butch. Toledano n. Laurel 
Deskerwich Vincent, laborer, d. 389 Julia 
Desmond A. L. laborer, d. 574 Burgundy 
Desormaux Jerazim Mrs., Washington n. 

DeSoto School, Mandeville c. Rampart 
DeSoto Francisco, onions, 295 Old Levee 
Desotro M. butcher, V alence and Live Uak, 

Jefferson City 
Desousu A. L. d. 574 Burgundy, d. 3 
Desmarch Carmelite, f. w. c. 251 Ursulines 
Desmare Aljihonse, ( Laforest &f Desmare,) 

St. Charles c. Union, d. 6St. Peter 
Desmarets F. Mrs., Carondelet c. Girod 
Desmarets R.. W. 157 Baronne ^ 

Desmond J. ship carp. 439 (Jld Levee, d. 3 
Desmonsseaux L. P. shoe store, 859 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
De.^moulins S. grocer, 79 St. Philip 
DeSola Aaron,clk.46 Chartres,d.227 Erato 
Despaix Augustin, mason; St. Anthony c. 

Despaix Jean, St. John's Great route 
Despaux B. butcher, 48 Treme market 
Despaux Franc^ois, butcher, 29 Poydras 

market, d. 123 St. Peter 
Despaux John, butcher, 37 French market 
Despaux J. c. h. Levee c. Madison, St. 

Aim n. Broad 
Despax Jean M. Butcher, 70 French mkt 
Despeau J. butcher, 47 and 51 Treme mkt 
Desplagues Jules, 148 Toulouse 
DesphUs John, butcher, 22 Magazine mkt 
Despommier A. florist, Jackson c. Chestnut 
Despot Baptiste, butcher, 41 North mkt 
Despouey Jean, grocer, 239 Old Levee 
Despouey Joseph, 42 French mkt 
Despouey J. butcher, French mkt. d. 163 

Desportes N. (Michon S( Despwtes,) 200 

Desposito A. c. h. and rest. 217 Common 

D'Esquerre Simon Dr., Laurel n. Harmony 
Desrayaux A. 39 Buigundy 
Desrayaux Mad. ladies' school, 39 Bur- 
Dessargert J. L. pressman. Morales n. 

Dessalles Louis, f.m.c. 412 St. Claude, d.3 
Dessau Emile, shoemkr. 205 Ursulines 
Dessazges Louis Mrs. 236 Johnson, d. 2 
Dessem Fi-ank. lab. Clouet n. Royal 
Dessert Philip, butcher, Dryadcs market 
Dessommes Auguste ( 0. Talamon &f Des- 
sommes,) 4 Magazine, d. 282 Bourbon 
Dessommes E. (Johns &c Dessummes Bros.) 

89 and 91 Canal, d. 131 St. Peter 
Dessommes H. (Johns Sf Dessommes Bros.) 
Dessommes Louis, (0. Talamon, Dessom- 
mes &f Co.) 
Dessommes Mrs. 282 Bourbon 
Dessource D. tailor, 21 Bourbon, d. 314 

St. Ann 
Destelong Ger'n, butcher, 20 Poydras mkt 
Desteveu Widow, 176 St. Peter 
Deston Francis, caulker, 4 Union, d. 3 
D'Kstorville Dr. L. R. 221 St. Ann 
Desvignes John, 123 Frenchmen 
Deswarte Chas. shoemkr. 340 Carondelet 
Detel J no. tailor, N. Levee n. Pleasant 

DETER TH., (Eiemann & Co.) 
Worsted Store, Wholesale 
and Retail, 163 Canal n. 
Dauphine, direct importa- 
tion of Berlin, Zephyr and 
Split Worsted, Shetland 
Wool, English Knitting and 
French Embroidery, Cotton 
Canvas, Patterns, etc. 

Deter Thos. (Riemann &(■ Co.) 163 Canal 
Deters Homer, carp. First n. Rampart 

DETOT'S E. Family Equestrian 
School, 130 Basin street, be- 
tween Perdido and Poydras. 
E. D. trains Horses for Sad- 
dle service for ladies and 

Detiviller Daniel, lab. d. 48 Poland 
Detroit Josephine Mrs. 116 St. Peter 
Detroix Xavier, painter, 138 Toulouse 
Detry Louis, draym. Hospital n. Roman 
Detry Simon, shoemk. Hospital n. Roman 
Deuceur Bernard, Piety n. Rampart 
Deuf Geo. Mrs., White n. Onzaga, d. 3 
Deuraugh F. locksmith, Chippewa n. Lou- 
isiana avenue 
Deuro Francis, c. h. and grocery, Tchou- 

pitoulas c. St. James 
Deusch L. dray, Annunciation n. Eighth 
Deutchman A. Mrs. midwife, Thalia c. 

Deutschman C. J. builder, 354 Howard 




Dtnitdiman Jules, carp. d. 354 Howard 
Devnil Chas. A. clerk, 80 Canal 
Devali David, clerk, 27 Magazine 
Devall Hormine Miss, d. 219 Camp 
Devance Matilde, f. w. c. 253 Marais, d. 2 
Devfaux Aiigustin, 444 Burgundy, d. 3 
Dcveaux Wm. Lafayette n. Galvez 
Develiii John, mate, Levee n. French 
De\eU' (iranjean, 75 St. Ann 
Develle Louis, cot. fac. d. 36 St. Bernard 
Devenot U. f. w. c. Dorbigny n. St. Philip 
Dever Daniel, clerk, 82 Delord 
Uiver J. B., N. Levee c. La. av. Jeff. C. 

Tin and Sheet Ii-on Manufac- 
turer, 110 Camp street, New 
Orleans. Stoves, Grates and 
Ship Cabooses, of all Sizes 
and Patterns, put up to Or- 
der. Goods for the Country 
Carefully Packed. 

Devereux John G. clerk, 49 Union, d. 1 
Devereux James, lab. 121 Piety 
Devereux Nicholas, lab. d. 384" Fulton 
DeTerg;<-r Stephen, clerk, 299 Main ^ 
Deveri^es E. clerk, d. 188 Rampart 
Deveri^es Elizabeth, f. w. c. 47 St. Fer- 
Dcvergcs Henry, clerk, 63 0. Levee, d. 2, 

d! 188 Rampart, d. 2 
Devergi's Peter, auctioneer, 95 Exchange 

piace, d. 411 St. Peter 
Doverman Henry, shocnik. 75 Prosper 
Devese G. Mrs. 253 Marais, d. 2 
Devet Austin, lab. llOGaiennie 
Deverges Paul, clerk, 73 Camp, 188 Ram- 
part, d. 2 
DevergcR Paul,jr.clk. d. 188 Rampart, d.2 
Di-vtzi- Pierre, Ninth n. Fulton 
Devigne Armand, bricklayer, 153 St. An- 
Deville Alfred, c. h. and grocery, St. 

James c. Tchoupitoulas 
Deville Charles C. Mrs. teacher. 300 St. 

Di'ville Felix, painter, Conti n. Tremc 
Drvilie Luke, caulker, 121 Frenchmen 
Deville Raymond, negro broker, d. 137 

Rampart, d. 2 
Deville V. 0. clerk, d. 360 Basin 
Devine Bridget, Mrs. 120 Euterpe 
Devine James, lab. 296 N. Levee 
Devine Eliza Mrs. Cypress n. Willow 
Devine Francis, tailor, St. Andrew n. 

Devine Frank, Josephine n. Rampart 
Devine Jas. cabs, 145 Clio 
Devme John, lab. 131 Pacanier 
Devine Louisa Mrs. 79 Moreau 
Devine Michael, lab. Edward n. Constance 
Devine Michael, lab. d. 114 Erato 
Devine M. lab. Robertson n. Conti 
Devine Stephen, lab. d. Theresa n. 

Devine Timothy, lab. Richard n. Pacanier 
Deviney Luke, caulker Bouny, Algiers 
Deviney Martin, 395 Tchoupitoulas 
Devise John, 58 Greatmen 
Deviser S. »& Co. (J. Villarrubia, jr. ) com. 

mers. 64 Magazine 
Devitt John, lab. 110 Adeline 
Devitte Oscar, 225 Conti 
Devize Raymond, grocer, 260 Gravier 
Devizen Auguste Dr. 90 Burgundy, d. 2 
Devizen V. O. Carrollton 
Devlin Frank, lab. 19 Josephine 
Devlin Henry, 102 Spain 
Devlin John, mate, 288 Levee, d. 3 
Devoe R. 351 Robert.son, d. 3 
DevoeT. P. clerk, 140 Common 
Devoncliaise Madam, 15] Frenchmen 
Devonshire J. drayman, 484 St. Claude,d.3 
Devoti Louis, cook, 285 Bourbon 
Devresse Gillet, shoemaker, 159 Royal 
Devron Augustin, gardi^ner, c. Broad and 

Devron Gustavus Dr. d. 70 Baronne 
Devron .Toseph, 56 Union, d. 3 
Devron Jos. P. clerk, 21 d 
Devron Oscar, clerk, 13 Chartrei 
Devuyst J. Mrs. 398 Orleans 
Dewar Jas. cigars, c. Adele and Rousseau 
Dewar .John, grocer, 583 Burgundy, d. 3 
Dewees D. S. coal mer. 124 Magazine, d. 

Washington c. Fulton 
Dewey Michael, lab. 24 Foucher 
Dewey Wm. J. & Co. (Joseph Kellcy,) 
com. mers. and shipping agts. 86 and 
88 Gravier, d. 182 Felicity 
Dewhurst Elizabeth, Sixth n. Prytania 
Dewhurst Geo. c. p. Sixth c. Prytania 
Dewing Wm. T. gasfitter, 542 Mag. 
Dewint F. teacher, 351 Main 
Dewire Patrick, stockdealer, Jersey n. Na- 

p<ileon av. Jelf. City 
Dewy re Jno. lab. St. .Andrew c. Rousseau 
De Ybarra Just. R. grocer, 241 Julia 
Deyerson Geo. clerk, d. Melpomene n. 

Deynoodt Joseph, com. mer. cotton fac- 
tor and Belgian Consul, 2 Byrne's 
row, Carondelet, d. 124 St. Louis 
De Young .Abr'm, acct. 147 Customhouse 
De Young E. B., St. Mary n. St. Charles 
Dezaille Thomas C. 345 Frenchmen 
De'zatarain Nicholson, butch. French mkt 
Dezcauche E. clerk, 148 Canal 
Dezidat Jean Marie, milk, 311 Marigny 
Dezutter Seraphim, tailor, 76 St. Charles 
Diamond Chas., La. Hotel, 213 Tchoupi- 
Diamond Henry, engineer, 356 Felicity 
Diamond Henry, Hospital n. Bourbon 
Diamond John, confect. 121 Rampart, d. 1 
Diamond .lohn, lab. d. 15 Enghein 
Diamond John, d. Water n. Josephine 
Diamond John, lawyer, 215 Tchoupitoulas 
Diamond Jno. engineer, Alex. n. Chestnut 
Diamond J. S., Felicity n. Prytania 
Diamond Mrs. d. 266 Morales 
Diamond Thomas Mrs. 16 Poyfarre 

Diard Charles, clerk, 26 Gravier, d. 350 

Diard Joseph, bricklayer, 350 Orleans 
Diard L. 227 Robertson, d. 2 
Diard Mich, clerk, d. Orleans n. Miro 
Dias Joseph, grocer, 26 Marais, d. 2 
Diason Daniel, clerk, Chippewa n. Philip 
Diaz Antonio, cigar maker, 38 Frenchmen 
Diaz Antonio, fishmonger, 489 Villere, d. 3 
Diaz John, deckhand, 107 JMarais, d. 2 
Diaz Joseph sr. Derbigny n. Bienville 
Diaz Jos. c. h. c. Marais and Customhouse 
Diaz J. cigar maker, 29 Burgundy 
Diaz J, shoemaker, 484 Main 
Diaz Mary, Girod n. Annette, d. 3 
Dibney Martin, lab. 337 Tchoupitoulas 
Diboll Jason T. acct. 84Canal,d. 203 Philip 
Diboll William 0. builder, CarroUton 
Dick Anth'y, tailor, Soraparu n. Rousseau 
Dick A. E. accountant, 35 Common, d. 

417 Magazine 
Dick J. A.&Co.fJ. Jl. Dick,F. Eisenhart,) 

coopers, 46 New Levee 
Dick J. F. elk. Justice's Court, St. Charles 

c. Commercial place, d. 25 Roman 
Dick Peter, c. h. Chippewa c. Pleasant 
Dicker Stuart, pilot, Jefferson City 
Dickerson Benjamin, 468 Camp 
Dickerson Wm., Tchoupitoulas n. Orange 
Dickerson Z. trader, 503 Constance 
Dickey N. L. dentist, 106 Canal 
Dickinson Andrew G. clerk, 23 Magazine 
Dickinson Edward, 38 Spain 
Dickinson M. M. &. Co. (J\I. M. Dickinson, 

J. E. Russelle,) 15 Poydras 
Dickman Chas. lamplighter, 121 Josephine 
Dickmayer Fred. carp. d. 44 Terpsichore 
Dickson Mathew, 18 Poyfarre 
Dickson Wesley, laborer, 28 Poyfarre 
Dickson Wm. screwman, 468 Tchoupi- 
Dickson Eliza, f. w. c. 311 Customhouse 
Dickson Ellen, f. w. c. nurse, 164 Perdido 
Dickson Louisa, Mandeville n. Casacalvo 
Dickson Matilda, f. w. c. First n. Rampart 
Dickson William, d. 398 Tchoupitoulas 
Dide John, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Didgraber Charles, school master, Carlt. 
Didier Gaspard, cabinet maker, 63 Treme 
Didlake Jno. H., F. P.C. Fress,93 Gravier 
Didlot Jos. elk. 64 Canal, d. 114 Hospital 
Didiot M. midwife, 114 Hospital 
Didon C. 79 Cotton Press 
Didon Jacob, laborer, 88 Montegut 
Diebold B. mattressmkr. 703 Dauphine,d.3 
Dieck Henry, teacher, 31 Independence 
Diederich A. blacksmith, 55 Annunciation 
Diedrich Catharine, 191 Bienville 
Diederich F. c. h. Tchoupitoulas c. Delord 
Diedrich Frank, grocer, St. Philip c. Broad 
Diedrich Fred, shoemkr. 112 St. Anthony 
Diedrich George, 289 Old Levee, d. 2 
Deidrich John M. 93 Common 
Deidrick Andrew, blacksmith, Sixth n. 

Dieffenbach F. carpenter, 191 Melpomene 
Diehl Andrew, Elysian Fields n . Josephine 

Diehl John, carpenter, 81 Basin 
Diehr George, 230 Lafayette 
Dichr Rodolph, Victory n. Poet 
Dikeman & Co. (Jra Dikeman, Homer H. 

Dikeman,) carriages, 74 Carondelet 
Diekert Geo. baker, 226 St. Louis 
Diekhoff J. E. Mrs. 291 Customhouse 
Diel Auguste, tailor, 22 St. Philip 
Dielamau Richard, lab. 98 Claiborne, d. 2 
Diesman Anton, grocery, 493 Chartres,d. 3 
Diemert Louis, c. h. Bourbon c St. Peter 
Diemest Louis, b. h. 163 Lafayette 
Diondorff J. shoes, St. Mary c. Constance 
Diener Mary Jacobina, school sister, No- 
tre Dame, d. Constance c. St. Joseph 
Dienger Caspar, grave digger, 93 Clouet 
Dienst A. (C. Blanke, M. Lassner Sf' Jl. 

Diensl,) 431 St. Charles 
Dierker Henry, furnit'e, 43 Elysian Fields 
Dierkes Andreas, basket mkr. 156 Dryades 
Dierkes Louis, Laurel n. St. Mary,d. 631 

Dierks Louise Mrs., Laurel n. St. Mary 
Dierksen N. carpenter, Ellen n. Josephine 
Dierman F. 493 Chartres, d. 3 
Diermoyer Henry, c. h. and b. h. 18 Julia 
Dierney Nicholas, smith, 696 New Levee 
Dies Jos. butcher, 10)^ Claiborne mkt, d 

478 Chippewa 
Diestel F. cabinet maker, 221 Marigny 
Diesler Julius, 63 Claiborne, d. 2 
Dietche H. 80 St. Louis 
Deitel C. baker, Soraparu n. New Levee 
Deitel John, tailor, 1029 New Levee, d. 4 
Dietel M. jeweler, Soraparu n. Fulton 
Dieter Anderson U. (Levy &f Dieter,) con- 
sul for Venezuela, 27 Carondelet, d, 
214 Prytania 
Dieter William, sugar weigher, 27 Lower 

Front Levee, d. 2 
Dietlar John, shoes, Josephine n. Laurel 
Dietmann Joseph, laborer, 13 Knghien 
Dietman Frederick, laborer, 22 Montegut 
Dietrich A. blacksmith, 95 Annunciation 
Dietrich C. Claiborne n. Bayou road 
Dietrich F. turner, 35 Exchange place 
Dietrich H. barkeeker, Baronne c. Gravier 
Dietrich Isadore, Tonti n. St. Philip 
Dietrich J. C. 191 Bienville 
Dietrich J.N. upholst'r, Prytania n. Sixth 
Dietroix F. Mrs., 145 St. Peter, d. 2 
Dietsch H. 65 St. Louis 
Dietsch Philip, carpenter, 66 St. Louis 
Dietschin Jos. carp. St. Ann n. Galvez 
Diettel & Thiel, (Jilbert Diettel, Wm. 

Thiel,) architects, 57 St. Charles 
Diettel Mh<in,( Diettel &{ Thiel,) d. 169 Clio 
Dietus Hermann, carpenter, 331 First 
Dietz Auguste, Adele n. New Levee 
Dietz A. teacher, 172 Mandeville 
Dietz Henry, firewood, 150 Levee, d. 3 
Dietz Paul, cabinet maker, 335 St. Louis 
Dietz Pierre, blacksmith, 188 Toulouse 
Dietz T. teacher, 172 Mandeville 
Dieudonne F. music 'n, St. Louis c. Marais 
Dieze A. merchant, Girod n. Bagatelle 
Dieze Paul, fishmonger, 68 Craps 




Differ B. 158 Goodchildren 
Digjan J., Citizens Bank l^a. 
Dio;anard Cliark's, liattiT, 220 Rampart 
Digbey Tlios.liackm'iijohnson n.Gasqiict 
Digger Chas. car)i. Euterpe ii. Prytania 
Digges .Tosepii, engineer, 109 Montrgut 
Digman Henry, Religious c. Orange 
Dignau Charles, hatter, 233 Baronne 
Digner C. drayman. Second c. Laurel 
Dignon Thomas, porter, Tchoupitoulas c. 

Dignon J. Michael, lab. 500 Royal, d. 3 
Dikcman & Co. (Homer H. &c Ira Dike- 
man,) carriage repository, 74 Caron- 
delet, d. 99 St. Charles 
Dikeman Homer H. ( Dike man Sf Co.) 74 

Dikers Mrs. Ann, Laurel n. St. Andrew 
Dilg John, dry stuff, 85 Magazine market 
Dilg T. tailor, Josephine n. Laurel 
Diike Francois, Levee n. Third 
Dill Charles Mrs. 51 Marigny 
Dill Frances, 119 Dauphine 
Dille F. W. cabinet mkr, 88 Union, d. 3 
Dillard L. C. 23 Jackson 
Dillaway Henry, clerk, 16 Carondelet 
DiUenkroffer G. c. h. Milan c. Mag. Jeff. 

Dillcr S., St. Thomas n. Annunciation 
DiUman John, car]icnter, 54 Annunciation 
Dillman J. shoemaker, Roman n. Palmyra 
Dillon Bartholomew, laborer, 62 St. Philip 
Dillon C, Austerlitz n. Live Oak, Jeffer- 
son City 
Dillon E. Mrs., dressmaker, 89 Josephine 
Dillon E. watchmaker, 88 Gravier 
Dillon James, lab. 446 Old Levee, d. 3 
Dillon James, laborer, 183 St. Phdip 
Dillon Charles, 413 RampHrt, d. 1 
Dillon John, laborer, 191 Mag. 
Dillon Martin, lab. I'nion c. Rampart, d. 3 
Dillon Peter, cabman, Common n. iJerlrand 
Dillon Peter, contractor, 201 Girod 
Dillon Pal. lab. 369 Old Levee, d. 3 
Dillon Thomas, 191 Magazine 
Dillon Thos. carp. 2.3(1 New Levee, d. 1 
Dillon T. Mrs. 132 Conti 
Dillonkoffer F. c. h. Laurel c. Josephine 
Dillonkoffer Geo. blacksmith, 21 Laurel 
Dills Antonio, 145 Bienville 
Dilleonth Benj. carp. d. 3L3 Terpsichore 
Dilleonth Eizel, carp. d. 313 Terpsichore 
Dillwright, 896 Burgundy, d. 3 
Dilly James, 399 Elysian Fields 
Dilly John, laborer, 168 Tchoupitoulas 
Dimanche Raptiste, f, m. c. stevedore, 70 

Dimery Hiram, barber, Villere c. Boulig- 

ny, Algiers 
Dimitry Jno. Capt.,Ursulines n. Rurgimdy 
Dimitry M. D., Orleans Academy for 

young ladies, 280 Camp 
Dimitry N. oysters, St. Louis c. Dauphine 
Dimky Charles, laborer, 30 Religious 
Dimler Andrew, barber, 165 Rampart, d. 1 
Dimsey J. cab driver, Clara n. Clio 
Dill Charles Mrs. 235 Tremc 

Dinan N. laborer, 12 Poet 
Dinan Patrick, Girod n Ferdinand 
Dindinger M. c. h. St. Andrew c. Laurel 
Dinette Jeanne, 98 Frenchmen 
Dinet Jno. trafficker, 410 St. Claude, d. 3 
Dingee Mrs. John, 165 Clio 
Dingeldein Jacob, Jefferson City 
Dinger Peter, drayman, 75 Laurel 
Dinglar M. dairy, c. Eighth and Dryades 
Dinkel Fridoline, hatter, 146 Chartres 
Dinkel George, shoemaker, 302 Conti 
Dinkel Jacob, laborer, 424 Chippewa 
Dinkel P. drayman. Laurel n. Josephine 
Dinken J. stable, 209 Magazine 
Dinkgreve Richd. c. h. 2 Louisa 
Dinnier John, St John's Great route 
Dinnies I, carpenter, Josephine n. Basin 
Dinnies John, Union c. St. John Baptist 
Dinnies J. C, Commercial Bulletin Office 
and editor Catholic Standard, 6 Ex- 
change place, d. Terpsichore n. Pry- 
Dino Wm. 391 Bourbon, d. 3 
Dint Jean, 52 Goodchildren 
Dintnns M. bakery. Bayou road c. Broad 
Dintsback L. shoemaker, 154 St. Peter 
Dio Ed. c. h. 13 St. Philip 
Dione Ed. furniture, Bourbon c. Ursulines 
Dionis J. B. commissary beef market, d. 2 
Dionis J. B. commissary meat mkt. d. 2 
Dionysus Augustus, elk, St. Charles Hotel 
Dippacher John, 1 Triangle 
Dippacher John L. barkeeper, 172 New 

Levee, d. 1 
Dippacher B. A. Mrs. clothing, 1 Triangle 
Dipple Jacob, tailor, 595 Tchoupitoulas 
Dirrhammer J. M. attorney at law, 33 

Exchangi' place 
Dirken A. S. nurse, Sixth n. Annunciation 
Dirker N. Mrs. Dryades n. St. Andrew 
Dirks C, St. Andn-w n. Howard 
Dirksen N., Liberty n. Jackson 
Dirkust Peter, clerk, 41 Mag. 
Dirmeyer C. E. 69 Canal 
Dirmeyer G. examiner in office of apprai- 
ser of customs, d. 364 Baronne 
Dirmeyer G. W. Dr. 32 St. Charles, d. 

216 Julia 
Dirmiiiio Isaixl, f. w. c. 105 Frenchmen 
Dirr J., Josephine n. Fulton 
Discher J. variety, 65 Levee, d. 3 
Discher Joseph, engineer, 304 Baronne 
Disken Julia, 74 S|iain 
Disler Jules, <rrocer, 315 Poydras 
Distefano Augustine, 161 Baronne 
Distler John, shoes, 492 Dauphine, d. 3 
Dital J. Mrs. grocer, F'ulton c. Adele 
Ditel John, tailor, 1047 New Levee, d. 4 
Ditenan J Mrs. 99 Levee, d. 3 
Ditermaii John, tobacconist. Customhouse 

n. Galvez 
Ditrey Fran<,oi8, butcher, 22 French mkt. 
DittiMi John, 297 St. Thomas 
Dittmann F. 31 Montegut 
Dittmann Henry, 441 St. Philip 
Dittrich A. blacksmith. Sixth n. Jersey 
Divine Charles, lab, 467 Chartres, d. 3 




Divine E. Mrs. 467 Chartres 
Divine John, clerk, Pacanier n. Richard 
Divine Michael, laborer, 114 Erato 
Dix & Ranlett, (Thomas. I. Dix, D. L. 
Ranlett,) commission and forwarding 
merchants, 67 Tchoupitoulas, d. 174 
Dix William, (Richard J^ugent Sf Co.) 155 

Dixon Alex. A. carpenter, 572 St. Claude, 

d. 3 
Dixon B. 468 Camp 
Dixon Daniel, laborer, 376 Chartres 
Dixon G. Mrs. 56 Mandeville 
Dixon James, laborer, Jackson depot 
Dixon John, trader, 414 Rampart, d. 1 
Dixon Josephine Mrs. 28 Marais 
Dixon Joshua & Co. ( W. W. Wright,) cot- 
ton buyers, 23 Commercial place 
Dixon J. K. atty. at law, 27 Camp 
Dixon J. screwman, Dauphine n.Montegut 
Dixon M. f. w. c. nurse, First n. Dryades 
Dixon Roger, carpenter, Gretna 
Dixon S. 1. Mrs., Prytania n. Polymnia 
Dixon W. 418 Baronne 
Dixon W. striker, N.O.J & G.N. R.R. 
Doaherty Jno. laborer, d. 73 Annunciation 
Doan Adam, grocer, Jersey c. Eighth 
Doane Geo. Mrs., Bayou road n.Dorgenois 
Doane Harmon, agent of U. S. Life Insur- 
ance Co. 48 Camp, d. 185 St. Joseph 
Doane John, laborer, Roman n. Palmyra 
Doanes Edward, laborer, 375 Perdido 
Doar David, laborer, d. 244 Tchoupitoulas 
Dobard James, f. m. c. lab. 75 Old Levee 
Dobat B. butcher. Eighth c. Annunciation 
Dobbins John C. lab. Locust c. Cypress 
Dobbins & McHafFey, Tchoupitoulas c. 
Philip, box 344 Merchants' Exchange 
Dobbins Stephen D. trader, Jefferson City 
Dobbs Patrick, laborer, 232 Basin, d. 1 
Dobbs Patrick, labored, d. 77 Constance 
Dobele S. cisterns, 240 Main 
Dobs Rose, Poydras n. Rampart 
Dobson James, 67 Spain 
Dobson Thos. screwman, 637 Rampart,d.3 
Dobson Wm. d. 164 Dryades 
Dobson Wm. laborer, 574 Dauphine 
Dobyns T. J. d. Amite City, La. 
Docard Mrs.,Girod n. Washington avenue 
Doche F. E. 232 Ursulines 
Dockter George, ( Llanibias S^ Dockter,) 111 

and 113 Old Levee, d. 2 . 
Docming Louis, tailor, 234 St. Louis 
Docteur Chris, pawnbroker, 131 Royal 
Dodard M. inspr. customs. Custom house 
Dodard P. H. dyer& scourer, 121 Bourbon 
Dodart H. Mrs. St. Claude c. Orleans 
Dodart Jemima Mrs. 27 Frenchmen 
Dodart M. 346 Dauphine, d. 3 
Dodd & Bateman, (J. W. Dodd, .4. /. Bate- 
man,) commission merchants, 61 St. 
Charles, d. 173 Washington 
Dodds William, c. p. 
Dodge Albert, St. Charles Hotel, clerk, 15 

Dodge Charles S. 144 Girod 

Dodge L. J . foreman ballast train O. R. R. 
depot, d. Goslin n. Delaronde, Algiers 
Dodley S. drayman, Julia c. Tchoupitoulas 
Dodson W. B. Dr. 189 Canal 
Dodt Wm. ship carp. Dauphine n. France 
Doebele 0. carpenter, Main c. Villere 
Doehn Frank, messenger, 96 Mag. 
Doehring Peter, Bagatelle n. Solidelle 
Doell John, c. h. Market c.Front 
Doepke Charles, shoemaker, 64 Derbigny 
Doepke Fred, shoemaker, 64 Derl)igny 
Doepling Caroline, crockery, 22 Annunci- 
Doerger Henry, tailor, 62 Piety 
Doeries C. W. barber, 337 Old Levee, d. 2 
Doering Henry, tailor, 322 Old Levee, d. 2 
Doeris John, grocer, 617 Rampart, d. 3 
Doernhoffor Caspar G. confectioner, 203 

Rampart • 

Doerning Jacob, tinner, 233 St. Peter 
Doerr Adam, grocer, St. Dennis n. First 
Doerr Adam -jr. dairy, Leontine n. New 

Levee, Jefferson City 
Doerr Fred, dairy, Live Oak n. Jena, Jeff. 

Doerr W. gardener, Marigny n. woods 
DoertingF. W. grocer, Girod c. St. Anthony 
Doetling Christian, 22 Annunciation • 
Doferonty Nicholas Capt. 320 Franklin 
Doling Nicholas, tailor, 321 Bayou road 
Doflay L. A. Mrs. 114- St. Charles 
Dogan Dennis, lab. Howard n. Poydras 
Dohan Jno. R. 281 Thalia, d. 446 Dryades 
Dohan Thomas, 102 Poydras 
Dohan William R. 

Dohemy John, warehouseman, 567 Dau- 
phine, d. 3 
Dohemy Pat. c. p. freight, 130 Enghien 
Doherty Ellen Mrs. 364 Franklin 
Doherty Ephraim, tinsmith, 6 Franklin 
Doherty John F. fancy goods, 320 Camp 
Doherty John, laborer. Fourth n. Fulton 
Doherty John, laborer, 447 Julia 
Doherty John, warehouseman, St. Louis 

c. Rampart 
Doherty Libbwin W. clerk, 74 Canal 
Doherty Pat. vet. surgeon, 79 Perdido 
Doherty Thos. shoemaker, 2 Annunciation 
Doherty Thos. laborer, d. 107 Derbigny 
Doherty Thos. watchman, 113 Gaiennie 
Doherty Wm. foundry man, d. 453 Basin 
Doherty Margaret Mrs. sunbonnets, An- 
nunciation n. St. Andrew 
Doherty Pat. shoemaker, 2 Annunciation 
Doherty P. livery stables, 58 & 60 Perdido 
Doherty Thomas, laborer*, 14 Louisa 
Dohey John, laborer, d. 82 Barracks 
Dohler R. grocer, Algiers 
Dohm Edward John, sailmaker, 129 Old 

Levee, d. Chestnut n. Peter, Algiers 
Dohm Frank, Adams Express, 96 Camp 
Dohomy William, Carrollton 

DOISEAU C. N. Embroidery 
Designer for all kinds of 
goods, 70 Bourbon. 




Doig Jolin, hniler maker, 67 Gaiennie 
Doigt John Mrs. d. 264 B.iyou road 
Dnit Antninc, Metairie ridge 
Doiteau B. collector, 498 Rampart, d. 3 
Doiteau L. clerk, d. 498 Rampart, d. 3 
Doize A. J. 35 Natchez, d. 341 Frenchmen 
Doize liuciei) J. book keeper, 67 Tchoupi- 

Dolahant John, 203 Rousseau 
Dnlan Rdward, carp. Sixth n. St. Charles 
Dolan Harry, lal)orer, 249 Magazine 
Dcilan James, calnnan, 168 Julia 
Dolan John, mechanic, 137 Gasqiiot 
Dolan John, b. h. 49 North market 
Dolan Jolin, laliorer, 361 St Louis 
Dolan John L. grocer, 226 Customhouse 
Dolan John, laboi'r, d 49 North market 
Dolan .lohn, laborer, d. 51 North market 
Dolan John P. clerk, 502 Old Levee, d. 3 
Dolan Michael, laborer, 64 Ri'ligious 
Dolan Michael, grocery, 123 Erato 
Dolan Peter, printer, d'. 198 Dryades 
Dolan Peter Mrs. 480 Old Levee, d. 3 
Dolan Peter, blacksmith, 395 Gravier 
Dolan Robert, laborer, d. 68 Rou.sseau 
Dolan Thomas, lab. d. 226 New Leveo.d.l 
Dolan Thomas, Calliope n. Carondelet 
Dolan W. Mrs. St. James n. Felicity 
Dolan Wm clerk, Jackson n. Rousseau 
Dolando Frank, butcher, Jena n. Jersey, 

Jefferson City 

COLLEGE of the City of New 
Orleans. Founded in 1832— 
Chartered by the Legislature 
of Louisiana. Capital Stock, 
$250,000; in the new and spa- 
cious iron edifice known as 
Story Building, corner Camp 
& Common sts., entrance on 
both sts. Open day and even- 
ing. Rufus Dolbear, Piesi- 

ant; Opens, Closes and Cor- 
rects Books, d. Claiborne n. 

Dolcar John, 27 St Mary's market 
Dolf II. potatoes, etc. 445 Daupliine,d. 3 
DollKuide Allred, (Johu S. Wallis Sf Co.) 

d. 239 Rampart 
Dolh..nde C. d. 239 Rampart 
Dolhonde Charlotte, 453 Marais, d. 3 
Dolhonde H. T. clerk. Star Insurance Co. 
Dolhonde J. R. Mrs. 84 St. Ferdinand 
Dolhondi' John, (Mirlin, Cobb Sf Co.) 157 

Gravier, d. 75 Urs\ilinis 
Dolhonde Joseph, clerk, 131 E.splanade 
Dolliondc J. B. jr. clerk state lax collector, 

3d disl. 9 Esplanade, d. Dauphine c. 


Dolhonde J. J. B., Burgundy c. Port, d. 3 
Dolhonde Jean Mrs. 84 St. Ferdinand 
Dolhonde Jean, butcher, 39 North market 
Dolhonde John, 252 Treme, d. 2 
Dolhonde Jos. carjienter, 277 Roman, d. 3 
Dolier John, butcher, 12 North market 
Doliol Edmund, f. m.c. carp. 67 Urquhart 
Doljol Etieiuie, f. m.c. mason, 65 Urquhart 
Doliol Jean L. f. m. c. 246 Bayou road 
Doliol Jean jr. shoemaker, 486Villere, d. 3 
Doliol Josei'ih Mrs. .30 Laharpe 
Doliol J. t^ouis, f. m. c. tailor, 489 Villere, 

d. 3 
Doliol L. D. carpenter, 302 Hospital 
Diiliol Marie, f. w.c. grocer, 481 Bourbon, 

Doliol Pierre, f. m. c. carpenter, 90 Music 
Doll Baptisle, teacher. Love n. S|)ain 
Doll .lohanna Mrs. dry goods, Euterpe c. 

Doll Francis, carpenter, 155 Rampart 
Doll George, cooper, 270 St. Peter 
Doll Henry, wood, 402 Dryades 
Doll James, bar keeper, Dryades c. Thalia 
Doll John, shoemaker, 281 Dauphine 
Doll Mathias, feed store, 21 Front Levee, 

d. 2 
Doll Mary, d. 618 Annunciation 
Doll Wendelin, 463 Fulton 
Doll Wm. clerk, d. Claiborne c. Carondelet 

Doll W. speculator, Third n. Chippewa 
Dolland F., Roman n. Laharpe 
Dolon Alfred, f. m. c. mason, 60 History 
Dolon J. f. m. c. cooper, 194 Esplanade 
Dolon J. B. f.m.c. cooper, 670 St. Claude, 

Dolon L. f. m. c. cooper, 194 Esplanade 
Dolsen C. H. (G. L. Dolscn &{ Son,) 73 

Poydras, d. 384 Carcmdelet 
Dolsen E. 147 Rampart, d. 2 
Dolsen & Son, (G. L, Dohen, C. H. Dols- 
en,) com. merchs. 71, 73 and 77 Poy- 
dras, d. 384 Carondelet 
Dolson Mich, plasterer. Liberty c. Felicity 
Doltmann Diefrich, carpenter, Euterpe n. 

Dolton Michael, d. 380 Gravier 
Dolvey L. Y., l>avoiseur n. Third, Gretna 
Domec Cora Miss, 312 Ramjiart, d. 2 
Domec R. musician 
Domee F. butcher, Dryades market 
Domerc F. clothing, 351 Old L' vee, d. 3 
Domere Saiiite, f. w. c. 184 Spain 
Dominge J. S. Mrs., St. Philip n. Roman 
Dominge Louis, teacher, 298 Bourbon 
Dominge Louis, 203 Ursulines 
Dominge Louis, mattress, 102 Robertson 
Domingo Andre, coal and wood,276Thalia 
Domingo James M. dk d. 100 Paytania 
Domingo Jos. ciijars, 55 Customhouse, & 

St.^ Charles luitel 
Domingo Jos. segar nikr. 80 Mandevillc 
Domingo Jos. Santo Mrs., 400 Marais, d.3 
Domingo Salvador, poultry dealer, 133 

Domingon A. 437 Burgundy, d. 3 




Domingon Guzman, collector, 103 Kerlerec 
Domingon H. J. 231 Orleans 
Domingon Jul-s, 80 Mandeville 
Domingnon Victor, grocer, 344 Ursulines, 

d. 413 Villere, d. 3 
Domingue M. 28 Music 
Dominguez B. de Jesuz, 420 Rampart 
Dominguez Florence, elk. 35Carondelet 
Dominguez Joseph Mrs., Royal n. Mazant 
Dominguez Joseph M. elk. 35 Carondeiet 
Dominguez M. f.w.c. Mazantc. Greatmen 
Dominique Burgess, Chippewa Ti. Ninth 
Dominique B. butcher, 22 and 24 Treme 

Dominique Cazalas, poultry ,250 Dauphine 
Dominique Franijoiso, shoemaker, 423 

Rampart, d. 3 
Dominique H. f. m. c. cook, Conti n. Vil- 
Dominique Jerome, oysters, 243 Delord 
Dominique John, trader, 49 Love 
Dominique John, baker, 159 Ursulines 
Dominique Joubde, 70 French market 
Dominique J. butcher, 1 Poydras market 
Dominique Maille, butcher, 81 French mkt 
Dominique M. butcher, 11 Poydras mkt 
Dominique Rotge, shoemaker, d. 193 St. 

Dominique R. butcher, 2 Poydras market 
Domino M. 288 St. Ann 
Donafort G. furniture, 123 Crsulines 
I Donahan Jno. drayman, d. 104 Erato 
I Donaghue John, c. h. 250 Tchoupitoulas 
Donaghue W. H. 89 Gravier 
Donahue C. Mrs. 275 Carondeiet 
I Donahue Henry, gunny bags, 175 Maga- 
Donahue Isabella Mrs. 446 Carondeiet 
Donaliue John, laborer, 649 Royal, d. 3 
I Donahue Mary Mrs. 346 Melpomene 
[ Donahue Michael, laborer. Annunciation 
Donahue M. Mrs. 314 Conti 
Donahue .Nicholas, reporter, 498 Dryades 
Donahue Patrick, lab. 454 ' •. Levee, d. 3 
Donahue P. furniture car. 441 Gravier 
Donald Samuel, Jersey n. St. Andrew 
Donaldson Dr. 250 Rampart, d. 1 
Donaldson J. D., Urquhartn. Washington 
Donaldson Margaret Mrs., nurse 212 Julia 
Donalty Edwin, Rosseau n. St. Mary 
Donalty Richard, laborer, 59 Erato 
Donaly B. Mis.'j, Theresa n. Tchoupitoulas 
Donaly D. B. Mrs., St. Peter n. Poydras 
Donally (Jwen, Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Donan John, Frenchmen n. Ramjiart 
DonatFran(;ois,cook,f.m.c. 46 St. Anthony 
Donat Jean, Chippewa n. Toledano 
Donauer J. carpenter, 111 Customhouse, 

d. 402 Cusiomhouse 
Donavan Cath. grocery, 29 St. Thomas 
Donavan James, 276 Dryades 
Donavan Jas. laborer, 351 Annunciation 
Donavan P. lab. St. Thomas n. Felicity 
Donbovan H. confectiimer, 203 Rampart 
Doncq Louise Mrs. 299 Bourbon 
Doneaues J. cab. mkr. 402 Customhouse 
Donegan B. grocer, Felicity c. St. Thomas 

Donegan Catherine, 84 Roman 
Donegan Daniel, driver, 659 Rampart, d. 3 
Donegan Dennis, laborer, 67 Rousseau 
Donegan E. laborer, Adele n. Rousseau 
Donegan James D. caps, 84 Rosseau 
Donegan James H. (Scruggs, Donegan Sf 

Co.) 155 Gravier 
Donegan John, laborer, 292 Liberty 
Donegan John, blacksmith, 225 Front, d. 

New Levee n. Erato 
Donegan Michael, b. h. 329 St. Joseph 
Donegan Pat. blacksmith, 155 St. Mary 
Donegan Peter Mrs., 506 Dauphine, d. 3 
Donegan S. W., clerk, 155 Gravier 
Donegan Thomas, ship joiner, Algiers 
Donega<j W. (Scruggs, Donegan &f Co.) 

155 Gravier 
Donegar Matthias, Carrollton 
Donegar Michael, lab. d. 32 St. Joseph 
Donenbeger Rinehart, book binder, 87 St. 

Donerly John, St. Thomas n. Benjamin 
Doney J. B. f. m. c. bricklayer, Erato n. 

Ca mp 
Donivan J. shoemaker, 40 Mandeville 
Donlan B. Mrs., St. Mary n. Rousseau 
Donlan Catharine, 134 Gasquet 
Donlan J. F. clerk, 8 Mc^gazine 
Donlan Michael, grocery, 335 Magazine 
Donlan Michael, Philip c. Tchoupitoulas 
Donlan Mike, lab. Camp n. Melpomene 
Donohoe Arthur, warehouseman, 57 An- 
Donohoe John, warehouseman, 57 An- 
Donlan Mich'l, lab. d. 265 Customhouse 
Donlan Tlios. lab. d. 182 Customhouse 
Donlan Thomas, Tchoupitoulas n. Thalia 
Donley D. drayman, 331 Tchoupitoulas 
Donley Ellen, Soraparu n. Chippewa 
Donley Patrick, dry goods, 63 Gasquet 
Donley William Mrs. 503 Chartres, d. 3 
Donley William, laborer, 474 Royal, d. 3 
Donlin J. carpenter, 20 Spain 
Donlin Martin, Celeste n. Tchoupitoulas 
Donlin Michael, laborer, d. 262 Orleans 
Donlin Patrick, cabman, 122 Marigny 
Donlin Thos. laborer, 85 St. Andrew 
Donlon Pat. cabman, Marigny n. Rampart 
Donly Betsey Mrs. 296 St' Louis 
Donnaud Alfred Dr. 118 Carondeiet 
Donnavay Jas. laborer. Royal n. Congress 
Donnaway Jas. laborer. Craps n. Spain 
Donnaway John, screwman, 76 Clouet 
Donnegan Laurence, drayman, 402 Dry- 
Donnegan S. W. clerk, 163 Gravipr 
Donnegan Wm., Thalia n. Franklin 
DonnehefferG. confectioner, 203 Rampart 
Donnell Jas. stevedore, Montegutn. Front 

Donnell Jas. L. c. h. 200 Magnolia 
Donnell John, trader, St. Mary's market 
Donnell J. H. apothecary, 189 Dauphine 
Donnell M'l, drayman, 439 Old Levee, d.3 
Donnell Wm. S. com. mer. 18 Carondeiet 
Donnellan John, laborer, 495 Royal, d. 3 



DOR M'l, j^rocer, 337 Magazine 
Donnellan W.Mrs., Magnolia n. Common 
Donnelly Bcnj. lab. Fouchern. St. Joseph 
Donnelly B. Mrs. 80 Main 
Donnelly Oath. b.h. 238 Tchoupitoulas 
Donnelly Daniel, drayman, d. 333 Tchou- 

Donnelly Hugh, book keeper, 97 Gaiennie 
Donnelly James, laborer, 193 Dryades 
Donnelly James, lab. Gaiennie n. Con- 
Donnelly James, lab. 97 Gaiennie 
Donnelly John, lab. 83 Delord 
Donnelly John, drayman, d. Tchoupitou- 

las c. Hunter 
Donnelly John, drayman, 129 Enghien 
Donnelly John, lal>orer, 11 Delord 
Donnelly Joseph, Magnolia n. Lafayette 
Donnelly Mrs. b. h. iSl Girod 
Donnelly M. laborer, 100 St. Andrew 
Donnelly Margt. c. h. 113 Tchoupitoulas 
Donnelly Morton, book keeper,113 Tchou- 
Donnelly Michael, machinist, 80 Main 
Donnelly Owen, screwman, St. Thomas c. 

Donnelly Patrick, 54 Robertson 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. 487 Royal, d. 3 
Donnelly Patrick, 325 Customhouse 
Donnelly Samuel, stevedore, d. 272 St. 

Donnelly Thomas, barkeeper, 86 Enghien 
Donnelly T. Carondelet, near Conrey 
Donnelly Wm. laborer, Jefferson City 
Donnelly VVm. laborer, d. 117 Spain 
Donnenberger R. book binder, d. St. 

Mary bet. Chippewa and Fulton 
Donner Michael, carp. Ninth n. Chippewa 
Donnet A. Mrs. 297 Bourbon 
Donnet 0. L. elk. Bee office, d. 297 Bour- 
Doney Jos. E. laborer, d. 11 Constance 
Donningberg R. book binder, 74 Freret 
Donoghue M. Mrs. 314 Conti 
Donoho Mary Mrs. 346 Melpomene 
Donoho Pat. lab. d. 346 Melpomene 
Donoho Peter, tailor, d. Euterpe n. Ca- 
Donoho Tim'th'y, drayman, 114 Constance 
Donohoe E. coal, Perdido c. Howard 
Donohoe John, mechanic, 94 Delord 
Donohoe John J. upholsterer, d. 253 Lib- 
Donohoe Patrick, lab. 99 Claiborne, d. 2 
Donohue Dennis, laborer, 996 Dryades 
Donohue H., St. Mary c. Religious 
Donohue Jas. iron founder, d. 131 Felicity 
Donohue John, lal). Pacanier n. Richard 
Donohue Nicholas, steamboat iigeni, 19 

P,:ink place, d. 498 Dryades, d. 4 
Donohue Peter, laborer, 94 Franklin 
Donohue Thos. lab. Cypress n. Magnolia 
Diniohue Timothy, drayman, 114 Orange 
Donovan & Neutz, (Jas. Donovan, G. W. 

Js\utz,) grocers, 95 Camp * 

Donovan A. D. com. mer. and cotton fac- 
tor, 51 Carondelet, d.308 Terpsichore 

Donovan Catharine, 21 St. John Baptist 
Donovan Cornelius, drayman, 35 Felicity 
Donovan Dennis, draymaster, 68 Thalia 
Donovan Dennis P. draymaster, 100 St. 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, d.ll Melpomene 
Donovan Daniel, clerk, d. 16 Melpomene 
Donovan Edw. drayman, 76 Povdras 
Donovan Eliza Mrs. 335 St. Charles, d. 1 
Donovan James, waiter, 273 Dryades 
Donovan James, 117 Bolivar 
Donovan Mary Mrs. grocer, 61 St. James 
Donovan James, laborer, d. 73 Josephine 
Donovan John, drayman, 595 Tchoupi- 
Donovan John V. druggist, 473 Baronne 
Donovan John, cooper. Religious n. Nuns 
Donovan John, laborer, 64 St. Thomas 
Donovan Lvdia Mrs. 195 Delord 
Donovan Michael, stevedore, 369 Tchou- 
Donovan Michael, laborer, 62 Marigny 
Donovan M., Terpsichore n. Theresa 
Donovan Pal. laborer, 297 St. Thomas 
Donovan Peter, lab. St. James n. Chippewa 
Donovan Thos. plasterer, 13 Bertrand 
Donovan Timothy, 211 St. Andrew 
Doody E. carpenter, Poydras n. Rampart 
Dooel Jos. shoemaker, 76 Prytania 
Doolan Henry, laborer, 207 Magazine 
Doolan Jas. boiler maker, Ohio Exchange 
Doolan John, St. James, n. St. John Bap- 
Doolan John, lab. Josephine n. Rousseau 
Doolan Martin Mrs. 149 Conti 
Doolan Thomas, shipwright, Algiers 
Dooley Honora Mrs. 392 Camp 
Dooley Jas. drayman, Rousseau, n. St. 

Dooley .John, drayman, 76 St. Andrew 
Dooley Patrick, laliorer, 134 Poet 
Dooley Patrick, tinsmith, 43 Felicity 
Dooley William, stables, 202 Magazine 
Doonan John, lal)orer, 597 Craps 
Da|-)f Phili|i, trader, 127 Rousseau 
Dopson Thos. lab. Port n. Goodchildrcn 
Doran Dennis, Constance n. Josephine 
Doran James, sugar W(>igher, 36 Piety 
Doran John, gas house, d. Roman n. Com- 
Doran Jos. H. carpenter, d. 127 Polymnia 
Doran Martin, laborer, d. 110 Franklin 
Doran Michael Mrs., Si-cond n. Laurel 
Doran R. fisherman, 461 St. Claude, d. 3 
Doran R. D. laborer, .Adele n. Rousseau 
Doran Thomas, laborer, 50 St. Thomas 
Dorance George, 101 St. Mary 
Dorand Joseph H. carpenter, Josephine n. 

Dorant Mateo, fishmonger, 78 Union, d. 3 
Doranthy Wni. H. locksmith. Magazine 

n. St. Andrew 
Dorbrossr- Henry, cigars, 160 Marais, d.2 
Dorcan Michael, laborer, 227 St. Louis 
Dorchester W. clerk, 121 Canal 
Dorcy Pierre, shoemaker, 172 Bourbon 
Dore David, laborer, 278 Tchoupitoulas 




Dore Edward S. coachman, Jeff. City 
Dore Fred. 178 Customhouse 
Dore Michael, Seventh n. St. Charles 
Dore Patrick, stables, Rampart n. Common 
Doremus P. Mrs. 319 Ursulines 
Dorethy S. J. ship carpenter, Goslin, Alg 
Dorethy William H. smith, c. Magazine 

and St. Andrew 
Dorgan E. Mrs. variety store, 194 Delord 
Dorganne A. f.m.c. barber, 112 Claiborne 
DorhauerAugust, warehouseman, 312 Erato 
Dorhauer C. watchmaker, 753 New Le- 
vee, d. 4 
Doriden Henry, lab. Josephine c. Liberty 
Dorin H. Mrs., Ursulines n. Prieur 
Doring Peter, Bagatelle n. Solidelle 
Doriocourt Antoine, not'y public, 65 Tou- 
louse, d. 318 Bayou road 
Doriocourt Anthony, clerk, 3 St. Louis, 

d. Ursulines n. Roman 
Doriocourt A. D. 391 Barracks 
Doriocourt J. clerk, 3 St. Louis, d. Miro 

c. Barracks 
Doriocourt Pierre, f. m. c. laborer, 331 St. 

Doridant J. gas fitter, 91 St. Louis 
Dorion A. 71 Esplanade, d.3 
Doris Hugh, Pacific avenue, Algiers 
Doris Roderick, boiler maker, Algiers 
Dorian John, laborer, Prieur n. Orleans 
Dorman Fred, clerk, Jackson n. Rousseau 
Dorman "Wm. clerk, d. 317 Dryades 
Dorman D. cotton sampler, 113 Edward 
Dormer J. tailor, Tchoupitoulas n. Fourth 
Dormody Thomas, drayman, 57 Port 
Dorn Louis, vegetables, French mkt 
Dornan D. cott. weigher, 93 Gravier, d.l6 

Dornan H. cooper, 184 St. Anthony 
Dornce G. screwman, St. Mary n. Chip- 
D'Ornellas & Garcia, c. h. Perdido c. Lib- 
Dorner Bernard, drayman, 311 Benton 
Dorney Edmund, book keeper. Common 

c. St. Charles 
Dorny Maurice, 429 St. Charles 
1)oroty William, 2 Annette 
Dorr A. grocer, Derbigny c. Conti 
Dorr E. W. (Simpson 8f Dorr,) 12 Coving- 
ton landing, New Basin, d. Rampart 
n. Calliope 
Dorr Fred, grocer, 18 New Levee 
Dorr John, laborer, Jena n. Live Oak,Jeff. 

Dorr J. W. assistant editor N.O. Crescent, 

70 Camp 
Dorr Peter, lab. Ninth n. Constance 
Dorr Thos. lab. St. Mary n. Religious 
Dorrote O. vegetables, Treme mkt 
Dorsam Leonhart, lab. 321 Goodchildren 
Dorsam Adam Mrs. 407 St. Claude, d. 3 
Dorsay Jos. laborer, 13 Leeds row, Erato 
Dorsey G., Jackson n. Fulton 
Dorsey James, baker, 19 St. Ferdinand 
Dorsey James, lab. Philip n. Rousseau 
Dorsey Joseph, lab. 248 Tchoupitoulas 

Dorsey Julia Mrs. 71 Annunciation 
Dorsey Malvina, 202 St. Louis 
Dorsey Margaret, seamstress, 406 Liberty 
Dorsey Polly, f. w. c. 284 St. Ann 
Dorsey Patrick, laborer, 270 St. Thomas 
Dorsin Patsey, f. w. c. vegetables, 129 St. 

Mary's market 
Dorsignac Felice, 276 Roman, d. 3 
Dorson Christian, lab. 311 Robertson 
Dorson Mary Ann, f. w. c. 300 St. Peter 
Dorson Richard, St. Andrew n. Rousseau 
Dorson Thomas, Race n. Magazine 
Dortman Cha^^., Melpomene n. Howard 
Dortrond Pauline, 233 ('onti 
D'Orville A., Kerlerec n. Villere 
D'Orville Frangois, 362 Main 
Dorville Jean B. A. 244 Esplanade 
Dorville Numa, carpenter, 329 Villere, d.3 
Dorvin Madame, 106 Frenchmen 
Dosch John M. laborer, 438 Hospital 
Doscher Cath., Washington n. St. Dennis 
Ddscher J. H. dairy, St. Patrick n. First 
Doson Eliza, 147 Rampart, d. 2 
Dossaf Joseph, butcher, 18 St. Mary's mkt 
Dossal James, butcher, 18 St. Mary's mkt 
Dossat Jos butcher, 44 South market 
Dossat J. jr. clerk O. R. R., St. Peter c. 

Old Levee 
Dossat Jules, day inspector of customs, d. 

. Treme c. Barracks 
Dossat R. clerk, 57 Camp, d. 114 St. Ann 
Dostie A. P. Dr. dentist, 12 Baronne 
Doswell J. T. & Co. (M. Mrams,) steam- 
ship agents, 43 Natchez . 
Douaes Michael, 142 St. Philip 
Douat Arno, milkman, Metairie ridge 
Douat Cateren, butcher, 87 French mkt 
Douat C, Pleasant n. Annunciation 
Douat John, blacksmith, 565 Chippewa 
Douat Marcel, butcher, French market 
Douberg Mary Mrs. 105 Union, d. 3 
Douberg M. jr. 106 Girod, d. 3 
Douberg Michael, Urquhart n. Union 
Douberg M. cab. mak. Union n. Morales 
Doublett J. B. Mrs. 34 St. Anthony 
Doubrere A. Mrs. rooms, 131 Bourbon 
Douce A. Mrs. 406 St. Claude, d. 3 
Doucet Edmond, clerk, 65 Canal 
Doucet John, sail maker, 8 Toulouse, d. 

314 St. jPhilip 
Doucy A. M. clerk, 95 Chartres 
Dougall George, finisher, 259 Calliope 
Dougall John, moulder, 259 Calliope 
Dougall Philip S. mate, 518 Burgundy 
Dougart Baptiste, contractor, 234 Galvez 
Dougherty Dominique, Clara n. Lafayette 

DOUGHERTY & CO. (Daniel 
Dougherty, John C. Miller,) 
Sailmakers and Manufactu- 
rers of Awnings, Tents and 
Tarpaulins, 73 Poydras. 

Dsugherty Daniel, (Dougherty Sf Co.) d. 

246 Customhouse 
Dougherty Ellen, Franklin n. Erato 




Dougherty Frank, Clara n. Lafayette 
DoiigliPrty James, shoemaker, 242 Girod 
Dougherty James, c. h. 786 Rousseau 
Dnuglieriy Jolm, boiler maker, 192 Delord 
Dougherty John, lab. Julia n. Claiborne 
Douglierty John, lab. fi8 St. James 
Dougherty J. paiiitrr, Girod n. Magazine 
Dougherty J. W. 17l> Magazine, d. Bouly 
Dougherty L. Mrs. washing, Levee n Piety 
Dougherty Michael, Canipn. Seventh 
Dougherty M. Mrs. millinery, 174 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Dougherty Owen, Claiborne n. Orleans 
Dougherty Patrick, 101 Orleans 
Dougherty H. gardener, Common n.Galvez 
Dougherty Thos., St. Thomas n. Soraparu 
Dougherty Thos. 113 Gaienni<- 
Dougherty Thos. cooper, 41)5 Fulton 
Dougherty Thos. L. 195 Levee, d. 3 
Dougherty W. bricklayer, 81 Melpomene 
Doughty (i Co. (Richard Doughty,) lum- 
ber, Tchoupitoulas c. First 

DOUGLAS J., Visiting and Wed- 
ding Card Engraver, Lithog- 
rapher and Copperplate Prin- 
ter; Notarial and Lodge Seals 
and all kinds of Mercantile 
Work executed in the very 
best style. Office, 17 St, 
Charles, d. 344 Rampart, d. 1 

Douglas James, stevedore, 31 Chippewa 
Douglass James, 110 Franklin 
Douglass John Mrs. 171 Old Levee 
Douglass Pat., Girod n. Rampart Pat. vegetables, 65 St. Joseph 
Douglass Thos. blacksmith, 282 Libi-rty 
Douglass Wni. boatman of customs, d. 

Marigny n. I'rquhart 
Dougle John, mould. Calliope n. Rampart 
Doul Carl, vegetables, 220 Mel|)omene 
Doulcy Anthony, laborer, 69 Gaiennie 
Douley P., St. Janii'S n. Pacanier 
Doulton James, coachman, 51 Annunciation 
Doumeing E. Dr. 503 Old Levee, d. 3 
Dour R. garden seeds,12 Conti, d.l2 Villcro 
Douris James, drayman, Algier.s 
Dourlent F. Mrs., Rampart c. Ursulines 
Dourrieu Eugene, painter and cistern ma- 
ker, 285 Ursulines 
Dours B. watchmaker and importer of 

watches, 20 Exchange plact,' 
Dours D. Fran(^ois,l)utchpr,96 French mkt 
Dours Guillaume, Frenchmen c. Clailiorne 
Dours Henry, butcher, d. 246 Dauphine 
Dours Jean M. butcher, 140 St. Ann 
Dours Marie, Ely.^sian FiehLs c. Love 
Douscher Carslen,dairy, St. Dennis n. Sixth 
Douse Elizabeth, f. w c. 206 Ursulines 
Douse George, steward, Coiiti c. Robertson J. f. w.c. steward, 350 Customhouse 
Doussan & Jaquier, (.iugusle Pmissan, 
Joseph Jaquier,) perfumers, 122 Char- 
tres and 23 St. Louis 

Doussan Henry, shipping elk. 478 Tchou 

pitoulas ^ 

Doussutours Pierre,var. store, 187 Orleans 
Doustalet T. 37 Goodchildren 
Douvillier E. Hospital c. Rocheblave 
Dove Frank, laborer, 359 Basin 
Dovelin Edward, Fourth n.St. Thomas 
Dover R. slater, 127 Delord 
Dow Charles, clerk, 14 Marais n. Canal 
Dow Henry, ship carp. Peter, Algiers 
Dowd A. (). shoemkr. Prytania n. Erato 
Dowd Charles, carp. St Mary n. Camp 
Dowd Charles M. grocer, St. Mary n. 

Dowd Daniel, book keeper, d. 392 Liberty 
Dowd Mary Mrs grocery, 168 Tchou- 

Dowd Frederick A., Carrolhon 
Dowd James, wheelwright, Jefferson City 
Dowd James, Mrs. 12 Mandeville 
Dowd John, laborer, 374 Claiborne, d. 3 
Dowd John, 294 Canal n. Claiborne 
Dowd John, St. Louis n. Derbigny 
Dowd John, laborer, d. 33 Villere, d. 2 
Dowd Laurence, lab.d. 359 Tchoupitoulas 
Dowd L. laborer, warehouseman, d. rear 

359 Tchoupitoulas 
Dowd Michael Mrs. 75 Spain 
Dowd Orem, laborer, d. 110 Gajennie 
Dowd Stephen, milkman, Cilentilly road 
Dowe F. A. CarroUton n. Levee 
Dowers Henry, Laharpe n. Robertson 
Dowler Bennet Dr. editor N. O. Med. and 

Surg. Journal, c. 89 Constance 
Dowler M. M. Dr. 182 Rousseau 
Dowlin Hugh, painter, 15 St. Ferdinand, 

d. Broad n. Columbus 
Dowlin M. 
Dowlin Brothers, (Dennis S{ Thomas,) 

shoe dealers, 92 Camp, d. 349 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Dowling Francis J. grocer, d. 227 Rampart 
Dowling J. plasterer 
Dowling John, ostler, d. 267 Felicity 
Dowling Laurence, clerk, 310 Cominon 
Dowling Michael, Calliope c. Dryades 
Dowling Michael, c. h. 45 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. Rickerville 
Dowling M. fCa-fs S," Dovlittg,) Toy dras 

c. Fulton 
Dowling Patrick, clerk, 92 Camp. d. 349 

Rampart, d. 1 
Dowling P. Perdido c. Rampart 
Dowling R. cabman, 354 Felicity 
Dowling Thomas, ( Doirliug Brothfrs,) 

92 Camp, d. 349 Rampart, d 1 
Dowling Thos. lab. Gravier n. Magazine 
Dowling William, laborer, 347 St. Peter 
Dowlon Anthony, laborer, d. 96 Gaiennie 
Downer J. C. agent, Baronne n. Girod 
Downes Frank, engineer, Spain c. Rampart 
Downey A. carpenter, Thalia c. Kamnart 
Downey A. carlman, Thalia c. Franklin 
Downey John, professor Jesuits' College 
Downey Mary 
Downey Michael, watchman Crescent 

City Press 




Downey Mich, ice depot, 9 Commerce, 

d. 279 Poydras 
Downey Michael, drayman, 182 Dolord 
Downey Morris, CillHope n. Liberty 
Downey Robert, bricklayer, 271 Common 
Downey Thos. drayman,d.621 New Levee 
Downey Timothy, laborer, d. 84 Delord 
Downey Tliomas, drayman. Celeste n. 

Downey Thos. E., Common n. Robertson 
Downhauer B. gardener, Copernicus n. 

Front, Gretna 
Downhauer P. tailor, Euterpe n. Baronne 
Downhauer R. Mrs. Copernicus n. Fourth, 

Downheim Wm. carpenter, 365 Erato, d. 1 
Downing T. drayman, Celeste n. Levee, d. 1 
Downing William, Carrollton 
Downs & Co. (Erasmus D. and Ahijah 
£)oM'ns,^ cotton factors and commission 
mers. 119 Gravier, d. 227 Carondelet 
Downs Ed. D. com. mer. 369 Dryades 
Downs James, Magnolia n. Lafayette 
Downs M. J. city weigher, 65 Poydras, 

d. 407 Rampart, d. 1 
Downs William, 275 Clara 
Dowse William Dr. 363 Baronne 
Dowsing William, clerk, 10 Union, d. 284 

Carondelet ^ 
Dowty Clias. f. m. c. Columbus c. Roman 
Dowty Samuel, Soraparu n. Rousseau 
Dowty W. A. pilot, Soraparu n. Rousseau 
Dowty Zachariah, 437 Fulton 
Doyar M. marble cutter, 131 Lafayette 
Doyen Nicholas, grocer, 192 Columbus 
Doyle A. c. h. 57 Front 
Doyle A. J. 721 Burgundy, d. 3 
Doyle A. J. Mrs. 249 Craps 
Doyle Charles, lab. Enghien n. Chartres 
Doyle Christopher, grocer, Magazine c. 

Notre Dame 
Doyle Christ. Magazine c. Robin 
Doyle Elizabeth, widow, 10 Enghien 
Doyle Ellen, seamstress, 178 Ursulines 
Doyle George, lab. Chippewa n. Felicity 
Doyle Henry, firewood, Dryades n. Fe- 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, d. 54 Thalia 
Doyle Hugh, carpenter, 85 Thalia 
Doyle H. f. m. c. porter, 245 St. Ann 
Doyle James H. blacksmith, Peter n. 

Chestnut, Algiers 
Doyle James, screwman, Philip n. St. Jane 
Doyle James, laborer, d. 386 Camp 
Doyle James K. machinist, d. 203 St. 

John Baptist 
Doyle John, carpenter, 74 Montegut 
Doyle John, blacksmith, 2,>6 Basin 
Doyle John, St. Peter n. Burgundy 
Doyle John, Mrs. 144 Conti 
Doyle Joseph, Mrs. 42 Montegut 
Doyle Joseph, engineer, Rampart c. Enghien 
Doyle L. painter, 297 Dryades 
Doyle Mary, Josephine n. Chippewa 
Doyle Michael, stone cutter, 286 xMelpo- 

Doyle M. 185 Carondelet 

Doyle Michael, printer, Delord c. Tchou- 
Doyle Owen, Marigny c. Old Levee 
Doyle Patrick, spar maker, 301 Bourbon 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 103 Piety 
Doyle Patrick, ship carp. d. 10 Constance 
Doyle Pierce, laborer 

Doyle Richard, clerk, 104 Tchoupitoulas 
Doyle S., Tchoupitoulas n. St. Joseph 
Doyle Thomas, Mrs. 35 Franklin 
Doyle Thomas, 189 Girod 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, 361 Old Levee, d.3 
Doyle T. drayman, Second n. Laurel 
Doyle T. M. carpenter, 75 Liberty 
Doyle William, 147 Urquhart 
Doyle William, St. Louis, c. Robertson 
Doyle William, laborer, 76 Roman 
Doyle William, furniture car, Jeff. City 
Doyle William, painter, 75 Liberty 
Drach Fred. c. h. 133 St. Louis 
Drading Nicholas, Laharpe n. Robertson 
Drady Robert Mrs. Clara n. Perdido 
Draghievich P. fruit, 228 Camp 
Dragon Manuel, carpenter, Peter, Algiers 
Draining Co. 4th district, Melpomene c. 

Drake Hester Mrs. 181 Lafayette 
Drake H. H. accountant, 18 Camp 
Draube Elizabeth, Jefferson City 
Draves Gustave, clerk, 47 Spain 
Drawis Francis, furniture, 384 Royal 
Drazhuez Peter, fruit, 228 Camp 
Drebing F. clothing. New Shell Road c. 

Drees Henry, Seventh n. Fulton 
Drefsler C. shoemaker, Jefferson City 
Dregon Auguste, turner, 35 Jackson 
Dreifus B. groci'r, 117 Rampart, d. 1 
Dreifuss J bread, Dryades market 
Dreknii'ier F., Terpsichore n. Howard 
Drell Charles, barber, 392 Dryades 
Dreineyer Rodolph, Carrollton 
Drenen Joseph, driver, d. 618 Burgundy 
Drenen Thomas, cooper, 123 Tchoupitoulas 
Drennen James, drayman, d. St. John 

Baptist n. Orange 
Drennen John, drayman, 378 Gravier 
Drescher John, seaman. Union n. Solidelle 
Dresel Charles, ship carpenter, 31 Thalia 
Dresel John, laborer, 102 Franklin 
Dresel William, tailor, 103 Franklin 
Dressen Joseph, 248 Royal . 
Dressier E. shoemaker, Jefferson City 
Dreux Adeline, 80 Enghein 
Dreux Adolphe, 121 Moreau 
Dreux Amie Mrs. 84 Gasquet 
Dreux Charles D. attorney at law, 44 

Exchange place 
Dreux Daniel, Euterpe c. Rampart 
Dreux Edgar, clerk, d. Lavoiseur n. 

Fourth, Gretna 
Dreux George, 126 Washington, d. 3 
Dreux H. Mrs., Music c. St. Claude 
Dreux Jonlc, 145 Poet 
Dreux Jules G. civil engineer, 44 Exchange 

place, d. 226 Baronne 
Dreux L. Mrs. 86 Goodchildren 




Dreux L. B. Mrs. b. h. 16 Bourbon 
Dreux Louis M. pedler, 117 Morales 
Drew C. B. clerk, Magazine c. Gravier 
Drew Eliza, furnished rooms, 80 Baronue 
Drew E. L. Dr. 4 Baronue 
Drew E. S. 1(38 Canal 
Drew George, Aninincialion c. Fourth 
Drew & Seymour, (James C. Drew, Snelby 

Seijinour,) eott. and commission mer- 

cliants, 94 Gravier 
Drew N. M. (L. Elkins & Co.) 58 Camp, 

d. Houligny 
Drew T. II. jr. accountant, 151 Common 
Drewes Gustave, grocer, 664 Rampurtjd. 3 
Drews Armus, cooper, d. Tchoupitoulas 

n. Celeste 
Drews F. cabinet wareroom, 398 Royal, d. 3 
Drews & (.'o. ( WiUiam Drews, Lewis llill- 

ger,) builders, 230 Josephine, d. G20 

Drexel Frank, laborer, 200 Annunciation 
Dreyer August, turner, 42 Jackson 
Dreyfous A. notary, 79 Exchange place, 

d. 176 Main, d. Esplanade c. Tonti 
Dreyfous Bernard, grocer, 177 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Dreyfous Jacob, dry goods, 446 Char- 

tres, d. 3 
Dreyfus Aaron Sf Co. (.iaron and George 

Dreyfus, importers wines and liquors, 

29 Tchoupitoulas, d. 375 St. Charles 
Dreyfus Jacob, clothing, Lt'vee c. Toulouse 
Dreyfus losi'jih, 61 Customhouse 
Dreyfus L. 210 Bayou road 
Dreyfuss Henry J. printer, 208 Lafayette 
Drez Alphonse, hatter, 61 late 67 Chartres 
Drez Arthemise, hatter, 61 Chartres 
Driary John, c. h. Rampart c. St. Ann 
Drie Anthony, Bagatelle c. Solidelle 
Driet Christian, carpenter, Jelferson City 
Drigny A. Mrs. 161 Union, d. 3 
Drinan John, Washington n. Magazine 
Drinkhaus Adan), boardmaker, JSewton n. 

P'ourlh, Gretna 
Drinnan John, drayman, Gravier c. Clara 
Drii'.nan John, drayman, d. 17 Foucher 
Driscoll A. Mrs. 29o Carondelet 
Driscoll Ann, 547 Dauphine, d. 3 
Driscoll Catharine, 77 Annunciation 
Driscoll Cornelius, drayman, Johnson n. 

Driscoll Cornelius, drayman, Morales n. 

Driscoll C. clerk Fassman's Press 
Driscoll Daniel, lab. Common n. Johnson 
Driscoll Daniel, laborer, 82 St. Thomas 
Driscoll Dennis, 202 Casacalvo 
Driscoll Dennis, Robin c. Religious 
Driscoll I), laborer, d. 691 Dauphine, d. 3 
Driscoll' Eugene, laborer, d. 85 Delord 
Driscoll James, tailor, Morales n. Enghien 
Driscoll John, sailor, Jackson n. Rousseau 
Driscoll Julia, 121 Foucher 
Driscoll J.J. junk store, 22 Julia 
Driscoll Michael, 444 Burgundy, d. 4 
Driscoll Thomas, 105 Casacalvo 
Driscoll Timothy, Sixth near Jersey 

Driscoll Timothy, laborer, 75 St. Thomas 
Driscoll Timothy, lab. Common n. Johnson 
Driver William C, Canal c. Royal 
Driver & Pierce ( IVm. L. Driver, Geo. S. 
Pierce,) wines and liquors, 41 Front 
and 42 Fulton, d. 1, d. 310 Terpsi- 
Droge IVicholas, 318 St. Louis 
Drogre B. accountant, 61 Carondelet 
DroescherWm. Capt.d. 395 Customhouse 
Droit Aug. 301 Rampart, d. 3 
Droitcoiirt Frani^ois, 310 Craps 
DnikiM- Maurice Mrs. 272 Royal 
Doll F. Xavier, cabinet maker, 759 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
Droll Leopold, bakfr, 351 Bayou road 
Drolla Fran(;ois, cooper. St. Peter n. Prieur 
Dromel Theodore, 23 Customhouse, d. 34 

Droste S. shoemaker, 303 Bienville 
Drutt Andrew, gardener, Jefferson City 
Drott Christine, midwife, Berlin c. Live 

Oak, Jefferson City 
Droub Matthias, tailor, 310 Washington 
Droudleau N. Mrs. 201 Galvez, d. 2 
Drouet Alexis, shij) carjienter, Gretna 
Drouet C, atty. at law, 113 Ex. Place 
Drouet Edward, 27 Conti 
Drouet E. painter, 200 Royal 
Drouet E. Mrs. dressmaker, 145 Royal 
Drouet Edward, western produce, 63 Poy- 

dras, d. 233 Rampart, d. 2 
Drouet J. L. Mrs. Robertson c. St. Philip 
Drouet L. F. feed, 278 Tchoupitoulas 
Drouet 0. notary public, 113 Exchange 

Place, d. 260 Main 
Drouett Theodule, atty. at law, d. 24 St. 

Drout James, lab. 208 Baronne 
Drown Jerome, clerk, 45 Front 
Droz Augustus, 115 Esplanade 
Drucker W. tailor, St. Andrew n. Laurent 

DRUHAN JAMES, Commission 
and Importing Merchant, 57 
and 59 Commerce, d. Chest- 
nut near Josephine. 

Durban Eliza Mrs. teacher of music, d.223 

St. Philip 
Druilhet Paul, elk, 113 Old Levee, d. 2 
Drum Peter, musician, 131 Prosper 
Drumm Philip, blacksmith, Tchoupitoulas 

n. St. James 
Drumm Tobias, 226 Conti 
Drummond James, 340 St. Charles 

Makers; all kinds of Boilers 
made and repaired at short 
notice: Notre Dame c. Front 
(Jas. Drummond, John Doig.) 

Drufnmond James R. boiler maker, d. 80 




Drummoiid R. S. (Arnold Sf Druminmd,) 

13:i Luvee, d. 3 
Drury Jiimt-s, painter, 359 Tchoupitoulas 
Drury Thos.niacliiiiist, 4a2 Tchoupitoulas 
Drury Wni. laborer, Clara n. Clio 
Dry George, painter, 39 Prieur 
Drydeii Tlioinas H. d. 373 Common 
Dryer Aug. lal). Market n. St. Thomas 
Dryer Bernard A. & Co. ( ISigmund Katz) 
variety store, 48 Chartres, d. 121 St. 
Dryer Christian, carpenter, Berlin c. Live 

Oak, Jefferson City 
Dryfus bernard, liquor store, 51 Custom- 
house, d. 349 Baronne 
Dryfus Joseph, 373 Dryades 
Dryfus S. dry goods, Levee n. Clouet 
Dryfus W. baker, Dryades market 
Dryner Jerome, b. h. 45 Victory 
Drysdale Andrew, stevedore, 60 Spain 
D'Souza Jacob, painter, 245 Calliope 
Duane Charles, lab. Pacanier n. Richard 
Duane Joseph E. cooper, 567 Tchoupitou- 
las, d. 54 St. James 
Dubalen Lorenzo E. 122 Burgundy 
Dubulen A. Mrs. d. 349 Robertson, d. 3 
Dubarry John, tailor, 130 Ursulines 
Dubarry Jean, butcher, 33 Sf. Mary's mkt 
Dubarry J. M. tanner, Seventh n. Laurel 
Dubas Louis, 90 Magazine market, d. St. 

Mary n. Constance 
Dubel F. W. carp. 172 Frenchmen 
Dubelier M. printer, Robertson n. St.Louis 
Duberalle T. carpenter, 192 Main 
Dubavue Jean, butcher. North market 
Dubernoy A. Mrs. d. 349 Robertson 
Dubiau Louis, 32 Conti 
Dubie F. butcher, 45 St. Mary's market, 

d. Levee c. Lyon, Jefferson City 
Dubie Philip, butcher, 33 Poydras market 
Dubierris Henry, 242 Marais 
Dubin Andrew, Jackson n. Dryades 
Dubler M. Mrs. Dryades n. St. Andrew 
Dublet Morris, shoes, St. Philip n. Roman 
Duboc Caroline Mrs. 413 Carondelet 
Duboi Antoine, tailor, 81 Bourbon 
Dubois Armand, St. Ann n. Johnson 
Dubois Cassemeri, 130 St. Peter 
Dubois Charles, Ursulines n. Villerc 
Dubois C. G. grocery, 208 Frenchmen 
Dubois Ktienne (Dubois, Lamaniere 8^ Co.) 

d. 223 St. Philip 
Dubois Eugene, barber, 173 Burgundy 
Dubois E. (Joseph Maillot Sf Co.) 112 

Chartres d. 231 Bourbon 
Dubois E. shoemaker, Roman n. Esplanade 
Dubois Franc^ois, 241 Bourbon 
Dubois F. 177 Bourbon 
Dubois F. Mrs. 208 Toulouse 
Dubois George, New Levee n. Soraparu 
Dubois Gustave, bricklayer, 208 Toulouse 
Dubois Henrietta Mrs. 135 Hospital 
Dubois Henry, laborer, 281 St. Louis 
Dubois Jean, grocer, 405 Old Levee, d. 3 
Dubois Jean, tailor, 112 Burgundy 
Dubois Lewis, fruit, Magazine n. St. 

Dubois, Lamaniere & Co. (Etienne Dubois, 
Lucian Lamaniere, Francois Victor,) 
merchant tailors, 112 Chartres 
Dubois Louis, laborer, d. 218 Delord 
Dubois Lucien Mrs. 250 Dauphine 
Dubois M. C. Mrs. teacher, 397 Baronne 
Dubois Oliver, pilpt, d. 208 Toulouse 
Dubois P. Mrs. 110 Customhouse 
Dubois Tlieophile, clerk, 126 Canal, d. 

171 St. Philip 
Dubois Thos. clerk, d. 171 St. Philip 
Dubois Victor, 173 Customhouse 
Dubois Z. Felicity n. Dryades 
Dubon Charles, 115 Old Levee, d. 2 
Dubon V. cartman. First n. Chippewa 
Dubos Gabriel, butcher, 30 French mkt 
Dubos John, clerk, 129 Kampart, d. 2 
Dubos John, clerk, 131 Rampart, d 2 
Dubos John, d. 17 Gasquet 
Dubos Louis, Market n. Magazine 
Dubose Louis, 34 Mandeville 
Dubourg C. 182 Elysian Fields 
Duboy J. tailor, 69 St. Louis 
Dubret F. Water c. Soledano 
Dubreuil Charles E. D. (Manuel D. de 

Lizardo Sf Co.) d. 254 Bourbon 
Dubreuil Gustave, collector, 296 St. Louis 
Dubreuil M. 38 History 
Dubreuil M. 184 St. Philip 
DuBu6 Antoine, secretary St. Louis Ca- 
thedral, 20 Orleans 
Dubuc C. Mrs., Carondelet c. Euterpe 
DuBuc Jos. tinsmith, 147 Old Levee, d. 2 
Dubuc J. f. m. c. St. Philip n. Derbigny 
Dubuc Lucian Mrs. 57 St. Ann 
Dubuc Pierre, coffee-house, 8 Levee, d. 3 

and Dealer in Wines and lii- 
quors of every deseription,118 
Gravier street, between St. 
Charles and Carondelet, d. 13 

Dubuclet A. E. note broker, 570 Burgun- 
dy, d. 3 
Dubuclet B. 475 Burgundy, d. 3 
Dubuclet liortense Mrs. d. Villere n. Co- 
Dubuclet H. U. 203 Orleans 
Dubuclet W. A. Mrs. 203 Orleans 
Dubuclet U. Mrs. d. 354 Villiere,d. 3 
Dubuisson A. A. clerk, 52 Camp, 213 

Dubuisson Mrs. 234 St. Philip 
Dubuisson M. B. 258 Main 
Dubuisson S. E. 254 St. Philip 
Dubus L. saddler 

Due Dominique, butcher, French market 
Due E. carpenter, St. Jane n. Perdido 
Ducasse Bernard, butcher, 88 French mkt 
Ducasse Louis, butcher, French market, 

d. 58 Orleans 
Ducasset J. L. Bienville c. Old Levee 
Ducastaing B. laborer, 49 Main 




Ducatel Amedie, notary, 49 Toulouse, d. 

120 Esplanade c. Burgundy 
Ducatel Amedie, jr. clerk, 49 louIouse,d. 

120 Esplanade c. Burgundy 
Ducatel C. widow, Esjilanadec. Burgundy 
Ducatel Caniille G. Mrs. 154 St. Louis 
Ducatel E. 49 Toulouse, d. 150 Conti 
Ducatel Eugene Mrs. 268 Roval 
Ducatel H. variety store, 97 Royal, d. 314 

Ducayet Filix, 106 Orleans 
Ducayet L. Mrs. 313 St. Philip 
Ducaynet l^. 309 Ursulines 
Ducean Mrs. d. 87 Btirgundy 
Ducey Christopher, drayman, 194 Locust 
Ducey P. Captain, ship master, 585 Rani- 

■ part, d. 3 
Ducey Thomas, lab. Freret n. Lafayette 
Duchamp B. Mrs. 41 Toulouse 
Duchamp L. Bayou road ni'ar St. Claude 
Duchanois Mary M. midwife, 109 Caron- 

Duchaufour Fanny, 183 Carondelet 
Duchauf<uir J. A. deputy U. S. marshal, 

183 Carondi let 
Duchein Fran^iis, last maker, 867 St. Ann 
Diichert J. lab. d. Jefferson City 
Dtichemui Mary, f. w. c, d. 74 Basin, d. 2 
Duchesne Damian, dairy, Melairie ridge 
Duchin IVrtrand, d. 251 Bourbo^i 
Duchiron .\lexander, note clerk, Bank of 

New Orleans, d. 255 Terpsiciiorc 
Duchman Geo. carpt. 740 Dauphine, d. 3 
Duchumin Z. f. ui. c. 134 Union, d. 3 
Duck Evander, carp. Third n. Baronne 
Duclere Edward, locksmitii, 248 Orleans 
Duclcre J. Mrs. d. 248 Orleans 
Duclos Anioine, Bartholomew c. Morales 
Duclos Auguste, blacksmith, 115 Caron- 
delet walk, d. 260 St. Peter 
Duclos Cadet, butcher, 29 French market 
Duclos Cadet, Ninth near Chippewa 
Duclos Honora, Bayou bridge 
Duclos Louis, cooper, 135 Bourbon 
Duclos & Co. (P. Duclos, F. Cazalas, Ji. 
11. Alonnier,) furniture, 57 and 59 
Duclos Simon, 56 Port 
Duclos V. Mrs. 492 Royal, d. 3 
Ducloslange E. f.w.c. Euterpe n. Baronne 
Ducloslanffi! P. carpenter, 249 Main 
Ducoing Ambrose, c. p. 140 ^lysian.Fields 
Ducoing Augustus, d. 343 Dauptflne,d.3 
Ducoing Francis, c. p. 520 Burgundy, d. 3 
Ducoing J. 140 Elysian Fields 
Ducoing Polinere, 140 Elysian Fields 
Ducoing St. John, c. p. 140 Elysian Fields 
Duconge Charles, Constance c. Race 
Duconge Fran<joi8 P. druggist, 39 Char- 
tres, d. 135 Customhouse 
Duconge I'ierre, cigars, 229 Royal 
Ducos Eugene, grocer, Poydras c. Rampart 
Ducouman Mrs. 249 Burgundy 
Ducournau G. B. shoemaker, 211 Laharpc 
Ducournau & GonWiier, (Ed. Ihuoumau, 
F. Gonlhier,) merchant tailors, St. 
Charles c. Common, d. 272 Common 

Ducournau L. acct. Chartres c. St. .Louis, 

d. 103 Ursulines 
Ducournau Louis, bookkeeper, 98 Canal 
Ducre George, f. m. c. 308 St. Ann 
Ducret Gustave, f. m. c. carpenter, Roman 

c. Kerlerec 
Ducros Alfrid A. dep'ty comptroller, office 

City Hall, d. Bourban n. Barracks 
Ducros A. clerk, d. Bourbon n. Barracks 
Ducros Charles, d. 239 Esplanade, d. 3 
Ducros E. Mrs. 125 Orleans 
Ducros Felix Mrs., Marigny c. Burgundy 
Ducros F. A. note and slock broker, 119 

Common, d. 273 Royal 
Ducros G. d. 274 Esplanade 
Ducros Louis M. elk. d. Bourbon n. Barracks 
Ducros Man-el. clerk, 42 Royal, d. Bour- 

b(Ui n. B:iriacks 
Ducros P. A. jr. attorney at law, 78 Cus- 
Dudde E. U. shoes, 618 Rampart, d. 3 
Duddenhoefer Jacob, carpenter, 459 Char- 
tres, d.3 
Duddenhoefer Peter, carpenter, Port n. St. 

John Baptist 
Duddon J. warehouse, Jackson n. Rous- 
Duddy J., Soraparu n. Rousseau 
Duddy Michai'l, lab, Poydras n. Bertrand 
Duddy Patrick, Palmyra n. Claiborne 
Dudley Masonic Lodge, No.66, St.Charles 

«. Perdido 
Dudley Catharine, Delaronde n. Seguin, 

Dudley Lyman, clerk, 26 Common 
Dudley & JNelson, (I/. H. Dudley, John B. 
J^'eLson,) grocers, 24 and 26 Com- 
mon, d. 188 Canal 
Dudoussat Aug. variety store, St. Louis c. 

Royal, d. Conti c. Chartres 
Dudoussal Henry, barber, 6 Main, d. 245 

Bayou road 
Duduit Pierre, 75 St. Ann 
Duelfer Christian, shoemaker, 310 Old 

Li'vee, d. 2 
Dueller J. butcher, Louisiana n. Live Oak 
Duelps G. shoemaker, 17 Front Levee, 

•ips I 
d. 1 

Dueran Jerome, Columbus n. Villere 
Duest Peter, tailor, 131 Rampart, d. 1 
Dufar D. butcher, Jeft'erson City 
Dufar Romain, butcher, 100 French mkt 

d. Dauphine n. St. Peter 
Dufau C. Mrs. 274 Main 
Dufau Urban Mrs. 554 Burgundy, d. 3 
Dufau Louis, atty. at law, 32 Ex. place 
Dufaut Jos. leather dealer, 75 late 91 Roy- 
al, d. St. PeUT n. Bourbon 
Duff Philip, potatoes, Jackson c. Water 
Duff Simon, sti vedore, d. Religious n. 

Duff W. F. 120 Common, d. 294 Baronne 
Duffau Joseph Mrs. 452 Si. Philip 
Duffau Pierre, 124 Main 
Duffaut Josejih, bricklayer, d. 570 Bur- 
DufTee J. Mrs. St. Mary n. Fulton 




Duffel John E. resident student Charity 

Duffer Barney, lab. d. 580 St. Claude, d.3 
Duffey Michael, draym. Philip n.Dryades 
Duffey Mrs. d. 31 Marigny 
Duffey Terence, 56 Basni,d. 1 
I Duffey Timothy, lab. d. 31 Marigny 
Duffo J. J. Rev'd. prof. Jesuits' College 
Duffrech Louis, butcher, 1 Dryades mkt 
Duffrechon B. butcher, 50 Ti-eine market 
Duffrechon J. M. butcher, 50 Treme mkt 
Duffus George H. S. superintendent IN . 
O. Rope Factory, d. St. Charles Hotel 
Duffy Arthur, Melpomene n. Howard 
Duffy Barney, 322 Customhouse 
Duffy Bernard Mrs. 40 St. Mary 
Duffy & Co., iron foundry, 273 St. Louis 
Duffy Edward, lab. 9 Poyfarre 
Duffy Elizabeth, 253 Lafayette 
Duffy F cooper. Levee n.Lyon, Jeff. City 
Duffy Geo. cabs. Magnolia n. Poydras 
Duffy Jas. drayman, i'hilip n. Dryades 
Duffy Jas. brick mkr. 122 Baronne 
Duffy Jas. lab. 292 Erato 
Duffy Jas. B. clerk, 53 New Levee 
Duffy Jas. plumber, 394 Liberty 
Duffy Jas. c. h. 30 Barracks 
Duffy John, lab. d. b5 Delord 
Duffy John, lab. Derbigny n. Canal 
Duffy John, cooper, Jefferson City 

DUFFY J. & CO., (John Duflfy, 
C. Nesbitt,) Commission Mer- 
chants and Dealers in West- 
ern Produce, Flour, Corn, 
Oats, Bran, Hay, &c., 53 N. 
Levee, and 48 Commerce-sts. 

Duffy G. B. Rev., Constance n. Josephine 
Duffy Lawrence, 379 Customhouse 
Duffy Lawrence, (Duffy Sf Co.) d. 85 Clai- 
Duffy Margaret Mrs. 87 Claiborne 
Duffy Mary, d. 228 Chippewa 
Duffy Michael, St. Andrew n. N. Levee 
Duffy Michael, weigher, 53 New Levee 
Duffy Michael, c. h. 357Tchoupitoulas 
Duffy Michael, 264 Annunciation 
Duffy Michael, Richard c. Annunciation 
Duffy Mitchel, lab. Rousseau n. St. Mary 
Duffy M. J. lab. Melpomene c. Clara 
Duffy Patrick, carpenter, 350 Annunciation 
Duffy Patrick, lab. d. 68 Erato 
Duffy Pat'k, lab. Customhouse n. Prieur 
Duffy Patrick, b. h. 82 Levee, d. 3 
Duffy Patrick, Jos, clerk, 209 Gravier 
Duffy Peter, drayman, 55 Erato 
Duffy Terrence, lab. 137 Franklin 
Duffy Timothy, 39 St. Joseph 
Duffy Timothy, c.h. 31 Girod, d. 1 
Duffy Thomas, moulder, 56 Constance 
Duffy Wm. lab. 68 St. Joseph 
Duffy Wm., Cypress n. Roman 
Duffy Wm. L.,Carrollton 
Dufield B. Capt., St. Charles c. Perdido 
Dufilho Alfred, clerk, 19 St. Louis 

Dufilho A. H. cutler, 21 Royal 

Dufilho Eugene H. acct. d. St. Mary bet. 

Prytania and Coliseum 
Dufilho H. Mrs. d. 367 St. Andrew 
Dufilho Louis, com. mer. 53 Union, d. 1, 

d. St. Mary b. Prytania & Coliseum 
Dufilho L. Mrs. 236 Bayou road 
Dufilho L. jr. acct. 38 Union, d. 1, d. 631 

St. Charles 
Dufilho Victor, f. m. c. 33 St. Clara, d. 3 
Duflander Louise, Union c. Prosper 
Duflos C. butcher, 29 French market 
Duforcher J. B. carpenter, 502 Villere, d.3 
Duforessiers & Pasquier, (Edinond Du- 
foressiers, Laurent Pasquier,) clothing, 
Chartres c. St. Louis 
Duforr Pierre, Levee c. Bartholomew, d. 3 
Dufort Pierre, c. p. 312 Roman, d. 2 
Dufossat Joseph S. 254 Esplanade 
Dufour Bertrand, wheelwright, Caronde- 

let walk n. Claiborne 
Dufour Cyprien, law, 81 Bienville, 

d. 259 Esplanade 
Dufour Pranfois, book keeper, 124 Char- 
tres, d. 425 Dauphine, d. 3 
Dufour Irene, midwife, 53 Poet 
Dufour John T. Bourbon n. Barracks 
Dufour John, d. 44 Villere, d. 2 
Dufour Jos. tailor, 77 St. Peter 
Dufour Magenta Mrs. d. 313 Main 
Dufour Numa (G. W. Weisse Sf Co.) 
French editor of the Bee, 83 Chartres, 
d, 94 Esplanade 
Dufousat Soniat Mrs. 131 Conde 
Dufrean F. Mrs. 174 Camp 
Dufrech Jean M. butcher, 9 Dryades mkt 
Dufrech J. M. butcher, 7 Dryades mkt 
Dufrech Paul, butcher, 12 Dryades mkt 
Dufrechou M. butcher. Magazine market 
Dugan Charles, clerk, 184 Rampart, d. 1 
Dugan Henry, draym. 493 Tchoupitoulas 
Dugan Mary, f. w. c. d. 161 Basin, d. 1 
Dugan Thomas S. 65 Gravier, d. Prytania, 

c. First 
Dugas Airlard, president N. 0. Coast and 
Lafourche Transportation Co. 19 
Conti, d. 311 Rampart, d. 2 
Dugas Ignace, (Hickman, Dugas Sf Chaig- 

nard,) d. 248 Prytania 
Dugas, J. f. m. c. cook, d. Toulouse n. 

Dugas O. 335 Rampart, d. 2 
Dugazon Charles T. (Eug. Rochereau 8f 

Co.) d. 261 Bourbon 
Duggan Andrew, Jackson n, Dryades 
Duggan Anthony, lab. Villeren. Common 
Duggan Bridget Mrs. 91 Claiborne, d. 2. 
Duggan Dennis, lab. 153 Howard 
Duggan Ellen Mrs. 158 Constance 
Duggan G. H., Columbus c. Robertson 
Duggan Henry, cartm, Thalia n. Dryades 
Duggan James, Mazant n. Casacalvo 
Duggan John, lab. d. 484 Old Levee, d. 3 
Duggan Joseph H. acct. 37 Camp 
Duggan Martin, c. p. 91 Claiborne, d. 2 
Duggan Michael, lab. 324 Camp 
Duggan Thomas J. clerk, 45 Union 

Dug;re Donstan Dr. 168 Common 
Dugua A. confectioner, 229 Marais, d. 2 
Dugue Chas. O. atty. at law, 44 Ex. place 
Duguc Francis, brick and wood yard, J. C. 
Dugue Francois, sr. Louisiana n. Laurel 
Dugue F. Aug. Jeff. City 
Dugue H. atty. at law, 44 Exchange 

jilace, d. 2'J6 Baroniie 
Dugue Pierre, Marais 
Duliamel Clement, optician, 46 Chartres 
Duhamel Henry, professor, Chartres c 

Dullard .Adolplie, d. 34 Peace 
Duhard A. Mrs. d. 2;i St. Bernard 
Duliart Arniand, printer, 374 Royal, d. 3 
Duhnike Charles, 137 Religious 
Dulizkoop A. T. machinist, hardware, 172 

Rampart, d. 1 Henry, carpenter, 57 Melpomene 
Dully C. W. day in.speclor of customs, d. 

144 St. Ferdinand 
Duhy John, drayman, St. Ferdinand n. 

Duhy John, laborer, 82 Barracks 
Duke J. P. acct. 155 Gravier,d. 373 Canal 
Duke J. S. acct. 15 Old Levee, d. 2 
Duke James Capt. d. 398 Magazine 
Duke Joliii, book keeper, d. 205 Annun- 
Dulaiite Ed. laborer, Rousseau n. St. Mary 
Dulezan Louis E. d. 25 St. Anthon / sipiare 
Dulclue Antoine, oysterman, 204 Bourlioii 
Duliepre M. furnished rooms, 27 Bourbon 
Dulille C, Goodehildren c. Esplanade 
Dullard Walter, Religious c. Race 
Dullard Wm. lab. d. 489 Tchoupitoulns 
Dulormon F. elk. 2 Chartres, d. 169 Main 
Dulrenzi Andrew, musician, 118 St. Peter 
Dumagence Paul, d. 197 Canal 
Dumain Dominique, coffee house, Levee 

n. U. S. Barracks, d. 3 
Dumain Francisco, laborer, 16 Main 
Dumaine R. Mrs. 347 Hospital 
Dumas Bros. ( U. &,• E. Dumas,) importers 
of cloths and fancy good.s,136 Chartres 
Dumas F. Mrs. washing, 253 Orleans 
Dumas F. 25 Trcme mrkt. d. 163 Orleans 
Dumas Jean, 90 Mandeville 
Dumas Jean, barkeeper, 147 Conti 
Dumas Jules, clerk, 8 and 10 St. Louia, d. 

Rousseau n. Jackson 
Dumas P. shoemkr, Dauphine c. Toulouse 
Dumas William H. printer, 208 Lafayette 
Dumee & Co. (John F. EUioU, Pepin Chan- 
tron,) cotton and sugar factors and 
com. mers. 4 Union, d. 1, d. 195 Main 
Dumeig Alexis, clerk, 56 Royal 
Dumestre Alex, butcher, 27 Poydras mkt. 
Dumcstre Jean, butcher, 29 Poydras mkt. 
Dumestre John, dry goods, Magazine c. 

Toledano, Jeff. City 
Dumestre R.( L.Moulor^-Co. )]09 Chartres 
Dumesnil & Martin, (Henry .1. Dumesnil, 
£. //. JiJartin, J. T. Hmckiiui,) com- 
mission merchants, 71 Caroiidtlet 
Dumesnil Henry A. ,( Dumesnil Sf Martin,) 
d. St. Charles Hotel 


Dumestre Dominique, butcher, 20 Poydras 

Duming F. 9 Main 

Dumler J. lab. Goodehildren n. Montegut 
Dumois C. Mrs. 87 Main 
Dumois Widow, c. Clouet and Craps 
Dumund J. carji. Eightii n. Pry lama 
Duinond J. M. cooper, 229 Royal 
Dunionpeau L. P. Crajte c. Congress 
Duinout M. Mrs, d 137 St. Peter 
Dumoulin E. acct, d. Peace c. Casavalco 
Duinoul Othello, plasterer, 107 Treme, d. 2 
Duniount P, Algiers 
Dumphy Robert, 13 Franklin 
Dumourlie Adele, 50 Franklin, d. 2 
Dumuurtie Louise, 53 Hist<n-y 
Duinser Lorenzo, d. 2B9 Old Levee 
Dumun Pierre, butcher, 94 French market 
Dunard Julian, carpenter, d. St, Peter c. 

Duman Frederick, steersman, d, 17 Bar- 
Dun & Co. ( R. G. Dun,) proprietors of 

Mercantile Agency, 76 Canal 
Dunbar A. F. 51 Common, d. 215 Camp 
Dunbar Caroline, Magazine above Third 
Dunbar Charles, clerk, 2a4 St. Claude 
Dunbar Charles, 245 Main 
Dunbar & Co. ( G. W.Dunbar, Octave Voor- 
hies,) boots and shoes, wholesale, 5 
iViagazine, d 55 Rampart, d, 2 
Dunbar H. furnished rooms, 187 St, Louis 
Dunbar Joseph, Second n. St. Charles 
Dunbar L. S. Mrs; 568 Burgundy, d. 3 
Dunbar W. H. Carondelei n. Lafayette 
Duncan Alex, ship carp. Seguin, Algiers 
Duncan A. f.m.c. bricklayer, 249 Ursulines 
Duncan B. S. Rev. 34 St. Charles, room 

17 up stairs 
Duncan Charles, St. Paul n. Lafayette 
Duncan David D. mate 
Duncan, Payne «fc Co. ( L. Alex. Duncan, 
Wm. Payne, Dr. M'm. P. Walker,) cot. 
fac. and com, mers. 18 Union 
Duncan L.Alex., (Duncan, Payne Sf Co.) 
Duncan E. R, atty. at law, 2 Carondelei 
Duncan Garnett, Alerchants' Hotel 
Duncan Geo. Currie, pres. N . O. and Carlt. 
R. R. Co. and the Jefferson and Lake 
Font. Co. d. 47 late 44 Rampart, d. 2 
Duncan J. K. d. 58 Kampart, d. 2 
Duncan John, furniture car, 292 Liberty 
Duncan John, 55 Carondelet 
Duncan J. cartman. Liberty n. Melpomene 
Duncan J. W. atty. at law and commissioner 

of Pennsylvania, Natchez c. Camp 
Duncan John c. p. (day^ d. 186 Conti 
Duncan L. C. ( Leory <S' Duncan,) altys, at 

law, Gravier over Canal Bank 
Duncan &, McConnell, attys. at law. Ex- 
change place c. Customhouse 
Duncan Michael, elk. Home Insurance Co. 

d. 454 Dryades, d, 1 
Duncan William, agent of American Tract 

Society, 126 Camp 
Duncan William C, Rev. d. Jeff. City 
Duncan William C, 72 Spain 

Duncan Wni. P. superintendent and chief 

en^iiii-er, Carrollton 
Duncan W. c. ii., c. Viliere and St. Louis 
Duhcare Thos. lab. Marigny n. Casacalvo 
Duneweru I", caulker, 529 Burgundy, d. 3 
Dunham C. M. clerk, 70 tJanal 
Dunham Janit s, Prytaiiia c. Sixth 
Dunham Thomas, engineer, 248 Gravier 
Dunin Felix, superintendent City Hospi- 
tal, d. Elysian Fields c. Josephine 
Dunlan Jas. grocer, Girod c. Canrodoiet 
Dunlap James, 126 Ursulines 
Duiilap Jas.warelious'n, 19Tchoupitoulas 
Duulap John B. clerk, 57 Common, d. 201 

Dunlap John P. engineer, Jeff.' City 
Duiiiap J. law ,21 Commercial place 
Dunlap J. G. 105 Camp, d. 127 Julia 
Dunlap Mary A. d. 170 Customhouse 
Dunlap P. L. grocer. Magazine c. Orange 
Dunlevy Anthony, laborer, 157 Rousseau 
Dunley John, Casacalvo c. Spain 
Dunlop James, clerk, d. 271 Liberty 
Dunn Ann, Felicity n. St. Thomas 
Dunn Bernard, d. Gravier n. Johnson 
Dunn Daniel, laborer, 464 Dauphine, d. 3 
Dunn D. drayman, Claiborne n. Common 
Dunn Edw. clerk, 98 Gravier 
Dunn Edward, drayman, Conti n. Galvez 
Dunn Felix, warehouseman, 13 St. Thomas 
Dunn FabiusMcK. shoestore, 2013/0 Ram- 
part, d. 1. 
Dunn G.Mrs. , grocery, Religious n. Market 
Dunn Geo. laborer, d. 258 St. John Baptist 
Dunn Geo. gardener, Louisa n. Morales 
Dunn Henry, laborer, 495 Old Levee, d. 3. 
Dunn James, drayman, 162 Liberty 
Dunn James, furniture car, 15 Euterpe 
Dunn James, painter, 370 Basin, d. 1. 
Dunn James, lab. Annunciation c. Third 
Dunn James Mrs. Soraparu n. Rousseau 
Dunn James V. cooper, 450 Chartres 
Dunn John, St. Andrew n. Laurel 
Dunn John, diayti. d. 493 Tchoupitoulas 
Dunn John P, broker, 304 Camp 
Dunn John, laborer, d. 460 Royal, d. 3. 
Dunn John E. clerk, 41 Magazine 
Dunn Joseph, lab. d. rear, 407 Magazine 
Dunn John, colfee saloon, 221 Erato 
Dunn Joseph, drayman, Thalia n. Camp 
Dunn Margaret, Girod n. Foucher 
Dunn Martin, laborer, 238 Franklin 
Dunn Mary Mrs. 92 Franklin 
Dunn Mary .furnishing rooms, 32Burgundy 
Dunn M. C. attorney, d. 293 St. Charles 
Dunn Martin, laborer, 361 Old Levee, d. 3. 
Dunn Michael, gardener, 135 Louisa 
Dunn Michael, 744 Rampart, d. 3. 
Dunn Michael, grocer, 200 Calliope 
Dunn Michael, 72 Port 
Dunn Michael, laborer, 350 Howard 
Dunn Mary Mrs., seamstress, 213 Melpo- 
Dunn M. C. attorney at law, 33 Exchange 

place, room 14, d. 293 St. Charles 
Dunn Patrick, 154 Craps 
Dunn Patrick, Jersey n. St. Andrew 

Dunn Patrick, drayman, 238 Franklin 
Dunn Peter, laborer, Palmyra n. Johnson 
Dunn Philip, laborer, 153 Hospital 
Dunn Thos. 11 Lafayette, d. 146 Rampart 
Dunn Thomas, copjiersmith,'*352 Howard 
Dunn Thos. drays, 493 Tchoupitoulas 
Dunn Thomas, 79 Perdido 
Dunn T. P. broker, 306 Camp 
Dunn Wm. gardener. Common c. Miro 
Dunn Wm. laborer, 602 Burgundy, d. 3. 
Dunn Wm. laborer, 31 Montegut 
Dunn Wm. elk. 130 Canal 
Dunn Wm. carp. McDonoghville, Algiers 
Dunn Wm. laborer, d. 158 Piety 
Dunn Wm. dray'n, d. 493 Tchoupitoulas 
Dunn Wm. finisher, d. 345 Annunciation 
Dunn Wm. machinist, d. 315 Dryades 
Dunnica J. L. d. 607 Camp n. Philip 
Dunnifort Gus. furniture car, 52 Bienville 
Dunnigan Ber'd, grocer, 294 St. Thomas 
Dunnigan Kdward, Adele n. Rousseau 
Dunnigan L. milkman, Dryades n, Fourth 
Dunnigan Michael, c. h. 32 St. Joseph 
Dunnigan M. Chippewa n. St. Andrew 
Dunnigan Thomas, carpenter, Algiers 
Dunnigan Wm.. laborer, d. 340 Thalia 
Dunning James, Soraparu n. Rousseau 
Dunning John H. salesman, 45 Magazine 
Dunning 0. K. (McStea, Value &f Co.) 95 

Canal, d. 16 Dauphin 
Dunphy John Mrs., Clio n. Baronne 
Dunphy Robert, laborer, 13 Franklin 
Dunstoppel W. cabinet maker, Annuncia- 
tion n. Robin 
Dunize & Co. ( Chas. Dtintze,John Duntze,) 

grocers, Conti c. Royal 
Duntze John, c. h. 93 St. Charles, d. 221 

Duntzer Conrad, Rampart n. Frenchmen 
Dunwell G. C. Liberty n. Calliope 
Dupape C.Mrs.grocr.St. Ann c. Burgundy 
Dupaquier A. engineer, 223 Burgundy 
Dupaquier Mrs. 223 Burgundy 
Dupart S. shoe'r, 218 Royal, d. 158 Spain 
Dupart Andre, f. m. c. 13 Annette 
Djpart C. shoemaker, 57 Bourbon, d. 3. 
Dupart C. shoemaker, Roman c. Laharpe 
Dupart Martial, f. m. c. 441 Viliere, d. 3. 
Dupart Martial, shoemkr, 357Bourbon,d.3. 
Dupart V. f. m. c. blacksmh. 265 St. Louis 
Dupas A. E. blacksmith, 125 Poydras 
Dupas Clara, f. w. c. 140 Burgundy 
Diipas Ernest, blacksmith, 125 Poydras 
Dupas Ernest, blacksmith, 68 Laharpe 
Dupas Henry, f. m. c. lab. d. 18 Annette 
Dupas Josephine, 118 Frenchmen 
Dupas J. Dr. 124 Chartres 
Dupas Marc'le, shoemkr. 350 Bourbon,d.3. 
Dupas Rose, f. w. c. Ursuhnes n. Robert- 
Dupas Victor, blacksmh. d.329 Roman,d.3. 
Dupasseur Edouard & Co. commission 
merchants, 8 Royal, d. 203 Bourbon 
Dupaty Charles, St. Peter n. Dauphine 
Dupaty Joseph, St. Peter n. Dauphine 
Duperno J. Mrs. d. 101 Frenchman 
Dupeire Oscar, sugar broker, d. 195 Main 




Dupeire Oscar, d. 147 Ursulines 
Dupeire H. L. d. 334 Carondelet 
Dupeirris F. 74 FriicIi market, d. 89 Main 
Dupeirris Louis, gardener, 35 Annette 
Dupeirris Peter, butclier, 42 French mar- 
ket, d. 90 Main 
Duperly Adolplie, sr. artist, 66 St. Charles, 

d. 3 Liiharpe 
Duperly Arniand, jr. elk. 408 Villere, d. 3. 

DUPERRON L. Dentist, 52 Roy- 
al and 66 Bienville. 

Duperu A. M. Mrs., Louisiana n.Prytania 
Duperu Ophelia, f. w. c. Villere n. Gasquet 
Dupeyne J. 247 Burgundy 
Dupcyre A. Mrs. 98 St. Pliilip 
Dupeyere Wm. cigar maker, 410 Custom- 
Dupierris L. 34 Annette 
Dupierris Pierre, butcher, 44 French mar- 
ket, d. Main n.Old Levee 
Dupin Felix, f. m. c. painter, 234 Conti 
IJupin FraiK^ois, vegetables, 245 Royal 
Dupin P. A. 246 Ursulines 
Dupin P. A. 246 Ursulines 
Dupin P. G. (B. Saulati &c Co.) 156 Poy- 

dras, d. 1.52 St. Ph'ilip 
Du]ilaiii .Joseph, 52 Poland 
Du}>laisir.F. grocer, St. Charles c. Clio 
Duplaii H. school, St. Philip n. Tonti 
Du])lan .Tohn, variety store, 144 Basin, d. 1 
Duplan Oscar, millinery, 198 Poydras 
Dujilantier Aug. elk. Old Levee c. Bienville 
Duplantier E. (Roman &c Kernioti,) 264 

Front Levee, d. 49 Bourbon 
Duplantier Guy, atty. at law, 22 Exchange 

place, d. 55 Ursulines 
Duplantiir Guy Mrs. 55 Ursulines 
Dujilantier G. f. fn. c. 558 Burgundy, d. 3 
Duplantier 0. clerk, 16 Bienville, d. 55 Ur- 
Duplantier V. Mrs. Camp n. Seventh 
Duplech J. shoes, 17 Ursulines 
Duplessis Catharine, Mrs. gro. 425 Main 
Duplessis Charles, 137 Rampart, d. 2 
Duple.ssi.s D. f. m. c. carpenter, Soraparu 

n. Rousseau 
Duplessis E. 438 Burgundy, d. 3 
Duplessis E. Mrs. 13 Villero, d. 1 
Duplessis Felix L. register of customs, d. 

137 Rampart, d. 2 
Duplessis p-rancis V. clerk, 294 Burgundy 
Duplessis Harriet, f. w. c. 45 Rampart 
Duplessis Henry, St. Mary n. Constance 
Duplessis James, Johnson n. Ursulines 
Duplessis James W. de]uUy U.S. marshal, 

d. Treme n. Canal 
Duplessis James W. 6 Rampart, d. 2 
Du])lessis .1. f. m. c. slater, 67 Urquhart 
Duple.ssin M. larpi^nter, 256 Mandeville 
Duplessis Mary, f. w. c. 326 St. Peter, d. 2 
Duplessis P. Mrs. 244 Johnson 
Duplessis Rose, f. w. c. 45 Basin, d. 2 
Duplessis Valery, comptroller, d. 294 Bur- 
gundy, d. 2 

Dupon John L. merchant, 433 Royal, d. 3 
Dupont Bernard, baker, 428 St. Claude,d.3 
Dupont Bernard, grocery, 170 Columbus 
Du})oiit Mrs. d. 95 Barracks 
Dupont D. baker, 150 Prieur, d. 2 
Dupont D. Delia, d. 116 St. Joseph 
Dupont G. cooper, 238 Spain 
Dupont Julian, 39 Goodchildren 
Dupont Louis, dairy, Claiborne n. Spain 
Dupont M. Mrs. 43 Gasquet 
Dupont P. butcher, 34 Port market 
Dnpiuite G. 116 St. Joseph 
Duprat D. milk, 35 Treme market 
Duprat Elizabeth Mrs. Third n. Laurel 
Duprat Eugene, 333 St. Philip 
Duprat John, 2 Levee, d. 3 
Duprat Joseph, groc(M-y, Baronno c. Union 
Duprat J. R. shoemk'r, Conti c. Burgundy 
Duprat Pierre, butcher, 376 Chartres, d. 3 
Duprat v., St. Ann n. Galvez 
Duprat Wm. distiller, 190 Burgundy, d. 2 
Dujire Mr. teacher piano forte, 74 Anthony 
Dupre A. dep. clirk Third District Court 
Dujire Ad. jr. attorney and counsellor at 

law, 84 Bienville 
Dupre Antoine Mrs. 396 St. Ann 
Dupre Adolphe, book-keeper La. State 

Bank, d. 122 Esplanade 
Dupre Armaiid, reeeiving teller Canal B'k, 

d. 299 Burgundy 
Dupre Clement, boot and shoemaker, 105 

and 107 St. Charles 
Dupre Charles, carpenter,f.m.c. 253 Bayou 

Dupre Emile, clerk, 37 Carondelet, d. 83 

Dupre Eugene, clerk, 128 Canal 
Dupre Felix, cigar maker, d. 376 Burgun- 
dy, d. 3 
Dupre Fraii<,-ois, manufact'y artificial flow- 
ers, 43 Si. I'eter 
Dupre Frank, Ninth n. New Levee 
Dupre John, butcher, Poydras market 
Dupre J. B. jeweler, 396 St. Ann 
Dupre L. f. w. c. 217 Main 
Dupre L. Mrs. 40 Bagat<'lle 
Dupre L. plasterer, d. 376 St. Ann 
Dupre Oscar, clerk, 1.55 Canal 
Dupre T. clerk, 62 Carondelet 
Dupre Urania, 209 St. Louis 
Du|)ret Clement, shoe store 
Dui)uis F. 0. f. m. c. carp. 119 Marigny 
Dupuis F. grocery, 285 Daujihine 
Dujiuis Jules, d. 285 Dauphine 
Du])uis Victor, vermicelli, 14 Conti 
Dupuis Victor E. 361 Bourbon, d. 3 
Dupuy B. Mrs. 239 Bayou road 
Dupuy Charles L. C. (C. Tate «r Dxipuy,) 

commission merchants, 85 Gravier 
Dupuy Iviuioiid, 229 Dauphine 
Dupuy Fran<;ois, carpenter, Ninth n. Laurel 
Dujmy Fran<,-ois, butch. 17 Magazine mkt 
Dupuy Fran<;oi8, grocery and liquors, 285 

Dupuy Guillaume, gilder, 153 Royal 
Dupuy H. clerk, 40 Greatmen 
Dupuy Josephine, 196 Marais, d. 2 




Dupuy Jean, butcher, 8 Poydias market, 

d. Louisiana avenue n. Annunciation 
Dupuy J. B. f. ni. c. Josephine n. Laurel 
Dupuy Lucille, f. w. c. 113 St. Ann 
Dupuy L. 365 Robertson, d. 3 
Dupuy Pierie, butclier, iVIagazine market 
Duque Dominique, butcher, 1^611 Burgundy 
Duquercron Aug.justice of peace, 4 Frencli- 

men, d. Levee n. Frenchmen 
Duquesnay C. L. 75 Bourbon, d. 112 St. 

Duquesnay C. L. jr. 130 Canal, d. 112 St. 

Duquesnay L. f. m. c. bricklayer, Clai- 
borne n. Hospital 
Duquesnay P. L. exchange elk. Canal B'k 
Duracher B. Mrs. 441 St. Ann 
Duracher P. Mrs. 79 Union, d. 3 
Durain Jos. c. p. 507 Robertson, d. 3 
Duralde John, shoemaker, 73 Orleans 
Duralde M. Mrs. 144 Dauphine 
Duraldo Lubin,f. m. c. Metairien ridge, 

bayou St. John 
Durall Charles, 27 Magazine 
Duran Jean Marie, butcher, 24 Magazine 

Duran J. feed store, 4 Front Levee', d. 3 
Duran Manuel, engineer,d.214 Melpomene 
Duran Raymond, cook, d. 251 Bourbon 
Duran Simeon, 56 Exchange place 
Durand Adele, d. 558 Burgundy, d. 3 
Durand A. 56 Exchange place, d. 22 Bar- 
Durand B. crockery ,etc. 151 and 153 Royal, 
glass and tinware ,etc. Royal c.St. Peter 
Durand Charles, 158 St. Ann 
Durand D., St. Andrew n. Rampart 
Durand Edward, acct. 42 Old Levee, d. 2 
Durand Eugene, 121 Dauphine 
Durand F. Mrs. d. Lyne c. Laurel, Jeffer- 
son City 
Durand James, clerk, 221 Customhouse 
Durand James, carpenter, Customhouse c. 

Durand Jane Mrs. d. St. Andrew n. Ram- 
Durand Joseph, carpenter, Melpomene n. 

Durand Jos. (JMacon, Freres &c Co.) d. 207 

Durand J, 441 Dauphine 
Durand J. wood, etc. Dauphine n. Cus- 
Durand J. Mrs., Basin c. Josephine 
Durand J. B. accountant, 93 Magazine, d. 

368 Hercules 
Durand J . M. atty. at law, 
Durand Lawrence, grocer, 30 Toulouse 
Durand Lewis, 234 Conti 
Durand Louis, 215 Treme 
Durand M. Mrs. millinery, 187 Royal 
Durand Margaret Mrs. grocery, 'Jeffer- 
son, McD 
Durand Mateo, fishmong. 61 Union, d. 3 
Durand Ne\aon,( Durand, Rocquet Sf Co. )d. 
Terpsichore bet'n Camp and Prytania 
Durand Pierre A. acct. 75 Chartres 

Durand Peter A. grocer, 194 Bienville 
Durand, P>,ocquet & Co. (J\''elson Durand, 

JIdolphus Rocquet, Leopold Rocquet,) 

cot. fac. and com. mers. 12 Carondelet 
Durand Raphael, oysters, 345 Royal, d. 3 
Durand Robert, plasterer, d. St Andrew 

n. Liberty 
Durand Leoman, shoemaker, Jefferson, 

Durand Warren, Jackson R. R. Office 
Durand Washington, painter, d. 183 Chip- 
Durand Wm. engineer, d, St. Andrew n. 

Durand Wm. Mrs. d. 173 Frenchmen 
Duraiit & Horner (Tkos. J. Durant, Chas. 

W. Horner,) attys. 18 Carondelet 
Durant Thos. J. (Durant Sf Horner,) d. 

Canal c. Dryades 
Durapeau C. Mrs. 476 Bourbon, d. 3 
Durapeau Theophile, clerk, 56 Chartres, 

d. 301 Roman, d. 3 
Durard M. 176 Frenchmen 
Durard P. butcher, 27 Magazine market 
Duratin J. butcher, Magazme market 
Duraud Joseph, grocer, Rampart c. Union 
Durbridge Jos. salesman, 36 Magazine, d. 

175 St. Andrew 
Durbridge Wm. & Co. hatt's, 155 Poydras 
Dureau Frangois, grocer, c. Jackson and 

Durel Amie, 278 Bourbon 
Durel Alfred, 85 Bourbon 
Durel Armand, paying teller Union Bank, 

d. c. Toulouse c. Royal 
Durel Arthur, 208 Burgundy 
Durel A. Mrs. 290 Chartres 
Durel C. G. 94 Ursulines 
Durel Edmond J. (F. Gainnie &f Co.) 29 

Old Levee, d. 301 Royal 
Durel Eugene, exchg, clerk. Union Bank, 

d. c. Royal and Toulouse 
Durel Eugene, teacher, 163 St. Philip 
Durel Gustave, 301 Royal 
Durel Henry, clerk of Comptroller, d. 44 

St. Ann 
Durel Jules, paying teller Bank of Amer- 
ica, d. c. Royal and Toulouse 
Durel Justin, d. 123 Hospital- 
Durel Justin, jr., clerk, 25 Carondelet, d. 

123 Hospital 
Durel M. V. Mrs. 309 St. Ann 
Durel Mrs. c. Royal and Toulouse 
Durel Numa, f. m.c. cigar mkr. Urquhart 

n. Spain 
Durel N. dentist, 162 Treme, d. 2 
Durel Paulin, stationer, etc. 37 Chartres, 

d. 197 Rampart, d. 2 
Durel P. f. w. c wheelwright, 162 Main 
Durell Sophy, f. w, c. d. 234 Orleans 
Durel T. 201 Burgundy 
Durel U. Mrs. 84 Hospital 
Durell E. H. atty. at law, 50 Camp 
Durell P. W. 389 Canal 
Duren John, coal, 31 Mandeville 
Durmenstien Leonard, pedler, d. 63 Ma- 







Durian E. Dr., Fiftli n. Chippewa 
Duri.T A. Rev. d. 185Mandeville, Annun- 

ciutioii Church 
Durkiii Jolin, stables, Majjnolia n. Julia 
Durkin John, staliles, 244 Magazine 
Durkin Marijaret Mrs. d. 18 Poyfarre 
Durmiriny; J. H. rlerk, 
Durnett Andrew A. 165 Magazine 
Durnin Birnard, Inl). Gravicr n. .Johnson 
Durnin Charles, grocer, 333 Perdido 
Durno Bernard, clray"iftn» d. 433 Franklin 
Durno J. K. acct. 71 Tchoupitoulas, d. 

317 Bienville 
Durno W. C. d. 147 Customhouse 
Durno Wyatt, architect, d. 36 Melpomene 
Durossian Delia, tailor, 48 History 
Durphv Pat. carp. d. 3.')] Annunciation 
Durr F'rancis, shoemaker, 74 St. James 
Durrell E. H. atty. at law, 59 St. Charles 
Durrell Valsin, 286 Burgundy 
Durrher Catherine, grociry, 240 Sixth 
Durrive Edward & Co. (Edward Durrire, 

Edward Durrive, jr., Fredenck Dur- 

rii'e,) com. mers. St. Louis c. Old 

Levee, d. 177 Marais 
Durrive Ed. jr. (Ed. Durrive 8{ Co.) d. 

Pontalba bldffs. St. Ann 
Durrive Fred. (Ed. Durrive Sf Co.) d. 193 

Durrive Johnson, d. 46 Poet 
Durrive Jules, d. 322 Claiborne, d. 3 
Durrous H., St. John Ba|itist n. St. James 
Durroux Brrnard, butcher, 33 French mkt 
Durroux Dominique, butcher, 6 Dryades 

market, d. 419 Franklin 
Durroux Jean M. butcher, 101 French mkt 
Durroux J. M. butcher, 27 Povdras mkt 
Durrsie John, cigars, 99 Front Levee, d. 3 
Durrutv J. H., Citize^ns' Bank 
Durst Cath. dress mkr. Poydras n. Basin 
Durtin John, livery stable, 202 Magazine 
Duru N. car]ienter, 354 Char^res 
Durwnrd J. 275 Tchoupitoulas 
Dury F. wood, Carondelet walk n. Marais 
Duryee, Jaques & Clearman, (P. S. &,• H. 

W. Durycc, H. H.Jaqurs, T. D. Cliar- 

man,) hats, caps, etc. 25 Magazine 
Dusautoer E. Orleans c. Dauphine 
Dureh Jacnui-s, tailor, 139 Conti 
Dusch L. drayman, 632 Annunciation 
Dusan J. B. Kerlerec n. Roman 
Duschcr H. drayman, Baronnen. Seventh 
Dtissatour P. fancy goods, 187 Orleans 
Dussau D.,St. Ann c. Derbigny 
Dussau Mrs., Bayou road n. Claiborne 
Dusse August, barber, 142 V^illere, d. 2 
Dusse Mrs. L. millinery, 194 Orhans 
Diisseau E. shoemkr, 338 Robertson, d. 3 
Dusscau John B. 235 Ki'rierec 
Dushy C. W. insp. customs. Customhouse 
Dus.scl Julius ( IVatIrr &c Uussf/,^ painters, 

Prytania c. Thalia 
Dussol W. Mrs. Girod n. Bagatelle 
Du.^som E. 963 St. Claude 
Dus.sor Bernard, 101 Piety 
Dussor H. J. clerk, 120 Tchoupitoulas, d. 

101 Piety 

Dussor John, tailor, 331 Old Levee, d. 2 
Dus.sor Ili-nry, carpenter, 19 St. Charles 
Dussumier E. d. Esplanade n. Claiborne 
Dust Caspar Mrs., Union n. Prosper 
Dustor John F. printer, 70 Camp 
Dustin Cat/iarine Mis., Clio c. Baronne 
Pusuau C, Kerlerec n. Roman 
Dussuau E. f'.ni.c. shoemkr,240 Marais, d. 2 
Dutaut A. 426 Bouri)on 
Dutch Jos. f. m. c. drayman. Customhouse 

n. Roman 
Dutcher William, clerk. Main n. Tonti 
Dutcher William M. clerk. Customhouse 

c. Old Levee, d. 263 Bourbon 
Duteil A. F. 14 Carondelet 
Dutel Louis, ice, 66 Chartres 
Dutem Samuel, 15 Esplanade 
Dutenhoer S. 17 Rampart, d. 3 
Dutfark Aug. dairyman, Sixth n. Dryades 
Dulhiel Maria, variety store, 270 Camp 
Duthil Alexander (J^mih, Duthil Sf Co.) 

Magazine c. Common 
Duthil Pierce, 74 Barracks 
Duthoo J. C. coffee and fruit, Algiers 
Duthuit Eugene, d. 99 Marigny 
Dutillet Charles, ins]iector customs 
Dutillet Eugene, clerk, 62 Old Levee 
Dutillet John E., Hospital c. Derbigny 
Dutinger Hy. carji Eighth n. Carondelet 
Duteur Louis, 54 Royal 
Dutour Louis, clerk, 46 Royal d. Gasquet 

n. Claiborne 
Dutreuil B. butcher, Treme market 
Dutreuil C. bricklayer, 73 Mandeville 
Dutreuil F. butcher, 80 Orleans 
Dutreuil Louis, f. m. c. 32 Bagatelle 
Dutrey Francois, butcher, 22 French mkt. 

d. 178 Ihiyou road 

Dutrey J. butcher, 46 and 48 Treme mkt. 

d. 128 Orleans 
Duttorhoiier Jos furniture cart, d. Clai- 
borne n. Marigny 
Dutton Wm. stock (hniler. Eighth n. Fulton 
Dutuit L. printer, 100 Bourbon 
Dutuit L. Mrs dressmaker, 100 Bourbon 
Dutzch II. screwman, Villere n. Marais 
Duval A. Mrs. 272 Carondelet 
Duval A. 306 Bienville 
Duval B. 197 Dauphine 
Duval E. cotton broker, 38 Carondelet 
Duval Mrs. F'. acct. 36 Chartres 
Duval Frank, clerk, 43 Natchez 
Duval Fanny 

Duval G. W. carp. First c Rou.sseau 
Duval James P. clerk, 40 Poydras 
Duval James P. clerk, 1,59 Gravier 
Duval Geo. W. & Theod. cot.fac. and com. 

mers. 86 Poydras d. 346 St. Andrew 
Duval Theodore, (Duval 8( Co.)d. 346 St. 

Duval J. Carondelet walk n. Sixth 
Duval Louis, conk, 256 Burgundy 
Duval Louis, shoemkr. Prieur n. St. Philip 
Duval Lubin, Mctairie ridge, bayou St. 

Duval L. IL b. h. Canal c. Bourbon 
Duval Louis, shoemaker, 183 Prieur 




Duval Peter 0. periodicals, 239 Canal, d. 

252 Burs^undy 
Duval W.J. elk. atGuion's,20St.Charles, 

d. Canal c. Bourbon 
Duvelirg Louis, painter, 126 Barracks 
Duvene Pierre, butcher, Jeff. City 
Du verger C. Mrs. 69 Goodchildren 
Duverger Etienne (G. F. Weisse &f Co.) 73 

late 83 Chartrcs 
Duverger S. St. Ann c. Claiborne 
Duvernay B. cooper. Upper Linen. Laurel, 

Jersey City 
Duvernay Francis, carp. 251 Bayou road 
Duvernay Francois, Jeff. City 
Duvernay Louis, f. m. c. siioemaker, 157 

Duvernay Marie, 406 Orleans 
Duvernay M. cigars, 423 Gravier 
Duvernay P. carp. Jeff. City 
Duvernay P. R. Mrs., Jeff. City 
Duverney Rose, f.w.c. Roman n. Columbus 
Duver T. H. Dr. 320 Robertson, d. 3 
Duvey Paul, baker, 152 Hospital 
Duviau Hanson, c. h. 172 Orleans 
Duvic Conrad, blacksmith, 294 Royal 
Duvic Fran<;ois, Orleans c. Broad 
Duvic Francois, blacksmith, Villerc, Algiers 
Duvic Jean, shoemaker. Main n. Galvez 
Duvielh P. tailor, 318 Old Levee, d. 2 
Duvigneaud A., Bayou road n. Dorgenois 
Duvigneaud Adelard jr. d. St. Louis corner 

Duvigneaud Jos. Bayou road, St. John's 

Great Route 
Duvigneaud J. G., Conti c. Villere 
Duvigneaud Louis, judge Third District 

Court Bayou road, St. John's Great 

Duvilh Pierre, clothing, 4 Front Levee, d.2 
Duvillier Edward, 321 Elvsian Fields 
Duvosin D. Mrs. dry good.s, 310 Dauphine 
Duzac Antoine, butcher, 8 History 
Duzac David, 172 St. Philip 
Duzer Baptisie, butcher, 80 French market 
Duzer F. butcher,d. Harmony n. Constance 
Dvils Terry, b. h. 168 New Levee 
Dwight C. W. salesman, 80 Canal, d. St. 

Andrew n. Carondelet 
Dwire David, lab. d. 80 Delord 
Dwire Michael, lab. d. 54 Thalia 
Dwyer Antonio B. barkeeper, 146 Liberty 
Dwyer Bridget, 112 Howard 
Dwyer Cor's, lab. Alexandern.Goslin,Alg. 
Dwyer Edward , drayman , Julia n . Derbign y 
Dwyer E. carpenter. Felicity n. Liberty 
Dwyer F. W., Baronne n. St. Andrew 
Dwyer James, grocer, 360 St. Charles 
Dwyer James, laborer, 131 Foucher 
Dwyer John, clerk, 26 St. Charles . 
Dwyer John, book keeper, d. 394 Basin 
Dwyer John, clerk, 28 St. Charles 
Dwyer John, lab. d. 97 Josephine 
Dwyer & Howard (Patrick Dwyer, M. J. 

Howard,) grocers and western pro- 
duce, 28 Poydras, d. 56 Mew Levee 
Dwyer Patrick, (Dwyer &f Howard,) 28 

Dwyer Martin, 108 Foucher 
Dwyer Mary, grocery, St. Andrew c. Con- 
Dwyer Mary Mrs. dressmaker, 427 Basin 
Dwyer Mary Mrs.,Polymnia n. Carondelet 
Dwyer Michael, stonecutter, 232 Lafayette 
Dwyer Michael, St. Mary n. Rousseau 
Dwyer Patrick, tailor, 54 Julia 
Dwyer Patrick, Jersey c. Berlin, Jeff. City 
Dwyer Patrick, drayman, 260 Dryades 
Dwyer Patrick, 266 Dryades 
Dwyer Patrick, grocer, d. 414 Baronne 
Dwyer Thos. coal dealer, 186 St. Joseph 
Dyas A. J. 12 New Levee, d. 223 Magazine 
Dyas & Co. office 12 Tchoupitoulas and 

12 New Levee 
Dyas Ellen, fancy goods, 75 Thalia 
Dyas John, Annunciation n Race 
Dyas J. A. f. m. c. cigars, 29 Craps 
Dyas Lucien, painter, 307 Roman, d. 2. 
Dyas Mary Mrs., Columbus n. Goodchil- 
Dyckhoff Frank, tobac. broker, 242 Bien- 
Dyer Auguste, lab. d. Market n. St. Thomas 
Dyer James, painter, d. Liberty 
Dyer James B. painter, 319 St. Louis 
Dyer Joseph, Chartres c. Frenchmen 
Dyer R. Mrs. grocer, 371 Chartres 
Dyer & Toby ( Stephen R . Dyer , Jos. Toby,) 

ship joiners, Peter, Algiers 
Dyer Stephen R. (Dyer 8f Toby,) Algiers 
Dyer S. R. 199 Hercules 
Dyer Thomas W., Baronne 
Dyer T. O. clerk, 25 Magazine 
Dyer T. W. (Gallagher &( Dyer,) 33 Ca- 
rondelet, d. 512 Baronne 
Dyer William< carp. Rousseau n. Fourth 
Dyke Daniel, Cypress c. Vine 
Dykeriver C. blacksmith » Carrollton 
Dykers R. H. book keeper, d. 359 Maga- 
zine c. Thalia 
Dykers Thomas M. booft keeper, 56 Ca- 
rondelet, d. 359 Magazine 
Dyson George, laborer, Clara n. Cypress 


[AGAN BENTICK, attorney at law, 

57 St. Charles 
Eagan & King, (Anthony Eagan, Thomas 

King,) western produce, 64 Tchoupit. 
Eagan H. J. atty. at law, 57 St. Charles 
Eagan John, clerk, Rousseau c. St. Mary 
Eagan J. Tchoupitoulas c. Orange 
Eagan Michael, c. h. St. Joseph c. Fulton 
Eagan Michael, Cypress n. Claiborne 
Eagan Michael, c. h. H Julia 
Eagan Patrick, laborer, ,d. 84 Delord 
Eagan Pat. drayman, Melpomene n. Locust 
Eagan Thomas, drayman, Tchoupitoulas 

c. Celeste 
Eagan Thomas, drayman, Clara n. Cypress 
Eagan & King, 62 Tchoupitoulas 
Eagan Thomas, laborer, Clara n. Julia 
Eager Charles A. (Stanley Sf Eager,) ship 

chandlers, Thalia c. Front Levee, d. 

173 Annunciation 


EAG 155 


Eagan Margaret, d. 232 Magazine 
Eager Jose|)li, carpunti-r, Monroe, McD. 
Eagle Animond, finislier, 422 Felicity 
Eagle Warehouse, Commerce b. Notre 

Dami? and Julia 
Eagle Fire Co. 7 Daupliine n. Customhouse 
Eagle Frederiek G. hutcluM-, 173 Fulton 
Kagle Cotton Gin Co., depot No. 57 St. 

Charles, Bates, Hyde & Co. ]iroprie- 

tors, William L. Gushing, agent. 
Eahart .lacob. First n. Dryades 
Fakers i-!erd. lal). Poet n. St. John Uaptist 
Kakin Jani> Mrs., Eighth n. Chestnut 
Ealer Henry A.Capt. president Pilot's As- 
sociation, 26 St. Charles, 302 Dryades 
Ealer Joseph E. watchmaker, c. Canal and 

Cam]i, d. St. Charles n. Erato I 

F.aller George, 39 Poydras market ! 

Ealy George, labnn'r. Common c. Galvez | 
Eames D. VV. ( Beldcn &r Eanes,) hats and 

caps, 32 Magazine, d. 390 IVIagazine 
Eanes Alexander, 52 St. Anthony 
Eardt George, vegetaiilts, 131 Thalia 
Earhart Frederick, 331 Chippewa 
Earhart^Tliomas J. atiy. at law, Recorder's 

Court, d. 1; office, 5 Commercial place 
Earl John, drayman, Philip n. St. Dennis 
Earles Josejih, stables, 227 
Earls John J. house agent and collector, 

277 Canip 
Early John F. 112 Camp 
Early Hugh, laborer, 525Rampart, d. 3 
Earman H. blacksmith, Kighth n. Magazine 
Earnhard Cliarles, shoemaker, 255 Poydras 
Earnlann Frederick, wheelwright. Eighth 

n. Magazine 
Eastford Henry, carpenter, 117 Spain 
Fasten R. E. 61 Carondelet, d. St. Philip 

c. Ram]>art 
Eastman Aaron, Carrollton 
Eastman Charles H. clerk, 117 Gravier, d. 

122 Julia 
Eastman Mary A. 117 Treme 
Eastman Moses, d. 197 St. Joseph 
Eastmaji Wni. clerk, 44 Carondelet 
Easton Annie Mrs. dressm'r, 446 Dryades 
Easton Esther Mrs. d. 392 Daui>hine, d. 3 
Easton James, clerk. Magazine c. Poyfarre 
Easton T. B. clerk Adams Express Office, 

96 Camp 
Eaten B. B. 143 Enghien 
Eatoii Ainia Mrs. dressmaker, c. Soraparu 

and St. Charles 
Eaton Beni. screwman, 445 Dauphine,d.3 
Eaton B. Capt. 301 Greatmen 
Eaton, Betterden & Co. (John Eaton, W. 

G. BeUfrden,) wholesale grocers, c. 

Fulton, Common and New Levee 
Eaton John, ( Eaton, Bellerton <V Co.) d. 21 

Rampart, d. 2 
Eaton E. 0. professor music, 74 Camp 
Eaton Richard, laborer, d. 99 Gaiennie 
Ebb Joseph, f. m. c. 154 Bienville 
Ebberman Henry, watchman Louisiana 

Press, Euterpe n. Basin 
Ebel Ant. harness mkr. 462 Chartrea.d. 3 
Ebel Joseph, barkeeper, 295 O. Levee ,d. 2 

Ebele Peter, confectionery, 306 St. Louis 
Ebele Frank, tailor, 196 Daujihine 
Elier A. harness maker, Moreau n. Spain 
Eber Christian, shoemkr. 218 Goodchildren 
Eber L. shoemkr. Mandeville c. Greatmen 
Eberenz Urban, grocer, 414 Liberty 
Ebcrhard Anthony, 10 Ram|iart,jl. 1 
Eberhard Adam, coop.'r, 329 St. Peter 
Eberhard C Mrs. .329 St. Peter 
Eberhart John, lab. Washington n. Laurel 
F.berle Fritz, Ninth n. New Levee 
Eiierling Geo. B. c. h. Rampart c.Perdido 
Ebermann Hy. vegetables, 1(1 Dryades mkt 
Etiermann Henry, c. p. 180 Euterpe 
Ebert Antoine Mrs. 288 Marigny 
Ebert Henry, jiorter, Louisa n. Rampart 
Ebert H. F. laborer, Jackson depot 
Ebimsierie Menniserie, furniture, 271 Ram- 
Ebinger Elizabeth, Gormley's Basin 
Eliling Wm. musician, 34 Soiith market 
Ecabert Jacques, maiuifactory of rice pow- 
der, 505 Rampart, d. 3 
Ecaille A. book kieper, 92 Main 
Echdarf A. slater, Constance n. St. Andrew 
Eck Andrew, warehouseman, 81 Magazine 
Eckard Fred., Thalia n. Constance 
Eckars John, sausage maker, JetF. City 
Eckels J. B. carpenter, St. Joseph n. Jer- 
sey, Jeft'. City 
Eckeiiro Philip, hub maker, 600 Burgundy 
Eckersley Jane Mrs., Felicity n. Howard 
Eckerly C. carpenter, Felicity n. Howard 
Eckerman P. lab. d. 148 lnde]iendence 
Kckert Geo. shoemaker, 400 Customhouse 
Eckert John, clerk, 29 Gravier 
Eckert J. musician, 115 Treme 
Eckheart P'red. shoemaker, 289 Conti 
Eckhartz George, clerk, 94 Villere 
Eckhardt Fred. 80 St. Mary's market 
Eckhardt Gustave, teacher, 33 Maraia 
Kckhardt Louis, Eighth n. Fulton 
Eckhart Chas. laborer, 809 Daujihine, d. 3 
Eekhart George, vegetables, 270 Orleans 
Eckhart John B. clerk, 122 Canal, d. 94 

Eckhart J. watchmaker, 130 Front Levee 
Eckland John, Julia c. Franklin 
Eckler Chas. carpenter, d. 409 Liberty 
Eckle Peter, laborer, d. 91 Felicity 
Eckloft'John, painter, 147 i..iberty 
Eckstein M. drayman, 400 St. Andrew 
Eckstine H. drayman, Dryades c. Fourth 
Eclipse Tow Boat Company, 25 Caron- 
Fdberg A. locksmith, 96 Conti 
Eddington Jos. f. m. c. cook, 426 Custom- 
Ede Jas. book keeper, Fulton c. Soraparu 
Edel Joseph, grocer, 381 St. Philip 
Edel M. grocer, Laurel c. Constantinople 
E(lin<rtoii James, barkeeper, 22 Liberty 
Edler John, cigars, 20 Lower Front Le- 
vee, d. 2 
Edler Joseph, mattress maker, 33 Spain 
Edmond Drux, 86 Goodchildren 
Edmond Edgar, clerk, 227 Treme, d. 2 




Edmond Henry, d. 142 Ursulines 
Edmond John, f. m. c, d. 83 St. Anthony 
Edmond Mary, f. w. c, d. 108 Elysian 

Edmonds Frank, clerk, 122 Canal 
Edmonds John, hair worker, 1 Carondelet 
Edmondson A. H. boarding house, 236 

Rampart, d. 1 
Edmondson James, 232Rampart, d. 1 
Edmondston J., U. S. surveyor, 23 Conde 
Edmund & Brillault, (J. Edmund, E. P. 

Brillault,) tailors, etc., 19 Royal 
Edmunii E. clerk, 79 iVlagazine 
Edson N. T. undertaker, Basin n.Poydras 
Edward Alexander, f. m. c. laborer, 448 

Dauphine, d. 3 
Edwards Amelia, 765 Dauphine, d. 3 
Edwards Amelia, 34 Marais 
Edwards Ansel, bookstore and auction 

mart, 108 Poydras, d. 378 Carondelet 
Edwards Ansel, jr. clerk, 53 St. Charles 
Edwards A. Mrs. 412 Baronne 
Edwards Bridget Mrs. 208 Delord 

Tin and Sheet Iron Worker, 
27, 29 and 31 Fulton, and 28, 
30 and 32 New Levee, d. 1, 
d. 243 Columbus. 

Edwards Catherine, d. Magazine n. St. 

Edwards Edw., France n. Morales 
Edwards Geo. laborer, 128 Dryades 
Edwards H. Dr. 87 and 89 Prytania 
Edwards James, sec. Sun IVlutual Ins. Co. 

61 Camp, d. 33 Prytania 
Edwards James, drayman, 338 Thalia 
Edwards James, f. m. c. Thalia n. White 
Edwards John, moulder, 412 Baronne 
Edwards John, carpenter, 357 Magazine 
Edwai-ds John, f. m. c. laborer, 58 St. 

Edwards John, house and sign painter, 

412 Bourbon 
Edwards J. F. clerk, 128 Canal 
Edwards J. D. photograph gallery, 23 

Edwards Mary, f.w.c Perdido n. Baronne 
Edwards Pat. cartman, Delord n. Dryades 
Edwards P., Eafayette n. Johnson 

Union, bet. Carondelet and 
St. Charles. Ed. Denchaud, 

Edwinson Mrs. b. h. 236 Rampart 
Edwood Ed, f.m.c. 149 Robinson, d. 2 
EffingerC. Mrs., Louisa n. Goodchildren 
Egan & King, (.i. Egan, Thomas King,) 

western produce, 62 and 64 Tchoupi- 

Egan A. (Egan &c King,) 62 Tchoupitoulas 
Egan Augustus Dr. 66 Rampart, d. 2 

Egan Bridget, d. 513 Chartres d. 3 

Egan B. lab. d. 7 Si. Ferdinand 

Egan Bentick, atty. at law, 57 St. Charles, 

d. 66 Rampart, d. 2 
Egan B. vegetables, 14 Poydras market 
Egan Daniel, laborer, d. 8 Port 
Egan Edward Mrs. d. 38 Villere 
Egan Henry, atty. at law, 57 St. Charles, 

d. 66 Rampart 
Egan Henry J. atty. at law, 57 St. Charles, 

d. 54 Rampart 
Egan Mrs. furnished rooms, 61 Bourbon 
Egari Michael, c. h..St. Joseph c. Fulton 
Kgan James Dr. 66 Rampart d. 2 
Egan James, lab. d. 488 Chartres, d. 3 
Egan Jno. drayman, d. 356 Tchoupitoulas 
Egan John, St. Mary n. St. Charles 
Egan John F. d. 50 Race 
Egan Michael, drayman, d. 356 Tchoup. 
Egan Patrick, drayman, Clara n. Common 
Egan Patrick, carpenter, 62 St. James 
Egan Pat drayman, Melpomene n. Locust 
Egan Patrick, blacksmith, 311 St. Louis 
Egan Pat. laborer, 251 Annunciation 
Egan Richatd, clerk, 1 Magazine. 
Egan Richd. warehouseman, 381 Perdido 
Egan Thomas, salesman, 17 Poydras 
Egan Thomas, clerk, d. 40 Polymnia 
Egan Thos. drayman, Celeste n. Tchoup. 
Egan Wm. mattress maker, 88 Bienville 
Egana Hannah, f. w. c. 44 History 
Egdorf Auguste, slater. First n. Laurel 
Eggers Carl, shoemaker, 13 Philip 
Eggert John, tailor, 562 Dauphine, d. 3 
Eggleston H. B. judge Fifth District Court, 

d. 565 St. Charles 
Eggleston J. P. (Block, McJfee &f Co.) 
Eiggleston Y. T. salesman, 28 Common 
Egleson John, drayman, 258 Lafayette 
Egleston John, lab. Johnson n. Common 
Egleston W. Mrs. 258 Lafayette 
Egley J. B. 708 Rampart, d. 3 
Egley Victor, laborer, 839 Rampart, d. 3 
Egli George, c. p. d. 67 Tchoupitoulas 
Egli J. G. c. h. Calliope c. Howard 
Egolf L. 63 Liberty n. Poydras 
Egretau Jean,carp.bayou St. John n. Bridge 
Egroveto Joseph, musician, 411 Ursulines 
Ehart Casimer, laborer, Copernicus near 

Sixth, Gretna 
Ehlers C. grocer, 715 Carondelet 
Ehlers Harmon, furniture car, 143 Erato 
Ehlers Peter, laborer, d. 117 Clouet 
Ehlert Louis, shoemaker, Jackson near 

New Levee 
Ehman Robert, Jackson c. Carroll 
Ehmar James, drayman, 338 Thalia 
Ehninger J. F. bakery, 170 Orleans 
Ehren Joseph, carpenter, Conti n. Prieur 
Ehren Louis, printer, d. 21 Jefferson 
Ehrenhard K. shoemaker, 255 Poydras! 
Ehrens John, c. p. 361 St. Peter 
Ehrenschneider B. cab. maker, 238 Main 
Ehrhardt Constantine, barber, 33 Hospital 
Ehrhart John J. jeweler, d. 404 Custom- 
Ehrlicher John, tailor, 296 Tchoupitoulas 




Ehrmann J. H. 212 Esplanade 
Eichbaiim John, tinsmith, 47 Frenchmen 
Eichborn Armond, trader, 2n0 Rousseau • 
Eichellierffer E C. ( Gaune S{ Eichelberger,) 

139 Chartres, d. 102 Ciouct 
Fichelber£;-er John K. carpenter, 175 Basin 
Eichenlaub John, warehouseman, 90 

Eichenser Michael, shoemaker, Tonti n. 

Eichert Herman, lab. 27 Front Levee, d.2 
Eiriihorn G. tailor, 164 Gravier 
Eiciihorn J. barber, 74 Dryadea 
Eirhhorn Jacob, Jefferson City 
Eichhorn Jules, carpenter, Washington n. 

Eichorn Robt. tinsmith. Palmyra c. Roman 
Eichler W. confectioner, Orleans n.Galvcz 
Eid Geo. cartman, Terpsichore n Franklin 
Eidt Margaret Mrs. dressmaker, 21 St. 

Eidt William, barber, 195 Poydras 
Eiermann S. bl'ksmith, Eighth c. Magazine 
Eiffert Frederick, laiiorer, 50 Marigny 
Eigenbrod H. shoemkr. 418 Customhouse 
Eik Francis, Melpomene near Jacob 
Eike George, 137 Carondelet walk 
Eikel Henry, tailor, 422 Tchoupitouias 
Eikcs George, 69 Frenchmen 
Eikles John B. carpenter, Josephine near 

New Levee, Jeff'erson City 
Eiland A. W. d. 180 Julia 
Eilbert Christian, laborer, 124 Levee, d. 3 
Eilbert C. barber, Urquhart c. Frenchmen 
Eimer& Co. (J. H. Ehner, F. JV. Freuden- 

thal,) com. meis. 17 Carondelet 
Eimev J. H. (Ehner &c Co.) consul of 
Austria, Bavaria and Baden, 17 Ca- 
Kimer John, 74 St. Louis 
Einlieck Herman, printer, d. 115 Inde- 
Eingi'lhardt Jerome, 38 Conde 
Eininger Frederick, baker, 449 St. Ann 
Eisebauch Jos. laborer, d. 28 South mkt 
Eisebraun John, clerk, Conti n. Roman 
ErsiMi H. Watchmaker, 99 Common 
Eisenhardt F. (J. .1. Dick &f Co.) d Vine 

c. Cypress and Julia 
Eiseman Matthew, provisions, 9 Main 
Eiserloh Nic. drayman, Julia n. Claiborne 
Eisle G. shoemaker, 68 Conti 
Eisler Elias, blacksmith, 186 St. Mary 
Eisler John, clerk 
Eisler Stepiien, laborer, 545 Camp 
Eislersar John, St. Mary n. Magazine 
Eisner J. clerk, 48 Chartres 
Eistemann Elizabeth, d. 753 Burgundy, d. 3 
Eistelter Antoine, Bourbon n. Solidelle 
Eisvert P. grocer, McDonogh 
Eisvuth Matthias, d. 783 Dauphine, d. 3 
Eitrl M. Mrs. midwifr, d. 34 Frienr 
Eitmann C. Mrs., Sixth n. Annmiriation 
Eitmann Gio. tinsmith, 385 Customhouse 
Ekilund Oscar, furniture, 93 Marais, d. 2 
Ekelman rfenry, dry goods, 458 Old Le- 
vee, d. 3 

Ekers Bernard, Port near St. John Baptist 
Elbe Julius, (Louis I. Cohn Sf Bro.) 55 

Ell)erfield F. D. sewing machines, 3 Camp 
Elam J. B. atty. at law, d. 21 Religious 
Elam Louis, f. m. c, d. 325 HospUal 
Elam R. H. slaves, 58 Baronne and 76 

Gravier, d. 67 Dauphine 
Elberick Peter, Second n. New Levee 
Ell)ert John, Jersey n. Josephine 
Elbert John, tailor, d. 427 St. Charles 
Elbert Killian, drayman, d. 222 Galvez 
Elder J. C. 149 Rampart 
Elder S. Mrs., Robertson n. St. Philip 
Elder* Co. (Thos. S. Elder, J. W. Jen- 
kins,) com. mers. 67 Tchoupitouias 
Elder Thomas S. (Elder S,- Co.) d. Maga- 
zine n. Live Oak, Jefferson City 
Electro Chemical Institute 135 St. Joseph 
Eldridge Thos. carpenter, d. 375 Villere,d.3 
Elerc Charles, butcher, 4 Ninth st. mkt 
Elfa G. baker. Levee c. Jefferson, Carlt 
Klfer George, baker, Carrollton 
Elfer Joseph, laborer, d. Live Oak c. Le- 

ontine, Jefferson City 
Elfert Joseph A. clerk, 85 Canal 
Elfert Marcelin, pilot. Pleasant n. Laurel 
Elgin Geo. H. clerk, Factors' row 

ELIE A., 66 Royal Street, sole 
agent for the celebrated Brass 
Instruments manufactured 
by Sax, of Paris, also Depot of 
Herz & Pleyel Pianos, Musi- 
cal Instrument* of all kinds, 
Sheet Music, &c. 

Elinger Valentine, cistern maker, 257 Cus- 
Elison John, blacksmith, 357 Magazine 
Elkin E. Mrs. 129 Gasquet 
Elk in L. & Co. carp(Us, 58 Camp and 11 

Bank place, d. Second c. Coliseum 
Elkinger Joseph, laborer, 402 Barracks 
Ellebush D. Liberty n. Josephine 
Ell. "bush J. soap fact. Liberty n. Jackson 
Ellerick Peter, Second n. New Levee 
Ellerman John, butcher, 17 St. Mary's 

Ellermann Henry, foreman 44 Adele 
Ellermann Henry, cab'i mk. 165 St. Mary 
Ellermann Michael, 16 South market 
Ellersliach Gerherd, Liberty n. Jackson 
Kllersbach J. D. H. Lilurty n. Jackson 
Ellinger Abraham, clothing, 11 Mobile 

Landing and 291 Ramjiart 
Elliot & McKeeviT, (.1. Foster Elliot, J. 
iMwrence McKeerer,) commission mer- 
chants, 51 S(. Charles 
Elliot A. Koster, ( Ellxol ^ McKcever,) 51 

Si. Charles 
Elliot Ed. cigar maker, 78 Julia 
Elliot Jos veterinary surgeon. Union c. 

Baronne, d. 234 Karonne 
Elliot J. R. lumber, 234 Delord, d. Ram- 
part c. Clio 

Elliot M. 298 Hospital 
Elliot .Mary, Harmony n. Constance 
Elliot Rufus C. book keeper, 60 Camp 
Elliot Stephana, d. 51 ViUere, d. 2 
Elliott Stephen L.,R. R. agent, d. 200 Per- 

Elliot T. S. atty. at law, d. 106 Philip 
Elliot Thomas, laborer, d. 360 Magazine 
Elliot & Co. ( W. A. Elliot,) 408 Royal, d. 3 
Ellis Cord. c. h. and grocery, Carondelet 

c. Seventh, d. 4 

Ellis Edward, seaman, 601 Rampart, d. 3 
Ellis Geo. screwman, 215 Rampart, d. 3 
Ellis Geo. (J. C. Morgan &/■ Co.) book 

store, 20 Commercial Place 
Ellis Herman, drayman, Erato n. Liberty 
Ellis H. H. (Bull, Ellis &f Co.) 78 Canal 
Ellis J. C. C, Rampart n. Euterpe 
Ellis J.J. cor. Soraparu and Eulton 
Ellis Jesse, builder, St. Andrew n. Dryades 
Ellis J. builder. Camp n. First 
Ellis John, screwman, 103 Marigny 
Ellis J. & W. produce brokers, 25 Caron- 
delet, d. 242 Felicity 
Ellis Lewis, clerk, 55 and 57 Common 
Ellis iVlichael, laborer, d. 31 Delord 
Ellis Moses J. bookseller, d. 156 Felicity 
Ellis N. J. printer, d. 378 Rampart 
Ellis Robert, accountant, 45 Magazine 
Ellis Wm. clerk, d. 359 Carondelet 
Ellis Wm. H. book keeper, 54 Poydras 
Ellison Joseph, d. Second n. St. Charles 
Ellison & Coste, (William P. Ellison, A. 
Coste, jr.) cotton brokers, basement 
St. Charles Hotel, Common 
Ellison Wm. P. f Ellison Sf Coste,) d. 611 

St. Charles 
Ello Oscar, fruit, 108 St. Charles 
Ellspermann M. barber, 16 South market 
Ellsworth N. K. book keeper, 73 Camp, 

d. 97 Constance 
Ellsworth T. P. 41 Lafayette 
Elmer Albert B. clerk, 59 Carondelet 
Elmore Chas. W. carpenter, 186 Basin, d.l 
Elmore & King, (Win. A. Elmore, W. W. 

King,) attys. at law, 20 Ex. place 
Elmore Wm. A. (Elmore &f King,) and 
supt. of U. S. Mint, d. Carondelet fi. 
Eloi Raptiste, c. p. 399 Melpomene 
Elster Ludwig, cabinet maker, Washing- 
ton c. Laurel 
Elstrod John, laborer, Jersey n. Valmont, 

Jefferson City 
Elvy Wm. laborer, Spain n. Old Levee 
EUwell Samuel, carpenter, 103 Jackson 
Elwood Danl. marble yard, d. 410 Liberty 
Elxniois Louis, wood inspector, Josephine 

n. Rampart 
Elysee Paul', f. m. c. 36 St. Mary's market 
Ely Otto, barber, 46 South market 
Elzy Maria, f. w. c, d. 255 St. Claude 
Emanuel Joseph, Peter, Algiers 
Emanuel Joseph, laborer, 11 Villere 
Emanuel J. D. lab. Goodchildreu n. Port 
Emblut G. carriage mljr.Greatmen c. Union 
Emeel Chas. carp. Roman n. Gasquet 

Emer Catharine Mrs., Peter n. Elmire,Alg. 
Emerich Alex, tailor, 62 Frenchmen 
Emerich Thomas, 56 Frenchmen 
Emerson & Huntington, (C. M. Emerson, 

E. W. Huntington,) attys. at law, 12 

Emerson C. M. (Emerson &c Huntington,) 

d. 107 Prytania 
Emerson J. B., Peter n. Seguin, Algiers 
Emerson Wm. clerk, 41 Magazine 
Emerson Wm. recorder first dist. d. 450 

Emert Ferdinand, barkeeper, Goodchildren 

n. Spain 
Emic J. tailor, Carondelet c. Girod 
Emil Jacob, barber, 213 Baronne 
Emile Mary, f. w. c. 185 Gravier 
Emilian Joseph, carpenter, 216 St. Louis 
Emhaeser John", laborer, St. Andrew n. 

Emke F. tailor, Patterson, Algiers 
Emke Frank, c. h. 1 Conti 
Emma Widow, 264 Bayou road 
Emmens Jacob jr. 21 Carondelet 
Emmet Francis, c. h. 469 Tchoupitoulas 
Emmet John, elk. 25 Camp, d.469 Tchoup. 
Emmett Robert, clerk, 215 Tchoupitoulas 
Emmonp Wm. laborer at Jackson depot 
Emory Emil, teacher. Union c. Royal, d. 3 
Emory Harriet, rooms, 10 Rampart, d. 2 
Enard Charles, Girod n. St-. Bernard 
Enaud M. Mrs. d. 159 Hospital 
Enclande Pole, carpenter, Gentilly road n. 

Encloux J. B. tailor, 257 Treme, d. 2 
Enderle Edward, builder, Algiers 
Enderlin Jacob, shoemaker, 10 St. Charles 
Engbert Philip, milkman, Congress corner 

Engel Adam, laborer, Sixth n. Laurel 
Engel Angel, painter, 209 Calliope 
Engel Chas. L. bookbinder, 37 Chartre^, 

d. Carrollton 
Engel Gaspard, c. p. 165 Port 
Engel George, laborer. Eighth n. Laurel 
Engel Henry, ^oemaker, Patterson, Alg. 
Engel H. bookbinder, 92 Camp, d. 288 

Engel John, baker, 145 Prieur 
Engel Louis, painter. Calliope n. Baronne 
Engel Philip, grocer and woodyard, Laurel 

n. Sixth 
Engel William, tailor, 337 Main 
Engelhardt H. gauger, 31 Roman 
Engelhardt Joseph, wood. Prosper c. Spain 
Engelhardt James, shoemk'r, 112 Baronne 
Engelhardt Valentine, 436 Robertson, d. 3 
Engelmann David, apotha'ry, 396 Dryades 
Englemann Peter, Urquhart n. Port 
Engels Anton, 51 Esplanade 
Engelsheim Eugene, clerk, 211 Barracks 
Enghauser B. Bayou road c. Galvez 
Enghauser S. laborer, 32 Poet 
Engine House of " Young America" and 

"John Adams," 187 Carondelet 
Engine House Fire Company, No. 12, 
466 Tchoupitoulas 




Eii£jlade Emilc, painter, Hospital n. Roman 
Enc;land, Charles, tailor, 357 Franklin 
Ene:land Cliarl.'S, h. h. 14 Marigny 
Eni^land Richard, fishmonger, 396 Old Le- 

%ee, d.3 • 
Rnglcbreclft Charles, 213 Cypress 
EnglebrechtJ nil Importer, 374 Customhouse 
Eiiglehrecht .Tosi"ph, cab'i nik. 3G Jackson 
Eiii^loman Charles, Carrollion H'liel 
Enp;lei)der .Tuiin, siioemaker, 190 Bienville 
Englert Philip, milk, Conf;:ress c. Morales 
Englert Sebastian, barber, 621 New Levee 
English Annette Mrs. 14 Louisa 
English E]mira,278 Conti 
English Hudson, commissary, Claiborne 

market, d. 102 Gasquet 
English John, laliorer, d. 297 St. Thomas 
English Joseph, mat(\ d. 119 Danjihiiie 
English Lancelot, 95 Franklin, d. 2 
English William, Claiborne, near (jjpnal 
Engman P. blacksmith. La. Cotton Press 
Engman P. blacksmith, Foucher n. Calliope 
Engman Simon, elk. Louisiana Cot. Press 
Engman Simon, tailor, 71 Annunciation 
Engmann Peter, Franklin mills, Baronne 

near Third 
Engmann Philip, grocer, Austeditz c. 

Magazine, Jefferson City 
Engolt August Mrs. 247 Chippewa 
Engstfeld & Co. ( Chas. Ens;^tfcld, Louis 

Pideirts) exchange brokers, 20 Union 
Engstfeld Charles, ('^Engstfeld &,■ Co.) d. 

109 Claiborne 
Rngslrom G. carpenter, Seguin near Alex. 
Ennemoser Julius, druggist, New Levee c. 

Berlin, Jetferson City 
Ennis Elizabeth Mrs. d. 42 Religious 
EnnisJami's, cooper, Roman n. Palmyra 
Ennis James, bookstore, Pont. R. R. de- 
pot, d. 205 Marigny 
Ennis James, screwman, 185Goodchildren 
Enot RosiUa, 98 Orleans 
Enoul Amanda, 93 Orleans 
Eiiright James, clerk, 47 Constance 
Enright James, carji. St. John n. Girod 
Enright John, drayman, 158 Gasquet 
Enright John W. elk. St. John n. Girod 
Ensign H. clerk, 29 Gravier. 
Ensminger A. (Fred Bauer &(■ Co.) 22 

Magazine, d. 574 Magazine 
Entrecanales Y. grocer, St. Peter 
Entres Wm. laborer, Jackson d jiot 
Kntzinger Leonard, Levee near Philip 
Entzminger Henry W. jr. clerk, d. 358 

Entzmingi^r Henry W. sr. jeweler, 358 

F,nz David, tailor, 170 Basin, d. 1 
Kolozogui F. clerk, 57 Customhouse 
Eoodi Edmund, charcoal, 223 Poydras 
Epestine Pauline Mrs. d. 333 'I'halia 
Kplar Mike, carpenter. Thin! n. bryades 
Eppler Cornelius, shoemaker, Conii 
Eppler Joseph, shoemkr. Conti n. Roman 
E[)ps Catharine, rooms, 139 Bienville 
Erard J. fourth justice court, St. Peter, d. 

398 St. Ann 

Eratt Thos. lab. Rousseau n. St. Mary 
Erdmann Geo. D. smith, 121 Cnstomiiouse 
Erhardt Michael, drayman, 785 Dauphinc, 

Erickson Erick, finisher, 314 Magazine 
Erickson James, laborer, 21 Frenchmen 
Erier Emile, carpenter, 345 Villere,d. 3 
Erker, Fly. drayman. Calliope n. Foucher 
Erler G. shoemaker, 147 Poydras 
Eriinger A. tobacco factory, McDonogh 
Ermon John, stevedore, 452 Camp 
Ermort Ferdinand, barkeeper, 53 Tchou- 

Ermort Ferdinand, bar keeper, 576 St. 

Claude, d. 3 
Erne John, taih^r. New Levee, Jeff. City 
Ernenvein Jos. shoemaker, 159 Ursulines 
Ernest Andrew, 356 Melpomene 
Ernest A. cab. maker, 359 Chartres, d. 3 
Ernest Fredk. book keejier, 5 Carondelet 
Ernest Frederick B. cotton factor and 

com. mer. 5 Carondelet 
Ernest Ignatz, 273 Orleans 
Ernest John, 68 St. Andrew 
Ernest John C. school, Carrollton 
Ernest Joseph, carpenter, 367 Franklin 
Ernest Peler, milkman, Carrollton 
Ernest Retori, coffee house and grocery, 

Patterson c. Elmire, Algiers 
Ernst Adeline Mrs. 422 Basin 
Ernst A. hides. Seventh n. Chippewa 
Ernst Felix, boots, shoes, &c., 325 Mag- 
Ernst Henry, clerk, 119 Gravier 
Ernst John D. shoemaker, 89 Polymnia 
Ernst Theodore, cab. maker, 364 Bienville 
Erries F. gunsmith, 309 Old Levee, d. 2 
Errin D. warehouse, Hender.son c. Levee 
Erskine J. screwman, Mandeville n. Royal 
Krtel Daniel, carpenter, IJrquhart n. Port 
Ertel F. clerk. New Levee c. Lafayette 
Ertel Henry, clerk, 283 Dryades 
Ertight Joseph, 26 Union, d. 1 
Ervin Dennis, superintendent shippers 

press, Robin c. New Levee 
Erwin James, Jefferson City 
Erwin John Q physician, d. Terpsichore 

n. Annunciation 
Erz F. fanner, Dryades c. Louisiana av- 
enue, Jefferson City 
Esbacker J. T. baker, 153 Pricur 
Escadelle Joseph, fruit, Claiborne market 
Escandon Antoine, c. h. 8 Front 
Escane Andreas, steward, 40 Marigny 
Escarpentier Joseph, warehouseman, 404 

St. Claude, d. 3 
Escarrague Thomas, music teacher, Fre- 

ret n. Gravier 
Escarraquel M. A. Mrs. 197 Calliope 
Escat J. J. c. h. 44 Front Levee, d. 3 
Eschavon J. B. f. m. c. 195 Enghien 
Eschbacher G. J . vegetables, 55 Treme mkt 
Eschbacher G.J. bakery, Prieur n. St. Ann 
Escher G. (Unger Sf Escher,) 69 Elysian 

Eschenbrenner Eras, shoemaker, 341 St. 





Eschmann J. A. porter Bank of Louisiana 
Esclapon Isadore, (Roche Sf Esclapon,) 9 

St. Louis, d.291 Rampart 
Esclarou Baptiste, f. m. c. laborer, 138 

Esco John, carpenter, 104 Liberty 
Escobedo B. shoeniaker, 261 Bienville 
Escoffic Jos. M. 97 Gravier 
Escoffier Chas. teacher, 74 Chartres 
Escoffier Fran<;ois, 75 St. Anthony 
Escoffier Jane Mrs., Orleans c. Roman 
Escoffier Louis, St. Claude n. Main 
Escoffier Stephen, acct. Canal c. Bourbon, 

d. 268 Orleans 
Escolle Lexington, Carrollton 
Escomia Thomas, musician, 54 Ursulines 
Escot J. P. c. h. 228 Chartres 
Escoubas M. Dr., Royal c. St. Peter 
Escousse C. printer, 3.38 Dauphine, d. 3 
Escousse Hypolite, (Hebert Sf Escousse,) 

149 Chartres, d. 32 Mandeville 
Escovado B. S. bakery, 99 Bienville 
Escovado B. Mrs. 42 St.^'Anthony 
Escude Jean M. butcher, 19 French mkt. 

d. 312 Frenchmen 
Eshleman B. F. clerk, 71 Canal 
Eskew Hugh B., Jersey n. Jena, Jefferson 

EskinJohn, screwman, 61 Mandeville 
Eslingoy Chas., Burgundy n. St. Peter 
Esmond Wm. druggist, 305 Terpsichore 
Esnard C. V. captain police, Algiers 
Esnard Gustave, wood, coal and^sand, 37 

Carondelet walk * 

Esnard Marcelin, clerk U. S. mint. Broad 

c. Main 
Esnard Peter, shipsmith, op. post 22, d.l 
Esnard S. shoes, 341 Burgundy, d. 3 
Esnault J. L. 298 Ursulines 
Espach Jacob, gardener, Gentilly road 
Espach Martin, gardener, Laharpe c.Tonti 
Esparros Pierre, butcher, Magazine mkt 
Espena Chas. clerk, 45 Chartres, d. 256 

Esperier E. Mrs. 382 Bienville 
Espinar Jose de, vice-consul Spain, Ram- 
part c. St. Louis 
Espinasse Basil, tinner, 408 Villere, d. 2 
Espinola C. apothecary, 199 Chartres 
Espinosa Candido, cigars. 14 St. Bernard 
Esjiy David, foreign and domestic liquors, 

182 New Levee 
Espy James, book keeper, d. 389 Basin 
Essex John, engineer, 279 St. Ann 
Essig Andrew, cooper. First n. N. Levee 
Estamas Augustin, fruit, 202 Bourbon 
Estanetia Cujegas, 103 Frenchmen 
Estappa John, steward, 121 Bienville 
Esteban Paul, 41 Poydras market 
Esteben G. P. dairy, Carondelet n. Tole- 

Estede John, Frenchmen n. Josephine 
Estein Anton carpenter, 205 St. Louis 

et," 77 Magazine. 

'The Plan- 

Estella Francisco, waiter, 77 Magazine 
Estello Godfrey, lab. 158 Chippewa 
Estelman Jacob, butcher, 234 Spain 
Esterben Baptiste, butcKer, Poydras mkt 
Esterbery Chas. lab. ll^Music 
Esterbrook Geo. 69 Rampart, d. 1 
Esterbrook Richard, ( Gallier &f Ester- 
brook,) ll Carondelet, d. 146 Common 
Esterlin E. Mrs. 58 Orleans 
Esterling Martin, Magistrate c. Havana 
Esterman Henry Capt., Market n. Front 
Estes James H. Capt., Peter avenue n. St. 

Charles, Jefferson City 
Esteter A ntoine, bricklayer, 21 Bagatelle 
Esteva Nichols, c.h. c. Gravier & Dyrades 
Esteve Arthur, 349 Dauphine, d. 3 
Esteve F. Mrs. 349 Dauphine, d. 3 
Esteve Jacques Mrs. 89 Burgundy 
Esteve Jerome, 27 St. Anthony 
Esteva J. Mrs. 430 Burgundy 
Esteve Manuel, carp. Claiborne n. St. An- 
thony, d. 115 Annette 
Esteve Pierre, carp. 33 Bagatelle, d. 496 

Esteve Wm. Mrs. 27 St. Anthony 
Estford Henry, carji. 80 Spa'n 
Estlin Charles T. acct. 47 Union, d. 159 

Estlin Robert W. & Co. (Y. Black, Hen- 
ry Thornliill,) cotton factors and com. 
mers. 47 Union, d. 75 Dauphine 
Estignay Chas. teacher, 60 Dauphine 
Estopa Leopold, Bagatelle n. Urquhart 
Estoup J. shoemkr. Old Levee c. Hvispital 
Estrade Dominique, dairy. Frenchmen c. 

Fstrade Jean Marie,charcoal,142 Basin, d. 2 
Estrade J. Mrs. 207 Ursulines 
Estrade M. 269 St. Ann 
Estrade J. L. charcoal, 40 Gasquet 
Estrella Juan, cigars, 505 St. Claude, d.3 
•Etel Mad. midwife, Prieur n. Bienville 
Eternod & Piaget, (Jacob Eternod, Mex- 
ander Piaget,) importers of dry gds. 
46 Chartres 
Eternod Jacob, (Eternod Sf Pinget,) d. 

Peace n. Chartres 
Eternod Loujs, clerk, 46 Chartres, d. 224 


Ethell H. P. & Co. (R. G. Mbott, E. B. 

Falls,) com. mers. 101 Magazine, d. 

Jeff. City 

Etheridge A. H. bird preserver, 275 Julia 

Etienne Alexis, f. m. c. cigar maker, 140 

Etienne Ferdinand, f. m. c. butcher, 

French mkt 
Etienne F. f. m. c. carpenter, 47 Prytania 
Etienne Leon, f. m. c. carp. 341 Orleans 
Etienne Pague, butch. 24 St. Mary's mkt 
Etienne R. E. f. m. c. 10 Poydras market 
Ktiinger Chas. clerk, 66 Spain 
Eubanks James, machinist, d. 155 St. 

Euckers John, butcher, Jeff. City 
Eugene Fi-an<;ois, f. m. c. cigar mkr. 157 




Eugene Joau, harnessrnaker, 104 Toulouse 
Kugenu Jos. f.m.c. Qarp. 503 Rampart, ti.3 
Eugene Louis, f. m. c. Poydras c. Bolivar 
Eugene Reybautl, butclier, 38 French nikt 
Eugenia Madam, 131 Daupliin 
Eugiunan P. Baronne near Third 
tughman W. C. Mrs. Third nearDryades 
Euler George, Uryades near Julia 
Euler George .A . ( S. Oser &(■ Co) 151 Com- 
mon d. 43 Dauphine 
Euper Jacob, shipcarj). Jack.son, McD. 
Euran Walter, lab.Jo.seiiliinc n. Chippewa 
Eustis Allain, broker, Jl'J Gravier, d. 46 

Eusiis Mrs. 415 <Jld Levcc, d. 3 
Eustis J. B. ( yVaples &f Eusiis) attys. at 

law, 27 Ckunmercial ]ilace 
Eutrecaiinalles E. grocer, 201 St. Peter 
Evan Evans, engr. Derbigny n. Gasquet 
Evans Adolphc, bookkeeper, 27 Caron- 

Evans Charles F. clerk, 96 Camp, d. 262 

tSl. Andrew 
Evans Edward, gas fitter, 84 Baronne 
Bvans E. 505 Burgundy, d. 3 
Evans G. lab. 64 Marigny 
Evans G. C. clerk, 155 Canal 
Evans G. P. accountant, 53 Camp, d. 440 

Evans tienry,cabmn. Pacanier n. Richards 

EVANS h6USE, 79 Poydras, S. 
P. EVANS, Proprietor. 

Evans Isaac, carpenter, 292 Baronne 
Lvans .lohn, blacksh. 361 Old Levee, d. 3 
Evans Julia, f. w. c. 14d Orleans 
Evans J. C. sign painter, 141 Camp 
Evans Lyman, contractor, t'reret c. Mel- 

Evans Michael, laborer, 475 Royal 
Evans M. L. Mrs. 262 St. Andrew 
Evans M. L O. Mrs. 165 Mam 
Evans Alary, lf?3 St. Claude, d. 2 
Evans Richard, teacher, 220 Erato 
Evans Samuel, male, 14 ViUere 
Evans House, 79 Poydras, S. P. Evans, 

Evans I.J. carpenter, 394 Common 
Evans William, Gretna 
Lven Ernest, elk 78 Chartrea 
Lven James, 827 St. Claude, d. 3 
Even Jules, collecter levee dues, 184 John- 
son, d. 2 
Even Luca, telegrapher, 143 Dauphine 
Even Louis, mustard works, 143 Dauphine 
Even Martin, lab. Congress n. Burgundy 
Even M. E. mustard works, 143 Dauphine 
Evens Richard, carj). 103 Tchoupitouias 
Eveque Charles L. elk, 46 Old Levee, d. 2 
Eveque Samuel, shoemaker, 28 Love 
Everance W. Freret near Terpsichore 
Everard K. grocer, Bienville c. Dauphinfe 
Everett Chas. A. clerk, 89 Camp 
Everett G. iVlrs. 9 Franklin 
Everett J. M. Carrollton 
Everett L. H. Dr. 166 IJaronne 

Everard R. grocer, 146 Gasquet 

Everhard Christian, Gretna 

Everhart Amos, screwman, Soraparu c. 

Everitt L. H. Dr. vital atomic physician, 

10 Rampart, d. 2 
Everling Henry, Gasquet c. Galvez 
Evers J.J. paperliangings, 62 Chartrcs, 

d. 145 Conti 
Evies Claus, laborer, 88 Barracks 
Ewald Daniel, clerk, d. 129 Chippewa 
Ewing Alex. St. Andrew n. Louisa 
Ewing Andrew, laborer, Jackson depot 
Ewing Chas. pilot, 218 Conti 
Ewing Greville, sugar broker, 72 Desire 
Ewing Henry, livery stables, Carrollton 
Ewing Lewis, clerk, 174 Erato 
Ewiiig Samuel, com. and fwdg. mcr. Cross- 
man c. Front, d. Upjier Line, Jeff. City 
Ewing William, 48 Old Levee 
Ewing Wm. carpenter, Bienville n. Tonti 
Ewing Wm. engineer, 78 Julia 
Exner Daniel, carpenter, 211 Claiborne 
Exnicious Louis, Josephine n. Dryades 
Exsterstein Harmon, c. h. 77 Front 
Exsterstein Henry, dairy. First n. Patrick 
Extein H'y, milkman. First n. St. Dennis 
Eylandt Daniel, bricklayer, 214 Melpo- 
Eylandi E. Dr. 82 Enghien 
Eyma Elizabeth Mrs., professor of music, 

396 Baronne 
Eyma Guyol, grocer, 311 Bayou road 
Eyma Louis, ally, at law, 13 Ex. place, 

d. 154 Hospital 
Eyma Wm. clerk, d. 396 Baronne 
Eysiein A. carpenter, 2&1 St. Louia 
Ezekiel A. T. jeweller, 383 Camp^ 
Ezekiel E. book store, 7 Ex. place and 
122 Poydras 


ABACHER JOS. " Woodyard " c. h. 
Old Levee, d. 2 and 49 Customhouse 
Fabain Henry, Front c. Poydras 
Faber Charles, butcher, 36 St. Mary's 

Faber Charles, drayman. Sixth n. Louisa 
Faber C. F. 415 Burgundy 
Faber Emile, curled hair manf. Fourth n. 

Rousseau • 

Faber Frederick, clerk, 151 Poydras 
Faber George Mrs. 39 Poet 
Faber Geo. bricklayer, Sixth n. Chippewa 
Faber Henry, barkeeper. Front Ci ^[ewton 
Faber John, laborer, 32 Enghien 
Faber Josiah, Philip n. Brainard 
Faber M. Mrs., fortune teller, 59 Ursulincs 
Fabian Beiilham, agent, 67 Tchoupitoulas 
Fai)ian John, teacher, Philip c. Chippewa 
Fabian Laurent, gardener Bayou St. John 
Fabian Val. shoemaker, 370 Lafayette 
Fabiany B. sergeant, 211 St. Claude 
Fabin Baplisie, cotton sampler, 73 St. An- 
Fabin Henry, c. h. 49 Front 




FABIO S. G. corner of Hospital 
and Chartres streets. Milline- 
ry and Fancy Goods, Confec- 
tion in all kinds. 

Fabre Augustine, 19 Bagatelle 
Fabre Francis, clothing, basement St. 
Charles Hotel, St. Charles c. Common, 
d. 217 Camp 
Fabre George Mrs. 50 Poet 
Fabregas John, 2G0 Frenchmen 
Fabregas J. c. h. 87 Union d. 3 
Fachan Barth, butcher, 79 French market 
Facher George, c. h. Magazine c. Race 
Fachiri P. &Co. com. mers. 99 Gravier 
Facien T. Capt. Congress n. Front Levee 
Factors' Cot. Press, New Levee c. Race 
Faccher G. gro. and c. h. 468 Magazine. 
Faecher Leonard, Laurel n. Josephine 
Faeh J. B. grocer. Peace c. .Moreau 
Faehnle George, carpenter, Coliseum n. 

Faessel Louis, grocery, Camp c. St. An- 
Faest Forten, carp. St. Andrew n. Camp 
Fagan Chas. shoemakei;, 81 Bourbon 
Fagan Daniel, 118 St. Mary 
Fa^^an E. drayman, 59 Enghien 
Fagan J as. lab. Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Fagan John, drayman, 135 Adeline 
Fagan John, wagoner, 113 Tchoupitoulas 
Fagan John, Frenchmen c. Genois 
Fagan Nicholas, blacksmith, 176 Girod 
Fagan Patrick, Washington n. St. Charles 
Fagan Simon, cooper, 60 Tchoupitoulas 
Fagan Thomas, screwman, Gretna 
Fagerly Catharine Mrs. 27 Delorde 
Faget C. Dr. 159 Burgundy 
Faget John M. c. h. Felicity c. St. Charles 
Fagan Mich, blacksmith, 572 Rampai-t,d. 3 
Fagot Anatole, 180 Rampart 
Fagot August, 629 Dauphine, d. 3 
Fcigot Charles, Lake Pontchartrain 
Fagot Charles, recorder's clerk, d. 4 
Fagot Charles R. 676 Royal, d. 3 
Fagot Edward, c. p. 33 Poet 
Fagot Ernest, 629 Dauphine, d. 3 
Fagot Godefroy,collectr.St. Charles n.Clio 
Fagot J . A. deputy clerk, 2d District Court 
Fagot J. B. grocer, Spain c. Goodchildren 
Fagot Samuel, planter, 62 Rampart, d. 2 
Fagot Theodule, grocer, 625 Dauphine 
Fagouet T. 429 Bourbon, d. 3 
Faharnholz Franz, Josephine c. Royal 
Fuhay William, warehouseman ,9 Poyfarre 
Fahey John, laborer, 140 Tchoupitoulas 
Fahker George, c. h. and grocer, Jose- 
phine c. Laurel 
Fahn George, shoemaker, 54 St. Anthony 
Fahnesiock M. clerk, 71 Canal 
Fahnert M. grocer. Barracks c. Burgundy 
Fahnert M. woodyard, Jefferson City 
Fahrenbach F. F. blacksmith, 318 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Fahsenfelt Henry, Chippewa n. Seventh 

Fahy B. laborer. Nuns n. Tchoupitoulas 
Fahy James, laborer, 21 Constance 
Fahy John, laborer, 82 Delord 
Fahy Margaret Miss, 628 Rampart, d. 3 
Fahy Mary Mrs. 465 Chartres, d. 3 
Fahy Mary Mrs 68 Poet 
Fahy Michael, laborer, 8 Port 
Fahy Patrick, laborer, 30 Poet 
Fahy Richard, clerk, Clouet c. Levee 
Fahy Thomas, laborer, 294 Erato 
Faibvre Samuel, furniture, 7 Haronne 
Faichez Alexander, 256 Burgundy 
Faicklen F. upholsterer, 326 Camp 

FAIRBANKS & Co. (O. B. Davis, 
A. P. Davis, Agents,) Fair- 
banks' principal Southern 
Scale Warehouse, and Agency 
for Lillies' Burglar and Fire 
Proof Safes, 93 Camp. 

Fairbanks Chas. B. clerk, 317 Fulton 
Fairbanks Jos. cabinet maker, 77 Delord 
Fairchild E. H. & Co. (John W. Bing- 
ham,) commission and forwarding 
merchants, 84 Poydras, d. 198 Thalia 
Fairchild Henry N. clerk, 45 Union 
^''airchild J. H. R. clerk, St. Louis Hotel 
Fairchild Madison, engineer, Louisa c. 

Fairchild W. T. 129 St. Mary 
Farie R. dry goods, 190 Gleise's row, 

Fairlie Wm. carpenter. Seventh n. Fulton 
Fairlie William, Seventh n. Chippewa 
Faisans P. 475 Annunciation 
Faisans Rene, clerk, 16 Carondelet 
Faisins S. 11 and 13 Magazine 
Faisans Victor, (J^'orlh, IJuthil &f Co.) 11 
and 13 Magazine, d. Jackson n. Co- 
Faith Benjamin, cooper, 330 St. Louis 
Faivre Antoine, c. h. Bayou road c. Tonti 
Faivre Charles, Galvez n. St. Philip 
Faivre Edward, St. Thomas n. Market 

FAIVRE J. Pianoforte Manufac- 
turer, 46 late 56 Royal. In- 
ventor of the celebrated lately 
impi'oved iron frame Pianos, 
which have been awarded five 
Gold Medals in Paris and 
London, in 1855. 

Faivre P. mattress hair, 271 St. Thomas 
Faiz Martin, dairy. Sixth n. Plaquemine 
Falc Louis, clerk, 161 St. Philip 
Falco Raphael, c. p. 57 St. Anthony 
Falconer Richard J. clerk, 27 Gravier 
Falconer Wm.R. accountant, 56 New Levee 
Falconer Thomas M. apothecary, Clai- 
borne n. Gasquet 
Fales Romagossa, 327 Treme, d. 3 
Falgout Louis, printer, d. 366 Liberty 
Falk Catharine Mrs. 519 Burgundy d. 3 


Falk John, blacksmith, 111 Piety 
Falk John, Rcliajious n. St. Mary 
Falk Joseph, 165 Spain 
Falk J. H. 35 Daiiphine 
Falk L. tailor, 59 Moiirbon 
Falk Moritz, pedlur.^TB Ursulines 
Falkenstein Adam, CarroUton 
Falkenstfin Frank, barkeeper, 404 Dryades 
Falkenstcin M. Fourtb n. Rousseau 
Falkiier David, laborer, 26 Constance 
Fall Barbara Mrs. , Felicity n. Annunciation 
Fallaii Martin, butcher, 41 and 43 Maga- 
zine market 
Fallandorf Georg;e, laborer, 321 Erato 
Faller Martin, Chippewa n. Sixth 
Faller Peter, lab. Jackson n. Madison, McD 
Faller Peter, carpenter, 354 Mao:azine 
Fallon A. Dr., i\ew Levee n. Jackson 
Fallon Bernard, 216 St. Claude, d. 2 
Fallon Bernard, laborer, 6^> Laurel 
Fallon Bridget, b. h. 50 Julia 
Fallon E. Mrs. 305 First 
Fallon Herbert, grocer, 242 Magazine 
Fallon Hugh, 242 Magazine 
Fallon James, ccmtractor, 324 St. Peter 
Fallon James, Main c. Treme 
Fallon John, clerk, d. 127 Chippewa 
Fallon John, laborer, 184 Tchoupitouias 
Fallon J. G.insiiecior customs, 22ti Callioi)e 
Falhni J. K. laborer, 35 Marigny 
Fallon Lawrence, C. book keeper, 21 

Commercial place, d. 305 First 
Fallon Martin, tailor, 274 Dryades 
Fallon Martin, stone cutter, 264 Girod 
Fallon Martin, butcher, Eighth n. Con- 
Fallon Mary, 327 Conti 
Fallon Michael, boiler maker, 50 Julia 
Fiillon Michael, paver, 138 Claiborne 
Fallon M. tailor, Liberty n. Clio 
Fallon Patrick, shoemaker, 392 Camp 
Fallon Thomas, grocery, 68 St. Thomas 
Falls E. B. (B. P. Elhell &f Co.) 101 Ma- 
Falon N., St. Mary n. Chippewa 
Falon William, blacksmith, 92 St. Joseph 
Falorsi Sebastian, c. h. 153 Perdido 
F'al.s Adam, drayman, Cotton Press c. 

Falvey Dennis, 60 Melpomene 
Falvey John, inarbler, Erato n. Howard 
Falvey John, lal)orer, 117 Foucher 
Faliz (yonrad, lab. St. Andrew n. Howard 
Falzun Joseph, 155 Eutirpe 
Fannaghan John, grocer, Algiers 
Fanchon E. Mrs., Frenchmen n. Rampart 
Fancoz Franklin, clerk, 46 Chartres 
^"'rtnerty Martin, screwman, 224 Chij)pcwa 
Fanes T. A. clerk, 71 Canal 
F'anes Mrs. variety store, 128 Burgundy 
Fanholt John, porter, 185 Josephine 
Faniury Sarah, dn ssinaker, 191 Magazine 
Fanney William, Royal n. Congress 
Fannin C. drayman,St. Andrew n.Baronne 
Fannin John, c. h. l.,(;ve<! c. Enghien 
Fanning Cornelius, keeper of engine house 
No. 24, d. 639 Burgundy 

163 FAR 

Fanning Edward, laborer, 38 Spain 
Fanning James G., CarroUton 
Fanning John Mrs. 99 Mandeville 
Fanning Michael, 49 Marigny 
Fanning Patrick, 639 Royal, d. 3 
Fanning Thomas, laborer, 84 Orange 
Fanning Timothy, driver, 99 Mandeville 
Fanz Bernard, drayman, 615 Royal 
Farau John, shoemaker, 56 St. Philip 
Farber Clement, lab. Copernicus n. Fourth 
Fard John, laborer, 81 D.^lord 
Fardet P. 231 Claiborne, d. 2 
Farge A. clerk, 15 City Hall, d. 8 Co- 
Farge Bernard Mrs. 9 Columbus 
Farge SHmucI, clerk, 15 City Hall, d. 9 

Farge S. 1'. deputy sheriff, 14 Annette 
Fargo Dominique, 142 Spain 
Fargue G. 53 Bienville 
Farher J. J. painter, 369 Basin, d. 1 
Parish Thos. H. com. mer. 27 Bienville 
Farley Ann K. Mrs. 320 Claii)orne, d. 3 
Farley Charles, boatman, McDonogh 
Farley Elizabeth Mrs., 87 St. Thomas 
Farley Hamilton W. slater, 296 Thalia 
Farley H. W. (Farley, Jury &f Co.) 40 

Farley Henry, grocer, Adele c. Rousseau 
Farley John, drayman, St. Mary n. An- 
Farley John, tailor, 278 Tchoupitouias 
Farley Joseph, c. p. Prosper n. Marigny 
Farley J. dairy. Pleasant n. Annunciation 
Farley, Jury & Co ( H. IV. Farley, L. C. 
Jury, J. F. Caldwell,) col. factors and 
com. mers. Factors' row, 40 Perdido 
Farley Martha Mrs. 40 Calliojje 
Farley Newton, Pleasant n. Live Oak 
Farley Owen, dray 'n. Basin c. Terpsichore 
Farley Patrick, laborer, 11 Rousseau 
Farley Pat. drayman, Enghien n. Rampart 
Farley Pat. drayman, Franklin n. Julia 
Farley Thomas, laborer, 62 St. James 
Farman Fran<;ois,f. m. c. 178 Robertson 
Farmer James, laborer, 128 Rampart 
Farmer R. F. c.p. Magazine n. St. Andrew 
Farmer Sebastian, Seventh n. Chippewa 
Farmmeister Hy. architect, 172 Dauphine 
Fariiei Jane Mrs. 300 Burgundy 
Farnham S. W. Mrs. c. 1.. J.32 Levee, d. 3 
F'arnon James, cot. foreman, 40 Union, d. 3 
Farnsworth H. J. clerk, 71 Canal 
Farqulmr H. B. siiip carp. 326 Basin, d. 1 
Farr Edward, clerk, 9 Magazine 
Farr M. R. Mrs. 200 Marais, d. 2 
Farra Joseph, engineer, Julia n. Clara 
Farragut Glasgow, 192 Esplanade, d. 2 
Farragut William, 192 Esplanad*', d. 2 
Farrall Dennis, Common n. Robertson 
Farrall Ed. arct. Baronne n. St. Andrew 
Farrall Hugh, Calliope n. Liberty 
Farrall James, drayman, 405 Gravicr 
Farrall Jas. lab. Celeste n. Tchoupitouias 
Farrall James Mrs. 541 St. Clauue 
Farrall John, driver, 529 St. Claude 
Farrall John, drayman, Howard n. Perdido 




Farrall .lohn, laborer, Lafayette c. Johnson 
Fan-all Richard, laborer, Gravier n. Bolivar 
Farrall Thomas, lab. Claiborne n. Orleans 
Farran John Mrs., Robertson n. Conti 
Farranti A. carpenter, Bourny, Algiers 
Farrar D. 49 Clouet n. Royal 
Farrar D. Mrs. 322 Ursulines 
Farrar D. T. Mrs. 46 Elioire 
Farrar D. F. inspect, cust. d. 35 Elmire 
Farrar Eliza Mrs. 434 Rampart, d. 1 
Farrar Miguel, musician, 253 Liberty 
Farrell Charles, waiter, 85 Constance 
Farrell Daniel, laborer, 45 Poet 
Farrell Ellen Mrs. millinery, 151 Canal 
Farrell Francis, Gasquetn. Galvez 
Farrell Frank, laborer, 83 Delord 
Farrell F. lab. Tchoupitoulas n. Hunter 
Farrell Gerald, carpenter, Carondelet n. 

Felicity, d. 453 Carondelet 
Farrell Jacob, c. h. 19] Tchoupitoulas 
Farrell James, laborer, 77 Annunciation 
Farrell James, boiler maker, 137 Marigny 
Farrell James Mrs. 348 St. Ann 
Farrell James J. carpenter, 180 Cypress 
Farrell Jno. book keeper,d. 279 Melpomene 
Farrell John, carpenter, 453 Carondelet 
Farrell John, laborer, 54 Adele 
Farrell Jno. c.h. St. Joseph c. Tchoupitoulas 
Farrell Jno. grocer, 266 Delord ,New Basin 
Farrell J. drayman, Freret n. Melponiene 
Farrell J. laborer, Richard n. Pacanier 
Farrell J. Mrs. 49 Marigny 
Farrell J. drayman, Freret n. Melpomene 
Farrell John M weigher, 377 Magazine 
Farrell Mary Mrs. 98 Julia 
Farrell Miguel Capt., Freret n. Julia 
Farrell M. J. city police, 151 Canal 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, Clara n. Thalia 
Farrell Patrick, Felicity n. St. John Baptist 
Farrell Pat. drayman, Gasquet c. Prieur 
Farrell Thomas, laborer, 130 Rousseau 
Farrell Thomas, drayman, 64 Girod 
Farrell Thomas, Toulouse n. Derbigny 
Fai-rell Timothy, 407 Lafayette 
Farrell William, drayman, 305 Melpomene 
Farrell Wm. drayman, 265 Tchoupitoulas 
Farrell y Edward, 73 Baronne 
Farrelly Joseph, lab. Spain n. Claiborne 
Farrelly Mary, 356 Annunciation 
Farrer Vincent Capt. 230 Howard 
Farrera Joseph, lab. Spain n. Claiborne 
Farriday Thos. com. mer. d. 230 Calliope 
Farrington D. S. collector, 258 Calliope 
Farrio Jean Mrs. 60 St. Philip 
Farron Pat. lab. Bartholomew n. Villere 
Fartinantyink Ferd. Josephine n. Chippewa 
Farudo Antonio, vice consul of Spain, 

Royal n. Conti 
Farwell Charles A. (Creevy if Fancellt) 29 

Carondelet, d. 231 Annunciation 
Farwell Samuel P. mate, 342 Melpomene 
Fasching W. Rev. 585 Rampart, d. 3 
Fascius Charles, barkeeper, 373 Orleans 
Fash Leonard, commission merchant and 
produce dealer,50 Poydras d.l45 First 
Fasnacht John, ( Fasnacht Sr Waldkerch, ) d. 
148 Basin d. 1 ^ 

Samuel Fasnacht,) Brewerfe 
and Dealers In Ale, Porter, 
Malt and Hops, corner of An- 
nunciation and Poyfarre. 

Fasnacht & Waldkerch, (John Fasnacht j 
Otto Waldkeixh,) coffee stand, 20 and 
44 Poydras market 
Fassbender H. ( Wittman Sf Fassbender,) 

138 Dauphine 
Fassio John, 74 Mazant 
Fassmann E. V. (Williams Sf Fassmann,) 
Calliope n. Jackson depot, d.282 Camp 
Fassmann & Co. (Fassmann Henry, E. K. 
Bryant, Frank B. Fassmann,) manu- 
facturers Passman's ties, 22 Commer- 
cial place 
Fassman, Bryant & Co. (H. Fassmann, E. 
K. Bryant, James D. Brown, Frank 
B, Fassman) Orleans cotton press, 
Roffignac n. Levee 
Fassmann 's Press, Calliope n. Jackson 

Fassmann Henry, (Fassmann, Bryant Sf 

Co.) d. 235 Camp 
Fassmann Frank, (Fassmann, Bryant &{■ 

Co.) Roffignac n. Levee 
Fassy C. (Faul Juge <^ Fassy,) 26 St, 

Louis, d. 340 Dauphine, d. 3 
Fassy C. A. city assessor, 443 Burgundy, 

d. 3 
Fassy C. J. 122 Burgundy 
Fassy Emile C. clerk, 229 Old Levee, d. 2 
Fast Martin, dairy. Sixth n. Plaquemine 
Fatch Martin, barber, 60 Mandeville 
Fath Augustus, baker 13 Religious 
Fatjo & Brunaso, (D. Fatjo, John Bru- 
naso,) wholesale grocers, 284 and 286 
Old Levee, d. 2 
Fatjo D. (Fatjo ^ Brunaso,) d. 206 St. 

Fatjo John, beer bottler, 15 Esplanade 
Fatzer George, shoemaker, 184 Baronne 
Fau Aug. shoemaker, Galvez n. Johnson 
Fauber Thomas, clerk, 60 Carondelet 
Fauchet L. D. Eugene, broker, 56 Ex. 

Place, d. 84 Orleans 
Faucheux Eugene (Pothier fy Faucheux) 
63 late 38 Old Levee, d. 106 Montegut 
Faucon Francois, lab. Mazant n. Royal 
Faudere Adam, laborer, 77 Derbigny, d. 2 
Fauga John, laborer, 234 Bienville 
Faugeras A. butcher, 27 French market, 

d. 310 Ursulines 
Faugere Pierre, tailor, 133 Esplanade 
Faugre Pennington, 134 Basin 
Faul F. dairy. Market n. Pacanier 
Faulstick H. carpenter, 195 Union 
Faulstick Philip, carpenter, Bourbon n. 

Faupel Joseph, 254 Poydras 
Faupel Josephine, 149 Lafayette 
Fauquet Eugene Mrs. 24 Ursulines 
Faure Adolph, (Richard Sf Co.) 12 Caron- 
delet, d. 37 Bourbon 





Faure Ad. d. 69 Dauphine 
Fanre Amie Mrs. 115 Ramp'irt, d. 2 
Faure Armaiul, sailmakir, 19!) Orleans 
Faure August, [lainler, 187 Si. Ann 
Faure Henry, lalmrer, 230 St. Ann 
Faure J. umbrella and cane maker, 47 St. 

Faure Lacaussnde Omer, apotliecary, Or- 
leans c. liourlion 
Faure Paul, aceouiilant, 12 Cardndelot, d. 

37 Bourl)on 
Faure P. B. printer, 416 Bourlmn, d. 3 
Faures .John, butcher, I'orl market, d. 377 

Klysian Fields 
Faures J. E sen., com. aijent, 34 Royal, 

d. 121 St Ann 
Faures J. E. jr. dour inspector, 65 Front 
Levee, d. 1, d. Bienville c. Burgundy 
Faures & Norman, ( L. E. Faures, G. II. 
J^hrman,) grocers. Royal c. Custom- 
house, d. 228 Royal 
Fauria John, 264 St, Peter 
Fauria V. grocer, Gravier c. Dryades 
Fauria A. V. 323 Main 
Faurie Charles;, book-keeper,Crescent City 

Bank, d. 362 Bourbon, d. 3 
Faurie Caroline, 139 Bourbon 
Faurie Lewis, clerk, 130 Canal 
Faurie Louis C. 679 St. Claude, d. 3 
Faurne Widow, Alex. n. Ehnire, Algiers 
Faurstein Peter, carpenter, Marigny n. 

Faust Bernard, knife grinder, 404 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Faurstein Peter, carpenter, Marigny n. 

Urquhart Henry, 496 Chippewa 
Faust Jacob, labor<M-, Sixth n. Laurel 
Faust Jolin Nicholas, variety store, 89 

Faust John, milk, 807 St. Claude 
Faust Jacob, c. h. Spain c. Front Levee 
Faust Joseph, Third n. Constance 
Faust Louis, cabinet mkr. 104 Dauphine 
Faust Nicholas, grocer, 173 Union 
Faust Nich, cartman, 102 Calliope 
Faust Peter, lab. Goodchildren n. Desire 
Fausterman George, dry goods, Jeff. City 
Fausiilan E. fishmonger, 429 Rampart,d. 3 
Faustian John, f. m. c. vegetables, 334 

Faustin Peter, f. m. c. 312 St. Peter 
Faut W. upholsterer, 65 !St. Philip 
Fauth Christian, blacksinith, Urquhart n. 

St. Anthony 
Fautique Paul, baker, 152 Hospital 
Fautrier J. butcher, 1 Treme market 
Fauvere Armentine, Mandeville c. Morales 
Faveau J. fancy goods, 866 Magazine 
Favely Joseph, 226 Toulouse 
Favetto August, oysters, 429 St. Ann 
Favre Ant. store 8 Ponlalba, St. Ann 
Favre August, watchmaker, 85 Ex. Place 
Favre Desire Mrs. 276 St. Claude, d. 2 
Favre Durant, lab. Galvez n. Phillijii 
Favre Francis, elk. Old Levee c. Bienville 
Favre Frank, painter, 222 Customhouse 

Favre Marcelitte Mrs. Roman n. Toulouse 
Favre P.ter, d. 271 St. Thomas 
Favrot Frank, grocer. Laurel c. St. Mary 
Fax Thomas, steward, 227 St. Louis 
Fay Ann Mrs. 134 Erato 
Fay Charles, lab. 227 Girod 
Fay E. & Masson, ( E. JIasaon,) uphol- 
sterers, 99 and 101 Chartres 
Fay Jacob, blksmith, Prytania n. Euterpe 
Fay Margaret Mrs. 623 Rampart, d. 1 
Fay Michael, Washington n. Annunciation 
Fay S. N. clerk, 12 Cliartres . 
Fay Thomas Jelferson, clerk, 57 Common, 

d. 242 Camp 
Fayes James, oysters, Marais n. Orleans 
Fayssoux Clement S. accountant, New 

Levee c. Delord 
Fayssoux P.eter S. engineer, d. Conti n. 

Fazende Alix, 115 Spain 
Fazende Dorsine, clerk. Old Levee c. Conti 
Fazende F. 97 Old Levee, d. 2 
Fazende J. P. grocer. Burgundy, c. St. Ann 
Fazende Leon, 358 Rampart, J. 3 
Fazende L. F. 97 Old Levee 
Fazende M. clerk, 19 Conti, d. 114 Main 
Fazende Oscar, clerk, 126 Canal 
Fazende Pierre J. 259 Dauphine 
Fazende T. clerk, Royal c. St. Philip, d. 

57 St. Ann 
Feahney Cornelius, 46 Carondelet 
Feahney Timothy, cojiper, etc. 330 Camp 
Fealan Nicholas, lab. St. Mary c. Laurel 
Feany Frederick, elk. d. 260 Annunciation 
Fearing A. M Mrs. 145 St. Mary 
Fearing C. H. pilot, St. Andrew c. Camp 
Fearing F. A. clerk, Mississippi cotton 

press, d. 269 Annunciation 
Feary Miles, lab. 97 Gaiennie 
Featherson John, 54 St. Joseph 
Featherslon John Capt. 332 Howard 
Featherston Wm. H. 333 Howard 
Feauteau J. B. f. m. c. shoemaker, 371 St. 

Febrer B. 104 Treme, d. 2 
Febrer Joseph Dr. 228 Conti 
Fecel Jules, 248 Dauphine 
Fecher Leonard, 26 Poydras market, d. 

93 Laurel 
Fecke C. brass finisher, 16 Elysian Fields 
Fedalaene Charles mariner, 377 Old Le- 
vee, d. 3 
Fcdelic A. drays, Independence c. Royal 
Feder John, laborer, 241 Chartres 
Federow H. grocer, 231 Marigny 
Fee Chas. watch 'n. Polymiiia n. Carondelet 
Fee Jamos W. grocer. 99 Camp, d. 128 

Fee Robert, screwman, 528 Rampart, d. 3 
Feehan Matthew, fisherman, 4] Laurel 
Feehry James, 105 Howard 
Feely Patrick, 323 Customhouse 
Feenan Bernard, drayman, 91 St. Thomas 
Feenan John, laborer, Henderson, n. Front 

Feenan Michael, drayman, 15 Religious 
Fecney Hannah Mis., Euterpe n. Franklin 





Feuney James, cooper, 67 Foucher 
FetiK-y Joseph, 26 Foucher 
Fceney Luke, b. h. 104 Tchoupitoulas 
Feeney Maiiiii, lab. 76 Constance 
Feeney Patrick, 89 Dehird 
Feeney Patrick, lab. 494 Rampart, d. 1 
Feeny Aim, 346 Annunciation 
Feeny JVlark, levee clerk, d. 38 Kuterpe 
Feyaler Jacob, baker, 533 Dattphine 
Fe'heny iVlichaid, furn. cart, 64 Robertson 
Fehrenbach Frank, blacksmith, 315 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Fehrenbach M. pianos, 118 Canal, d.381 

Rampart, d. 1 
Fehrenbach, Martin, shoemkr. 148Delord 
Fehrer Johanna, 350 Villere, d. 3 
Fehsenfeld Hcin-y, clerk, 174 Clio 
FeighanJ. F., Frenchmen n. Genius 
Fell Dietrich, warehmn,d. 181 Frenchmen 
Feille James, grocer, 84 Union, d. 3 
Feille Maurice, clerk, 52 Chartres 
Feille Victorine Mad. millinery, Tchoupi- 
toulas n. St. Mary 
Feilent Adrian, draym. 100 Claiborne, d. 2 
Feindel Jacob, tailor, 338 St. Louis 
Feindler Edward, painter, 119 Marais,d.2 
Feinour Chas. Dr. 424 Dryades 
I Feinour Chas. speculator, d. 424 Dryades 
j Feint Henry, lab. 151 Daui>hine 
I Feit Francis, lab. Chippewa n. Market 

Feitel Aaron, clothier, 175 N. Levee 
I Feitel Samuel, clerk, Jackson c. N. Levee 
I Feiting Jacob, Laurel n. Ninth 
j Felder John, porter, d. 61 Gasquet 
! Felder John, tailor, 52 Marigny 
i PVlder Louis, plasterer, 79 Laurel 
Feldkirchner Christopher Mrs. 80 Desire 
Feldner John P. saddler, 689 N. Levee,d.4 
Felger Julia Mrs., Baronne n. St. Andrew 
Felia Justine, f. w. c. Roman n. Kerlerec 
Felicity (Methodist) Church, Felicity c. 

Feliquier Lucian, clerk. Royal c. Conti 
Feliquier Robert, painter, 237 Baronne 
Fell J. R. clerk, Factors row, 34 Perdido 
Fell &. Marsh (P. R.Fell, Manson Marsh,) 

com. and forward, mtrs. 36 Natchez 
Fell P. R. (Fell &f Marsh,) d. 651 St. 

Fell Wm. blacksmith, 311 Claiborne 
Fellenzes G. lab. St. John n. Bayou bridge 
Fellon James, clerk, 286 St. Peter 
Fellon Julien, (Pinaud &c Fellon,) 117 0. 

Ltvee.d. 2, d. 10 Toulouse 
Fellon M. butcher, d. Eighth n. Constance 
Fellon Octave, clerk, 56 Chartres 
Fellowes C. & Co. (Cornelius Fellowes, 
D. P. Logan, Thompson Greenfield,) 
cot. factors & com. mers. 149 Common 
Fellowes Cornelius, CC. Fellowes fy Co.) 

d. 162 Julia 
Fellowes Joseph, 3 Crescent row, Canal 
Fellows Ernest T. atty. at law, 12 Ex- 
change place 
Fellows E. H. clerk, 74 Camp 
Fellows J. Q, A. ( Whitaker Sf Fellows,) 
d. Philip e. Chestnut 

Fellows T. broker, 7 Camp, d. Delord c. 

Tivoli Circle 
Fellralh H. porter and ale, 78 Hospital 
Fellrath L. grocer, 341 Howard 
Felmeden J. H. shoemaker, 5 Gravier 
Feitel Peter, drayman, Delaronde, Algiers 
Feltman Wm. lab. Fulton n. Harmony 
l-'eltner J. P. saddli:r, 401 Tchoupitoulas 
Feltner Wm. blacksmith, Sevenln n. An- 

Feltz F. Bourbon c. Main 
Feltz Jacob, City Hotel, 218 N. Levee 
Feltz L. music teacher, 228 Calliope 
f'enasci B. 122 Burgundy • 
Fenberg J. tailor, 126 Dryades 
P'ence Wm. tailor, Gasquet n.Galvez 
Fenelon Galtriel, painter. Barracks n. 

Fenely Jas. lab. Tonti n. Bienville 
Feney H. Mrs. dressmaker, 55 Erato 
Fenley John, Second c. Thalia 
Fennell Thomas J. 90 Common 
Fennelly Morris Mrs. 85 Derbigny 
Fenneman George, 105 Mandeville 
Fenner Chas. E. ( ISimonds &f Fenner,) 

. atty. at law, 2 Union 
Fenner E. D. Dr. 5 Carondelet 
Fenner Robert, 376 Customhouse 
Fenner R. Thalia n. St. Charles 
Fennimore Joshua, drug. 420 St. Charles 
Fenning Charles, Burgundy c. St. Fer- 
Fenny W. combmaker, 264 Chestnut 
Ferand Henry, 9 St. Aiin,d. Dauphine n. 

Elysian Fields 
Ferari Mrs. midwife, 145 Rampart, d. 2 
Ferari B. painter, 184 Ranijiart, d. 2 
Ferber Geo. carpenter, 102 Franklin 
Ferbos Jean, shoemkr. 255 Villere 
Ferbos J. Mrs. 185 Bayou road 
Ferbos Lamv, cigar mkr. 513 Robertson, 

Ferbos L. Mrs. 493 Robertson, d. 3 
Feret Madame, embroidery, 64 Bourbon 
Fergenschuh Geo., Laurel n. Sixth 
Ferguson A. ipoulder, 292 Calliope 
Ferguson Chas., Washington n. Magazine 
Ferguson Chas., Liberty n. Josephine 
Ferguson Edwin, importer earthenware, 7 

Camp, d. 185 Third 
Ferguson Henry, warehouseman, 105 

Ferguson James, 114 Desire 
Ferguson Jas. screwman, 291 St. Thomas 
Ferguson James W., Carroll n. Perdido 
Ferguson John, clerk, Factors 'row, d. St. 

Mary n. Annunciation 
Ferguson J.Q,., Washington c. Magazine 
Ferguson J. W. fur. cart, 114 Robertson, d. 2 
Ferguson Kenneth, stationer, 115 Rampart, 

Ferguson Mary Ann Mrs. 408 Baronne 
Ferguson Nicholas, trader. 41 Roman 
Ferguson S. G. (Gillis Sf Ferguson,) 152 

Ferguson Thos. lab. €4 Mandeville 
Feriera Francis J. screwm. 438 Burgundy 




Ferilve J. M. oyst. Maris^ny c. Casucalvo 
Ferino Susan, 5(S2 St. Charles 
Fcrmor Mrs. Si. Claude n. Ursulines 
Fern John, painter, 214 Dryades 
Fernand John,f. m. c. cabman, 19STremc, 

d. 2 
Fernand Rosamond, tailor; 406 Marais 
Fernandez Anthony, auctioneer, 49 Ex- 
change place, d. 275 Ursulines 
Fernandez Antonio, c. h. 94 Baronne 
Fernandez A. (.Ilvarez, Fernandez 8f Co. ) 

Bienville c. 0. Levee 
Fernandez li. c. h. 22 Poyfarre 
FernandcK Celestinc, f. vr. c. 105 Orleans 
Fernandez Clara Mrs. 254 Ursulines 
Fernandez Denis, receiving teller and note 
cleric Bank of America, d. 198 
Fernandez Edward, bricklayer, 568 Vil- 

lere, d. 3 
Fernandez Francis, auc'r. Chartres c. St. 

Louis, d. 132 Constance 
Fernandez Joaquin, 88 St. Anthony 
Fernandez John, barkeep. d. 2 St. Joseph 
Fernandez Joseph, mason, 128 Marigny 
Fernandez Joseph, c. h. 72 Basin, d. 1 
Fernandez Josejih, 63 Villere, d. 2 
Fernandez Joseph J. ( S. Fernande: S( Co.) 

d. 290 Royal 
Fernandez J. Aug. (Alvarez, Fernandez 

S,- Co.) Hienviile c. Old Levee 
Fernandez J. A. c. h. Royal c. Barracks 
Fernandez Manuel ( f'iila Sf Fernandez,) 

405 Rampart, d. 3 
Fernandez Manuel, cigar maker, 136 

Union, d. 3 
Fernandez Maria L., Josephine n. Dryades 
Fernandez Nicholas, seaman, 32 Spain 
Fernandez Nicholas, 143 St. Philip 
Fernandez 0. cigars, Jackson n. Dryades 
Fernandez P. tailor, 201 Ursulines 
Fernandez P. P. barkeeper, 352 Dauphine 
Fernand<z Rufino, cigars, 38 Carondelet, 

d. 316 Dauphine 
Fernandiz R. accountant, 38 Carondelet, 

d 316 Dauphine 
Fernandez K. ice, 167 St. Ann 
FiTuandez R. Mrs. 6 Union, d. 3 
Fernandez Salvador, 62 Frenchmen 
Fernandez Salvador jr. elk. 25 Old Levee, 

d. 257 Chartres 
Fernan.lez S. & Co. (J. J. Fernandez,) 
commission merchants, 125 Uld Le- 
vee, d. 257 Chartres 
Fernandez V. barkeeper, 254 Bayou road 
Fernandez Wm. P. 220 ("laihornc 
Fernliarl Edward, 381 R:impari, d. 1 
Firner, Jos. shoemaker, 427 Chartres, d. 3 
Ferner P. clothing, 245 Julia 
Pernor James, laborer, 21 Union, d. 3 
Fi'rran John Mrs. 79 Claiborne 
Forrand Baptiste, f. m. c. 125 St. Anthony 
Ferrand Baptiste, 36 Roman 
Ferrand Delphinc, f. w. c. 62 Annette 
Ferrand Francis, wood and coal, 113 Ca- 
rondelet walk 
Ferrand H. watchman, 394 Rampart, d. 3 
Ferrand Jafjues, shoemak., 176 .Vlandcville 

Ferrand Jacques Mrs. 79 Music 
Ferrand Jean, accountant, 45 Chartres 
Ferrand Jean, cigarmaker, 63 Basin 
Ferrand Jean, dairyman, Metairie Ridge 
Ferrand Jean, charcoal, 219 Ursulines 
Ferrand L. H. 461 Dauphine 
Ferrand L. H. Mrs. 461 Dauphine, d. 3 
Ferrand Nicholas, grocer, 25 Main 
Ferrand Simon, grocer, 71 Dauphine 
Ferrandon & Cesaac, ( ./iup;uf!le Fei~randou, 
.filrx. CexMC,) dry goods, 65 Chartres 
Ferrandon An^uslc, ( FcrrandouSf Cessac,) 

65 Chrrtres 
Ferara John, 25 Main 
Ferraz Isidore, grocer, 88 Frenchmen 
Ferre August, blacksmith, 667 Royal, d. 3 
Ferre August, ( I.apene &,• Ferre,) 65 Old 

Levee, d. 127 Customhouse 
Ferre A. tobacco dealei-, d. Ill Chartres 
Ferre Gabrii'l Capt. 212 Villere 
Ferree Charles, b. h. 403 Old Levee, d. 3 
Ferrell P. B. produce dealer, 12 Poydras, 

d. North n. St. Charh's 
Fern-ll H. W. engineer, 333 Rainpart, d. 1 
Ferrell W. B. St. Charles c. Canal 
Ferrer Cajelans, grocer, Jefferson cor. Ho- 
mer, McDonogh 

FERRER & CO. (A. Ferrer, Fr. 
Arnold,) Importersof Havana 
Cigars, Leaf Tobacco & other 
Cuba Produce, 97 Camp near 
Poydras, up stairs. 

Ferrer Fran<;oi8, barkeeper, 222 Orleans 
Ferrer John Dr. 234 Rampart, d. 1 
Ferrer Jose Capt. 226 Basni, d. 1 
Ferrer Miguel Capt. 238Girod 
Ferrera Gabriel Capt. 71 Carondelet walk 
Ferres Chas. steamboatman, Alex, Algiers 
Ferres James, lab. Felicity n. St. Thomas 
Ferret C. Mrs. bakery, 346 St. Peter 
Ferret F. clerk, 35 Chartres, d. 71 Royal 
Ferret Mrs. & Co. ( Z. Ferret, Catharine 

Mry,) millinery and dressmaking, 59 

Ferretti Eugene, house furnishing, 183 

Ferriday J. C. (Oakford &[ Ferriday,) d. 

190 Thalia 
Ferriday Thomas, Calliope n. Baronne 
Ferrides Louis, variety store, 291 Bourbon 
Ferrier Auguste,d. 281 Royal 
Ferrier Jose])h, planter, 178 Bourbon 
Ferrier L. Dr. 86 St. Philip 
Firrin Thos. sen wman,567Tchoupiloula8 
Ferrouge Ernest, painter, 117 Toulouse 
Ferrouillet J. fireworks, 149 Carondelet 

Ferry C. F". laborer at Jackson depot 
Ferry Edward, carpenter, 211 St. Philip 
Ferry Louis, clerk, 191 RoberU'son 
Ferry Wm. combmaker, 364 Chartres 
Fer.smg John, moss pickg, Gravier n. Clara 
Fersing Michael, porter, St. Louis n.Prieur 
Ferter Anthony, carpenter, 175 Laurel 

Ferthman Bernard, 325 Old Levee 
Fertig V. saddkr, Camp n. Washington 
Fess Jacob, drayman, 208 Union, d. 3 
Feste Victor, Canal c. Bourbon, d. 124 

Feth Thomas, laborer, 88 Laurel 
Fetlierston John, machinist, N. O. J.& G. 

N. Railroad 
Fetherston'h James T. B. 67 Carondelet 
h'etsch Michael, lab. Marigny n.Urquluirt 
Fetter Charles, barber, 309 Royal 
Fetter Joseph, barber, 790 Dauphine 
Feugas Collettu, 16'i Treme 
Feuilloley C. Mrs. vegetables, Bartholo- 
mew n. Claiborne 
Feuilloley Ernst, shoemaker, 46 French- 
Feumelon, F. Mrs. embroidery, 149 St. 

Feore Curran, laborer, 196 Galvez 
Feore Francois, baker, 315 Bienville 
Feore Gustave L. clerk, 182 Royal 
Feore iVIrs. 276 St Claude 
Feydel George, blacksmith, 281 Felicity 
Feyerstein Pierre, carpenter. 111 Marigny 
Ftytel Joseph, agt. ■vVatchmaker, 95 Canal 
Fias Jacquin, oysters, 177 St. Philip 
Fichet F. Mrs. restaurant, 175 Orleans 
Fichter Frank, 317 Johnson, d. 3 
Fick Adam, blacksmith, 130 Levee, d. 3 
Fick George, shoemaker. Broad c. White 
Fick Valentine, barber, 200 Johnson 
Ficke John, grocer, 634 Burgundy, d. 3 
Fickeissen Fred, barber. Felicity c. Chip- 
pewa I 
Fickeissen Jacob, c. h. 145 Marais 
Fidele Nicholas, clerk, 41 Orleans, 424 St. 

Fied John, driver, 217 Marigny 
Fiedler Mary Mrs., Adele n. Rousseau 
Fiegel Adam, drayman, St. Joseph n. St. 

Fiegel George, 142 St. Mary 
Fiegel John, carp. Baronne n. Seventh 
Fiegel John, plasterer, JNinth n. Chestnut 
Fiegenschuch G. painter. Laurel ii. Sixth 
Fiegenshuh George, 249 Laurel^ 
Fiel Daniel, porter, 47 Camp 
Field A. P. atty. at law, 26 Commercial 

place, d. 199 Terpsichore 
Field F. T. (Spencer, Field &/■ Co.) Camp 

c. Girod, d. Sixth n. Fulton 
Field George D. clerk, 31 Natchez, d. 678 

St. Charles 
Field Joseph, blacksmith, 154 Religious 
Field Joseph, Eighth n. St. Thomas 
Field L. tinner, 126 St. Andrew 
Field Spencer jr. Sixth n. Fulton 
Field, Spencer & Co. (F. T. Field,) coal 
dealers. Camp c. Girod, d. Sixth n. 
Field S. R. accountant, 56 Gravier 
Fielder F. machinist, Felicity n. Howard 
Fielder Wm. screwman, 128 St. Ferdinand 
Fielding Edward, dentist, 194 Canal 
Fielding Thomas, seaman, 12 Elmire 
Fields Harriet, furnd. rooms, 13 Bourbon 

Fields Michael, laborer, 246 Customhouse 
Fielstraup F. W. Mrs. 66 St. Philip 
Fieock Peter, vegetables, Cadiz n. Maga- 
zine, Jeiierson City 
Fiersten Henry, 116 Chartres 
Fiesda Elizabi'th, 256 Canal 
Fifur Otto, Delord n. Tivoli Circle 
Figarola J. c. h. Levee, McD 
Figel George, St. Mary n. Laurel 
Figeli Louis, dry goods, 2 Gltise's Row 
Figerat J. P. 258 Claiborne, d. 2 
Figler August, Sixth n. St. Dennis 
Figueras Leonce, barkeeper, 121 Poydras 
Figuiere Joseph, St. Philip n. Prieur 
Filger Mike, camphene, Baronne n. Wash- 
Filhe Caliste, tailor, 258 Bayou road 
Filiguier L. clerk, Coiiti c. Royal 
Filial! Thomas, laborer, 64 Mandeville 
Fillea James, grocer, 47 Union, d. 3 
Filleul Ed. attorney at law, 34 Exchange 

place, d. 303 Chartres 
Filleul Ernest, 319 St. Ann 
Filley L. C. formerly with Dr. Cannon, 
druggist, corner Magazine and Natcliez 
streets, where the popular medi- 
cines of the day can be had • 
Fillmore Public School, 437 Bourbon, d. 3 
Filosa R. c. h. Gravier c. Basin 
Filterie Charles, cook, 79 Perdido 
Fimister James, elk. St. Ann n. Derbigny 
Finan Marc, laborer, 101 Orleans 
Finan Mary Mrs., Baronne n. Fifth 
Finan Michael, laborer, 261 Customhouse 
Finch M. drayman, 233 Franklin 
Finch William E. groceries and western 

produce, 29 Canal 
Fincke & Pfister, ( H. C. Fincke, G. PJis- 

ter,) shoemakers, 29 Royal 
Fincke H. C. d. 328 Conti 
Findeisen G.E.cofiee stand, Claiborne mkt. 
Finder IN. accountant, 47 Royal 
Findly S. H. elk. Chippewa n. St. Andrew 
Findren F. clerk d. Common c. Franklin 
Finecy Patrick, laborer, 102 Melpomene 
Finpgan J. Mrs. 127 Orleans 
Finegan Michael, cabs, Girod n. Rampart 
Finegan Owen, laborer at Jackson depot 
Finarty Martin, drayman, 111 Derbigny 
Finharty Maria, First n. Dryades 
Finhole August, tailor. New Ba.sin 
Finister James R. 288 St. Ann 
Fink John Mrs. 741 Dauphine, d. 3 
Fink Veier ( Cokn &{■ Fink,) Patterson, Alg. 
Fink William, clerk, 32 Carondelet 
Finkbien John, carpenter, Conti n. Tonti 
Finkle Bernard, fancy goods, 124 Poydras 
Finkle Stephen, shoemaker, 369 Howard 
Finkle William, blacksmith, 90 Liberty 
Finlay A. cab driver. 248 Liberty 
Finlay James, drayman, Bienville n. Tonti 
Finlay James, acct. 375 Rampart, d. 3 
Finlay John, carpenter, 17 Religious 
Finlay J. W. clerk, 149 Canal 
Finley L. A. stock, note and exchange 
broker, 88 Gravier, d. St. Charles c. 




Finley L. A. jr. clpik, 37 Carondflot 
Finlfy Timothy, shoemakpr, 373 Chartros 
Finlf'y T. K. a'pothporti-v, It^C Camp 
Finn David, police, Algiers 
Finn Frank, liosller, d. 67 Polymnia 
Finn James, 55 Basin 
Finn James, 61 Liberty 
Finn Jno. draymaii, Tlierosa n, St. Thomas 
Finn J ( Cass'erly ^- Co.) d. 308 Common 
Finn Miciiael, 342 Melpomene 
Finn I'atrick, stonecutter, 253 Liberty 
Finn Patrick, Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Finn Thomas, car]ienter, Sixlh c. Camp 
Finn Thomas, Cypress n. Clara 
Finnan Bernard, drayman, 91 St. Thomas 
Finnan C. drayman, Dryad(\'5 n. St. Andrew 
Finnan C. Mrs., dressmakiT, 70 St. Joseph 
Fiinian James, drayman, 365 Basin 
Finnan John, grocer, 191 Girod 
Finnegan B. laborer, 294 Tchonpiloulas 
Finnegan James, Delord n. Tchonpiloulas 
Finnegau Jas. warehouseman, 151 Thalia 
Finnesan James, laborer, 93 St Thomas 
Finnegan John, laborer, 85 Delord 
Finnegan John, 132 Gasquet 
Finnegan J. J. cooper, 59 Erato 
Finnegan Lawrence, furniture cart, 297 

Finnegan Matthew, shipwright, Algiers 
Finnegan Michael, cabman, 216 Girod 
Finnegan M. Mrs. grocer, 209 Magazine 
Finnt>gan M. laborer, 61 Girod 
Finnegan Nich. saddler, 269Tchoupitoulas 
Finnegan Patrick, Third n. Lafayette 
Finnegan Palrick,laborer at Jackson' depot 
Finnerjan Pat. coppersmith, 115 Prytania 
Finnerly James, laborer, 57 St. Thomas 
Finnerly James, lab. 93 St. Thomas 
Finnerly Jas. drayman, Miro n. Bienville 
Finnerly Martin, Derbigny n. Bienville 
Finneman Bern, grocer, Dryades c. Felicity 
Finnerly Franklin, 126 Main 
Finnerty James, laborer, 272 Front Levee 
Finnerty Martin, clerk, 304 Bienville John, lab. Celeste n. St. Thomas 
Finnessey Pat. lab. Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Finney Augustus, Harmony n Constance 
Finney BiTnard, lab. 300 Annunciation 
Finney Dennis, laborer, 79 Aniutnciation 
Kinney E. W. book keeper, Gravicr c. 

Finney H. M., Basin c. Terpsichore 
Finney James, cooper, 147 F'oucher 
Finney John, laborer, 265 Dryades 
Finni;y John, grocer, Poydrasc. Basin 
Fninoy John, (Benjamin, Bonford &c Fin- 
ney,) d. 467 Carondelet 
Finney Marc. 90 Melpomene 
Finney Michael, drayman, 15 Religiou.s 
Finney Michael, lab. 494 Rampart, d. 3 
Finney Pat. clerk. Levee n. Robin 
Finnie G. H., Harmony n. Magazine 
Finnigan Bernard, grocer, 294 Tchoupitou. 
Finnigan Patrick, Rousseau n. Si. Andrew 
Finnin Christ, drayman, Josephine n. 

Finnin James, drayman, 365 Basin 

Fiogere Chas. watchmaker, 92 Charlres 
Fippen»er Philip, drayman, Washington 
n. Rampart 

FIQUET & BOUVET, (J. Fiquet, 
J. Bouvet,) 12 Camp street, 
French Hat manufactory, 
wholesale and retaiL Hats 
made to order. 

Fiquet J. (Fiquet 8f Bouvet,) 12 Camp 
P'iremen's Cemetery, Melairie ridge 
Firemen's Chariiable .'\ssociation, Odd 

Fellows' Flail, 7 l.afavelte 
Firnhabrr Henry, wareluuiseman, 106 

Fire Proof Cotton Press, Levee c. Race, 

and F'ront c. Robin 
First Church (Presbyterian) Fulton n. St. 

First Congregational Church ("Unitarian) 

St. Charles c. Julia 
First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette sq. 
Firth E. clerk, St. Ferdinand n. Burgnndy 
Fischer Bernard, shoemaker. Congress c. 

Fischer Charles F. 59 Claiborne 
Fischer Dorothy, St. Mary c. Prytania 
Fischer Frederick, tailor, 2(i7 Cypress 
Fischer Frederick, tobacco broker, 16 Ca- 
rondelet d. 75 Conti 
Fischer F. wood, Leonidas n. Levee 
Fischer Jacob sr. woodsawyer, 101 Clai- 
borne, d. 2 
Fischer Jacob, slioemakcr, 431 Chartres 
Fischer Jacob, laborer, .\inth n. Laurel 
Fischer Jacob, carpenter, 42 Piety 
Fischer John, drayman, 137 Pacanier 
Fischer John, laborer, 425 Ursulines | 

Fischer John, dair}^ Erato n. Clara ' 

Fischer John E. & Co. (J.Rose,) German 

cigars, 23 New Levee 
Fischer Jos. baker, 197 Carondelet walk 
Fischer Jos. clerk, 103 Main 
Fischi^r Joseph, mattress maker. Euphro- 

sine c. Rampart 
Fischer Jose))h, variety, 410 New Levee 
Fischer J. L. tailor, 24 Exchange place 
Fischer Leopold, printer, 234 Bienville 
Fischer Louis, 109 St. Louis 
Fischer Louis, gunsmith, 145 Main 
Fischer Marlin, shoemaker, 164 Gravier 
Fischer Malhias iilaeksmilh, 325 Howard 
Fischer Michael, vegetaliles, Soraparu mkt 
Fischer Pet<r, laborer, Piety n. Rampart 
Fischer Peter, ( Briiser Sf Co.) c. h. 578 

New Levee 
Fischer Philip, 281 Howard 
Fischer Theodore, trader, 22 Orleans 
Fischer Theodore, beer, etc. 106 Tchoupi. 
Fischer U. Mrs., 241 Roy,.! 
Fischer Val«nline, tinner, 115 Barracks 
Fisclier Xavier, laborer, 402 Orleans 
Fish John S. clirk, Camp c. Canal 
Fish William, 110 Customhouse 
Fish W. R. attorney at law, 28 Camp 




P'isher A. C. Mrs. 304 Carondelet 
Fisher Charles F. inspector customs, 59 

Fisher Cliarlos Mrs. 51 Annunciation 
Fisher C. 86 and 88 Dryades 
Fisher D. Mrs., St. Mary n. Prytania 
Fislier Elizabeth Mrs. 211 Baronne 
Fisher Frank L. clerk, d. 450 Dryades 
Fisher George M. accountant, 87 Canal 
Fisher Henry, printer, 70 Camp, d. 304 

Fisher Henry, laborer, 249 Lafayette 
Fisher Jacob, carpenter, 821 New Levee 
Fisher Jacob, dry goods. Levee n. St. An- 
Fisher Jacob, Port n. Rampart 
Fisher James, Clara n. Lafayette 
Fisher John, 233 Goodchildren 
Fisher Jno. J. grocer .Harmon yc. Magazine 
Fisher Joseph, variety store, 883 iNew 

Levee, d. 4 
Fisher J. A. G. Dr. 16 Jackson 
Fisher Miers, 49 Union, d. 392 Common 
Fisher Michael, Chippewa n. First 
Fisher Saml.C.bookkeeper,d. 462 Dryades 
Fishir Saml. C. jr. acct. 108 Chartres, d. 

462 Dryades 
Fisher S. painter, 204 Girod 
Fisk Alvarez Mrs. Espkiiade c. Bourbon 
Fisk Benj. carpenter, 104 St. Joseph 

FISK F. M. Crude and Refined 
Cotton Seed Oil and Oil Cake 
Manufactui'er, Faetoi-y 72,74, 
76, 78 and 82 Fulton street, 
and 70, 72, 74, 76, 78 and 80 
New Levee street. Cash paid 
for Cotton Seed. OflQee, cor- 
ner New Levee and Notre 
Dame, d. Julia c. Baronne 

Fisk Henry, c. p. 312 Poydras 

Fisk School, Franklin c. Perdido 

Fisk Stuart, 37 Carondelet, d. Esplanade 

c. Bourbon 
Fisk Warehouse, Levee n. First 
Fiss Jacob, drayman. Union n. Prosper 
F^isse Bazil Brien, carpent. 12 St. Anthony 
Fisse Jean, grocer, 154 and 156 Royal and 

307 Main 
Fisse M. 190 Main 
Fit Mike, laborer, 557 Fulton 
Fitch John B. contractor, 451 Chippewa 
Filch Joseph, cotton broker, 14 Union 
Fitch Thomas, laborer, 48 Frenchmen 
Filch William Henry, carpenter, Gravier, 

n. Galvez 
Fitchner August, carpenter, 329 Calliope 
File Michael, laborer, 63 Erato 
Fitte J. F. grocer, Orleans c. Burgundy 
Fitz Charles, laborer, 39 Spain 
Fitzberger Ed ward, collector, 329 .Calliope 
Fitzchailes Michael, laborer, 18 Poyfarre 
Fitzgerald A. Mrs., St. Peter c. Bourbon 
Fitzgerald A. J. pressman, 70 Camp 

Fitzgerald Cath. Mrs. 472 Dryades, d. 1 
Fitzgerald Cornelius, laborer, 336 (Orleans 
Fitzgerald Edward,laborer,211 St.Thomas 
Fitzgerald Garret, St. Louis n. Tonti 
Fitzgerald Henry, laborer, 416 Basin 
Fitzgerald James Mrs. 310 Ursulines 
Fitzgerald James M. Mrs. 509 Chartres 
Fitzgerald J. Mrs., Melpomene n. Dryades 
Fitzgerald J. M. screwman, 509 Chartres 
Fitzgerald Jeremiah, shoemkr. 11 Villere 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 20 Music 
Fitzgerald Matthew, laborer, 194 Calliope 
Fitzgerald Michael, engineer. Magnolia n. 

Fitzgerald Michael, bricklayer, 196 New 

Fitzgerald Morris, laborer, 48 Rousseau 
Fitzgerald Morris, laborer, 52 Palmyra 
Fitzgerald Morris, laborer, 100 Claiborne 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, 185 Laurel 
Fitzgerald Patrick, paver, 308 Magazine 
Fitzgerald Patrick, cabs, 340 Rampart 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, 62 Robertson 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, Clio n. Willow 
Fitzgerald Richard, clerk, 70 Camp 
Fitzgerald Richard, Josephine n. N. Levee 
Fitzgerald Thos.plasterer,3]6 Melpomene 
Fitzgerald Thos. clerk, 56 Poydras, d. 290 

St. Louis 
Fitzgerald Thos. paver, 118 Galvez 
Fitzgerald Thos. laborer, 64 Jackson 
Fitzgerald Thos. paver, 356 Common 
Fitzgerald Thos. laborer, 87 Frenchmen 
F'itzgerald T. laborer, 85 Marigny 
Fitzgerald Wm. A. clerk, 295 Barracks 
Fitzhenry James W. secretary Fireman's 

Charitable Association, Algiers 
Filzjohn VVm. screwman, 84 Poet 
Fitzmeyer John, shoemkr. Ill Marais,d.2 
Fitzmorris Martin, 414 Basin 
Fitzmorris Patrick, hostler, 267 Felicity 
Fitzner Mary, vegetables, 40 South mkt 
Fitzpatrick A., Erato n. Magnolia 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 493 Tchou- 

Fitzpatrick Catherine Mrs. 153 Howard 
Fitzpatrick C.Mrs.dressmkr.46 Constance 
Fitzpatrick Daniel, oysters, 327 N. Levee 
Fitzpatrick Dan. engineer, 135 Girod ' 
Fitzpatrick James Mrs. "Opelousas" c. h. 

151 Old Levee 
Fitzpatrick James, ship carp. 350 Thalia 
Fitzpatrick John, wareh'n, 90 Magazine 
Fitzpatrick Mat. lab. 361 Old Levee, d. 3 
Fitzpatrick M. drayman, 221 Calliope 
Fitzpatrick Peter, laborer, 44 Port 
Fitzpatrick P. drays, 442 Terpsichore 
Fitzpatrick Thomas J. tinner, 5 Front, d. 

1, d. Soraparu n. Fulton 
Fitzpatrick Thos. 22 Crescent row. Canal 
Fitzpatrick T. laborer, 16 Port 
Fitzsimmons A. laborer. Laurel n. Felicity 
Fitzsimmons Catherine Mrs. Orange n. 

Fitzsimmons Henry, b. h. Gallatin n. Ur- 









Hugh, plasterer,,467 Dryados 
.Tames, hiliorpr, 70 Race 
John, grocer, 240 Canal 
John, warehouseman, 12 

Martin, drayman, 442 Terp- 

Mary, grocery, 206 St. Ann 
Micii'l, drayman, 442 Terp- 

Michael, clerk, 60 Magazine 
Nich. real estate, 96 Common 
Pal., Liberty c. Ti'rpsichore 
Thos. drayman, 5)7 Delord 

FITZ WILLI AM T. Stationer, 
Printer, and Account Book 
Manufacturer, 76 Camp. 

Fivel Alexander, clerk, 85 Mandeville 
Fix Caroline Mrs., Bayou road n. Broad 
Fix Louis, tailor, 153 Tchoupitoulas 
Fix P. 701 St. (^laude 
Fix Theodore, paiiitrr. Barracks n. Tonti 
Fix Theodore, 159 Canal 
Flach John, labori'r, 222 Chippewa 
Flack Vernon, LSI St. Peter, d. 2 
Flackner A. vegrialiles, 1 PoydVas mkt 
Flacs L'd. slioemkr. Josepliine n. Liberty 
Flagg Henry Capt. 41 St. Philip 
Flahavaii John, lab. Conti n. Claiborne 
Flaherty Edward, laborer, 77 Delord 
Flaherty James, laborer, 442 Old Levee 
Flahefty James, lab. Conti n. Claiborne 
Flaherty John, laborer, 40H Old Levee 
Flaherty M. Mrs., Girod c. Tchoupitoulas 
Flaherty Patrick, wheelwright, 395 Julia 
F'lamand Joseph, cook, 144 St. Philiii 
Flamand J. Mrs. washins:, 144 St. Philip 
Flaming A. V. cigars, 215 Tchoupitoulas 
Flanagan Chas., D<lord n. Tchou]iitoulas 
Flanagan Edward, laliorer, 111 Poi't 
Flanagan F. Pat. engiiieir,150 Mandiville 
Flanagan James, carpenter, 7 Marais, d. 1 
Flanagan James, laborer, 114 Howard 
Flanagan James, warehouseman, 52 Com- 
Flanagan James C. trader,3] 7 Melpomene 
Flanagan John, cooper, 202 Basin 
Flanagan John, lab., c. Villere & Gasquet 
Flanagan John, clerk "Star Mills," d. 

Rampart n. Felicity 
Flanagan John, warehouseman, Howard 

n. Gravier 
Flanagan J. engineer, 95 Louisa 
Flanagan J. Rev., Erato c. f^amp 
Flanagan Lawrence, carp. 582 Constance 
Flanagan L. carp. Freret n. Melpoini'ue 
Flanagan Michael, laborer, 382 Magazine 
Flanaijan M. grocer, Franklin c. Terpsi- 
Flanagan M. H. crockery, etc. 38 Annun- 
Flanagan Patrick, engineer,215 Mandeville 
Flanajran Patrick, Clailiorne n. Palmyra 
Flni.isran Richard, Thalia n. Magazine 

Flanagan Thomas, engineer, Goodchildren 

n. Mandeville 
Flanagan Thos. K. speculator, 452 Basin 
FlanairanW. H. crockirv,3d Annunciation 
Flanders B. F. sec'y ( ipelousas R. R. 3 St. 

Peter, Ponlalba buildings 
Flanders W. C. Capt. 91 Indipendence 
FlandiTS William E. mechanical engineer, 

36 Camp 
Flanders & Larkin, foundry, Algiers 
Flandraiii Adam, oianos, 220 Royal 
Flandrain A. corsets, 287 Uoyal 
Flandry A. pianist, 176 Main 
Flanery John, lali. N. Li'vec c. Gaiennie 
Flanery Thos. labori-r, 48 St. Thomas 
Flanigan L. H. carpenter, 107 Tchoupitou- 
las, d. M'lpomene n. Freret 
Flanigan Pat. lab. St. James n. Chippi'wa 
Flanigan Timothy, lab. Lafayette n Freret 
Flannery Michael, lab. I'rieur n. Gravier 
Fhmnery Philip, lab. 765 Dauphine, d. 3 
Flannon John, laborer, 296 New L(>vee 
Flarer Raphael, drayman, Clio n. Howard 
Flarius Lebi-sque, clerk, 128 Canal 
Flarkat John Vl. A. mattressmaker, 247 

Flash Alexander, jr. western produce and 
com. mer. 48 Tchoupitoulas, d. 45 
Ramfiarl, d. 2 
Flash John, barkeeper, 222 Chippev/a 
Flaschmann Charles, cigar maker, 569 

Flrtspiller Hy.H. porter, 118 Independence 
Flasse FraiK^ois, blacksmith, 107 St. Ann 
Flatband F., Royal c. Frenchmen 
Flathers John, sugar broker, 90 Main 
Flattery M. Mrs. 322 St. Louis 
Flavin John, Rampart c. Enghien 
Flayer John, Bourbon n. Prosper 
Flcche Eug.n.', 30 Elysian Fields, d. 132 

Flechert J. M. A. mattressmkr.180 Villere 
Flechier C. O. 385 Old Levee, d. St. Ber- 
nard c. Tonti 
Flechsig Louis, cabinet maker, 85 Marais 
Fleckner Henry, bricklayer, Gretna 
Flecksy L. car|i(>nter, Anni'tte n. Solidelle 
Fleetwood W. H. clerk, 248 Terpsichore 
Flegenger Mary Mrs., Sixth n. Annunci- 
Fleisch George, carpenter, 427 Main 
Fhisch H. carpenter, 94 Dryades 
Fleisch Michel, Lafayette c. .Seventh, Grt 
Fleischart Jacob, bricklay. Sixth n. Chip- 
Fleischbein F. 470 Rampart, d. 3 
Fh'ischbiin Charles, apoih. 375 Bourbon 
Fhischman Meyer, wood, 211 Magazine 
F'leischman M(yer,dry gds. 366 Old Levee 
Fleisclnnan Mosis Mrs. 79 Spain 
Kleitas Bartholomew, 173 Marais, d. 2 
Fliiias F. \). chrk, 45 Carondelet 
Kleitiis J. M. 2;i3 Bayou road 
Fhiias William, clirk, 215 Marais 
Fleiler J<din, drayman, 28 Common i 

FhminffGeo, apothecary, 346 (.arondelet 
Fleming Geo. machinist, 51 Constance ' 




Fleminj^ John G. gas fitter, 391 Baronne 
I and 542 Magazine 

Fleming John, laborer, 576 Burgundy 
Fleming John, f. m. c. 40 Anmtte 
I Fleming John Mrs 71 Elysian Fields 
; Fleming P. carpenter, Carondelet n. Third 
j Fleming Robt. painter, 476 Dryades, d. 1 

Fleming Thomas, Gravier n. Adeline 
i Fleming Thomas, baker, 59 Annunciation 
j Fleming T. drayman. Felicity n. Franklin 
1 Fleming Wm. iVl. Mrs., Canal n. Marais 
! Flemmich Chas. apothecary, 412 Dryades 
Flemming C. Mrs., Erato n. Annunciation 
Flamming D. drayman, 167 Clio 
Flemming Frederick, cooper, 49 Port 
Flemming George, grocer, Algiers 
Flemming Jas. drayman, 209 St. Thon->as 
Flemming John, f.m.c. 116 Elysian Fields 
Flemming J. H. d. 256 Bourbon 
Flemming Lawrence, laborer, 41 St. Mary 
Flemming Louis, Adele n. Rousseau 
Flemming M.J. Mrs. Felicity n Carondelet 
Flemming Rd. cooper, 66 Robertson, d. 2 
Flemming Wm. bookseller, 582 Magazine 
Flemming Wm. A. rigger, 337 Front, d. 1 
Flenck Joseph, tailor, 39 Barracks 
Flentke Charles, porter Union Bank, d. 

27 Palmyra 
Flesch George, carpenter, 427 Main 
Flesch Miguel, shipwright, Gretna 
Flesch Theodore, ship carpenter, Gretna 
Fleschcr John, cartman, 122 Clouet 
Flesse John, Piety n. Morales 
Flesy Andre, grocery, 145 Frenchmen 
Fletcher Joseph, 199 Dauphine 
Fletcher Thomas, laborer, 37 Port 
Fletcher Wm. laborer, 37 North market 
Fletschinger D. grocer, 320 Baronne 
Flrtschinger M. 329 Baronne 
Fleuri Antonio, confectioner, d 65 Main 
Fleury A., St. Claude n. Barracks 
Fleury Ernst, tailor, St. Claude n. Barracks 
Fleury F. cooper, St. Peter n. Claiborne 
Fleury H. N., Lyon c. .lersey, Jeff. City 
Fleury Joseph, saddler, 295 St. Philip . 
Fleury J. & Co. ( L. Moulor,) tobacco- 
nists, Chartres c. Toulouse, d, 550 
Royal, d. 3 
Fleury Jos. commissary, d. Jeff. City 
Fleury L. saddler, 18 N. Levee, Jeff. City 
Fleury M. Mrs. f.w.c. Johnson h. Poydras 
Fleury & Rapp, (Jl. Fleury, jr. Engene 
Rapp,) tailors, 82 Royal, d. 228 Tremc 
Fleutg^ Charles, d. Palmyra n. Derbigny 
Flick Christian, lab. Rousseau n. Fourth 
Flick Jean, shoes, 318 Camp 
Flick John, warehou.seman, d. 7 St. James 
Flick Joseph, cartman, 975 Marigny 
Flick Margaret, 262 Orleans 
Flick N. carpenter, 384 Claiborne, d. 3 
Flicke Frederick, drayman, 56 Enghien 
Flicke Jacob F. shoemaker, 6 Palmyra 
Flicke Joseph, laborer, 163 Marigny 
Flicker M. carpenter, 403 Chartres, d. 3 
Flickingcr Conrad, 94 Palmyra 
Flicke Martin, sausages. Prosper near 

Fliege Charles, 220 Bienville 

Fliegel Adolphe, wheelwright, Goodchil-- 

dren n Cotton Press 
Fliescn C. agent German Society, 69 St. 

Louis, d. 13 Derljigiiy 
Flincher Charles, Union Bank, d. Palmyra 

n. Derbigny 
Flink Gottlieb, 108 St. Andrew 
Flinn Barthol. drayman, 61 St. James 
Flinn Bernard, drayman, 303 Melpomene 
Flinn George, fruit. Liberty c. Perdido 
Flinn Henry, drayman, 303 Melpomene 
Flinn Jolin, laborer, 53 Camp 
Flinn John, laborer, Jackson depot 
Flinn Wm. screwman, 126 Morales 
Flint Austin Dr. prof, school of medipine, 

173 Common, d. St. Charles Hotel 
Flint Austin jr. prof, school of medicine, 

173 Common, d. St. Charles Hotel 
Flint & Jones, ( C. Flint, James H. Jones,) 

furnitute dealers, 36 and 38 Royal 
Flint C. (Flint &c Jones,) 36 and 38 Royal 
Flint James, secretary La, Tehuantepec 

Company, 29 Carondelet, d. History 

n. Rampart 
Flinton George Capt. 90 Piety 
P'lippen Madison, operator, 51 St. Charles 
Floegel A. wheelwright, 689 St. Claude 
Floehr George, tailor, 190 Rampart 
Flohr Henry, tailor, Morales n. Clouet 
Flood Christian, Bertrand n. Poydras 
Flood Dan. drayman, Prieur n. Perdido 
Flood Edw. carpenter, Rousseau n. Philip 
Flood Edw. cooper, 19 Religious 
Flood Martin, blacksm. Willow n. Thalia 
Flood Thos. driver, 144 Calliope 
Flood Wm. (McWhannSf Flood,) 92 Gra- 
Flood William, laborer, 550 Rampart, d.3 
Flor Joseph, auctioneer, Cadiz n. Laurel, 

Jefferson City 
Florance Benj. 114 Camp, d. 213 Camp 
Florance Charles, machinist, 104 Tchou- 

Florance Henry, merchant, 21 Commercia 

place, d. 171 Common 
Florance James, commission merchant. 

Royal, d. 258 St. Ann 
Florance Lewis, auctioneer and com. mer. 

21 Commercial place, d. 171 Common 
Florance Lewis, jr. 213 Camp 
Florance Wm. E. Religious n. Richard 
Florance Wm. E. jr. elk. 76 Canal, d. 76 

Florance Michael, milkman, 511 Levee 
Florat J. A. druggist, 12 New Basin, d. 

293 Rampart, d. 1 
Florenz J. drayman, Tonti n. Orleans 
Flores F. tailor, 429 Baronne, d. 1 
Flores John Capt. 155 Claiborne, d. 2 
Flores Joseph, oysters, 146 Burgundy 
Flores Richmond, 66 Goodchildren 
Florick Wm. fruit, 65 St. Philip 
Floris John, laborer, Lafayette n. Freret 
Flory Marius, shoemaker, 95 Burgundy 
Flotte Alfred, sugar broker, 49 Custom- 
house, d. 57 Kerlerec 




FLOTO & MAEMET, (William 
Floto, Florence Marmet, 
Chas. Marmet,) Commission 
and Forwarding Merchants 
and Dealers in Western Pro- 
duce, 32 Poydras Street. All 
Consignments will receive 
prompt personal attention. 
N. B. Dealers in Eggs and 
Butter will find it to their ad- 
vantage to call, as we are daily 
receiving shipments from the 

Flotte D. lOfi Korlorec 

Flotlc Honore, r.lcrk, 116 Royal 

Flotte J. B. hiirdwarc, 115 Old Levee, d. 

336 Dan|>hiiie,d.3 
FIous Louis, kiiifo grinder, 195 Poydras 
Flower James, laboier, 216 Canal 
Flower Richard, ( Pntchard Sf Flower,) d. 

second c. Carondelel 
Flower Samuel, atty. at law. Camp c. Nat- 
Flowers M. tailor, 168 Ramnart, d. 1 
Flowers Wm. engineer, Foymas n. Bolivar 
Floyd Henry, f. m. c. 73 Franklin, d. "2 
Floyd James L. carpenter, 279 Magazine 
Flutchman P. Mrs. 498 Constance 
Fluckeneyer Andrew, shoemaker, 310 Old 

Levee, d. 2 
Fkiegel A. wheelwright, 275 Goodchildren 
Finer Wm. undertaker, 181 Tchoupitoulas 
Fluke Henry, d. Mnrigny n. Greatmeri 
Flury D. J. c. h. Nrw Levee c. Napoleon 

avenue, JefVi-rson City 
Flury Francis, laborer, 304 Camp 
Flury Joseph, cigars Jena n. Laurel, Jeff. 

Fly Wm. D. ( BuJTum Sf Co.) 60 Caron- 

Flyhnise Philip, corn meal, 13 Constance 
Flynn Anth'y, mattress nikr, 106 Bienville 
Fly nil Bryan, grocer, 108 Foucher 
Flynn Eliza, 88 St. Joseph 
Flynn F. Mrs. 334 St. Peter 
Flynn Hannah, dressmak. 1 Ranipart,d. 2 
Flynn Hugh, mate, 131 Rampart, d. 2 
Flynn Humphrey, drayman, 281 St. Louis 
Flynn James, lahon'r, 47 St. Andrew 
Flynn James, laliorer, 185 Johnson, d. 2 
Flynn James, laborer, 492 Old Levee, d.3 
Flynn James, grocer; 286 Magazine, d. 31 

Flynn .lames D. bookkeeper, 83 Gravier 
Flynn John, drayman, 495 Rampart 
Flynn John, warehouseman, 55 Camji 
Flynn John, drayman, 196 Liberty 
Flynn Mary Mrs, 114 St. Th-nias 
Flynn Matthew, Foucher n. St. Josepli 
Flynn Mall, drayman. Second n. Laurel 
Flynn Michael, laborer, 10] St. Ann 
Flynn Michael, laborer, 105 Claiborne 
Flynn*Morris, Euterpe n. Carondelel 
Flynn MorHs, laborer, 15 Rou.sseau 

Flynn Patrick, Magazine n. St. Mary 
Flynn Patrick, lumber, Jefferson City 
Flynn Patrick, mattress mkr. 101 and 103 

Flynn Patrick, mate, 408 Robertson 
Flynn P. H. painter, Saraparu n. Annun- 
Flynn Robert, 80 St. Mary 
Flynn Thomas, painter, 374 Basin 
Flynn Thomas, c. h. Lafayette n. Fulton 
Flynn Thns. mattress mkr. 103 Bienville 
Flynn Timothy, bird cage maker, 100 

Union, d. 3 
Fobes R. laborer, 113 Royal 
Foch J. B. knife grinder, 122 St. Phillip 
Fochri Bernhardt, carpenter, 340 Conti 
Fockler A. tailor. Union n. Solidelle 
Fockner James Mrs. 105 Claiborne 
Foegel Geo. porter, St. Mary c. Laurel 
Foelker Peter, gardener, Bartholomew c. 

Focner Lancaster, Gretna 
Foerenbach A. shoemaker, 39 Greatmen 
Foerster George, printer, 102 Poydras 
Fogarty John, laborer, Carrollton 
Fogel Geo. engineer. Calliope n. Tchou- 

Fnger John, 64 Robertson, d. 2 
Fogerty John, contractor, 3 Enghien 
Fogerty Lawrence, 182 Clio 
Fogerty William, laborer, 298 Liberty 
Fogle E. Mrs. b. h. 34 Tchoupitoulas 
Fogo & Taylor ( iniliamFogo, CM. Tay- 
lor,) com. mers. 89 Gravier 
Fogo William (Fogo S,- Taylor,) d. 73 

Fogus H. Carondelet n. Philip 
Fohr Jacob, laborer, 8 Montegut 
Fohri Ignatz, shoemaker, 170 St. Philip 
Foin Eugene, printer, d. 139 Conti 
Foiret Dominique, butcher, 41 North mkt 
Folan Joseph, Urquhart n. St. Birnard 
Foley Andrew, clerk, 301 Carondelet 
Foley Andrew, grocer, Constance c. Mel- 
Foley, Avery & Co. (P. H. Foley, Wm. 
JI. ,.'lvery, Wm. B. Conger, Ilonson 
Kelly,) com. mers. 34 Perdido, Fac- 
tor's row 
Foley Barney, laborer, 77 Delord 
Foley Bridget Mrs., Alex n. Chestnut, Alg. 
Foley Charles, laborer, 45 Race 
Foley Cornelius, Ursulines n. Dauphine 
Foley Delia Mrs., Melpomene n. Pacanier 
Foley F. Carondelet n. Jackson 
Foley Geo. veterinary surgeon, 76 Thalia 
Foley James, Dryades n. Julia 
Foley James, c. h. Front n. Girod 
Foley James, lali. Alex n. Chester, Alg. 
Foley James, 595 Burgundy, d. 3 
Foley John, clerk, Perdido n. Johnson 
Foley John, drayman, 299 Dryades 
Foley John, laborer, 180 St. John Baptist 
Foley J. S. teacher, 294 Liberty 
Foley J. S. 26 Bank place, d. Union c. 

Foley Louis, book keeper, 36 Prieur 




Foley Michael, laborer, 216 Girod 

Foley Pat. drayman, Foucher n. Calliope 

Foley Mary Mrs. 11 Basin, d. 2 

Foley P. H. (Foley, ^very Sf Co.) d. 44 

Foley Thomas, c. p. Port n. Royal 
Foley Timothy, drayman, Foucher n.Julia 
Foley Victorine Mrs. 387 Baronne 
Foley "Wm. carpenter, 321 Baronne 
Foley W. D. 26 Bank place 
Foley Z. (Porter, Thomas Sf Foley,) 25 

Folger Chas. W. (J^T. C. Folger &f Son,) 
27 and 29 Magazine, d. Carondelet n. 
Folger Frederick, laborer, Milan n. Mag- 
azine, Jefferson City 
Folger F. G. clerk, 27 and 29 Magazine 
Folger Josiah, secretary Firemen's Char- 
itable Associa. d. Josephine c. Fulton 

FOLGER & CO. (Lafayette Fol- 
ger, Wm. H. Thomas,) Hard- 
ware, Iron, Ship Chandlery, 
etc., New Levee cor. Tchou- 
pitoulas street, between Gra- 
vier and Poydras. Agents for 
Cumberland, Tennessee, Iron 
Works and Isaac Straub's 
Queen of the South Corn and 
Wheat Mills. 

FOLGER N. C. & SON (C. W. 
Folger,) Wholesale and Retail 
Dealers in Fashionable Cloth- 
ing and Plantation Goods, of 
every description, Nos. 27 & 
29 Magazine street, corner of 
Gravier, d. 257 Carondelet. 

Folger Lafoyette (Folger Sf Co.) d. 391 

Rampart, d. 1 
Folger N. C. jr., acct. 27 and 29 Magazine 
Folger P. P. gardener, 75 Bartholomew 
Folger Wm. H. Capt., port warden, 31 
Commercial place, d. 347 Rampart, d.l 
Folk Jos. blacksmith, 771 Dauphine, d. 3 
Folk Joseph, boatman, Spain n. Morales 
Folk Mathias Carl, laborer, 53 Louisa 
Folks iVJara, drayman, 278 Ursulines 
FoUbrecht August, cabinet mkr. 27 John- 
son, d. 2 
Follendorf George, laborer, 321 Erato 
Follenfant August, carpenter, 61 Bourbon 
Follett, Vallette & Girard (John F. Follet, 
Octave Vallette, J. W. Girard,) Gulf 
Dry Dock, Algiers 
Folliet Louis, carpenter, 55 Franklin, d. 2 
F'ollin John, laborer, 264 St. Louis 
Follin Joseph, carp. Basin n. St. Louis 
Follin Thomas, drayman, 68 St. Thomas 
Folsom G. (Kittredge Sf Folsom,) 55 St. 

Charles, d. Fourth n. Constance 
Foltmer Jacob, lumber dresser, 375 Basin 

Poltner Jacob, planer at Jackson depot 
Foltz Adam, lab. Cotton Press n. Morales 
Foltz Anton, 434 St. Philip 
Foltz Bernard, laborer, 134 Mandeville 
Foltz Conrad, lab. St. Andrew n. Franklin 
Foltz Leonard, tailor, 232 Rocheblave 
Foltz Mich. lab. Hospital c. Rocheblave 
Foltz Michael, Josephine n. St. Thomas 
Foltz Paul, Josephine n. Chippewa 
Folwell J. N. Dr. inspector of drugs, Cus- 
tomhouse, d. 221 Carondelet 
Folz M. butcher, 17 and 18 Magazine mkt 
Fon Berrer Ferdinand, cartman. Congress 

n. Burgundy 
Fonbene E. staves, New Levee c. First, d. 

142 St. Philip 
Fonblanche Emile, variety store, 69 St. Ann 
Fondal Joseph Mrs. 425 Rampart, d. 3 
Fondal Louis, f. ni. c. St. John's route 
Fondal Seymour, bricklayer, 293 Roman 
Fondard J. F. M. tailor, d. 251 Royal 
Fondard M. E. Mrs. laundress, 251 Royal 
Fondenberger .Jacob, cupper, 31 Chippewa 
Fonnis A. 23 St. Anthony 
Fonoret Pierre, f. m c. 491 Baronne 
Fonrouge Paul, Constance n. Sixth 
Fonseggan Anna Mrs., Alex, Algiers 
Fonsica Lucian, c. p. 173 Enghien 
Font Josephine, Mrs. 435 St. Charles 
Font S. J. grocer, Basin c. Julia 
Fontaine Francois, 69 Toulouse 
Fontaine J. E. compiler, 121 St. Peter 
Fontan James, clerk, 104 Old Levee 
Fontan John, laltorer, 25 Bartholomew 
Fonteneaux L. Mrs. 331 Burgundy 
Fontennette L. C. inspector customs, d. 

197 Marais, d. 2 

Fontin Francis, laborer, 144 Toulouse 
Fontin J. gardener, Bartholomew n. Royal 
Fontinette J. A. Mrs. 16 St. Bernard 
Fonvergne Arnold, 38 Marais, d. 2 
Foote David Capt., Peter, Algiers 
Forbes David B. book keeper Bank of New 

Orleans, d. 488 Magazine 
Forbes D. R., Religious c. Orange 
Forbes Gifford, acct. 77 Tchoupitoulas, d. 

198 Annunciation 

Forbes Henry, clerk. Orange c. Magazine 
Forbes James, 137 Elysian Fields 
Forbes John, cott. weigher, 49 Union, d. 

97 Constance 
Forbes L. L. carver, Gravier n. Clara 
Forbes Richard, laborer, 325 Marais, d. 3 
Forbes Richard, laborer. Port n. Morales 
Forbes Thos. capt. steamship Tennessee 
Forcade Jean, singing birds, 159 Chartres 
Forcelle D. atty. at law, 36 Exchange 

place, d. 442 Chartres, d. 3 
Forcheimer E. 338 Magazine 
Forcheimer F. 476 St. Charles 
Forcheimer Isaac (J. L. Bach, Forcheimer 

Sf Co.) 11 Chartres 
Forcheimer & Meyer fS. Forcheimer, Lovis 

Meyer,) manf. tobacco and cigars, 55 

Forcheimer S. (Forcheimer Sf Meyer,) d. 

668 Magazine 




Ford riiarlps, pilot, 483 Raronne 
Ford Ed. shoiMiikr. >235i.j Rainparl, d. 1 
Ford .loliii, Inl). Pacific c Anemic, Algiers 
Ford John, lab. 377 Old Levee, d. 3 
Ford .Tolm, drayi>»an, 3o7 Latayelte 
Ford Nicholas, First c. Liberty 
Ford Pairick, blacksmith, 331 Poydras 
Ford Pctrr, mattress mkr. 33 Honrlion 
Ford diehard, drayman, Clio n. Willow 
Ford Richard, laborer, Jackson depot 
Ford Thomas, drayman, 121 Lafayette 
Ford Tlios. engineer, 367 Bourbon, d. 3 
Ford Tliomas, carpenter, Algiers 
Ford Thomas, iron founder, 122 Annun- 
Ford Timothy, laborer, 182 Customhouse 
P''ord William, grocer, 6 Girod 
Ford William. 5fi Annunciation 
Ford William, grocer, 13G New Levee 
Foreacri' G. J. master of repairs, N. 0. J. 

R. R. 
Forein Ann, Alex, Algiers 
Forest Ernst, clerk, 235 St. Claude, d. 2 
Forest E. Mrs. dressmaker,2.35 Si. Claude 
Forest John, brakemaii O.R.R. Algiers 
Foresiii>r Fdward, carp. 24 St. Joseph 
Forestier Joseph T., Girod n. Liberty 
Forestier J. F. 178 Dryades 
Foresti(>r J. T. painter, 174 Carondelet 
Forestier L. clerk, Dauphine c. Main 
Forestier P. W. Mrs., Dauphine c. Main 
Forestier Robert, plumber, 289 Clio 
Forestier U. 159 Gravier, d. Dauphine c. 

Foret T. boarding, 22 Toulouse 
Forey G. C. builder. Chestnut n. Alex, 

ForgarTy Lawrence, laborer, 182 Clio 
Forgay J. M. paving contractor, 151 Julia 
Forget Philip, d. 254 Chartres 
Forget P. restaurant, 27 St. Philip 
Forkroller John, music, 111 Elysian Fields 
Forman Leonard, drayman, 361 Thalia 
Forman Marks, Toledano n. Chippewa 
Forniel Lunis, tailor, 241 Bourbon 
Formel P. D. Dr. 17 Rourbon 
Formento Dr., Bienville n. Burgundy 
Formento Eliza, 167 Main 
Fornait B. butcher, 414 Rampart 
Fornarelti' Joseph, f. m. c. 311 Raronne 
Fornarette P. Mrs. f. w. c. Euterpe n. 

Fornans Antonio, Bienville c. Exchange 

Fornaris Jose, "The Duty"c. h. Bienville 
Fornaris Henry, Bienville c. Exchange 

Fornau John, hats and clothing, Algiers 
Fornazai Pierre, l^innine n. St. Andrew 
Forneret Lena, f. w. c. 87 Josephine 
Fornier Mertel, f. m. c. 185 Morales 
Fornis Antonio, 263 Burgundy 
Forno Chah s, Franklin n. St. Andrew 
Forno Henry, ab. Amite ('iiy near J. R. R. 
Fornorel Lewis, f. m. c. gardener, 79 Broad 
Forrer E. 61 Basin, d. 2 
F\)rrer F. blacksmilii. Calliope n. Camp 

Forrer J. painter, 367 Basin 
Forrest Andri'w, macliinist, 275 Gravier 
Forrest David, laborer, 361 Old Levee 
Forrest Edmund, clerk, 279 Dauphine 
Forrest Ernest, painter, 223 Robertson 
P^orrest Josi ph, machinist, 260 Magazine 
Forrest Lon^tte Mrs. 113 Calliope 
Forrest S. Clerk, d. 1(1 Annette 
Forrester R. laborer, 54 Thalia 
Forrester Edward, b. h. 26 Si. Joseph 
Forrester Robert, plumber 291 Clio 
Forrester Wm. ( R. J. fVade &c Co.) ship- 
ping office, Marigny building, Levee, 
d. 3, d. 449 Chartres 
Forescheer G. A. 185 Levee, d. 3 


Forshag, J. Harper,) Carriage 
M akers and Repairers, 80 and 
86 Marais street, between 
Conti and St. Louis streets. 
Jobbing in the above line done 
in the neatest and best man- 
Manufacture et Reparation de 
Voitures. Tous les ouvrages 
seront executes dans le meil- 
leur gout et d'apres les modes 
les plus nouvelles. 

Forshee John, l)utcher, 121 Poydras mkt. 

d. 333 Terpsichore 
Forshee John, clerk, 73 Canal 
Forshee Peter, butcher, 3 St. Mary's mkt. 

d. Washington c. Fulton 
Forshee William, clerk, 45 Camp 
Forshey C. G. civil engineer, Carrollton 
Forshey William, Algiers 
Forstali Anatole, 308 Rampart 
Forstall Arthur ( W. 11. Jlaynes &f Co.) 

143 St. Louis 
Forstall Charles E. auctioneer, 90 Ex. 

l)lace, d. 299 Marais, d. 2 
Forslall Edward, carj^enter, 9 St. Joseph 
Forstall Edmund J. commission merchant, 

St. Charles n. Canal 
Forstall Ernest L. ( Wheeler Sc Forstall,) 

185Tchoupitoulas, d. 268 Royal 
Forstall Eugene, com. mer.22 St. Charles, 

d.268 Royal 
Forstall Gustave, f. m. c. 313 Dauphine 
Forstall H. J. com. mer. 22 St. Charles 
Forstall Josejih, 34 Union, d. 3 
Forstall J. Felix, 49 Ursulines 
Forstall Louise, f. w. c. 376 Burgundy, d.3 
Forstall L. f. m. c. Clouet c. Grealmen 
Forstall L. E. ( Pearhier S,- Forstall) Com- 
nion.c. Carondelet, d. St. Peter n. Royal 
Forstall Octave, 308 Rampart 
Forslall Oscar J. accountant,22 St.Charles, 

d. 122 St. Louis 
Forstall Paul, clerk, 40 Union, d. 1, d. 572 

Royal, d.3 
Forstall Placide, president Star Insurance | 

Co. 22 St. Charles; d . 264 Rani])art ,d .2 




Forstall P. cntton factor, Carondelet, d. 

283 Chartres 
Forstall P. E. clerk, Basin c. Canal 
Forstall Thomas J. acct. 131 Moreau 
Forstall Vincent, f. m. c. Piety n. Morales 
Forstall William, 572 Royal, d. 3 
Forster C. T. (Mtrburg &r Foster,) 20 

Forster J. T. painter, 166 Erato 
Fostner H. fishmonsjer, 69 St. Mary's mkt. 
Forsyth Capt. 707 Dauphine 
Forsyth James, Baronne c. Felicity 
Fort Pierre, shoes and hats, Old Levee n. 

St. Ann 
Fortado Antoine, laborer, d. 100 Poet 
Forte Francis, carpenter, 68 F.irst 
Forte Frederick, clerk, 482 Magazine 
Forteene Elias, stevedore, 291 Rampart 
Forteisch G. F. tailor, 57 Claiborne, d. 2 
Fortendal .Toseph, shoemaker, 368 St. Ann 
Fortestier Louisa, f.w.c. Annette n. Prosper 
Fortier Ade, clerk, 319 Bayou road 
Fortier Amilcar, cashier Bank of America, 
St. Peter c. Old Levee ,d. 304 Dauphine 
Fortier Alfred, carp. Spain n. Rampart 
Fortier Anslem, printer, 344 Customhouse 
Fortier Antoine, Villere n. Spain 
Fortier Arthur, sixth justice of the peace, 

Algiers, op. city of New Orleans 
Fortier Aug. bone factory, Gentilly road 
Fortier A. Mrs. 250 Johnson, d. 2 
P'ortier Charles, 109 Elysian Fields 
Fortier Charles E. city notary, 40 Camp, 

d. 109 Elysian Fields 
Fortier C. Mrs., Bayou road n. Claiborne 
Fortier C. Mrs. 254'Dauphine 
Fortier C. E., St. Ann n. Dorgenois 
Fortier Drausin, Mrs. 215 Main 
Fortier E. f. m. c. 47 Prytania 
Fortier E. Mrs. 198 Marais, d. 2 
Fortier Florent, planter. Rampart c. Main 
Fortier Francis, (Fortier Sf Guillotte,) 51 

• Exchange place 
Fortier Fred. L. book keeper, 106 Euterpe 
Fortier F. N. Dr. 322 Johnson 
Fortier & Guillotte, ( Francis Fortier, L.Ji. 

Guillotte,) collectors, 51 Ex. place 
Fortier G. slices, Dauphine c. Bienville, 

d. 223 xMain 
Fortier Henry, carp. St. John's Gt. route 
Fortier Henry, clerk, 106 Euterpe 
Fortier Honorat F. M. elk. 106 Euterpe 
Fortier Hubert, 319 St. Peter 
Fortier Hypolite, cattle driver. Live Oak 

n. Lyon, Jefferson City 
Fortier Hypolite, f. m. c. 49 Prytania 
Fortier Hypolite, state and parish tax col- 
lector, Algiers 
Fortier Jean, f. m. c. St. John's route 
Fortier Joseph, St. Ann n. Prieur 
Fortier Louis Dr. 331 Royal 
Fortier Napoleon, 16 Plauche 
Fortier Omer, 256 Bourbon 
Fortier Oscar, carpenter, 112 Annunciation 
Fortier Pat. Willow Grove, ab. Jeff. City 
Fortier P. Mrs. variety store, 40 Main 
Fortier Rosella, 197 Burgundy 

Fortier Valcour, 138 Main 

Fortin C. Mrs. 349 Marais, d. 3 

Fortin Edwin Mrs. Coliseum n. Third 

Fortin Emile, 349 Marais, d. 3 

Fortin Jean, f. m. c. St. John's route 

Fortin Louis, 269 Royal 

Fortman A. grocer, Chartres c. Mandeville 

Fortner John, Cypress n. Willow 

Forton J. Capt. 216 Dauphine 

Fortounati P. 143 St. Ann 

Fortune D. 224 Bienville 

Fortune' Rodolph, tinsmith, 145 Ursuliiies 

Fortvendel Jos. shoemaker, 370 St. Ann 

Forwood & Gribble, ( H. S. Forwood, Wm. 

Gribble,) grocers, 108 Camp 
Forwood H. S, ( Forwood &c Gribble,) d. 60 

Fos John, butcher, 216 Melpomene 
Fos Louis, milk, Bartholomew n. Morales 
Fosdic Mortimer, steward, 145 St. Philip 
Fosdic Philip, Bourbon n. Prosi)er 
Fosdick Geo. A. <^ Co. (E. J. Springbett,) 

shipping agents, 43 Natchez, d. 202 

St. Louis 
Foss John Mrs. 116 Toulouse 
Foss Louis, cabinet maker, 90 Dauphine 
Foss Wm. upholsterer, 124 Canal, d. 323 

Fosselman Frank, Seventh n. Annuncia'n 
Fosset H. c. p. 453 Basin 
Fosshak P. blksniith, Marais n. St Louis 
Fossier Emile, feed, 24 and 25 Front 

Levee, d. 2 
Fossier Theodule, acct. 60 Customhouse 
Fosteo A. carpenter. Shell road, C. Martin 
Foster A. H. 79 Magazine 
Foster Domingo, lab. 428 Old Levee, d. 3 
Foster D. carpenter, 79 Dauphine 
Foster F. cooper, 557 Dauphine, d. 3 
Foster George ( Hob art 4" Foster,) 102 

Gravier, d. Canal c. Burgundy 
Foster George, oyster saloon, 24 Poydras 
Foster George, laborer, 171 Royal 
Foster Gideon, jr. (Garden &c Foster,) 10 

Poydras, d. Poydras c. Franklin 
Foster Jacob, furniture car, Euphrosine n. 

Foster James, laborer, 51 Villere, d. 1 
Foster John Dr., Charity Hospital 
Foster John D., Johnson n. Villere 
Foster Joseph R. tailor, 10 Urquhart 
Foster J. M. acct. Melpomene n. Magazine 
Foster L. M. trader, 157 Common, d. 

Seventh c. St. John 
Foster Mary Mrs. nurse, 171 Thalia 
Foster Mary, fur. rooms, 69 Union, d. 1 
Foster Peter H. 43 Felicity 
Foster Philip, seaman, 347 Burgundy, d. 3 

pot, 'Nos. 76 and 78 Baronne. 
Slaves bought and sold on 
commission. Orders from 
Commission Merchants re- 
spectfully solicited; d. Lon- 
don avenue, d. 3. 


Foster Reynolds, shoemaker, 10 Urquhart 
Foster Thelesphore, 10 Urquliart 
Foster Vincent, f.!ii.c.lal). Piety u. Morales 
Foster W. H. (Race Sr Foster,) Crescent 
Insurance buildings, 5 Commercial 
. place, d.Wasliingloii c Carondelet,d.4 
Foster W. T. d. Clion. Liberty 
Foster William, engineer, 272 (Jravier 
Fosterman August, St. Dennis n. Bor- 
deaux, .lelFerson City 
Foiiart Dominique, butcher, 20 St. Mary's 

Fouche Edmund, broker, d. 84 Orleans 
Fouclie Joseph, 284 Frenchmen • 
Fouche Louis N. bricklayer, 139 Spain 
Fouche L. d. Annunciation n. Thalia 
Fouche Nathaniel, d. 100 Spain 
Fouche Pascal, d. Port n. M(uale» 
Foucher Azele, d. 109 Annuiicialion 
Foucher B. shoemaker, 302 Dauphine 
Foucher D. f. m. c. builder, d. 92 Annette 
Foucher Fillisse, f. w. c. d. 129 Spain 
Foucher F. furnished- rooms, 7G Toulouse 
Foucher Joseph, builder, 109 Annunciation 
Foucher Joseph, d. (>5 Mandeville 
Foucher L. widow, Aiuumciation ti. Erato 
Foucher L. A. clerk, Franklin c. Canal 
Foucher Josephine Mrs. 387 Burgundy,d.3 
Foucher S. J. Madam, d. 4.32 Main 
F4)uchy Peter, d. Johnson n. Ursulines,d.2 
Foudrez A. variety store, 163 Rous.seau 
Fougut Francis, blacksmith, JelVerson City 
Fougi'rat Augiiste, d. 43 Annette 
Fouiii F. nightman, 327 Hos])ital 
Foulhouzc James, Judge Parish of Pla- 

quemine, d. 75 Conti • 
Foulhouze Joseph, atty. at law, 92 Conti 
Foulin Eugene, accountant, 45 Chartres 
Foulon Charles V. notary public, 168 St. 

Louis, d. 70 Rampart, d. 2 
Foulon Claude, shoemaker, 428 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
FouliHi Fugene, clerk, 45 Chartres, d. 168 

Rampart, d. 2 
Fountain B. cooper, d. 220 St. Charles 
Fouquet Alexander, d. 13 Annette 
Fouquei Alexander, butcher, d. 90 St. Ann 
Fouquet E. gunsmitli, etc. 124 Bienville 
l-'ouquet J. B. baker, Gretna 
Foiircade Josejih, clerk. Royal c. Bien- 
ville, d. 89 Toulouse 
Fourcal Antoine, baker, 293 Bienville 
Fourchy A. Mrs. d. 233 Galvez 
Fourchy Paul, d. 242 Johnson, d. 2 
Fourchy Paul, d. 104 Canal 
Fourcis V. Mrs. d 346 St. Claude, d. 3 
Fourman N. drayman, JeffiTson City 
Fourmier St. Cyr.walchmaker,92 St. Peter 
Fourmier Charles, accountant, 21 Chartres 
Fourmigue Jean, butcher, 43 French mkt. 
Fourmoux Emile, tailor, 190 Burgundy 
Fournet Baptiste, butch. 15 Dryades mkt. 
Fournerel Pierre, d. Baronne n. St. Andrew 
Fourneite Sherry, cook, 49 Kerlerec 
Fournier A. Mrs. d. 59 Rampart, d. 2 
Fournier A. Mrs. d. 409 Kam(>art, d. 3 
Fournier A. artificial flowers, 56 Bourbon 

177 FOW 

Fournier, C. F. tailor, 68 Franklin, d. 2 
Fournier E. accountant, 23 Chartres 
Fournier John, watchnudver, 169 Rampart 
Fournier J. carpenter, 251 St. Philip 
Fournier J. B. batcher, d. 83 Rampart 
Fournier Leonard, d. 53 Rampart 
Fournier Leopold, clerk, 319 Marais, d. 3 
Fournier Mertel, f. m. c. cigars, St. An- 
thony n. St. John Baptist 
Fournier Stani.slaus,watchmaker,50 Royal 
Fourot Eliza Mrs. dressmaker,99 Bienville 
Fourot F. Mrs. d. 176 Barracks 
Fourst Elizabeth Mrs. d". 291 Elys. Fields 
Fourth Presbyterian Church, Franklin n. 

Foute M. A. attorney at law, 40 Camp, 

d. 113 Chippewa 
Foutcau John B. shoemaker, 371 St. Peter 
Fowler Charles, laborer, d. 586 Burj^undy 

Boiler Manufacturei', Low 
Pressure Locomotives, Plued 
and Cylinder Boilers, Clari-, 
fiers, Filter and Juice Boxes, 
made at the shortest notice. 
Will make contracts for Boil- 
ers, and all necessary con- 
nections, such as Fn'C Fronts, 
Grate Bars, Steam and Stand 
Pipes, Valves, etc.. Chimneys 
and Breechen— all of which 
will be furnished at the low- 
est foundry prices. All work 
done at this establishment 
will be guaranteed equal, in 
point of workmanship and 
material, to any in the city or 
elsewhere. Planters and Mer- 
chants are respectfully invit- 
ed to call and examine the 
work and prices, at 142, 144, 
146 and 148 Baronne, and 143 
and 145 Lafayette, d. 631 St. 
Charles c. Third, d. 4 

Fowler Francis, d. 39 Piety 

Fowler Fred. II. salesman, 98 Canal, d. 

16 Dauphine 
Fowler G. W., McDonogh 
Fowler James, Algiers 
Fowler Jesse, f. m. c. steward, 258 Conti 
Fowler John, wheelwright, 138 Religious 
Fowler John, f. m. c. lab. d 106 Barracks 
Fowler John P. (C. Yale jr. &( Co:) 27 

Magazine, d. Race c. Magazine 
Fowler John R. Mrs. d. 114 Desire 
Fowler Matthew W. d, 631 St. Charles 
Fowler Richard Capt. d. 199 Euterpe 
Fowler Stephen K.(McStea, Value S{ Co.) 

78 Canal, d, 16 Dauphine 
Fowler S, L. accountant, 46 St. Charles 

Fowler S. S. Mrs. d. 267 Canal 

Fox Adam, laborer, 322 Fulton, d, 4 

Fox Andrew Dr. apothecary, Algiers 

Fox B. F. d. 156 Bienville 

Fox Bernard, laborer, d. 86 Delord 

Fox Charles,wareliouseman,d. 248 Laurel 

Fox Christopher, laborer, d. Euterpe n. 

Fox Christopher, laborer, 173 Terpsichore 
Fox H. Mrs. grocery, Clio c. Clara 
Fox Jacob,d.Goodchiidrenc. Bartholomew 
Fox John, bricklayer, d. 315 Roman, d. 3 
Fox John, grocer, Julia c. Baronne 
Fox John, (James Connoly &c Co.) 44 

Poydras, d. 255 Common 
Fox John H. clerk, 130 Canal, d. 218 Julia 
Fox J. M. tailor. Cypress n. Roman 
Fox J. N. clerk, 128 Canal 
Fox Pat. paver, d. Edward n. Constance 
Fox Peter C. attorney at law, 19 Com- 
mercial place 
Fox Peter, laborer, Josephine n. Levee 
Fox S. M. engineer. Felicity n. Franklin 
Fox William, d. 185 Goodchildren 
Fox William, paver, d. Ill Spain 
Foxwell Catharine, d. 362 Royal, d. 3 

FOY FLORVILLE, Sculptor & 
Marble Cutter, 83, late 81, 
Rampart, d. 1. 

Foy James, lab. d. Cypress c. Willow 
Foy Margaret Mrs. d. 334 Rampart, d. 3 
Foy Octave, f. m. c. carpt. 158 Galvez 
Foygnet F. A.dep. clerk. Supreme Court, 

d. 311 St. Ann 
Fraas Conrad, baker, Josephine c. Chip- 
Fraas Valentine, d. Sixth n. Annunciation 
Fraders John, screwman. d. 25 Religious 
Frain Wm. drayman, d. Julia c. Magazine 
Fraiche J. butcher, 14 Magazine mkl 
Fraise Joseph, plasterer, d. Solidelle n. 

Fraise Joseph, bricklayer, d. Solidelle n. 

Fraissinet Eugenia, d. 99 Elysian Fields 
Fraley Daniel, stonemason, d. 481 Tchou- 

Fraley John, clerk, Camp c. Julia 
Frame Charles, d. 176 Tchoupitoulas 
Frampton Chas. screwman, d. 621 Char- 

tres, d. 3 
Franc Eusebius, d. Water n. Jackson 
Franc Jerry, drayman, d. 137 Religious 
France Firman, 15 Old Levee 
Francheau J. carpenter, d.l70 St. Ferdinand 
Francingues Franco, dyer and scourer, 

254 Chartres 
Francis Auguste, d. 31 Basin, d. 3 
Francis Mrs. midwife, d. 81 Port 
Francis Edward, clerk, 78 Julia 
Francis George, f. m. c. warehouseman, 

d. 218 Derbigny, d. 2 
Francis Henry, barber, 17 St. Charles 
Francis Henry, cane maker, 117 Royal 

Francis John, baker, d. 424 Basin 
Francis John, f. m. c, d. Roman n. St. 

Francis John, laborer, d. 372 Bourbon,d.3 
Francis John, vegetables, St. Anthony n. 

Francis Joseph, f. m. c, d. 218 Derbigny 
Francis Manuel, clerk. Canal c. Bourbon 
Francis Manuel, c. h. Calliope c. Front 
Fraricis Manuel, d. 128 St. Anthony . 
Francis Mary, f. w. c. d. 251 Conti 
Francis Meladie, f. m. c. d. 159 Hospital 
Francis Nicholas, laborer, d. 125 Poet 
Francis Pancho, cigaretto manufacturer, 

d. 115 Goodchildren 
Francis Peter, lab. d. Soraparu n. Fulton 
Francis Pierre, carpt. d. 112 Goodchildren 
Francis Sarah, d. 17 Trcme, d. 2 
Francis & Christ, ( Wm. Francis, Leopold 
Christ,) cotton brokers, 10 Carondelet 
Francis William, (Francis ^ Christ,) d. 
Barracks betw. Rocheblave and Dor- 
Francisque Francois Mrs. d. 242 Main 
Francisque Nich. d. 102 Washington av 
Franck Andrew, lab. d. 532 Tchoupitoulas 
Franck Herman, shoemaker, 339 Orleans 
Franck John, tailor. 111 Marais, d. 2 
Francke & Danueel, (J. Francke, H. Dan- 
neel,) com. mers. and bagging rope, 
and western produce, 75 Magazine, d. 
249 St. Louis 
Franco Domingo, d. 403 Bourbon 
Franco Franqois, clerk, 1«7 Customhouse 
Francois Artemise, d. 61 Si. Louis 
Francois Auguste, d. 110 Toulouse 
Francois A. M. Mrs.d. Esplanade c. Broad 
Francois Aspasia,f.w.c. d. 281 Marais,d.2 
Francois Clement, d. Pleasant n. Constance 
Francois tmma, f. w. c. d. 53 Villiie, d.2 
Francois Irnia, f. w. c. d. 53 Villere, d. 2 
Francois Jean Louis, bricklayer, d. 251 

Marais, d. 2 
Francois John, f.m.c. d. Seventh n. Chip- 
Francois John, d. 31 Mandeville 
Francois Joseph, f. m. c. caulker, Algiers 
Francois Josephine, f.w.c. d. 150 French- 
Francois J. f. w. c. d. 102 St. Philip 
Francois J.L.Mrs.f.w.c. d.251 Marais, d.2 
Francois Louise, f. w. c. d. 215 Ursulmes 
Francois Louis, d. 154 Burgundy 
Francois M. d. Euterpe n. Carondelet 
Francois R. dry goods, Carrollton 
Francois Philippe, printer, d. St. Peter n. 

Francoz K. 46 Chartres 
Frangliiadi G. E. ( Rodocanachi Sf Franghi- 

adi,) d. 19 Bourbon 
Frank Aaron, clothing, 156 NewLevee,d.l 
Frank Abraham, d. 61 Villere, d. 2 
Frank Adum, cooper. Laurel c. First 
Frank Adam,c.h. Grossman c. Front Levee 
Frank Auguste, lab. d. 165 St. Anthony 
Frank Auguste, tailor, 246 Magazine 
Frank Franqois, d. 139 St. Philip 




Frank F. shoemaker, 519 Dauphine 
Frank Ge<n'i:e, fruit, l'i3 Liberty 
Frank Geurjaje, carpenter, 4G4 St. Ann 
Frank (i. ( F. Hartel Sc Co.) 56 Camp 
Frank HiMiiy, dairy, "235 Spain 
Frank Henry, printer, 442 Common 
Frank Henry, biarksmith, 313 Rampart 
Frank Josepli M. bO Tonlouse 
Frank Lambert, l)aker, 191 Poydras 
Frank Leon, watches and jewelry, clock 

and watch materials, 78 Chartres 
Frank Sally, d. Philip n. Laurel 
Frank Samuel, pedler, d. '266 Poydras 
Frank Simon, ( D. Blum &( Piank,) 40 

Chartres, d. 284 Baron ne 
Frank William, clerk, d. Sixth n. Fulton 
Frank Wni. watchmkr. 144 Tchoujiitoulas 
Franke Henry, laborer, d. 192 Lafayette 
Franke Henry, d. 404 Common 
Franke H. slioemaker, Orleans n. Galvez 
Frankford John, laborer, d. 164 Erato 
Franklin llenj. t'.m.c. cakes, &c., 270 Conti 
Franklin liilliard Saloon, 99 St. Charles 
Franklin Fd. f.m.c. drayman, d. 91 Liberty 
Franklin Engine and Hose Company, No. 

11, of Lafayi>tto,St.Mary c. Religious 
Frankbn Geo.seaman,d.536 Dau})hine,d.3 
I'^ranklin G. W. lab. Jackson R. R. depot 
Franklin Hiram, rope maker, New Levee 

•c. Ninth 
Franklin .1. A. laborer, d. 16 St. Ferdinand 
Franklin Marks, d. Burgundy n. Ursulines 
Franklin School, 168 and 179 St. Charles 

FEANKO H., Watchmaker and 
Jeweler. Money advanced 
on Goods, Interest charged 
moderate, c. Carondelet and 

Franks George, broker, 17 Gravier 
Frankworlh G. 41 Poydras market 
Franoy P. D. carp. Conde n. St. Philip 
Frantz C blacksmith, 103 Elysian Fields 
Frantz Lambert, d. Housseau n. Fourth 
Kraniz N. cabt. maker, H69 Magazine, d. 4 
Frantz VVni. blacksmith, 119 Morales 
Franz Eusebius, baker, 76 Dauphine, d. 3 
Franz Leonard, d. Philip c. Annunciation 
Franzc^l Adam, drayman, d. 3H() Howard 
Franzri'b .lohn, cartman, d. 380 Howard 
Frasaa VVni. 48 St. Thomas 
Phaser Ann Mrs. d. 40 Marigny 
Eraser A. A. atty. and counsellor at law, 

39 Carondelet, d. 243 Baron ne 
Fraser Cliarlts H. clerk, d. 482 Camp 
Eraser Daniel, watchman, d. 26 Pord 
h'raser Daniel, carpenter. First n. Dryades 
Fraser Emanuel, lab. d. 439 Chartres, d.3 
Krascr Emanuel, lab. d. 511 Dauphine,d.3 
Fraser James, tailor, 4 Carondelet 
Fras('r & Co. ( R. H. Fraser, ^T.E. Fraser,) 

com. mers. and cott. facs, 87 Gravier 
Frnzor Manuel, lab. d. 102 Frenchmen 
Frazer Fritz, laborer, Peter, Algiers 
Frazer K. W . clerk, 67 

Frazer Thos. omnibus driver, 31 Consiance 
Frazier D. carp. d. Baron ne n. Dryades 
Freas J. corn meal, Constance n. Edward 
Freeh John, vegetables, St. Mary's mkt 
Freeh John, d. Sixth n. Laurel 
Freeh Louis A. teacher of languages, d. 

267 Melpomene 
Freeh Michael, carp. d. Fourth n. Laurel 
Freeh Etieniie, carpenter, and coal, 288 

Freche J. E. cooper, 11 Conti 
Freche Louis F. taik>r, Poydras n. Ram- 
Freche Phineas, Carrollton 
Frechide P. c. h. Bourbon c. Conti 
Frechon N. butcher, 32 Poydras mkt 
Frechon Phili|i, chairmaker, 80 Barracks 
Frechore Etienne, carpt. 118 Union, d. 3 
Fred Jacob, baker, 84 Adeic 
Frederic Charles & Co. (.liigust Papcs,) 

dyers and scourers, 147 Chartres 
Frederic Engstfield, clerk, d. 109 Claiborne 
Frederic U. Mrs. d. 469 Bourbon, d. 3 
Frederick Anioine, d. 33 Independence 
Frederick Anioine jr. deputy shcnrt',d. 867 

Rampart, d. 3 
Frederick Auguste, collector on cars, d. 

458 St. Cfaude, d. 3 
Frederick A. R. clerk to commissioners of 

consolidated d(^bt, 22 Exchange place, 

d. 174 Marigny 
Frederick Carl, tailor, 384 Camp 
Fnderick Daniel, d. 141 St. Ann 
Frederick E.W. clerk, 351 Burgundy, d. 3 
Frederick G. shoe store, 30 Frenchmen 
Frederick Henry, drayman, d. 827 New 

Frederick Frank, lab. d. 566 Dauphine, d. 3 
Frederick Jacob, vegetables, 88 Magazine 

Frederick John, wagon driver, 298 Howard 
Frederick Jacob, laborer, d. 38 Constance 
Frederick H. A. 37 Carondelet 
Fredi-rick John, grocer, Fulton c. Adele 
Frederick John, drayman, d. 174 Marigny 
Frederick Jno d.Goodchildren n. Congress 
Fr( derick L. A. Mrs. d. 516 Chartres, d. 3 
Frederick L. J. clerk, d. 516 Chartres, d. 3 
Frederick S. J. Mrs. d. 504 Dauphine 
Frederick Frsin, Mrs. 125 St. Louis 
Frederick W. cabinet mkr. Levee c. Second 
Fndrricks Charles, carp. 465 Camp 
Fredericks C. Mrs. d. 62 Louisa 
Fredericks J. shoemaker. Levee n. Cadiz, 

Jetr. City 
Frederick M. tailor, Poydras n. Bolivar 
Frederickson F. druggist, Poydras c. Ba- 
ron ne 
Free Anthony, teacher, Baronne c. Common 
Free Trade Warehouse, Levee b. Jackson 

Freeland Thos plasterer, d. 675 Carondelet 
Freeland Walter Mrs. d. 195 St. Louis 
Frees William, dairy, d. 77 St. Thomas 
Frelinghaus M. Live Oak n. Berlin, JefT. 

Frelisch Andrew, carp. St. Louis n. Tonti 




Freeman Ann E. d. 11 Baronne 
Freeman A. S. d. Marais c. Conti 
Freeman Cecilia A. Mrs. d. 329 Constance 
Freeman Henry, laborer, d. 224 Morales 
Freeman James, scrcwman, 97 Montegiit 
Freeman John, lab. d. Chippewa n. Third 
Freeman John, clothing, 83 Old Levee, d.2 
Freeman J. C. carpenter, d. 187 St. Peter 
Freeman Peter, laborer, 158 Hospital 
Freeman Robt. screwman, 97 Montegut 
Freeman Thos. E. blacksmith, Algiers 
Freeman Wm. J. acct. d. 329 Constance 
Frege Josephine, d. 385 Frenchmen 
Freheil Thos. c h., ISt. Charles c. Perdido 
Frei Bernard, lab. d. Desire c. Rampart 
Frei F. J. tailor, Independence n. Burgundy 
Frei Joseph, laborer, d. 91 Felicity 
Freibert P. shoemaker, 77 Roman, d. 3 
Freiche John, gardener, d. 200 Laurel 
Freideustein John, wagon maker, 21 Philip 
Fruiderburg A. grocer. Levee n. Jackson 
Freilas Louis, barkeeper, 217 Girod 
Freira Juan, oysters. Burgundy c. Hospital 
Freitag Fred, barber, 64 Chartres 
Freitas A. b. h. 83 and 84 Front Levee, d. 3 
Frejumel John, ]89 St Louis 
Frels John H. lab. St. Ferdinand c. Ur- 

Freligh J. H. steamboat agent, basement 

St. Charles Hotel 
Frellsen & Stevenson, (H. Frellsen, John 
Ji. Stevenson,) com. mers., cot. factors, 
and consul of Denmark, 51 Caronde- 
let, d. 425 Carondelt, d. 1 
Freemaux Justin, captain Parish Prison, 

d. 402 Ursulines 
Fremont J. A. stevedore, d. 71 St. Philip 
Fremont Jules, c. p. d. 313 Terpsichore 
Frenay John, hatter, 12 St. Philip 
French A. J. variety store, 126 and 128 

Poydras, d. 345 St. Charles 
French Geo. P. clerk, 126 Poydras 
French Joseph, carp. d. 433 Franklin 
French Consulate, office 75 Bourbon 
French Jacob, carp. Poydras n. Locust 
French John, clerk, d. 300 Melpomene 
French J. M. stables, 98 Dryades 
French M. shoemaker, 372 Chartres, d. 3 
Fi-enz Martin, driver, d. 331 Melpomene 
Frenzel Frank, tailor. Religious n. Rampart 
Frenzel John, bread seller, d. 424 Basin 
Freret Brothers, Cotton Press, Locust b. 
Perdido &. Poydras, office 42 St. Ann 
Freret Cotton Press, Freret c. Locust 
Freret Eugene, clerk, 91 Old Levee, d. 9 

Freret George A. cashier Union Bank of 
La. 121 Canal, d. bayou St. John n. 
the bridge 
Freret James, d. 75 St. Thomas 
Freret Gustave, clerk, 2 Front Levee, d.2 
Freret James P. (Freret Brothers,) Locust 
n. Poydras, d. La. av. n. St. Charles 
Freret John Mrs. d. 315 Common 
Freret Joysaint, d. 138 Marigny 
Freret Jules, clerk, 60 Canal 
Freret Margaret Mrs. d. Basin c. Common 

Freret Mary Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Royal 
Freret Wm (Freret Brothers,) Locust n. 

Poydras, d. Second n. Carondelet 
Freret Wm. Alfred, architect, 33 Caron- 
delet, d. Second n. Carondelet 
Frerichs Adolplius ( Salkenstadt Sf Co.) 

39 Carondelet 
Freschede P. c. h. Bourbon c. Conti 
Fress Otho, shoemaker, 21 Main 
Fresch Chas. barkeep. 552 Tchoupitoulas 
Fretz George, 4 Carondelet 
Freudenstem J. blacksmith, Chippewa c. 

Freudenthal F. W. (J. H. Eimer Sf Co.) 
consul of Nassau and Brunswick, d. 
199 Villere 
Frevill V. Dr. d. 267 Esplanade 
Frew Edward, lab. d. 356 Melpomene 
Frey Barbara Mrs. d. 395 St Peter 
Frey Christian, blacksmith, 338 Hospital 
Frey C. Mrs. d. 229 Columbus 
'Frey C. S. jeweler, 141 Marais, d. 2 
Frey Edward, clerk, 185 Tchoupitoulas 
Frey Franklin, tailor, 11 Treme 
Frey John, carp. d. 94 Laurel 
Frey John, shoemaker, 119 Marais, d. 2 
Frey Peter, merchant, 423 Chartres, d. 3 
Frey Valentine, d. 148 Toulouse 
Frey Wm. 203 Old Levee, d. 2 
Frey Wm. shoemaker, 307 Magazine 
Frey Wm. drayman, St. Andrew c. Re- 
Frey Joseph, d. St. Philip c. Villere 
Freyer Geo. d. Rousseau n. Adele 
Freymont Edmund, weigher, Toledano n. 

St. Charles, Jefferson City 
Friay Jas. T. Canal c. Tchoupitoulas 
Frich David, d. 214 Bayou road 
Frichet Adonois, carp. 293 Poydras 
Frick A. wheelwright, 349 Bayou road 
Frick Joseph, bricklayer, 297 St. Ann 
Fricke J. L. C. uphols'r, 63 Derbigny,d.2 
Friederich D. bookkeeper Citizens' Bank 
Fridolin Fred, soda, Dryades c. First 
Erie Barney, lab. d. 103 Desire 
Frieburg Mary Mrs. d. 212 Bourbon 
Frieche Joseph, butcher, 89 French mkt 
Fried Jacob, baker, Fulton n. Eighth 
Fried Wm. foreman, 0. R. R. d. Gretna 
Friedenbach Adam, c. h. New Levee c. 

Friederichs H. clerk, 21 Common 
Friedenska Mrs. midwife, d. 51 Annunci- 
Friedli^nder & Gerson (S. Friedlander, 
Benjamin Gerson,) com. mers. and 
cotton factors, 43 Carondelet, d. 176 
Friedman Frank, d. Sixth n. Laurel 
Friedman Joseph, cab't mkr.7 Frenchmen 
Friedman Stephen, d. Seventh n. Fulton 
Friedrich J. merchant tailor, 51 Bienville, 
d. 16 Marais 


tist, 140 Canal street, 
Crescent City Bank. 

Den- I 
over I 




Fricdrich N. furniture, 421 Tchoupitoulas 
Friedriclis J. sliooniaker, 13 Philip- 
Friend Isaac, wholesale watches and jew- 
elry, 26 Chartres 
Friends of Harmony Lodge, No. 58, St. 

Charles c. Pi-rdido 
Frierson D. B. (J\I. D. Cooper Sf Co.) 136 

Frierson, Conway & Co. (G. Frierson, R. 
Conicay, J. T. Hnys,) com. niers. & 
cotton factors, 59 Carondelet 
Frierson Wm. J. (Lloyd S{ Frierson,) 88 

Friery John, shoemaker, 43 Baronne 
Frit'ss Jno. dry fruit, 104 St. Mary's mkt 
Friotch .Iosi>ph, tailor, St. Ann n. Galvoz 
Frietch F. shoemaker, Rocheblavc n. Bar- 
Frigerio Louis, nautical and optical instru- 
ments, 80 Customhouse, a. 274 Elys. 
Frigiere L. d. 333 St. Ann 
Frigola .Tames, butcher, d. 258 Chartres 
Frilot F. pork inspector, d. Dryades n. 

St. Andrew 
Frink Ferdinand, clerk, d. 64 Religious 
Frinden Ferdinand, 80 St. Philip 
Friou G.W.Dr., Magazine n. Felicity, d.l 
Frishy Ann Mrs. d. 203 Frenchmen 
Frisch Bernhard, clerk, 54 Chartres 
Frisch Gustavus, drayman, d. 732 Ram- 
part, d. 3 
Frisch Michael, woodyard, 39 Congress c. 

Royal, and Levee n. Jean 
Frischholtz J. merchant tailor, N. Levee 

n. Josephine 
Fritch Andrew, lab. d. 82 St. Philip 
Fritche Adolnh, hatter, 55 Marais, d. 2 
Frith James L. (J\Ie7isman &f Frith,) 697 

N. Levee, d. 4 
Fritsch Andre, cooper, Urquhart c. Port 
Fritsch George, carp. 233 Dryades 
Fritz Anthony, wareh'man. 534 Tchoupi. 
Fritz Christine, barber, d. 463 Rampart 
Fritz Louisa Mrs. d.Rampartc. Terpsichore 
Fzrit HenrX ,lab. 62 St. Philip 
Fritz Jacob, d. Laurel n. Washington 
Fritz Joseph, carp d. 130 Religious 
Fritz Joseph, lab. Peter n. Chestnut, Alg. 
Fritz Matthias, lab. d. 370 St. Peter 
FrobaThos. shoemaker, 147 Port 
Frobus J.H. ambrotypist,66 Customhouse 
Frochtalu A. M. d. Chippewa n. Fourth 
Frodscher Richard, gardener, d. 227 An- 
Froebel August, c. & b. h. 2 Front 
Froehlichor J. collector, d. 296 Thalia 
Froechling Henry, shoemaker, Chippewa 

n. Pleasant 
Froh Theodore, Cotton Press n. Urquhart 
Froh F. acct. d. 38 Carondelet 
Frohm J. mattress maker, 249 Dauphine 
Frohock John, printer, 368 Howard 
Froidevaux Edmund, milli'y, 52 Chartres 
FroiaTheophUf, (Theodore Frois &r Co.) 
d. C'ustomhouse bet. Exchange alley 
and Chartres 

Frois Theod. & Co. dry goods, 86 Canal 
Frolenger Peter, Copernicus, Gretna 
Froman John, ('otton Press n. Urquhart 
Frombling E. Mrs. grocery, 112 St. An- 
Fromcnt E. watchmaker. 111 Ex. place 
Froment F. carpenter, 150 St. Peter, d. 2 
Fromer J. baker. Bagatelle c. Morales 
Fromherty Fred. lab. Seventh n. Annun- 
Frommes Geo. J. baker, 459 Bourbon 
Fromhertz J. grocer, Polymnia c.Prytania 
Froritaloni Vincent, 399 Villere 
Frontere J. carjienter, 236 Rampart, d. 2 
Fronty P. A. d. 237 0. Levee, d. 2 
Frooth Theodore, blksmith, Cotton Press 
n. Urquhart 

FROST J. H. A. , Wholesale Deal- 
er in Boots, Shoes, Brogans, 
Hats, Caps, &e. Plantations 
Supplied. No. 10 Magazine, 
bet. Canal and Common. 

Frost James, lab. d. 91 Girod 

Frost S. B. portwarden, 31 Commercial 

Place, 404 Magazine 
Frost St. John Baptist, engineer. Willow 

n Constance 
Frowner James, barkeeper, 129 Gasquet 
Fruchtel .John, carp. Jackson n. Laurel 
Frudenwust E. Mrs., Eighth n.St. Thomas 
Frueh T. blksmith, Montegut c. Burgundy 
Fruthaler A. H. Chippewa n. Annunciation 
Fruthaler Catharine, 407 Chippewa 
Fruthaler Chil, 16 Customhouse 
Fruthaler Philip, elk. 55 Customhouse 
Fry Ann Miss, principal of De Soto girls' 

Public School, 149 Mandeville 
Fry George, lamplighter, d. 94 Levee d. 3 
Fry G. W. d. c. Columbus and Claiborne 
Fr)i James, laborer, d. 132 Marigny 
Fry Jos. Lieut. U. S. N. inspector ninth 

lighthouse district, office Customhouse 

d. 106 Columbus 
Fry Pat. laborer, d. 91 Delord 
Fry Samuel, d. 123 Columbus 
Fry Walton, d. 123 Columbus 
Fry Wm. shoemaker, 54 Annunciation 
Fry Wm. 14 Franklin, d. 12 Liberty 
Frye H. A. sailor, d. Cypress n. Claiborne 
Frye H. H. drayman, d. 9 Constance 
Frye Wm. drayman, d. St. Andrew n. 

Fryer J. A. d. 26 Poland 
Fryer Wm. K. F. Indian doctor, d. 20 

Elysian Fields 
Fuchs C. vegetables, 252 John.son 
Fuchs Francis, clerk, 122 Canal 

and Shoe Maker, No. 95 Com- 

Fuchs Geo. grocer, Washington n. Camp 
Fuchs Jacob W. baker, 75 Louisa 





Fuchs Marx, lab. d. Market n. St. Thomas 
Fuchs Mat. lab. d. Dauphin n. Poland 
Fuchs Valentine, clerk, 79 Derbigny d. 2 
Fuentcs F'do. de & Co. ( F^do de Fuentes, 
John E. Chalard) com. mors, and im- 
porters, 30 late 20 Old Levee d 98 
Fuentes J. elk. 157 Common d. 328 Main 
Fiuntes Louis, cijcars, 36b Rampart d. 3 
FucMites M.cii;armkr.Urquhart ii.Marigny 
Fuerslenberg L. dry goods, 217 Baronne 
Fuertes W. V. 

Fuesnel 0. d. Ill Rampart, d. 2, 
Fugera Thomas H. elk. Canal c. Bourbon 
Fiigiere Claud, d. 226 Burgundy 
FLihr .1. cabinet maker, 65l Royal, d. 3 
Fiiliri Herman, clerk, 29 Carondelet 
Fuhri Marie Mrs. d. 341 Rampart 
Fuhrman J. .shoes, 132 Toulouse 
Fuhtliiig Henry, shoemaker, 3 Front, d. 1 
Fuhrman L. drayman, d. Thalia b. Liberty 

and Howard 
Fulda Aug. K. 3 Carondelet 
Fulda J. night inspector customs, d. 128 Port 
Fulham .John, drayman, d. 393 Rampart 
Fulham William d. 13 Prieur, d. 1 
Fulham Wm. C. carpt. d. 431 Baronne 
Fulkerson H. S. ( Laughman Sf Fulkeison) 

84 Common 
Fulkerson Fd. d. 313 Magazine 
Fulkerson James P. clerk, 63 Front 
Fu lien wilder John,d. Chippewa c. Fourth 
Fullenwilder O. d. Chippewa c. Fourth 
Fuller A. carpt. d, Third n. Constance 
Fuller Elizal.ieth Mrs. d. 336 Camp 
Fuller Ellen d. Pleasant n. St. Charles 
Fuller Eugenia Mrs. d. St Charles n. La. 

av. Jeff. City 
Fuller, Douglass & Co. (Isaiah D. Fuller 
J. J^. Douglass, W. R.Douglass) com. 
mers. 19 St. Charles, d. City Hotel 
Fuller James, atty. atlaw, 9 Comml. place 
Fuller L. car)it. Ninth n. Constance 
Fuller Peter, carpt. Jackson, McDonogh 
Fuller W. d. c. Louisa and Goodchildren 
Fuller W. P. engineer, Delaronde, Algiers 
Fullerton Jefferson, d. 35 Montegut 
Fullmer F. W. butcher, 2 Soraparu mkt. 
Fullrath C. mattress maker, 315 Dauphine 
Fulmir Charles, d. 444 Chartres 
Fulow Chas. V. d. 168 Rampart, d. 2 
Fulton Ann Mrs. d. 96 Enghien 
Fultun Chas. J. engineer, d. 440 Basin 
Fulton Edward, d. 119 Royal 
Fulton Francis, clerk, d. 115 Robin 
Fulton Geo. carverand gilder, 128 Chartres 
Fulton James, elk. Factor's Cotton Press 
Fulton Jas. S. c. p. d. Claiborne n. Julia 
Fulton Joel C. carpt. d. 440 Basin 
Fulton John, Roman n. St. Philip 
Fulton John R. lab. d. 655 St. Claude,d. 3 
Fulton S.H.S. butcher, 5 and 7 French mkt 
Fultz Conrad, lab. d. St. Andrew n. Howard 
Fultz L. drayman, d. 202 Claiborne, d. 1 
Funck G. H. tailor, 256 Gravier 
Funel John B. clerk, d. 55 Louisa 
Funk Andrew, lab. d. Morales n. Clouet 

Funk Caspar, porter Branch State Banked. 

Erato c, Freret 
Funk J. soap manfr. Jackson c. Liberty, d. 4 
Funk Matt. lab. Elysian Fields n.Solidelle 
Funk Peter, gardener, d. Johnson c.Onzaga 
Funk Peter, cartman,d, Laharpe,c, Miro 
Fuqua Thomas, clerk. Canal c. Bourbon 
Furay Martin, b. h. 40 Girod 
Furbringer William, d. 57 Tchoupitoulas 
Furcher George, lab. d. Erato n. Felicity 
Furguson James W. d. St. Charles Hotel 
Furley Wm. car inspector N. 0. J. and 

G. N. R.R. 
Furling Ellen Mrs. d. 119 Richard. 
Furlong James, drayman, d. 388 Liberty 
Furlong John T. carpt. d. 160 Laurel 
Furlong Martin, tinsmith, d. 388 Liberty 
Furlong M. d. Richard n. Aiiiuinciation 
Furlong Patrick, grocer, 113 Julia 
Furneaux Jumes d. Ill Baronne 
Furness G. machinist, 103 Tchoupitoulas 
Furst Fred, engineer, d. 226 Orleans 
Furstev A, carpt. d. Laurel n. First 
Furt Fred. Mrs. d. 233 Orleans 
Fury Frank, lab. d. 292 St. Thomas 
Fury Frank, watchman, d. 330 Camp 
Fury Patrick, lab. d. 63 Constance 
Furtuvn Fred, tailor, 474 Front 
Fust Jacob, d. Sixth n. Laurel 
Fust Joseph, d. Third n. Constance 
Fux D. accountant, 298 Gravier 
Fuxans J. charcoal and wood ,41 Dauphine 
Fye Pat. lab. d. 79 Delord 
Fyetta John, carpt. d. 87 Music 


,JAB A. Magazine c. Berlin, Jeff. City 
Gab Frederic, barber, 164 Gravier 
Gab Louis, butcher, IVinth street market 
Gab Nicholas, lab. 252 Mangny 
Gabaroche Eugene, f. m. c. bricklayer, 

267 Burgundy 
Gabaroche John, clerk, 21 Chartres, d. 

281 Rampart, d. 2 
Gabbet John, carpenter, 56 Orleans 
Gabel Henry, dairy. Second c. St. Patrick 
Gabert J. cot. pickery, I>aurel n. Josephine 
Gabiso John, oysters, 261 Derbigny, d. 2 
Gabisso Jaques, oysters, 293 Bayou road 
Gabici L. prof, of music, 338 Ursuline 
Gablowsky C.shoemkr.l7Front Levee, d. 2 
Gabnez John, mattress maker, 178 Tchou- 
Gabriel C. tailor, 606 Royal, d. 3 
Gabriel D. f. m. c. Roman n. Kerlerec 
Gabriel Kdward, f. m. c. carp. 82 Barracks 
Gabriel Elizabeth, f. w. c. 185 Morales 
Gabriel Jean, Union n. Morales 
Gabriel M. f. w. c. Derbigny n. Lapey- 

Gachassin Jacques, shoemaker, 429 St. 

Claude, d. 3 
Gacheau Mrs. 159 Marigny 
Gacond Henry, jeweler, 144 Orleans 
Gadel L. Mrs. mattress mkr. 144 Hospital 
Gaertner Augustine, 109 Spain 
Gaery Jas. carp. St. Andrew n. Rousseau 




Gaeta Joseph, 102 Mazant 

Gaotan F. A. book-keeper Branch La. 

State Bank, d. 328 St. Charles, d. 1 
Gaft' David, New Levee n. Robert, Jeff. 

Gaffner Alex, grocer, 12 Constance 
Guffney Chfis. Gaiennie n. Aniuuiciation 
Gaffney Henry, laborer, 131 Hospital 
Gaffney Henry, lal). Magnolia n. Cypress 
Giiffney Philip, lab. 92 Gaiennie 
Gaffney Thomas, laborer, 13 Religious 
Gafney Alexander, grocer, 1 1 Constance 
Gafney John, screwman, St. Mary c. 

Gaffy Thos. lab. 64 Orange 
Gager L. D. carp. Polyninia n. PrjPtania 
Gngnepain U. M. Rev.' 282 Common 
Gagnet J. Mrs. 301 Rampart, d. 2 
Gagnet Louis, engineer, (^arondelet Canal, 

d. Es|ilanade n. Broad 
Gagnan Mrs. E. midwife, 76 Main 
Gngnon E. 38 Dauphine 
Gahngan Mrs. M. 45 Marigny 
Gahagan T. c. h. Jersey n. Napoleon av. 

Jefferson t 'ity 
Gahan Ciiristopher, 394 Baronne 
Gahan Joseph, clerk, 156 Common 
Gaherty Thos. drayman, 47 Polymnia 
Gahan Joseph, clerk, d. 370 Common 
Gahrs Fred, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Gahuzes E. Mrs. 396 Bourbon,''d. 3 
Gahuzcs James, 396 Bourbon, d. 3. 
Gaiennie E. F. commissary, St. Mary's 

market, d. 34 Poyfarre 
Gaiennie F. & Co. ( E. J. Durel,) western 

produce, 41 Old Levee, d. 2. d. 232 

Gaiennie L. S. c. p. 34 Poyfarre 
Gaiennie L. U. law,d. 34 Poyfarre 
Gaiennie L. U. jr. 34 Poyfarre 
Gargenhauer Philip, 412 Annunciation, d.4 
Gaiget John, Seventh c. Diyades 
Gaignard L. cigars, 236 Charlies 
Gailhird Albert, clerk, 274 Burgundy 
Gaillard Armand, clerk, 20 Carondelet, d. 

274 Burgundy 
Gaillard A. f. m. c. tailor, 274 Royal 
GiulJard Dominique, shoemaker Morales 

n. Music 
Gaillard A. f. m. c. tailor, 274 Royal 
Gaillard Ernest, acct. d. 274 Burgundy 
Gaillard H. laborer. Bayou bridge 
Gaillard H. f. m. c. tailor, 279 Royal 
Gaillard .Jules U. fire clerk Citizens' Mu- 
tual Insurance Co. 3 Carondelet, d. 

196 Villere, d. 2 
Gaillard Omer, Pies. Citizens' Mutual Ins. 

Co. 3 Carondelet, d. 274 Burgundy 
Gaillard Ray'd,f. m. c. 495 St. Claude,d.3 
Gaillard R. Mrs. 107 Si. Ann 
Gaillarjl Widow, 274 Burgundy 
Gaillardet A. f in. c. segaVs, 124 Dauphin 
(iaillardanne B. grocer, 207 Dauphin 
Gaillat Jean, carpenter, 366 Bourlion, d. 3 
Gaille Francois, gardener, Miro n. St. Peter 
Gaillentine Jacques, 826 St. Claude, d. 3 
Gainer John, warehouse, Clara ii. Gravier 

Gainer M. Mrs Basin n. Melpomene 
Gaines Abner Le Grand, 94 Common 
Gaines Alonzo, clerk, 44 L nion 
Gaines Chas. "C. & Co. ( IViUiam Heyl, 

Freret Jordy, Sf L. A. Stone,) import- 
ers of hardware, 26 Magazine and 40 

Gaines James "W. elk. 100 Canal d. 399 

Gaines John G. (Henderson Sf Gaines,) 99 

late 100 Canal, d. 399 Magazine 
Gaines Sarah D. furn'd rooms, 64 Royal 
Gainsburg Isidore B. variety store, 215 

Gais Nicholas, baker, d. 443 Dryades 
Gaiser J. M. butcher, 7 Poydras market 
Gaisselier Charles, 67 Chartres 
Gaisser Adam, hides and tallow. Camp c. 

Gaisser Adam, jr. (Robeson, Witherell S,- 

Co.) Chestnut c. Delachaise 
Gaither George G. atty. at law, 128 Camp 
Gaitley James H. clerk 15 Ter))Sichore 
Gaitly James, clerk, 5 Poydras, d. 430 

Gaitoii F. Mrs. 328 St. Charles 
Gaivelle Jos. shoe store, 533 Magazine, d.4 
Gajac Achille, clerk, St. Ami near Chartres 
Gajolier Dominique, laborer, 416 Oi'leans 
Galbois Mathilde, f. w. c. 92 Roman, d. 2 
Galbit Antoine, butciier. Eight n. Laurel 
Galbraith John M. clerk, 56 Carondelet 
Galceran Dennis, clerk, Front c. Robin 
(ialceran Santiago, c. h. Robin c. Front 
Gale John, stevedore, 46 Desire, d. 3 
Gale Pierre, slater, Hosf)ital n. Derbigny 
Galeppi Alex, gildings, etc. 161 Chartres 
Galermat C. L. c. h. 208 Chartres 
Galey Jacob, dairy, 299 Elysian Fields 
Galiano D, 180 Royal 
Galibardi Joseph, c. p. 141 Royal 
Galindo P. confecr. Ham]iart c. St. Ann 
Galinier Adam, clerk, 23 Chartres 
Gallagan James, lab. St. Mary near Fulton 
Gallagan Patrick, lab. 258 Lafayette 
(iallagan Patrick, lab St. Ann n. Broad 
Gallagher Barney, lab. Jena n. Levee, Jeff. 

Gallagher James & Son (C. K. Gallagher,) 

gro's,267 (\inip, d. Poyfarre c.Foucher 
Gallagher C. K. (James Gallagher Sf Son) 

267 Camp 
Gallager Jos. grocer, 41 Poyfarre 
Gallaghan Chas. blacksmith, 513 Chartres, 

d. 3 
Gallaghan F. laborer, 139 Foucher 
Gallaghan John Mrs. 513 Chartres, d. 3 
Gallaghan Michael Mrs. 46 Old Levee,d.2 
Gallaghan N. Mrs. 29 Spain 
Gallaghan Peter, baker, 59 Erato 
Gallagher Ann, Freret n. Clio 
Gallagher Bernard, drayman, 84 Calliope 
Gallagher Dennis,cooper,485 Chartres,d.3 
Gallagher & Dyer.fC/ios. Gallagher, T.W. 

Dyer,) cotton factors and com. mers. 

33 Carondelet, d. 4th c. Chestnut 
Gallagher Edward, 57 Orange 

Gallagher Ella Miss, teacher of girls House 

of Refuge 
Gallagher Farrell, laborer, 228 Magazine 
Gallagher G. clerk, 16 Treme, d. 2 
Gallagher Henry, mate, 86 Orange 
Gallagher Henry, junk shop, 170 Tchoupi- 

Gallagher Hugh, drayman, Melpomene n. 

(jallagher James Mrs 227 St. Louis 
Gallagher James c. h. 162 Rampart 
Gallagher James D. 213 Poydras 
Gallagher John, acct. Magazine n. Felicity 
Gallagher John, lab. Piety n. Front Levee 
Gallagher Jno. A. grocery ,27Claiborne,d. 2 
Gallagher John, clerk, 47 Carondelet 
Gallagher John, laborer, 130 Orange 
j Gallagher John, undertaker, 177 Tchoupi- 

Gallagher Mary Mrs. 59 Melpomene 
Gallagher Michael, laborer, 104 Liberty 
Gallagher Michael J. grocer, Gravier cor. 

Gallagher Owen, laborer, 109 Marigny 
Gallagher Pat. warehouseman, 183 Tcnou- 

Gallagher Peter, lab. Richard n. Pacanier 
Gallagher Peter, lab. Gravier n. Bolivar 
Gallagher Peter, baker, 59 Erato 
Gallagher Thos. fish, 69 St. Mary's mkt. 
Gallagher Wm. Mrs. 543 Marigny 
Gallagher Wm. laborer, 574 St. Charles 
Gallan John, porter U. S. District Court 
Gallan Michael, foreman, 98 Marigny 
Galland Francois Mrs., Union n. Morales 
Galland J. L. pictures, paper boxes, etc. 

91 Royal 
Gallardo Joseph, c. p. Urquhart n. St. Fer- 
Gallas Henry, 900 Rampart, d. 3 
Gallat Jos. f. m. c. drayman, 377 St. Philip 
Gallatt Manuel, cigars, 340 Derbigny 
Gallattas Amedee Mrs. 23 Columbus 
Galle De Armand, slater, 371 St. Peter 
Galle Francois Mrs. clerk, 506 Royal, d. 3 
Galle Jean, carpenter, 261 Ursulines 
Galle Manuel, printer, Tonti n. St. Ann 
Galle Michel, warehouseman, 29 Hospital 
Galles Louis, butcher, Treme market 
Gallespie P., Burgundy n. Louisa 
Galley Fortuni, eggs, 59 Carondelet Walk 
Galley John B. barber, 52 Perdido 
Galley Pierre, milk, Marigny n. Force 
Galley Pierre, grocer, 9 Madison 
Gallick Bernard, lab. 166 Annunciation 
Gallier & Esterbrook, (James Gallier, jr. 

Richard Esterbrook,) architects and 

builders, 11 Carondelet 
Gallier James jr. ( Gallier 8f Esterbrook,) d. 

278 Royal 
Galligan Jas. lab. St.Mary n. St.Thomas 
Galligan Thomas, tailor, 393 Felicity 
Gallimard J. chemist, 73 Bourbon 
Gallimard T. clerk, 71 Chartres 
Gallois E. clerk, 71 Canal 
Gallois F. bootmaker, 312 St. Philip 
Gallois Jean N. shoemaker, 98 Chartres 

Gallois Wm. tailor, 102 Front Levee, d. 3 
Gallot J. B. f. m. c. 391 Burgundy 
Gallot Etienoel, bricklayer, 289 Ursulines 
Gallot Louis, steward, P^renchmen n. Craps 
Gallot Noel, 356 Main 
Gallot Pierre, ( Demontrond Sf Co.) Canal 

c. Dauphine, d. 32 Marais, d. 2 
Gallot Theodore, vegetables, 98 Urquhart 
Gallot Theodule, carpenter, 364 Main 
Galloway Alex. N. tailor, 16 Marais 
Galloway Henry, 340 St. Louis 
Gallu Pierre, slater, 297 Hospital 
Gallus Wm. tailor, 161 Levee, d. '3 
Gallwey Charles, clerk, 323 Melpomene 
Gaily Hypolite, 148 St. Peter 
Galmkh E., "Orleans" c. h. d. 23 Orleans 
Galphis Pierre, slater, 150 Prieur 
Galpin John, restaurant, 9 Exchange place 
Galvani C. portrait painter, 103 Canal 
Galvin Thomas, lab. Baronne n. Felicity 
Galway Henry, clerk, 323 Melpomene 
Gamahl George, Fourth n. St. Ann 
Gamard Alfred, clerk, 369 Canal 
Gamard Alphonse, 369 Canal 
Gamas H. 138 St. Anthony 
Gamassa Peter, grocer, 160 Dryades 
Gamaze H. A., St. Andrew n. Magazine 
Gamble George A. 304 Burgundy 
Gamble G. R. 155 Common 
Gamble H. Mrs. cigars, Levee n. Philip 
Gamble R. 363 Main 

Garnet E. ( Bauduc Sc Garnet,) com. mers. 
St. Louise. Old Levee, d. Tonti n.Main 
Gamon James, laborer, 24 Foucher 
Gamotis Louis, apothecary, Rampart c. 

Gamper Geo. warehouseman, 160 Third 
Gamsby Robert, drayman, 62 Poydras 
Gamus T. E. atty. at law, 78 Customhouse 
Gandert F. J. shoemaker, 10 Hospital 
Gandolfo Joseph, elk. History n. Rampart 
Gandolfo Joseph, 451 Rampart, d. 3 
Gandolfo Miguel, clerk, d. 45 St. 'Ann 
Gandy John, (P. Ji. Giraud &c Co.) 52 

Ganel Prosper, builder, 241 Main 
Gangloff Andreas, lab. 110 Bartholomew 
Gangloff A. barber and cupper, 35 St. Ann 
Ganhape P. grocer, Rampart c. St. Anthony 
Ganier E. (Ganier&f Thomas,) d. 118 Cus- 
Ganier & Thomas, (E. Ganier, J. W. 
Thomas,) importers and dealers in 
wines and liquors, 82 Customhouse 
Ganiger Martin, lab. Lafayette c. Rampart 
Gankel Adrian, lab. First n. New Levee 
Gann Christopher, 304 Baronne 
Gannon Anthony, lab. 484 Rampart, d. 3 
Gannon John, mason, 197 Calliope 
Gannon Michael, seaman, 66 Orange 
Gannon Pat. grocer, Lafayette c. Franklin 
Gannon Patrick, 368 Lafayette 
Gannon R. carpenter, 243 Clara 
Gannon Thomas, lab. 68 St. Joseph 
Gannon Thomas, draymau, 183 Religious 
Gansby Robert, drayman, 303 Melpomene 
Gansler J. carpenter, 121 St. Anthony 




Gants, Anthony, porter, 25 Magazine 
Ganucheau Edmund, Pros. La. Ins. Co. 

38 Camp, d. 42 Dauphine 
Ganucheau E. N. clerk La. Ins. Co. 38 

Ganuchuau Ed. N. (DrouetSf Ganncheaxiy) 

86 Poydras 
Ganucheau Theopliile, f. m. c. carpenter, 

Urquhart n. Maiigny 
Gany .lohn, marble worker, 210 Perdido 
Gaiiz .Jacob, cartman, 287 Levee, d. 3 
Gap Nicliolas, lab. Marisjny n. Clailjorne 
Garam John, butcher, Seventli n.Cliestnut 
Garaty Maria, 33 Exchan^-e place 
Garbani N. fruit, etc. 143 Old Levee 
Garber Charles, drayman, 128 Euterpe 
Garbrecht F. C. Mrs. 576 Burgundy 
Garbrott Robert J. machinist, 103 Tchou- 

pitoulas, d. Gretna 
Garc John A. tailor, Eighth c. Laurel 
(iarcia Alphonse, clerk, 287 Royal 
Garcia Alphonse Mrs. :287 Royal 
Garcia Antoine, bricklayer, 169 Clio 
j Garcia Antonio, 431 Rampart 
Garcia A. D. painter, 138 Bourbon 
Garcia A. D. E. engineer, 266 St. Ann 
Garcia A. E. runner Bank of America, d. 

222 Robertaon 
Garcia A.M. 256 St. Philip 
Garcia Benjamin, Ursulines c. Roman 
Garcia Carlos, cigars, 63 St. Anthony 
Garcia Carlos M. 222 Robertson 
Garcia Charles, draynian, 75 Congress 
Garcia E. F. acct. Union Bank, d. 202 St. 

Garcia Francois, keeper State Arsenal, 

Orleans, d. 167 St. Philip 
Garcia Francois, f. m. c. carp. 113 Mon- 

Garcia Gabrie, cigarmaker, 152 Elysian 

Garcia Jacinto, cigars, 80 Exchange place 
Garcia Jose A. packer, 455 Robertson 
Garcia Joseph, cigars, 82 Union, d. 3 
Garcia Joseph, c. h. 291 Julia 
Garcia Joseph, cigarmaker, 156 Frenchmen 
Garcia Jo.seph, 390 Ranmart, d. 3 
Garcia Joseph Mrs. 159 Treme 
Garcia Josejih M. grocer, 119 Frenchmen 
Garcia Joseph, laborer, 128 St. .Inthony 
Garcia Joseph, cigarmaker, 390 St. Claude 
Garcia Josephine Benit, f. w.c. 361 St. Ann 
Garcia Juste, c. h. 158 Perdido 
Garcia J. cigars, 47 St. Peter 
Garcia J. fruits, etc. 51 Goodchildren 
Garcia J. B. baker, 123 Dauphine 
Garcia J. F. bricks, sand and lime, Trcme 

c. Old Basin 
Garcia Louis, f.m.c. Derhignyn. Ursulines 
Garcia Manuel, c. h. Baronne c. Perdido 
Garcia Manuel Mrs. 159 Treme, d. 2 
Garcia Michael, 172 Viilere 
Garcia M. f. m. c. Derbigny n. Ursulines 
(iarcia M. seaman, 21 Mnn'deville 
Garcia Narcitas, 118 St. Philip 
Garcia N. Mrs., St. Anthony c. Morales 
Garcia Pierre, Prosper n. St. Bernard 

Garcia Pierre Mrs. 225 Derbigny 
Garcia R. printer, 111 Union, d. 3 
Garcia Salvador, c. h. Burgundy c. Ursu- 
Garcia V., "Morning Call" c. h. Old 

Levee c. St. Ann 
Garcich Andrew, trader, 151 Chartres 
Garcin Pierre, baker, 107 Dauphine 
Garcon Jos. upholsterer, 279 rrieur, d. 3 
Gardann C. Bourbon, d. 270 Bayou road 
Gardeblet Hypolite, variety store, 242 

Gordel Louis Mrs. mattress maker, 144 

Gardenghi Luca, musician, 417 Cypress 
Gardere Anndel, 135 Main 
Gardere Edward, brickyard, Gretna, d. 

145 Conti 
Gardere Fergus & Francis, sawmill and 
brickyard, aliove Gretna, office 39 Ex. 

J-ilace, d. 107 Esplanade 
ere Pierre, butcher, Melpomene near 

Gardere Riviere, secretary Phcenix Iron 
Works, president Carondelet Canal 
Co. office 39 Ex. place, d. 107 Espla- 

Garderes James, butcher, 22 Dryades mkt 

Gardette Eugene, 106 Orleans 

Gardette James, dentist, and Consul of 
Equador, 118 Burgundy 

Gardette Leonce Madame, f. w. c. 240 

Gardien Francjois L. hatter, 141 Custom- 

Gardiner Catharine, 201 Camp 

Gardiner Peter, sr. florist. Burgundy near 

Gardiner Peter, jr. florist, 55 Mazant 

Gardiner Robt. Josephine n. Annunciation 

Gardiner Saml. grocer, Magazina c. Bor- 

Garding J. H. builder, Josephine n. Lib- 

GARDNER CHAS., Publisher 
and Proprietor of the City Di- 
rectory, 5 Commercial place 

c. Camp, d. 183 Delord n. Ba- 

Gardner Christopher, laborer, 394 Baronm- 
Gardner Clay, student, school of medicine 
Gardner Edward, 432 Gravier 
Gardner Fred, barber, 206 Piaronne 
Gardner James, tailor, 33 Viilere 
Gardner Livingston H. (Stuart ^ James,) 

d. 247 Baronne 

Gardner Patrick, painter, 216 Bienville 
Gardner Samuel, lab. Celeste n. Levee 
Gardner Wm. H., St. Louis n. Derbigny 
Gardy Michael, brickyard, Front, Gretna 
Gardy M. c. h. New Levee c. St Andrew 
Garecht Michel, laborer, 16 Peace 
Garegan Ann Mrs. Jersey n. Valence, 
Jufl'erson City 




Garelly Thomas, clerk, 35 Chartres 
Garety Bernard Mrs. 1 Duncan's build- 
ings, Exchange place 
Garey'Alfred, carpenter, 110 Marigny 
Garey Daniel, laborer, 157 Chippewa 
Garey Edward, drayman, Liberty n.Terp- 

Garey George, engineer, Algiers 
Garey James, Rousseau n. St. Andrew 
Garey James Mrs., Howard n. Thalia 
Garey Wm. Carondelet c. Delord 
Gargani G. painter, 244 Elysian Fields 
Gargurevich L. fruit, 143 Old Levee 
Gariazo E. Mrs. ladies shoemaker, 248 

Garic Arthur, clerk, 60 Poydras 
Garic Francois, 104 Elysian Fields 
Garidel Henry, acct. Rank of Louisiana, 

d. Bourbon c. Main 
Garidel H. V. 29 Main 
Garidel L. A. sr. 217 Bayou road 
Garidel L. A. jr. & Co. bakery, 22 Main, 

d. 279 Chartres 
Garidel Matilde, 97 Toulouse 
Garidel Susette, f. w. c. 363 Burgundy,d.3 
Garidel Marguerite, f.w.c. 55 Union, d. 3 
Garie Louis F. bookkeeper, 53 Elysian 

Garie Oscar, acct. 53 Tchoupitoulas, d 53 

Elysian Fields 
Garig Wm. clerk, 4 Union, d. 195 Main 
Garighan Thos. laborer, 16 Religious 
Oarin M. Mrs. millinery, 217 Magazine 
Garin Pierre, painter, 171 Main 
Garitche Michael, shoemkr. 335 St. Louis 
Garity E. cooper, 273 Marais 
Garity James, laborer, 12 Laurel 
Garity M'l, shoemkr, Toulouse n. Roman 
(Jarity Michael, laborer, 14 Laurel 
Garity Peter, 222 Magazine 
Garjolet D., Orleans n. Dorgenois 
Garland A. Mrs. 35 Lesseps 
Garland Edmund, rigger, 57 Marigny 
Garland Fred, drays, Freret n. Clio 
Garland Hugh, laborer^ 119 Foucher 
Garland John, laborer, 427 Chartres 
Garland Wm blacksmith, 419 Basin 
Garlepied John, upholsterer, 75 Camp, d 

311 Dryades 
Garlick Joseph Mrs. 293 Conti 
Garlick Mary Mrs., Magazine c. Maren- 
go, Jefferson City 
Garhck Simon, tailor, 117 Carondelet 
Garneau John, clerk, d. 455 Baronne 
Garner Charles, blacksmith, 103 Tchoupi- 
Garner Edward, Gravier n. Bolivar 
Garner Henry, New Levee n. Sixth 
Garner Henry, contractor, d. Algiers 
Garner James, tailor, 33»Villere, d. 1 
Garner James, c. h. Claiborne c. Common 
Garnell Prosper, carpenter, 21 Robertson 
Garnett Anthony, stables, Common c. 

Garnett Jane, f. w. c. 81 Marais 
Garnhart August, shoemk. 90 Exchange 

Gamier Anatole, shoemkr. 155 St. Peter 
Garnier Claire, 143 Liberty 
Gamier Joseph, b. h. 66 St. Philip 
Garnier Clodomir, tailor, 95 St. Ann 
Garnier Joseph, b. h. 66 St. Philip 
Garnier Joseph F. 149 Royal 
Garnier J. W. 371 St. Andrew 
Gamier Louis, Toulouse n. Marais 
Garnier Louis, grocer, 399 Dauphine 
Garnier L. A. weigher, 408 St. Claude, d.3 
Garnier Rosalie, 561 St. Claude 
Gamier W. L. lumber, 137 Franklin 
Garolt F. 300 Rampart 
Garr J. discount clerk. Southern Bank 
Garrad John P., Baronne n. St. Andrew 
Garraty M. groeer, Rousseau. c. St. Mary 
Garreau Arman, clerk, 62 Chartres 
Garrett Ellen, 106 Erato 
Garrett Joseph L., St. Charles Hotel 
Garrett J. A., Adeline n. Gravier 
Garrett Lafayette, f. m. c. cook, 85 Villere, 

d. 2 
Garrett S. R. clerk, 98 Canal, d. 162 Bi- 
Garrett T. L. shipsmith, 387 Julia 
Garrett Wm. Mrs. 297 Bienville 
Garrick Mary Mrs. grocer, 297 Melpo- 
Garrick Matthew, plasterer, Foui-th n. 

Garrick Pat. grocer, Melpomene c. Franklin 
Garriga Mariano, 21 Poydras 
Garriga Simeon, c. h. N. Levee c. Poydras 

and Front Levee c. Customhouse 
Garring August, paver, First n. N. Levee 
Garris Carl, barber, Jefferson City 
Garrison Chas. dep. gauger, 74 Poydras 
Garrison Wm. plasterer, Josephine, c. 

Garrissere John, bakery, 204 Ursulines 
Garritson H. cab. maker, 243 Carondelet 
Garrity Ann Mrs. grocery, c. Jackson 

Garrity Edward , carpenter, 387 Erato 
Garrity John, drayman, 346 Dryades 
Garrity Michael, grocer, 620 Tchoupi- 
Garrity Pat. contractor, 33 Constance 
Garrity Patrick, laborer, 252 Delord 
Garrot P. shoe store and dry goods, 197 

Garrow J. f. m. c. Johnson n. Poydras 
Garry Matthew, laborer, 534 Rampart 
Garry Patrick, Delord c. Levee 
Garson Lelenda Mrs. 356 Felicity 
Garssay Jos. screwman, 596 St. Claude 
Garth waite J. G. (^ Wheeler, Geiger 8f Co.) 

7 Magazine 
Garthwaite, Lewis & Stuart ( Wm. Garfh- 
icaile, Wm. Leivis, Wm. Stuart,) whole- 
sale clothing, 70 Canal 
Garthwaite Wm. (Garthwaite, Lewis fy 

Stuart,) 70 Canal 
Gartier Alexon, jr. cigars, 444 Bourbon,d.3 
Gartner George, Seventh n. Annunciation 
Gartner Lorenzo, furniture, 757 Burgun- 
dy, d. 3 




Gartnel Bienvcnu C. 2 Rampart 
Garuty Patrick, 33 Constance 
Garve's J no. lab. Washington n. Urquhart 
Garvey Danl. lab. Third n. Annnnciation 
Garvey Ed. ( E. Reilltj &c Co.) 131 Canal 
Gnrvfiy Frank, laii. G Lynch 's row, Erato 
Garvey John, 434 Clio 
Garvey John, laborer, 75 Orange 
Garvey John, laborer, 2:24 Orleans 
Garvey Jno.W. coppcrsnihSlS Constance 
Garvey Joseph, cooper, 456 Annunciation 
Garvey Michael, laborer, 100 Villere, d. 2 
Garvey .Michael, laborer, G21 Charlres 
Garvey Morris Mm. 218 Morales 
Garvey M. Mrs. 333 St. Louis 
Oarvey M. d. Ill Villere 
Garvey Thomas, 223 St. Thomas 
Garvi.s John, laborer, Clio n. Willow 
(iarvish Jas. drays, Gasquet n. Johnson 
Garvish M. H. clerk, 126 Canal 
Garwood John, St. Mary's market 
Gary Matthew, grocer, 400 Bourbon, d. 3 
Garzia M. 289 Orl.ans 
Garzo Antoine, tailor, 29 St. Philin 
Gas Domingner, cider mkr. 217 St. Andrew 
Gas Works, Gravier c. Locust 
Gasbarax John, 104 Daupliine 
Gasber Jacob, tinsmith, 437 Dryades 
Gaschen F. 40 St. Ferdinaiul 
Gasket C. Mrs. cigars, 165 Gravier 
Cias)>ar John P. cigars, 3 Gravie 
Gaspard August, f. m. ( 

Bernard n. Prieur 
Gaspard Berthelmy, f. ; 

376 Burgundy, d. 3 
Gaspard H. 238 Daupliine 
Gaspard Jas. dep. elk. Sixth Dist. Court 
Gaspard Jos. f. m. c. 146 Poet 
Gaspard L. f. m. c. carpenter, 84 Music 
Gaspard P. f. m. c. screwman, 72 Music 
Gaspard Salvadore, 126 Bagatelle 
Gaspard Thos. collector, 432 St.Claude,d.3 
Gasparine Andrew, 150 Burgundy 
Gasquet Kmilia Mrs. 305 St. Charles 
Gasquet F. J. 53 Camp 
Gasquet William A. 65 Bourbon 
Gasquey C. Mrs. cigars, 165 Gravier 
Gasrrl Auguste, shoemaker, 58 Julia 
Gass John, barber, 110 Erato 
(iasselin Aug. furniture, 73 St. Ann 
Gassclin Francis, painter, 69 Orleans 
Gas.«(it J. P grocer, Casacalvon. Esplanade 
Gassier D'l, tailor. Levee n. St. Ferdinand 
Gassiun J. clerk. Royal c. Conti 
Gasson J. B., Carrollton 
Gast i). watches, jewelry, etc. 64 Chartres 
Gasl Joseph, Claiborne n. Julia 
Gastanino John, laborer, 48 Main 
Gasianlno Joseph, laborer, 48 Main 
Gastauer R. tailor, 13 Marais 
Gastel Michael, Jell'erson, MrDonogh 
(Jastenberg N. carpenter, 351 Baronne 
Gaster Joseph, rags, 361 Carondelet walk 
G.astin Isaac, dry goods, 279 Gravier 
Gasiinel Arlliur, 71 Ursulines 
Gastinel |{. confectioner, Camp c. Rampart 
GastincI Louis, sr. 71 Ursulines 

bricklayer, St. 

Gastinel Louis, jr. dep. warden of work" 

house, d. 199 Conti 
Gastinel Louis, shoe store, 11 St. Ann, d. 

71 Ursulines 
Gastman J. Mrs. wood, 49 Calliope 
Gastman M. Mrs., St. Andrew n. Laurel 
Gastner H., Bagatelle n. Prosper 
Gastner Louis, variety store, 76 Third 
Gastram L. f. m. c. cigars. Main c. Marais 
Gatchell Wm. print. 121 Exchange place, 

d. Gravier c. Galvez 
Gatechair William, screwman, 127 Port 
Gateau A. tinsmith, 84 St. Louis 
Gately Jami>s, Camp n. Melpomene 
Gately J. H. clerk, d. Jefferson City 
Gates Bartlett, 119 Marais, d. 2 . 
Gates James, laiiorer, 172 Eiato 
Gates S. L. ship i-arpenti'r, 24 South mkt 
Gats Heiu-y, Si. Mary n. Religious 
Gaucli Adam, firewood, 501 Magazine 
Gauche Charles, clerk, 121 Tchoupitoulas 
Gauche Eniile, clerk, 106 Chartres 
Gauche John, jr. clerk, 106 Chartres 
Gauche George, painter, 101 Freret 
Gauche John, crocki'ry, etc. 102, 103, 104, 

106 & 108 Chartres, d. 170 Esjilanade 
Gauche J. B. clerk, 106 Chartres 
Gauche X. Mrs. crockery and glass, 121 

Gauchey Annette, laundress, 36 Orleans 
Gauchey Etii-nne, locksmith, 89 St. Louis, 

d. 117 St. Louis 
Gaudel M. Mrs. dry goods, 23 Louisa 
Gaudet Felix B. Dr. 40 Bourbon 
Gaudet Valsin, Music n. Goodi-hildren 
Gaudin Chas. accountant, 215 Old Levee 
Gaudin Joasin, grocer, Berlin c. Magazine, 

Jefferson City 
Gaudin John, pianos, 86 Royal 
Gaudin Pierre A. d. 189 Prieur 
Gaudin Pierre J. drugs, Patterson, Algiers 
Gaudin Vasseur, c. p. 125 Marigny 
Gaudion A. Mrs. 83 Daupliine 
Gaudez Manuelite, 51 St. Peter 
Gaudoz E. ajiothecary, Conti c. Burgundy 
Gaudy D. deputy, sheriff office 
Gaudy F. C, Claiborne n. Main 
Gaudy Timothy, draymi.'n, 484 St. Ann 
Gaugeiiheimer Philip, baker, Freret n. 

Gauldin James, tailor, 234 Carondelet 
Gauldin J. S. Dr. inspector customhouse, 

d. Bolivar n. I'erdido 
Gauleyer Liijrarian, d. 413 Carondelet 
(iaune Jos. gardener, 276 Roman, d. 3 
Gaune P. & Eichelberj^er, ('f ic?Te Gaune, 

Egidius Eichelberger,) importc-rs of 

French & English goods, 125 Chartn-s 
Gaune Pierre ( Gauiie &f Eichelberger,) d. 

206 St. Claude 
Gaunt William, teacher, 80 Common 
(iaujiji Fred, baths, 106 Conti 
Gaurley Geo. Natche-z c. Tchoupitoulns 
GauseSaml.machin't. N.O.J.&G.N.R.R. 
Gausepohl Charles, 100 Congress 
Gnusepohl J. H. porter, 744 Rampart, d.3 
Gaiisete George, barber, Jefferson City 




Gausz Stephen, lab. Solidelle n. Elysian 

Gautherin Ed. & Co. (Jules Sr-^- LeMore,) 

com. mers. 28 Carondelet 
Gautjer Attenor, f. m. c. screwman, 28 

Gautier Alexis, St. Peter c. Treme 
Gautier A. cotton broker, 31 Carondelet, 

d. 29 Thalia 
Gautier A. weigher, 30 Perdido 
Gautier Edward, elk. 73 Old Levee, d. 2 
Gautier .John, carpenter, 114 Ursulines 
Gautier Jules, carpenter, 106 Ursulines 
Gautierez J. Mrs. 64 Union, d. 3 
Gautrau C. S. carpenter, Jefferson City 
Gautrau, variety store, 313 Derbigny 
Gautri Eugene, clerk, 202 Burgundy 
Gauzenne George, 211 St. Peter 
Gaville Jos. shoes. Magazine n. Felicity 
Gavin Bryan, laborer, 465 Chartres 
Gavin George, 381 Bourlion 
Gavin Martin Mrs. 20 Poet 
Gavin Michael, laborer, 67 Palmyra 
Gavin Patrick, lab. 436 Old Levee, d. 3 
Gavish James, Gasquet n. Johnson 
Gavish M. H. clerk, 128 Canal 
Gavo F. C, Goodchildren c. Congress 
Gawper George, Third n. Laurel 
Gay R. Mrs. diy goods, 110 Bourbon 
Gay Stephen, asst. editor Com'l Bulletin, 

d. Prytania n. Sixth 
Gay Wm. 126 Poydras. d. 149 Basin, d. 1 
Gayarre Charles, 121 Main 
(layer H. cigars, 109 Marais 
Gayer J. painter, Derbigny n. Conti 
Gayeti N . cabinet maker, 313 Conti 
Gayle John W. (Horrell, Gayle Sf Co.) 93 

Magazine, d. First c. Chestnut 
Gaynar J. laborer. Poet n. Urquhart 
Gayner William, laborer, 207 Liberty 
Gayrand Isidore, professor, 125 St. Peter 
Gayoso E. A Co. cigars, 57 Gravier 
Gayoso L.G. Mrs., St. Andrew c. Chestnut 
Gayoso Mary Mrs. furnished rooms, 189 

St. Claude 
Gayr Richard, Bienville n. Prieur 
Gazalo 0. Mrs. wines, 27 Main 
Gazano Louis, 116 St. Peter 
Gazare Jean, drayman, 301 Roman 
Gazare Jean, butcher, 62 French market 
Gazel F. Mrs. millinery, 37 St. Ann 
Gazin John, carpenter, 329 Marais 
Geagiuager Jas. S. screwman, 322 Fulton 
Geal Marx, laborer, Celestine c. Union 
Geantin Mary Mrs. 121 St. Peter 
Gear Richard, clerk, 60 Magazine 
Gearing Jos. lab. Fourth n. Newton, Gretna 
Gebare Adam, cartman, Conti c. Tonti 
Gebeliu J. cabinet mkr. 261 St. Louis 
Gebhart Theodore, lab, 59 Annunciation 
Geek Charles, musician, 783 Burgundy 
Geek Henry, musician, 44 Poland 
Geeks Frank, musician. Main c. Derbigny 
Geeks John, mu.sieian, 124 Annette 
Geeks Simon, musician, 764 Daunhine,d.3 
Geddos Bennet, drayman, 4 Spain 
Geddes P. H. 90 Gravier 

Geddes John, (Wheeler, Geddes &r Co. ;186 

GEDDES R., Agent New Or- 
leans and Mobile Daily U. S. 
Mail Line, and Ocean Springs. 
Biloxi and Coast Landing 
Packet Steamer Creole, 90 

Geddes Wm. M. (J. W.BurMdge 8f Co.) 

159 Gravier 
Gee James, lab. 435 St. Ann 
Geenin Chas. tin and copper smith, 188 

Geers Henry, grocer, 55 St. Thomas 
Geers Theo. warehouseman, 28 Common 
Gegan Peter, seaman, 269 St. Thomas 
Gehard S. tailor, 257 Tchoupitoulas 
Gehegan Timothy, barkeeper, 134 Tchou- 
pitoulas, d. Jefferson City. 
Geheeb C. collector, 83 Gaiennie 
Gehl Adam, Fulton, n. Ninth 
Gehl Fred, woodyard, Jefferson City 
Gehlbach C. blacksmith, 341 Bayou road 
Gehlbach P. 347 Bayou road 
Gehlbach P. jr. clerk, 277 Tchoupitoulas 
Gehring Charles, St. Peter, n. St. Charles 
Gehrmann John, tailor, 210 Perdido 
Gehrke Ferd.ambrotypist,33Annunciation 
Geier Joseph, vegetables, 19 Poydras mkt 
Geiger A. clerk, 8 Chartres 
Geiger Chas. musician, Roman c. Gravier 
Geiger Chas. hats. New Levee n. Philip 
Geiger Geo. bricklayer. First c. Rousseau 
Geiger Geo. M. 753 New Levee 
Geiger G. M.shoemkr. Philip n. Rousseau 
Geig«r H. laborer, Claiborne n. Cypress 
Geiger H. G. (Wheeler, Geiger &( Co.) 7 

Magazine, d. 383 St. Charles 
Geiger Philip, hats, 419 Dryades 
Geinger John, laborer, 110 Independence 
Geippart Barth. gardener, 99 Bartholomew 
Geis Conrad, grocer. Felicity c. Baronnc 
Geis Daniel, bottler, St. Andrew 
Geis Martin, carpenter, CarroUton 
Geiser Auguste, shoemaker, Algiers 
Geiser Christian, tailor, 17 Toulouse 
Geiser J. N. stair bldr. Carondelet n. Felicity 
Guisler Carl, laborer, 307 Bayou Road 
Geisler H. W. laborer, Claiborne n. Julia 
Geisler John, cook, 886 Kampart d. 3 
Geisioin Martin, 23 St. Ferdinand 
Geistlieh J. C. cistern maker, 374 Hospital 
Geisz Michael, 133 Ursulines 
Geitel C. lab. Independence n. Dauphine 
Gelabert A. Mrs. syrup mkr. 481 Marais d.3 
Gelabert William, baker, 76 Frenchmen 
Gele Jean, butcher, 66 French market 
Gelis H. shoemkr. Baronne c. Common 
GellaChas. carpt. Marais n. Bienville 
Gelpi Antonia, 497 Rampart d. 3 
Gelpi Francis Dr. 152 Baronne 
Gelpi Garcia, c. h. Bienville c. Treme 
Gelpi Jerome, bdg.. house, 206 Bienville 
Gelpi Jerome, clerk, 253 Old Levee d. 2 




Gelpi Pablo, groceries, 253 Old Levee d. 2 
Gelpi Thomas, 47 St. Anthony 
Gemeinhardt John, tailor, 113 Marais, d. 2 
Gemar Philip, laborer, 64 France 
Gomniino; George, trader, 24 Hospital 
Genart Jas, oyster sal., 351 Tchoupitoulaa 
Gendre Elizabeth, Urquhart n. Port 
Gendre P. butcher, 43 Poydras market 
Gene Barthol. rice store, 20 St. Philip 
Genella L. & Son, (Daniel Genella) crock- 
ery and glass, 134 Poydras 
Genella Charles, clerk, 134 Poydras 
Genella Daniel, (L. Genella Sf Son) 134 

Genepra Martin, watchman, 147 Main 
Gener Francis, c. p. 222 St. Peter 
Generelly T. elk. 67 Canal,d. 117 Hospital 
Generes Francis, Drleans, n. Robertson 
Generes Henry, 54 Royal, 504 St. Charles 
Generes Louis N. f. m. c. 312 Josephine 
Generes L. F. (Mat, Generes Sf Co.) 54 

Royal, d. 173 Carond.let 
Genet A. baker, 152 Levee, d. 3 
Genet J. B. tailor, 144 Burgundy 
Genet Pauline, 42 Villere, d. 2 
Genevin John C. c. h. and grocery 577 

Genkins Eliza, millinery, 524 Magazine 
Genkins George, agent, 524 Magazine 
Genin Charles A. (Rousset &f Genin) 83 

Canal, d. 51 Esplanade 
Genin C. F. Mrs., Rampart n. Main 
Genin Gustav, clerk. Magazine, c. Canal 
Genois Charles, 176 Annunciation 
Genois John, Laharpe, n. Villere 
Genois Joseph, naval officer of customs, d. 

234 Ksplanade 
Genois Jos. jr. book-keeper, 246 St. Ann 
Genois J. B. Mrs. 79 Orleans 
Genoni Vincent, wood, etc. 124 St Peter 
Gennison J. H. carpenter, 62 Villere, d.2 
Gensbacher Loeb, dry goods, 172 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Gensler John, laborer, 197 St. Anthony 
Gensler & Rosenfield, (Samuel Gensler, Jo- 
seph Rnsenfield) clothing, 93 Chartres 
Gensler Samuel, (Gensler &f Rosenfield) 93 

Gent Andreas, Oirod near Ramjiart 
Gentes Cyrot J. 543 Burgundy, d. 3 
Gentessee Fr's. book-keeper, 161 Poydras 
Gentilucci Peter Capt. 315 Terpsichore 
Gcntilly D. Mrs. 129 Spain 
Genty Alex. Mrs. 494 Robertson 
Genty L. A. clerk, d. 41 Orleans 
Gentry Pascal, laborer, 408 Liberty 
Genzer Louis, painter, 392 Franklin 
Genzheimer S. carpenter, 49 Main 
Geoffrey J. B. carpenter, 65 Main 
Gooffry J. Mrs. toys, 328 St. Ann 
George Charles, laborer, 46 St Thomas 
George Edward, carpenter, 11 Urq\iharl 
George Edmond, carpt. 326 Customhouse 
George F. mattress maker, 276 Dnuphine 
George George, carpt. 568 Annun<i,ition 
George & Smith, (G. IV. George, J. C. 
Smith) shipping office, 6 Hospital 

George Isaac D. Canal, c. Baronne 
George John, Jefferson City 
George John A. tailor, 35 Chippewa 
George John R. (JMagee &c Kneass) 6 Mag- 
azine, d. 434 Baronne 
George Joseph, butcher, 59 Chippewa 
George J. S. f. m. c. 62 St. Anthony 
George Michael, book-keeper, 27 Conti 
George Mrs. 334 Customhouse 
George M. f. m c. Basin, n. Customhouse 
George N. North Amer. Hotel, 5 Bienville 
George Sam, Chinese cook", 536 Dauphine 
George Washington Lodge, (Masonic) 65 

Masonic Hall 
George Wm. laborer, 651 St. Claude 
Geoy Mary, Annunciation, c. Seventh 
Gerahty Thomas, drayman, 29 Polymnia 
Gerald Catharine, 134 Bienville 
Gerard Abbott, stables, Gretna 
Gerard Alexander, Roman c St. Philip 
Gerard Aristide, (B. Renaud &f Co.) St. 

Louis, c. Royal, d. 323 St. Peter 
Gerard Charles, embroidery designer, 77 

Gerard Charles, carpenter, 58 Enghien 
Gerard Etiennc Miss, 185 Bayou road 
Gerard F,. clerk, 42 Old Levee 
Gerard Fran(jois,c. p. 222 St. Peter 
Gerard Francois Miss, 358 Esplanade 
Gerard G. grocery, Bnyou road, c. Villere 
Gerard Hubert, carpenter, 360 Esplanade 
Gerard H. carpt. St. Philip n. Rampart 
Gerard J. J. 53 St. Ann 
Gerard John, laborer, 181 Tchoupitoulas 
Gerard J. W. (Follett, Vallette &r Gerard,) 

Lavergne n. Peter, Algiers 
Gerard Louis, painter, 372 St. Peter 
Gerard Louis, carpenter, 121 Ursulines 
Gerard Leon Mrs. 221 St. Philip 
Gerard Nicholas, baker, 295 Camp 
Gerard Peter, Seventh n. Fulton 
Gerard Peter, 494 Baronne 
Gerard P. J. confectioner, 295 Camp 
Gerard S. gauger, 9 St. Louis 
Gerard William, grocer, 244 Bayou road 
Gerard William F. blacksmith, Lavergne 

n. Peter, Algiers 
Gerardy J. N., Chippewa c. Harmony 
Gerarty James, Laurel n. Felicity 
Gerarty John Mrs. 220 Derbigny, d. 2 
Gerathewohl Henry, pedler,33 Hospital 
Gerber Adam. wheelwright, 114 Marais,d.2 
Gerber C. millinery, 45 St. Peter 
Gerber Francis, trader, Dryades n. Delord 
Gerber John, Fourth n. St. Dennis 
Gerber John, butcher, 50 St. Mary's mkt 
Gerbie Christopher, jeweler, 221 Tchou- 
Gerchty Thomas, drayman, 27 Polymnia 
Gerdes A. shoes, 333 Old Levee, d. 2 
Gerdes Bernard, grocer, 653 Royal 
Gerdes Henry, c. h. 54 Front Levee, d. 3 
Gerdes Hermann, warehouse'n, 11 Union 
Gerdes H. painter, 45 Marigny, d. 501 

Royal, d. 3 
Gerd.s H. 70 Canal, d. 294 St. Louis 
Gerding Joljn H. carpenter, 112 Josephine 




Gereke A. barber, 445 Rampart, d. 3 
Gerghin Marks, toys, &c., 124 St. Joseph 
Gergone L. cistern maker, 318 Dauphine 
Gerhard D. butcher, 104 & 105 French mkt 
Gorhardt S.- tailor, Seventh n. New Levee 
Gerhart Jacob, laborer, Port n. Burgundy 
Gerhart M. (J\Iiller &f Gerhart,) butchers, 

33 French market 
Gerhart Xavier, tailor, 259 Tchoupitoulas 
Gerig Christopher, Jefferson City 
Gering Aug. barkeeper, 392 Ursulines 
Geringer John, shoemaker, 305 Fulton 
Gerken H. H. Mrs. fancy goods, Levee 

n. Washington 
Gerken John, laborer, 474 Royal 
Gerkin Henry, lab. 883 New Levee, d. 4 
Gerlach G. upholsterer, Gravierc.St. Jane 
Gerlach John, shoemaker, 127 Chartres 
Germain Anne, f. w. c. 147 Perdido 
Germain A. & Co. rest'ant, 15 Madison 
Germain D. butcher, Gretna 
Germain F. shoemaker, 3 St. Philip 
Germain Henry, chancellor of French con- 
sul, 75 Bourbon, d. 63 Orleans 
Germain H. S. foreman, printer, 395 Lib- 
Germain John, f. m. c. carpenter, 492 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
Germain L. Mrs. 713 Burgundy d. 3 
Germain Philip, 495 Villere, d. 3 
Germain Pierre, 495 Villere, d. 3 
German Baptist Church, Spain n. Love 
German Catholic Church, Berlin, Jeff.City 
German Daily Gazette, 102 Poydras 
German E. Mrs. 108 Orange 
German Henry, shoemkr. Tonti n. Main 
German John, tailor, 90 Camp 
German Lutheran Church, Burgundy c. 

German Lutheran Church, Euterpe n. Ba- 
ron ne 
German Lutheran Church, Felicity n. Basin 
German Lutheran Church, Customhouse 
German Methodist Church, Soraparu c. 

German Methodist Church, Dryades n. 

German Methodist Church, Union, d. 3 
German Presbyterian Church, First n. 

German Protestant Church, Philip, d. 4 
German Society of New Orleans, 69 St. 

Germania Lodge, No. 46, masonic, St. 

Louis n. Claiborne 
Gernon Michael, notary, 96 Common, d. 

63 Prytania 
Gernon Melpomene Mrs. 66 Gasquet 
Gernon G. drayman, Lafayette n. Howard 
Gernon Thomas, bookbinder, 59 Camp 
Gernsbacher Abraham, dry goods, 171 

Rampart, d. 1 
Gernsbacher & Bernheimer, (Joseph Gerns- 
bacher, Simon Bernheimer,) dry goods, 
227 St. Peter 
Gernsbacher Joseph, (Gernsbacher Sf Bern- 
heimer,) d. 183 Rampart ^ 

Gernsbacher L. dry goods, 127 Rampart 
Gernsberger J. dry goods, 117 Villere 
Gerodias Vic. dep. sheriff, 374 St. Peter 
Gerroux Perre, 452 Bourbon 
Gerris H. painter. Royal n. Poet 
Gerry A. upholsterer, 86 Burgundy 
Gerry George W. sawyer, Olive, Algiers 
Gerry M. Mrs. 99 Main 
Gerry P. R., Magazine n. St. Joseph 
Gersler Antoine, 12 Soraparu mkt 
Gerson Benj. ( Freidlander 8f Gerson,) 43 

Carondelet, d. 214 Julia 
Gerson Henry, Mozart Hall c. h. and b. 

h. 69 Royal 
Gerstenberg E. C. tail»r, 48 Perdido 
Gerstenberg Nic.shoe store, 116 Harmony 
Gerstenneger Charles, 66 and 68 Royal 
Gerster M. Mrs. grocer, 286 Frenchmen 
Gerstner Frank, c. h. Water n. Fourth 
Gerteis L. gunmaker, 107 St. Charles, d. 

207 Rampart, d. 1 
Gerthel Anthony, bakery, 367 Old Levee 
Gertner Paul, Morales c. Cotton Press 
Gerton Simon, carpenter, 326 Carondelet 
Gertrude Victor Mrs. Ill Barracks 
Gertz Rudolph, tinsmiih,265Tchoupitoulas 
Gorvais Augustine, 156 Marigny 
Gervais Jean, Main n. St. Claude 
Gervais Peter, Marigny n. Claiborne- 
Grervais Peter Mrs. 156 Marigny 
Gery Louis, engraver, Camp c. Canal, d. 

55 Derijigny, d. 2 
Geslein George, laborer, 40 Main 
Gessell Anthony, warehouseman, 144 Gal- 

vez, d. 2 
Gessler Daniel, clothing, 62 Levee, d. 3 
Gessler H. W., Claiborne n. Julia 
Gessner Catharine, 91 Marais, d. 2 
Gessner George, teacher, 303 Poydras 
Gessner J. V. musician, 329 Canal 
Gettel Christian, laborer, 101 Independence 
Gettel Henry,c.h.and groc'y,50 Montegut 
Gettis James, lab. Bourbon c. Solidelle 
Gettwerth L. gas fitter, 106 Villere, d. 2 
Getty James H. clerk, 23 Magazine 
Getty John, mattrfessmkr. 76 North mkt 
Getty J. c. h. Magazine c. Chestnut, Grnl. 
Getty J. sugar boiler, Rousseau n. Second 
Getz C. vegetables, 129 St. Mary's mkt 
Getz Fred, laborer, 344 Conti 
Getz Henry, drayman, 157 Piety 
Getz W. shoemaker, 88 St. Louis 
Geux D. F. Mrs. school, 221 Claiborne 
Geyner Michael, drayman, d. Algiers 
Ghira Guiseppe, b. h. 21 Victory 
Ghirghin Marks, toys, etc. 276 Camp, d. 

124 St. Joseph 
Ghiselin Wm. N, liquors, d. 342 Bienville 
Giaurodin J. M. Mrs. J 48 St. Ann 
Giamarchi P. A. professor, 20 Exch; place 
Gianoni Vincenzo, organ grinder, 110 Ba- 
sin, d. 2 
Giban Pierre, carpenter, 126 St. Anthony 
Gibben John, Sixth n. Constance 
Gibbon Michael, laborer, Patterson, Algs 
Gibbons Israel, local editor, 70 Camp, d. 

Craps c. Port 

Gibbons John, 278 St. Louis 
Gibbons John, lab. 76 Annunciation 
Gibbons John T. tp!pgraiih,51 St. Charles 
Gibbons Joseph H. (J\IcPeak8f Gibbons,) 

103 Povdras 
Gibbons Mary, b. h. 26 Delord 
Gibbons Thomas, drayman, 42 Constance 
Gibbons Thomas P. clerk, 11 Front Levee 
Giiiby Joseph, clerk, 121 Canal 
Gibelin J. grocer, St. Thomas n. Eighth 
Gibelin Thomas, 56 France 
Gibert Alfred, barber, 619 Chartres, d. 3 
Gibert Chas. sieved ore,. 502 Old Levee,d.3 
Gibert Charles, tailor, 89 Urquhart 
Gibert L. Mrs. 201 Main 
Gibert P. G. clerk, 8 and 10 St. Louis 
Gibier J. f. m. c. bricklayer, 134 Krato 
Giblin John, lab. 145 Carondelet walk 
Gibney B.Mrs. grocery, 570 Dauphine,d.3 
Gibney Dennis, laborer, 82 St. Thomas 
Giliney James, drayman, 133 Chippewa 
Gibney James, undertaker, Elysian Fields 

n." Chartres, d. 410 Chartres, d. 3 
Gibney Jane Mrs. grocery, 322 Tchoupi- 

Gibney John, plasterer, 27 Terpsichore 
Gibney John, New Levee n. Thalia 
Gibney Lawrence, laborer, 48 St. Thomas 
Gibney Patrick, .losephine n. Levee 
Gibney Patrick, laborer, Port c. Old Levee 
Gibony S. Mrs. 297 Orleans 
Gibony Thos. Mrs.,Greatnien c. Enghien 
Gibson Emily, f. w. c. 12 Rnsin 
Gibson James, painter, Perdido n. Liberty 
Gibson John, lab. Theresa n. St. Thomas 
Gibson R. C. laborer, Goodchildren n. St. 

Gibson Susan Mrs. 455 Baronne 
Gibson William, ( Thornhill S( Co.) 43 

Union, d. 1 
Gibson William A. pilot, Terpsichore n. 

Gidiere John, ( Clapp, Mitchell &c Jacks,) d. 

Bordeaux n. Chestnut, Jeff. City J. J. clerk, 35 Magazine 
Gidro Widow, 314 Dauphine 
Gicbel Henry, carpenter. Second n. St. 

Gier George, bricklayer, Rousseau n. First 
Giero Joseph, shoemaker, 24!) Camp 
Giese Henry, clerk, 86 Montegut 
Gieseke J. ti. shoemaker, 211 Baronne 
Giesecke Wm. 421 Royal, d. 3 
Gieseler Albert, clerk, 113 St. Philip 
Giesemann Fritz, shoemaker, Johnson n. 

Gieske Henry, dry goods, St. Ferdinand 

c. Dauphine 
Giealer Joseph, Royal c. St. Philip 
Giisler X. watchmaker, Ciinnl c. Royal 
Gitsler Rodolph, c. h. 98 Marais, d. 2 
Gi(t7. Jacob, lab. Clouet n. Goodchildren 
Gietz J. porter, St. Ferdinand c. Urquhart 
Giffen Aaam, (Gijfrn, Smrdes &/■ Co.) City 

Treasurer, d. 145 Constance 
Giffen Forester, clerk, 74 Canal 
Giffen James F. 145 Constance 

Giffen, Smedes & Co. (Mam Giffen, Wm. 

B. Giffen, Charles E. Smedes,) cotton 

factors and com. mers. 153 Common 

Giffen Wm. B. (Giffen, Smedes &f Co.) 153 

Giffers Frai^k, ( Guilbaux 8t Giffers,) 121 

Giffney H. R. 303 St. Charles 
Giffney Mary C. Mrs. 303 St. Charles 
Gigley James, clerk, 35 Orange 
Giiabert Jose, 233 Villere, d. 2 
Gilatio Wm. laborer, 22 Mandeville 
Gilavary Michael, varieties, 171 Magazine 
Gilbach P. charcoal, 142 Basin 
Gilbert Albert, f. m. c. steward, 228 Clai- 
Gilbert Alice, f. m. c. 259 Marais 
Gilbert A. J. furniture, 275 Common 
Gilbert E. J. furniture, 213 Common 
Gilbert George, laborer, 178 Tchoupitoulas 
Gilbert H. painter, Magazine n. St. An- 
Gilbert James, 52 New Levee 
Gilbert Joseph, carpenter, 410 Ursulines 
Gilbert L. f. m. c. bricklayer, 356 Main 
Gilbert Mary, 59 Bourbon 
Gilbert P. f.'w. c. 201 Main 
Gilbert Mrs., St. Philip n. Laurel 
Gilbert T., St. James n. Tchoupitoulas 
Gilbo Michael, Laurel c. Berlin, Jeff.City 
Gilchrist Timothy, drays, 39 St. Mary 
Gilchrist Timothy, 21 Josephine 
Gilda Michael, seaman. Market n. Front 
Gildea Patrick, Market n. Front 
Gildemeester H. J. 113 Rampart 
Gildemester P. J. Mrs., Ursulines n. Ram- 
Gilder M. L. clerk, 323 Bienville 
Gildersleve Ruth Mrs. 233 Carondelet 
Gildey Michael, laborer, 86 Rousseau 
Gile Eugene, 176 Columbus 
Giler Jacob, mate, 639 Annunciation 
Giles Edward, clerk, 59 Commerce 
Giles Henry, shoemaker,23 Tchoupitoulas 
Giles John Mrs., Jefferson City 
Giles Richard, printer, 70 Burgundy 
Giles S. W. Mrs., Constance n. First 
Giles Wm. L. clerk, 128 Tchoupitoulas 
Gilfoy Wm. laborer, 81 Constance 
Gilgur Patrick, Clio n. Clara 
Gilhuly Pat. cabman, 113 Klysian Fields 
Giligan John Mrs., Lafayette' n. Prieur 
Gilkinson W. W. (Roqnest &: Gilkinson,) 

10 Crossman and 10 Customhouse 
Gill A. H. coffee house, 8 Customhouse 
Gill Brid-ret Mrs. 333 St. Louis 
Gill D. Mrs. b. h. 61 New Levee, d. 1. 
Gill E. cistern maker, 198 Customhouse 
Gill K. Mrs. b. h. 151 Poydras 
Gill Jame.s, Customhouse n. Prieur 
Gill James, clerk, Annunciation c. First 
Gill Jolin, clerk. Customhouse n. Prieur 
Gillan Bernard, drayman, 493 Tchoupi- 
Gillan F., St. Thomas n. St. Anthony 
Gillan Mrs., Terpsichore n. Magazine 
Oillan Francis, St. Dennis n. First 




Gillan Henry, architect, 147 Race 

Gillan James, deputy U. S. marshal, Clio 

11. Freret 
Gillan John, tinsmith, 69 Girod 
Gillan Michael, laborer, Gravier n. Clara 
Gillan Michael, foreman omnibus stables, 

98 Marig-ny 
Gillan Michael, Market n. Pacanier 
Gillan Pat. builder, 114 Thalia 
Gillan Patrick, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Gillan Wm. gunny bags, 146 Magazine 
Gillon John, porter U. S. court, d. 68 

Gillard Mrs. 293 St. Ann 
Gillaspie, Brewer & Co. ( Wm. M. Gillaspie, 
James Brewer, Harrison Jordan,) cot. 
factors and com. mers. 38 Union 
Gillaspie Wm. M. (Gillaspie, Brewer Sf 

Co.) 38 Union 
Gilleland E. W. carpenter, Carrollton 
Gilles Duncan, c. and b. h. 86 Front Le- 
vee, d. 3 
Gillespie C. C. editor N. O. Christian Ad- 
vocate, 112 Camp 
Gillespie James E. Jackson n. Dryades 
Gillespie J. Mrs. 137 Frenchmen 
Gillespie M. millinery, 250 Tchoupitoulas 
Gillespie Peter, engineer, 785 Burgundy, d. 3 
Gillespie Theodore, surveyor, 13 Caron- 

delet, d. Josephine c. Rampart 
Gillet Asa E. builder, 458 Dryades 
Gilligan John Mrs. 511 Chartres, d. 3 
Gilligan J. Mrs. grocery, 99 New Levee 
Gillighan Elenora Mrs. grocery, 46Gaiennie 
Gillighan Mary Ann, Moreau n. Port 
Gillighan Robert, laborer, 202 Calliope 
Gillilea Michael, clerk. Magazine c. Canal 
Gillingham H. 141 Magazine 
Gillis Andrew, laborer, 146 Rampart, d. 1 
Gillis & Ferguson, (M. Gillis, S. G. Fer- 
guson,) com. mers. 44 Union, d. 1 
Gillis M. (Gillis Sf Ferguson,) d. 20i St. 

Gillieve L. D. painter, Melpomene n. 

Gilmartin Michael, grocer, Frere n. Clio 
Gillmore James, laborer, 76 Calliope 
Gillmore Sarah, 526 St. Charles 
Gillon Patrick, c. h. Julia c. Front 
Gillotte Pierre, c. h. 140 Customhouse 
Gilly A. A. 128 St. Philip 
GilJy Hypolite, commission merchant, 119 

Common d. 114 St. Ann 
Gilly Hypolite, jr. clerk, 30 Common, d. 

93 St. Ann 
Gilly Louis Mrs. 247 Rampart, d. 2 
Gilly P. clerk, d. 114 St. Ann 
Gillman Samuel H. 102 Gravier, and 46 

St. Charles 
Gilmartin Patrick laborer, Melpomene n. 

Gilmer Henry, builder. Race n. Magazine 
Gilmore A. c. h. Front Levee, d. 1 
GUmore Hugh, laborer, Alex n. Bartholo- 
mew, Algiers 
Gilmore John, laborer, 71 Tchoupitoulas 
Gilmore John, lab. Orange n. Religious 
— > — 

Gilmore John, cabman, 277 Poydras 
Gilmore John, engineer, 677 Royal, d. 3 
Gilmore John B. clerk, d. 368 Common 
Gilmore Martha, f. w. c. 139 St. Charles 
Gilmore M. B. book keeper, 240 Girod 
Gilmore Michael, lab. 288 St. Thomas 
Gilmore Thomas, atty. at law, 112 Canal 

d. 190 Erato 
Gilmour Henry S. 114 Common 
GilmourT.C. cotton broker, 114 Common, 

d. Prytania c. Third 
Gilronan James, blacksmith, 112 Foucher 
Gilroy Barney, grocer, 209 Magazine 
Gilthorpe Jas. boiler maker, 396 Fulton 
Giltrap James, boiler maker, 123 Front 
Gimbel Louis, variety store, 781 n. Levee 
Ginan James, lab. Congress n. Front Levee 
Ginart James, Congress n. Chartres 
Ginart Michael, camphene manufacturer, 

15 Elmire 
Ginart M. Mrs. 10 Elmire 
Ginder A. locksmith, 263 Chartres 
Ginder Frances Mrs., St. Andrew c. Laurel 
Ginder Geo. barber, 187 Josephine 
Ginder Henry, clerk. Canal c. Royal, d. 

Philip c. Coliseum 
Ginder Jos. grocer, St. Andrew c Laurel 
Ging Barbara, dressmaker, 71 Main 
Ging James, laborer, 140 Tchoupitoulas 
Ginsburg Isidor B. furniture, 215 Gravier 
Ginther Henry, Palmyra c. Galvez 
Giovanni Joseph, 114 Treme, d. 2 
Giquel A. Mrs. midwife, 71 Dauphine 
Giquel E. (Giquel Sf Jamison,) d. 164 Bi- 

ers and Dealers in Di'y Goods, 
126 Canal street, between St. 
Chax'les and Carondelet-sts. 

Giquel J. Miss, 805 Rampart, d. 3 
Girard Alonson, stables, Gretna 
Girard Alonzo, shipsmith, 86 Front Levee 
Girard Andrew, barber, Jefferson City 
Girard Antinor, butcher, 30 French mkt 
Girard Antonio, butcher, 12 French mkt 
Girard Aug. carpenter, 171 Columbus 
Girard A. Mrs. dry goods, 77 Robertson, 

d. 2 
Girard E. & Couteux, (Etienne Girard, 

Charles Couteux,,) Chartres c. Bienville 
Girard Francois, furniture, 270 Bourbon 
Girard Joseph, cooper, Chartres n. Poland 
Girard Joseph Mrs. baker, 244 Dauphine 
Girard Jules, clerk, 117 Ursulines 
Girard Jules O. 40 Bourbon 
Girard Louis, cabinet maker, Toledano c. 

Girard Louis, painter, 134 Bienville 
Girard L. Mrs. 221 St. Philip 
Girard M. D. Mrs. 7 History 
Girard M. Rer. Constance n. Josephine 
Girard Peter, carpenter, 207 St. Louis 
Girard Xavier, tailor, 315 Tchoupitoulas 
Girardey John Mrs. 136 Orleans 
Girardey J. B. Mrs. 197 Roman, d. 2 




GIRAEDEY C. E. & CO. (Ca- 

mille E. Girardey, Nicholas 
J.Hoey,)formerly J. A. Beard 
& Co., Auctioneers and Ap- 
praisers of Real Estate, Slaves, 
Stocks, etc.. No. 37 Magazine 
street, opposite Arcade Hotel, 
d. 37 Rampart, d. 2. 

Grirardey V. J, B. elk. 37 Magazine, d. 458 

Girardey Victor, auctioneer, 458 Baronne 
Girjirdin C. S. Ca{)t. 366 Bourbon 
Girardin F. Mrs. 391 Dorbifrny, d. 3 
Girardin R. Mrs. Ehnire n. Front Levee 
Girardo V. laborer, 239 Kerlerec 
Giraud Ant. (Blanchin Sf Giraud,) 71 Old 

Lrvoe, d. 106 Union 
Giraud Edward, painter, 222 St. Louis 
Giraud Felix, laborer, 90 St. Peter 
Giraud Michel, bread, 57 St. Ann 
Giraud Michel, (P. J. Giraud &f Co.) d. 

71 Conti 
Giraud Pierre, Orleans n. Prieur 
Girard Pauline, furnished rooms, 140 St. 

Giraud P. A. & Co. (Michel Giraud, John 

Gandy, D. .4. Chaffraix,) com. mers., 

52 late 13 Customhouse, d. 71 Conti 
Giraud Vincent, clerk, Chartres c. Conti 
Girault August, musician, 257 Marais,d. 2 
Girault August, jr. painter, 356 Robertson 
Girault Charles, 173 Robertson, d. 2 
Girault E. clerk, Tchoupitoulas c. Gravier 
Girault John F. 120 Gravier, d. 517 St. 

Giraux Clemence, 120 Bienville 
Giraudeau A., Claiborne n. Ursulines 
Giraudeau B. Mrs. 126 Toulouse 
Gireaudeau D. Mrs. midwife, 351 Ram- 

})art, d. 1 
Gireaudeau Eugenie, 98 St. Philip 
Gireaudeau Louise, f. w. c. 75 Union, d. 3 
Gireaudon I.M.Mrs 148 St. Ann 
Girent Jules, professor, 213 Bourbon 
Girent Louis, architect, Bourbon c. Main 
Girod Aug., Laharpe n. Plauche 
Girod Edw. lab. Terpsichore n. Dryades 
Girod Emile, ambrotyper, 126 Poydras 
Girod Joseph, shoemkr. 5 Annunciation 
Girod Joseph, 72 Main 
Girod J. D. clerk, 14 Carondelel 
Giroux Alphonse, 267 Daupiiine 
Giroux E. A. umbrella mkr. 45 Baronne 
Giroux L., Rocheblave n. Main 
Giroux M. paper colors, 233 Dauphine 
Giroux & Ried, brokers, 12 Carondelet 
Giroux Paul, painter, 226 Bourbon 
Giroux P. J. 452 Baronne 
Giroux Victore ,grocer, Johnson, c. Hospital 
Gisrion Paul, chocolate manf. 30 Bienville 
Gissinger J. drayman, 609 Annunciation 
Gisslir J. gardener, 510 Bayou road 
Giasler Xavia, artist, 59 Claiborne 
Gissot F. cat)inet maker, 90 Dauphine 
Giitrichalk A. 246 Bienville 

Gitzinger George, Desire n. Rampart 
Giurnnovich M. variety store, 292 Chartres 
Giurick James, fruit, 70 Front Levee, d. 3 
Givan Ambrose, exp. driver, 360 Common 
Givan J. M. lightning rods, 103 Poydras, 

d. Gasquet c. Miro 
Given D. A. jr. clerk, 80 Poydras 
Given, Watts & Co. ( H. F. Given, W. C. 
Ji'iilts, H. H Bryan,) tobacco factors 
and com. mers., 80 Poydras 
Given H. F. (Given, Watts &c Co.)d. Jack- 
son c. St. Charles 
Givens George W. 265 Magazine 
Givins A. Dr. 265 Magazine 
Givins August, lab. S(>guin n. Peter, Alg 
Givney James, drayman, 133 Pacanier 
Givney Lawrence, laborer, 48 St. Thomas 
Glaasen G. variety, 104 Tchoupitoulas 
Glaason Henry, c. h. 97 Baronne 
Glacia William, laborer, 49 Marigny 
Gladden & Seixas, (.1. H. Gladden, J. M. 
Seixas,) cotton factors and com. mers. 
159 Gravier 
Gladden A. H. (Gladden Sf Seixas,) d. 

137 Girod 
Gladden E. W. painter, 109 Camp, d. 26 

Gladden Henry, Carondelet near Erato 
Gladden Meek E. clerk, 159 Gravier 
Gladke Charles A. CJo/mson.^ Gladke,) 105 

St. Charles 
Glady Edward, dry goods, 435 Royal, d. 3 
(ilaeser L. painter, Rousseau n. Jackson 
Glahl Fanny, Jetlerson City 
Glairac Hypolite, tailor, 89 Baronne 
Glaise John, cabman, 177 Tchoupitoulas 
Glancy John, cartman, 493 Tchoupitoulas 
Glancy Owen, lab. Webster avenue, Alg. 
Giandier Fran(jois, 465 Bourbon 
Glanle Rosa, f. w. c. 40 Villere 
Glannin James, laborer, 514 Royal, d. 3 
Glannon Thomas, laborer, 88 Gaiennic 
Glansbecher Chris tian,potat's, 215 St. Peter 
Glanz Ciiarles, carpenter, 136 Johnson 
Glapion C. P. carpenter, 30 St. Bernard 
Glapion John C. tailor, 375 Villere, d. 3 
Glapj! Henry, laborer, 72 Port 
Glas Frank, lamplighter, 730 Rampart 
Glasar Paolo, fruil, 62Treme market 
Glaser Henry, milk, 150 Clouet 
Glaser Martin, gro. Liberty c. Melpomene 
Glaser Thomas, crockery, 445 Dryades 
Glass David, laborer, 133 Bienville 
Glass James, h. h. 751 New Levee 
Glass John, mate, 415 Chartres 
Glasser Henry, blacksmith, Algiers 
Glasser John, shoemaker, 147 Conti 
Glasser Louis, laborer, 45 St. Ann 
Glasser Peter, drayman, 667 Koyal, d. 3 
Glassman Henry, c. h. 21 Girod 
Glassock John J. trader, Terpsichore n. 

St. Charles 
Glaubrecht J. G. lab. 867 St. Claude 
Glaude Rosa, 295 Villere 
Giaudiere Aug. 36 Annette 
Glaudin C. H. C. f. m. c. Clio n. Caron- 




Glaudin Henry, cigars, 160 Camp 
Glaudin John, cigars, 174 Gravier 
Glaudin J. B. f. m.c. cigars, 119 Poydras 
Glaudin J. G. f. m. c. cigars, 98 Poydras 
Glaver Geo. gardener, Ciouetn.Urquhart, 

d. 163 Clio 
Glavich Peter, oysters, 169 Rampart 
Glavy Bernard, mate, 26 Elmira 
Glazier Nicholas, Algiers 
Gleason Edmund, 35 St. Thomas 
Gleason H. grocer, St. Mary n. Religious 
vjileason Joel, 4 Roman, d. 1 
Gleason John, lab. 484 0. Levee, d. 3 
Gleason Matthew, oysters, 116 N. Levee 
Gleason Matthew, b. h. 194 N. Levee 
Gleason Michael, Tchoupitoulas n. Nuns 
Gleason Michael, soap factory, Broad n. 

Bayou road 
Gleason Owen, drayman, 302 Constance 
Gleason & Clark, (Patrick Gleason, Pat- 
rick Clark f) cot. pickery, 119 Chip- 
Gleason Patrick, (Gleason &f Clark,) 119 

Chippewa ^ 

Gleason Patrick, drayman, 202 Constance 
Gleber Peter, gardener, 134 Louisa 
Gleeson James, lab. Market n. Front 
Gleeson Patrick, lab. Pacanier n. Richard 
Gleeson Thos. grocer, Howard c. Perdido 
Gleich Valentine, St. Charles n.Polymnia 
Gleily John, hide mi'r. l-ulton n. Ninth 
Gleise Mrs. widow, 228 Royal 
Gleise Paul J. 120 Common, d. Bourbon 

c. St. Philip 
Glen Fred, butcher, Roman n. Laharpe 
Glenan Peter, carpenter, Prieur n. Main 
Glender Henry, 242 Laurel 

GLENN A. & CO. (J. W. Glenn,) 
General Commission Merch- 
ants and Agents for the Sale 
of Manufactured Tobacco, 93 

Glenn A. (Jl. Glenn Sf Co.) d. 109 Pry- 

Glenn & Chalmers, (D. C. Glenn, H. H. 

Chalmers,) altys. at law, 15 Camp 
Glenn D. T. build. Washington c.Baronne 
Glenn Jas. drayman, Conti n. Tonti 
Glenn J. W. (Jl. Glenn &f Co.) 93 Gra- 
vier, d. 204 Terpsichore 
Glenn Marty, grocer, 151 Jackson 
Glenn Michael, stock dealer, Cadiz n. 

Laurel, Jeff. City 
Glenn Thos. lab. 93 St. Thomas 
Glenn T. D. build. Baronne n. Washington 
Glennon Robt. S. roofing, 57 St. Charles 
Gleiuion Thos. lab. Celeste n. N. Levee 
Glennon Thos. drayman, 341 Melpomene 
Glenz Charles, carpenter, 367 St. Peter 
Glezer Martin, grocer, 327 Melpomene 
Glick John, bakery, 165 Dauphine 
Glidden George, ( Glidden, Marshall Sf 

Co.) d. 39 Piety 
Glidden John, warehouse, 43 N. Levee 

Glidden, Marshall & Co. (George Glidden, 
Robert Marshall, Robert Marshall, jr.) 
ship chandlers and grocers, 10 and 11 
Marigny buildings, d. 3 
Glinnon James, drayman, 430 Conti 
Glinnon Michael, lab. Race n.St. Thomas 
Glinnon Thos. lab. 93 Tchoupitoulas 
Glinnon Wm. warehouseman, 407 Gravier 
Glogan Julius, clerk, 33 Chartres 
Gloie Hy. carp. Lyon c. Jersey, Jeff. C. 
Gloie John, locksmith, 220 St. Mary 
Glossen Ann Mrs. Palmyra c. Derbigny 
Glotz Christian, foundryman, Cypress n. 

Gloudat Anton, Annette c. Marais 
Glover John G. St. Mary n. Coliseum 
Glover Jones, 242 Bienville 
Glover Mary, dressmkr. 83 Frenchmen 
Glover R. F. 124 Canal 
Glover Wm. 22 Poet 
Gluck Peter, baker. Piety n. Rampart .. 
Gluentz Chas. carp. Hospital c. Galvez 
Glyne Adam, watchmaker, 152 Race 
Glynn John, 120 Basin, d. 2 
Glynn John, lab. 18 Foucher 
Glynn John, jr. clerk, 76 Franklin 
Glynn Martin, shoes, 9 Annunciation 
Glynn Michael, trader, 19 St. James 
Glynn Pat. clerk, 92 Canal 
G;iagi John, ( Gotte &f Gnagl,) d. 178 

Gnam Chas. G. Mrs. 110 Piety 
Gnoargar Cath. Mrs. 320 Felicity 
Gnosspelius Gus.,Mandeville n, Dauphine 
Goban C.L.jeweler, Bourbon n. St. Philip 
Gobell Henry, Jackson n. Carroll 
Gobin Auguste, cigars, 326 Villere, d. 3 
Gobing P. grocer, Roman c. Conti 
Gobler Henry, tailor, Philip n. Rousseau 
Godard F. Mrs., St. Ann n. Rocheblave 
Godais Auguste, wheelw'ht, 40 Rousseau 
Godat Henry A. carp. 434 Basin 
Godcheaux Leon, (M.Godcaeaux, Frere &f 

Co.) 81 Canal 
Godcheaux M. Frere & Co. (Meijer God- 
cheaux, Leon Godcheaux , Jos. Simon,) 

clothing, 81 Canal 
Godcheaux Meijer, (M, Godcheaux, Frere 

^ Co.) 225 Burgundy 
Godcheaux M. Mrs. 200 Robertson, d. 2 
Goddard Adeline M. b. h. 139 St Charles 
Goddou Victor, soda & candies, 270 Camp 
Godefroy E. Mrs. 258 Robertson, d. 2 
Godefroy Jas. printer, 127 Burgundy 
Godefroy Jean B. tailor, 354 Robertson, 

d. 3 
Godefroy J. B. shoemkr. and grocer, 291 

Godefroy Louis, elk. 61 Carondelet,d.368 

Burgundy, d. 3 
Godefroy 0, Ursulines n. Roman 
Godefroy R. f. m. c. carp. 361 Orleans " 
Godefroy R. Mrs. 90 Ursulines 
Godfrey John, lab. 93 St. Thomas 
Godfrey Martha W. Mrs. 104 Orange 
Godfrey Martone, 172 Customhouse 
Godfrey M. P. Terpsichore n. Coliseum 




Godfrey N. P. Dr. (Parmley &c Godfrey,) 

dentist. North c. St. Francis 
Godfrey Wni. trader, 142 Melpomene 
Godfrey Wm. bltr. Annunciation n. Basin 
Godin Chas. jr. bookbinder, 37 Toulouse 
Godin V. cooper, 138 ('liiiluirne, d. 2 
Godoegg John, rojie mkr. Fulton n. Ninth 
Godwin David R. 13 N. Levee, d. St. 

Charles n. Soniat, Jefl". City 
Godwin John P. sub. whariiufjer, 113 Poet 
(Jodwin Maria, dressniakir, '2'2^y St. Peter 
Goeb Henry, wheelwright, Washington n. 

Goeb Nicholas, Bagatelle n. Prosper 
Gotbel Jacob, carp. 8 Roman 
Goedharl Frank, c. h. 68 St. Philip 
Goehring Nich. dairy, Clouet c. Morales 
Goehring Philip, grocer, '250 Mandeville 
Goeken John, Jackson n. Laurent 
Goeley M. Mrs. Annunciation c. Seventh 
Goerg Jno. Adam, tailor, 464 Annunciation 
Goerger Albinus, poultry, 38 S]iain 
Goerger Cath.Mrs. Harmony n. Prytania 
Goertz Edward, clerk, 36 Old Levee, d. 2 
Goeswein Martin, 294 Goodcliildren 
Goethe John, Eighth c. Chipjiewa 
Goette August, shoemkr. New Levee n. 

Milan,' Jefl\ City 
Goetz Chas. 152 O. Levee 
Gociz George, shotmkr. 448 St. Ann 
Goetz Henry, clerk, 50 Tchoupitoulas 
Goetz Jacob, Clo<il n. Morales 
Goetz John Urquhart n. Poet 
Goetz Joseph, shoemkr. 343 Orleans 
Goetz J. F. St. Peter n. Prieur 
Goetz Nicholas, grocer, 16 Lesseps 
G'letzel F. sawyer, Conii n. Prieur 
Goff John, Terpsichore n. Carondelet 
Guff Wm. S. 37 Gravier, d. 139 Delord 
Goff Sampson, carpenter, n. Live Oak 
(iogan Jas. C. engineer. Felicity c. Basin 
Gogarty Christopher F. clerk ,9 Commerce 
Gogarly Patrick F. ch rk, 60 Camp 
(logel Martin, lab. 676 .N . Levee 
Gogin C. L. tailor, 58 Customhouse 
Gogins J. M. Carrollton 
Gogreve H. H. postmaster, Carrollton 
Gogreve Wm. gro. Bienville c. Dauphine 
Goguely Vital, tinsmith, 87 Hospital 
Gohs Charles, boiler maker, 380 Franklin 

Goicuria , 58 Rampart, d. 2 

Goile Paul, clerk, 53 Chartres 

Goins N. B. at the "Oriental," 44 St. 

Charles, d. 405 Customhouse 
Golatta Francisco, carpenter, 12 Main 
Giilard, J. f.m.c. cigar mkr. 194 Esplanade 
Gt)lche Wm. ship carpenter, Monroe c. 

Decatur, McD. 
Gold Din^'],( Pnindcrter&c Co.) 39 Natchez 
Goldan E. painter, Constance n. Third 
Gqldljurn James, lab. 506 Chartres, d. 3 
fjolden Anthony, elk. Whif' c. St. Andrew 
Golden James I'. r|i rk, 31 Tchoupitoulas, 

d. St. Andrew n. A|iollo 
Goldi'U John, laborer, Clarn n. Erato 
Golden Michael, housesmilh, 379 Si. An- 
I driw 

Golden Michael, lab. 169 Robertson, d. 2 
Golden Mary Mrs. midwife, 233 Poydras 
Golden Fat. porter, 98 Canal 
Golden Thomas, lab. 380 St. Philip 
Goldenberg B. dry gds. St. Ann c. Villere 
Goldenberg C. dry gds. Levee n. Josephine 
Goldenberg R. Mrs., dry goods, 707 New 

Goldenbow & Lesparrc, (' W'^ni. GoldenboWy 

^hignsle Lesparre,) shipagts. 75 Camp 
Goldenltow Wm. ( Goldvnbo'io &{ Lvsparre,) 

d. 773 Magazine 

GOLDER A. T. Carpenter and 
Joiner, 202 Rampart, late Cir- 
cus; Store Fitting and Job- 
bing, Black Walnut and Ma- 
hogany Show Cases on hand 
for sale, and made to order. 

Goldin M. drayman. Nuns n. Religious 
Golding D. Capt..739 Dauphine, d. 3 
Golding James, tailor, 272 Carondelet 
Golding James, 161 Franklin 
Golding James, laborer, 74 Gaiennie 
Golding James, clerk, 234 Carondelet 
Golding Jas. builder, Hercules c. Felicity 
Golding John, laborer, 485 Dauphine 
Golding John C. clerk, 523 Magazine 
Golding Levi, broker and fruit dealer, 13 

Tchoupitoulas, d. 523 Magazine 
Goldinjr Levi Mrs. millinery, 523 Maga- 
Golding Michael, lab. Enghien n. Victory 
Golding Morris, laborer, 48 Marigny 
Golding Richard, lab. St. Philip n.'Tonti 
Golding Richard, laborer, 24 Union, d. 3 
Golding Thos. laborer, 39 Union, d. 3 
Goldman A. apothy. 161 Elysian Fields 
Goldman E.' apothy. c. Daujihine 
Goldman Henry, apothecary, Poydras n. 

• the market 
Goldman Jacob A. clothier, Julia c Tchou- 
Goldman Meyer, 136 Conti 
Goldschmidt L. lab. Fulton n. Josephine 
Goldsmith August, baskt. mkr. 263 Camp 
Goldsmith Fred, clerk, 47 Camp 
Goldsmith Hannah, dry goods, 68 Royal 
Goldsmith Leopold, poulterer, Fourth c. 

Goldsmith, Haiier & Co. (L. Goldsmith, 
.'Ihrahnm Habrr, David H. Prello,) 
wholi sale dry coods, 47 Camp 
Goldsmith L. (Goldamith, Haher &( Co.) A. 

.388 St. Charles 
Goldsmith & Barneit (M. Gnldwiith, M. 
Jiarrttlt,) liquor nn r.'s. 78 Magazine 
Goldsmith Manuel ( Goldsmilh &f Barnett,) 

d. 163 Orange 
Goldsmith Peter, sailor, Magnolia n. La- 

Goldsmith R. f. m. c. 154 Carondelet 
Goldstein B. dyer and scourer, 12 South 

Goldstein Inaac, 4 Magazine 
Goldstein L. fancy goods, 158 Poydras 

Goldstein T. (Talamon, Dessonus 8f Co.) 

4 Magazine 
Goldstickcr Michael, butcher, Jeff. City 
Goldstine P. jeweler, 215 Baronne 

Antiquarian, Law, Medical 
and Miscellaneous French 
and English Bookseller, 14 
late 16 1-2 Royal, adjoining 
the Postofflce. Libraries and 
Second Hand Books purchas- 
ed, d. Bayou road near Vil- 

Goler John, Bourbon c. Prosper 
Golis L. cigar maker, 6 St. Anthony 
Gollmer Christian, tailor, 212 Calliope 
Golly Antoine, 354 Magazine 
Golterman L. piano tuner, 58 Royal 
Gomeau Harriett, f. w. c. 203 Dauphin 
Gombert Marius, steward, 444 Old Levee 
Gomer John R. portrait painter, 116 Royal 
Gomes Catharine, 81 Perdido 
Gomes Francisco, Urquhart n. Bagatelle 
Gomes John, barkeeper. Basin c. Gravier 
Gomez A. P. elk. Natchez c. Tchoupi- 

toulas, 166 St. Philip 
Gomez B. cigarettes, 218 Villere 
Gomez Francis, c. h. Bourbon c. Toulouse, 

d. 236 St. Ann. 
Gomez Facunc Mrs. 295 Villere, d. 2 
Gomez Juan, drayman, 244 Marigny 
Gomez Joaquin Mrs., Villere n. Esplanade 
Gomez John, fruit, 219 St. Louis 
Gomez Joseph, Hospital n. Roman 
Gomez Joseph, oysters, 141 Hospital 
Gomez Jeun, 20 Ursuline 
Gomez Sabino, c. h. and grocery, 222 

Girod, d. 1 
Gomez Thomas, laborer, 60 Marigny 
Gomila Anthony, d. 320 Liberty 
Gomila A.J. accountant, 69 Tchoupitoulas 
Gomila B. cook, 228 Toulouse 
Gomila John, c. h. 130 Marais, d. 2. 
Gomperta G. S. watches, etc.86 St.Charles 
Gonceau Widow, 202 Bayou road 
Gondon Francis, La. Mut. Ins. Co. d. 290 

Rampart, d. 2 
Gondran D. St. Philip c. Rampart 
Gondran Dransin, tailor, 169 Royal 
Gonglife Martin, butcher, d. St. Mary n. 

Gondrexen Joseph, nightman, 245 John- 
son, d. 2 
Gonin F. watchmaker. Levee n. Enghien 
Gonnell G. grocer. Second c. Laurel 
Gonsenheimer H. furniture cart, 146 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Gontermann Anton, lab. 131 Levee, d. 3 
Gonthier F. (DucournauSf Co.) St.Charles 

c. Common 
Gonzales Angel, engn'r, 409 St. Claude, d.3 
Gonzales Antonio de Chinchilla, musician, 
387 Hospital 

Gonzales Antonio,c.h. Orleans C.Claiborne 
Gonzales A. (Francis Ji. Gonzales &( Co.) 

d. 556 Rampart, d. 3 
Gonzales Armand, Mandeville n. Love 
Gonzales B. fisherman, 502 Rampart, d. 3 
Gonzales Claude, cooper, 106 St. Ferdinand 
Gonzales Clement, cigars, 369 Burgundy 
Gonzales C. Urquhart n. St. Ferdinand 
Gonzales C. bookbinder, 76 Ex. place 
Gonzales C. Mrs. 852 Rampart, d. 3 
Gonzales Felix, carpenter, Algiers 
Gonzales Fernando, grocer, 224 Canal 
Gonzales Fras. 241 Bayou road 
Gonzales Francis, poulterer, 38 St. Philip 
Gonzales Francis A. & Co. (J}. GonzaUt,) 

com. mers. 75 and 77 Old Levee 
Gonzales Francis A. (Francis Ji. Gonza- 
les &f Co.) d. 253 Claiborne 
Gonzales F. deputy Mexican Consul, d. 

101 Gasquet 
Gonzales F. c. h. and grocery, Magnolia 

c. Clio 
Gonzales G. mason, 11 Urquhart 
Gonzales John, laborer, 85 Music 
Gonzales John, c. p. 429 St. Claude 
Gonzales John, lab. 108 Washington av. 
Gonzales Joseph, cigars, 128 Baronne 
Gonzales Joseph, oysters, Bourbon c.Girod 
Gonzales Joseph, cigars, 574 Magazine 
Gonzales Juan T. clerk, 25 Conde 
Gonzales J. crockery, 21 St. Philip 
Gonzales M. cook, 10 Mandeville 
Gonzales M. Mrs. 100 St. Ferdinand 
Gonzales N. clerk, 25 Conde 
Gonzales Ramon, St. Ann c. Dauphine 
Gonzales Salvador, cotton marker, 470 

Robertson, d. 3 
Gonzales Salvador Mrs. 164 Frenchmen 
Gonzales Vigil A. c. h. Montgomery Hall, 

43 Front n. Lafayette 
Gonzales Vincent, 783 Rampart, d. 3 
Gonzales Vincent, carpenter, 185 Prieur 
Gonzales Wm. Mrs. 391 Rampart, d. 3 
Good August, grocer, 673 Fulton, d. 4 

tory, 64 and 66 Commerce 
street, between Lafayette and 
Girod streets. Winter Strain- 
ed Oil constantly on hand. 

Good Intent Towboat Co. 2 Marigny 

buildings, d. 3 
Good John, laborer, 300 Annunciation 
Goodale Nathan, 519 Chippewa 
Goodall J. G. Dr. 93 Gaiennie 
Goodaple H. carpenter, Howard n. Calliope 
Goode Jacob, cooper, St, James n. Re- 
Goodier Joseph,laborer,Rousseau n.Third 
Goodin James M. clerk, 4 Front 
Goodin John, 65 Robin 
Goodin John H. clerk, 49 New Levee 
Goodin V. S. 327 Customhouse 
Goodman Daniel Mrs.,St.Andrewn.Adele 
Goodman David, tobacco and commission 
merchant, 59 Common, d. 227 Camp 

Goodman Jacob, plasterer, Annunciation 

n. Wasliinf!:ton 
Goodman J. M. accountant, 10 Magazine 

d, Poydras c. St, Charles 
Goodman Leopold, pedier, 170 VilkTe,d.2 
Goodman L. dry goods, Levee n. Josephine 
Goodman Theodore, tailor, 169 Royal 
Goodm;in Thomas, laborer, 117 Julia 
Goodman William T. J. "Cotton Plant," 

82 Carondelet, d. 195 Carondolet 
Goodman W. accountant, Tclioujiitoulas 

c, NatchcE 
Goodrich Alex, merchant, 354 St. Mary 
Goodrich Catharine Mrs. 412 Dryades 
Goodrich (?harks Rev. 3'i8 Camji 
Goodrich & Co. (Henry L, Goodrich, John 

C. Goodrich, Byron Jtf. Pond, jr.) 

wholesale grocs. Common c. Tchou- 

Goodrich Henry L. (Goodrich Sf Co.) d. 

Chestnut n. Jackson 
Goodrich James, ship carpenter, Peter n. 

Elmire, Algiers 
Goodrich Joseph C. clerk, 38 Pei-dido 
Goodrich J. C. (Goodrich &c Co.) d. 152 

Goodrich Sarah Mrs. 220 Customhouse 
Goodrich Susan Mrs. 386 Melpomene 
Goodrich W.M. (HydeSf Goodrich,) Canal 

c. Royal 

Goodridge A. acco>intant, 33 Natchez 
Goodridge E. P. clerk, 5 Gravier 
Goodspeed G. W. Capt. 468 Bourbon, d.3 
Goodwin Catharine Mrs. 472 Dryades 
Goodwin Henry, manufacturer jewelry, d. 

133 Delord 
Goodwin H. lab. Annunciation n. Edward 
"jroodwin Hugh, 89 Gaiennie 
Goodwin James, plumber, water works, 

d. 318 Erato 

Goodwin John, c. p. 89 Gaiennie 
Goodwin John, 124 Robin 
Goodwin John H. clerk, 124 Robin 
Goodwin Milo M. (White &,• Goodwin,) d. 

188 Poydras I 

Goodwin Patrick, lab. 261 Customhouse 
Goodwyn G. W. W. (^lustin, Goodicyn 

&,■ Co.) Prytania n. Seventh 
Goodwyn H. H. (^Vutall Sf Goodtcyn,) d. 

338' Dryades 
Goodwyn John G. laborer, 94 St. Mary 
Goodwyn S.T. clerk, 2 Front.d. 237 Erato 
Goold Jacob, engineer, Girod n. Bayin 
Goose John, First n. Kousseau 
(iorbach M. shoemaker, 112 St. Charles 
Gordon Alexander Mrs. 44 Dauplune 

GORDON A. H. Importer and 
Dealer in Foreign and Do- 
mestic Hardware, No. 59 
Magazine street. 

Gordon G. H. teacher, 165 Elysian Fields 
Gord(m Jane, f. w. c. 279 Ursulines 
Gordon J. Mrs. 2,31 CustomhouKe 
Gordon .lames, earn. Second n. Dryades 
Gordon James H. clerk, 66 Msigazine 


Gordon John, book keeper, 12 Fulton, d. 

1, and 31 and 32 Front, d. 1 
Gordon Martin, commission merchant, 137 
Common, d. Baronne c. Terpsichore 
Gordon Morris, laborer, 85 Marigny 
Gordon Patrick, bookbinder, 2.')5 Custom- 
Gordon Sam. f. m. c. steward, 253 St. Louis 
Gordon Sarah, 191 Conti 
Gordon & 1> oster, ( IVm. Gordoti, Gideon 
Foster, jr.) flour dealers, 18 Poydras 
c. New Levee 
Gordon Wm. (Gordon ^ Foster,) d. 

Philip n. Magazine 
Gordon & Castillo ( W. Mexander Gordon, 
Charles .1. Castillo,) commission mer- 
chants, 118 Common 
Gordon W. Alexander, (Gordon &f Cas- 
tillo,) d. 175 Canal 
Gordon Wm. E. 23 Front, d. 61 Constance 
Gordy F. lab. St. Ann c. Rocheblave 
Goree J. C. & M. M. carp. 85 Dryades 
Gorgan Geo. plasterer, 568 Annunciation 
Gorgas John, plasterer, Felicity n. Howard 
Gorgette Henriette, 274 St. Claude 
Gorham Anne Mrs, 207 Lafayette 
Gorham Richard, laborer, 254 Calliope 
Gorharn W. G. F, Mrs. 510 St. Claude 
Gorhart Xavier, tailor, 257 Tclioupitoulas 
Gori Joseph, St. Charles n. Polymnia 
Gori Pascal, groc. St, Charles n. Polymnia 
Gorlee F. brass found. 333 Tchoupitoulas 
Gorley Alex, drayman, 348 Dryades 
Gorman Ann Mrs. 100 Howard 
Gorman Bernard, 398 Marais, d. 3 
Gorman Dennis, blacksmith, 51 Second 
Gorman E. laborer, 311 St. Louis 
Gorman Honora Mrs. b. h. .53 Girod, d. 1 
Gorman James, Baronne n. St. Andrew 
Gorman John, weigher, Josephine c. 

Gorman John Mrs. groc. Laurel c. Second 
Gorman John, clerk, 108 Felicity 
Gorman Martin, 205 Rousseau 
Gorman .Michael, laborer, St. Andrew n. 

Gorman Patrick, laborer, 343 St. Peter 
Gorman Peter, barkee|ier,215 Tchoupitou. 
Gorman P<ter, laborer, 79 Roman, d. 2 
Gorman P. cooj)er, Josephine n. Rousseau 
Gorman Thos. clerk, 186 Tchou|iitoulas 
Gorman Thomas, St. Andrew n. Kousseau 
Gorman Wm. blacksmith, 167 Magazine 
Gorman William, porter, 78 Canal 
Gormley Francis, lab. Theresa n. Tchou- 
Gormley Mary Mrs., First c. Fulton 
Gormley Michael, lab. 102 Derbigny, d. 2 
Gormley M., St. Louis n. Roman 
Gormley Patrick, laborer, 101 Mandoville 
Gormon Jno. moulder, 173 Tchoupitoulas 
Gorrisscn Brothers, ( F. Gorrissen,) com. 

mers. 15 Uni<m, d. 1, d. 33 Erato 
Gorrondona E. grocer, 196 Tchoupitoulas 
Gorry Barney, 21 Delord 
Gonsanskv Louis, painter, 211 Mandevilh' 
Gorsuch C. A., Jackson n. Annunciation 




Giirvii) Tliomas, Liberty n. Jackson 
Gosl.'f Thomas R. B. pilot, 40 Conde 
Gosling F. grocer, Fourth n. Annunciation 
Gosling F. tailor, 186 Magazine 
Gosling J. H. tailor, 124 New Levee 
Gosliiisky Gustave, clothing, Bienville c. 

r'roiU L evee 
Goss E. Mrs., St. Thomas op. Bellechaise 
Goss George, painter, Howard n. Gravier 
Gossauer Conrad, tailor, 4.5 St. Peter 
Gosselin Paul, Ursulines n. St. Claude 
Gossiome C. Mrs, 66 Mandeville 
Gosson Arsene, St. Anthony n. Claiborne 
Gostenhofer C. T. (J. L. Pliipps &f Co.) d. 

Laurel n. Jackson 
Gostenhofer Fred. C. clerk, 21 Commer- 
cial place 
Goth Henry, birds, etc., 37 Toulouse 
Gotjer Frederick, laborer, 85 Congress 
Gotshalk Wm. laborer, 270 Melpomene 
Gott F. D. 59 Rampart, d. 1 
Gott Jno. blacksmith, Chippewa c. Eighth 
Gotte & Gnagi, (John Gotte, John Gnagi,) 

furniture, 178 Tchoupitoiilas 
Gotte John, ( Gotte &f Gnagi,) 178 Tchoupi- 

Gotthel Edw. architect, 286 Robertson,d.2 
Gottig Henry, (^. J. May &{■ Co.) d. Rous- 
seau c, Jackson 
Gottschalk A. watchmaker, 197 Levee 
Gottschalk Chas. apoth y, 437 Bayou rd.' 
Gottschalk Edward G. 193 Villere 
Gottschalk F. W. car driver, St. Louis c. 

Gottschalk George, broker, 79 Common, 

d. 162 Common 
Gottschalk Gustave, watchmaker, 152 Le- 
vee, d. 3 
Gottz William, tailor, 11 Franklin 
Gtitze William, tailor. Independence near 

Gou Alexander, 238 St. Claude 
Gouaux D. &. Co. (Dominique Gouaux, 
JamesViula,) leather dealers, 148 Royal 
Gouban A. f. m. c. cigars, 352 Villere, d.3 
Gouber Uscar, waiter, 367 Franklin 
Goubin Joseph, 333 Hospital 
Goubiere Joseph, cabinet maker, Elysian 

Fields c. St. John Baptist 
Goubler James Mrs. midwife, 489 Royal 
(ioubler J. B. organist, 13 St. Peter 
Goubler J. B. laborer, 489 Royal 
Goudcheaux Aug. Elysian Fields n. Craps 
Goudenk Francois, grocer, Goodchildren 

c. Bourbon 
Goudel J. dry goods, Chartres c. Louisa 
Gouey Mary Mrs., St. Mary n. Religious 
Gouoy Jean, dairy. Esplanade ii. Broad 
Goiigh C. A. clerk, 128 Canal 
Gough J. B. 120 Dauphine 
Gough Patrirk, 361 Common 
Gouguet Jules Dr. apothecary ,90 U'nion,d .3 
Gouguet R. Mrs. school, 154 Royal 
Goujez Louis, bricklayer, 248 Johnson,d.2 
Goujon A. Mrs. 162 Bienville 
Gould Bernard, butcher, Carondelet n. To- 

Gould C.W. (J. M. Gould &f Co.) 8 Mag- 
azine, d. 146 Robin 
Gould E. M. accountant, 63 Carondelet 
Gould E. W. superintendent, 61 Camp 
Gould John, shingle maker, Copernicus n. 

Fourth, Gretna 
Gould John, engineer. Homer, McD. 


Gould,) Wholesale Dealers in 
Boots, Shoes and Hats, 8 Mag- 
azine, d. St. Charles" c. Val- 
mont, Jeff. City. 

Gould N. N., Delord n. Carondelet 
Gould Robt. scriwman, 520 Dauphine, d.3 
Goulden Eliza Mrs 375 Erato 
Goulden H. Mrs. 375 Baronne 
Goule J. drug vender, 45 Levee, d. 3 
Gouler H. cartman, Sevetith n. Chippewa 
Goulet Louis, f.m.c, cigars, 6 St. Anthony 
Goulet 0. Orleans n. Prieur 
Goulet Pierre, carpenter, 99 St. Louis 
Goulon A. elk. State Bank, d. Royal c, Conti 
Gouhm Peter, disc, clerk, Branch Bank, d. 

Royal c. Conti 
Gourdain J. V. commission merchant, 131 

Common, d. 10 St. Bernard 
Gourdon J. drug clerk, 39 Chartres, d. 45 

St. Peter 
Go urges Charles, 344 Rampart, d. 2 
Gourges Louis W. clerk, d. 319 Rampart 
Gourges Michael, laborer, 35« Old Levee 
Gourgeses C. clerk, 87 Old Levee, d. Clai- 
borne n, St. Ann 
Gourgue B. butcher, 5 Poydras market 
Gourgue Ed. clerk, 122 Canal 
Gourgues Charles, clerk, 6 Laharpe ' 
Gourgucs F. butcher, 14 St. Mary's market 
Gourgues Henry, acct. 12 Union d. 319 

Rampart, d. 2 
Gourjon Rosette Mrs. 290 Main 
Gourlay William (Cornell Sf Gourlay,) A 

Gourley George, clerk, 77 Main 
Gourmes B. Mrs. 66 Ursulines 
Gourney Paul F. 184 Rampart 
Gousse Sanite, 170 Elysian Fields 
Goust Henry, carp. 491 Chippewa, d. 4 
Gouthier v>ger, clerk, d. 64 Tlialia 
Goutier Jean Jaques, 114 Ursulines 
Goutier Stanislaus, 343 Villere, d. 3 
Gouver A. J. 536 Carondelet, d. 1 
Gouzey J. P. tailor, 81 St. Peter 
Govan James, 341 Poydras 
Goverman Henry, fruit, 113 Rampart 
Gow Chas.E.clk.35Camp,d.l01Gasquet 
Gowans Thomas, confectioner, 195Tchou- 

pitoulas, d. 280 Calliope 
Gower E. H. engineer, 223 Camp 
Gowin Thomas, Liberty n. Jackson 
Gowland C. W. 341 St. Andrew 
Gowland John, clerk, 122 Canal 
Goyal Theodore, clerk, 304 Dryades 
Goyert John,H. clerk, 277 Love 
Grabriel Anton, 248 Marigny 




Grabiel Michael, c. h. Villere c. Orleans, 

d. 305 Si. Ann 
Grace F. 2:22 St. Andrew 
Grace John, com. n\crchant, 17 Tchoupi- 

toulas, d. 30fi Masjazine 
Grace .lohn, steward, 641 Rampart, d. 3 
tirai'e John Mrs. 31 Congress 
Grace Joseph, laborer, Freret n. Erato 
Grace Margai-et Mrs. grocer. New Levee 

n. St. Mary 
Grace Patrick, cooper, 375 Franklin 
Grace Steplien, l)arkeeper,597 New Levee 
Grace Tlnnnas, 10 Mobile landing, New 

Basin, d. 440 Rampart 
Gracey (iiciid. B. stevidore, 31 Esplanade 
Gracia Edward, 101 Klysian Fields 
Grailney A lphonse,carp.410 Customhouse 
Cirailney A. Mrs. 410 Customhouse 
Grady H. cashier, 128 Canal 
Grady James, laborer, 31t5 Gravier 
Cirady Jolin, seaman, 3!)1 Burgundy, d. 3 
tirady John, porter, 105 Howard 
Grady John, laborer, 529 St. Claude 
Grady John Mrs. 109 Erato 
Grady Martni, labcnvr, W) iMain 
Grady Michael, laborer, 182 St. Thomas 
Grady M. J. clerk, 65 Front 
(.irady Pat. painti-r, 306 Melpomene 
Graef William, tailor, 310 Orleans 
GraitT Adam, varnisher. 111 Marais, d. 2 
Giai trc. blacksmith, 96 Ranijiart 
GrarlFMark, tailor, 349 Bayou road 
Graf Alfred, caliinet maker, 52 Bienville 
Graf Antony, shoemaker, 121 Ex. place 
tirat" Charles, 91 Customhouse 
Ciraf David, c. and b. ^i. 41 St. Peter 
(irallG. W. 428 Constance 
Giall'Jacob, Algiers 

GralfJacob, laborer, Rousseau n. Jackson 
Giall'J. Cooper, Bienville n. Tonti 
Gialf J. H. machinist, 189 Royal 
Gratf Martin, laborer, Dorgenois n. Ca- 

rondelet walk 
(irairWm. c. h. 263 Magazine 
Grciffigna J. slioemkr. 146 St. Claude, d. 2 
Gratner Frank, laborer, F'irst n. Constance 
IJraft David, Levee c. Robert, Jeff. City 
Graft E. H. irunkmaker, 51 Annunciation 
Graft (J. F. shoemaker, 51 Annunciation 
Graliam B. drayman, Ccle.sie n. Levee 
Graliam C'liarles, 394 Baronne 
(jraham David, sliocniakir, 134 Carondelet 
Graham David, clerk, 48 Old Levee, d. 2 
(iraham David, laborer, Eruto n. Liberty 
tiraliam D. 49 Magazine 
(rialmm D. S., First n. Tchoupitoulas 
Graham G<o. laborer, 45 Adele 
Graliiim Geo. seaman, 380 Chariref, d. 3 

ker, Nos. 119, 121 & 12.'^ Front 
street, Nos. 75, 77 and 79 Ful- 
ton street, bet. Notre Dame 
and Girod, opposite Memphis 
U. S. Mail Steamboat Land- 
ing. Entrance on Front-st. 

warranted free from all Acids 
and Corrosive Ingredients. 
For Gearing, Carts, Drays, 
Wagons, and Traveling Ve- 
hicles of every description, it 
is a superior article. In ex- 
treme heat and cold it holds 
the same body and will not 
gum. Sold in Barrels, Half 
Barrels, Kegs and Cans. Ap- 
ply to D. GRAHAM, 49 Poy- 

Graham Geo. slater, 19 Liberty 
Graham G. W. 91 S])ain 
Graham Henry, carp. Conti n. Johnson 
Graham James, notary jniitlic, 7 Commer- 
cial place, d. 220 Thalia 
Graham John, clerk, 118 ("anal 
Graham J. A. laborer, 308 Old Levee, d.2 
Graham L. printer, 37 Gravier, d. 224 

Girod, d. 1 
Graham M;iria, f.w.c. 55 Villiere, d. 2 
Graham Mary W., 8 Euterpe 
(Jraham M. A., Rampart n. Poydras 
Graham N. W. (HalMay, Chaham Sf Co.) 

12 Poydras 
Graham & Co. (0. B. Graham, Mhert 

Thiele, Peter ^'Indcrson,) importers of 

dry goods, 96 Gravier 
Graham R., Trome n. Jackson 
Graham Thomas, lab. (Joiiti n. Claiborne 
Graham Thos. clerk, 321 Howard, d. 1 
Graham Thos. L. c. h. Lafayette c. Front 

Levee, d. 367 Canal 
Graham W. plasterer, 356 Conti 
Grailhe Alexander, atiy. at law, 104 Canal, 

d. Main c. Royal 
Grail J. F. Dr., 126 Lafay.tte 
Grain Chas. at J. A. Casavdant's dentist, 

148 late 182 Royal 
Grainer Honorins, baker, 155 Constance 
Graniliarth Carl, furniture, 162 Si. Peter 
Graml)ois Eugene, apothecary, 121 Esj)la- 

Grameg Henry, musician, 154 Toulouse 
Graimr David, baker, 443 Dryades 
Grand Lodge of Louisiana, (JVlasonic,) St. 

Charles c. Perdido 
Grand Royal Arch Chapter, St. Charles 

c. Perdido 
Grandadam A. coal, 249 Dauiihinc 
Grandam Pierre, waiter, 202 |-iouri)on 
(Jrande Charlotte, Mrs. 112 St. Tliomas 
Grande G. fruits, 10 Main 
Grand idier J. C. grocery and dry goods, 

482 Villere, d. 3 , 

Grandjenn Augusie, grocer, 86 Columbus j 
Grandjf an Charles W. carp. Richard near 

Grandjenn Louis, Jersey n. Jackson 
(Jrandmaison Alexander, sailor, 270 Conti 
Grandmont H. R. atty. at law, 95 Ex- 
change place, d. 313 Royal 




Grandmont J. Mrs. 61 Villere, d. 2 
Graiulpre Alexandre, 107 Royal, d. 63 

Grandpre Charles, 244 Customhouse 
Grand pre Henry, tailor, 23 Gravier, d. 5 

Grandpre H. Mrs. 39 Basin 
Grandpre Paulin, 124 Prytania 
Graner Adam, builder, 132 Felicity, d. 

136 Felicity 
Graner Andros, baker, 605 New Levee 
Graner John, Third n. Chippewa 
Graner Nicholas, 154 Third 
Granet Louis, c. h. 16 St. Philip 
Graney Peter, hostler, 67 Polj^mnia 
Granger Louis, carpenter, 394 Terpsichore 
Granger Richard, laborer, 142 Poet 
Granger Thomas, baker, 398 Dryados 
Granier Adolphe, acct. 13 Customhouse, 

d. St. Ann c. Miro 
Granier Jos. ambrotypist, 651 Front Le- 
vee, d. 4 
Granor Mary Mrs. 392 Basin 
Grant Alex, distributor, 227 Customhouse 
Grant Alex. Capt. 417 Burgundy, d. 3 
Grant Alexander, 25 Old Levee 
Grant Alexander D. printer, 88 Gravier 
Grant Andrew Mrs. 501 Charlres 
Grant D. Mrs. "Waverly," CampiC Poy- 

Grant David, Camp c. Poydras 
Grant George, lab. Clara n. Perdido 
Grant Hugh Mrs., Camp near Thalia 
Grant James, drayman, 272 Magazine 
Grant Mary Mrs., grocery, 17 Calliope 
Grant P., Gravier near Prieur 
Grant P. Mrs., Melpomene c. Howard 
Grant Wm. western produce, 226 Delord, 

d. 293 Melpomene 
Grantz John, grocery, McDonoghville 
Granzin William, shoemaker, 1 Caronde- 

let, d. 196 Dryades 
Grap N. sawyer, Poydras n. Basin 
Grapin Etienne, cook, 131 Customhouse 
Gras Edward, c. p. 166 Elysian Fields 
Gras F. Mrs. 70 Columbus 
Gras F. W. clerk, Terpsichore c. Front 
(Jras John, c. h. Terpsichore c. Front 
Gras Jos. grocer. Rampart c. Bayou road 
Gras J. L. Mrs., 54 Love 
Gras Nicholas, 112 Liberty 
Gras Thomas, c. p. 101 Elysian Fields 
Grasel Magdalene Mrs., grocery, Laurel 

c. Second 

Graser Adam, grocer, 157 Chartres 
Graser Wm. grocer, 99 Roman, d. 2 
Grasenauer B., Jefferson City 
Grashoff J. lamplighter, 376 Hospital 
Grasman J. soda, Magazine c. Milan, J. C. 
Grass Alcee M., Bayou R;ara Mail Co. d. 

415 Bourbon 
Grass A. Mrs., 155 Pert 
Grass B. F. elk. 76 Canal, d. 418 Rampart, 

d. 3 

Grass Catharine Mis., Market n. Levee 
Grass Henry, elk. d. 418 Rampart, d. 3 
Grass James, gardener, 96 Port 

Grass Joseph, Perdido n. Liberty 

Grass J. L. Mrs. 418 Rampart, d. 3 

Grass J. M. 415 Bourbon, d. 3 

Grass J. W. 126 St. Anthony 

Grass L. J. 421 Bourbon, d. 3 

Grass Mrs. 19 Columbus 

Grass Rose, f. w. c. 135 Liberty 

Grass W. J. dep. constable, 5th justice 

court, d. 97 St. Anthony 
Grassay Jonathan, 17 Spain 
Grassei Magd. grocery. Second o. Laurel 
Grassin Julien, furniture, 155 Camp, d. 

499 Baron ne 
Grasso Andrew, c. h. Julia c. Rampart 
Gralan Joseph, painter, 273 Liberty 
Gratard Antoine, paper colorer, 91 St. 

Grate Joseph, laborer. Willow n. Eraro 
Gratiaa S. D. & Co. ( F. Reimoneng, J. J. 

Herr,) importers of wines, etc. 59 

Grattan Wm. lab. St. James n. St.Thomas 
Grau A. teacher of piano, 246 Erato 
Grau Christian, baker, 63 Marigny 
Grau John, 203 Ur.sulines 
Grau John, cabinet maker, 56 Calliope 
Grau John, engineer, Prieur n. Gasquet 
Grauf Jacob, butcher. Sixth n. Chippewa 
Grauft Michael, tailor, Roman n. St. Philip 
Graugnard A. com. agent, 11 St. Louis, d. 

275 St. Claude 
Graus Mrs. 193 Orleans 
Graus Paul, drayman, 75 Goodchildren 
Graval M. Mrs. 34 Annette 
Gravonhorst Wm. 23 Carondelet 
Graves J. C. f. m. c, carp. 514 Villere, d. 3 
Graves James Wm. carp. Madi-son McD 
Graves L. W. book keeper, 39 Caronde 

let, d. St. Charles c. Conrey 
Graves Sam. com. mer. 94 Camp 
Graves Thomas, Jackson n. Rampart 
Gravier Bernard, carp. 414 Villere, d. 3 
Gravier Clara, f. w. c. 257 Robertson 
Gravier Mrs. 88 Frenchmen 
Gravier N. shoemaker, 267 Toulouse 
Graviotte Alex. First c. Baronne 

Gravois , dep. elk. First Dist. Court 

Gray Allen C. grocer, 605 Magazine 
Gray A. P. president police jury. New 

Levee c. Joseph, Jefferson City 
Gray Brothers, 111 Old Levee, agents for 

Guiness' extra stout 
Gray Chas. porter, 80 Canal,d.394 Baronne 
Gray F. Mrs. fancy goods, Jefferson City 
Gray George E. clerk, 539 St. Charles 
Gray G. W . elk. d. Josephine n. Nayades 
Gray James, Soraparu n. Chippewa 
Gray James, lab. 850 New Levee, d. 4 
Gray John, cabinet maker, 303 Magazine 
Gray John, laborer, 642 St. Claude 
Gray John, agent, 262 Melpomene 
Gray Josliua W. clerk, 32 Carondelet, d. 

Josephine n. St. Charles 
Gray Matthew, 111 Greatmen 
Gray Michael, laborer, 34 Religious 
Gray Michael, blacksmith, 429 Franklin 
Gray Philip, Fourth n. Fulton 




Gray Richard, painter, 374 Basin 
Gi;iy Robert, com. mcr. 90 Common 
Gray S. A. printer, 3.VJ St. Mary 
Crrny Susan C. A., Tlialia n. Franklin 
Gray Thos. slioemai<ir, Roman n. Palmyra 
Grayer Stafford, laborer, 21 Constanee 
Graynon Joiin, tailor, New Levee n.Tole- 

dano, .Jefferson City 
Grayson F. T. 246 Delord, d. Rampart n. 

Grayson John B. atty. at law, 18 Camp 
Grayson Tony, book keeper, 438 Ramjiart, 

d. 1 
Greaimen J. tinsmith .Common c. Robertson 
Grebliin John, siiipsmith. Annunciation n. 

St. Andrew 
Gnbel Geo. fireman, Jackson R. Road 
Grebinsiein Frederick M. upholsterer, 364 

Greber John, butcher, 50 St. Mary's mkt. 
Greely M. Mrs. 280 Bnriiundy 
Green Abraham A. accountant, 56 Caron- 

delet, d. 27 St. TJiomas 
Green A. A. book k(>eper, d. 18G Thalia 
(ireen Barney, laborer, 77 Delord 
(ireen Benjamin H. 410 Maoazine 
Green & Crump, ( Charles Ji Grcni, Benj. 

Crump, Richard B. Randolph, J. J. 

Green,) com. mcrs. 163 Gravier 
Green Charles A. ( Green Sf Crump,) 1G3 

Green Conrad, machinist, 99 Constance 
(ireen C. screwnian, 78 Port 
Green K. clerk, 155 Canal 
(ireen Ed. machinist, 185 Chippewa 
Green Fanny, f. w. c. 338 Bourljon, d. 3 
Green Frank B. cl(>rk, 91 Gravier 
Green George, fruit, 25 Marais 
Green Henry, furniture, 133 Poydras, d. 

130 St. Charles 
Green Hfiiry, barber, 18 Front Levee, d. 

3. d. 194 Marigny 
Green Henry, acct. Delta Office, 76 Camp, 

d. 277 (Constance 
Green Isaiah, acct. 43 Carondelet 
Green Jacob, f. m. c. 239 Old Levee, d. 3 
Green Jacob, ham vender, 334 Bourbon,d.3 
Gn en James Mrs. 412 Daupliine 
Green J. 272 Prytaiiia 
Green James Mrs. 412 Dauphine 
Green John, laborer, 496 Royal, d. 3 
Green John, f. m. c. 341 Poydras 
(ireen J. J. ( Green Sf Crump,) d. 173 Camp 
Green J. M. acct. d. 2.33 St. Charles 
Green John U. c. h. St. Mary c.Tchoupi- 

Green Jos. f. m. c. drayman, 121 Franklin 
Green Mrs., Catharine n. Fourth 
Green Owen, laborer. Gravier n. Johnson 
Green I'atrick, tin, copper and sheet iron 

work'T, I'choupilouJaa c. Adele 
Green Pi'ter, c. and b. h. Girod c. Front 
Green Robert, engineer, 13 St. Thomas 
Green Samuel S. real estate and note bro- 
ker, 10 Perdido 
Green Sinum, note rierk. Branch Bank,d. 

292 Baronnc 

Green S. clerk, 376 Dryades 

Green S. F. clerk, 92 Gravier 

Green Thomas, tinner, 385 Dryades 

Green Thomas, laborer, 40 Robin 

Green T. B. private boarding, 13 Burgundy 

Green William, confectionery, Poyfarre c. 

Green William V. engineer water works, 

Tchoujiitoulas n. Richard 
Green Wm. engineer, 238 Tchoupitoulas 
Green Wm. laborer, 55!) Burgundy, d. 3 
Green Wm. engineer, Foucher n. Calliope 
Greenbaugh Margaret Mrs. 415 Liberty 
Greenfield Thompson, ( Fellnices Sf Co.) d. 

St. Charles c. St. .Joseph 
Greenhalgh Elias, madiinist, 103 Tchou- 
Greenhow J. M. accf. IS Tchoupitoulas 
(ireenland Ed. lab. 278 Tchoujiitoulas 
Greenleaf Jas. & Co. (John A. Burnham,) 

com. mers. 138 Ciuumon 
Greenleaf James E. ( Greenleaf &{ Co.) A, 

201 Canal 
Greenleaf L. M. Dr., Jackson n. Annun- 
Greenleaf Wm. tailor, Cypress n.Dcrbigny 
Greenwald Jacob Mrs. 142 Piety 
Greenwrtll Hein-y i!t Bro. (.Morris Green- 
wall,) clothing, 220 Tchoupitoulas, d. 
388 Magazine 
Greenwood A. G. Dr. 23 Jackson 
Greenwood Cemetery, Metairie ridge 
Greenwood C. G. Mrs. 45 Marais 
Greenwood Jas. S. apothecary ,288 Liberty 
(ireenwood J. carp. Jack.son K. R. drpdt 
Greenwood Matthew, blacksmith, N. 0. 

G. R. and J. R. R. 
Greenwood Moses, forwarding and com. 

mer. 23 Carondelet, d. 220 Camp 
Greer Geo. Wm. 274 St. Philip 
Grtffoz B. Mrs. millinery, 212 Chartres 
Greffoz Francis, lampist, 94 (Miarires 
Greffus T. Mrs. millinery, 214 Chartres 
Gregan Mary Mrs. 427 Basin, d. 1 
Greggor Henry F. seaman, 225 Constance 
Gregoire Augustin, clerk, 29 Magazine, d. 

166 Elysian Fields 
Gregoire A. carp. Laharpe n. Derbigny 
Gregoire Charles, clerk, d. 119 St. Louis 
Gregoire Disire,charcoal,etc.328 Bienville 
Gregoire Edmond, constable, d. Lyon c. 

Laurel, J.fferson City 
Gregoire G. Mrs. teacher, 513 Rampart, d. 

3, d. 135 Marignv 
Gregoire Josejih, barkeeper, 156 Conti 
Grcjgor George \V. & Co. (R. L. Bruce,) 

jewellers. Camp c. Canal 
Gregnr Geo. W. (Geo. }V. Gregor Sf Co.) 

d. 161 Clio 
Gregor Simon, c. h. 99 Clara 
Qngorio, Howiand & Co. (.Michel de Gre- 
gorio, J. //. Hovland, J. J. Kvpf,) im- 
poriirs of fruiu, etc. 38 Fulton and 37 
Gregory Charles, 3Ifi St. Clniule 
Gregory Elizabeth, Willow n. Erato 
Gregory E. J. clerk, 90 Baronne 




Gregory G. C. clerk, 130 Canal 

Gregory Isaac, f. m. c. warehouseman, 

179 Franklin, d. 1 
Gregory Jame^, laborer, St. Thomas n. 

St. James 
Gregory John, Eighth c. Magazine 
Gregory Joseph, drayman, 13 St. James 
Gregory Oser, b. h. 183 Tchoupitoulas 
Gregory Stephen W. watchman. Eighth 

c. Constance 
Gregson James, carpenter and builder, 155 

Greibeck C, Calliope n. Baronne 
Greig A. Dr. 11 Bburbon 
Greig Andrew, f. m. c. Clara n. Gravier 
Greig Robert, cabinet maker, Palmyra n. 

Greim John, laborer, 220 Chippewa 
Greiner Jacob, wood, 421 Si. Ann 
Greiner John, c. h. 57 Louisa 
Greiner Madeline, Miro n. Main 
Greis Carl, musician, 155 Dryades 
Greison Thos. sailor, Louisa n. Dauphine 
Grellet Bernard, carpenter, 216 Kerlerec 
Grelier J. carpenter, Eighth c. Dryades 
Grelle Henry, tinsmith ,300 Conti 
Gremont Felice, 342 Bourbon, d. 3 
Grenbag Jno. lab. Dorgenois n. St. Philip 
Grenier D. F. clerk, 33 Chartres, d. 171 

Grenier Louis Mrs. 40 Morales 
Grennon Jas. feed. New Levee n. Robin 
Grennon P., Josephine n. Chestnut 
Grenot Charles, bricklayer, 340 St. Philip 
Gressel Christian, 401 Orleans 
Gressel Louis, laborer, 246 Tchoupitoulas 
Grethel Aiitoine, baker, 76 Dauphine 
Grethel Fritz, baker, 23 St. Ferdinand 
Grethel Leopold, baker, 9 St. Ferdinand 
Gretna Academy, Third n. Lafayette av. 

Gretna Depot station, Fourth, Gretna 
Gretna Fire Co. No. 1, Front, Gretna 
Gretna Hook and Ladder Co. No. l.Third 

n. I^afayette, Gretna 
Gretwold Henry, pedler, 25 Hospital 
Gretzner & Bro. (Max 8f Morris Gretzner,) 

clothing, 165 Rampart, d. 1 
Greulich Henry, cabinet mkr. 540 Tchoup. 
Greumwalt Qustave, carp. 128 Euterpe 
Greve Nich. book keeper, 41 Union, d. 1 
Greve O. drugs, Casacalvo c. Clouet 
Greve Thos. painter, Jackson n. White 
Greve Joseph G*. western produce, 20 New 

Levee, d. 1, d. 75 St. Ferdinand 
Grevenig Jacob, ice house, 9 Main 
Grevil George, watchman, J. R. R. d. 315 

Grew Michael, laborer, 377 Melpomene 
Gribaldi J. B. Capt. 95 St. Peter 
Gribble Conrad, clerk. Camp c. Gravier 
Gribble J. B. com. mer. 35 Carondelet, d. 

Jackson n. Magazine 
Gribble Robert, clothing, 45 Camp 
Gribble R. D. clerk, 48 Carondelet 
Gribble Wm.( Forwood Sf Gribble.) d. Clio 

c. St. Charles 

Gribbins Daniel, baker, 248 Chippewa 
Grider Frederick, laborer, 6 Mandeville 
Grider Robert M. ( Sidnexj Boisdore &c Co.) 

hay weiffhers, Lafayette c. Commerce, 

d. 169 Basin, d. 1 
Grief Frederick, laborer, 536 Constance 
Grieff Archibald, d. Apollo n. Melpomene 

D. Grieff, Jas. Byrnes,) Pro- 
duce and Commission Mer- 
chants, and dealers in Goshen 
and Western Butter and 
Cheese, 42 and 44 Tchoupi- 
toulas St., cor. Natchez alley. 

Grieff A. D. (Grieff, Byrnes &c Co.)d. 193 

GRIEFP A. D. & CO. (George 
H. Grieff and Daniel Sheean,) 
Wholesale Grocers, Dealers 
in Goshen and Western But- 
ter and Cheese, and Provis- 
ions generally, 46, 50 and 52, 
late 38, 40 and 42 Old Le- 
vee, d. 2 

Grieff George H. (A. D. GiieffSf Co.) d. 

397 Baronne 
Grieff Peter, grocer, 453 St. Charles 
Griener Bernard, 361 St. Peter 
Grier Clem, c. p. 645 St. Claude 
Grier Pierre, 645 St. Claude 
Grierson Thos. laborer, 60 Louisa 
Gries Caspar, cartinan, 168 St. Philip 
Griffin Alexander, 481 St. Claude, d. 3 
Griffin A. B. Mrs., Clio n. Baronne 
Griffin Etienne, 49 Love 
Griffin Felista, f. w. c. 77 St. Mary 
Griffin F. b. h. Girod n. Magazine 
Griffin James, grocer, 122 Thalia 
Griffin James, laborer, 74 Montegut 
Griffin John, grocer, 510 Burgundy, d. 3 
Griffin Mary, 19 Franklin, d. 2 
Griffin Mary, grocer, 189 Common 
Griffin M. C. acct. Poydras c. Fulton 
Griffin M. J. 189 Tchoupitoulas 
Griffin Noah, f. m c. St. Mary n. Fulton 
Griffin Peter, cartman, Felicity n. Con- 
Griffin Thomas, cooper. Napoleon av. n. 

Levee, Jefferson City 
Griffin Thomas, b. h. 110 New Levee 
Griffin Timothy, laborer, 290 Melpomene 
Griffin Wm. distributor, 227 Customhouse 
Griffin Wm. grocer, 403 St. Charles 
Griffith J. drayman, 67 Congress 
Griffon Mrs. Bayou road n. Treme 
Griffon H. atty. at law, 55 Conti, d. 371 

Griffon J. Madam, 213 Rampart, d. 2 
Grigg J. tailor, Baronne c. Common 
Griggs S. R. (Voo7-hies, Griggs Sf Co.) 15 
Tchoupitoulas, d. St. Louis Hotel 






Gri^non Amadeo, teacher, St. Philip 
Gria;sby M. Miss, dnss makir, 39 Port 
Grijilva C. G. dc, 170 Customhouse 
Grih'y Jos. laborer, 146 Pricur 
(JriUe Rosario, fruit, 138 Camp 
Grillier C. Goodchildreii n. Engliien 
Griliier Felix, Goodchildren n. Enjrhien 
GriHot F. gardener, Gentilly road 
GriHot Joseph, dairy, Spain c. Claiborne 
Griina Alfred, atty. at law, 44 Kxcharig^e 

]ilace, d. 9() Si. Louis 
Grima Felix, ally, at law, 54 Royal, d. 

96 St. Louis 
Grima Fi-licitp, 342 Bourbon 
Grima F. jr. 9(i Si. i^ouis 
Grimes C." Mrs. 3.W Hi<iiville 
Grimes David, lalmrer, 317 Erato 
Grimes Emma, 386 St. Aim 
Grimes James, laborer, 319 Erato 
Grimes John, laborer, 84 St. Thomas 
Grimes J. D. cakes, 325 Bourbon 
Grimm A carpenter. Second n. Constance 
Gnmm F. S. dairy, Chippewa n. Sixth 
Grimsi'l Conrad, woi)d and coal yard, 39 

Elysian Fields 
Grimshaw H. clerk, 63 Carondelet 
Grimshaw James, cot. broker, 30 Caron- 
delet, d. 69 Bourbon 
Grimsley Wm. D. engineer, Third n. 

Grinaj]:;e F. W. comptroller, Milan n. Live 

Oak, Jefferson City 
Griner Bernard, lab. 361 St. Peter 
Griner Eneas, Customhouse n. Rocheblave 
Grineaux Charles, St. Louis n. Iloman 
Grin nan Robert A. com. mer. 21 Com'l 

Grinnell Edward (Leeds Sf Co.) d. 181 

Grippy Ciiarles, cistern mkr, 209 Calliope 
Grishani A. H. apothy. 294 Franklin, d.l 
Grisham James A. clerk, 105 Canal 
Grishoifer Fred, coffee. Port market, d. 32 

Grisolles Mrs. 135 St. Anthony 
Grissam C. W. clerk, 37 Polyninia 
Griswold A. B. ( Uydv. Sf Goodrich,) d. 

Second n. Coliseum 
Griswold Robert, mate, 662 Royal, d. 3 
Gritram C. Polymnia n. Pryiania 
Gritzes Louis, Philij) n. Annunciation 
Grivaud Dominique, 271 Rampart, d. 2 
Grivot Antoine, Clafborne c. St. Philip 
Grivot Maurice, Htiy. at law and Adjutant 

Gem-ral of the State, 9 Camp, d. 74 

Grizot J. real estate broker, 408 Constance 
Groatejohn, drayman, Baijaielje c. Craps 
(¥roel)er Jos. drayman, 375 Mel|>omene 
Groeneveli Kwd. 79 Gravier d. Gnenville 
Groeisch B. clothg. Niw L^vee c. Triangle 
Grogan Mary, vegetaiiles, St. Mary's mkt. 
Groignard August, 325 St. Claude 
Grola PetiT, Jefferson City 
Groll Henry, trader, 105 St. Mary 
Gronberg Geo. liquors, Jersey n. Napo- av. Jeffirson City 

Growback G. Mrs., CasacalvocMLotitegut 
Grone C. Eighth n. Coliseum 
Groner John G. lab. 277 Mandeville 
Gronge Evariste, f. m. c. bricklr. Lapey- 

rouse c. Roman. 
Gronge Sophia E., Ronian n. Lapeyrouse 
Gropp Conrad, shoemaker, Gentilly road 
Grorii- Pierre, waiter, 55 St. Philip 
Gros C. Mrs. 80 St. Philip 
Gros Felix Mrs. 171 Bayou road 
Gi:os Josei)h, deputy sheriff 
Gros Joseph, 175 Trenie, d. 2 
Grosart Jacoi), apothecai-y, Gasquct c. 

Gi'osay James, car|i. 337 Tchoupitoulas 
Grosch Alexander, 10 Girod 
(irosch D. carpenter, St. Charles n. Delord 
(Jrosch George, 186 St. Thomas 
Grosch Hmiry, acct. 22 Magazine, d. 10 

Grosch Philipina Mrs. dressmaker, Tha- 
lia n. Rampart 
Grose F. W. barher, St. Philip, n. Royal 
Grosjean H. Mrs. 265 Ursulines 
Gro.sjean Jules M. clerk, 265 Ursulines 
Grosjean & Raymond (Louis C. Grosjean, 

Charles Raymond) (urniture, 59 Royal 
Grosjean Louis C. (Grosjean &f Raymond) 

(1. 128 Bienville 
Grosjean Victor, 322 Claiborne 
Gross Charles, exchange broker, 3 Byrne's 

Row, Carondelet 
Gross Conrad, baker, 393 Hospital 
Gross E. F. St. Charles, n. Piiilip 
Gross F. VV. barber, 117 Greatmen 
Gross Geo. cistern maker, 108 Villere, d. 2 
Gross Henry, grocer, Jefferson City 
Gross Ignatius, tailor 147 Main 
Gross Jacob, grocer, Si'venth n.Chijipewa 
Gross Jacob, laborer, Celestine n. Union 
Gross Jacoi), dairy and cheese, Gretna 
Gross .lose]ih, gas fitter 112 Johnson 
Gross John, Rousseau n. St. Andrew 
Gross John, Mrs. 175 L;iurel 
(Jross John, Jefferson City 
Gross J. E. engineer, Tiiird, n. Constance 
Gross Margaret, Laurel n. First 
Gros.s Martin, 125 Inde|>endence 
Gross Peicr, vegetaliles, 17 Poydras mkt 
Gross Philip, Poydras, c. Joiiiiaon 
Gross T. W. butcher, 7 Claiborne 
Gross Theod. W. tailor, 194 Rampart,d.l 
Gross Wm. Milan, n. Levee, Jeff. City 
Gross Wm. Mrs. 117 Treme, d. 2 
Grossard L. A. cooper, St. Peter n.Tremc 
Grossart Si'ron, clerk, 49 Carondelet walk 
Grossen J. B. laborer, 223 \ ilhre, d. 2 
Grossinger Clias. (^Mahew &( Grossinger) 

550 Magazine 
Grosslfrop Christopher, c. h. Washington, 

n. Baronne 
Grossman iN. lab. Wnshinjion n. Dryades 
Gr<)8z Conrad, baker, 136 Bienville 
Grosz 6. M. provisions, 9 Poydras market 
Grote Henry, laborer, 545 Burgundy 
Groter LudwiiT, shoemaki-r, 77 Poydras 
Qrotte John VV. ship carpt. .\lex, AL'i'rs 





Grotz Fred.Wm. laborer, Miro c. St.Ann 
Grounx J. B. carpenter, 333 Derbig:iiy,d.3 
Grouse John, pattern maker, 343 Howard 
Grouse Margaret Mrs., Cadiz n. Live Oak, 

■Jefferson City 
Groussol John, 56 Mandeville 
Groux Mrs. costumes and masks,93Conti 
(iroux Raymond, shoemkr. 211 St. Pliilip 
Grouyere 3os. painter, 240 Dauphine 
Grove Henry, grocer, Austerlitz c. Laurel, 

c. Jefferson City 

Grover & Baker, Sewing Machine Co. 

southern depot and salesroom, llCamp 

Grover Henry, drayman, 529 St. Claude 

Groves J. R. & Co (J. S. Groves, J. T. 

Simms,) cot. factors and com. mars. 

44 Union, d. 1 

Groves J. R. (John R. Groves S{ Co.) d.641 

Groves J. S. (J. R. Groves Sf Co.) 44 

Union, d. 1 
Groves S. H. Mrs. 631 Camp 
Grubbs Overton, f. m. c. dairy. Broad c. 

Gruber Henry W. carpt. 380 St. Charles 
Gruber J. F. insp. of customs, Polymnia 

n. Baronne 
Gruber Louis, tailor, 73 Toulouse 
Gruber Louis, painter, 225 Rampart 
(iruberman 11. gas fitter, 141 Liberty 
Grnder Carl, carpenter, 415 Customhouse 
Gruel Louis, watchman, Algiers. 
Gruenigor, Joseph, Burgundy c. Ursulines 
Gruenwaid L. carpt. Euterpe n. Dryatit.s 
Gruesz Benjamin, tailor. Royal n. Poland 
Gruet Jacques, furniture, 143 Toulouse 
Gruet Mary Mrs. b. h. 194 Baronne 
Gruffel Louis, carpenter, 295 St. Thomas 
Grugcr M. liquors, etc. 23 Levee, d. 4 
Grumer Phibp, laborer, Water n. Seventh 
Grun Christian, laborer, 1S9 Port 
Grunder F. foreman omnibus depot. Feli- 
city n. Pryiania 
Grundman Krnest, clerk, 9 Magazine, d. 

63 Roman 
Grundu Frantz, laborer, 875 Magazine 
Grundy E. Mrs. dry goods, 566 Dau- 
phine, d. 3 
Gruner A. grocery, Chartres, c. Ursulines 
Grunewald Geo. painter, 259 Customhouse 
Grunewald (.'hristian. Piety, n. Morales 
Grunewald Louis, music, 26 Chartres 
Gruntz M moss picker, McDonoghville 
Grusch B. carpi-nler, 186 Bienville 
Grush Henry L. shoes, 50 Magazine, d. 

150 Laurel 
Grusz H. H. grocer, 626 Royal 
Gryrr George, Fourth c. Fulton 
Gscliwindt R. portrait painter, 82 Camp 
G'Sell A. warehouseman, 395 St. Peter 
Guadiz Feliciie, 313 Main 

GUAY WILLIAM, Photograph- 
ic Temple of Art, 108 Poy- 
dvas, between St. Charles and 
Camp, d. 126 Poydras. 

Guadiz Manuelite, 51 St. Peter 
Guahape Pierre, grocer, 21 St. Anthony 
Gual Joseph, 384 Dauphine 
Guay Edward, ambrotypist, 112 Canal. 
Guasquetti J. wood, Marais n. Custom- 
Gubernator J. L. 354 Rampart, d. 1 
Gubert Antoine, 213 Ursulines 
Gucadet L. P. painter, 17 Casacalvo 
Guchereau Bertd. boots, 117 Rampart, d. 1 
Guckcr Frederick, baker, Madison, McD 
Gueble Francis, worsted store, 157 Canal 
Guedi t Louis, paper box mkr.371 Barracks 
Guel A. 511 Rampart, d. 3 
Gael John jr. watchn>aker, 201 Rampart 
Guenard Anatole, grocer 378 Royal 
Guenard Hortaire, 40 Frenchmen 
Guenard Joseph Mrs. 382 Royal 
Guenard M. furn'd rooms, 6 Frankiin,d.l 
Guenard Sophie, midwife, 98 Elysian 

Guenin B. Barracks, c. Bourbon 
Guennever Soule, book binder, 185 St. 

GueTio Hypolite, mason, 56 St. Bernard 
Gueno Z. 55 Annette 
Guenot Joseph, 137 St. Peter 
Guerand L. Franklin n. Conti 
Guei-and L. Basin, n. Gravier 
Guerand Paul Rev. Algiers 
Guerang Bernard, 117 Hospital 
Guerchaux Jean, dairy. Prosper n. Ma- 

Guerin Alfred, carpenter, 438 St. Claude 
Guerin Adele, Mrs. 158 St. Ann 
Guerin Artemise, 270 St. Philip 
Guerin Arthur, 53 Vlandeville 
Guerin Arthur, clerk, 308 St. Philip 
Guerin Aug. 96 Mazant 
Guerin A. S. tinsmith, 7 St. Bernard 
(luerin Charles, butcher, 106 Poet 
Guerin Dennis, fireman, J. R. R. depot 
Guerin D. 472 Burgundy, d. 3 
Guerin D. widow, 767 Dau|)hine, d. 3 
Guerin Emile, jeweler, 119 Canal, d. 86 

Guerin Jules, Old Levee n. St. Ferdinand 
Guerin James, laborer, 29 North market 
Guerin Louis J. clerk, 6 St. Louis 
Guerin Louis Mrs. 738 Rampart, d. 3 
Guerin L. <). Miss, 368 Bourbon 
Guerin L. P. 310 Bourbon d. 3 
Guerin Michael, Melpomene, n. Magnolia 
Guerin M. J. acct. 14 Poydras, d. 506 

Old Levee, d. 3 
Guerin O. Mrs. 264 Roman, d. 3 
Guerin Paul, clerk, Mazant, n. Rampart 
Guerin Pat. Thalia c. Willow 
Guerin P. butcher, 29 Port market, d. 456 

St. Claude, d. 3 
Guerin S. A. tinsmith, 506 Camp 
Guering Victor, clerk, 14 Poydras 
Guerinau Charles, variety store, 167 Roy- 
al, d. 401 Burgundy, d. 3 
Gueringer Armand, clerk, 4 Magazine, d. 

328 St. Philip 
Gueringer Ernst, clerk, 72 Canal 




Gueringer Estelle, 223 Derbigny 
Guei-ing:pr Ferdinand N. clothing, 33 late 
35 Chariivs, d. 328 St. Philip 
, Gucringcr Ferdinand N. jr. clerk, 126 Ca- 
nal, d. 328 St. Pliilip 
Gueringer Oscar, clerk, 33ChartrPS 
Gueringer T. St. Philip n. Marais 
Gueringer U. clerk, St. Philip n. Marais 
Guerre J. P. Mrs. St. John's Groat Route, 

n. Bayou bridge 
Guerre R.T. Mrs. 326 St. Charles 
Guerrers Antonio, clerk, 201 Royal 
Giiery .T. B. sho(>niaker, 268 Bourbon 
Guosnard A. book keeper, 104 Canal, d. 

181 Ratnpart 
Guesnard .losephine, 173 Frenchmen 
Guesnon A. 1). Esplanade n. Marais 
Guesnard Delphine Mrs. 32 Esplande 
Guesnon Kdward, 356 Esplanade 
Guesnon Ernest, ch'rk, 261 St. Claude 
Guesnon E. clerk, 43 Natchez 
Guesnon Hypolite, 31 St. Bernard 
(lUesnon .Toseph, bricklayer, 499 St. Ann 
Guesnon Mrs. 390 Ursulines 
Guesnon Philip, 261 St. Claude 
Guesnon V. 481 St. <'laude. d. 3 
Guesnon U. 354 Bourbon, d. 3 
Guesnon U. Mrs., Ibsulines n. Robertson 
Guet L. Mrs. midwife, 69 Orleans 
Gueth Eliza 'h. Mrs., Hospital n. Johnson 
Guette Victorin, pictures, 41 late 49 Royal 
Gucx John, Laurel n. Josephine 
Guex D. F. Mrs. 371 St. Claude, d. 3 
Gupydam Frant^ois ( liodet Sc ducijclam,) 
Hospital c. Chartres, d. 59 Esplanade 
Gueydan A. P. grocer, Carondelet n. Cal- 
Gugenheim F. dry goods, 204 Orleans 
Gugcnheim Joseph, dry goods, 131 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Gugenheim J. confectioner, 113 Marais 
Guibert Aug. carp. 345 St. Philip 
Guibert Charles, tailor, 87 Urquhart 
(iuiliert E. A. cleik, 94 Camp 
Guibert L. Mrs., Main n. Tremo 
(iuiliet Aiphonse, elk. Canal c. Dauphine 
Guibet Etienne A. clerk, 104 Canal 
Guibet J. B. Mrs. dressmkr. 91 Bourbon 
Guibre J. A. Mrs. 418 St. Ann 
Guichard Eugene, c. p. 155 Galvez, d. 2 
Guichard MT B. painter, 150 St. Peter, d. 

225 Robertson <• 

Guichard Victor Mrs. 49 Louisa 
Guichard Widow, Bayou road n. Johnson 
Guichonnet Claude, errocer, 75 Race 
Guidi Jno.barber,36 St. Peter, d.91 Spain 
Guiddo Joseph, 106 Poydras 
Guidraud M. Mrs., Clail)orne c. St. Ann 
Guidry Antoine, La. av. n. Carondi'let, 

Jeff. City 
Guidry Pierre, f. ni. c. carpenter, Union 

n. Prosper 
Guie Pierre, engineer, Jackson, McD. 
(■iuiender N. saddler. Front Levee n. Mon- 
tagu t 
Guieu M. Mrs. 56 St. Anthony 
Guigan J. B. 91 Elv'sinn Fields 

Guignard Josephine, 173 Frenchmen 
Guigon J. B. 156 Elysian Fields 
Guila A. painter, 66 Esplanade 

cessors to T. Danflous, Hunt- 
ing, Racing, Military and 
Side Saddle Makers, No. 121 
and 123 Royal street. 

Guilbert Chas. tailor, 89 Urquhart 
Guild Harvey, gas fitter, 182 St. Charles 
Guild Lucy Jane, 59 Basin 
Guilfolie Wm. lab. Constance c. Thalia 
Guilhaume L. butcher, Dryades mkt 
Guilhaume S. butcher, 72 French market 
(iuillaunie F. knife grind. North Market 
Guillaume George, butcher, 58 French 

Guillaume Jacques, f. m. c. shocmkr. 176 

Union, d. 3 
Guillaume Jerome, harness maker, 23 

Carondelet walk 
Guillaume Sanite, f. m. c. 324 Dauphine 
Guillaume S. butcher, 33 St. Mary's mkt 
Guillebeau Louis & Co. butch. 35 French 

Guillemin Louis A. cig. 207 Rampart, d.l 
Guillet Charles, clerk, 27 Bienville, d. 402 

Guillet C. dep. clerk, Third District Court 
Guillet E. P. acct. 23 and 25 Magazine 
Guillet Edward C. atty. at law, 50 Ex. 

place, d. 223 Elysian Fields 
Guillet Stanilas I. clerk, 22 Common 
Guillet Victor, clerk, 22 Common 
Guillier Alphonse, grocer, Marais c. St. 

Guillope Eudoxia, millin'y,278 Dauphine 
Guillope Paul, tinsmith, 280 Dauphine 
Guillor Toussaint, smith, 112 Barracks 
Guillot Charles, engineer, 16 Columbus 
Guillot Edward, druggist, 120 Royal 
Guillot F. policeman, Algiers 
Guillot J. Baptist, wheelwright, 112 Bar- 
Guillot Pierre, cook, 74 Ursulines 
Guillotte Edward, La. av. n. St. Charles, 

JvfC. City 
Guillotte F. book keeper, 259 Canal 
Guillotte L.A. (Fortier &f Guillotte,) Ram- 
part c. Ursulines 
Guilloutet Francis, wines and liquors, 15 

Guimnnt F. R., Havana n. Liberaux 
Guinard C. F. Dr. 110 Bourbon 
Guinard H. 40 Frenchmen 
Guinanit S. auctioneer, 90 Ex. place, d. 

Elysian Fields n. Solidelle 
Guion Alfred, 140 Toulouse 
Guion A., Chartres c. Esplanade 
Guion Elijah Rev. 567 Carondelet 
Guion S. f w. c. 417 Dauphine 
Guion Wm. R. 164 Gravier 
Guinot George, shoemkr. Urquhart c. 





GUION THOMAS P., Importer 
and Dealer in Combs, Brush- 
es, Jewelry, Stationery, Fine 
Perfumery, Fishing and 
Sporting Tackle, Gentle- 
men's Furnishing Goods, In- 
laid Ebony and Rosewood 
Goods. French, Dresden and 
Italian Bronze. Artistique 
and Berlin Iron, Umbrellas, 
Canes, and Bridal Presents, 
20 St. Charles 

Guiramand C..V1.72 Canal, (1.233 Bienville 
Guiramand VV., Main n. Prieur 
Guirand Fred. lab. 86 Enghien 

GUIRAUD J. B., Agent for the 
sale of the celebrated Erai'd 
Pianos, has also constantly 
on hand a selection of Pley- 
el's and the best makers' Pi- 
ano Fortes, 58 Royal, d. 175 

Guiraud M. Mrs. 230 Burgundy 
Guirot A. J. treasurer at the mint 
Guise Henry, clerk, 137 Montegut 
Guislmrd Mrs. N., Louise c. Casacalvo 
Guiss Adam, Harmony c. Camp 
Guissionnet M. G. grocer, 50 Race 
Guitar T. fruits, etc. 46 Union, d. 3 
Guitet J. (Blancand 8f Guitet,) 208 Royal 
Guittard E.dry goods, Royal c. St. Ann, d. 

145 Royal 
Gullett B. D. (Gunnison, Chapman &^ Co.) 

59 St. Charles, d. 30 Constance 

GULLETT N. C, General 

Commission and Forwarding 
Merchant, and Dealer in 
Wines and Liquors, No. 30 
Gravier street, d. 30 Gravier. 

GUMA & MASICH, (J. Guma, 
F. Masich,) Commission Mer- 
chants and Importers of Hav- 
ana Segars and Produce, No. 
39 Tchoupitoulas-st. 

Guma Joseph, (Guma Sf Masich,) d. 348 

Guma Mary, f. w. c. 285 Bourbon 
Guma P. &, Co. (Jose Casals, James T. 

Triaij,) cigars and produce, Canal c. 

Guma P. Mrs., Bourbon c. Ursulines 
Gumbert Henry, jeweler, Canal c. Royal, 

d. 448 Rampart, d. 1 
Gumbert Romarum, saddler, 71 Baronne, 

d. 348 Hercules 
Gumpert R. car trimmer, 348 Rampart,d.l 

Gunare N. cotton broker, 46 Carondelet, 

d. 410 St. Charles 
Gunnegle N. G. clerk, N.O. Bulletin office, 

d. McDonoghville 
Gunkel Adam, shoemaker,. 54 Mandevillc 
Gunn Anthony, laborer, 461 Bourbon, d. 3 
Gunn Francis, clerk, 99 Customiiouse 
Gunn Hannah A., Palmyra n\ Derbigny 

(A. N. Gunnison, Nathan 
Chapman, B. D. Gullett,) 
Manufacturers and Dealers 
in Cotton Gins, Steam and 
Caloric Engines, and Plan- 
tation Machinery generally, 
117 and 119 Tchoupitoulas 
street. Office 59 St. Charles 
street, d. cor. Carondelet and 
Chapman N, d. 60 Constance 

Gunnison J. H. builder, 62 Vilim-e 
Gunst Joseph, dep. sheriff,3Gl Chartes,d.3 
Gunther A. umbrella maker, 238 Chartns 
Gunther F. cist'n mkr, 469 Burgundy, d. 3 
Gunther Louis, ( Gunther, Rodewald&f Co.) 

42 Poydras 
Gunther, Rodiwald & Co. (Ludolph W. 

Gunther, Henry A. Rodeicald, Louis 

Gunther,) tobacco factors and com. 

mers. 62 Poydras 
Gunther Raymond, laborer, Goodchildren 

n. Bartholomew 
Gunthert Henry, bricklayer, Harmony c. 

Guntry Philip, shoemaker, 244 Carondelet 
Gunzburg Isidore, variety, 215 Gravier 
Gunzelman A. shoemaker, 277 Julia 
Guodolphe Henry, carpenter, 364 Howard 
Guore John, cabman, 508 Rampart 
■Gurdner George, fruit, 277 Laurel 
Gurley J. W. clerk U. S. Circuit Court, 

d. Josephine n. Coliseum 
Gurney John C. clerk, 90 Gravier 
Gurney Thos. bookbinder, 295 Poydras 
Gurtner Christian, Annunciation c.Sev'th 
Gurtner George, Laurel n. Seventh 
Gury Auguste, clerk 2d District Court, 111 

Elysian FieWs 
Gury A. J. clerk, 95 Old Levee, d. Ill 

Elysian Fields 
Gusman B. 325 Orleans 
Gusman Pierre, turnkey Parish Prison 
Gustin Charles E. 231 St. Ann 
Guste George, barber. New Levee n. Na- 
poleon av. JefF. City 

GUSTINE P. W. DR., Oculist, 
110 St. Charles n. Lafayette 
square, d. Jackson bet. Pul- 
ton and Chippewa. 

Gusto William H. clerk, 125 Old Levee ,d .3 


207 HAC 

Gustus Andrew, f. m. c. engineer,Willow 

n. Gravier 
Gutr.liow Fred, tailor, 519 Annonciation 
GiUli Andreas, tailor. 314 Dauphine 
Gutli Ano;ust, hakcry, 574 'I'choupitoulas 
Giitli Francis, flour, St. Thomas n. Ninth 
Gutli Francis, grocer, 673 Fulton 
Gutli George, Louisiana brewery, 72 Conti 
Guth Geo. cooper, Fronclimen n. Prosper 
Guth Jacol), ,St. James c Religious 
Guthar Fritz, laborer, 76 Congress 
Gutlieil Edward, builder, 179 Constance 
Gutlieil H<nry, architect, 463 Baron ne 
Giitiieim Jas. K. Rev., Carondeletab. Julia 
(Jutlirie Eugene, clerk, 202 Bur$rundy 
Guthrie James, machinist, 145 Robin 
Guthrie James, engineer, 130 Thalia 
Guthrie James B. pharmacy, 189 Camp 
(lUtlirie John, maciiinist, 145 Robin 
Guthrie Sam'l, turner, Howard c. Cypress 
Guthrie Sheldon, agent for Stearn & Mar- 

j vin's Safes, 57 Gravier, d. 32d Cus- 


! Gutierrez J. J., Jefferson City 
Gutierrez R. J. auctioneer, d. 313 St. Ann 
Gutierrez Thomas, "North Star," Baronne 

c. Perdido n. Carrollton de]>ot 

' Gutney Julius, cooper, 259 Tchoujiitoulas 
Guttscholm F. tailor, 719 New Levee 
Gutzler Jacob, musician, Bourbon n. So- 

Gutzler V. shoemaker, Delord n. Ann 
Giivez Henry, laborer, Levee n. Patterson, 

Guy James, engineer, Jefferson, McD. 
Guyard Victor, carpenter, 248 Burgundy 
Guybre Jules Mrs. 418 St. Ann 
Guyet Francisco, 84 Annette 
Guyol Armandjjr. acct. 104 Canal 
Guyol Henry, Tonti n. Hospital 
Guyol Lafayette, bookkeeper Canal Bank, 

d. 186 Claiborne 

Guyol Marcus, carpenter, 393 RampaH 
Guyol Theodore, notary, 118Customhouse, 

d. 218 Royal 
Guyol T. A. 289 Marais, d. 2 
Guyot A. butcher, 23 and 25 Trfme mkt. 

d. 165 Orleans 
Guyot Brothers, (J. Sf .4. Chiyot,) dry 

goods, Conti c. Bourbon 
Guyot Charles, 65 Old Levee, d. 2 
Guyot E. mineral water, 351 Royal, d.3 
Guyot Kmile, tinsmith, 248 Bourbon 
Guyot G., Orleans n. Johnson 
Guyot Jose)ih, carpenter, 357 Villerc, d. 3 
Guyot L. E. clerk, 67 Canal, d. 382 Bienville 
Guyot M. butcher, 56 Treme mkt 
Guyry Jann s, Pacanier n. Market 
Guzling Fred, drayman. Fourth n. Laurel 
Gwaney Jane, grocer, 322 Tchouj)itoulas 
Gwartney Hannah H. AJrs., St. Andrew 

n. Baronnc 
Gwartney H. Mrs., Terpsichore n. Ram- 

Gwartney M. Capt. 330 St. Charles 
Gwartney William Capt. 516 Magazine, 

d. 341 St. Ciiarl.-.s 

Gwin Nellie, 19 Basin, d. 2 

Gyles William, clerk, 184 Foucher 

Gys Florent, locksmith, 66 St. Louis 

JIAAB ADAM, drayman. 70 Music 
Haab Fred, shot nikr. Ninth n. Chippewa 
Haab Fred, porter, d. 48 Prieur, d. 2 
Haac Jacob, shoemaker, 68 Rousseau 
Haag Frank, carp. Magazine n. Eighth 
Haag Lorenz, oysters, 199 Tchoujiitoulas 
Haag N. liricklayer. Eighth n. Ni'w Levee 
Haan Julius, apothecary, 13 Royal 
Haar Christian, gardener, St. Dennis c. 

Robert, Jeff. City 
Haar E. V., Washington c. Magazine 
Haarer Fritz, bakery, 278 Li^vee, d. 3 
Haas Kd. fruit, Tchoupiloulas n. Felicity 
Haas John, hr. h. 37 St. Philip 
Haas John, tinner, Levee c.Berlin,Jeff.City 
Haas John, butcher, Magazine market 
Haas J. G. (Haas Sf Iftser,) 78 Custom- 
Haas Matthias, 375 Customhouse 
Haas I'eter, plasti-rer, 29 Hospital 
Haas W(ndeliii, shoemaker, 17 Dauphine 
Haas & Wiser, (J. (1. Haas, B. Wiser,) 

lealher store, 78 Customhouse 
Haase Charles, tailor, 91 Common 
Habemann Edward, n. Poydras market 
Habeney Carl, Fourth c. Annunciation 
Haber A. (Goldsmith, Hahcr S( Co.) 47 

Camji, d.227 Baronne 
Haber F. A..clk. 47 Camp, d. 227 Baronne 
Haber R'osina, St. Charles c. Jackson 
Haber Simon, (J. L. Bach, Foi-clieimcr ^ 

Co.) d. Nayades n. Melpomene 
Haberdir Andrew, tailor, 849 Magazine 
Haberle Henry, butcher, French market, 

d. La. av. c. Jersey, Jeff. City 
Habersreitinger Godefroy, butcher, Sora- 

paru market, d. Pleasant c. Fulton 
Haberslretinger G. shoemaker,New Levee 

c. 'I'oledano, Jeff. City 
Habcrsteick D. carp. Jackson c. White 
Haberstock John, bricklayer, 406 St. Ann 
Hubert H. paper hangings, 100 Charlres 
Habighorst G. sugar factor, 3 New Levee 
Hack Adam, locksmith, 83 Marais 
Hack J., Sjiain n. Goodchildren 
Hackelburn Michael, lab. 210 (^hippewa 
Hackenberg Frank, lock and gunsmith,801 

New Levee, d. 4 
Hackenberg P. ( Bcckhcrt Sf Hatkenberg,) 

Patterson, Algiers i 

Hacjienauer Joseph, bone black factory, i 

Washington n. St. .Andrew | 

Hacker Alexander, blacksmith, 239 New 

Levee, d. I . 

HACKER E., Hardware and Ship 
Chandlery; Builders' Materi- 
als and House Furnishing. 
Also, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc.; 
Orleans fronting Treme mar- 
ket, d. 349 St. Claude, d. 3. 

Hacker Fred. c. h. Religious c. Orange 
Hacker John, shoemaker, Jersey c. Sixth 
Hackermuller Bernard, grocery, 178 St. 

Hackett Barney, drayman, 79 Bertrand 
Hackett Bernard, drayman, Bertrand near 

Hackett B. Mrs. 114 Howard 
Hackett Daniel, laborer, 493 Royal, d. 3 
Hackett John, carpenter, 376 Terpsichore 
Hackett Patrick, laborer, 45 Marigny 
Hackett Susan Mrs., St. Charles n. First 
Hackett Thomas, 561 Rampart, d. 3 
Hackette Johanna Mrs. 150 Toulouse 
Hackinger Ch. engineer, 200 Melpomene 
Hackmann Louisn, proprietress of Conti 

Street Veranda, 25 and 27 Conti 
Hackney N. J. clerk, Opelousas R. R. 

Depot, d. Prytania n. St. Andrew 
Hadden David, (Saml. E.Moore &( Co.) 48 

Camp . 
Hadden James H. 338 Customhouse 
Hader Jacob, wareliouseman . 35 Magazine 
Hadersold W. upholsterer, 190 Royal 
Hadol E. Mrs. 243 Bayou road 
Hadsall G. A. b. h. 195 Basin, d. 1 
Haem F. carpenter. Harmony n. Magazine 
Haefner John, wine bottler, 46 Adcle 
Haenchen Geo. lab. Bourbon c. Prosper 
Haering A. C. crockery, 295 Old Levee, d. 2 
Hafele A. shoemaker, 248 Burgundy 
Hafelin G. M. 225 Daupliine 
Hafermeier H. c. h. 3 Front 
Hafler Frank, carpenter, 224 Bienville 
Hafner G. 17 Treme, d. 360 St. Ann 
Hafner H. seeds, 105 St. Charles 
Hafner Henry, c. h. Laurel c. Seventh 
Hafner Jno. b. h. St. Andrew n. Rousseau 
Hafkenmyer Charles A., St. Andrew near 

New Levee 
Hafkensbrink William H. confectioner, 

Nayades n. Polymuia 
Haff John, laborer, 65 Burgundy 
Haffin Patrick, laborer, Leed's row, Erato 
Haffner Ferdinand, cabinet maker, 540 

Hafft Christian, tailor, 519 Annunciation 
Hagan Adam Capt. 381 Dauphine, d. 3 
Hagan Ann Mrs. 45 North market 
Hagan Dennis, laborer, St. Joseph near 

Hagan Ellen, 84 Poet 
Hagan Francis d. 59 Prytania 
Hagan Francis, tailor, 348 Perdido 
Hagan Frank, painter, Thalia n. Prytania 
Hagan George, laborer, 187 Spain 
Hagan Geo wood, Rousseau n. Soraparu 
Hagan James, tinsmith, 292 Melpomene 
Hagan Jas. carpenter, Philip n. Dryades, 

d. 211 Roman, d. 2 
Hagan Jas. stonecutter, Philip n. Dryades 
Hagan John, screwman, 6 St. Ferdinand 
Hagan Jno. stonecutter. First n. Dryades 
Hagan Lucy, furnished rooms, 159 Cus- 
Flagan Luke, laborer, 265 Dryades 
Hagan Mary Mrs. 292 Melpomene 

Hagan Michael, laborer, 100 St. Thomas 
Hagan Michael, 178 Cypress 
Hagan Patrick, laborer, 513 Chartres,d.3 
Hagan Pat. stonecutter. Fourth n. Laurel 
Hagan Pat. engineer, d. 292 Melpomene 
Hagan Peter, Peace n. Royal 
Hagan P. stonecutter, Philip n. Dryades 
Hagan Susan, dressmaker, 29 Dauphine 
Hagan Mrs. Susan, 462 Carondelet, d. 4 
Hagan 'I'homas Mrs. 513 Chartres, d. 3 
Hagans John, Conti n. Claiborne 
Hagedorn J. H. 35 Carondelet, d. 75 Conti 
Hageman James, cartman, 327 St. Philip 
Hagemann G. cigars, 223 Tchoupitoulas 
Hagenberger Martin, Felicity n. St. James 
Hageteit P. wood, coal, etc., 51 Rampart 
Hager Geo. baker, Rousseau c. Fourth 
Hagerty George, pilot, 100 Toulouse 
Haggerty Bartholomew, laborer, 292 St. 

Haggerty Brothers, (J. J. and M. R. Hag- 
gerty,) wholesale and retail dry goods, 
Touro buildings, 128 Canal 
Haggerty Dennis, drayman, 135 Religious 
Haggerty John A. & Co. (M.J.-Tark- 
ton,) bagging and rope, 31 Poydras, 
d. 603 St. Charles 
Haggerty J. J. (Haggerty Brothers,) 128 

Haggi>rty Pat. J. laborer, 508 Chartres 
Hagoney John A., Napoleon av. n Pry- 
tania, Jeff. City 
Hagstrom C. screwman. Laurel n. Second 
Haguen S. Miss, 33 Dauphine 
Hahn Bernard, poultry, Dryades market, 

d. 126 Euterpe 
Hahn Charles, cooper, 562 Dauphine, d. 3 
Hahn Ferdinand, butcher, 486 Chipfii^wa 
Hahn Frederick, baker. 111 St. Anthony 
Hahn Henry, laborer, 160 Chippewa 
Hahn Jacob, clothing, 273 Rampart 
Hahn John, drayman, 267 Marigny 
Hahn John A. cabinet maker, 152 Delord 
Hahn Michael, attorney at law and notary 

. public, 92 Camp, d. 199 Julia 
Hahnbohm H. screwman, 747 Rampart, d. 3 
Haight Eugene, time keeper, N. 0. &, 0. 

R. R. Algiers 
Haight Harmon, boat builder, Algiers 
Haight Rufus, depot keeper, Algiers 
Haiie Anthony, blacksmith, Tchoupitou- 
las n. St. James 
Haile Wm. R. clerk, 67 Canal 
Hailes Thomas, coffee saloon, 456 Tchou- 
Hailes Thomas D. agent, 16 Exchange 

place, opposite Post Office 
Hailes & Sassinot, (James Hailes, L. G. 
Sassinot,) distillery agents and gene- 
ral brokers, 35 Barracks 
Haim Frank, Coliseum n. Sixth 
Haindel Charles, dairy , Claiborne n.Clouet 
Haindel John, baker, 105 Gravier 
Haindel John, grocer. First c. Fulton 
Haindel John, 464 Old Levee, d. 3 
Haindel Martin, shoemak. 109 St. Anthony 
Haindel Mathias, d. 117 Washington 




Haindel Thomas, Prosper n. Union 
Hiiinger C. engineer, 368 Basin, d. 1 
Haines Manuel, slioenikr. Broad n. Orange 
Haines R. M. elk. d. Annunciation n.Krato 
Haingle G. laborer, 516 Burgundy, d. 3 
Haisiet Joseph, painter, 310 Melpomene 
Hakenjos Christian Moritz, shoe fitter, 66 

St. Louis 
Hakey William, drayman, McDonogh 
Hakigan Uridgi>t Mrs. 302 Terpsichore 
Halagan John, drayman, 105 Euterpe 
Halaraii H(Uiora, 97 St. Andrew 
Halhert Michael, ostler, d. 128 Orange 
Hrilbritter M. florist, Columbus n. Miro 
Hale Adolph, laborer, 88 Gaiennie 
Hale Gravenier, boatman, 256 Canal 
Hale Martha, Mrs. Constance n. Second 
Hale M. C, Constance n. Second 
Hale Patrick, laborer, Delord n. Magazine 
Hale Wm. mattressmaker, 301 Magazine 
Halei)ach Philip, wheelwright. Market n. 

Haley Andrew, drayman, 364 Gravier 
Haley C. dressmaker, 174 Rampart, d. 1 
Haley Daniel, laborer, 62 St. Louis 
Haley Dennis, laborer, 265 Dryades 
Haley James, laborer, Clara n. Gravier 
Haley James, tailor, 197 Tchoupitoulas 
tialey James P. c. h. 60 Girod, d. 1 
Haley Jeremiah, stone cut. 140 Girod, d. 1 
Haley Johanna Mrs., Erato n. Magnolia 
Hale'y John, 284 Clio, d. 1 
Haley John, laborer, 81 Mandeville 
Haley .lohn, laborer, 315 Old Levee, d. 2 
Haley John, drayman, 307 Tchoupitoulas 
Haley Matthew,c,iulker.584 Burgundy,d.3 
Haley Mary Mrs., Thalia n. Dryadus 
Hali;y Michael, laborer, 364 Gravier 
Haley M. laborer, 456 Chartres, d. 3 
Haley Pat. lab. Second n. Annunciation 
Haley Pat. cartman, 50C Chartres, d. 3 
Haley Patrick, laborer, 85 Julia 
Haley Thomas, lab. 495 Dauphine, d. 3 
Haley Thomas, bricklayer, 75 St. Louis 
Haley Thomas, laborer, 284 Dauphine 
Haley Thomas, laborer, 296 Orleans 
Haley I'homas, laborer, Poet n. Chartres 
Haley Win. stevedore, Rousseau n. Tiiird 
Hall Anthony, laborer, Algiers 
Hall Chas. E. Ibreman job office, 66 Camp 
Hall & Co. (0. E. Hall, J). M. HUdreth,) 

proprietors, St. Louis Hotel, Royal 

c. St. Louis 
Hall Edward, c. p. 250 Lafayette 
Hall Klizabeth Mrs., 401 Felicity 
Hall E. A. salesman, 84 Canal, d. 280 

Philip, d. 4 
Hall Edward L. clerk, 2 Magazine, d. 

280 Philip, d. 4 
Hall Francis, accountant, 33 New Levee 
Hall Francis M. book keeper, 11 Com- 
mercial place, d. 488 Rampart, d. 1 
Hall George <). 349 Basin 
Hall G. W. dentist, 100 Camp 
Hall Henry F. (B. L. Mann &( Co.) 38 

Hall Henry O. book keeper, 448 Rampart 

Hall Hugh, screwman, Race n. Tchoupi- 
Hall H. H. painter, 239 Thalia 
Hall H. S. (Asa F. Cochrane &c Hall,) 11 

Hall James A. clerk, 2 Magazine 
Hall James. W. pilot, Third n. Laurel 
Hall .Tohn, drayman, 98 Animnciation 
Hall John,d. 232 St. Charles 
Hall John M. grocer. Canal c. Tchoupitou- 
las, d. 172 Baronne 
Hall Lewis, screwman, 44 Elmire 
Hall Martin, screwman, d. 46 Race 
Hall N. C. 63 Dauphine 
Hall N. S. finisher, Lafayette c. Fourth 
Hall & Rodd, {John Hall, E W. Rodd,) 
sugar factors, com. and forwd. mers., 
49 Customhouse 
Hall Robert, printer, 208 Lafayette 
Hall R. H. clerk, 20 St. Charles, d. 202 

Hall S. S. (Bard Sf Hall,) 37 Camp, d. 

Citv Hotel 
Hall Tliomas, 82 St. Andrew 
Hall Thomas H. c. p. 281 Marais 
Hall Thomas Jefferson, ( Warren &f Hall,) 

84 Common, d. 182 Third 
Hall Thomas W. clerk, d. 63 Dauphine 
Hall Wm. moulder, Euterpe n. Franklin 
Hall Wm. laborer, Claiborne n. Marigny 
Hall Wm. Mrs. 192 Main 
Hall Wm. B. c. h. Orange c. St. Thomas 
Hall W. E. (Montgomery S^ Hall,) 73 Ca- 

roiidelet, d. Second n. Carondelet 
Hall Wm. J. lal>orer, 267 Frenchmen 
Hall Wm. R. Dr. dentist. 175 Baronne 
Hallagan Michael, jr. clerk, 2 Chartres, 

d. Terpsichore n. Baronne 
Hallaran Philip, clerk, 41 Union, d. 1 

H. and Paul H. Haller,) Cop- 
per and Sheet Iron Workers, 
188 Tchoupitoulas. 

Haller B. hardware, 51 Annunciation 
Haller Geo. painter, 19 Commercial place 
Haller Henry, accountant, 188 Tchoupi- 
toulas, d. 36 Annunciation 
Haller J. (Bret &,- Haller,) Merchant's 

hotel, St. Charles c Canal 
Haller Lud. tailor, 6 Jackson, d. 4 
Haller Paul, (Haller S,- Brother,) 188 

Haller William, watchman, 90 Franklin 
Hallet Ramsey & Co. com. merchants, 87 

Hallett Jacob P. ( Crowell &r Hallett,) 271 

Front Leve' , d. 1 
Halley Robert R. engineer, d. 443 Basin 
Holliday, Graham & Co. (J^\ TV. Graham, 
Graham, Halliday i),- Co., Cairo, Illinois,) 
genl. com. mers. 12 Poydras 
Halligutur Salvador, lab. 15 St. Anthony 
Halloway Peter, ship carp. Monroe, M'D. 
Hall(|u<st J. W. mate, 830 Burgundy 




Hallwig Louis, clerk, 131 Canal, d. Galvez 

11. Gravier 
Malm Fred, warehouseman, 43 New Levee 
Halpin E. J. grocer, Religious c. St. Marj'- 
dalpin James, carp. 101 Claiborne, d. 2 
Halpin John, Thalia near St. Charles 
Halpin Patjveterinary doctor,91 St. Joseph 
Halpin Thos. drayman, 132 St. Ferdinand 
Halpin VVm. drayman, 11)5 Euterpe 
Halscher Henry, wood pedler. Poet n. 

HaLser Antoine, Gretna 
Halter Frank, gardener, 77 Bartholomew 
Halter Jean, laborer, 99 Elmire 
Halter Joseph, 258 Frenchmen 
Halter Michael, 56 France 
Halthaus Herman, laborer, Congress n. 

HaltzmanG. A. dairy, Eighth n. St. Charles 
Halwell Philip, cott. weiglier, d.266 Sixth 
Ham Michael, lab. Laurel n. Third 
Ham William, stair builder, 2a0 Caronde- 

let, d. St. Mary c. Annunciation 
Hambacker Max, barber, 731 lV.Levee,d.4 
Hambiett Charles, house and sign painter, 

276 Magazine, d. 59 Annunciation, d. 4 
Hamblin G. Mrs. 368 St. Philip 
Hamburger A. JVinthc. Magazine 
Hamburger Charles E., Annunciation n. 

Hamburger H. tailor, 9 St. Charles, d. 28G 

St. Charles 
Hamburger John, tinsmith, 793 Dauphine, 

d. 3 
Hamer G. Mrs. 27 Piety 
HamerHy. blacksmith, 472 Bourbon, d. 3 
Hamer ViUan, wheelwright, 364 Bourbon 
Hamilton Adolphus, com. mer. 46 Caron- 

deiet,d. Washington c. St. Charles,d.4 
Hamilton C. Mrs. 42 Viilere, d. 2 
Hamilton C. Dr., 27 Jackson, d. 4 
Hamilton James, b. h. 96 Tchoupitoulas 
Hamilton James G. acct. 53 Carondelet 
Hamilton John, 81 Viilere, d. 2 
Hamilton Louisa Mrs., Jackson n. Ram- 
Hamilton Patrick, lab. Celeste n. Levee 
Hamilton Patrick, Religious n. Race 
Hamilton Richard, d. 72 Canal 
Hamilton Robert, carpenter, 320 Liberty 
Hamilton R. VV. com. mer. 114 Common 
Hamilton Samuel, c p. 23 Ex. place 
Hamilton Wm. A. 21 late 27 Royal 
Hamilton Wm. grocery, 174 Foucher 
Hamlen Nathaniel, com. mt;r. 56 Poydras 
I iamlet J. car greaser, Jackson R.R. depot 
Ha mm A. shoemaker, 46 Marais 
Hamm Ferdinand Mrs., Galvez n. Main 
Hamm Peter, carp. Ninth n. Constance 
Hammann Jacob F., St. Andrew c. Howard 
Hammel H. cabman, 5 Mandeville 
Hammel Thomas, laborer, 166 Richard 
Hammer Charles, baker, Melpomene near 

Hammer Frank, soap factory, Liberty c. 

St. Andrew 
Hammer L. Mrs. 119 Piety 

Hammer Jos. lamplighter, 212 Union, d.3 
Hammer V. cotton press, 383 Orleans 
Hanimerich H. Mrs. 141 Union, d. 3 
HammiTer Nicholas, carp. 112 Louisa 
Hammerle John, shoemaker, 10 Hospital 
Hi-mmers, Charles Wm. painter, 292 Conti 
Hammerschlag Wm. )»ainter, 89 Derbigny 
Hammond Abner, acct. 18 Old Levee 
Hammond Anthony, screwman, 600 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
Hammond Charles, Josephine n. N. Levee 
Hammond Eliza Mrs. 175 Common 
Hammond Harriet, f. w. c. Bolivar near 

Hammond H. engineer, 82 Piety 
Hammond Henry, carp. 165 Roman, d. 2 
Hammond Henry, cabman, 40 Marigny 
Hammond J. T. engraver, 28 Camp . 
Haininoiis H. E. b, h. Peter, Algiers 
Hammond Mack, locksmith, 47 Bourbon 
Hamot A., St. Leger, jeweler, 90 Ursuliiies 
Hamp Win., Prytania n. Soniat, Jefi'.City 
Hampel Charles, screwman, 151 Elysian 

Hampton Wm. G. clerk, 72 Levee, d. 3 
Hampton W. Mrs. 184 Union 
Hanagan James, laborer, 145 Foucher 
Hanahan Frank, laborer, 90 Viilere, d. 2 
Hanay Thomas, d. 146 Tchoupitoulas 
Hanbury W. M. Capt. 25 Mandeville 
Hancke Valentine, Constance n. Eighth 
Hankes A. W. grocer, 126 Spain 
Hankes E. E. 102 Spain 
Hancock School, at the U. S. Barracks 
Hancox G. S. clerk, 93 Camp, d. Palmy-'- 

ra n. Roman 
Hand Bernard, lab. d. Front Levee c. Robin 
Hand John, printer, 24 Marais, d. 1 
Hand Pat. carpenter. Religious n. Orange 
Handbury W. M., Goslin n. Delaronde, 

Handey Thomas, screwman, 33 Rousseau 
Handle Henry, lab. .59 Annunciation 
Haiidlin Bernard, laborer, 50 Si. Thomas 
Handlin Francis, Girod c. Music 
Handlin & St. Paul', ( W. W. Handlin, H. 

Si. Paul,) attys. at law, 44 Ex. place 
Handrapp B. H., Clouet near Morales 
Hands E. V. (G. W. Gregor 8f Co.) d.278 

Handy B. E. carpenter, 358 Liberty 
Handy Elizabeth Mrs. 264 Melpomene 
Handy John T. clerk, 15 Royal, d. 264 

Handy Samuel, clerk, 42 Union, d. 1 
Handy Thos. H. clerk, 15 Royal, d. 264 

Hanemann John T. 369 Carondelet 
Hanemann W.Mrs, teacher, 601 St. Charles 
Haner Henry, barkeeper, 52 St. Charles 
Haney Joseph, laborer, 81 Delord 
Haney Peter, lab. Laurel n. St. Andrew 
Hanhart John, c. h. Dauphine c. St, Philip 
Hanigan David, sawyer, Algiers 
Hanjal Christian, tailor, 80 Old Levee ~ 
Hanke Albert, Carondelet n. Sixth 
Hankel J. shoemaker, 139 Port 




Hanken A. Mrs. c. h. 241 Front Levee 
Haiilan Martin, laborer, Goodchildren n. 

Hanlcy Henry, drayman, 342 Thalia 
Hanliii Bernard, laborer, 50 St. Thomas 
Jianlon D. carpenter, 19G Josephine 
Haiilon John, laborer, 617 Chartres, d. 3 
lianlon John, drayman, 24 Music 
Ilanlon John 'I', seaman, 3 -1 Lafayette 
lianlon Joseph, reporter, 109 Basin, d.l 
Ilanlon Palrirk, laborer, 617 Charlres,d.3 
lianlon William C. shoeniaker,]7 Enj^hien 
Hanion Bridget Mrs., Roman n. Palmyra 
Hanly F'rancis, laborer, 59 Erato 
Hanly Francis, grocery, 56 St. Thomas 
Hanly James, la'borer, Religious c. Richard 
Hanly John, drayman, 90 Enghien 
Hanly Michael, laborer, 185 Foucher 
Hanly M. Capt. 247 St. Louis 
Hanly Robert, laborer, 222 Lafayette 
Hunly Tiios. grocer, Constance c. Thalia 
Hanly Thos. drayman, 69 St. Thomas 
Hanly T. Mrs. 94 Si. Th.mias 
Manmore Michael, laborer, 80 Derbigny 
Hanmore Patrick, -labon'r, 103 J'a-ligious 
Hann P. poultry, 16 Dryadt s mkt 
Hanna A. J. clerk. La. Insurance Co. d. 

306 St. Charles 
Hain\a John H. public weigher, d. 224 St. 

Hanna L. M. Mrs. Ill Customhouse 
Hanna Robert, laborer, 462 Old Levce,d.3 
[lannan Michael, lal)in-er,7 Hoey's row 
Hanruir Conrad, 281 Customhouse 
I lannegan Ed.ward, drayman, Johnson n. 

Hannegan John, St. Mary n. Chippewa 
1 HannemannWm. drayman, 284 St. Thos. 
Manner Chas. brickla'yer,Girod c.Annette 

■ HANNEY W. A. & CO. (J. E. 

Putnam,) Dealers in Hats, 
j Caps, Straw Goods, Umbrel- 
1 las, &c., 62 and 64 Gravier, 
1 d. St. Charles n. Peter's Av. 

Jefierson City. 

Hanni C. cigars, 50 Magazine 

lianning Albert, 100 Gravier, d. Calliope 

n. Carondelet 
Hanning George, c. h. 338 Bienville 
lianning John, acc'nt. 99 Gravier, d. 118 

Hanning John, carpenter, 196 Delord 
Hanning Maria, 133 'I'halia 
Hannon (Catherine, c. h. 2 Constance 
Hannon Eugene, labort'r, 85 Delord 
Hannon James, f'erdido n. Galvez 
Hannon John, vet'nary b. h. 2 Constance 
! Hannon Luke, jiainter, 130 Laurel 
Hannon Michael, laborer, 304 Lafayette 
Hannon Matthew, lab. Roman n. Palmyra 
Hannon Patrick, 93 Howard 
Hannon Patrick, drayman, Felicity n. St. 

Haof George, laborer, 259 Laurel 

Hans Bernard, crock'y, 549 Magazine,d.4 \ 
Hans Michael, steward, 352 Melpomene j 
Hansborough James, .steward, 232 Ccniti 
Hansborough John, ostler, 61 .Mandeville 
Hansborough John, cook. Piety n. Front 

Hansborough Joseph, laborer, Indepen- 

ileiice n. Datiphine 
Hansburv Jos. painter, Lil>erty n. Common 
Hansell Charles, cott. broker. 316 Callioi)e 
Hansell H. H. saddlmy, 24 Magazine, d. 

Prytania c. Seventh 
Hansen Edward, barber, 251 Rampart, d.l 
Hansen J. fashionable boots and shoes, 14 

Crossman, d. 165 St. Anthony 
Hansen William Capt. 266 Dryades 
Hansey Chas. tinsmith, 4.")!) Tchoupitoulas 
Hansey John, laborer, 450 Gravier 
Hanson Andrew, warehouseman, 88 Man- 
Hanson Andrew, warehouseman, 16 Ba- 

Hanson A. Mrs., Cypress n. Derbigny 
Hanson Christopher,lab.H6 Independence 
Hanson C. butcher, Jackson n. Ruusseau 
Hanson H. blacksmith, 218 New Levee 
Hanson John II. laborer, 19 Enghien 
Hanson J, Mrs. oysters, 365 O. Levee ,d. 3 
Hansen) J. lumber, New Levee c. Maren- 
go, Jefl'. City 
Hanson M. carpenter, 416 Felicity 
Hanson Peter, jjrinter, 102 St. Jane 
Hanson Peter, carp. Bourbon n. Solidelle 
Hanson P. drayitian. Rampart c. Second 
Hainan Frederick, Baronne n. Harmony 
Hanton Ambrose, Ituilder, d. 286 Thalia 
Hanway J. Mrs., Si. Thomas n. St. James 
Hanzo Anioine, tailor, 235 St. Louis 
Happisch Henry, barber, 101 N. Levee,d.4 
Haran N. locksmith, 401 Chartres, d. 3 
Harang A. J03 Rampart, d. 2 
Harang L. P. 8 Royal 
Harbaugh J. W. laborer, 280 Common 
Harbeke C. cabt. maker, Johnson n. Canal 
Harberger Conrad, cabinet maker, 14 

.Johnson, d. 2 
Harberger Lorenzo, white leather dresser. 

Third n. Dryades 
Harbez Alphonse, grocer, 135 Conti 
Harbor Tow Boat Of]ice,8 Fnnit Levee,d.2 
Harby G.W. principal Paulding p. s.,d. 1, 

d. 23 Religious 
Hari)y Isaac R. cl.:rk, 28 St. Charles 
Harby S. Dr. editor Bee newspaper, (G. 

F. Weisse &. Co.) d.3G9 Magazine 
Harde Mat. painter, Ursniines n. Galvez 
I-iardiU Louis, clerk, 128 Canal 
Harden Thos. steward, 101 Derbigny, d.2 
Hardenberg Charles, clerk, 38 Perdido 
Hardenbrook J., St. Andrew n. Baronne 
Hardenbrook Wm. sailmaker, 69 Front 

Levee, d. 1 
Hardendock Frank, Thalia n. Second 
Haider Jacob, porter, 152 Union, d. 3 
Harder (). 107 Columlms 
Hardie Augusle Mrs., Morales n. Music 
Hardie C. L., 282 Roman 




Hardie Etienne, 160 Ursulines 
Hardie John T. & Co. (Martin S. Cassedy, 
C. J. Mcholson, James C. Rupert,) com. 
mers. 44 Carondelet, d. 209 Prytania 
Hardie J.W. atty. atla:w,Natchez c.Camp 
Hardie William H. clerk, 12 Poydras 
Hardiman John, warehouseman, 274 St. 

Hardiman P. clerk, 273 Liberty 
Hardin F. A. 240 Bienville 
Harding, Abbay & Morehead, (J.J^. Har- 
ding, S. F. R. Abbay, S.J. Morehead,) 
cotton factors and com. mers. 59 Ca- 
Harding F. B. feed store, Girod c. Com- 
Harding Harvey A. dog trainer, Second n 

St. Dennis 
Harding Jesse S. engineer, 391 Baronne 
Harding John, laborer, St. Mary n Fulton 
Harding Thos. laborer, 87 Derbigny, d. 3 
Harding Thos. grocer, Girod c. Commerce 
Harding William, 23 Carondelet 
Hardingburg M. clerk, 17 Chartres 
Mardman George, poultry, 17 Euterpe 
Hardman Robert, laborer, 106 Annunc'n 
Hardmey J. C. princl. of the IM . 0. Acad- 
emic Institute, Ursulines c Hospital 

HARDON F, R., Millinery and 
Fancy Goods, 27 late 29 

Hardonir L. Mrs. 276 St. Philip 
Hardt Henry, laborer, Newton, McD. 
Hardy A. cigars, St. Mary n. Magazine 
Hardy C. W. carpenter, lo6 Delord 
Hardy Etienne, shoemaker, 144 Poet 
Hardy George H. coffee house and gro- 
cery, 163 Carondelet 
Hardy John, f. m. c. cigars, 260 Bayou rd 
Hardy Mertil Mrs., St. Andrew n Howard 
Hardy P. A. tobacco sampler, Hunter n. 

New Levee, d 294 St. Charles 
Hardy P. A. tailor, 328 St. Peter 
Hardy Robert, St. Andrew n. Howard 
Hardy Sarah, St. Peter n. Roman 
Hare Christopher, saddler, 147 Conti 
Hare P. soap factory, Second c. Liberty 
Hare Peter, clerk, 201 Tchoupitoulas 
Hare Robert, cotton factor and com. mer. 

55 Carondelet, d. 119 Constance 
Hare Samuel F. cooper, Magnolia n. La- 
Hare Thomas, variety store, 201 Tchou- 
Hare Walter J. clerk, 119 Constance 
Harent Charles, carpenter, Peter, Algiers 
Hargen Michael, laborer, 349 Camp 
Hargimer August, drayman, 158 Religious 
Hargot Henry, laborer, 336 Howard 
Harhn Joshua, laborer, Gretna 
Harighausen John, laborer, 34 Constance 
Haring Constantine A. daguerreian ,2 Hos- 
Harispe Charles, (Castillo &c Harispe,) 25 

Harkenburg Frantz, gun and locksmith, 

765 New Levee, d. 4 
Harkey David M. clerk, 128 Canal 
Harlihy Timothy, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Harlow John E. salesman, 296 Liberty 
Harlow Margaret, 61 Port 
Harman F. H. barkeeper, Tchoupitoulas 

c. St. Joseph 
Harman L. Constance n. Second 
Harman L. S. printer, d. Here-and-There 
Harman William, lab. 566 Burgundy, d.3 
Harmann Lionel, marketman, Pleasant c. 

Harmon Carolina Mrs. Magazine n. Up- 
per Line, Jefferson City 
Harmon Henry, cabinetmaker, Roman c. 

St. Ann 
Harmon T. Mrs. furnished rooms, 134 

St. Peter 
Harmon Wm. B. salesman, 69 Tchoupi- 
Harmstead E. A. Mrs. b. h. 120 Poydras 
Harnan Pat. B. western produce, 179 

Harnett John, 68 Robertson 
Harney Edwin, f. m. c. barber, 6 Baronne 
Harney H. B. Prytania n. St. Andrew 
Harney John, laborer, 290 St. Thomas 
Harney John, laborer, 79 Delord 
Harney Thos. laborer, 94 St. Thomas 
Harney Thos. laborer, 87 Delord 
Harp Rob. T. Rev. Chartres c. Enghien 
Harper B. S. (Jinderson &{ Harper,) d. 308 

Harper Edward, screwman, 329 Chippewa 
Harper Geo. carpenter, Seguin n. Peter, 

Harper Geo. private watchman, 101 Clai- 

Dorne, d. 2 
Harper Jacob, Capt. Elmire, Algiers 
Harper James M. stables, 40 St. Louis 
Harper John, painter, St. Jane n. Gravier 
Harper John, lab. 557 Dauphine, d. 3 
Harper John H. engineer, 60 Viilere, d. 2 j 
Harper John T. ( Forshag 8f Harper) 86 
Marais, d. 2., d. St. James c. Gravier 
Harper John, laborer, 83 St. Thomas 
Harper J. H. trader. Seventh n. Magazine 
Harper Maria Mrs. 494 Basin 
Harper Parmela, 195 Bienville 
Harper Sarah Mrs. 31 Basin, d. 2. 
Harper Sarah Mrs. Elmire, Algiers 
Harper Thomas, drayman, St. Ferdinand 

n. Goodchildren 
Harper Thomas E. carp. 181 Franklin, d. 1 
Harper T. D. 57 Ex. place, d. 133 Barracks 
Harper W. P. clerk, 40 Perdido, d. 133 

Harpett John, cab driver, 116 Constance 
Harr William, carpenter. Levee n. St. Jo- 
seph, Jeff. City 
Harral Ann, 223 Customhouse 
Harrell A. J. (McCan &c Han-ell,) Fulton 
b. Julia and Notre Dame, d. 330 Camp 
Harrell E. F. 38 Magazine 
Harrell M. laborer, 718 Dauphine, d. 3 
Harrick R., St. Mary n. Laurel 




Harrigan John, grocer, Girod c. Rampart 
Harrington Diinl.engin'r, 95 Indi'pt'nikMice 
Harrington John, draj'man, 75 Richard 
Harrington Thos.H.l)uildcr,l29:J Magazine 
Harrington Timothy, drayni. 191 Uryades 
Harrington William, laborer, 287 Howard 
Harrington W. H ambroty.pist, 6 Camp 
Harris Aaron, (.llcrandcr Harris Hf Co.) 

32 Carondelct, d. 35 Bourbon 
Harris Abraham, fancy dry goods, 267 

Rampart, d. 1 
Harris Abraham, glazier, 257 Gravior 
Harris Alexander & Co ( L. J. Jiarris and 

.iarnn Harris,) brokers, 32 Caronde- 

let, d. 225 Prytania 
Harris Alexandrrjr. clerk, 31 Natchez, d. 

210 St, Louis' 
Harris Andrew J. jiainter. Sixth n. Laitrel 
Harris Benj. f. m. c. Perdido n. Johnson 
Harris & Carreras,(' C/inr/cs Harris, A.Car- 

reras,) ship joiners, Algiers 
Harris C. clerk, 234 Tchoupiioulas 
Harris D. A. broker, 23 Carondelct, d. 

Prytania n. Jackson 
Harris D. A. d. 122 St. Philip 
Harris Edwin, clerk, 31 Natchez, d. 210 

St. Louis 
H. E. iVI rs. 12 Pontalba buildings, St. Ann 

H. Harris, Oscar B e r c i e r , 
Wm. S. Wright, Thomas Ong; 
Commission and Forwarding 
• Merchants, also Dealers in 
Western Produce, 77 Tchou- 

Harris Geo. A. hackman,114 Derbigny,d.2 

Harris James, 116 Spain 

Harris Jos. L. agt. for Cox, Brainard & 
Go's steamers, 95 Camp, d. St. Charles 
c. Toledano, JeHerson City 

Harris J. C. president of the southern 
steam ship company, 57 Camp, d. 
Gasquet c. Robertson 

Harris J. O. collector. New Levee c. Gra- 
• vier, d. 189 Camp 

Harris J. S. Mrs. dress maker, 285 Ca- 

Harris Lucy, f. w. c. 199 Dauphine 

Harris L. .1. (.Ilexander Harris 8,- Co.) 32 
Carondelct, d. 157 (.-'usiomhousc 

Harris Micajah & Son.f Thomas B.Harris,) 
com. mers. 73 Carondelet,d. Bordeaux 

c. Plaquemine 

Harris Morgan E. bk. keeper, 65 Gravier, 

d. 222 Canal 

Harris Morris B. 517 Royal, d. 3 

Harris Mos'es, clerk, 26 Poydras, d. 210 

St. Louis 
Harris M. A. Mrs. 44 Robertson, d. 1 
Harris M. f. w. c. furn. rooms, 44 Marais 
Harris Otis, acct. Common c. Kront 
Harris Reuben, cooper, 190 Locust 
Harris Ruth, f. w. c. Ferdido n. Johnson 
' Harris R. Mrs. 72 Soraparu 

Harris Sarah Mrs. 190 Locust 

Harris Thos. B. (Micajah Harris Sf Son,) 

73 Carondelct, d. 258 St. Andrew 
Harris T. D. accountant, 157 Gravier, d. 

295 St. Charles 
Harris T. D. pressman, 285 Carondelct 

HARIRIS & CO. (Thomas J. Har- 
ris, Joseph Simons,) Auc- 
tioneers and Commission 
Merchants, No. 132 Poydras 
street, between St. Charles 
and Carondelct. Strict atten- 
tion paid to the sales of Mer- 
chandise, Furniture, Real 
Estate, Negroes, &c., in and 
out doors. Cash advances 
made on Consignments. 

Harris T. S. pilot, Fourth c. Carondelet 
Harris T. foreman, Polymnia n. Caron- 
Harris W. H. Mrs. 49 Johnson, d. 2 
Harris William, lab. Morales n. Marigny 
Harris William, tarpaulins, 15 Poyfarrc 
Harris Wm. iMrs. Robertson n. Common 
Harris W. J. clerk, 8 New Levee 
Harrison A. R. Chesnut c. Philip 
llarri.son B. laborer, 81 Gasquet 
Harrison Charles, painter, 209 Mandeville 
Harrison Danl. ( Picrson, Harrison Sf Co.) 

1 Magazine c. Canal 
Harrison Fanny, fur. rooms, 64 Union, d.l 
Harrison Gabriel, watchmkr. 121 Ex.placc 
Harrison Geo. pound keeper, 365 Bienville 
Harrison Geo. P. (Cutrer, HanisonSf Co.) 

27 Carondelet 
Harrison H. M. Mrs. 251 Girod 
Harrison H. A. clerk, 76 Canal 
Harrison H. carpenter, Goodchildren c. 

Harrison James 0. attorney at law, 13 

CoiTimercial place 
Harrison Janus Capt. 350 Dryades 
Harrison James & Co. (George Jflgp:,) 
com. mers. 78 Customhouse, d. Si. 
Charles hotel 
Harrison John, 303 Carondelet 
Harrison John, clerk, d. 399 Magazine 
Harrison John, screwman, 46 Poet 
Hnrri.son J. P. (Payne &,- Ha)-rison,) 51 

Union, d. 1, d. Coliseum c. Urania 
Harrison J. stock mur. 352 St. Charles 
Harrison Peter, laborer, 563 Royal, d. 3 
Harrison P. 97 Coliseum 
Harrison Richard A. Mrs. female semi- 
nary, Brooklyn, Algiers 
Harrison R. F. machinery depot, 40 St. 

Charles, d. 118 Delord 
Harrison Richard M. 24 Magazine, d. 204 

Harrison R. M. clerk, d. 107 Delord 
Harrison William, .326 St. Charles 
Harrison William C. Capt. d. 38 Gasquet 
Harrison William C. nilot, d. 38 Gasquet 
Harrison Wm. b. h. Alex, Algiers 





Harrison Wm. L. joiner, Algiers 
Harriss Gio. P. clerk, 73 < 'aiondeiet 
Harrissoii Benjamin S. 100 Gravier, d. 467 

St. Cliarli's 
Harrisson CInistian, fishmonger, Eighth 

n. IV ew Levee 
Hai-risson J. P. Mrs., St. Charles n. Clio 
I tarri.ssdii Robert, sraman, 300 Dryades 
Harrmai) Rosiiia, 8'J Laurel 
Harrod t>. M. architect, 48 St. Charles 
Harind Charlis, agent, E. Carver & Co., 

46 St. Charles, d. 61 Dauphine 
Harror John, Bernard n. Gentilly road 
Harsey Peter, labonir, 40 Constance 
Harstein Louis, Marigny Canal c. Union 
Hart Alexandei- & Co. (JiLexander Sf J. 
Hart,) gents furii'g store, 13 Chartres 
Hart A. clerk, 430 Main 
Hart A . Dr. city nhysician, 129 Carondelet 
Hart B. Mrs. 430 Main 
Hart B. laborer. Locust c. Thalia 
Hart B. B. (E. J. Hart &c Co.) 73 and 75 

Tchoupitoulas, d. St. Charles hotel 
Hart Charles, tailor, 1412 Claiborne 
Hart Charle.s, hack driver, 294 St. Thomas 
Hart Edward, laborer, 330 Felicity . 
Hart Elizabeth Mrs. 310 Annunciation 
Hart E. J. Co. (Ezekiel Salomon, B. B. 
Hurt,) wholesale grocers, 73 and 75 
Tchoupitoulas, d. 125 Constance 
Hart Eugene, clerk, Prytania c. Euterpe 
Hart Frederick, accountant, 12 Royal 
Hart F. laborer, Clio n. Claiborne 
Hart Hiram H. printer, 27 Commercial 

place, d. Magncdia, c. Poydras 
Hart A Wintz, (Henry Hart, Fred.Jfintz,) 
omnibus line, extends above -Stock 
Landing station. Magazine c. Pleas- 
ant, d. Felicity, c. Annunciation 
Hart Isaac, jr. clothing, 72 Old Levee 
Hart Isaac, salesman, 13 Chartres, d. 9 

Hart Isaac T. d. 318 St. Charles 
Hart James, gas fitter, 102 Howard 
Hart John, dray master, 133 Frenchmen 
Hart John, lab. rear 369 Tchouj)itoulas 
Hart John, laborer, 300 Hov/ard 
Hart John, mate, Melpomene c. Clara 
Hart John, slater, 402 Liberty 
Hart JoJni, laborer, 87 Cypress 
Hart Joseph, laborer, d. 399 Magazine 
Hart Joseph, tinsmith, 110 Poydras 
Hart Judah, loan office, 95 St. Charles 
Hart Julia, 9 Terpsichore 
Hart J. K. clothing, 81 Old Levee 
Hart J. W. Mrs. 330 Robertson, d. 3 
Hart Lawrence, lab. Roman n. St. Louis 
Hart Lawrence, tab. 262 Franklin 
Hart L. clerk, 13 Chartres 
Hart & Martin, ( T. B. Hart, Dicight Mar- 
tin,) attorneys at law, 13 Commercisd 
Hart Robert, carp. St. Ann, c. Broad 
Hart Samuel, 215 Canal 
Hart Sidney A. clerk, 13 Chartres 
Hart T. Jefferson, 182 Third 
Hart Thomas, laborer, d. 9 Port 

I Hart Thomas, sand, 113 Enghien 
Hart Toby, sign painter, 30 Comm'l place 
Hart Walter, laborer, Bolivar n. Gravier 
Halt Wni. M. clerk, 90 Magazine 
Hart Wm. grocer, Gravier c. Rampart 
Hart W. A. painter, 305 Poydras 
Hartbach G. Mrs. 473 Chartres 
Hartel F. & Co. (G. Frank,) music deal- 
ers, 56 Camp, d. 162 Rampart 
Harter Edward, lab. Jersey n. La. av. 

Jeffeison City 
Harter Ewd. J. c.p. Pleasant n. Chippewa 
Hartig C. laborer, Dorgenois n. St. Peter 
Hartiviiig John, First n. St. Thomas 
Hartleb F. watch and clock maker, 307 

Hartley James, laborer, 74 Independence 
Hartley William, laborer, 85 Delord 
Hartley Joseph, Orleans n. London av. 
Hartley Thomas, lab. 166 Chippewa 
Hartman A. M. Mrs. 870 New Levee 
Hartman C. F. apothecary, 280 New 

Levee, d. 1 
Hartman Fred, bricklayer, St. Louis c. 

Hartman Fred, laborer, 49 Main 
Hartman Geo. St. Anthony n. Josephine 
Hartman Ignatz, saddler, 85 Baronne 
Hartman J. Mrs. 410 Ursulines 
Hartman Louis, grocer, 481 Royal, d. 3 
Hartman Louis H. 192 Tchoupitoulas 
Hartman William, grocer, 89 Mandeville 
Hartman W. upholsterer, 100 Conti 
Hartmann Antoine, barber, 176 Bourbon 
Hartmann Fred, bricklayer, 239 St. Louis 
Hartmann Henry Mrs. 312 Orleans 
Hartmann Jos. musician, 406 Customhouse 
Harrain S. W. c. h. and b. h. CarroUton 
Hartnett John, Third n. Fulton 
Hartrick Uavid, shoemkr, 870 Magazine 
Hartnett Daniel, Alex, Algiers 
Hartnett Cavalier J. clerk, 59 Gravier 
Hartnett H. Mrs. Alex, Algiers 
Hartnett John, blacksmith, Alex, Algiers 
Hartrath Joseph, engraver, 205 Conti 
Hartt M. 128 Customhouse 
Hartwell A. C. L., St. Louis, warehouse, 

Jefferson City 
Hartwell Charles C. plumber, 130 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Hartwell Eliza Mrs. b. h. 130 Rampart,d.l 
Hartwell Wm. f. m. c. Tlnrd n. Rampart 
Hartwick H., First n. Rous.seau 
Harlwig John, tailor, 14 Toulouse 
Hariwig Theodore, c. h. 279 Rampart, d. 2 
Hartworth Chas. rigger, Jefferson, McD. 
Harty Peter, carpenter, 88 Clouet 
Harty Philip, sexton, Lafayette Cemetery 
Hauler Ferd, confect'r, Dryades c. Erato 
Hausmann A. B. Mrs. 69 Goodchildren 
Harvey Ann, f. w. c. nurse, 2 Carroll 
Harvey B., Washington n. St. Thomas 
Harvey C. M. & l^o. (R. B. Harvey,) 

com. and ford. mers. 61 St. Charles 
Harvey Edward, 681 St. Claude, d. 3 
Harvey G. S. G. (G. JV. Moi-rison Sf Co.) 
12 Magazine 




Harvey Harry, weigher, 313 St. James 
Harvy Hy. B. d. Prytania n. St. Andrew 
Harvey James, com. mer. d. Washington 

c. Coliseum 
Harvey James, bagging rolling machine, 

184 New Levee", d. 1 
Harvey J(^sse, f. m. c, furnished rooms, 

14 B.u'onne 
Harvey J. C. B. Dr. 66 Jackson, d. 4 
Harvey J. H. hrickmaki'r, Jefferson City 
Harvey R. B. (C. JVi. Harvey Sf Co.) 61 

St. Charles 
Harvey William, screwman, St. Thomas 

c. Orange 
Harvey William, laljorer, 490 Chartrcs 
Harvey Wm. eap]iersmitli, 234 Girod, d. 

50 St. Thomas 
Harv<y Wm. copper and slieet iron work- 
er, '-234 Girod, d. 1 
Harwdod John, marhinist, Jackson R.R. 
Hasani & Anderson, (Thomas Hasam,Jas. 

T. .hulerson,) siiipwrights, Algiers 
Husciie August, exchange broker, 10 Ca- 

Hasehanip Catharine Mrs. 67 St. Tiiomas 
Hasel .liio. lab. Prosper n. Ely.sian Fii Ids 
Haseliine L. A. clerk, 7 TchoM|)itoulus 
Hasenwander John, cabinet maker, 337 

St. Louis 
Hask'll George, carpenter, 147 Robin 
Haskell Henry, 480 Magazine 
Haskell Jno. lab: Prosper n. Elj'sian Fields 
Haskins John &■ Co. (Geo. If . Parker, IS. 
i/aj/u'a>-rf,^ Louisiana and Factors 'Cot- 
ton Presses, Robin c. St. Thomas and 
Pacanier c. Tchoupitoulas, d. Terpsi- 
chore c. Chippewa 
Hasin George, 147 Rampart, d. 2 
Hasler Mitchell, dyer, 182 Kampart, d. 1 
Hasler W. F. butcher, Soraparu market, 
d. Jersey n. Marengo, Jefferson City 
Hasling L. grocery, Algiers 
Hasling J. 11. c. h. and grocery, Algiers 
Hasling J. H. & Ccf.( Henry Carstens,) gro- 
cers, Patterson, Algiers 
Haslingir Jacob, jiriiittM-, d. 30 First 
Haslm Win. cigars, 781 New Levee, d. 4 
Hasman Frank, laborer, 132 Piety 
Haspil Davis, shoemaker, 238 Rampart 
Hassard J. W. clerk. Third c. Fulton 
Hasse C. lab, 215 Union, d. 3 
Hassc F. lab. 215 Union, d. 3 
Masse Geo. trader, 702 Annunciation 
Hassett John, drayman, 64 St. Thomas 
Hassinger Chas. d. St. Thomas c. Thalia 
Hassinger C, Annuiicia. c. Harmony, d. 4 
Hassenger Jacob ( Pfeiffer if Co.) 49 Poy- 

dras, d. 30 First 
Hassinger Henry, jirinter, 211 Baronne 
Hassinger S. M. Mrs. grocery, Annuncia- 
tion c. Harniimy 
Hassman Mrs. midwife, 139 Daiiphine 
Hassman T. gas fitter, 258 Chartres 
Hassy Edward, boatman, 16 Poet 
Hastale Henry, cartman, 208 Delord 
Hastings .lohn, lab. 29 North Market 
Hastings M. Miss,groc<'ry, Campc. Erato 

Hastings Samuel, apothecary. Felicity c. 

Hastings Thomas, mate, 219 St. Philip 
Hastings William, mate, 82 Maiigny 
Hastner Michael, Josephine ii. Union 
Hatch F. H. collector, N. 0. Customhouse 
Hatrh S. S. inspect, cust's. Customhouse 
Hatchel Magdelene Mrs. 399 Baronne 

Slave Depot, (J. M. 
Curet(On, supeiinteu- 
dent,) 195 Gravier, 
for receiving, for- 
vearding and selling 
for Merchants, Planters and 
Traders. Also, keeps con- 
stantly on hand a good assort- 
ment of Field Hands, Mechan- 
ics and House Servants, low 
for cash or good acceptances. 

Hatcher Joseph, shoemaker, 206 Bourbon 
Hathaway Wm. H. d. Chestnut n. Sec-ond 
Hatherway Peter, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Hathmaker, H. tailor, G Treme 
Halhorn William A. 349 Basin 
Hatrel Eugene, (Hughes, Hijlested Sf Co.) 

45 Union, d. 1, (I. 227 Bayou road 
Hatry Leopold, d. 312 Old Levee, d. 2 
Hairy T. br. h. 76 St. Louis 
Hati John, laborer, 707 Fulton, d. 4 
Hatten (ieorge, carpenter, St. Andrew n. 

Hatterer A. clerk, 7 St. Charles 
Hattier A. F. 140 Comm.>n,d. 3.56 St.Philip 
Hattier Henry, cot. wiigher, 516 Royal,d.3 
Hattier Victor H. acct. 140 Common 
Hatton George, carpenter, 39 Soraparu 
Hau Jean, dairy, 142 Louisiana 
Hau Pi. rre, 143 Main 
Haub H. trader, 133 Independence 
Haul) Jno. cabinet mkr. 483 Dauphinc, d.3 
Haubold G., Common n. Villere 
Haucli Arthur, shoemaker, 134 Carondelet 
Hauch Arthur, sailmak.r, 203 Toulouse 
Hauchard Francis, cigars. 69 Burgundy 
Hauck Arthur, saddler, 210 Chartres 
Hauck C. carpenter. Water n. Seventh 
Hauck M. butcher, Patterson, .\lgiers 
Hauck Valintine, locksmith, 401 Magazine 
Hauck Wendeilin, laborer, 423 Robert- 
son, d 3 
Hauck W. Mrs. 145 St. Anthony 
Haiier Anton, iiaker, 152 Mandeville 
Haiier Jno. carp. Jersey n.Berlin.Jeff.City 
Hauersiein Jno. cabinet maker, 73 Elmira 
Hang Fred, fn sco painter, d. 409 Liberty 
Haugheriy Charles, moulder, d. 100 Con- 

Haughten J. R. constable First Justice's 

Court, 77 Julia, d. 353 Carondelet 
Hauffle H. W. d. Gleisse's row, Foydras 
Hauik Eugene, (C. E. Legras Sf Co.) 81 




(Successor to F. D'Aquin & 
Co.) Bread and Crackers 
Baker, 36 New Levee. Refer 
to W. A. Violett & Co., Hall, 
Kemp & Co., E. J. Hart & Co., 
H. Block & Co., Goodrich & 
Co., J. H. Dudley & Co., Dud- 
ley, Nelson & Co., Biscoe & 
Simms, Holmes & Clauss, 
Payne, Steel & Co., J. T. 
Moore, W. L. Allen & Co., 
Thompson & Barnes, G. M. 
Bayly & Co., Oglesby & Ma- 
caulay, Dyas & Co., and the 
Grocers generally. 

Hauler Ferdinand, confectioner, Dryades 

c. Erato 
Haun Enoch, mate, 83 Franklin, d. 2 
Hauptman Cath'e, Piospern. St. Anthony 
Haurut Alfred, 73 Exchange place 
Haurut Therese Mrs. milliner, 107 Chartres 
Haupp C. Mrs. 51 Annunciation 
Haus Vanderlin, shoemr. 162 Rampart, d.l 
Hauschell Christian, 270 Morales 
Hauschild John H. carpenter, 162 St Fer- 
Hauschild George H. barkeeper, Poydras 

c. Magazine 
Hauschild Henry ,carpenter, Cotton Press 

c. Morales 
Hause George, Annunciation n.Toledano 
Hauser Abraham, furniture, 181 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Hauser Edward, carpenter, 331 Fulton 
Hauser Ed. carp. 39 Treme 
Hauser Ludwig, Jackson n. Rousseau 
Hauser Wm. drayman, Levee n. Cadiz, 

Jefferson City 
Hausinger Charles, wood yard, Dryades 

n. Felicity 
Hausknecht Christian, c. h. Gretna 
Hausknecht Christ, jr. Gretna 
Hausknecht Peter, warehouseman, d. 

Terpsichore n. Locust 
Hausnian Gustav,gunsmith,423St. Charles 
Hausman Jno. shoemkr.d. 272 Melpomene 
Hausner J. V. undertaker, 78 Rousseau 
Hausner J. barber, 47 Rousseau 
Haussler W. F. butcher, Jersey n. Ma- 
rengo, Jeff. City 
Hauswelt S. liquor vender, 21 St. Philip 
Haul Philip, lab. 406 St. Ann 
Hautteau F. rope mkr. Eighth n. Apollo 
Haverland John, moulder, 343 Howard 
Haverson Hans, carpenter, 11 Greatmen 
Haverty Michael, porter, Erato n. Locust 
Havichorst ]. J. lab. Desire n. Levee 
Hawes John, bookbinder, 76 Triton walk 
Hawes Peter, stationery, 68 Camp, d. Fe- 
licity n. Magazine 
Hawes Samuel, clerk, 28 Gravier 
Hawkins Ann M., Josephine n. Howard 

Hawkins A. W., City Hotel 
Hawkins George, lab. 81 Julia 
Hawkins George, f. m. c. 270 St. Louis 
Hawkins James, screwm. 84 Mandeville 
Hawkins James, Josephine n. Howard 
Hawkins John, engineer, Jackson R. R. 
Hawkins J. lab. Morales n. St. Ferdmand 
Hawkins Maria, f.w.c. Josephine n.Girod 
Hawkins M.boat build. Jersey n. Valence 
Hawkins & Norwood, (G. S. Hawkins, 
A. J. J^orwood,) com. mers. 48 Ca- 
Hawkins G. S. (Hawkins &c J^orwood,) 

d. Canal c. Rampart 
Hawley C. M. com. and forwd. mer. 61 

St. Charles c. Union 
Hawley Fletcher T. Rev. 271 First 
Hawn John, (Rusha 8f Hawn,) 79 Caron- 

Haworth J. F. H. grocer, Marais c. Bien- 
Hawthorn Alex. T. (McCollum Sf Hav- 
'thorn,) forwd. and com. mers. 128 
Hawthorn Geo. clerk, 219 Poydras 
Hawthorn Thos. W., Carrollton 
Hawthorn T. J. c. h. 12 Front Levee, d 2 
Hay George D. 14 Poydras 
Hay l^ouis, cotton pickery, d. 171 Robin 
Hay W. A. clerk, 36 Ferdido 
Haydel A. ( Trosclair Sf Haydel,) 19 Con- 

ti, d. 112 Frenchmen 
Haydel Adele M. 241 Rampart, d. 2 
Haydel Edward C. atty. at law, 18 Ex- 
change place 
Haydel Jacques, 137 Barracks 
Haydel M. B. 25 History 
Haydel M. B. 230 Rampart, d. 2 
Hayden Edward, groc'y, 11 Annunciation 
Hayden Edward, carp. Clara n. Clio 
Hayden F. H., Carrollton 
Hayden John Rev. 282 Common 
Hayden Samuel C. lab. 620 Burgundy,d.3 
Haydon James H. Mrs. 388 Customhouse 
Hayen Samuel, butcher, 35 French mkt 
Hays Charles F. clerk, 57 Common 
Hayes Charles, lab. 7 Spain 
Hayea C. S. 271 Gravier, d. Clio n. Basin 
Hayes E. Mrs. 845 Dauphine, d. 3 
Hayes E. drayman, 290 Dryades, d. 4 
Hayes George B. clerk, d. 87 Race 
Hayes H. M. inspector, 233 Chippewa 
Hayes James, baker, 266 Dryades 
Hayes Jacob F. 266 Poydras 
Hayes James B. clerk, 87 Race 
Hayes James, laborer, 135 Howard 
Hayes James B.clk. Orange n. Religious 
Hayes John, lab. 550 Rampart, d. 3 
Hayes John, painter, 134 Liberty 
Hayes Julius Mrs., Josephine n. Laurel 
Hayes John J. Dr., Luzenberg Hospital, 

513 Magazine 
Hayes Mary Mrs. 134 Liberty 
Hayes Michael, plasterer, 42 St. Mary 
Hayes Nancy, 94 St. Andrew 
Hayes Patrick, blacksmith, 229 Poydras 
Hayes Patrick, porter, 246 Rampart 


Hnyes Philip, 25 Girod 



HAYES SAMUEL, Sign of the 
Red Anvil, No. 31 Front and 
32 Fulton streets, Hardware 
and Ship Chandlery, Rope, 
Oils, Iron, Steel, Nails, Pack- 
ing Yarn, Gum Packing 
Paints, Glass, Putty, Oakum, 
at the Lowest Market Prices. 

Hfiyos & Sanders (.iiHen L. Hayes, Robert 

W. Sandei's,) cotton factors and com. 

nu'rs. 61 Caroiuldot 
Hayes Timothy, plaslorer, 345 Annunci- 
ation, d. 4 
Hayman John Mrs. 066 Customhouse 
Hayman R. L. Dr. 1 14 Carondejet 
Haynes A. F. ( Broadtrell Sf Haynes,) 40 

Union, d. Camp c. First 
Haynes D. R. Dr. 399 M.ipomene 
Haynes F'rank. atty. at law, 48 Camp 
Haynes 8. B. student Charity Hospital 
Haynes Thomas, clerk, 65 Tchoupitoulas 
Haynes Wm. H. & Co. (J. G. IJngham, 

Arthur ForstaU,) com. merchants, 22 

St. Charles 
Haynie J. D. ( Purvif: S; Haynie,) cotton 

broker.s, 46 Carondel.-t 
Hays Adeline Mrs. 335 Dryadea 
Hays Ann Mrs. Chijipewa n. St. Andrew 
Mays Catherine, 8 Calliope 
Hays George B. Jackson n. St. Thomas 
Hays H. M. inspector Suzette Tobacco 

Warehouse c. Tchoupitoulas, c. Erato, 

d. 2.32 Chippewa 
Hays & Adams, ( Hai-ry T. Hays, /). W. 

Adams,) attys. at law, 13 St. Charles 
Hays Harry T. (Hays Sf Mams,) d. 116 

Hays James, baker, 314 Magazine 
Hays Jeremiah, drayman, 69 St. Thomas 
Hays Jeremiah, Erato n. Annunciation 
Hays Jolui, pedler, 43 Viliere, d. 2 
Hays John, 300 Lafayette 
Hays Miciiael, plasterer, 82 Camp 
Hays M. laborer, 79 Annunciation 
Hays Michael, carpt. Carondelet c. Sixth 
Hays Peter, drayman, 313 Bienville 
Hays Philip, screwman, St. James, n. St. 

Hays Solomon, hardware, 31 Front 
Hays W. R. C. c. p. 282 Poydras 
Hayward C. W. book keeper, 28 Common 
Hayward Fred, mason, 251 St. Louis 
Hayward Jno. f. m. c. painter, 247 Conti 
Hayward S. cotton press, Robin c. St. 

Thomas, d. 177 Annunciation 
Hayward Wm. H., Tchoupitoulas c. New 

Levee, d. 177 Annunciation 
Hazard J. B. book keeper, 3n Common 
Hazard J. W. laborer. Third c. Fulton 
Hazard Thos. E. carpt. Cliariresc. Clouct 
Hazlehursl Mary Mrs. 132 Lafayette 
Hazard C. J. (Winston, J^Iorrison Sf Co) 

47 Union, d. 1 

Hazeur E. F tailor, 396 St. Ann 
Hazel Stephen, cooper, 218 New Levee, d.l 
Hazlett Joseph, painter, d. 301 Mrlpomene 
Healierlr Henry, butcher, 85 and 87 French 

Hcaden William, clerk, 60 Gravier d. 163 

St. Mary 
Heal Michael, lab. 1.33 Thalia 
Heald James, barkeeper, 96 St. Charles 
Heald J. H. d. 119 Chestnut 
Healey Ann Mrs. 384 Customhouse 
Healey George, Claiborne near St. Louis 
Healey James, tailor, 197 Tehouiutoulns 
Healey J. hatter, Elysian Fields n. Old 

Healey Michael, groccr,Julia c.Carondelet 
Healey Thos. dry goods, 335 Carondelet 
Healy Matthew, printer, d. 109 Viliere 
Healy Josephine, millinery, Old Levee c. 

Healy Mary, 275 Thalia 
Heancy Charles, lab. Jackson R.R. depot 
Heaney Thomas, lab. 438 Clio 
Heaphey Catharine, Sixth near Laurel 
Heaphey M. grocer, 314 Bienville 
Heard Richard, laborer, St. Ferdinand 

near Old Levee 
Hearsey Addison, Baronne near Seventh 
Hearsey C. G. accountant, 29 Camp 
Hearsey Eveline, 182 Annunciation 
Hearsey T. G. clerk, 31 Front 
Heartt H. G. agent of the Commissioner 

of Claims at Washington City, d. 

Orleans Hotel 
Heath Edward H. house furnishing goods 

75 Camp 
Heath Henry, f. m c, bricklayer, 95 Gas- 

Heath Jno. bookkeeper, 2.58 Magazine 
Heath John T. 288 Carondelet 
Heath Wm. lab. 800 St. Claude, d. 3 
Heatherton Thomas M. clerk. 12Magazine 

ing Mill, 334 Rampart, d. 1. 
d. Levee n. Poland. 

Healion John, 41 Piety 

Heaton L. A. surveyor, Madison n. Fifth, 

Heaton Samuel C. 620 Burgundy, d. 3 
Hebard Merlin, 2.50 Ramjiart, d. 2 
Heaveman Edward, grocer, 101 Perdido 
Heavy Bridget, 270 Customhouse 
Hebberman Jack, vegetables, 11 Dryades 

Hebbler Henry, •'526 Chartres 
Hebel .Tacob, barber, 506 Royal, d. 3 
Hebeler G. tailor, 15 Canal 
Hebcrlin Jacob, cooper, 368 St. Peter 
Hebert A. superintendent fire department, 

City Hall, d. 56 Franklin 
Hebert Victor, clerk, 37 Magazine 
Hei)rftis D. butcher 43 French Market 
Hebrnrd A. 182 Rampart, d. 2 
Hebrard B. W. dry goods, 236 Dauphine, 

d. 231 Rampart, d. 2 

Hebert, Hypolite Escousse) 
Booksellers and Stationers. 
Books and French Paper 
Hangings. Religious, Scien- 
tific, Artistic, Literary, and 
French and English School 
Books. A complete assort- 
ment of Ledgers, Stationery, 
Fancy Articles, Christmas and 
New Years' Gifts; Bookbind- 
ing ; Subsci'iptions received 
for all the French Publica- 
tions at 131 late 149 Chartres. 

HEBRARD & CO., (P. A. He- 
brard, A. Laforest, A. Beatty) 
Louisiana Steam Clothing 
Manufactory. All orders exe- 
cuted with dispatch, of the 
best materials and workman- 
ship, 165 and 167 Canal, be- 
tween Baronne and Di-yades, 
d. Burgundy, c. St. Peter. 

Hebrard Fran<;ois, tailor, 261 St. Peter 
Hebrard Henry, tailor, 126 Bienville 
Hebrard Madam, dyer and scourer, 142 

Hebrard P. A. jr , acct. 75 Old Levee 
Hebrard Richard, commission mercht, 11 

Toulouse, d. 231 Main 
Hebrew Cemetery, Jackson b. Laurent 

and Benton, d. 4 
Hebrew Church, Kuterpe n. Baronne 
Heby Christian, baker, 594 Baronne, d. 4 
Hecaud Benj. shoemak 378 Rampart, d. 3 
Hecaud H. shoemaker, 183 Robertson d. 2 
Hecheler Fred, tailor, 178 Franklin, d. 1 
Hechinger A. Rev. Rousseau n. First 
Hechinger Isaac Rev., Washington c. 

Hecht Ferdinand, lab. 45 Elysian Fields 
Hecht Rudolph, collector, 107 Port 
Heck Andrew, tailor. Front Levee n.Conti 
Heck George, clerk, 57 Tchoupitoulas 
Heck George, shoemaker, Poydras n. 

Heck John, switchman, 337 0. Levee, d. 2 
Heck N. laborer, 206 Elysian Fields 
Hecker Fred. c. h. Orange c. Religious 
HeckerGeo dairy, St. Anthony n. Genius 
Hecker Joseph, 283 Mandeville 
Hecker J. P. builder, Jefferson n. Burthe, 

Heckert Peter, Mrs. 35 Urquhart 
Heckman Wm. drayman, 58 St. Mary 
Hecoud Paul, 378 Rampart, d. 3 
Hecton J. P. carpenter, Jefferson c. Bur- 

dette, Carrollton 
Hector James, laborer, 96 Conti 
Hector John, pedestrian mail carrier, 120 


Hectors B. grocery and bakery, Lafayette 
c. Front, Gretna 

HEDDEN H. H. Grocer, north- 
east corner of Common and 
Carondelet. Butter wholesale 
and retail. 

Hedderman Henry, 9 France 

Heden Aug. clerk, 126 Canal 

Hege E. Mrs. 209 Burgundy 

Hedges Chaplain S. Rev. 444 Baronne 

Hedges J. H. H. 83 Canal 

Hedges Thomas F. printer, 66 Camp, d. 

432Rampart, d. 1 
Hedley John, painter, Clara n. Gravier 
Hedrick George, Josephine n. White 
Hedrick M. S. agent for sewing machines, 

90 Canal 
Hedrick W. F. agent steam engines and 
machinery. 3 Triangle buildings, d. 
86 Annunciation 
Hee Frederika, groceries, 33 Poydras mkt. 
Heebe Christian, barber, Dryades n. Philip 
Heenan Patrick, laborer, 47 Felicity 
Heenay John, laborer, Jefferson City 
Heenay Michael, laborer, d. 131 Felicity 
Heener John, barber, 228 New Levee, d. ] 
Heer Alexander, book keeper, d. 20 Baronne 
Heer Felix, counting house furniture, 85 

Bienville, d. 237 Customhouse 
Heer Mary iVIrs. sewing by machinery, 20 

Heermann, Power & Co. (Valentine Heer- 
mann, W. H. Power, Jl. Gordon Bake- 
well,) com. mers. 90 Common 
Heesch Caspar, laborer, 208 Laurel 
Hi.'evy John, laborer, 156 Laurel 
Heffelfinger John, c. h. Louisiana avenue, 

Jefferson City 
Hefferin T., Toulouse n. Claiborne 
Hefferle Frank, carpenter, Conti n. Tonti 
Hefferman B. clerk, 49 New Levee 
Hefferman C. Mrs. Adele n. Rousseau 
Heffern John, clerk, 126 Canal 
Heffernon D. contractor, 4.i4 Annunciation 
Heffker G. H. 36 Roman, d. 2 
Heffker John, grocery, 318 St. Philip 
Hefflin Inshofe, 563 Dauphine, d. 3 
Heffna Henry, c. h. Laurel n. Seventh 
Heffner Valentine, laborer, 147 Main 
Heffran J . cab driver, Palmyra n. Johnson 
Heffron John, laborer, 338 Perdido 
Hcffron Walter, driver, Roman n. Common 
Hefner H. barber, 193 Orleans 
Hefner J. bottler, St. Andrew n. Tchoup. 
Heft P. barber, 17 Toulouse 
Heft P. jr. barber, 375 Old Levee, d. 3 
Hi'fty L. carpenter, Gasquet n. Miro 
Hefty Otto, accountant, d. St. Charles c. 

Hegarty John, shoemaker, 97 St. Joseph 
Hegen George, warehouseman, Frenchmen 

n, Urquhart 
Hegewisch Adolphe Dr. 226 Chartres 
Hegney John A. clerk Adams' Express, 
96 Camp, d. Plaquemine c. Nap. av. 




Hogwood A.,Carrollton 
Heichellifim Louis, accountant, 53 Gravier 
Heid Geo. slio.>mHker,368St. Claude, d. 3 
Heid Hrrnian, driver, 4!I5 Ram|mrt, d. 3 
Heidegger H. clerk, 14 Conti 
Heider John, halcer, 157 Spain 
[leiderlieini M. clothing, 733 IV.Lcvcr,d.4 
Heider C. H. barl)er, 35 Orleans 
Heideric F. mattress maker, 6"-24 Maga- 
zine, d. 4 
Heiderick Francis, mattress maker, 624 

Heidermann Henry, grocer, 359 Custom- 
Heidingsfeldor E. Orleans c. Rampart 
Heidrick F. upholsterer, 21 St. Andrew 
Heigel Ferdinand, ijourboii n. Prosjier 
Heil Christiini, fruiterer, 20 St. Market 
Heil Michael, Seventh n. Laurel 
lleil Peter, shoemaker, Front, Gretna 
Heilborn Einile, clerk, 69 Chartn-s 
Heilbroniier D. shoemaker, New Basin 
Heim Heiu-y, 11^* Royal 
Reim H. MVs. millinery, 118 Royal 
Heim John, carpenter, Marengo n. Chest- 
nut, Jelf. City 
Heims L<iuis, tailor, 165 St. Charlea 
Hein Frank, Coliseum n. Sixth 
Hein Jolin, Washington c. Chippewa 
Hein Joiui, tailor. Prosper n. Bourbon 
Hpiiibroun E. j>rinter, 102 Piiydras 
Heindei Christian, Camp c. Washington 
Heinck H(>nry, carpenter, 437 St. Philip 
Heindei M. 117 Port 
Heine A. & M. commission merchants, 

140 Common, d. 15 Rampart, d. 2 
Heine F. J. shoemaker, Baronne c. Se- 
cond, d. 2 
Heine Joseph, shoemaker, 323 Conti 
Heinemann Henry, 522 Dauphine, d. 3 
Heinemaini M.cloth'g,13 Front Levee,d.2 
Heinen Henry, dray'n, St. Peter c. Johnson 
Heines Charles, 6 Hoey's row, Poydras 
Heines George, cooper, Milan n. Laurel, 

Jeff. City 
Heinke Fred, carfman, 166 Morales 
Heinn J, Mrs., C^incinnati Hotel, Chartres 

c. St. Louis 
Heinrich Martin, shoem'r, 163 St. Anthony 
Heinritz Albert, tailor, 4 Hospital 
Heins Jacob, 540 V illere 
Heinsel David, laborer, 399 Elysian Fields 
Heinsohn D. sialiiing, IHO Gi^avier 
Heintinlong Theobald, turner, 30 Hospital 
Heintz John, laliorer, 2H5 Mandeville 
Heinz Fredk. shoemr. 266 Customhouse 
Heinze E. B. druggist. Sixth c. New Le- 
vee, d. 4 
Heinzmann Jacob, tailor, 231 Clouet 
Hi-irsch Charles, Seventh c. Annunciation 
Heis Fred, blacksmith, Bourbon n. Prosper 
Heise Albert, clerk, 130 Bourbon i 

Heise Joseph, bread, Franklin n. Jackson , 
Heiseman Moses, variety store, 181 Ram- 
part, d. 1 
Heiser Jacob, 48 Frenchmen 
Heiser Martin, tailor, 31 Barracka 

Heisler Conrad, 255 Carondelet walk 
Heiss Gustavus, clerk, 33 Front 
Heissner Jacob, shoemkr, 108 Rami>art,d .1 
Heist John, drayman, 31 Annunciation 
Heit Elizabeth M., Phili]i n. Annunciation 
Heit Tobias, furniture, 318 Chartns 
Heit Wendel, poulterer, 251 Dauphine, d. 3 
Heitman Henry, Soraj>ani n. Rousseau .lacoh, painter, First n. Laurel 
Heitman Wm. laborer, 131 Levee, d. 3 
lleitmann Bernard, 67 ("ongress 
Heitinann Fred. lab. 822 Dauphine, d. 3 
Heitinann J. painter, Jackson n. Rousseau 
Heitier Jos. cartman, 441 Chartres, d. 3 
fleitz Antonio, carpenter, 170 Orleans 
Heiiz John A. 175 Chartres 
Heitz .lulius, lab. Columbus c. Dorgenois 
Heitz Remy, blacksm. Louisa n. Chartres 
Heitzmann C. blacksmith, 313 Kampart 
Heitzmann Xavier, vegetables, 790 Kam- 

part,d. 3 
Heitzmann Xavier Mrs. 790 Rampart, d.3 
Helabet Jose, 218 Claiborne, d. 2 
Helbig Henry, coal merchant, Algiers 
Helchc! Christian, lab. Elmire n. Rampart 
Helderle Fred, cabinet mkr,528 Uurgundy 
Heldman L. clerk, 43 Union 
Hele George, car))enter, Villere, Algiers 
Heley Clara Mrs. dressmkr. 397 Baronne 
Heifer F. C. Mrs. 497 Old Levee, d. 3 
Helferstein Fred, tailor, 677 Rampart, d. 3 
H.lfrich M. d. 62 Laurel 
Helfrig Mich, warehouseman, 62 Laurel 
Helffrich John, drayman, 321 St. Philip c. 

Helke Christoph, laborer, 108 Elmire 
Hellbach Carl, slater, 156 St. Andrew 
Helle George, lamplighter, 376 Hos|iital 
Helleml)eg Philip, wheelwright. Market n. 

Front Levee 
Hellcn .Mrs. midwife, 17 Religious 
Hellen Wm. S. watchman, 17 Religions 
Heller Chs. clerk, d. St. Ann c. St. Charles 
Heller & Nicholas, (Louis Heller, Frederick 

Mcholas,) coopers. Water c. Fourth 
Heller N. B. printer, 59 Villere 
Hellman Aug. tailor, Galvez n. Gravier 
Hellmann George, carp. Ill Customhouse 
Hellwig L. clerk, Galvez n. Common 
Helm George H. 107 Gravier 
Helm Joseph, stevedore, 61 Race 
Helm Joseph, Washington c. Laurel 
Helm Philip, book kei-per, State Bank La. 

d. 190 Royal 
Helmbick P. wheelwright. Market n. Front 
Helnie G. W. atty. at law, 6 Exchange 

Helmes Henry, laborer, 66 Congress 
Helmke C. c. h. 180 Old Levee 
Helmsietter Chris, shoemaker, 384 Camp 
Helmwing John, tailor, 103 Basin, d. 1 
Heloige Caroline, f. w. c. 80 Annette 
Hels Omer, ladies' shoemaker, Bienville c. 

Heisler D'rich, ragman, 108 St. Ferdinand 
Hilsmer John, woodyard, 231 St. CharleS 
Helvering Sophia, 371 Baronne 




Heman Mary Mrs.,Baronnec. St. Andrew 
Hcman Rudolph, shoemaker, 86 Fourth 
Hcmann Henry, drayman, 364 St. Peter 
Hemard Charles, cotton sampler, 405 Ba- 
you road 
Hemard .1. B. Mrs. , TTrsulines n. Bayou brd^ 
Hemard Marg. Mrs., Rocheblave n. Main 
Hemard N. 387 Rampart, d. 3 
Hemard N. clerk, Louisa c. Goodchildren 
Hemard Wm. Mrs. 264 Bayou road 
Hemary Joseph, Verret n. Alex, Algiers 
Hemberg: Michael, Josephine n. Fulton 
Hemel C. 49 Lesseps 
Hemeliche Henry, sailmaker, Josephine 

n. New Levee 
Hi minis D. P. printer, 37 Gravier, d. 

Magazine n. Felicity, d. 4 
Hemmer Frank, Howard n, Jackson 
Hemmi'S Peter, grocer, 1.56 St. Ferdinand 
Hemmond Ardeuiii, boatman, ]05 Fourth 
Hempel Christian, turner, 103 Howard 
Hemson Peter, laborer, 491 Royal, d. 3 
Hcniy Inker, bookbinder, 11 Terpsii-hore 
Henahan Pat. laborer, 443 Terpsichore 
Henaran M. P. carp. 307 Tchoupitoulas 
Henary John, cabman. 111 Elysian Fields 
Henberry Michael, elk. d. 269 St.Thomas 
Henchan Pat. lab. Locust n. Melpomene 
Hency Chas. finisiier, 120 Dauphiiie 
Hendermar Jacob, blacksmith. New Le- 
vee n. Hunter 
Henderhen John, lab. 106 Derbigny, d. 2 
Henderson Archibald, elk. d. 286 Baronne 
Henderson Charles, 107 Desire 
Henderson Elizabeth Mrs., First n. Dry- 

Henderson, Gaines & Co. (Wm. Hender- 
son, John G. Guines, S. Z.Relf,) crock- 
ery and glass, 100 Canal 
Heniier.son George, 121 New Levee 
Henderson John, inspector of revenue, 
112 Spain 

and Wxiolesale Dealer in 
Foreign and Domestic Li- 
quors and Cordials, 88 Tchou- 
pitoulas, d. Camp c. Sixth. 

Henderson John, porter, U. S. Mint, d. 

329 First 
Henderson John H. Claiborne op. market 
Henderson J. ally at law, 79 St. Charles 
Hendeison Joseph, engineer, 295 Calliope 
Henderson John D. 153 Common 
Henderson John B. Dr. 505 Magazine 
Henderson J. L. clerk. Planter's Press 
Henderson I. J. Rev. 213 Race 
Henderson Widow Mrs. Royal n. Main 
Henderson M. Mrs. 312 Baronne 
Henderson M. Mrs., Melpomene n. Dry- 

Henderson Pat. com.mer. d.315 Josephine 
Henderson R. T. acct. 3 Front Levee, d. 

2, d. 51 Euterpe 
Henderson S. ( W. A. Violett &r Co.) d. 12 


Henderson Stephen, coffee stand, 102 

Rampart, d. 1 
Henderson Sarah, Derbigny n. Canal 
Henderson, Terry & Co. (Thomas Hen- 
derson, J. C. Terry, J. L. Lancaster,) 
com. mers. 93 Gravier 
Henderson Thos. ( Henderscin, Terry 8f Co.) 

d. 12Polymnia 
Henderson Thomas, inspector of customs, 

d. 15 Annette 
Henderson, Thomas & Peale, (Elijah 

Pcale,) com. mer. 153 Common 
Henderson W m.( Henderson, Gaines Sf Co.) 

d. 393 Magazine 
Henderson Wm. (Patton, Henderson Sf 

Co.) cotton factors, 93 Gravier 
Henderson Wm. D. clerk, d. Philip near 

Hendi'rson Wm. clerk, 84Poydras, d. 126 

Henderson Wm. saddler, 162 Ursulines 
Henderson W. H. 195 Dauphine 
Henderson Wm. clerk, d. 81 Melpomene 
Hendlein Frank, laborer, 78 Mandeville 
Hendrick C. Capt., Claiborne n, Julia 
Hendrick Josephine, 410 RUmpart 
Hendrihan Thos. laborer, 81 Mandeville 
Hendricks John, lab. Cypress n. Clara 
Hendricks J. T. clerk, 71 Canal 
Hendrickson A. Mrs., Desire n. Burgundy 
Hendry John, steward, 365 Burgundy, d.3 
Hene A. beer bottler, Jackson n. Fifth, 

Heneus Rudolph, tailor,296Tchoupitoulas 
Henebery M., St. John Baptist n. Race 
Heneby Michl. woodpasser,Jack.son R.R. 
Henerett M. cistern mkr. 368 Franklin.d.l 
Heneult Louis, elk. Chartres c. Hospital 
Hengel Henry, painter, 18 St. Philip 
Hengel Wm. tinsmith, d. 115 Marais, d.2 
Hengning Michael, ( Laporte 8f Co.) Chip- 
pewa n. Toledano, Jefferson City 
Henging N. 214 Bayou road 
Henke Henry, laborer, 85 Independence 
Henke John H. laborer, Royal n. Lesseps 
Henkel A. D. & Co. (J. JV. Henkel, W. 
W. Henkel, C Kelley,) com. mers. 81 
Henkel C. F. tailor, 164 St. Ferdinand 
Henkenjohn Anton,cab.mkr 757 Burgundy 
Henlein Frank, laborer, 105 Mandeville 
Henn A. Mrs., Washington n. Chippewa 
Henne F. W,, New York dye house, 121 

Hennegan Daniel, warehouseman, d. 115 

Hennen Alfred, alty. at law. Customhouse 

c. Royal, entrance on Customhouse 
Hennen Duncan N.atty. at law, 11 St. Ann 
Hennen Wm. D. atty. at law, 100 Cus- 
Henner Chester Capt. 513 Camp 
Hennessy Daniel, laborer, 275 Rampart 
Hennessy David, clerk, 130 Canal 
Hennessy David, baker, d. 569 Tchoupi- 
Hennessy David, laborer, 392 Franklin 




Hennessy Dennis, laborer, Theresa n. 

Hennessy D. Mrs. 584 Burgundy, d. 3 
Hennessy Jain(>s, gardener, :2:25 Cunstance 
Hennessy James, laborer. Burgundy, d. 3 
Hennessy John, moulder, 392 Franklin 
Hennessy John, laborer, 764 St. Claude 
Hennessy John, laborer, Franklin c. Eu- 

Hennessy John, saddler, 142 Tchoupi- 

touias John, 89 Villiere, d. 2 
Hennessy Mary Mrs. 302 ^>ankIin, d. 1 
Hennessy Matthew, lab. 49 N'orth nikt 
Hennessy Michael, dairy. Love c. Mon- 

Hennessy Patrick, laborer, 237 St. Louis 
Hennessy Philip, pili>t, 584 Burgvindy, d.3 
Hennessy P. C. tailor, 276 Tchoupitoulas 
Hennessy Thomas, insurance office run- 
ner, 10(1 Spain 
Hennessy Wm. laborer, 325 Thalia 
Hennick Geo. shoemaker, 101 Gravier 
Hennigan Ed. drayman, Johnson n. Canal 
Henniker Catharine Mrs. grocery, 324 

Henniman Wm. driver, 133 Religious 
Hennmg Albert, acct. 100 Gravier, d. 179 

Henning Henry, lab. 540 Rampart, d. 3 
Henning J. F. Mrs. midwife, 1()3 Dryades 
Henning & Campbell, ( W. H. Henning, 
Jirchihald Campbell,) grocers, 151 
Henning W. H. (Henning &f Campbell,) 

d. 310 Terpsichore, d. 1 
Hennings Francis, musician, d. Poydras 

n. Basin 
Hennings Fred, lamplighter, 255 Custom- 
Hennings J. B. lab. 118 Independence 
HenniniTS Morris, upholsterer, 69 Berlrand 
llenningsen J. C. ship office, 521 Bur- 
gundy, d. 3 
Hennon Peter, c. h. St. Charles c. Po- 

Heno Aimida, d. 119 Main 
Heno C, Willow n. Gravier 
Heno Edgar, bricklayer, 263 Ursulines 
Heno Ernest, cabman, 263 Ursulines 
Heno John B. sec'ry La. Steamship Co. 

57 Camp,d. Thild n. Charles 
Heno Joseph, f. m. c. sail maker, 519 

Viil.Te, d. 3 
Heno Louis, cabman, 263 l^rsulines 
Heno Uciave J. clerk, d. 28 Liberty 
Heno Sosthene Capt. 467 .Main 
llenon Pat. Frerei, n. Krato 
Henriek Martin, shoemkr 219 St. Anthony 
Henrick Matthew, cistern maker 368 

Henricks ILnry, mate, 543 St;Claude, d.3 
Henrieks Tim. finisher, 543 Si. Claude, d.3 
Henrie .\dele, f.w.c. St.Andnw n.Lilterty 
Henrion Fran<;ois, crockery, 59 Si. Piiilip 
Henrion J. shoemkr. Burgundy c. St. Ann 
Henrionnct Leoi)old, clerk, 19 St. Louis 

Henriques Antonio, 122 Gaiennie, d. 437 

Henriques A. D. attorney at law, 12 Ex- 
change place 
Henriques Jacob, book keeper, 172 Clio 
Hi'nriques J. L. grocery, Dryades c.Delord 
Henriquez John, Carondelet n. Julia 
Henriquez J. 1). book keefier, 47 Camp 
Henry Andrew, lab. 16 Marigny 
Henry A. Mrs., Annuneiatnui n. St. Mary 
Henry Christian, painter, d. 133 Felieiiy 
Henry Christoph. saddler, 143 Bienville " 
Henry C. W. & Co. (J. J\l. Trimble,) sail 

makers, 9 Front Levee, d. Carondelet 

n. Felicity 
Henry Daniel, Howard, n. Jackson 
Henry David, paper hanger, 192 Camp 
Hein-y Edward, laborer, 87 Clouet 
Henry Eui,'ene, 131 Dauphine 
Henry E. M. Mrs. 131 Orleans 
Henry Fran(;ois, cane manufactory, 100 

Exchange place 
Henry F. d.'74 Clara 

Henry Hiram T.printer,d.280Terpsichore 
Henry H. Mrs. 247 Ranijiart, d. 2 
Henry Jacob, drayman. Celeste n. Tchou- 
Henry Jacob, lab. 92 Louisa 
Henry James G. editor and proprietor of 

Jefferson Journal, d. New Levee, n. 

Berlin, Jetrersoii City 
Henry Jeremiah, d. 667 St. Claude, d. 3 
Henry John, fisherman, 362 Constance 
Henry John, salesman, 98 Canal, d. 266 

Flenry John, laborer, Villere n. Music 
Henry Joseph, 122 Frenchmen 
Henry Josejih, screwinan, 88 Union 
He.nry Joseph, express wagon. Napoleon 

avenue, n. Magazine, .TefTerson City 
Henry J. B. shoemaker, 65 Burgundy 
Hinry Lawrence, 201 Elysian Fields 
Henry Leon, locksmith, 76 Exchange Place 

d. 214 Bourbon 
Henry Louis, dairy. Poet n. Claiborne 
Henry Matthew,cistern mkr. 368 Franklin 
Henry Patrick, willow n. Clio 
Henry P. D 54 Frenchmen 
Henry Sosthene, l)arkeeper,253 Villere,d. 2 
Henry William, laborer. Port n. Burgundy 
Henry William, contractor, 469 Fulton,(l.4 
Henry William, clerk, 63 Old Levee, d. 2 

d. 54 Frenchmen 
Henry William, carpt. Delord, Algiers 
Henry Wm. L. carpenter, 203 Euterpe 
Henry Wm. M. elk. d. 397 Old Levee, d.3 
Henry Wm. laborer, 137 Foucher 
Hensel Christian, 17(1 St. F''irdinand 
Hensler Charles A. ( liujac &( Hensler) 

stork and note broker, 34 Carondelet, 

d. 274 Canal 
Hensler Frank, lumber, 15 Bartholomew 
Hensler John, laborer, 132 Thalia 
Hensler Waijner, perfumery, 251 Royal 
Hensler A. C. Dr., 101 Canal 
Hensmanii Wiu. Mrs. 41 Independence 
Heohn Jacob, dairy, Copernicus, Algiers 




Hepburn C. M. Mrs. 219 Rampart, d. 1 
j Hepburn J. clerk, 93 Old Levee 
Hepp Henry (Collins, Hepp &f Co.) 
Hepp Wm. T. (E. Rochereau Sf Co.) 16 

St. Louis, d. 145 Annunciation 
Heppe Herman, night police, 99 Piety 
Hepler George, tailor, 147 Lafayette 
Hepting Adam, laborer, Algiers 
Herard A. Mrs. 134 Bienville 
Herb Wm K. cotton sampler, d. Race, n. 

Herber Frank, b. h. 12 Royal 
Herber Joseph, druggist, 83 Gaiennie 
Herber J, apothecary, 275 Bourbon, d. 3 
Herber Louis, tailor, 251 Customhouse 
Herberger Lorenz, Third n. Dryades 
Herbert D. Mrs., dress maker, 23 Calliope 
Herbert Edward, b. h. 173 Dryades 
Herbert Mary Ann, dry goods, Algiers 
Herbert Victor, 37 Magazine, d. 107 St. 

Herbert Wm. d. 545 Burgundy, d. 3 
Herbez Louise, somnambulist, 98 St. Peter 
Herbez M. Mrs. 187 St. Peter 
Herbst Henry, clerk, 32 Lafayette, d. Jo- 
sephine, n. Bacchus 
Herbst J. laborer, 22 Gravier 
Herby Patrick, lab. Felicity n. Carondelet 
Hercy M. Mrs. Poet n. Royal 
Herd Richard, laborer, 66 Poet 
Herde Mathias, painter, 350 Ursulines 
Herdia Aneto, 103 Dryades 
Herdt C. shoe maker. New Levee n. Adele 
Herfurth Wm. seaman, Delaronde, Algiers 
Heric Louis, carpenter, 31 Dauphine 
Heric Marie, variety, 31 Dauphine 
Herist John, laborer, 188 Delord 
Herle Kenderlin, laborer, 130 Roman, d. 2 
Herlet John, dyer, 45 Main 
Herletz August, tailor, 218 Delord 
Hermaize A. shoes, Bourbon c. St. Peter 
Herman Anthony Mrs., Third n. Constance 
Herman Felix, tailor, 629 New Levee, d. 4 
Herman Geo. wheelwright, 366 Howard 
Herman John, foundry, 302 Howard 
Herman Theresa, veget. 87 Magazine mkt 
Hermann Anthony, barkeeper. Fourth n. 

Hermann E. S. acct. 178 Ursulines 
Hermann Emile, (Hermann &^ McQ,ueen,) 

d. 13 Rampart, d. 1 
Hermann Fred, cabman, 268 Main 
Hermann Frederick, gardener, Second c. 

St. Patrick 
Hermann Henry, Miro n. Main 
Hermann Jacob, Jackson R. R. depot 
Hermann Julius, barber, 375 Rampart,d.l 
Hermann & McQueen, (Emile Hermann, 
Gustave McQ^ueen,) cotton brokers, 2 
Hermann N. Mrs., Morales n. Montegut 
Hermann P. assistant appraiser customs, 

33 Exchange place 
Hermann Peter, warehouseman, 9 Gravier 
Hermann Peter, blacksmith, 87 Piety 
Hermann Therese, Third n. Constance 
Hermann Valentine, carpenter, 52 Elmire 

Hermina Lasalles E.,Treme n. Esplanade 
Hermitage Masonic Lodge, No. 98, Mag- 
azine c. Philip 
Hermle Simon, carpenter, 239 St. Louis 
Hern Ed. sailmaker, 126 Calliope 
Hernandez Antonio Mrs. 200 Chartres 
Hernandez Celeste Mary, furn'd rooms, 

and nurse, 145 Dauphine 
Hernandez D. carpenter, 169 Spain 
Hernandez Edward, acct. 11 St. Louis 
Hernandez Francisco, trader, 70 Barracks 
Hernandez F. B. 420 Burgundy, d. 3 
Hernandez Jose, oysters, 177 Treme, d. 2 
Hernandez Joseph, 9 St. Peter, d. 159 St. 

Hernandez J. & Co. (Joseph Hernandez, 
William J. Bebee,) sugar brokers, 13 
Hernandez J. dep. constable, 4 Frenchmen 
Hernandez Manuel, cigars, 383 Marais,d.3 
Hernandez Miguel, sr. ship carp. 85 Port 
Hernandez M."l47 Enghien 
Hernandez Philip, shoemaker, 319 Conti 
Hernandez Rosalie, fish, 26 Treme mkt 
H(;rnandezR.34 St. Charle.s.d. 352 Chartres 

Hernandez c. p. 117 Marigny 

Herndon Thomas, (^9. H. May &c Co.) 

Factors row, 42 Perdido 
Herndon Thos. N. atty. at law, Greenville 
He'rner Adam, Second n. St Dennis 
Hernsheim Simon, tobacconist, 42 Gravier 
Hero Andrew, sr. collector for Bulletin, 37 

Gravier, d. 320 Annunciation, d. 4 
Hero Andrew, jr. clerk, 7 Commercial 

place, d. 320 Annunciation 
Heron August, Munro, McD. 

Heron, J. H. Carter,) Gen- 
eral Dealers in Western Pro- 
duce, Apple Butter, Stearine 
Lard, Mince Meat, Potatoes, 
Onions, Beans, Apples, etc., 
40 Fulton, bet. Poydras and 

Heron David 0. laborer, St. Andrew n. 

Heron H. H. grocery, 537 Magazine 
Heron Octave, paiiner, 203 Marais, d. 3 
Herque Paul, tailor, 227 St. Peter, d. 2 
Herr Andres, laborer, 25 Montegut 
Herr Felix, furniture, 85 Bienville, d. Conti 

n. Prieur 
Herr John Jacob, (S. D. Gratiaa Sc Co.) 

59 Customhouse 
Herr John, machinist, Roman n. Common 
Herrenger Bernard, tailor, 30 Marais, d. 2 
Herrera Domingo, grocery, 375 Julia 
Herrera Florianne, f. w. c. 37 Ursulines 
Herrera J. f. m. c. painter, 206 St. Philip 
Herrick Richard, clerk, shippers Cotton 

Press, New Levee, d. 30 Race 
Herries Mrs., Bayou St. John n. the bridge 
Herriman F. Mrs. 402 Rampart, d. 3 




Herriman & Chesse, (George Herriman, 
Alexander L. Chesse,) tailors, 64 Roytil, 
d. 397 Villcre, d. 3 
! Herriman Henry Capt., Royal n. Enghien 
Herriman H. carp. 211 Customhouse 
Herrin C. watchniakor, 276 Girod 
Hi^rrin John, laborer, 196 Dehird 
Herrin;^ & Co. safes, 52 Gravier 
Herring Edward, sailmaker, 233 Conti 
Herringlon Charles, laborer, 125 Port 
Herrle George A. laborer, 376 Hospital 
Herrle George A. laborer, 381 St. Piiilip 
Herrle M. barber. New Levee c. Julia 
Herrle W. store and grocery. Second c. 

Jefferson, Carrollton 
Herrlitz H. A. barber, 218 Delord 
Herrman J. cab driver, 256 St. Philip 
Hi^rrman E. Mrs., Josephine n. Cliippewa 
Herron Augustus, steward, McDonogh 
Herron Luke, painter, 75 Annunciation 
Herron Michael, laborer, St. James n. 

Hersch Charles, Harmony c. Chippewa 
Hersch George, Josephine n. Constance 
Hensoh J. junk shop, Prytania n. Felicity 
Hersch Jacob, c. Rampart and Josepliine 
Hersch John, Levei^ n. Sixth 
HiM-sch M. clerk, 71 Magazine 
Herschaft L. shoemaker, 318 Frenchmen 
Hersey James, laborer. Third n. Haronnc 
Herte Peter, carpenter, Clonet n.Ikirgundy 
Hertman John Mrs. 65 St. Philip 
Hertt Joseph, Seventh n. Fulton 
Hertz Caroline Mrs. dry goods, Clio c. 

Hertz John, tinsmith, 446 Chartrcs 
Hertz Rachel Mrs. 265 Poydras 
Heitz Theresa, 232 Baronne 
Hertzman Chaa. bl'ksm. 313 Rampart,d.l 
Herveau John F. screwman, 142 Annette 
Hervey William, clerk Post Office, d. Jo- 
sephine n. Dryades 
Hervey William, grocer, 331 Carondelct 
Hervey Wm. grocer. Magazine c. Ninth 
Herwig E. F.'^136 Poydras 
Herwiji P. F. corn, Adele 
Hery Louis, Initcher, 56 Treme market, d. 

149 St. Philip 
HerzbergerJ. c. St. Peter and Derbigny 
Herzger Wm. clerk, 90 Frenchmen 
Heseiikemp John,lal)orer, Poland n. Royal 
Hesicker William, 176 Spain 
Heslend James, laborer, 212 Delord 
He^er Jos. drayman, Conti n. Claiborne 
He.slin Mrs. dressm'r, c Fulton & Felicity 
Hesjie John, shoemaker, 92 Marais 
Hess Alex, laliorer, 136 Tchnupitoulas 
Hess Barbara Mrs., Clio n. Willow 
Hiss John A. clerk, 37 PVont, d. 70 Orleans 
H'ss Valentine, tailor, Mourbon n.Solidelle 
Hessican S. Mrs. 155 Burgundy 
Hissinger Henry, grocer, 91 Constance 
Hessler William, I'hilip n. Annunciation 
Hester Charles, planter, Lafayette n. Sec- 
ond, Gretna 
Hester Charles, collector Price Current, 
d. Camp c. Josephine 

Hester Charles H. clerk, 34 St. Joseph 

Hester Eugenia Mrs. 177 Canal 

Hester H. H. 140 Cypress 

Hestein .Toseph, laborer, 239 Columbus 

Hesz G. L. 198 Dauphine 

Hcsz Valent. tailor, Bourlion n. Solidelle 

Hetchler L., tailor, c. Treme and Orleans 

Hetf.lder H., Poland n. Greatmen 

Heth Havey C. steamboat elk, .55 Marais 

Hetherman Patrick, laborer, 11 Port 

Helling J. F. tailor, 328 Tchoupiloulas 

Hettinger Louis, corn nn-r. 382 Chartrea 

Hetsberger Philip, c. p. 69 Hrquhart 

Heizel J. C, Rousseau c. Philip 

Heucherf Conrad, clerk, 179 Poydras 

Heunisch Charles, 283 Marais 

Heupel Geo. A. carpenter, 68 Washington 

Heuston Eslertine, furnished rooms, 169 

Basin, d. 1 
Heverin Timothy, laborer, 132 St. Philip 
Hevert James, Ninth n. St. Thomas 
Hevey John, c. h. 290 Camp 
Hevia S. G. grocer. Rampart c. Toulouse 
Hevia John, laborer, .Algiers 
Hevia J. G. cigars, St. James Hotel 
Hevia Steph. barkeeper, St. James Hotel 
Hewitt Chas. wareb'eman, 218 Lafayette 
Hewitt E. c. p. 218 Lafayette 
Hewitt, Norton & Co. (James Hewitt, M.O. 
H. ^Vortoji,) com. mers. 151 Common 
Hewitt James (Hewitt, Xorton Sf Co.) 151 

Hewitt James C. 11 Royal 
Hewitt John, porter, 60 Gravier, Liberty 

n. Girod 
Hewitt J. J. engineer, 158 Piety 
Hewitt Matthew, elk. St. Jane n. Gravier 
Hewitt W. H. 214 Bayou road 
Hewlett Emma, 45 Basin, d. 2 
Hewlett E. 28 History 
Hewlett John, Hospital n. Dauphine 
Hewltitt Jno. jr. dry goods, Main c. Treme 
Hewlett Leopold, cigars, 354 Royal 
Hewrenther Conrad, shoemaker, 10 Girod 
Hews George W. ( Sliumway Sf Hews,) 47 

Royal, d. 139 Girod 
Hews Wm. G. com. mer. 8 Pontalba 
bldgs. St. Peter, and president Bank 
America, d. 8 St. Ann 
Hewsdson E. L. clerk, 15 Camp 
Hey den Joseph, cotton broker, 229 Ram- 
part, d 2 
Heyer Nicholas, lab. .3.33 Old I,e%ee, d. 2 
Heykamp Herman, shoi'mkr, 256 Lafayette 
Heyl Florant, br. h. 40 Main 
Heyl G. W., Elysian Fields n. Crnjis 
H'yl Herman, shocmkr, 18 Elysian Fields 
Heyl W. (C. C. Gaines &c Co.) 26 Maga- 
zine, d. Elysiiin Fields n. Rampart 
Heyliger Louis ( \flbraij &,- Heyliger,) 120 

Gravier, d. 67 St. Peter 
Heymann A. dry goods, St. Ann c.Villerc 
Heymann Henry, drayman, 364 St. Peter 
Heymann Samuel, mer. 533 Rampart, d. 3 
Heymes Jos. f. m. c. 3.52 Derbigny, d. 3 
Heyn Auguste, barkeeper, Front c. Girod 
Hayol) Charhs, furniture, 2^6 Royal 

Heyvaert Charles M. apothecary, 228 

Hezeau L. F. d. 495 St. Ann 
Hiach R. tailor, 136 Ursulines 
Hibard Merlin, 250 Kampart, d. 2 
Hibert Thomas, elk. Chartres c. Conti 
Hibbs James Capt. 43 Gasquet 
Hick Geo. shoemaker, 464 Poydras 
Hick Jos. laborer, Bourbon n. Prosper 
Hickery Wm. grocer, 229 Franklin 
Hickey Charles, clothing, 85 Levee, d. 3 
Hickey Cornelius, Locust n. Melpomene 
Hickey C. inspector of customs, d. Mel- 
pomene c. Locust 
Hickey Dennis Mrs., Chippewa n. Wash- 
Hickey Daniel, carpenter, 489 Dryades 
Hickey Edward, 40 Port 
Hickey James, lab. 404 Customhouse 
Hickey Jerem'h, lab. Rousseau n.Soraparu 
Hickey John, driver, 308 Magazine 
Hickey John, laborer, 21 Hospital 
Hickey J. F. (Wheelwright &f Hickey,) 6 

Marigny buildings. Levee, d. 3 
Hickey Martin, laborer, 112 Erato 
Hickey Michael, laborer, 364 Thalia 
Hickey Michael T. laborer, 38 Robin 
Hickey M. Mrs. 290 Dryades 
Hickey Richard, laborer, 616 Burgundy 
Hickey Thos. carpenter, 311 Dryades 
Hickey Thos. grainer, Philip n. Annuncia. 
Hickey Wm. warehousem. 166 Constance 
Hickey Wm. shoemaker, 16 Girod 
Hickey Wm. Mrs 199 Bienville 
Hickley Mitchell, 121 St. Peter 
Hickman, Dugas & Maignaii (,i. F. Hick- 
man, Ignace Dugas, J. J\Ia}gnan, )who\e- 
sale grocers, 5 and 6 Front Levee, d.2 
Hickman A. F. (Hickman, Dugas Sf Maig- 

nan,) d. 18.3 Julia 
Hickman H. Mrs. 82 St. Philip 
Hickman J. L., Carrollton 
Hickmott Lelia Mrs. 146 Lafayette 
Hickok Danl. S., Lake House, Shell road 
Hicks Geo. laborer, 89 Frenchmen 
Hicks Henry, elk. Old Levee c. Bienville 
Hicks John, laborer, 178 Goodchildren 
Hicks John, wood. Willow n. Erato 
Hicks Jno. R. broker, d. Magnolia n. Clio 
Hicks Thos. ink mkr,256 Rampart, d. 1 
Hidalgo M. c. h. 213 Old Levee, d. 2, d. 

100 St. Anthony 
Hiddleston John, cot . broker, 30 Caronde- 

let, d. 229 St. Charles 
Hidou August, clerk, 126 Canal 
Hidou H., Roman n. St. Peter 
Hiem Frank, carpenter, 45 Constance 
Hieman Isaac, junk shop, 26 Jackson 
Hier Philip, Liberty n. Josephine 
Hier Philip, Liberty n. Josephine 
Hiesler Joseph, laborer, 336 St. Peter 
Hiesler Martin, tailor, 336 St. Peter 
Hiestand Ezra, atty. at law, 18 Jackson, 

d. Chippewa n. Jackson 
Hiet George, shoemaker, 100 St. Philip 
Higgin Joseph, com. mer. 2 Byrne's row, 
Carondelet, d. 45 Bourbon 

Higginbotham Henry, sr. d. 356 Howard 
Higginbotham H. jr. book keeper, 59 

Camp, d. 356 Howard 
Higginbotham Thos. H. (Jl. J. Tulhj 8f 

Co.) 71 Carondelet j 

Higgins Andrew, 50 St. Joseph ] 

Higgins C. Mrs. 377 Franklin, d. 1 
Higgins Dennis, b. h. 50 St. Joseph 
Higgins Edward, lab. Thalia c. N. Levee 
Higgins James, lab. 145 Prieur 
Higgins James, lab. 289 Conti 
Higgins John, cotton weigher. Fourth n. 

Higgins John, lab. 464 Chartres 
Higgins Joseph, lab. Poydras n. Roman 
Higgins Lawrence, lab. 74 Spain 
Higgins Martin, lab. 77 Spain 
Higgins Martin, 208 Delord" 
Higgins Mary Mrs. 158 St. Joseph 
Higgins Michael, dray«n. 442 Terpsichore 
Higgins Michael, lab. 87 Delord 
Higgins Michael, b. h. 120 N. Levee,d.] 
Higgins M'l. drayman, 323 Customhouse 
Higgins M. insp'r of revenue, 79 Toulouse 
Higgins Pat. newspaper advertising agent, 
66 Camp, d. Orange n. Tchoupitoulas 
Higgins Patrick, St. Peter n. Galvez 
Higgins R. G. (Knox Sf Higgins,) 46 

Union, d. 1, d. 668 Magazine 
Higgins Stan wood, clerk, 41 Magazine 
Higgins S. W. gold pen maker, 34 Com- 
mercial place 
Higgins Wm. lab. 13 North Market 
Higgins Wm. drayman, 321 St. Andrew 
Higgins Wm. printer, St. Peter n.Derbigny 
Higgins Wm. H. clerk, 63 Common, d. 

157 Prytania 
Higgison Jas. carpenter. Vine n. Cypress 
High Catherine Mrs. 322 St. Loiiis 
High School, Camp c. Melpomene 
High School, (boys) Hospital n. Rampart 
High School, (boys) Bourbon c. Si.<"laude 
High School, (girls) Rampart n. Main 
High School, (girls) Elysian Fields c. 

Hightower A. f. m. c. 235 Conti 
Highwesber Anton, furniture and repair- 
ing, 265 Camp 
Higonnet Pierre, variety store, 161Bourbon 
Hilain Louis, f. m. c. Havana c. Force 
Hilbeck Fred, slater, 584 Constance 
Hilberath Ant. tinsmith, 347 Bayou road 
Hilbert Jacob, carpenter, 78 Polymnia 
Hilbert Thomas H. c. h. Front c.Gaiennie 
Hilbolt John, tailor, 210 Bourbon 
HildebrandtH. Mrs. 499 Royal, d. 3 
Hildebrandt Carl, 106 Lafayette 
Hildebrandt J. H.c.h 13 Front Levee,d.2 
Hildebrandt M. lab. 876 Burgundy, d. 3 
Hildenbrand C. 751 Rampart 
Hildenbrand G. machinist, Gretna 
Hildermann Henry, fruit, 131 Perdido 
Hildreth Charles A. clerk, 26 Magazine 
Hildreth D. M. & Co. (0. E. Hall,) pro- 
prietors of the St. Charles Hotel 
Hildreth J. A. clerk, 26 Magazine, St. 
Charles Hotel 




Hilfinstein Fred, tailor, 240 Rampart 
Hill Allen, hardware, ]67 Baronne 
Hill Alexander, cashier, V22 Canal 
Hill Alex. 56 Camp, d. 276 Poydrns 
Hill Alfred keeper, Merchants' Bk. 
Hill Arlemon, 527 Chartres 
Hill A. Mrs. grorer, 265 Tchoupitoulas 
Hill A. saddler, fin-men's caps and belt 

maker, 24 Tivoli Circle 
Hill A. lamps and fluid, 6 Chartres 
Hill A. S. acci. 167 Baronne,d.74 Prytania 
Hill C. Mrs. bdff. h. Old Levee c. Conti 
Hill D. C. Capt^, Second n. Carondelet 
Hill Edward, accf. 3 Carondelet 
fiill Ellen Mrs. 252 Melpomene 
Hill G. H. barkeeper, Dryades n. Felicity 
HillG. W. salesman, 63 Gravier, d. 50 

Hill H. T. soda water maker, 226 Girod 
Hill James D., Customhouse c. Daujihine 
Hill & Co. C James cV Robert Hill,) molas- 
ses refinery, 198 and 200 N. Levee 
Hill John, fisherman, 61 Elmira 
Hill John, acct. 72 Camp 
Hill J. Dr., St. Ferdinand c. Girod 
Hill J.D. 13 Com'l. place, d. 23 Dauphine 
Hill J. T. homeopathist, 107 Carondelet 
Hill Mary S. music teacher, 196 Prytania 
Hill Michael, barber, Julia c. Fulton 
Hill Michael, cook, 133 Thalia 
Hill Michael, lab. 86 St. Thomas 
Hill M. S. Mrs. b. h. 192 St. Jo.seph 
Hill Robert, (Hill&c Co.) 198 & 200 New 

Hill Samuel L. broker, 25 Com'l. place, d. 

Peters av. n. Prytania, Jeff. City 
Hill Sanvuel VV. civil engin. 196 Prytania 
Hill Sarah Mrs., Union, Algiers 
Hill Sarah A., Second n. St. Charles 
Hill Wm. lab. 602 Rampart, d. 3 
Hill Wm. blacksmith, Julia c. N. Levee 
Hillard Chester, late 41 Natchez, d. Camp 

c. St. Mary 

Hille Catharine, 277 Thalia 
Hille John, dry goods, 701 Chartres,d.3 
Hille Jose|)hine Mrs. 473 Rampart, d. 1 
Hille J. H. barkeeper, 57 Front, d. 1 
Hille Wm. grocer, 189 Tchoupitoulas 
Hillcbrand Henry, c. h. and grocery, Re- 
ligious c. St. James 
Hiller George, milkman, 98 Desire 
HiUerman Frank, wood passer, Jackson 

R. R. 
HiUerman L. hoop poles, 15 Front Levee, 

d. 2 

Hillert Thomas, dyer, 42 Dauphine 

Hillger Lguis, ( Drcirs Sf Co.) architect,d. 
Magazine c Josephine 

Hillhouse Alison, book keeper, Veranda 

Hilliard, Summers & Co. (J. H. Hilliard, 
E. H. Summrm, ./. S. S( 0. .1 Bran- 
nin,) com. nurs. 64 Carondelet 

Hilliard J. H. (Hilliard, Hummers S,- Co.) 
64 Carondelet 

Hillman (Jeorge, dealer in Western pro- 
duct-, 20 Poydras, d. 254 Melpomene 

Hillman John, wood dealer, 331 Melpo- 
Hillman Thomas, lab. 81 Franklin 
Hillmers Fred, eggs, 148 Basin, d. 1 
Hillmers Henry, pilot, Elmire n. Craps 
Hillsinger John' Mrs. 790 Burgundy, d. 3 
Hillright Ellen, Mrs., Alex, Algiers 
Hills Samuel, rigger, 490 Front 
Hillsman, wood and coal, 272 St. Charles 
Himbert Jules, clerk, St. Peter c. Royal 
Himi'ledge Minnie Miss, seamstress, 109 

Himenez Francisco, lab. 241 Chartres 
Hinienez Justin, clerk, 44 Chartres 
Himmel Adolph,. silversmith, 311 Bienville 
HincheyGeo. carp. Clara n. t'ypress 
Hinckley B. L. (Tirull S,- Bates,) 9 Mag- 
azine, d. 464 Baroiine 
Hinckley O. S. clerk, 12 Front Levee 
Hinckley Mrs. Gasquet n. Claiborne 
Hincks Xnatole, clerk, 98 Canal 
Hincks David, 66 Orleans 
Hincks John VV. 124 Conti 
Hiiidel Martin, shoemaker, 84 St. Anthony 
Hinds John, carriages, 425 Perdido 
Hines Cornelius, lab. 377 0. Levee, d. 3 
Hines C. F. dairy, Annunciation n. Sixth 
Hines Eliza Mrs. nurse, 405 Magazine 
Hines John, lab. 88 Julia 
Hines John, tailor. Prosper n. Union 
Hines M. Mrs. 139 Foucher 
Hinkel Jacob, .lab. 231 Constance 
Hinkel Philip, Sixth c. Camp 
Hinken Albert, dairy. Sixth n. Baronne 
Hinkle H. engineer, Franklin n. Terpsi- 
Hinkle Mary Mrs. 362 Melpomene 
Hinsberger Wm. 34 Constance 
Hinson John, f. m. c. Sixth n. Dryades 

HINTON ISAAC T., Printer, 27 
Com'l Place, d. 95 Liberty 

Hinzjieter A. clerk, 39 Front Levee 
Hiot C. machinist, St. Ann n. Miro 
Hiper Jean, grocer, 77 St. Bernard 
Hipper Wm. c. h. New Shell Road n. 

Hippler J. tailor, 324 Magazine 
Hipps J. Capt. c. Marais and Gasquet 
Hipwell J. laborer, 32 St. Thomas 
Hiram Masonic Lodge, No. 70, St. Charles 

c. Perdido 
Hirdes J. G. 394 Old Levee, d. 3 
Hire F. blacksmith. Bagatelle n. Prosper 
Hire G. F. Dr., Magazine n. Poyfarre 
Hire Henry, 124 Greatmen 
Hire W. H. Dr., Magazine c. Poyfarre 
Hiriac John, butcher. Port market, d. 

Orleans n. Bourbon 
Hiriart Emile, editor Courier, 10 Exchange 

place, d. 125 Main 
Hirley A. V. Dr. 99 Gravier 
Him James Mrs. 250 Bourbon 
Hirn Thomas, blacksmith, 200 Basin, d.l 
llirch .Alois, jewelry. Magazine n. Felicity 
Hirse Philip, cooper, Roman n. Orleans 




Hiisch Abraham, (Meyers Sf Hirsch,) 80 

Hiisch David, dry goods, 233 Rampart,d.l 
Hirsch Frederick, shoemkr. 236 Magazine 
Hirsch George, shoemaker, 16 Girod 
Hirsch Gotleib, 143 Main 
Hirsch Jolin Mrs. 382 Chartres 
Hirsch Moritz, clerk, 71 Magazine 
Hirsch FhUip, cooper, 377 Si. Peter 
Hirsch Phihp, lab. iSi. Charles n. La- 

vergiie, Jeft'ersoii City 
Hirsche M. grocer, 234 Royal 
Hirschman K.& Co.(M. Kirschner,) silks, 

laces, etc., 129 Chartres 
Hirt Andreas, laborer, 285 Mandeville 
Hirth Philip, Sixth n. Baroiine 
Hirtiier D. shoeinkr. Magazine n. Pleasant 
Hisger John, gardener, 610 Annunciation 
Hissicker William, seaman, 69 Urquhart 
Hissinger Sarah Mrs. grocery, iNinth n. 

Hissler Antoine, cabinet maker, 94 Main 
Hitchcock John J. H. book keeper St. 

Charles hotel 
Hitchcock D. G. com. mer. 99 Camp, d. 

Julia n. Camp 
Hite G. D. com. mer. and steamboat agent, 

5 Front Levee, d. 1 
Hite John, 141 St. Louis 
Hite S. N. Marais c. Esplanade 
Hue William, pouhry, French market, d. 

396 Royal, d. 3 
Hitschler Louis, tailor, 138 Orleans 
Hittinger Louis, laborer, 382 Chartres,d.3 
Hittman H. drayman, Customhouse, n. 

Hitz Julius, Mrs. 359 Columbus 
Hoa P. 309 Chartres 
Huag Philip, baker, 91 Felicity 
Hoan Frank, bakery. New Levee, n. Bor- 
deaux, Jefferson City 
Hpadley P. carpt. Constance, c. Seventh 
Hoatson James, woodpasser.Jackson R.R. 
Hobaii Catharine Mrs., St. Andrew n. 

Hoban J. laborer, 412 Old Levee, d. 3 
Hoban James, Red Stores, Front Levee,d.2 
Hobart Albert, engineer, Jackson R. R. 
Hobart & Foster, (Edward Hobart, George 

Foster,) com. mers. 46 St. Charles 
Hobart tldward, ( Hobart &f Foster,) 46 St. 

Hobart Jos. C. lightning rods, d. 254 

Hobarth Henry, St.John Baptist n. Annette 
Hobbs A. M. messenger, 96 Camp 
Hobbs R. G. f. w. c. 277 Conti 
Hobbs Thomas, lab. 510 Dauphine, d. 3 
Hobby Jesse, furnd. rooms, 14 Baronne 
Hobday Charles M. s.b.agt. 415 Magazine 
Hobday Miss E. Columbus n. Johnson 
Hober Andreas, laborer, 191 Union, d. 3 
Hober Anna, St. Andrew n. Howard 
Hobern James, Peace n. Chartres 
Hobing B. 137 Franklin 
Hobson Albert, salesman, 35 Magazine 
Hobson John, clerk, 338 Basin, d. 1 

Hobson J. R. painter, Bolivar, n. Gravier 
Hobush G.willowware mkr.29 Frenchmen 
Hochenedel M. c. h.and b. h. 62 Bourbon 
Hochiiig Christian, tailor, 140 Bourbon 
Hockersmith D. J. &- Co. Union Steam 

Mills, 181 Poydras 
Hodge Alexander W. (C. L.Seixas& Co.) 

d. 137 Race 
Hodge J. H. cabinet maker, Levee c. 

Upper Line, Jefferson City 
Hodge Mary Mrs. 104 Felicity 
Hodges Henry, clerk, 54 Poydras, d. 281 

Hodges Louisa A. 69 Union, d. 1 
Hodgiiis Pat. cartmn. Johnson n. Gasquet 
Hodgins Patrick, cabs, 244 Girod 
Hodgins Thomas, baker, 188 Girod d. 1 
Hodgkins William F. "Continental" c. h. 

Lxchange place, c. Customhouse 
Hodgkinson G. carpt. Jackson R.R. depot 
Hodgson Henry G. clerk, 4 Front, d. l,d. 

Constance n. Richard 
Hodgson John, 40 Union 
Hodgson W. Irving, clerk, 40 Camp, d. 

497 Rampart, d. 1 
Hoduff John, laborer, Laurel n. Ninth 
Hoe Amos, f. m. c. carpenter, Ursulines, 

n. Robertson 
Hoefel George, blacksmith, 274 Royal 
Hoefer Theodore, tailor, 67 Derbigny 
Hoefner John, b. h. Levee n. Adele 
Hoeffner Jacob, butcher, Constantinople 

n. Laurel, Jefferson City 
Hoeffner Michl. prof, of music, 203 Camp 
Hoeffner M. Mrs. 203 Camp 
Hoehn George, grocer, 347 Old Levee, d. 2 
Hoehn Jacob, milk. Sixth n. Basin 
Hoelzel Philip, corn mill,296Tchoupitoulas 
Hoelzell Louis blacksmith, 281 Howard 
Hoelzell Poltz, grocery, Erato c. Liberty 
Hoener Philip, tinsmith, 744 Dauphine, d. 3 
Hoening Jules Robert, artist painter, 61 

Hoepke Edward G. painter, 405 Chartres 
Hoepstein Bernhardt, 697 Puimpart, d. 3 
Hoerath Michael, shoemaker, 306 Hospital 
Hoen George, bread, 101 St. Mary's mkt 
Hoerrer Jules, 9 Hobertson 
Hoey Kdward, elk, 47 Conti, d. 636 Ely- 

sian Fields 
Hoey John, a "citizen," Carrollton 
Hoey Martin, blacksmith, 84 Port 
Hoey M. Mrs. 118 Elysian Fields 
Hoey Nicholas, 118 Elysian Fields 
Hoey Nicholas J. ( C. E. Girardey &f Co.) 

37 Magazine 
Hoey Robert, painter, 346 Howard, d. 1 
Hofar Isaac, baths, 119 Rampart, d. 2 
Hofer J. M. Rev., Josephine n. Liberty 
Hof Daniel, driver, 24 Montegut 
Hoffarth Frank, c. h. Girod c. Front d. 1 
Hoffer Isaac, Laharpe n. Broad 
Hnff Charles, furniture, 207 Bienville 
Hoffman Alex. T., elk, 45 Royal d. 40 | 

Hoffman Aug. CD. H. Holmes,) 148 Canal | 

d. 215 Common 




Hoffman August, clerk, First c. Montegut 
Hoffman A., tailor, 98 Exchange place, d. 

226 Conti 
Hoffman Cliarlcs, shipwright, 350 Fulton 
llDffinuM Charles, newscarrier. Felicity n. 

Hoffman Charles, porter, HG Chartres 
fiotl'man Charles F., clerk, 35 Carondelet, 

d. Carondelet n. Felicity 
Hoffman Christian H. grocer, 4]0Gravier 
Hiilfman Daniel, laborer, 786 Burgundy, 


HOFFMAN E. 170 Canal street, 
French and German Looking 
Glass Depot. Manufacturer 
of Looking Glass, Portrait and 
Picture Frames. Importer of 
English, French and Cierman 
Engravings and Lithographs, 
Oil Paintings. 

Hoffman Frederick, 316 Baronne 
lloll'man Kred., cartman, 315 Melpomene 
Holi'irian Geo. tinsmith, 4(13 Customhouse 
Hotl'man George, liarber, 222 Royal 
lloirman G., shoemakr. 39 Annunciation 
Jf.iirnian George, c. Sixtli and Haronne 
lloirman Hammond, lah. 100 I'rquhart 
Ho)}'iiuui Hy. barber, Derbigiiy n. Conti 
Jloil'man Henry, butcher, 691 Fulton 
Holl'man H. painter, New Lrvee n. Third 
Holl'inan .Tacob, dry goods, 250 St. Ann 
lloH'inan James dry goods, horse station, 

St. Charles 
(lolVman & Marks, (Janus Hoffman, Jllex- 

aiuler J\larks,) dry goods, Magazine, i 

c. St. Mary 
Hoffman .Tno. blacksmith, 232 St Louis 
HoiVman Jno. grocer, 262 Bayou road 
Holfman John, tailor, 73 Gravier 
HolVman Jose[)h, Austerlitz n. Magazine, 

.lelRrson City 
Hoffman J. watchmn. Harmony c. Fulton 
liojnnan J. carp. Bolivar n. Poydras 
tjoliman J. tailor, Adele n. Rousseau 
Hotl'man J. carp. Johnson n. Perdido 
Hiifinian L. carp. Jackson n. Magnolia 
H'lil'inan Martin, iVuii, 361 Old Levee,d.3 
Holt'inan Margaret, 31 Jackson 
Hiiirman Michl., painter, 27 Josephine 
HolFman M. Mrs., Robertson n. Custom- 
H oilman M., laborer, 1.55 Piety 
Hoilmdn rs'icholas, shoemaker, Urquhart 

n. Marais 
Hotl'man Philip, drayman, 147 Religious 
Hodman Philip, cab driver, 302 St. Louis 
Hoirman F'hiliii, furniture cart,yeventh n. 

Hoffman Wm. laborer, 186 Orange 
HoUinan Wm. ship carp. Jacks m, McD. 
Hodman W. Mrs., Morales n. Mandeville 
Hoffmann Adam, c. Ii. and b. ii. til and 02 

New Livec 
Hoffmann Andrew, 17 St. Charles 

Hoffman Joseph, c. h. New Levee c. La- 
Hoffmann J. butcher, 46 St. Mary's mkt. 
HotVmann Philip L. barber, Notre Dame c. 

New Levee 
Hoffmark Ed. br. h. 266 Rampart d. 1 
HofViier G.carp. Constance n. Second 
Hofkersbring H. confectr. 412 Magazine 
Hoflin George, clerk, 66 St, Peter 
Hogan A. V. clerk, 2 Front Levee, d. 2 
Hogan Cath. Mrs. 408 Liberty 
Hogan Daniel, plastr'r, Erato n. Franklin 
Hogan David, laborer, 52 Spain 
Hogan Edward, blacksmith, 97 Gaiennie 
Hogan Edward l].( ,>lustin ,(looihvyn &f Co.) 

Customhouse c. Front Levee 
Hogan E. Mrs., 351 Baronne 
Hogan F. P. commission and forwarding 

merchant, 63 Poydras 
Hogan F. tailor, 34b Perdido 
Hogan Geo., laborer, 45b 'I'choupitoulas 
Hogan James, 42 Felicity 
Hogan James, laborer, 35 Constance 
Hogan Jeremiah S. clerk, b Front Levee 

d. 242 Derbigny 
Hogan John, moulder, 79 Gaiennie 
Hogan John, blacksmith, 79 Perdido 
Hogan John, grocer, 423 Baronne 
Hogan John, laborer, 557 Dauphine 
Hogan J. clirk, Louisiana Cotton Press, 

d. 115 Robin 
Hogan Kate, 32 Adele 
Hogan Martin, lab. Josephine n. Rousseau 
Hogan Mary B. .580 Magazine 
Hogan Mary Mrs. 97 Gaiennie 
Hogan Matthew, drays, Clio n. Clara 
Hogan Michael, 413 Gravier 
Hogan Michael, lab. 196 Tchoupitoulas 
Hogan M. Mrs. 408 Liberty 
Hogan Pal'k. lab. Felicity c. Annunciation 
Hogan Pal, 181 Chippewa 
Hogan Peter, lab. 7 Leeds' row, Erato 
Hogan Thomas, lab. 345 Tchoupitoulas 
Hogan Thomas, drayman, 10 Enghien 
Hof^an T. P. com. mer. 63 Poydras 
Hogan William, 141 St. Joseph 
Hogan William, Rampart n. Louisa 
Hogan William, (Turnell &f Co.) 99 and 

101 Canal 
Hogan William B. Mrs. 66 Erato 
Hoge Edward E. commission merchant, 

d. Third n. Laurel 
Hogey Charles, 139 Magazine 
Hogg Henry, laltorer, 263 Laurel, d. 4 
Hogg James, lab. 581 Tchoupitoulas, d. 1 
Hogg T. Egenion,( Mm. Alaury &( Hogg,) 

d. Cam|) c. Race 
Hogg William, Lafayette c. Locust 
Hotjgarth Thomas, b. h. 12 Marigny 
Hojjgarth J. barbcT, 354 ( ustomhouse 
High Jacob, l>ftrkeej)er, 421 Ursulines 
Hoghton, Rankin & Co. ((.Vo. W. Hoghton, 
Rankin, Janus ^1. Bryson,) commission 
mt^rchants, 125 Cr)mmon 
Hoghton Geo. W.C/y«g/i/on,/fanAin^ Co.) 

125 Common 
Hoglin John, c.irp. Religious c. Felicity 




Hogue William, 257 Common 
Hohl John, shoestore, 429 Dryades 
Hohn John, baker, G93 New Levee 
Hohn John, steward, 73 Burgundy 
Hohn J. clothing, 273 Rampart, d. 1 
Hoii J. Dr. 544 Burgundy 
Hok Ambrose, tailor, 110 Basin 
Hoke Wm. drayman, Jackson, McD. 
Hoksmann Henry, turner, 66 Liberty 
Holalian James, laborer, 164 Chippewa 
Holahan John, tailor, Ann n. Orange 
Holbeck Thomas, cage maker, 189 Julia 
Holbrook A. M.( Kendall, Holbrook &{ Co.) 

d. 184 Lafayette 
Holbrook C. J. painter, 97 Baronne, d. 441 

Royal, d. 3 
Holcer Virginia Mrs. 53 Rampart, d. 1 
Holcher Bernhard, c. h. Louisa c.Chartres 
Holcomb Henry A. book keeper, 74 Ca- 

Holcomb William Reid, 93 Gravier 
Holcotte F. C. c. p. 168 Johnson 
Holden James, cabman, 537 Burgundy 
Holden I. S. & Co. (Henry M. Converse,) 

lime, cement, etc, Magazine c.Poydras 
Holderman August, 98 Conti 
Holdes P. H. gro. Morales c. Mandeville 
Holdrith Daniel, grocer. Felicity c. Ba- 
ronne, d. Melpomene c. Rampart 
Holdsberry M. Melpomene n. Howard 
Holdship C. Mrs. dry goods, Magazine n. 

Holdsworth Luther, carp. 43 Baronne, d. 

326 Lafayette 
Holey Fred. warehouseman, 79 St. Thomas 
Holgrave Martin, lab. Clouet n. Morales 
Holland Charles, com. mer. 138 Common, 

d. 63 Esplanade 
Holland Christian, blksmith, 489 Tchou- 

Holland Council, No. 1, (Masonic,) No. 

1 Odd Fellows' Hall 
Holland George, Second n. Laurel 
Holland 'Jackson, clerk, 375 Dryades 


JOHN E. Attorneys at Law, 

Notaries Public and Commis- 

- sioners for Texas, 99 Gravier, 

d. 172 Treme, d. 2. 

Holland Lafayette, attorney at law ,99 Gra- 
vier, d. 373 Ursulines 

Holland L. A. 438 Ursulines 

Holland Maria, 80 Perdid'o 

Holland Martin, junk store, 2 Chippewa 

Holland Pat. lab. 517 Burgundy d. 3 

Holland Warren, 307 St. Ann 

Holland William, 123 Morales 

Hollander Edward, 193 Canal 

Hollander Frederick, f iVeber &r Hollander, ) 
213 Canal 

Hollander Gustavus, tobacconist, 63 Ely- 
sian Fields 

Hollander J. H. laborer, 605 Bourbon 

Hollander Pierre, 180 Royal 

Hollborn H. shoemkr. 402 Annunciation 

Holle Charles, c. h. Levee n. St. Andrew 
Holle Charles F. 67 Tchoupitoulas 
Holle & Co. (C. G. Holle, J. H. Hicmmel,) 
newspapers and periodicals, 61 Ex. 
Holle C. G. (Holle Sf Co.) 61 Ex. place 
Hollenbach Godfrey, drayman, 91 Felicity 
Hollenbach J. G. 798 New Levee 
Hollenbach T. Geo. 799 New Levee, d. 4 
Holleran Thomas, 87 Customhouse 
Holler Henry, ship carpenter, Algiers 
Holley Eliza, 89 Basin 
Holley Mary Mrs. seamst'ss. 36 Religious 
Holley Nathaniel, carp. 408 Franklin 
Holley Robert, engineer, 443 Basin, d. 1 
Holliland Frederick, engra'r. 195 Euterpe 
HoUinger E. shoemaker, 69 Urquhart 
Hollinger John, grocer, Rousseau c. Adele 
Hollman Clause, sugar maker, 46 Mazant 
HoUman Dietrich, furniture cart, 84 Inde- 
Holtohan John, tailor, 2.55 Annunciation 
Holloway Eliza, 71 Annunciation 
Hoiloway Henry, gas fitter, 278 Camp 
Holloway John, c. h. 345 Tchoupitoulas 
Holloway John, gro, Thalia c. St. Thomas 
Holloway & Lonsdale, ( Um. P. Holloway, 
Henry H. Lonsdale,) cotton factors and 
com. mers. 75 Carondelet 
Holloway Martin, lab. 170 Goodchildren 
Holloway Richard, lab. 50 Annunciation 
Holloway Wm P. (Holloioay &f Lonsdale,) 

d. 235 Magazine 
Hollum Michael, laborer, 375 St. Andrew 
Holm Christian, baker, 131 Enghien 
Holm F. J. laborer. Liberty n. Jackson 
Holluedel August, laborer, 120 Frenchmen 
Holman Henry, fruit, etc. 84 Perdido 
Holmes Alexander, carpenter, 248 Tchou- 
Holmes Anna, variety store, 26 Marigny 
Holmes Bazil, 34 St. Charles, d. 33 Po- 

Holmes Benjamin, 91 Port 
Holmes Columbus, dcp. shff. 151 Poydras 
Holmes C. clerk, 49 New Levee, d. 1 
Holmes D. H. dry goods, 155 Canal 
Holmes H.letterer on glass, 74 Rampart,d.l 
Holmes John, laborer, 46 St. Philip 
Holmes John, recorder of mortgages, 103 

Royal, d. St. Charles n. Harmony 
Holmes John H. sail loft, 1 Marigny bid'gs 
Holmes Joseph T. c. and b. h. Patterson 

c. Seguin, Algiers 
Holmes Lucy, 34Gasquet 

Holmes Peter, sailmaker, 4 Marigny build- 
ings, d. Urquhart n. Music 

Holmes Richard, carpenter, 178 Jackson 

Holmes Samuel, fisherman, 180 Villere, d.2 

Holmes Truman Capt. 676 Magazine 

Holmes T. C. 676 Magazine 

Holmes & Spencer, ( Wm. Holmes, D. B. 
Spencer,) grocers, 7 Gravier 

Holmes Wm. (Holmes 8f Spencer,) d. 672 

Holmes Willis, cotton broker, 20 Union, 

d. l,d. 423 Carondelet 

• . ♦ 




Holmns Wm. H. attorney at law, Canal 

c. Exchange place 
Holsclicr H. c. h. '22 Louisa 
Hi.lsi'al Prtrr, fv,-d, 312 Howard 
Holstn (31ias. carpeiiUT, 534 Rampart, d.3 
Holskanipcr John, tailor, 105 Poydras, d. 

3(j8 Magazine 
Holsli'in Joseph, clothier, 38 South mrkt 
Holt G. Ainold, com. mer. 26 Carondelet 
Holt Li. W. 107 Gravier, d. Claiborne n. 

Holt Samuel E. d.-rk, 40 Perdido 
Holt Thomas, cook, 251 St. Loui.s 
Holt W. bricklayer, Haronne n. St. An- 
Holter Edward, tailor. 53 Villerc, d. 1 
Holtgrave John, 266 Morales 
Holtgrave Wm. grocer, 820 Dauphine,d.3 
Hohhaus B. tailor, 279 Carondelet 
Holthaus Herman, painter, 848 Dauphine 
Holthaus John, dairy? Philip c. St. Patrick 
H..ltka C. laborer, 81 Rlmire 
Hojtin Honora, 532 Rampart, d. 3 
Holion Patrick, calinian, 5.32 Rampart, d.3 
Holton Peter, clerk, 532 Rampart, d. 2 
Holtslon T. mate, 45 Marigny 
lloltz C. C. (Blacks,- Co.) d. 128 Philip 
Holtz M. 341 Common 
HoltKiMi Philip, c. h. 274 Tchoupifoulas 
Hollzrr Bernard, drayman, 412 Orleans 
Holtzer Joseiih, 19 Bagatelle 
Holtzerland F. lab. Laurel n. Berlin, Jef- 
ferson City 
Holtzingcr Ant. trunks, Terpsichore near 

Holtznian G. A., Eighth n. St. Charles 
llolyland Fred, engraver, 115 Canal, d. 

195 Euterpe 
Holz Jo.seph, dry goods, 343 Common 
Holzbach Charles, clerk, 142 Chartres 
Horn Jacob, carpenter, McDonogh 
Homan G. W. (UatldnsS^-Homan,) 30 

Camjs d. 360 Carondelet 
Homan Isaac W. (,hlhur &c Co.) Canal c. 

New Levee 
Homberger J. barber, 146 Tchoupitoulas 
Homburg H. druggist, 182 Orleans 
Home Hook and Ladder Co. Jersey near 

Najioleon avenue, Jetl'er-ion City 
Home Nlutual Insurance Co. 78 Camp 
Home Warehouse, Fulton c. New Levee 
Homer Henry B. engineer, Peter, Algiers 
Homes Luther, iron wks. 106 St. Charles 
Honimell P. druggist, 23 Elysian Fields 
Hommess Fred, game, 48 I'rsulines 
Honemann H. lal)orer. Valence c. Plaque- 
mine, Jefferson City 
Honerkanip F. tailor. Cypress n. Lafayette 
Honey James, clerk, 80 Canal 
Honeycomb W. carp. Seventh n. Camp 
Honojd & Co. ( Chrislian Honold, .lug^ist 
Mfinndicr,) com. mers. 6 Carondelet 
Honold Chrislian, (Honold S, Co.) Consul 
of Wurtemburg, d. 64 Rampart, d. 2 
Honor T. B. vegeial)les, 17 Poydras mkt 
Honore Geo. A. f.m c. barber, 128 Royal 
Honore Isadore, Mrs. 162 Gasqui't 

Honore M. butclier, 10 and 12 French mkt 
Housen John H. machinist, 283 Gravier 
Hook E.W.Dr., Alex. n. Chestnut, Algiers 
HookiT H'lirietta, Dryades n. Seventh 
Hooker Henry, (J., A. Lum &f Co.) 74 

St. Charles 
Hooper George, Piety near Burgundy 
Hooper George, steward, 96 Enghien 
Hooper George, 120 Marigny 
Hoopt'r llenrv, |>ainter. Cypress n. Roman 
Hooper Isaac Capt. 11 RobcM'tson, d. 1 
Hooper Jacob, laborer, 108 Gaiennie 
Hooper John, drayman, St. James near 

Hoo|)er L. c. h. Water near Sixth 
Hooth Philip, coo]i(^r, 351 Orleans 
Hooth Philip, jr. confect'r, 351 Orleans 
lloov.r A. Mrs. b. h. 108 St Charles 
Hoover Christian, planter, 439 Royal 
Hoover Daniel, warehouseman, Melpo- 
mene n. Clara 
Hoover G. cat), maker, 184 Rampart, d. 1 
Hoover John, lab. Rousseau n. Jackson 
Hope Hook and LaddiT Co. 2 Levee, d.3 
Hope Insurance Co Canal c. Ex. place 
Hope Warehouse, Fulton and New Lev